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And this is a rare occurrence. It doesn't happen often. I think it's only happened once for us in the beginning. Right. We have Tara Newell from, I don't know if you've listened to it dirty, John podcast. It's one of the most infamous podcasts about true crime. I think that has ever been, it was certainly one of the best I've ever heard. Yeah. And so, thank you so much for being here. Thank you, guys, so much for having me, your making me feel so special special you cannot get us, like out of Hollywood to go to a podcast. So those the big deal Beverly Hills in traffic is pretty special. It is pretty special. And also one of yeah. And you're one of the biggest bad asses incher crime because you are an amazing survivor, and now thrive her and, and your story is incredibly amazing. Yeah. Inspirational to you pretty much every women on the face of this earth. Yeah. And man, right. And man to yeah. You don't have to be a woman to, to, to be inspired, honestly, when I was listening to your to your podcast. But when I was listening to the part of the podcast, where that was playing out, I was so overwhelmed and the idea, I mean, it didn't cross my mind that you would ever be on ours. But I'm just so happy, you are because that you guys it's unbelievable. You are this tiny, beautiful angel angel person honestly, and it's like the idea that you were able to do what you did overwhelms. We're gonna jump into your already jump. I'm gonna cry. But okay. So before we get to our day, just want to say, crime Khanna's in two days, we're going to be there on podcast. Ro Billy's also doing a panel. But Tara's going to be there as well. And you're going to be doing a panel and a luncheon and all this stuff, right? Yeah. And having drinks us, they end becoming our new best friend. Yes. What are you doing at crime cotton? I we are doing a panel in talking about cohorts of control with ler Richards in my mother supper, Newell. And then we aren't doing a luncheon where guests can come in do like one on one meet and greet with us and get to know us in just us us any questions, they may have a nice little meet-and-greet, cool. So please come and visit us, it'll be so fun. But what day is it Billy? So use our code degree. Nineteen for ten percent off your passes. Happy festival popular delusions day. What does that even mean so abstract to that? That's the one I pick for the day. I already know I love it. But it's also an you'll appreciate this, Jack happy, national attitude day. Jack stay. I do have an attitude. I am the SAS Queen. You really have to say. So thank you for my day, and it's also nationally veggie burger day, too. But with well what is your favorite day Tara on that one? And this one here, you can hear what's resonating. Here's choose your own dad. What is resonating with you? National attitude day because I felt like every woman should have a little bit of attitude, and even like a man. I don't think many just sit down. Need to listen you're a gay man. You know, like all they like sit down, and I'm like, okay. Standing is exhausted. Tired? I will have to see I think you have one, you want to pull up a chair for me. Thanks. All right. Okay. So we're doing this podcast, a little bit different because terrorism, the studio and also because I'm assuming if you guys are listening to this podcast. You probably know your story already. So we wanted to just get a new perspective, and we obviously, when we're listening to the podcast, watching the show. We had a bunch of questions that we wanna ask you, if we ever had you in front of us. So that's kind of what this podcast is going to be. But I will do a little bit of a summary of the dirty John story. So we are going to start we have many questions and some of our listeners had questions and each of us have our own questions, but we want to start in somewhat of a chronological order. So as far as the beginning of this story, the beginning of this chapter, the dirty John chapter talk about the moment you met this person in what you knew in what your instincts were in try to remain in. Those moments and not in hindsight, because, like I impress course because obviously knowing what, you know, now I mean, it's easy to have that all blend together. But truthfully when you met him was there were there alarm bells going off, while I, I gotta say, like I don't typically, like a lot of my mom's boyfriends or significant others. She just doesn't have the best picker sometime. I mean honest that resonates. And so whenever I would meet them I just kind of go into already like judging them. Yeah. And so I went there and I drove all the way from Vegas to stay with my mom because she was moving to the Balboa place. And. I just remember meeting him with my ex-boyfriend now the time and John was trying to put match us on the car, and he seemed to really be struggling. And so my ex-boyfriend went and like helped him and max boyfriend how to cast at the time. So at, like kind of looked like Tweedle Dee and trying to put a mattress on top of the car. So I was just like okay that's interesting. But like not judging because. You know, you can't judge so in for not being able to put a mattress on shop of card. Yeah. And then I go to meet him, and he just doesn't really introduce himself at first, and then my mom coming out comes down. She introduces hers like significant other to us and it was like, oh, this is John and John. This is my daughter Tara. I'm so excited for you guys meet each other, and we met each other, and it was just like okay like. We're on ya. Yeah. And then we get to the Balboa Hollis, and we unload, the Styve she kept talking about how much he loved dogs so much, and that he was so much like me. And I was just like okay like, here's my dogs. Here's me, three dogs, like, say Hello to them. And he likes us high. But, like, what am I dog, she's just like, well, it's a porter Cawley, first of all, they have like a little ADHD, and if some RMC they're like the smartest dogs are, and so, like the dog seen high the dog like on the ground with dog and my dog was just like putting. It's head in the air like China look, other places. So I didn't think too much into that because I was like, well, he's a busy dog, like he's just probably wants to run around. And then. We ended up going out to dinner and we went to CBK California pizza kitchen. Well, we know girl. Yes. And he paid bills prize Lee. But, like whenever I would ask him questions dinner, he just didn't seem like he wanted to engage in the conversation and to give full answers like he wanted to give close in answer where it was not leading to anything more. Do you think he was doing that because he didn't wanna like revealed too much about him since he was, obviously, like making a lot of shut up. More. The more you talk, the more the more you can somebody story, right? And the more that he'd have to remember when he has to top again. He didn't want to get to know us in. He didn't care to get to know us. Well, and that's the thing when you're encountering something that there are a few options. Hey, they're not that smart. And they can't hold a conversation. Be they're insecure. See they don't. Or it's the. They don't want to. It's intentional. They're, they're shutting this conversation down on purpose. And those are generally, the three things you're working with when you encounter people like this. Right. And I'm an idiot, I always get people who benefited, I'm like, oh, they're insecure. They're dumb, but it's like no calculated. Exactly what they're