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Monday-Trumps 747 Fly By Trolling of Lib Snobs-Red Pill Diaries


So I get out of mass yesterday and getting a car. It's about Quarter to and could always leave my phone ever taken into church with me so look at my phone hundred some odd notices from twitter one mistake and we'll kill you twitter so I'm looking at them and the first twenty five or thirty or all about something that happened in Daytona and I'm going why trump was going to daytona so I started opening them up and then I see this video of the enormous. What that is that. A seven forty seven or is seven seventy seven. 'cause Boeing doesn't make the double decker anymore. I don't think Bowie makes a double decker anymore. Air I know that Airbus makes a double decker. But I don't think the Boeing Boeing did. Okay it is a seven four seven okay. So it's a funny thing by the way our chat room is open. You're a new listener if you want to get the full experience of the new founders fast membership that you're enjoying listening to crusade channel. Mike Church show this morning. You need to go to the chat room. Just take my word for. Don't hesitate go crusade channel DOT COM forward slash chat crusade channel Dot com forward slash chat. Are you you need a valid email address and our username and once you've registered that username will will will always be your log in and it takes about a minute to register may may maybe not even a minute. Seven forty seven when I was a little cheer INS around the time. A- of Ms O'CONNELL is giving me conflicting information. Is it not a seven four? Seven seven zero seven. Okay so whatever it is seven forty seven seven zero seven when I looked sheeran's around the time of the Apollo Eleven Moon landing. I was building model airplanes and one of the model airplanes and I bet I'm not the only one I bet there are people in the audience listening right now. They're probably did this to one of the model airplanes that I built and I painted was air force. One is seven forty seven forty seven or seven seven or whatever it was I just remember member putting it together and we're marveling over the size of that thing because it was used at any events. I'm looking at my twitter aftermath yesterday. And it's trump buzzes. The crowd at Daytona with Air Force. One I WANNA play the audio of this because it just if you missed it and you didn't hear the Fox News coverage of it. It's it's it's worthy of Of I think listening. Listen to audio call because the guys that are there at Daytona Better. That are that are covering the race. No one's ever seen anything like this. This just sets off a firestorm on social media on twitter and other social media that the president would that that trump would have the audacity to do this. And all I can think of is okay. This is the greatest troll in history. Then he tops it off audio. Okay number three please. We'll play. Here's here's the orders. Chris Myers Fox sports with the Call Fox Nascar of Daytona International Speedway Alive Air Force. One President trump arriving here at Daytona international speedway would the forty sixth president. The United States the first to give the command for the Daytona five hundred forty fifth as we walk beauts and Nascar on Fox and the sixty second running of the great American race along with Jeff. Gordon Jamie mcmurray. I pressed wire is a nice to have you along with us for this special moment I have been to a Lotta Daytona five hundred. Chris never have. I felt the excitement and energy. We've had great racing on the track. But we've got the president landed right now. The fans are pumped up. I mean wow what a day. It's one of the most incredible things I've ever seen to see points eight hundred feet above the racetrack right now. What interests by the president of the United States as the Grand Marshal? They'll give the command presidents a force of attended NASCAR RACES DAYTONA BEFORE. But again the hours to give the command for this the Daytona five hundred and I just can't I go into the mindset of these competitors what they're going to Gordon. There's already so much build that you didn't sleep last night. Okay it's you waking up to the Daytona. Five hundred years starting to run through the race and all the things that you're going to have to deal with and then there's just constant distractions of sponsor commitments. You're seeing fans and how excited they are for you to win the Daytona five hundred and then to add all that you've got the president that's going to be here for the call. The command is so. It's so epic I mean I was talking to mid is turn about this first thing. I'm thinking of is a safe. Can you actually buzzed someone? A seven forty seven. I mean is not a crop duster that you fly. You fly down over a field and drop some pesticide seven forty seven. This thing weighs a couple of million pounds. It's eight hundred feet long just but the visual of it because all right you probably have a one hundred thousand. I don't know how many people the The actual stadium stands in Daytona. Hold but when you roll in the infield because the enfield. That's that's what the big show is people go to the Infield for the Party so people start filling in or filling up Daytona early. In the last week they started going in. I remember remember sitting in a traffic jam. One time On is sixty five and Alabama. Couldn't figure out what what isn't that. No it was on. I twenty what we're not even. We're we're two hundred miles from Atlanta. What in the world could be causing traffic Talladega Talladega race tracks right off. I twenty so the Infield is is where you want to be. So they probably had six figures worth people there and Oh gosh thousands of smartphone videos air force one lie and hope for a racetrack and then as if that's not enough then he gets in his car called the beast. Now imagine this in this world of Electric Cars Gone Mad.

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