JonBenet Ramsey: Episode Two


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There are some higher tiers that have some merch included as well if you'd like if there is a missing-person uploaded to the phone app, we have a real shot at finding the individual within that first crucial hour. So let's go ahead and get a job. Restarted again. So we were just getting to Henley the DEA in the cage and we'll just remind you that the last part that we had left off. That was however, once one Insider said that Hunter the DA for a reminder for you guys off twice removed from the case and Hunter admits that he depends on Peter halstrom for his information. He's the one that keeps keeping me advised. He's what I consider to be the the guide which some say is the problem. The Burly hoffstrom is an old friend of several of Ramses lawyers and often socializes with had his partner Brian Morgan confronted by police officials about such as seemingly impropriety hoffstrom reported fumed. I'm not stopping my breakfast with Brian. I've known him for twenty years Patrick Burke one of wage. That's these lawyers has also been sighted says an investigator standing at the door of the off-limits War Room chatting with Hofstra Mane to Muth and when investigators finally cracked the Ramsey team and to having its clients provide handwriting samples. It was done not at the police station, but it ha streams house as if it were a goddamn afternoon tea persisting hot stream is retired detective Lou Smith described a hunter as an ace or a fox but his critics in the police department as more of a delusional old man how they see him Schmitt quickly came to believe that the ramseys were good Christians and capable of committing such a crime both the DEA and police sources say that it was hoffstrom who argued to provide the ramseys with copies of their original statements and police reports if they would sit down just talk with the police these actions promote prompted a firestorm of criticism off. From legal experts the District Attorney's Office the Ramsey legal team and the Boulder Police have all refused numerous requests for responses to this story. So Monday in early July, I was contacted by a source with firsthand knowledge of the investigation. I arranged to meet with him in a parking lot outside a boulder edgy and fearful. He said he was speaking with the only as a last resort. He said that with the flow of privileged confidential information critical to a case against the ramseys has been leaked from the DA's office to the ramseys lawyers within the efficacy of a sieve or basically a net. It's just coming right through directly. He said that the ramseys have been provided with copies of all the most sensitive and Krakow police and detective reports as well as reproductions of both the ransom note and the practice know found the same day patents team even persuaded hoffstrom and Hunter to give them. That viewings of the original Ransom notes and the actual ligature and Garrett that was used to strangle JonBenet. The ramseys best defense attorneys are stuck inside Hunter's office. He mumbled bitterly. The sharing of such information said Fain 25-year FBI veteran Greg McCreary is unprecedented and unprofessional an obstruction of justice. It's criminal. It's possibly you could make a case for prosecutorial malfeasance. It's completely compromise the investigation off and on January 4th. One of Ramsay's private investigators left a message on his answering machine asking him to join their team as a profiler McQueary had his secretary called wage decline. He says because on a ratio of 12 to one child murders are committed by parents or a family member, which is true. That's the case in this case. You also log Of an elaborate staging which was the ransom note the placement of the child's body and I have never in my career seen or heard about a staging where it was not a family murder or someone very close to the family. Just the note alone told me the killer was in the family or close to it. They asked me to take a polygraph says former Ramsey friend, Jeff Marek. I said sure no problem. As soon as John Ramsey takes one according to confidential source and unedited tape of the ramseys January 1st CNN appearance in Atlanta, which had been a pain by a court order in March was also handed over to had his office but Hofstra and turned down repeated police request to subpoena records of the ramseys toll phone calls and credit card purchases. The Source also explained the delay in the Ramsey police interviews, the ramseys lawyers had initially demanded that Patsy and John be interviewed at the same time that the interview not exceed nine minutes that all previous police statements made by the ramseys and others be provided to them and that beat Hofstra and be present throughout the FBI came in and looked the demand life given to the DA from the ramseys it said no way you're not you're not going to do this interview early on the police had invited the FBI to assist but according to the source the DA's teams just recorded everything the FBI expert suggested the DEA blew up with the police, but they canceled and endured the Wrath of the media the ramseys and the DA's office and the FBI stood up for them according to McCreery if there's a tutorial on how not to conduct an interview, this would be it. The interview finally took place on April 30th, though, four months after the