not doing that. Okay. So you meet him for the first time, and then one of the first red flags start to show and were or when did you just start feeling that like in your gut this guy's been weird? Well is were were were those any red flags at all? Oh, art. This guy shifty, I normally don't like any way so friends anyway. And that's it one of the signs was him not wanting to look in the eyes direct and him not being able to hold on a conversation. Because normally when you date someone and they have kids, you wanna get to know their kids because they're a part of this person. Right. And so anyone that has. Else of empathy or anything in them, then they're gonna want to communicate with us and actually conversation with us. And then it's funny that you asked me more about red flags is because we Joe back in we pull up to my mom's new place, and there's me ex-boyfriend and my best friend in the back seat of my mom's car in I opened the door to get out and can't get out because there's a child lock on the door. And I say, John, can you lend me out? There's child lock on the door in. I kinda softspoken. So I'm like, okay. Maybe he didn't hear me the first time. So I say like one more time he gets out of the car and he goes upstairs. And I'm just like literally, I'm in the car, and it had to call my mom on the phone, and I was kind of really irritated. And I was like, mom, your frickin boyfriend won't let me out of the car right now. Like can you come downstairs, and let us? Out of the car. Do you think it was in? Hindsight, is that like a power move. I think it's a like a control issue like he was going to be like, I'm not gonna let you out of the car and he pretend I just didn't hear you. But I'm really doing it on purpose. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting that is interesting. So I thought that was extremely weird. The is a weird thing. But it is it seems like resentful behavior because I've done stuff like that little things when you're, you're like, I know that no, my friend from I my best friend from home is been sending me ven, mom requests for bottle service in Vegas that I don't wanna pay because I didn't want to give bottles, and it was for two ninety seven and I waited, I did it three days later, then she wanted and David to ninety five. 'cause I was pissed. So that's resentful behavior. And that's an example of me doing that harmless like you can eat the two dollars. I flew to Vegas for you, but it was just be a dick and prove a point. But it was harmless that seems like something someone would do when they're mad at you. But he had no reason to be mad at you. It was just a show. You like that's like dismissive. Yeah. Yeah. That's interesting. Right. Someone who does it? Two. So, okay. So these little red flags keep popping up, and did you ever talk to your mom about the guys that she was dating like an express your opinion saying that, like maybe this guy isn't right? Or this is kind of weird all the time, which is why she probably didn't take my sister, nice serious. When we were seeing, like, hey, there's something not right with this guy here. So. It like kind of created my mom to be like, oh, well, they don't like anyone who ID. What were the things that you would say about the other guys, I will allot of them were actually, like kind of con artists also did she date any other like narcissistic? Yes. And like the loss guy she was engaged to like she bought him a plane in. If you could be all. She bought him a plane because he was like, well, I can't come down to see you dot much. I live in northern California, and she and he had his pilot license. So she was like, oh, it's just like you plane, I guess it was like probably more to it like, right? Just all get you the cliff notes are all you need to know about that. He ended up with the plane. Yeah. So like he really pulled one over on her. She was engaged him, but, like he had multiple other women. And I think he even had a wife or something. Oh my God. So just like coming from into this guy, we were already the family was already on, like red alert. Jeez. I would do she did you find all these guys on because you found John match right? I'm our time what the hell's up that's the fifty and over sixty overs. It's like they're yeah. You're like reclaiming your. Time, naked the kids. Did she find all the other guys on dating apps to I'm so a lot of them she actually got set up through friends? Okay. But she was shooting. Like she were these two friends, don't know. I mean I hear stories and some of the cases be covered to where it's like they set them up, and then one of them he kills. You know, it's like you don't the friends are just as tricked by their fate, charisma. You know what I mean, the ovens true, especially friends like guy, friends. I have if I set them up with someone he's a good guy like you, don't you don't really, really know friends that. Well, when you're an adult you see them, like once a month, except for you, too. I see goes too much. We love doing this. Where we love it. Can we? So no lot of you guys binged, the first degree in probably a lot of other true crime podcast. And what are you going to do, when you have nothing else to listen to? Well, I have a great solution for you, and that is checking out oxygen, new special death at the mansion Rebecca's how, so I don't know if you guys have heard of this case before, but it's a very, very complicated one and we're going to get into a little bit right now the captivating new series falls in elite team of investigators including former prosecutor Lonnie combs with our very own true. Crime journalist Bill Jensen and forensic. Criminologist Paul holes, which I'm sure you guys all know about, as they take another look at this mysterious case, this series will re examine the numerous theories running the bizarre case meeting with experts family members witnesses, and never before interviewed law enforcement officials, and they create a case file with compelling, new evidence, which is strong enough to present. The San Diego Sheriff's office for review. It's such a good series. I've watched it all. And you guys are going to -absolutely love it. So go. Oh. Check out a new episode of death of the mansion Rebecca's, how this Saturday at six five central on oxygen, and don't worry if you miss any of it, you can catch it on demand, and binge-watch anytime. So when tell them tonight, the next time that you see him when did you when did you talk to your mother about him was it in between the first time that you met him in the second time? I'm so I went back to bega. So after the first week because I was living in Vegas fulltime thought time and then they came back to. Balboa Newport Beach for thanksgiving. And then I confronted her the day before thanksgiving that he was driving her car around. And I was like he's at UNICEF museology, why doesn't he have his own car? Is there something wrong with him? The second had you met him the second time or is said, this would be like I went had like a weekend with them. And then it came back for thanksgiving and had like a few days prior, and then the day before thanksgiving happen and dots when confronted confront. Yeah. Confronted her and I just had all these questions. And then he when I was confronting her talking to her. He came up right behind her in started screaming on me insane that I wanted my mom all to myself, I don't wanna see my mom, Hoppy. And then just accusing me of other things also. And did you start was this the first time that, that he ever was like that or showed any aggression towards