Ep. 520: Fat Tit Friday


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It's cock rock Friday why it's been a long time since the fat tip Friday on a Friday fat hit Friday. Yeah why dig. This is why this is why I always tell people i. I had dinner with very sophisticated people last night and they were like your podcast. Go for you not for you. Not View amazing artists otherwise this asset management guy family friends mazing about my mom calls me up. She goes Can you send me a picture of the Baby Boston Chubby. I post it. She Bring Up Gentlemen Scrim. My mom just responded thick side call. Jeez moms so cute dog kiss him right now. uh-huh ridiculous Gillian thick just thick. But how about my mom mom. She was oh nothing. She's a cock rock Thursday eh. Really odd bless you. You just can't I bless you can't do that. Can you please not do that. Oh my God it's ridiculous. It gives them over the holidays. Do when we saw each other. We talk a lot on the Ohio but it's been a while. Holidays were interesting. Holidays are always fun. Spend a lot of time with my kids. It's all good. Would I was in Utah with my parents late all good yup. Yup didn't do any skiing. Don't ski but the kids do not for me. Skiing are boy. Todd I broke his femur skiing. He broke his Tibia. Not they'll front Well that's not good at all. He's in some shit. Yeah a guy was killed on the slopes the twenty year old terrible come down hit. A tree happens every Bob Sunny every fucking somebody does your skin but overall slow crowded but but what else nothing nothing. I was so sick you were sick. I didn't have the flu live the cold. I'd like pneumonia hit me. That's not like you to talk about a lot of pain. You'll never tell anybody because what's to be done when when's last time I had told her can do. A show was the last time I didn't do a show never and I was like I'm telling you I can't come in. I can't that's right. You could he couldn't do the. That's why we're like we're gonNA take a short break anyways but we never take this long break right. I physically couldn't do the podcast. How might like I couldn't my chest at so much inflammation in my throat was has gone it was it was insane When I was in Boston had a great show Wilbur that I'm with my boy mullick feature amasi MRI fucking hilarious There's this last weekend this is this is This Friday this past New Year's eve new years confusing so so my my boy Brian Cooley. WHO has a traditional school in In Nashville he's six six and he was arranger before for this. He's a big guy who's a competitive e competes but he's just a giant Viking man. I'm with I'm with. I'm with Brian Cooley. He flew up the yeah. He thought there with his wife. acknowle Oscar good friends real whiskey guy. Okay we all fucking whiskey. I next time you judge of that so I got Brian there. I got molly who came out of WHO. There's been boxing. Since he was seven came out floyd mayweather. It's camp does allow you know. And then I got lex Friedman who does Rogan. He's the guy that does the deals with robotics and the Tesla's Elon Elon Musk. He's the MIT judo. Nj to Okay and then my boy Rob Bradley. WHO's a black belt in Jujitsu as well? So I'm I'm Roland Colin Kinda deep with some big fellows. Rob's beg six meet. Let me just like the nerdy version of a minority on the nerdy version correct. Yeah now my oh boy. Most cut his beautiful Ethiopian girl. Okay yeah chocolate drew my other boy. Justin Scott his era trian girl. Eritrea's the country that's above Ethiopia. They're beautiful women in that part of she's not there both black. Thank you thank you. Because as his molecule just so so now now we're dancing immune molecules. We're having a dance off right at the bar at this club near the. W what being silly wish you weren't dancing. Look I'm the old guy having a dance of a mall joking around but we're having a fucking silly tom just to the show. I'm just having a good time and idiot. Now this is going to you. Fighting gets better as outfight. You should now. I'm noticing that this guy these these men who Iraq you know how I can pick out nationalities right away. uh-huh yeah I've ever seen but there are. There are four African gentleman and I happen to clock go. Those guys are clearly from Ethiopia and the student you Dan yeah well. They're now. Remember my boys with an Ethiopian Gal. Who one of them's drunk? And he starts walking up to the girls that were with and they're getting kind of the one guy getting Kinda grabby. Now hold on yes. I'm paint this now. You don't me now. I know you behold on these Ethiopian mental. I think give your opinions. Yeah because I come from up Ethiopian small and skinny. That's right Brennan okay. That's right Brennan. It's five seven seven to a man. Now they're beautiful people remember of course Gorgeous Mall. They're typically not giant. They're not shying no they tend to be slight there there. You go there small knocking out. Let's I'm treading lightly here. They also the same or maybe even get confused with Somalia Malia pirates where I'm the captain now okay so that would be Somalia which is next to Ethiopia very modern culture okay. Muslims Coptic Christian. I'm saying do they look similar Yes no east African. It's very very diverse. Racial Russian in like not so much. He's got really different different looking for the side try. I'm just glad but but if you look at that smaller a very Ethiopia's Mary fine features and small there you go. That's a classic example. Usually very could looking people known for their look. Okay now these guys. Because they've been Americanized well little heavy and not so good looking and kind of Shitty shitty and general now. Here's while now. I'm rolling with skinny fat build Ethiopian. Yeah and I'm wrong. I'm wrong with some American black guys who aren't hearing peop- no and athletic asses. Yeah we're talking about the other side of Africa by the way Probably ancestrally West African which is different thing and now I got giant Viking White Guy I got I got Russian guy. He's got big Irish guy. My Buddy these are American okay you understand although XS Russian so so now oh you know pry bryce insecure and get super hot headed creation the smallest laws and the less skilled correct right. I'm glad you said it. Who'd WHO's the first guy to fight? Bellevue right. The Chihuahua Most Wawa most insecure so old scalawags to our ricky. By the way my name is Rick so so thank you very much so I man right everywhere I go thanks. I'm getting screened at whole foods. For God's sake in fucking Utah get to park. I'm like walking says I'm like Oh Jesus Christ Senate has and I'm walking. I hear about the counter. That's my name so so reads the show our starts to bark so I I like words. I like nobody knows how to use word. So this guy is now all of a sudden Stops and this guy looks right at my mom and goes. Hey that's our system and that's our sister. You shouldn't be with our sister. Oh and I go. What and he goes man? Shut up you know what the fuck is going on. I go I go I go fuck you talk now now. And now they're they're posturing now molly molly literally you could be. It was a monster. He doesn't give a fuck he's like he's literally. He's already diffused three five he could give a fuck. He's so such a goofball he's not even noticing the areas Mary's Hilarious I look at them lifting weights. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA fuck him for that. He so by the way one of us a silly gut's all lives only to be a silly girl. Okay so now he's not even he's not giving them anything and I'm like what the fuck. That's what the fuck you doing Eric but he. He doesn't shit these Brian Brian. This is how Brian Kel it diffuses down. We went on the captain. Now I didn't say share Ryan I would have said coolly goes like this he goes. Hey Bro you know jaws and what jaws the movie you know. Jaw accents accidents. But they spoke very guy goes. Yeah and he goes. You're the girl enjoy swimming in the water they got no idea does sharpen a poem under the Shark. I'm gonNA pull you under. It was the greatest the fucking thing and he's so pig and and he just like sitting there looking. I'll put on the shock. The you're the girl in Ause Swin guy giving the thumbs up and just buck luck and took a look like oh this is a bad. That was so fucking great on the show was so great. It'll be great. He he's just he's so big intimidating military guys just like Oh God. I love that you know what scares me is when people like that. What happens and they don't read the situation and they keep going it's like Oh are you shitting? Because they're drunk or they actually think just never had anybody do that out to you the right no not really I mean there are. I don't hang out well that you know what I did. I came out on the bike. Even you say especially in Boston Austin did New Year's what are you doing. How you doing karate doing what am I doing my I said it now? Listen we came on the street. It's one in the morning. It's now what I urge in Bonn and I said Oh my God I'll tell you get no tell now. Nothing good happens right now. Nothing happens on the street and nothing I heard it. Everybody like Like a fucking Collie in a thing happens and then I came back out those four guys with a Oh and hey hey you went on the cat surrounding and then got his fat belly. Because they're not eating. Yeah guys out for a swim you guys out for a swim. How's the water? Is it