murder after being pounded for refusing to cooperate with police. The ramseys gave into separate interviews wage, they held fast to their demand for a copy of the entire police file and the presence of halstrom Patrick Burke and one of his private investigators sat next to Patsy who answered questions for 6 and 1/2 hours. John Ramsey was accompanied by Brian Morgan and another private investigator for his ninety minute session. The questioning was conducted by detectives wage and real and Steve Thomas provider. The Ramsey interviews as show-and-tell presentation of been arranged by the Ramsey lawyers to convince hunter that their clients had no written a ransom note according to police reports Patsy had given two accounts of the morning events. Mrs. Ramsey told me that she had gone into jonbenet's room at about 5:45 a.m. Wake her up officer French were finding the room empty. She went down the spiral back stairs where she discovered the note later. She said she found the note on the spiral back stairs when she went down to make coffee and then ran into Jon benet's room. The note was written in upper and lowercase printed letters also discovered on the pad was a practice note beginning with mister and mrs. Ramsey kidnappers says McCreery do not spend hours at a time at a crime scene after murdering their victims composing letters the actual race note reads Mister Ramsey. Listen carefully. We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We respect your business, but not the country that it serves at that time. We have your daughter in our possession She is safe and unharmed and if you want to see her in nineteen, ninety seven, you must follow her instructions to the letter you will withdraw 150. $18,000 from your account $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attache case to the bank when you get home. You will put the money in a brown paper bag and I will call you between 8 and 10 a.m. Tomorrow to instruct you on delivery. The delivery will be exhausting, So I advise you to be rested if we monitor you getting the money early we might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence an earlier pick-up of your daughter off any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter. You will also be denied her remains for proper burial the two gentlemen watching over your daughter. Do not particularly like you so I advise you not to provoke them speaking to anyone about your situation such as police or FBI will result in your daughter being dead. Added if we catch you talking to a stray dog. She dies if you alert Bank Authorities, she dies if the money is in any way marked or tampered with she dies, you will be scanned project Raonic devices and if any are found she dies, you can try to get to deceive us but be warned we are familiar with law enforcement countermeasures and tactics you stand in ninety-nine percent chance of killing your daughter. If you try to outsmart us follow our instructions and you stand a hundred percent chance of getting her back you and your family are under constant scrutiny as well as the authorities. Don't try to grow a brain John. You're the only fat cat around so don't think that killing will be difficult don't underestimate us John use that good Southern wage for sense of yours. It's up to you now, John victor e s b t c is how it was signed investigators questioned why Ramsey seemed to stall over getting the ranch? Money, if you truly believe that the note had been written by dangerous kidnappers the money never left. The bank says one Insider dryly out of the 74 name submitted for testing Patsy's handwriting was the only one that set off an alarm Bell said an investigator closely involved with the testing of the ransom note it Colorado Bureau of Investigation or CBI report concludes. There are indications that the author of The Ransom note is Patricia Ramsey, but the evidence fall short to support that definitive conclusion Hunters team asked the police to accompany them hadn't seemed demonstration at the office of Mike Bynum. The tables were arranged in a horseshoe said The Insider and six of the Ramsey attorneys were there watching the detectives watch their to Hancock experts. It was total bullshit Hunter and demuth or nodding their heads in an agreement as these guys are talking Ramsey's attorney leave Foreman was seen giving demuth a back rub during a break job. After the demonstration Alex Hunter was overheard asking. How hat and well where should we go from here? Why are these showing us unindicted uncharged murder suspects as all the evidence The Source asked is this some privileged Discovery process available to Rich Boulder rights? Everything they have done is against the advice of the Boulder Police the FBI and the Attorney General's capital crimes unit. It's cold outside and I suggest that we find a late night coffee shop in the car. I can see the depth of this man's education. I've seen politics and preferential treatment Place such a major role in different cases, but nothing like this. He says if the ramseys had been some poor Mexican couple they would have been in their face for a week got a profession out of them and file first-degree murder charges against him within days if we file or we don't file these people are doomed says district attorney Alex Hunter wage. Been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. It's not as if the police have been committed