you? Yes. Yeah. Did you think that did you have a feeling that he wasn't an anesthesiologist never to be honest? I found a nursing certificate in the closet, because I was going to put my suitcase in the closet, and then there was a box in his like nursing certificate was like the first thing I saw right now. It was like I wasn't snooping it was just right in front of my eyes. Do think you put it there. So somebody would see it. I honestly think that he thought that I was gonna turn it around. But I don't know anything about the medical field. So I just was like, okay he's a nurse also now this'll. This'll buy something was triggered him where he thought differently because he accused me of snooping. And I was like I wasn't snooping. So then when you ended up putting like a tracker on his car, Mesa state, aired sister ended up putting his car. Did you guys have like an app on your phone? How are you following it around? I believe may sister has an app on her phone, or from the computer she. Yeah, she's really involved in spy gadgets. Hell, there's like a shop in Newport, that you go to Ken go to also and you can just like by car trackers in other like listening devices for them. And so she went to the spy shop and got a few trackers, put it on my mom's tesla because she had him driving around her Tusla a lot. And he was going from, like different. Doctor offices to like another. One. So I think, well, we thought he was getting drugs during that time in may have been just like writing prescriptions for some one or something along, like illegal drugs, fun facts on the hospitals that he went to is where I was born really how mission viejo hospital. Our nanny. Great connection. Oh, god. So wait. What? What was he doing? Did you ever find out? Oh, us doing. I'm nothing but speculations to be honest because it's not like we had a camera on him. It was just we had a trucker and we found out he was going to different. Doctors tend to be pinned in the parking lot just sitting there for a half an hour or whatever. Right. Do you think you know who's being tracked? I don't think so at this time, I think he thought me sister was crazy. But, like I didn't think he knew she was really smart. Where did you put the tracker? How the tracker look like so I would actually help me sister out, sometimes with this. So my mom, we go to dinner with me, and he didn't allow my mom to go to dinner with my sister, so she would like have to sneak didn't allow yes, it was so stupid. But I would like tell her okay, let's go to dinner this place. And then I text may sustain be like, okay, her cars valet right now. Like this is where it's at, and then. She would go put the track around the car, and then my mom would go back home to him. So, and then he would take her car the next day, right? Put the tracker underneath the car. Yes, underneath the car like underneath a bumper something, right? As this magnetic. Yeah. All right. So you've got the tracker on the car. What, how is he acting towards you? If you are you out to dinner with him. No, he winning come because I had the falling out with him and ever since. It was it was. All right before thanksgiving. Yes. Okay. And so, did you even have thanksgiving dinner with him? No, I didn't have thanksgiving dinner with my family at all, like my sister. And I did a separate thing with our boyfriends in it was kind of like sad, but her boyfriend's, a great cook. So he made all the food, and then may two and may mate niece nephew, and then my other sister and brother-in-law came over after my mom's thanksgiving with John and all that. Well, I was basically told I wasn't allowed at thanksgiving, and that was like the first year thoughts ever happened. Yeah. And over your whole your whole life in over a guy that you for two months and had she ever with any of the like, because you're saying that her past boyfriends are also kind of on our artists, narcissist personality, people did any of them, pull you away from your family and not like so this is like a new thing. It wasn't something that happened with all the rest of her boyfriend's, it reminds me so much of the Rasmusen in the town, four case, and that was his MO was was to I, I mean he would he would end up in. He was doing it for different reasons. But he would and this was a lot easier to do in the seventies, where he would take somebody alienate, the family and then move them away, and because you don't have social media. All you had was phones, landlines so we don't have the landline. It was very easy to lose track of somebody if this was happening in the seven. Ladies that potentially could have been what he would he would have done this now we're moving someplace else, and that's it and lose get on occasion. Let's well, they did eventually moved to Vegas, in a thing that, that was part of like his MO two like separate her. Yeah. Yeah. Question. I have as far as I know you aren't your mom, but as far as from your perspective, what is it about the guy she chooses? Why do you think she chooses? I mean she's a successful accomplished. Beautiful woman attractive beautiful family. You know why do you think she chooses these guys? Well, a lot of these guys do a technique, which is called love bombing. Oh, girl. I've been loved bombed. I've dated a psychopath. So when I was listening to the podcast, I'm like this 'cause they're all, and I'm sure you've done a lot of research to afterwards like trying to make sense of everything and all their behavior is so textbook. They all do the same moves and it's the same thing. So when you hear somebody else doing it, like, yeah. I was love bombed, I was told that he loved me after, like two days, wanna marry me after week believed all the things. So I understand, like where you want to believe it so bad with somebody yet. And like, I, especially, I guess, if you're older, your mom was married, a couple of times right like four or five. If you if you want that, like it's easy to believe in its easy to ignore yet. All the red flags that I guess, are happening right? Yeah. Well, I'm even talking with like one of my friends in. She's in a relationship in, I don't think the skies in narcissistic, or narcissistic, or psychopath, or sociopath. But just he is confused in. It's just she sees a lot of the red flags that he is confused. And she doesn't want to admit to them. So it's when you're in it, you don't want to admit to the because you're like, oh, I think I found this love finally. Yeah. I mean Jesus. I just did it like a year and a half ago and it was a nightmare. And I moved in with someone it crashed and burned I moved out, it was a horrible, horrible situation. And it's like I thought I already thought I was an adult, and that I was making wise choices. Yeah. No, you're not. So still not. Wise at the time, and then when you're out of it, and you can be introspective. You're just like what was I thinking? Yeah. So it's like you think that she just she just wanted that kind of love like all of her kids were out of the house. She didn't have any dogs at the time, you know, so she wants someone there with her, and I'm, I'm not gonna lie. I'm a really independent person. But sometimes it's like nice to have someone around to help you with stuff in like give you a tension and put a shelf on a long time when you're single, it's nice to have someone to just text all day with it's nice to just have someone Chen. Then it's just a distraction from the, the horror that is the reality of being an adult. My cool at work again. Sad. And I'm like it's been six weeks like the weeks are flying by like