choppy. I slew them. I slew all all of the US. And I'm the Odom kneeled squeeze squeal. Suck you boys. I got around the square. No no I'm GONNA underwater squeezed choke them. I tend to suck on the squeeze. Calm you guys down right quick with my mouth. The old squid former circle house. Nothing dude would your crowd a little rowdy on years eve you you do you do three to one I did. They were so great and they've some of them were older. It was really wild. I definitely had a meet and greet didn't know they one hundred people way. Now's Aw man assholes but it was not we did it. We did do a new idea to stay local. You know so I did two shows there. Yeah and I show great fantastic segment. Oh yeah the rowdy mass. Laura is Whitney I go because I had Fahim on the first show Brian Simpson. You Know Brian Simpson. He got past the store. He's a monster black at the store monster should work so I had Assan Brian Simpson Dirk and Komo see myself. There is so funny Su- such a breath. I Dunno Brian. I'M GONNA kill or Yeah fucking killer all right so I had the pocket. Yeah yeah so I had him on the the late show early show ad for him. But I was GONNA have Whitney come by two and when he goes. I don't do years eve who wants us to rowdy. I'm like no. What are you talking about? Verschoor timeless easy second show is just that. There's a lot of booze going around. Well there are a lot of fights that broke out in Boston. I'm sure that's Boston in the hotel. And their next Saturday in the so but there's alcohol there and then you know when they're doing the county everyone's waiting for it so they're distracted the drop in the Chang it was just like is almost doing stand up at a restaurant because there's talking because they're they're ready to go. It was just different. Yep It's just different. Yeah I'm never comfortable in crowds especially on play times like New Year's Eve nine people die of all the time in any any any crowds. I've anxiety if I'm same. None of my my shows I don't but if we go out after restaurant or somewhere like the mall with my family it's all like it's so out of character for me to go to a club so out of and that's really strange. I never but it was right near the end. It was actually part of the hotel. We're here when I when I was in Philly we don't show late and we were walking. The guy goes on the guy we get back in not over. His brand are Brennan. Uh Not around here wait till you get back to your side. Yep Damn for he'll watch out for you yeah he was great. Yeah they didn't tell me. You were walking Norton Orleans Nolan's and Koch will you guys. Don't go down that way. You're walking the wrong way. Oh Yeah Yeah Huachen he goes. It doesn't give talk about your. UFC stuff they they have something called Pea Stolas. Spoilers if you one block left of Yeah Mardi Gras Street. Where the fuck about my dad's seventy eight year old friend? One of his oldest friends I started. Tell a story about the big Guy I got one guy was like six six and he goes he in the middle of my story in front of both or families extended families. Because what is this about you big guys with you. You're always talking about muscle and he goes. You GotTa go thank you when I say I was sick during the holidays. I'm telling you man like like pneumonia and then tiger had it. My girl had it and then Boston's right get sick and then you know no one's sleeping. I was like four days of no sleep in a row as like. Oh the South Bay torture people when we capture isis. That's how we tortured me sleep. Keep the lights on. They play babies crying. Well that's what was going on. I'm sleeping on the floor. You know I'm asleep and being sick now at hunger in cold that and it brings you to your knees. That's been my house. Yeah Hungrian being called horrible cold when you're sick you realize just how you're so flash flood but also but also health is priceless. It's there's nothing Rogan has said. When you're sick you on one thing that's health day you want four thousand things the yeah? I do a better job taking care myself for. I'd have to a better job. Well you're pretty you deep but I think you do you exercise and I thought well excise every soon day sleeping here that lately. I haven't because you know being sick and then on the road I have like five weeks on week off. Five weeks on knows what I do. I sleep 'til I wake up. I can't do because my internal clock might so no matter what so. Let's say a like for New Year's example. Let's say I do store Improv. Laugh and say hey get home at midnight. A map five thirty no matter what five five thirty two years so my body lie down stay. Stay stay in bed not open. Open up the stay in bed and sleep and you will but you gotta go through that initial our sometimes back to sleep. That's what I do. I don't care if I know you're good at it. I wake makeup and I sit in bed. No feels rest because your heart starts beating your on. You know what's weird is I got my little man. Nintendo switch because he played at target for Christmas and he loved them like really. You're only him before like Nintendo Switzerland. let me get him one so get them that and I give them the Kitty Games like the Ryan from from Youtube Mario Kart game and I got him a Paul Patrol game. They're Super Kitty. I'm like he's only four Ho- he'll be formed FABU. Yeah like give them these he gets and I'm like Oh these are two simple and kitty for him so I go on so he goes to bed. I'm pissed I spent all this money on staying kid on fucking like it. So I get on their connects to the Internet. You can download games all right. Oh Doodo Papa Bear I might you know what I grew up with more combat. So I go on. He likes he when so everyday I walk in the House we wrestle soon. Eight home. We're wrestling that's just what he'd like to do so as soon it. So I'm like maybe like a fighting game might be a little graph boom and they have more combat eleven. Last time I played with it's more combat to twenty years ago dude so download it and I'm like Oh let me just set it up for him put on easy mode. I'm playing like Holy Shit. I played four out. I learned all the fatalities and then the next morning. I'm like I'm just GONNA try. See what he thinks. We're watching your. Hey bubba you want to try the try your Nintendo again. He's no pop. Good I go. Oh look there's actually a new game honor look at this. I'm showing. He's a Gimme that dude. He's fucking in it's addictive. It's well he just. He likes the how hard hard it is for him to do it. which is a good sign? But then it's more combat so it's both gory score my terrible parent. Well I'm glad you brought. We're a son son. I catch implants sniper three day and people are getting shot. He's eight they fall down. Blood everywhere I'm like all right but then again I again I go I keep you gotta do is draw. This is the next thing I know I'm playing. I know next thing while I'm coaching. I'm going no you gotta you the beat you get crazy. Here's the problem my son. Can I borrow your pet. He's been skiing all day. They're watching mean girls. I'm like what are you GonNa do if you WANNA play Fortnight it's good you build a strategic the people are I guess in roadblocks they these kids like all right. You've been physically active for eight hours. Well my son is crafty. Little Little Soul Mitch. He's eight he's he's little he's craft. We certainly have Blue Kagi. Well he was. He does not do that. Oh but on Youtube. He was putting in sex S. S. E. X.. Different forms then. He put in cantaloupes. Because he thought that's cantaloupes because he heard somebody say Canelo Hello Scott some can hold is he. He's eight and his search history is I was like. Hey it was all he's chicks sucking I mean tents and I'm like yeah I don't and I go there I go it's going on your old man like scandal scaling. If you'RE GONNA use my ipad you can play those games. Don't be going on Youtube. And looking up sex he goes. Why not very good question? I understand you're you're a boy I get it. I'll adult young right now. I gotta help you through that stuff. That's all I said he goes really Papa Lights Cantaloupe. So so you're not gonNA stop and he said Oh he's interested in shame them no you can't because then then there's like sex bad gift it then. He won't embarrass him. Do you know what I watched. I watched The Kevin Hart documentary. I'll really have you seen it now. It's good his fan fucking asking a few people some comics. I don't watch him like boasting about himself. All this I'm like really and then J. Texas. Have you watched him hard hard documentary on Netflix. So you know he goes. I work on. Computers Inspired Watch it. He was one of the best doctor. Ever seen is a five part series. Do so. Obviously it's it's his thing you know it's called. Don't fuck this up the stuff that he left in. That makes him look bad. You just can't help but love the Guy I love him. I told told you that. Yeah I know I I. He's one of the they leave in You know him cheating on his wife yeah they show like when he finds out you know it was one of his best friends who did it. The talks about that They have seen on there because he has like a Red Paper Cup. Boys where the fuck they calm his crew. They came up with all and they're all great his cruise crazy. Yeah and they're all doing their own thing right but he has his trainer. Who's with them all the time? WHO's this boy? And they're super close. He's part of the Red Cup boys or