their own share of blunders here in the first 48 hours. They made crucial mistakes, including not conducting a thorough search of the house that separating the ramseys and taking everyone down to the station for questioning and not sealing the crime scene and subsequent days according to the source Linda arndt contains need to speak regularly with Patsy and her close friends. In fact in the first week of January without permission from the Department aren't gave Ramsey's Attorney Patrick Burke a copy of the ransom note. There should have been thunder rolling down the halls of the PV and shit didn't happen says one Observer. She could be the mark Fuhrman of this case in mid-may. Linda arndt was taken off the case with other public relations disaster ensued detective division Commander John Eller greatly admired by his team, but the tested by the DA's office for his tenacity in pursuing the Ramsey. Applied for the job of police chief in Cocoa Beach, Florida, very Mason, Linda our supervisor who had been dismissed from the case in January sued LR4 Jim damaging his reputation home and in June Chief Tom Kobe took a two-week vacation in Houston. Where was widely rumored that should his old pal Lee Brown when election as mayor he'd like to be to say these new police chief weeks earlier the police Union had voted no confidence in their Chief and soon after city manager Tim Hony Kobe's good friend and biggest cheerleader resigned Kobe's kind of police work is social work said the confidential Source scornfully morale became so low that mayor Leslie Durgin received an assurance from Coby that he would see the cake through the matter what mistakes the police made they have been exponentially compounded by blunders and improprieties in the DA's office by May according to the confidential. Source the police and the DEA were conducting separate investigations Hast Rammstein, he said was committed to shielding the ramseys while the police were convicted convinced that the ramseys murmur that they I'm sorry that the ramseys murdered their daughter and covered up the crime the police. He added have been supported throughout by the FBI and the CBI these guys tell the cops. They have never seen anything like this. He says before reciting a Litany of unprecedented actions by the DEA murder suspects which are routinely requested to submit to a polygraph test. But when a active told Hoss run to ask to Ramsey's for one, he snapped no way they would only refuse it. May ha storms assistant trip to Muth sat down with Ramsey's attorney Brian Morgan to formulate the the first of a series of reward ads which ran into Boulder paper on June 1st later the da responding to a barrage of criticism admitted his office's involvement in the ad. By April the police have decided that they could do no longer share and all that information with the DEA and that they would keep their most damning evidence to themselves in June. A war room compact was allegedly broken into two weeks later his statement from the CBI reported that there had been a glitch in the system never the last says the confidential Source three experts pulled off actives definitively that the computer was hacked since then the police have considered asking the governor to bring in a special prosecutor or simply arresting the ramseys themselves off the affidavits for the rest have been ready to serve since May said the source, perhaps were seeing the possibility of a police Mutiny Hunter told me in June the police could go to a judge without coming to see me and submit an affidavit for an arrest warrant. They could do that. But the DEA would then say that's great, but I'm not bringing the charges. So as I was leaving Hunter mused aloud if we took I'll are we don't file these people are doomed they have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion already every week the tabloids in every supermarket in America scream verdict on the ramseys with headlines that read daddy. Did it been a autopsy Mom and Dad guilty handwriting evidence fingers Patsy mom wrote Ransom note Jamba Juice grape shocker. Dad link to kiddie porn Scandal. Jonbenet's mom knows to kill her hubby. All right guys, we're going to break their for today. It was a good little snippet and then we're going to keep it going here off on the next week. Please remember to subscribe to the podcast. Please hit the five stars for us. So again, we get those algorithms moving as I mentioned every week. That's what helps us to get found here on Apple iTunes and also you can leave reports on the Google Play store and just you know, just leave some good good vibes. Or if you've got any suggestions, we're we're open to any suggestions as well and always trying to make the podcast better. So we're going to leave it there for today guys. Look forward to finishing this up in the next week or two, This is a great case. If any of your old enough to remember it, you know, we'll get to this a little bit later but there's even more tragedy that occurs within this family. There's a lot of weird obviously things going on with this note How It Was Written and specifically with the amount that's being asked for this hundred and $18,000 which just so happened to be specific amount of money associated with Jon benet's Father which, you know will get too. So that's it. I'm Drew and I'm out until next week. Thank you guys.

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