you want want something. This is really venting. Tinkering Holly going through. She's going through it. I feel about you. Sorry. Where we are. Where are we in the story? We're Rockies choosing. We're tracking the car. She's choosing these shitty shitty men over and over again. And then she's getting fooled. Yes. What about the, the first sign of something more disturbing than just not being invited to thanksgiving? I'm he won't he like isolated ice yet. Fizzes sign a sociopath in psychopath. Do is Elliott Nate the person from their family friends, then a lot of the other red flags is he was using her car. He didn't have his own car, and then when we would ask him why he didn't have his own car. It was because he came up with this elaborate story how when he was in Iraq, all of his cars and his motorcycle got stolen all the cars look at Billy's face. And I'm just like. When he told me this story. I'm just like, okay, I call Bs on that, like you can't tell so in that and then you're like wondering where the insurance money is in no offense. But if you're high up there in your an anesthesiologist, then you have good insurance that will take care of that right away. You know, a pretty shitty lie. So this is around thanksgiving, right? That we're talking about. And then when how long was it between thanksgiving? And then when everything went down, I'm when everything, so she. Married him and December. And then I honestly did you go to the wedding? Heck. 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Alexa, isn't the only one with breaking news, make sure to hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the news minute. If you look the first degree you're going to love enough about me, with Shep rose on podcast, one joined the southern charm stars. He talks about reality TV ambience with his wide array of interesting, friends download, new episodes of enough about me every week on apple podcasts or podcast, one. They get married in December. Nobody goes knowing goes, it's like no one even knew about that, for probably like a year. Okay. Oh shut. And so when she, like left him the first time I know the date because it wasn't the first leaving make family hired a private investigator, and then we showed her all this information. And that's when she left him the first time what information I'm the so that he was a drug addict that was the addictive pills. Right. I'm I think I believe it was like ketamine again I'm like a bunch of hard core. Like painkillers and then he'd love cocaine. Shocker. Cocaine and he just was into kind of any upper he could get his hands on. I'm in, then he would also like sin drugs to his brother. But this is like before he even met my mom and his brother overdosed on the drugs that John gave to him over shut. And so he's that he died. Yeah. Oh, god. Yeah. So I'm brother. Yes. So, like his sisters and everything blame, John for his brother's death, and there is some speculation on the data also because I'm he went in when his dad was like, on his deathbed, and his sister left the room. And when his sister came back, the debt, the dad was dead. John was very smart in he'd sit like work in the medical field. So his sister things that she may have given him something to speed it up. Just like he had somewhere else to be. Speed it up by what hours ten hours two weeks like that's it just seems it's a psychopath would do. Like I have somewhere to be. Let's get this over with. Right. Even if it sees on Zeph, but it's like, all right. I don't have a week. It sounds like something a psychopath do. Yeah. And justify it. Like what is the week going to do? He's comatose chop chop, dude. Yeah, he needs the money now right now. My God, what did he get like a did? He get an inherent heritage from his dad, I okay, I'm not one hundred percent share. But I believe there was a small inheritance? Okay. Yeah. He did about money to buy those coffees. Yes. Does or expensive they are six dollars. So when does he find out does he find out that, that you hard, a PI? So I don't think he had any idea. I didn't have anything to do with hiring private PI. It was like my sister Jacqueline. And then my brother in law, and then my other sister was involved in, in that he was using different social security card numbers for. Nursing certificates and stuff or not for the nursing certificate, but to be nurse and other places. And, and then he also like he conned so many other women in there was information on restraining orders on him from lake sewin- in Laguna beach. I think there was one from his sister in there. And then there is something that just disturbed me. So much was John, actually when he was in one of the jails, he cut open his stomach. And he put he put crap in there like oh, yeah. What so that he would go to the sponsors, so that he would have to go to the doctor and get all these drugs and stuff in him? But he's also smart in. He knows the medical field where he can do it like where he doesn't wasn't going to her. You know, because I saw go. Yeah, I saw the pictures, and it was so disgusting. And but when I saw those pictures, I was like, if he could do this to himself and he can harm. So unlike no problem, no problem. So your mom leaves him who does he blame? I think he's blaming all of us. But. He was able to convince her the a lot of the stuff that the PI found wasn't him that it was other John me Hans. Sure. Yeah. And then he took her to a lawyer, and the lawyer explained the salsa to her like from his perspective. I think, so I, I have a question, I'm curious just hearing you what you just said about how your sister, Jacqueline was kind of spearheading the PI thing, I'm just wondering how over time, like he locked in on you in why in like 'cause you seem the most not the most not it's just what I know on the podcast. So forgive me, but you seem passive in the situation where you were upset by it. But your sisters were kind of the ones being worked, Philip eating the like I don't care if you know I'm hiring a PI like I think you're a stem bag and you're being more passive. Like how did he walk in on you? And why was his anger? Put on you. I'm well, okay. So actually had his dog a probably because the dog didn't like him. He with leave Vegas and leave the dog at the Vegas house. And then he would come California in stock 'as, so the dog would get out of the yard and it kept getting out to the neighbors kept putting the dog back. But then one day, the dog ended up at animal control, and we gave him a few days to get the dog out of there. But then my mom was like, I'm gonna go get the dog. I love this dog. Like it's our dog now. Like I gave him a chance to get it. And so my mom works so much. So she gave the dog to me to watch so that could have had something to do with why he came up after me. But I think it's honestly that he underestimated me. And he thought that I was my mom. Favorite kind of. Oh, sorry, mom does. I'm the baby. Maybe some me be. And then I'm just a lot more. Easygoing your shell. You're so child. I love a yucky. The stern stats. So I think he thought I was easy target is your sister physically taller than you like to have anything to do with your size because you're so tiny. Oh, no may sister's leg, so much tinier than me, a really she's like double zero, like five to just I'm five to two but she's tiny interested. I just remember hearing on the podcast, so you are kind of win in meeting. You in person is I'm just imagining what I, I listened to the podcast. You sound wims ical relaxed in nine and your sisters are a little bit more like, oh, hell no. That