whatever it is and he E- once he finds out one of his friends is the one who tried to extort money from film the sex tape and leaked it to his wife once he found that out here this like horrible resentment in them. And he's I it's come out one way or the other and just came out and I was gonNA edit by sending out to let you guys see it so his boys are doing a sean fill some giant arena. Now the flying back on his private jet and they're drinking and gambling and Chemicals so I decided to leave it in so you can see how it is dude. I can't believe he left. Descend because he's drinking and something you know He. He has this inside them. It's going to get out and his His Buddy who's his trainer. Who is closest friend? He starts arguing. So you're telling me you would have made money from work for me and a stranger successfully Kevin. Are you shitting me here. He goes you own a home motherfucker. And he's belittling he's like you don't make money you wouldn't be shit without me. This trainers huge. They are literally about to fight the got these boys get between them. The stores playing called the cops so they land the cops are there so Kevin. The next days I K- I had this horrible issue. Come one way or nothing love and so the next day. They're all good but the stuff he left in is oh his dad his dad. In there they have the euro supposed to host the Oscars. I got choked. There's a strain of shelters trainer. Ah I got choked up. Because he's in doing shows in Australia and they show him when he gets the call to host the Oscars and he doesn't get that emotion on the show. He's so much like his buddy gets married. But when he gets a call from the Oscars I got choked on the podcast because because he called because he sounds. You're not really appreciate appreciate up to any hangs up in the chemistry us and they would say goes Chris. Rock Bill Cosby and goes through the hose. Loss carriers and Kevin Hart and he'd start talking to his mom mom passed away. He's like this is for you. I know you're watching. I was GONNA motion. He's just the biggest step in my career and he's like emotional he's like I can't wait. and that shows these fucking bloggers bring up his tweets and they and they film and they cover everything where he's like his sorry fifty thousand times but he even. He admits Mitzi made a mistake. Because his publicist goes Kevin. You're not dealing with this right. You have to acknowledge because he said his seniors. If my son was gay out will possess do this. He didn't knowledge the violence part. You said Oh I apologize. That's not me but he didn't actually own it in come out with it but it shows before he did the video or anything his his publicists teams like Kevin. This is this what we're GONNA have to do to make sure y'all dossier and all that and he's not listening to him and posts a video from his bed and his boys SUV comics or clown like Betty Ozias three chains on like. He's fucking easy. His eyes are barely open. He's just like hey listen he's he's just firing off what he wants to do boomer. I'm telling you fucking up in so you can see all these companies stop fucking with him all his friends like he's he was doing that movie with the same The Guy from breaking bad that movie thinking he's like Bryan Cranston's out as far as doing pr with you because he's on Broadway and the big LBJ Biji community up there. I get it and she goes. We do we need a issued apologies tunnel. Watch Allen I've done on there she goes Kevin. That's not gonNA work man. If you're GONNA do this. You have to acknowledge that he's like fuck down my doing this and then it shows now right. That was like a year ago. Shows him now is fucked up. He's got he's like. There's a lot of times I'm right and he's I was so wrong on that he's I got in my head and I I'm with you remember. I cannot wear like fuck these people with Kevin. He's right he's apologize. But you you watch Kevin even like I didn't own it. I was like no. It's all that's the way I thought I thought I was doing the right thing by on it. Yeah he's he's I'm telling you the documentarist ages so just really quick. I mean when I said that Bill Cosby had about twenty specials. He does remember how we looked it up and it was only one bill cousin. Yeah you're right. I thought we looked it up. No and could find one album. Found like a test when he's done over twenty three specific especially like one hour number of how many how many hours you know. This is about a couple of months ago and I was like. Oh He's done twenty five or something and we can only find one for whatever everything looks up on Rogan. Jamie was like they're twenty three some crazy number of hours like crazy. I'm saying like Bill Cosby is fucked up as we were talking about what what what he was comic. Who is you and I were talking? I don't know where you're going I was talking about. Because you mentioned Bill Cosby with the Oscars. Yeah yea comics. But he was so tragic during that we'd see. Kevin was such a big deal for me. Like oh I wanna see this documentary. And it'd be you you can't help but love shit for that to get shit for the mid just dumb asses online like you'll just talks bullshit or hater comics. But when he wins he's he wins every time but he what's funny is like you see how good he takes care of the people around him. Yeah how grateful he is. And how telling you and how he gives with my own eyes and no one else did this. He did this on the deal. This girl wasn't even as she was like. She was this little Gal who is running back and forth and she was probably like forty was so hartford she was trying to stop and she some guy was like spilled something and he just. I watched some clock and he just wanted to reach him pulls out like three four hundred dollars and he just goes. You're doing a great job tonight thank you. Did it really really quietly just to help that personnel dad like he didn't raise. His Dad was absent. Father Absentee he just wasn't around could gain name it. It wasn't around but his dad's around now right and he has some condition where he needs. Like all this medical device and Kevin's bring around the family and the and You know the dad's that's not doing well. And he's like a cab so he takes the side and again we've come up stuff in. He's in and they're like in this like sweet or New York something and he's like. Hey Cav you know I need does aims to stop the run around. I don't need the whole sad story. What do you need? He's about brother I need. I need about seven grandiose I was GonNa give you twenty. Just come to me tell I mean which. Don't give me the runaround twenty. That's more than enough all right. Dawn love be like fuck. Do love that kind of money just to hear you. GimMe Money Man. A and they're gonNA come to ask you is GonNa Fuck do how much your watch it man. Listen I got some stuff. Yeah what are your coat onto your reminds me. We announce officially did it online but we delete guests of the year and away landslide. A lot of people are like why was in Theo on their fuel on the show this year. He came on there but I also feel acids to take them off the voting just so the fans. No we didn't take them off. I was the only monitor so he defended only he wasn't he well he was like I was in this year man. United King's thing so weird like US running he goes. I wanted to step away and just you know I'm not gonNA defend the bat. I want to step off somebody. The Opportunity House go. I had you on there just us. 'cause you're the defending champions. Take me off. Yeah because if he wanted to you know turn it up leap. You'd made a video or some shit. Come on delays performance. The the best us out of all the years is the best I've ever seen looks. He's so great. How that instagram? I posted you. You see that fourteen thousand you see it go to a grand per se. The video he posted was cool. Yeah Right Tara. Watch how Knox's is play this one. Yeah Hey bud sobrie. How's your New Year's Eve show at the at the Wilbur I heard You sold it out there last minute. Inching up to the Latte inch and up to showtime right inch up to showtime. He sold the last ticket was I. I think eleven hundred. Yeah was it. Fourteen years eve was in Chicago yeah what's that holds. I don't remember I remember now. Five hundred fifty seats. Yeah they me so I did two two New Year's eve and I did too before that for that's fourteenth. I didn't see Tom like looking at him. The most punishable face and he's just lying there all funds his night. He's a I in worlds so fucking funny. That was the best and we left voting up. You know and I it was close. I mean it wasn't isn't strong landslide. I knew it Chris tire that since he was a kid he lives to do one thing. That's make people laugh. That's what he likes to do is the best he goes. I go he do wrong. My Man Dragon did did you just. So you flew to Wilbur on Saturday or Friday. I flew to New York. I flew to New York that on the thirtieth and. I took a train up to Boston on the thirty first. I went to see play in New York called halfway bitches. Go to heaven. Heavens shoot I did see my family but they remember they were in Utah as well. I flew to New York. I went saw halfway bitches. Go to heaven direct fact my my boy John. Ortiz doctrine is enact. SICK director I was with John. Jimmy Burke I was crying I was crying through that play takes place in a women's shelter. I cried twenty five times and in some of the best actors I've