it ended up. You know, I think that like as an aggressive personality from him, he would go after somebody else that was no, I would think I would have I mean thinking of, like people that I have known that were psychopaths and how they. Acted in relationships they acted more violent and aggressive with somebody that the partner was also a little bit more aggressive. So as like I think he was trying to hurt mom exactly what was more about, like it was more just like an equation like who's going to be the easiest in who's going to hurt her. The most in not put up a thing. I'm gonna take the pay but yeah, exactly. So then he, he started stalking, you guys right yet. And then how did you find out? He was stalking. You did you actually see him never? But always hot that sense that I was being followed. The on it was really weird, because, like, I would walk home from the bars all by myself like that would have been the perfect time to grab me. And I would like to these, like two mile walks home from the buyers, just because I like to walk, and I didn't want to order Hooper because I was gained cheap. It's really like Billy likes to walk to where are you? Wonderman walking. Attack him. He will laws date. It's like ten feet. I can I can walk them mile in probably about six minutes. So you always felt like he was like, lurk something, you just felt it. Yeah. And then I didn't get confirmation until after may attack actually because I am I, he called my work the day before. And he was just. Using a fake French accent. And he was like all Hello. I would like to make appointment for my two dogs my Rhodesian ridge backs. Yeah. I met like two Rhodesian ridge back like a couple of days prior. But normally when people call to get their dog screamed. It's usually the wife calling, right? Because the wife is always like I like them like this like this way or the highway. And the guys always like, oh, I need you to call my wife. So I was just like that's kind of fishy, because it's a man calling, and did you recognize his voice at all? Just from nut can't imagine his accent was good. No, it wasn't. But like the dogs are barking and the kennel. So it's like, oh, I just need to get this person off the phone. That's crazy who thinks you're calling for retirement. A Frenchman revision, like you're just not looking at that under a microscope, is you're like that's madness. If you would do that, in those are technically from South America. So we called the day before said the was weird Frenchman, and then obviously didn't bring the dog said. No. He didn't show at all. He actually called right before my lunch break and it got disconnected. So I was like, oh, I don't think this guy is going to show. And I just had a feeling that this guy wasn't going to show either, so I literally like left work, and I went home from a break because we have like a two to three hour break just so the dogs can like rest, and we can do like a full eight hour day. You know. So I went home got started getting ready because they had a country concert that name for Jason out deem and go to juice, milk day. I'm a big country fan. You. Cut at the same game. What I go every year surprised I didn't run into, you know, gotta go next year. Sure. Okay. Anyway. Sorry, so Jason aldean. So I was playing good to Jason aldean's concert. So I went home started like prepping for that. So that when I got off work, I could just be like, oh, I just need to throw on this and get out the door. And so I went home got ready a little bit. And then I went back to work in, I just fed the dogs took them out a couple of times, and kinda put them the bed, and so that I was able to get off a little bit early, and I left and went home early, and I pull up and pull up to wear always park, but the gate was broken, and it's been broken for a few days. So I just like went right in. And as I go past the broken gate may dog just starts going off on a guy, and I'm just I looked over and. It. Well, it was John, but I didn't know it was John and he was just fiddling with a tire iron. Terrifying. He and he was like backed up into space in. I just looked at him. And I'm like, oh, he's homeless like. Hope he'll just like figure out his staff. And he needs a place for a minute. You know, and I told my dog to knock it off, and he knocked it off, and then I pull into the space, I get out of my seat. And then I get my dog out at the back seat. And then I pull start walking to go down the ramp. And he grabs me right by my license plate, and he grousing by the waist and looks me in the eyes and says, do you remember me? And I just like looked up at him and I was like, oh, I didn't say anything to him, but I was like, oh, yeah, I remember yield and who are you? Right. And I just started trying to flee in that moment because I was just like I just need a Ryan and get to my house and get ready for this concert and do I feel did you feel endangered at the moment that you saw him like grabbed your waist? You're like OC. He's going to try to do something. I was like, oh, you Houston and try to kill me now. And so that's why new I had to flee because I didn't think I would be able to fight this man. And I thought my best case is if I find and get help from someone. 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If you're like me, I'm sure you've wasted a lot of hours searching on sites that have fake listings or scammy listings that try to make you pay them five hundred dollars to come to your house that almost happened to me, but with apartments dot com, if you're looking for something specific like friendly commute friendly, or just sit on your couch. Friendly day. Have it all? All. So go to apartments dot com and find your next place to rent change your apartment and change your world. I started trying to flee away from him. I was unable to disconnect from him the whole time. Holding onto you. So he grabbed me by the waste like is like, like how you would like just swoop. So one kind of like, by the way, and then I like tried to get away and then he I'm like screaming, and he's trying to cover my mouth, I bit him as hard as I could. When he tried to cover up my mouth because I'm like, he could try to put like chloroform in my mouth something. So I'm like, I'm going to fight as hard as I can buy it as hard as they can do everything as best as I can in this moment and able to survive. So I ended up we ended up like toss lean. Although a bit, and the knife fell onto the floor and he's just welling on me and he had the knife in a del taco bag. So out I, I didn't understand. I was getting stabbed. And till I saw the knife, and then I'm too he was still he had his hand inside the del taco bag, but holding the knife. And then that's what he was. So he had del taco bag and then he had his hand. Around like the opening of and then stopping the gas. He was stabbing three at the ballot here. Yes. Yeah. And then I'm on the ground in. I'm pedal kicking him in? I just came from work. So I was wearing rain boots. Which hide a, a good significance in this attack in me, surviving, and then might SOG was also talking, his ankles in biting, his ankles, while he was on top of me, and I just kept pedal kicking in just trying to block the knife as it came down. And then at one point, I was able to kick the knife out of the his forearm, and it landed exactly like, on my right? Hint side where I was able to pick up the knife. It was in the ice pick position. So the perfect position to pick up a knife and start just willing back on him. And I just started willing back on him. He started to fall on top me. I like grabbed his head because I watched. Oh, much Walking Dead that I'm like he can't bite me. And so he's like falling on top of me. I have his head, and then I gave to stabs one to the forehead, and then the very last one in the eye and the one in the eyes, which made him brain dead in the kill shot to everyone else. And then he fell like completely on top of me. I pushed him off me, and then I took the knife, I tossed it as far as I could away so that he wouldn't get up and grab the knife right away. And then I just kinda start screaming for help at that point. And then there was a guy that came in. He was like, what can I do? Well out. I there was a girl that came. And she is just saw my dog running around and at this point, I realized I had stop on my forearm. So I just start applying pressure to so that I don't lose too much blood. And then I just tried to evaluate myself and see if I have any other stop wounds. And so she just grabbed my dog because I was like, I have the stab wounds covered and I just need help with my dog. And so she grabbed my dog and then another guy came, my he was on a bicycle he gave me his jacket. That was read thinking is and the night, just wrapped it around my arm so that I wouldn't see the blood and staife and then skyler came up and she's, like fourteen years old. She just came from lifeguard training. So she told me. Hi, my name is Schuyler. I just came from lifeguard training. I'm trained in this. How can I help you? And so she started wrapping up my wound and applying pressure to that with clean towel. And then at this time the police arrive and start quest. Questioning me in. Then from there just as wall. I, I called my mom sorry. I get lost in this part out like, oh, I got call, like I felt really bad to be honest because even though he was a horrible guy. And he tried to talk me. We tried to kill you. He he tried to kill me, but I just felt bad. Because I knew that she at one point love this guy and for anyone to love anyone when they pass you have to fill something, even if you hate them, you know, it's only human nature to fill sad about so in dying even if they did. Attack their daughter and try to kill their daughter, and we're purely evil. It's just human nature break. So I called her, and I was like, I'm so sorry I think I killed your husband and I told her that I knew this would happen because I my sister, and I have been telling her from the beginning that the sky was evil that he was bad, but something was gonna come out of it. So I felt the need to tell her that. And then afterwards they called my ex boyfriend, I was like you need to come here because he's the only one that like, met John with me besides, it's like a few of my other friends, and I really needed that support during that time. What did your mom say she was just like oh, what, what happened like she didn't understand that for your sent comprehending you know, it was like so confusing? Yeah. Confusion of that it's like in the guilt, she must have had because of what happened to you. Yeah. And then she showed up and. She wasn't able to get some me because they had the caution line and tape up in. So she felt guilty that she had to watch me like be interrogated by this just like from far, you know, so there's a lot of guilt in even that. And when you're looking at your when you were evaluating your body and seeing where else he might have been stabbed. Did you find any other places that you were stabbed or sell at that point? Eight sit. And but later when I was in the hospital in it wasn't till the end when I was getting released actually, I was changing into might close that may sister, brought me that I had one on my chest. Gosh, was it deep? It was two centimeters steep, but with where it was I, I needed to be transferred to trauma unit or well, yeah. And they like I think I was in the trauma hospital for maybe two days. Days. It was really blurry because I was on a lot of out of van and Zo Fran and like pain pills and all the pain medicine. They gave me too. So I was really out of it. And I think it was on morphine, and I hate morphine. I just feel really out of it. When sewing gives me that stuff when you were doing the pedal kicks and you were covering your body with your with your arms. Right. This point when I was on the ground I was I probably had my I probably had my arms. Honestly, like I work kickboxing, but I didn't have them up like protecting my chest. Because when you're on the ground and your pedal, kicking, it's not. Oh, I remember now. Sorry, like bits and pieces like come back home. You sure times. I actually haven't been hands like on the ground a little bit like supporting you. And I'm like, now that I fought it shouldn't. Yeah. May Hans were like all scuffed up afterwards. And like when this is happening, and you're fighting back. My biggest question is were you just on autopilot fighter flight, and like we're you not even thinking about what you're doing or were you being intentional? And that was like what was coming to your brain. Because like we've never experienced anything that traumatic and I don't know how I would react, honestly in this moment, it wasn't like I was thinking, like I've seen so many shows in set that I probably was like subconsciously thinking about it. But in that moment may body kind of just took over and did what it needed to do in that moment. We'll come ashore shows you'd mentioned the Walking Dead for the kill shot. But what about the other shows or when you were defending yourself, honestly, I watched the Walking Dead. Head Dexter CSI Miami skiffs. I New York. Yes. I honestly. Yes, I. Law and order. But only like the SP union, obviously stabler. Right. And then they always used to have such great guest on that show. And I just remember listening to a lot of those stories about the survivors of the people that actually like survive. They didn't really survive because they're on TV show. But all the girls who said that they survive, they said that they fought like hell and they didn't give up. So I knew that I wasn't going to give up. And I really wanted to go see Jason deemed that. You make you know shoes at the Tribune unit for. You know about this. He has to actually met him free late just for a second stage coach. And that was so nice because I felt kind of a sense of closure, it's like a full circle. Yeah. And it's like I was able like I've seen him three times now, actually. But I was like and not moment is like this is finally over. I don't have to fight for my life anymore. You know. Sixty seconds. That's exactly how long does commercial will last for, but you know what else you can do in about a minute, you can get an offer for your car with truecar. That's right. And the amount of time that it takes you to flush teed. Pet your dog. Do few sit-ups meetings up a coffee or just listen to my voice in this ad? 