ever seen in my life. All Donald John Williams blocks bird. That's that's Sean right there John. Yeah phenomenal actor. An amazing did a sick job. He wrote it. He directed it. That motherfucker right there. Who writes that motherfucker right? There is the Pulitzer prize winning playwright and genius. But that's not John Not guy wrote it. Only God Jonah teases in the player. No no John just directed a baton. John John started the Labyrinth Theater Company with a guy named Philip. Seymour Hoffman. They were best friends. Phillip Seymour Hoffman Smith and John Ortiz. And the I mean you know. He's I've seen some great stuff from there. But he's amazing amazing actor such a great guy. I I see John Damn near every day. Box General my neighbor so proud of a man of such a beautiful play so people can write some people people can act and right and you don't know who the fuck they are and put them up against anybody. It's just like you just like. How are you this good? Oh Fuck and playwright my God what else did you do out there. I saw the Great David Jimmy Burke and we acted like silly geese. That's what I did and I went and did the Wilbur okay. I didn't do much as as long as I'm with my friends. I mean good food drinking good wine and seeing theater and now to stand up everything else is getting better. There's nothing there's nothing better. That's what that's what Chris Rock said. uh-huh Chris Rock Kevin Hart when he doing that. Doc He goes. I miss this miss us. I missed the comedy scene. Because you know you're not really in clubs you so be having clubs so he's at the cellar and he's like sitting around the table with Chris Rock and his buddies in whiskey new like this is what I miss. Yes this yes because you know. You're all that's where we went went to the seller to I always go to the seller because I just love that upstairs at the ultra nationalist. Weekend Jan January tenth eleventh. That's nice weekend. Ah Yes now. We got an next week. I'm at the foxwoods Connecticut and I drive to Boston Wilburn. Eleven I've been where we're twice. It's great love the Wilbur Wilbur Nashville Ten and eleven ZANIES DOT COM Carried spot YEP will Nashville Chicken for Cleveland January thirtieth January thirty thirty one. I is yet it three weeks two weeks off boys five weeks in a row here. That's a lot off another five being a row. Dogs get good dude. Who are doing the right thing how much you love it though? Don't you love it. Love it nothing better. There just isn't fantastic on our stop. Stop why would you do Susan. Here's the thing Bro. I'm an intense dude. You're intense to your Taipei personality. Trying to get after it here in this culture always get after it. Oh she's when you hit the wall climbing all that bullshit what what about what about recharging urging what about what about hold on what makes people great the most successfully we know they're strong not in the way room but minded as men clearly dude. Yea I'm talking about your mental game. Calm your mind dude. Mental talk about a comment about palm the number one APP for sleep and meditation. And they've even teamed up with with the old great one the goat for some Lebron James. That's right Lebron. And you know that your mind is like any other muscle in your body and call can help you train your brain so you sleep better. 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Fight over seventy five dollars off water. Straight teeth worth. I Know Candy. CODA comes fighter code fighter. How's your the holidays? Get Good I went home to San Jose and then I came back Hung out with my sister. She came to visit saw. ooh Girl she's very you. We ended up stopping by a bar in Santa. Monica got hung out with Chin and mouth guys Daniels trying to hit on her then turns out. She's but yeah had fun Shadow to Corey for taking care of us that night. That's cool Yemen. The Youtube the to you. Call some problems to you. Call some British sister single to Yes yeah congratulations. That's nice in San Jose in two weeks. Are there fighting. I'm a stop on my come on up Till the sears. Come on back back in school. Ready Ohio while I'm in Ohio Columbus. That's where she's at. Yes you say. Oh Ah got sucked into that. Ohio state CLEMSON game. I'm not of college football guy. I can see what caused football. Be Very exciting. The kids they make mistakes last minute. All right back to your sister's so campus another month come on their friends Let's do it and what do you mean it's coming up to assist goes to school. Ohio State State Ohio state clemson again like knowing about focus football right. Oh okay so this was submitted by Anthony Diaz and Just a little update with the college scandal so Lori Loughlin is pretty sure that she's going to spend some time in prison and she's taking it. Upon herself to hire a prison coach. The teachers hearth get hard. That's exactly what she's she's do that though because then it makes the news and then it sounds like you're getting rid of but also you're not gonNA. You're not gonNA do hard time but the ones that you should know about prisons. It's there's way more fights violence and female presence in the mail. You know that did not yes. I'm a big fan of sixty days in. Is that true. Yeah Yeah and they they divide women and the men and every time they go now for you women and they give them training and they'll because the women there's way more fights there's way more there's there's way more drama. There's a lot of fights way more than female prisons way more. No structure like the guys that structure is this gang grace. Ace carry shake your fucking Dick but the women that just they fight fighting these people on sixty days in. Why the fuck are they doing this once so they go a few guys like? I'm a corrections officer. I like what it's like on the other side. New Season started last night. Shot Amy. So He's all you know correctional officer. I WanNa feel like what's like decide aside swamp. Didn't they hit this one. Then go to another guy. He's like You know I'm African American. I played football and I've always been tough on him. See if I make it through Jail then they get those when I was a marine for a while. But I'm just a big Fan. See what it's like he gets in there and I you know I haven't seen passes I hope so D- in as soon as he gets any tell you what's out he's like I'll fuck what did I do. Fuck this. Here's a senior you can go to jail. They go undercover for sixty days to help the the A prison or jail learn like what like they get the inside. Look like what. They're doing wrong how they could do better. How so? There's there for sixty days as an inmate native cover stories the sixty days dude in fucking a real time legit jail. They had one guy in who he went when he was younger and he was in a gang they put them in there. That motherfucker Acre started running things and they would take him out for interviews. Like what are you doing. Went back to my old ways. madge sixty I'll do one hundred twenty in this bitch and they like Lungo he just took shit over here. I had a friend who went to jail. Real tough guy and same thing with him he just naturally Kinda took over. Yeah but in sixty you said to me he goes I really good. I don't I don't get why they do it though there's no money you don't get paid the experience I don't know I don't know stupid at it. I thought maybe it was like you know. At least you make some money. I don't know one hundred. Anti survived wouldn't be fun. It looked so terrible in the sleeping arrangements. Terrible that's your cot. Enjoyed that shit behind contraband. They're assholes it's crazy good. Show them thank all your show. Always your show great show. There's a new show though that I'm really into called thousand pounds sisters the best show on TV thousand pounds sisters and they are such characters. So here's the prom. The thousand compound sister. That's them they're they're so one the left's basically seven hundred thousand zones forehead zoom in on her forehead swollen. This one is so fat. The fat's are growing out of her head. That's incredibly great. The system goes from the south shields. Yeah we we thought maybe two or something like that. We took her. Many doctors turns out. She has so much fat just came. Start shooting forehead. I've never seen this. Oh it's but they're characters they're funniest. What is she holding there? That's making lasagna. That's beef and then she goes. She goes hey shopper. Bacon Bacon the LASAGNA. She has girl you fat she is that would be pretty tasty and then they put Lasagna in it. It's fantastic and then they can't get a scale away August because they're so heavy they can get a scale so they go to junk yard. What's here it's hard to watch on these sisters go to? That's just the fat one one. Now those are the sisters but they go to a junkyard away in and the first one weighs in and she's like I don't know she's like they go to a junk yard they can't go. There's there's no regular scales. Don't go up that high so one goes I think she's like more seventy working on that she's like six seventy or something like that. They start crying They do but so they're trying to surgery by bypass surgery or some- so so this is a question. I don't feel so bad. Actually look at the over sized Youtube Channel. I bet they do that. I'm so so then. They're they're saying you know. We have like one hundred K.. Subscriber she goes and we're GONNA announced are