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She didn't have a dog at the time. And maybe that's why she was was willing to let this guy in and you're, you're you work with the dogs, and then you're. Talking. Yeah. Yes. And then your dog noticed him, probably before you did, and started barking, and then your dog, you know, help save you when he was nipping at his at the seals literally. Cash out a lot to do with it, and like their instincts are so on point. Yeah. So I want to know about like the healing process after this. I'm assuming you probably went to a lot of therapy. Right. Oh, yes. So much. And everyone, obviously you probably have crazy PTSD from everything. But like it's pretty crazy. How you can talk about this, so candidly, and it just seems like it's a normal conversation to you. Well, there's like, I, I didn't wanna talk about it his it's so it's retraumatize in going through your trauma, each time and even even talking about it now, I'm not gonna lie there still time where I'm like after this podcast. I really liked to go home and just hang out with my dog saying, like recuperate from it. Right. I'm but I've been through so much therapy, gone through EM DR even role. A couple blog posts about may trauman my therapy. Steph, I'm but I started out doing MDR therapy. Cute explain that to. I know what it is. But it's a very interesting. Yeah, former therapy. So what my therapist did is she has these buzzers in these, like tapper, things that I have to hold in my hand, and I have to have her turn it on really low, because when they're on their high, it actually is retrieving to me. So you kind of have to, to EM DR in kind of work your way with what works for you. What is it supposed to be simulated? I'm it's just like a sensor kind of it's like you go through your hack. And it helps like rewire your brain a little bit with having an extra since on it. Interesting. Yes. And then like you will go through like a play by play. Yes. And then this the sensors will go off at certain times and. Sorry they're going off the whole time. God seeing. And so, like, I would have them in my hands, and then I would actually start with a way less trauma than what I went through because I've experienced multiple traumas throughout my life, like with, like, so have a lot of people. And you don't realize that it was a trauma, when you were younger, so you start out going through those ones, and then you feel like at the end of each time you talk about it, you're like, okay, so on a scale of one to ten how do you feel about this? And then you keep going through it to get it to a lower number got up interesting. I've never heard of it. Yeah. It's, it's I it's like a lot for PTSD getting through like a specific moment trauma. So then that's helped you a lot. And then I was I going to say I was listening to another interview that you did. So like when you do that you're. Put yourself in a happy place. Right. I'm so at the end of it. Well, you I like create your happy place and it's important to have that as a base. And whenever things get to a level where it's too much to handle. You can't really talk about it or you start to get like a panic attack from it. Then you go, your therapist will be like, okay, let's go back to your happy place. What is your happy place? My happy place and so used to do fly fishing with my dad and Montana. And so it's like at this dude ranch where we used to go fly fishing, and it's like this little pond, and then I've made that's not in that. But like I'm out the pond. And I had my dog with me cash. So it's like I put things that weren't my hobby placed before if that makes sense you kind of make your hobby to your own. Yeah. You create your own love that Trump's such a nice up. Plays all about him. No, seriously. What you've been through is so hard. Well, they take care of yourself. You're going to therapy, you're doing these things and you are so resilient. Thank you. You just can't let something like this. Hold you back from other things you got to go out and live life. And it's like this thing like it was a horrible event that I went through, but at the end of the day, he's not here. He's not hurting other women. And if I were to survive something, I wouldn't want me a talker there at the end of the day. So I think it's a huge blessing. It just there was so many things that I had to go through that they are hard. But like I'm so happy to be here. You know, do you think he might have attacked anybody else in the past and got away with it? So as I know he talked this one girl, I think it was in Laguna beach. But she fought back and. He ended up suing her because he felt down in like broke his teeth. So she he sued her, and she had to get him new veneers in style. Oh of by a God. Yeah. I'm that is the ultimate, conman. You try to attack a girl, you fall a hanger teeth and then she has to get you knew veneers. How how's the relationship within your family, the relationships within your family been since? I mean how how the relationship with your mom your sisters relationship with your mom because that's like a complicated thing, especially with your mom. I'm well, I want to just say this. I, I love my mom to death, but there has been points where it's been hard for me to fully accept her apology because it's like I couldn't like I couldn't have well, this situation couldn't have turned out into a better situation. And we did warn her so many times. So there's like resentment from us warning her in her not listening to us, and that's hard sometimes. But now I'm in therapy with her about Scott. Yeah. I mean totally and it's just like teaching each other like what makes her happy and how I can communicate with her, and then how she can communicate with me and just do it openly. And honestly in not like lie about anything because when she was with John, she did like lie about some stuff about him because she was scared. And so I just have some resentment from, of course, having a good relationship with your parents. And with your mom is tough enough as it is to have this whole thing on top of it. Yeah. I have one question about, so do you boyfriend or are you dating? I'm I'm dating by and my love life's really complicated though. Is it always say, is it having had this experience with him being a psychopath? Con artist tried to kill you like has that made your ability to trust men and their intentions harder since then I'm a lot more judgy like if a guy if a guy does something that I am judging him like actually just ended it with this one guy, because he had a lot of like narcissistic, qualities, and it's really funny because a couple of days ago, this girl, contacted me and warned me about him. And I was just like Heidi hate. Already done. But let's get together and talk about him. She find you or how did you know that she that he dated you? I'm because I well as stage coach. One of his friends went to the neon carnival, and I was there also. And I was trying to avoid him. And like try to like get away from him because I was already over him. But then him and his friend, find us in his friends like a gay man, and my friend was so drunk and she's like, I'm never had a Cape us friend before the whole time. She just wants to hang out with him in having new gave us friend and I'm just like I love you Brooke, but like. Really? Friends with him like he was amazing. He was so cool. But like the guy that I was dating like shit. Some of the narcissistic, qualities that, that he was presented. Okay. So I'm this was like, after a few days, I went on like probably three day with him. But after like, I think the second day he came back to my house, and I have a puppy and the puppy is kind of crazy. She's a little bit wild. But he kept on making comments to me that I was so crazy for adding another animal in my life, and I'm just like thinking, like, I'm not crazy. I love my life. I love my dog soap judging me, bro. Yeah. And looks like for you. Like Billy said it's like this comfort and the safety. And like you can rely on your dog over anything. I mean that dog helps when you and your most vulnerable moments of your whole life. Yeah. You know, more the merrier writing on the dog. Give me all the dog. Apartment. I probably have like four. So he's being funny for being crazy. Well, he's