the how tear in announced our fans that lose it. WE'RE GONNA lose weight and get the surgery and the fans were not happy. Well the fans are shit has because you want. Yeah one of those days. Yeah you're not gonNA live well. She knows that she was. You know I'm I'm a die I WANNA live. I don't know what happens episode. The debuted last week won the heavy V.. One on the left with the fat face the fat forehead stooge. She starts talking because I told my girl we're watching. She has A. Who'd be into the Theo? skews you use me. There's the Chubby chasers out there and I went. I bet you there's some black dude out there who is obsessed with that big fat one show now off she. Here's I I I got a man. We haven't met Bob some black dude like just that's out goes man. Yeah Oh so we'll see we'll see if it works out get married. That's incredible that is simply incredible. The some people are into very. I've watched my five hundred pound life. I for whatever but the thousand pound sisters they all. Unfortunately they don't they don't live long today. I mean listen even with the surgery the success rates not good. It's like less than five percent now with a hall metabolic. This the best part the heat either talking to the doctors doing the surgery the doctor and they're both sipping a big GULPS and Dr. They're trying to talk. Dr And you see the dodgers young guiding seem. He's just annoying US stops because they're drinking the soda through while talking is that's a huge big oppy drinking. How much soda I was? So did you guys drink a day and the smaller one goes shit. How many sodas? He's do I drink. She calls them Sodhi so I call every drink Saudis now she shit. How many Saudis? Let's see I finish a twelve pack. I eighteen a day and she goes died though doc and she goes like this. The doctor's excuse me she goes their diet so what we were told we were told. is we drink the Diet. We can eat sugar bigger because it cancel it out in the doctor. Who has that's what they told you how she is? That's what they told me. And how's that working out for you too. And she goes motherfucker weird plot to they. They both start laughing. They're funny man. Funny the fuck of Weird live through. She hits the fat one. I can start. This is John. Where do you even find the channel? I know these general man. It's so funny. And then they get workout our commitment and the master but their guts hangover so they can't put in their legs and they're trying to figure out how to do your prisoner excited they're all it's miserable how or ankles hold up. I have no idea lead the crop anyways sh they further workout equipment. They get the you know the shake weights and she's all and her sister goes down to feel it does she has a little bit. I don't keep doing it. She's get away from your face though. Oh my it's so funny but the reason the reason why it works because they're funny. Yeah I bet for things they get their mom really fucked. Lake made fun of them all time. When there? There's there's some crazy sex abuse it goes on to thirty one and thirty to thirty one and thirty two AH Lord the one catwalk now. Let's go to go to five fast. FACS what's going on there. You see it not right where you were all the same five facts you need to know. Give me the five one. Tammy amy or Youtube Stars in the France out let me see this a reach out to Tlc to help help them watch this real quick. Yeah she says Da Sweet. He lashed Mississippi. Whatever I'm doing notice of which I'm doing okay? All right. I've seen enough. That's good luck. Keep going amy is married. Oh yes she has a husband trailer green here. Her husband's funny. He's like Shit. I'm lose weight next year to the Mitch. Shut up keep going. Timmy tried to pull a self last. That's the bigger one yeah. Well there's something obviously well. She hasn't left the house in seventy seven years. It's a real shame she leaves can Gio Dan. Movie of course the biggest hurdle there model Darlene. Oh so they tell their mom so the first time she Chevrolet House in seventy years they meet with the mom and I go. We're going to have a bypass stomach surgery to lose weight. MOMS like you ain't GonNa stick with that Shit Union do shit like damn. Yeah you're the MOMS and astle eight also the mommy skinny no keep going. That was the fiber legit five. Amazing Amazing Yeah. Mom seems like a real fuck impeach. There's some weird shit going on there that Child abuse and horrible. I'll tell you this these these. TLC Eighty six up my six hundred pound life. When this Sean eating them like hungry they showed the foods they like? They they they crazy crazy. The best is one of the other doctor and they haven't lost weight and like I don't know stick to your diet. Fifteen hundred calories a day and the doctors no no motherfuckers. You're lying three. You've put on thirty pounds one way to do that. Father it'll make food makes Aligarh people. My father is a man never lies yet. If you talk to them I I was like so God I understood you eight. Look at that far. What happened there? It's fat that just stopped my. She's so fat it it just it just fills into are there no. There's nowhere else to go all right. Okay so my dad is crazy as much ice cream yesterday and lemon meringue pie cool and I had some whiskey and he goes not you did and you also had. How many bananas and he goes? I don't know to you're lying you. Are you had an entire Bushel of bananas. He'd whole Bushel. I go so that's what you did matt go food makes you a liar. You're lying about. I'm not in a court of law. I don't know what this compensation it's unbelie. That's just fascinating. I'll tell you let me up so thousand bound sisters. What's the next that's crazy? You GotTa Watch it get okay so oh that's so cool a couple of days ago. This came out that this woman She is a forty three year. Old single mother who was going to Georgia State University but had to drop out. Because you couldn't pay a seven hundred dollar outstanding balance. She also is a hairdresser when she isn't driving for Uber. One day she he went and picked up a passenger. They got to talking and she told him about how every time she gets around to having the seven hundred dollars to pay off her school debt. Something would happen with her kids where they would need that money and so she eventually got kicked out of school and a couple of days later the university called her saying that somebody paid it off for or her she found out that it was her uber passenger and so she was able to register for classes she just graduated with her associate's and he actually went to her a graduation to see her as cool. That's so cool. And now she's going back to get her elvis. That's been together a loves cool. who'll feel good to good story? Can I brag for second outside of the happened to me. I think it's worth IT I. I'm fifty two. I was on my flight. Yeah I'm not gonNA give the hairline or anything else. I'm on my flight. I ask the lovely flight attendant Something about if I buy some food she goes. Yeah because I'd fall asleep and then I went back to sleep and so I basically was in my i. I don't know you know I feel like I looked like she sheron jetblue i. It doesn't matter and I'm like I'm probably like that. And as I get off the after the plane this twenty something year old uh flight attendant goes thank you. This is for you and gives me a Napkin with her name and number all year and I was like you fucking got it got it going. I did not nor did I but I will admit that I feel I sent a text saying thank you. I'm flattered cocoon not available. I did I just didn't want heard of feel like I. I didn't want her to be embarrassed. And then she was beautiful doom grade but she said this is the year. I don't want to sleep on it and I was like well. That's awesome. Wow but I was like I. I said this made my day. I'm sorry come on man I mean I was like the kid still God. Hey hold on and I was sleeping all the time. You'RE GONNA be this Shitty Shitty. Let me win. You know you got to win right now. What are you GonNa do but why did you say you're unavailable well? Because I am you know and spend that was that that situation is just what it is you know. I don't know I just I was. Yeah but I ruined her year. No I said thank you and you're awesome but I just you know not even a Dick Pic. No the start the euro. No fresh ruin it. Though I was sleeping I guess I look sexy looking a lot right a little bit how Vulnr- I'll look at my last. Do Drool to a little bit of luck. You see we mouth she. How's it look like the white girl girl? Well that's a good question. I'M NOT GONNA mention why girl had a white girl Asian Asian. Not even that. Oh Black. I'm very proud of my since the black girl. I'm not saying anything. I just WANNA feel this out. What do you think I'm GonNa fit you the finest poor girl no I just don't Wanna I don't WanNa out her somehow but I'm not right? Yes in fact she was she was was it a man sister. Was it a man you son of a bitch was no justice flattered. I would have been just flattered but it was just like I was just like the one sleeping on a plane is a Sandra so cute when I sleep. It was a sister and he told her no. I know I'm not saying the race of the person but they were not white. I'll tell you all the details L.. Search you going to figure it out but I was so flattered and she was good looking chart that still thinking. That's a dude. I'm up but the point is it was desirable while you're working along right. You got your hair just pissed me. I don't know Cutie now I think if you got your shitty do with my hair. I don't know I'm on TV. I know hey come on come on. Cloning Hey cad my sister. She's going to see her. Her daughter broke. Yeah no so. She went to this The Sky was she was in school have fell hit her near knee. hitter own. Especially joining you. Break your nose. Yeah my sister went to a plastic surgeon. I can expense reset it. It's all good. She because her daughter's beautiful SEC- has money. It's got money. She's talk of his where I'm going to spend money. I said you asked that fucking guy about lid surgery Militias done on your is not the best guy to do Melitz and I'm going to be I can't even cuter do not even know I'm GonNa come in and tell somebody notices Brian. While you're here on your lids sky's the little Taylor with the hair haired Donner K.. There's a limit to what I can do with. My doctor is like I can do here. I can do do like can do next. And then table Cam. What are you talking about? What next for one careful? My neck is tight. I don't have chicken. Let's get on my neck. Were just spitballing ideas. Now for one doing what. What you TIRR net? My neck doesn't look old then. Why are you shaking? But saying yes at the same time the diagonals your neck looks like Willie Nelson the. I'm acuity dude. I I still got it. That's all. That's so cool. That little twin Doug Young Hey Man don't twist don't dig me anymore when you know you're getting older as a man is one came installed looking at you and I'm I used to walk around the hottest thing I was like. I'm so hot dude. I went I went to the mall earlier today to get to the G. The men's jeans I gotta go through the the makeup and perfume and a lot of tweaks working in north order or Bloomingdale's dude. It is murderers roam. You get your Dick Suck you fall down. It's like a fucking. Oh Yeah it's just a value and they like engage the man some big man. Oh Yeah Jog through you. Get Your Little Red Riding Hood get dry humped with there. Is I feel so uncomfortable. Yeah they love you is on your Just a big man thing gauges Brennan. Well what else we got. Who was in front of knows you communities Brennan had skinny legs though I went skinny? I go what Okay just really tight jeans. That's writing but jingle dog got some cult on every day done it twice Since the the person you can work out but you don't put on you don't put any more size now. I don't WANNA try. Don't do anything that you could if you really I I mean I could pop some size. Yeah I mean you have to eat a lot and lift different. Yeah you lift. If I was the only thing I do now is dead. Lift and bench dumbbell still to that heavy. Oh Yeah what do you use for the dumbbells. Hundreds buys do set the time with those ideas the dumbbell and then I do the depth and I do not. Yeah I do a lot and then I do Peleton twice a day but when you were I do Dip I dip every day. Tips are good Oh no no no the tobacco. Oh those are cool too hard on your joints but I- tobacco Elissa Nicotine Patch when you were training fighting. Wasted you our training. What when you were training for heavy heavy daytime? You did big Papa of heavy see. You were doing Olympics Shit. What's a week I'd go ahead? I'll really say Abbey but you've been lifting weights heavy since fourth grade sort of right. Yes that's stunt your growth. You might be the only true. And that's a mess. Nacho you might make you grow bigger and it's not free to sixth grade wow grape creatine and I would ship my pants. no-shows doing it to look like Ed McCaffrey. And so you just you would just lifting all obsessed with the amazing and. I think that's why you never got injured. Actually you're the only athlete I know did for thirty years. WHO's actually doesn't have? You don't have any issues Jim. I even have any operation. nope wow nothing. That's a big deal to play hips. He'll tixx I read the bike so much. I WANNA get a regular bike like a road by but if you if you if you think you keep lifting your whole life that's the best way to stay injury-free yeah not go too heavy right but even your neck your you still have that problem with your neck or are you good mental tight. Yeah that's not. You know well by Brian Neck issue then on the plane I I went. I was on the train to Boston and I went. I Agree House. Mother took some CBD oil put that on my neck it works shut Pierce Brecqhou. Yeah and then I I had took an leave. That did it right. It did it fucking did it. Now Papa Lights wake up in the mornings after school. I pop that Nicotine Patch. You know you're that Peleton Riding High Papa Nicotine it's good dip. You'll hi Oh oh yeah we'll get. You bought a little buzz in the morning. I'd sip it with coffee pants. I've read jump up that Peleton few times Hanish the workout thing about Peleton can't pause is it. So I'm missing some of the reps But Yeah I do. Nicotine is good for your brain. How about my dad I I hi my father roasting me my own father? I'm telling a long story with a bunch of people and I'm I'm I'm just adding stuff in the in areas like laughing. My father goes now. How much that story do you guys think is true and I was like? Oh I didn't tell Oklahoma attacks you. What does I'm getting ready to do this Josh? I'm on this casino. He knows what it's like. It's a big deal to get on the casino tour like it's a big deal so you know you gotTa Sell Tickets Right Against Casino tour. So I've done bore Dada which is huge huge Harbach. which is huge? It's gone great so I'm in. Oklahoma on Saturday. Did Brick town on Friday. Oklahoma City drove to Tulsa Oklahoma Rain. fucking crazy rain. Some there for you know a Hard Rock Hotel Tulsa and fuck in An hour before the show a tornado. Warning off all right near there am I. I'm in my hotel. Unlike the fuck is at the magic in Lucas Papa mice. Cancel the show mango. What year that Tornado? We don't get those in December especially this close. It ain't good everybody's leaving it's a ghost down there in the casino. What I gotTa do showman? Here's I see. We're half an hour. I'm like dude. I'm like because there is a line of text me. I went dude. I'm doing this Jain in casino. It's fifteen for the show. There's eight people in their seats. Like sixteen hundred. We're supposed to be sell out huge and I tell the guy I can't go out there. Do those people tell them to come in the Green Room. I'll do the show for her act. I don't it out. They're not going to send the stage like they've had like a fucking kissed her. They've had like these huge stages so pink. Yes I'm like. Just have them come on stage outperform. Don't even the crowd and I go. Listen is there any way we can start half an hour later. You can't do it because the native American Rules we have to keep time. It's different like I'm sure you can start start. Leonard other clubs. Were on native American land. Here we can't start any late. I go do this. Eight people had their bro. Here's I I don't tell you man he's do you WanNa can't say no. We can't cancel it's given another fifteen minutes so is okay like maybe push to eight. Oh five at seven fifty. Five people came in she aces. They didn't know once they found it was gone to. Oh Man Nightmare Kansas show it. Yeah I WANNA die eight or in Kansas City. I got snowed in but tornadoes. A whole different thing all Jay Z. Snow just can't I was I was I was scared. I'm like oh I we leave. I don't I don't want to die at a hard rock in and if that fucking tornado hits it hard rock how many top tier knows terrible. No it was. Everyone's scared man. It was cool great show. Do we came out was like when Lleyton Buffalo Flo two years ago the like a blizzard. Oh I call just on my dude. I'm in Buffalo. There's a blizzard man. Why the fuck would you stay out here? In December cancelled a shows us in Buffalo. Did so he was talking club owner. I guess this Buffalo. What we do do people came into the Solo shows fucking spent a snow? Will he'll come to more people call them. They is fantastic. O'Brien Buffalo New York and I was driving in. There was a snow blizzard up up in the mountains. And it's been a long time since I've driven man O'Brien slip sliding all over the fuck and pushing a little bit. Because I was going to be late day just made made my plan four minutes. How Driving Derek and a son from Oklahoma City to Tulsa right? We rented a SUV and I don't know I just drive man at the open I was not. There's rain but whatever issue Dirk goes can you slow down because I looked at my family one hundred ten. You're one hundred hundred ten. That's go to fast publicize what wait. What your high? NO WE'RE GONNA edit that out. Why behind nicotine? Yeah Oh and I don't know I don't smoke weed. Do we need more. You're saying no never not blow anymore. No blow no meth meth. Definitely off off no resolution. No no more math our math. Fuck off the resolutions. The resolution now I feel like if I make up my mind to do something. Just start then. That doesn't matter like our New Year. Me And my brother talked Alec on the road. I eat bad because I'm excited to be in the city and everyone wants to go here go here so we've always been out like we go to places I told my brother we're getting older. We both got tightening up on the road. So mean he made a deal to tighten up on the road and then my house talking a little bit yesterday. Some I advocate. I don't want to talk about it just