kept on calling me, crazy and lots of red flag. Yeah. When sewing uses that word too much, and they call other people crazy. I'm like most people. Crazy. Yeah. So I was like, okay is really the crazy one? And. I do this thing with my puppy, that's called pressure training. And it's for like when the dog bites union stuff, you like apply pressure into their mouth in, you either get them to let go or they just like yelp one time and it's over and he made the dog yelp, and he didn't like go and the dog continue to cry. And I literally had this whole him like, okay you could let go of my dog now. And yeah. And hear him to do in that moment. It like told me that he didn't have any empathy that he was hurting dog or any boundaries for what he should be doing to somebody somebody else's. Did he know your story? I'm I don't think he knew it fully. But he actually went to the dirtyjohn premier. So then he knows too. Yeah, he's an idiot. I'm sure don't know. I think we last question is, so obviously the Bravo show came out based on the podcast. Do you think that you were, and your story was accurately represented? So it's so hard to be the person having their stories hold. So I think that there's always death. I would want differently. But it can never be exactly like my life. And but. I really respect how they did it. And how they ended it. And I really respect that they met up with me and really got my perspective of the tack, but attack is actually. Almost exactly how it happened. There is like one thing, where she put up her back back, and I think that I need to clarify, when I like put up me purse to protect my heart was like literally just over my heart. I wasn't like defending your with the backpack. You know, when a mean so that was different. But everything else was like from my perspective and how it went down bus goes Justice. What are some of the things that you would have changed? I'm. Well, I just would change like some of the events to make them more. So exactly how they went down. But with it being like Bravo TV. It's like the can't do the are exact story there has to be some stuff that are different. And then if someone's like names in there like my ex boyfriend thought stories changed right if he's not like signing off for it. What's next for you? What next so far I'm just working on my blog. And I'm really I'm trying to get more into talking about PTSD in the drama in therapy. So I'm trying to do more blog posts like thi-, but I'm also traveling a lot. And then we have crime con coming Nash shirt, much fun shirt. Yeah. Are you like, are you trying to get into the talking to other survivors or anything about the self defense or any into that world at all? While I would really like to do more speaking engagements going around and talking to girls about surviving surviving may attack what they should do in attack like that. And then also about the aftermath about the PTSD and what it's like to go through trauma, because I don't think a lot of people realize that they may have gone through trauma in their life, and that they may have some issues from it, like if you were abusive child, that's trauma, if you earn car accident that's trauma. And so it's really important to realize that this trauma has affected, Hugh, and to get help for that. About. Other questions. My last one, and I want this to come out correctly would be just this is awful. But are there any silver linings for you in that did anything good happen as a result of this awful thing? I feel like that one hundred percent that there was so much good that came out of this. Like he's dead. He's not here. Tormenting anyone else. This show came out in a positive thing about that is that it's created awareness for so many women that are going through a John scenario, and it doesn't even have to be as extremist John, just to realize that there's people like that out there. And then I feel like I have a life purpose now and I finally fill that in my life where when I was working with dogs and stuff, I loved to love them so much. But now I feel like I actually have a purpose. Let's personal. I mean this it was a life. Situation and it put you on neutral tree. It's deeply personal and like few people get those moments to be like this is what I'm supposed to be doing. And it's so powerful on few people. I'm not gonna say few people, but it takes a lot to be as resilient as you are to be so open to talk about it and to use such a tragic thing that happened to you, as a platform to help other girls so of other girls come up to you and been like I've dumped this dude, because I see all these qualities that were in. John. Yes. So many actually, and it's made me, so happy because there's points where I get like trolls and. And then you're just like you're pretty on top of everything else. So in told me the other day that I needed it by myself, but and I was like, oh, thank you. I'm so skinny now. Elise twisted into it. Rolling you. Like I understand why people would troll me. But like, I don't know. Like all you did is try to defend yourself. Well, you know what people that are in hap- unhappy in their own lives. They could choose anything to critique. It'd be like I don't like her voice, which is what most people say they'll make fun of my voice. Okay. And my breathing. She's a heavy either. Did you have you breathe miss episode over? Yeah. I guess you're like people pick like they'll talk shit on mother. Teresa, they can. Yeah. Like people are such decks, not makes fun of Billy. He's the only people make fun of me. Don't worry. Yeah, we've make fun. And you guys you guys make enough. Exactly. So, but, you know, I think it's your what I always say about true crime and people always ask me, why is true crime so popular in this, and that, and I say, well, the, the thing that always bothers me about crimes that you have a thousand super villains. And so few superheroes, you've got Bundy and gay see and Jack the ripper and son of Sam, and all of this on one side. And then when you think about the heroes, I they're often, you know, nameless and faceless. Because they're doing the work, you know, behind the scenes, or whatever you can mention John Walsh, or, or somebody like that. But, you know, the more that we can show survivors, and somebody that is now thriving, I think is viewed. So it's the it's my way of saying that you're a superhero. Poetic. Being here like this was so cool for us to actually get a talk to you face to face. And you're so wonderful and yeah. No, we're so excited. The excited. Big things on the horizon. I know. Yes. And we'll see a crime cons. Yeah. Everybody come to crime. Come see this is going to be the best like, posse drink getting coffee. We know we're going to force your with your friend at crow on, I will be your friend. I didn't realize. Cutting down the Long Beach. Like walking around. Yes. Thank you so much for being on the podcast. You're Instagram's just Tara knew. All right. Yeah. Volunteer on Instagram will be posted from crime gun. And if you guys have a story, we would love to share it. So DM's on Instagram at the first degree out Alexis linkletter, Jack manic at Billy Jensen and yeah. And happy. Happy bitch. Attitude, dancing. 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This day have set upon mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion and our civilization and to set free a suffering humanity. Today's event was part of extensive ceremonies in France, and Britain, marking the seventy fifth anniversary. I'm Rita Foley.

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