business. Wise any tighten up to twenty. I'm I'm so generous and friendly that it's not that people take advantage of me but I you know I'm I'm kind of your general like I'm very forgiving. Yes yes and then I have this situation going and I told you you're very one things that people allow Jews very. You're you are very generous. Probably you know I consider myself that where you might be recklessly generous. Sometimes and there's nothing wrong with it actually is really isn't I don't mind that and then you're You are very forgiving in terms of like. Yeah and so are you so I call Joe and he my being crazy like skews me and I have to make it but you know my call is say if I oh you Rogan Todd Veldman. If I say that you're not crazy then you in. That situation isn't a problem but I. I was tiger in the grass. And that situation go without killing it. Up Money's Reggie. Let's tighten things. Yeah that makes sense. Mike won't be an asshole. You being a professional lucy. Also here's some people are worth a lot of effort. Some people aren't and it's that's that's always don't hurt people's feelings and like I just deal with it. Try breaking up with the girlfriend to me forty four years yes. My father said that one time he said he had fired somebody in and I was like cheese and he goes. But there's somebody who's waiting and who's been working flopportunity. You know a lot more. I like that about football like watching hard knocks and stuff where it's like. This is football this is professional football. You WanNa play in the NFL. The reason that we go play we'd take a seconds beginning is because he didn't fall for all those pitfalls and it's rare it's fucking rare super. Maybe right fallen those pitfalls. I'm not saying I'm better but but but yeah you know. That's what happens. We all know that we know what we say. The we always talk about this. If you're if you're after after something after something I'll be honest with yourself. You probably not doing everything he needs to do. Because what is the world when you when you're not button-down. It started to me. So I'm speaking from experience parakeet going. They go and stuff. What's next that's can you move by the way that's awesome? I'm sorry about that. Can you do the way we got somebody. There fifty people waiting in line if you if if you don't mind hundred percent so it's not August. I had this idea for a business. My buddies not makes a lot of money. He looked at me he goes. Don't do this. Goes it's a full-time job. Did this is. This is a rookie talk right now. But on the positive note resolution of sites firing everybody the positives of the other guys. It just kidding we fired you own the same system college the family but just don't say anything. John Address advocate. The fuck your sister you know. She's great we talked about. I don't talk too much but find three D. ish revamped wheels are in motion. I've been talking about this So we're gonNA rock and roll. Let me start torn together a little more So that's going to be a love. You address me fucking dress. Me unloved address Valet put the Sambre wore no come on. No Iran crummer compare interests me like a little kid. You ever try to put shoes on little kid and this is a few things are harder to the moon and putting fitting sued on foot. When he's like gyms fucking he'll altitude? I saw that espionage movie with Will Smith is a bird cartoons. There's lots fantastic fantastic especially for parents you know movies can be real shitty. went to that dude. He farted in the theater. Kids are just like whatever to farted so loud I could. I'm Tony. I thought it was to leave the theater and so it was. So I'm I'm like are you shitting. We're not it's dead silence it is fucking gay just lifts a little leg. It was so cute. I'm like wow wow do my. My son is not take a shower for four days now paying attention because we were skiing shit was my mother comes up with your son. Hasn't taken a shower. Four days I go great debt. It's we I had that a kid. I was like stripped down dot com. He didn't WanNa take a shower and get a fun either. The Fuck Outta here shower. Let's go and his whistle. His was lots awesome issues. 'cause wiping their has properly whatever shot. This movie is legitimate. Did you see with with my baby boy off. He's five weeks old Chubby. Get Real Chubby now and His favorite theme the though they they're so young so it's hard to get emotion oceanarium but the one thing we know for sure is will strip him down. So he's just in his fuck in a diapers and I give them a full body massage smile's so he telling from the smile so fat legs arms. Every time I get home I do it shit man. I'm at how issued sleep. You know. PUBS dying APAs dying. Yeah I see what I would do is just let the let me take care of all that and I just sleep on through Wakeup Cup WanNa do and I go out thing. Go go to work now. That's a fulltime job. Stuff GIG UH-HUH I love traveling. I had to bring my niece and nephew and my two kids on the plane just made just Albright had a check them into because guardian my niece nephew. That's a fun line awaiting and then Target and I saw a woman in front of me who had a one year old three year old and a seven year old and she was doing it on our own. Oh when I see on like like yeah. It's just like single parents single MOMS. It's like a single MOMS. have it hard so hard there are a lot of I was saying. You know if if I'm flying first class if if if I see a single mom with a baby I'll give him. I see if you have a kid. And you're a dude but you four tickets. Weakest won't take it really. Yep Mike are you in the back. The alarm won't do it. They think something's up. I think I look creepy. I don't know I mean they take me down twice. Yeah like No. We're good. We're we're back here repeat. We're really yeah. I don't know man it's like I I sit in first class and I make everybody else in the back there. I'm just absolutely. What was I going to say about that about your dad? I just thought like these can do to have kids. And then they just don't see their their kids. Fuck your urine loser. You're the definition of a loser. Don't do that. Don't don't do it man up and take care of your fucking kids and be there for them emotionally. Be there for them. If you don't you're you're a piece of shit but you just miss it out. Yeah you're missing out. Yeah and you're you'RE GONNA regret it you'll going to regret it. I hope whoever's listening to this. They're probably listeners. Have done this. Don't do it do whatever you have to be like his life and and pay pay for Shit. I don't care if you can't afford do it. What does she get so? I'm pretty sure you guys have seen this video. It's a video. You of the Polish laughing away a one I kept on grabbing at him. He eventually apologized and said that Love makes us patient but that day he lost his patients in that but he apologizes. Yes it she's ready. It's always one of us. Know they don't have always one of us who she grabs him hard. She's saying that she grabbed his arm bad. They say I can't really make I don't think so. I think a lot of people saw this video and they were really angry. Angry with pope there are people him to step down. Got which is up six people who I buy a lot of the fucking dummies on twitter. How rose McGowan? Did you see what rose McGowan tweeted after so we killed this guy who is he's an architect of the question is when you take out the most powerful man in Iran it is it can be considered active war. It's a very scary situation. I don't know we will go to war. I don't I don't I don't but I I I they said they're not how Iran's GONNA retaliate puts a puts it. It creates a dangerous situation in the Middle East. I don't know enough about I just don't want to. I don't know enough I don't like the way. Iran and Iraq went. I mean I don't like the way around enough Sorry Iraq and Afghanistan went and I'm very very worried about it all the should be but but at the same time rose McGowan goes deer on. USA disrespected your country. Here flag people fifty two percent of US humbly. Apologize we want. We want peace with your nation. We are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us own so so so so slow money so we do know that this guy was basically one of the architects of Hezbollah. He was creating the same phenomenon in Syria and Iraq doc in Baghdad. Not not there for American interests. He is directly related to tied to killing Americans. This guy who geopolitically hugh politically is not our ally now should we have killed them both Iraq both Bush and Obama held off on doing so. Because it's a very risky. Okay thing to do. You're talking about the most successful general tactician And most powerful man behind the Khomeini that in in Iran right they have to in one avenue. There's already a proxy war. You know what I mean. By proxy they fight through other. You know sells other ways. Yeah and so. So Iran and and United States have always had an adversarial relationship this is such a provocation however the US has a second biggest Iranian population outside on future on him. But there there is. That's less because most of those Iranians are ex pats. They don't want that regime they wanna have a democratic Iran. So scary on yeah. It's a very complicated situation Rosen. Gallo we're not going but also rose rose take take it easy. Hey Go back to the Harvey Weinstein ship. Why are you tweeting? Ben Shapiro goes look the drama students have some say you you know as an actor. I try to stay informed but I try to keep my mouth shut because this is a complicated thought. Say though that there is I believe I don't don't trust after gone. I don't trust our our leaders very much when it comes to war. I don't trust what they say. They've lost my trust however ever this guy was going back to Bush to. This guy was always known as the architect reason why Bush and Obama did. There's a risky. Yeah they're nice man however details at the same time. This guy was what they say he was planning some some some real. You know some real operations. He was a mastermind. I don't know I don't know the answer. It makes me very uneasy to make all of us very really should. Yeah but but when you kill you know cut the head off of a snake and be careful it comes net. That's right sometimes. You get people who aren't intelligent but you know I'll tell you this about trump. I've never been a big fan of. He's not a warlike guy he's he wants to get his doesn't want to go to war. Yeah he was always saying that. So in in that sense I I have to believe. He's not looking for it but he was. He was notified from Iranian people. I don't do this man. You do this as trouble. But also a guy who had sent very clear signals that he didn't want any kind of confrontation with Iran. Iran became very emboldened by that. So when you you gotta remember you're talking about countries here you're not talking about people so when when you when you send out a signal that we are not we are not interested in any kind of violence any kind of war. Iran is very active As a proxy very active in everywhere from Afghanistan to Syria with the Bush they they they they helped the Russians with propping up the Assad regime. I I mean in Iraq. They've caused nothing problems so you know they. They are of a major player in that part of the world and there always has to be a balance of power. You're so maybe hopefully around goes holy fuck the. US isn't fucking around now. Let's all stay calm. There's pretty people though. But they're they're all. The leadership is also very cold and calculating and how they behave. This is all. There's a lot of showboating say face. There's a Lotta Shit that they do behind the scenes that yeah nobody wants a war now trump's especially with the US trump said. You don't want that he wants to release the US of A.. Hounds and Rangers are foaming at the mouth. Iran's a very different situation popular very it's and we don't want that they don't want to be killing to kill two hands where we don't want war. No it's a lot of American scary though. Fuck doc but rose what would you say you do besides Kreil timeout area. Would you. Would you say you do this. Did you really glory days of her. When she was fucked around with Marilyn Manson and she was on charmed school? She was beautiful. Yeah she was she goes off to defend man. What else you got this? Here's his way. Who is this other one? There's another one. Napa Britain found guilty over false rape plan. I Dunno I do think she's how do rose McGowan hot. Still do still yep okay do you. Can you imagine I can just imagine the toxic Fox's that comes out of her mouth after you're done bus bad nectar. Oh did I tell you about Second Harvey Harvey the other day like God. Rose McGowan walked back of her apology to Iran get slammed social media. Yes she apologizes. Oh anyway does an emotional person and she was done piece though okay. So on. New Year's Year's day the Detroit fired Detroit Fire Department. Posted this photo of the firefighters in front of a building burning it went viral and a lot of people. Hey obviously not a good and they said one. You guys don't know whether this photo was taken that night night or another night to the home was vacant and so were the other homes right next to it the other two they were both vacant. Everyone was safe but people are still very area of set that they posted up a photo of them in front of a burning houses. There's there are better looks to be had here. I love firefighters. God bless mall. There are better put. I would have said guy who is. Yeah they're firefighters safe. They keep communal nowadays with social media. Now this is the day when everybody has a point of view and you have to listen to it nowadays. Everybody has their point. Wasn't that's right. That's right but yeah now they're Fire Commissioner is is under investigation because of this photo. Oh God yeah. He's got to answer tastes. But I mean again. This isn't real. I'm sure if you went to Detroit Detroit Detroit. Freud asked the people of Detroit. We don't care yeah whatever but on social media and you know God ever who live in Fuck Luck in Florida. Can you believe this shit. Who has nothing to do with the real people are tweeting this? Yeah what else you got just one more one more funny now. It's funny. Hey Boys get together. House turns in ashes ashes. I know you got to pick together. Tiered sereny too far. It's also fuck these houses though right let it burn also Detroit ashes attract. You enjoyed toys post Quick question though before we go to the next one what is dead lift. Exactly what is versus like a clean birds on the ground you bend down you grab it and you lifted your living left lifted literally this. What are you doing Why why is that important? It's it's one of the one of the best measures for how strong you are. How how strong is the best thing you knew for? Full body accurate What's a clean clean? This why Chin China understand the difference. Okay Okay Yep there's the and then a snatches overhead because what he did. Yeah it's a clean and the snatches you go there but overhead Yup gotcha beautiful all right last one is you talked about Elizabeth Hurley's son before that he's a very beautiful person right as hot as mom. I don't know him I see Eh. He posted the picture with his mother and they look almost exactly like it's actually pretty amazing. Judge of this chick out. How amazing is that? That's her son Damian. That Little Hayes. That's that's the first thing I thought of to kind of look gorgeous. That looks like Little Hayes without the regio or just human being God. There's more pictures. Okay wow but this is the most recent one that he posted on his. He's Christ with piercing blue eyes mouth skin. God she's a beautiful he's looking. He looks more feminine than her. He does right well that might be his whole thing. Yeah there you go holy fuck fuck to those lips. Yeah he's got a very soft it'd be so let me see. Let me see when he was younger. But now you know go pro see. That's the most recent one with his mom only she's obviously Just clean and they go. Yeah he's he's He looks like he's he's embracing his very feminine sort of is a model now look yes variant. Why not? That's one years there's like well I'm not saying I liked I. I'm attracted to like I. I have a fantastic Boehner right now but I think these young guys that left US number on the airplane you know and that was him he looks like older probably. That's a good question. Let me say that lease eighteen. Nice kids look like these. It's all seventeen. I didn't realize that I mean you just going through some stuff here. Yeah I I mean what do you think goes on wrong. What is he going to? Do you look so much like moths. He's a he's he's enjoying joying his beauty his. He looked so much like his mom. Yeah he's enjoying his beauty is yeah now. Do they have a daughter. I don't know I would imagine he's definitely definitely probably we. Hey Jesus you'll think sherlock you never know is that a straight straight is a Goddamn San Francisco road dude. He's not straight. I'm sure that blow out at some here on them. There's there's no daughter though Elizabeth Hurley daughter. Yeah how many kids. I think she only has one child. I think it's just him up here. I want a gorgeous woman was on a show. Oh Gosh do Bill Clinton floor and it looks like it's just your son to hang out. Yeah Oh wow get for him for works is worth losing your presidency over so hi I'd lose any job over Aaron. That's and she's English and she was. She was good at everything. Avenues feud wine gums. Dick Suck my girl right there. A Proper Cup of tea with milk kinna sugar. I'd love to get a proper cup of tea. England dude in May T- not giving you my wine gums back licorice dude fish and chips and a hand jaw. God I love it. Love it amount of Nashville. Come see me January. Ten and eleven Cleveland January thirty thirty one hilarious story. One hilarity in club. One of my favorite clubs can't wait till next Friday. I'm in Connecticut. Foxwoods casino and then driving on down to Boston Wilbur. Theatre less than fifty tickets left Boston Wilbur. Theater and then San Jose January seventeenth through the Nineteenth San Jose Improv. That's a Friday Friday Saturday Sunday at the San. Jose Improv Friday Saturday Sunday and then Charlotte Jesus Christ Charlotte comedies zone. Charlotte Arlit January twenty third through the twenty fifth and then Columbus Ohio Funny Bone Columbus Ohio. cat please tell your sister French and fleet. They'll get tickets. VIP Columbus Ohio January thirty first to February first dates all over the place after that T- fat K.. Dot Dot com but next weekend cannot get foxwoods Boston. Wilbur get your tickets. Deepak DOT COM. Brian typically thanks ranks. This kid route.

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