414: Amir on NADDPod


This is a head gum podcast. Welcome to a special a little different not entirely all new episode load of if I were you. That's right. It's very special because it's not even an episode of if I were you. Yeah it's it's the Christmas week. We didn't WanNA take a full. Aw Week off that. We don't WanNA shortchange anybody. We don't want to do dirty late that we thought it would be good little special bonus episode for people that haven't listened. Listen to it yet. Is Me appearing on your dungeons and dragons podcasts. So if you've been thinking about checking out the podcast but you haven't gotten around to yet we're about to make life very easy you don't even have to go into a new feed. It's happening right here in this one. That's right and this is kind of like a spin. What do you call it like a noncanonical? So you don't don't have to listen to all one hundred episodes. This one is sort of a standalone. Yeah this one is. It's got some inside jokes of course but it is not. It's its own own contained little bottle episode right and it's it's almost two hours of me and then it's Jake Murph Emily in Caldwell Playing D. and D. which I had never it under you're improvising in dungeons and dragons for the very first time and as far as I know your fans Nad pot fans loved it. Yes they did like it. Ah You're you're I can't I don't want to say anything for your spoiling but I think everyone everyone should listen because Amir really held up his end of the bargain by appearing on this show and delivering what everybody everybody I think out there hoped all along All right cool so. This is my episode of Nad pod. And if you are just jonesing feeding firm if more if I were you. There's always are patriotic. There's twenty five video episodes of it. borrow five dollars from somebody maybe call it a Christmas gift. You can be through as many as possible very true this very true so without without further. Ado Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and enjoy. What does it even call do you? Yes yes I do. It is frost winds mandatory celebration of maximum luminosity. A Sambre Festival holiday special felt wow and you just memorize that title yes great. Have you seen the art for your character. No Yeah I send entity on instagram. But you gotTA check it out so eight check out the video or check out the episode. Then check out the art and We'll be back with a regular episode of if I were you next week. December thirtieth thirty guys welcome to the campaign after the campaign. This is not another De podcast. Welcome back to the home. Yeah Everyone Dungy Master. Brian Murphy joined by Jake Hurwitz. It's hard one. Shore Foot amalie expert looking at a mirror. I if he said hard one and I not Good I grew I was looking for the disapproval. GonNa do my emily early acts for everyone's favorite Christmas bench Gan land except thinking about Jake looking for approval. The US this enough. It was for approval. And of course tanner love this energy. Love this chemistry right now. Beverly Toga Old. Hold The v Togo gold the first Noel Very good and of course we have our esteemed guest Amir Blumenfeld. Hello Folks Outta do. I'm not doing my show because we don't know your character God. That was scary. What if I just launched into that was close? Learn so so much okay guy. So this is going to be a non canonical holiday adventure but it is a holiday adventure guys. It is the holiday holiday season in Bohemia Creek Miss and glaister on Ika or just around the corner. The band of boobs have taken a much deserved break from their adventuring to give back to the community. We're getting a lot of those these days. moonshine has been reading the old folks at the creek volunteering data. Beverly has been volunteering at soup. Kitchens and outer essary and hard one even set up the storm born to look like a sleigh Eh then delivered glaister Ronca presence to later on in a confusing combination of fades. Sounds about right. So you guys all are sitting around a cozy fire inside your stupendous stump. When suddenly a raven flutters in varying note well ask the local druid? I WANNA make sure I keep hard-won away from this animal accidentally killing bird you see it starts to kind of AH balanced minor illusion of bigger Berge harbor. Look at that one bird. two-point let's Ratchet Forget. Forget this scrawny thing. Why directed come give me the note and then flee you see? The Raven looks over shifty eyed at hard one hops over a a hands you. A little note holds little like a Raven leg out. So you can untie a little note from it and give him a quick petty. It flies away moonshine. You read the notes and it says greetings. Everything's TALL DWARF RAT Dinner Lady and rich boy. I hope this not finds you. Well I sent it like ten days ago. Because cannot afford expedited shipping we the Dwarf Inza Frost Wind would like to invite you to our celebration of winter glow or as is the frost wind government calls it. Mandatory celebration of maximum nasty a somber festival in the winter glow is very important to our people on the last day of the old year when the clock strikes midnight there is a flare in the plane are rift that Shimer's do the whole sky. It said that during this time the barrier between us and the gods is the weakest so we make wishes for the New Year. The ritual is particularly important to US DWARF INS but we can explain more when you get here unless you don't come. I understand if you don't. I'm used to being abandoned best wishes Caccia. Don't have a last name again. I was abandoned. I I used to sign all my letters this way as well we'll dictate but still absolute sign off the last name. Either you know I was in a card. Oh belmore or hey come here not forget. I thought Alana's like a gave. y'All you memories pack and maybe do. That's the one thing I just don't remember you. You were when you were remembering your life. You didn't peep at the mailbox right. Yeah okay do you want us to brainstorm one for you know. I think we should get on with it. ADDS AH Okay Harvey Connor. How about taking the sleigh up north? Hey I love to anything for these two orphans so you guys take off in that your slave ship and fly towards the city of Frost Win as you make your way over the ocean you feel the weather changing. There's a bit of a nip in the air. And you see the first snowflake falling from the Sky Crane holiday too. I tried to catch it in this cup. Go ahead and give me a dexterity check. Okay in the nineteen Yeah you catch a snowflake. It's very cold. Can I create food and water so that it starts snowing more and maybe also some gingerbread cookies you start using magic to make gingerbread cookies off from this guy. Baking cookies fall from the sky complete insanity tearing up the rigging yourself from falling down super heartfelt worship starts rotting. The rudder is going. We're going down we'll lived. These cookies are hard as shit. And so eventually you guys. are in a consistent snowfall as you get close to where you know frustrating to be you guys see islands below you of ice as you approach the northern continent. Finally I you can see. The plane are rift in the sky atop mount forge giving the snow below a purple glow. Guess this time of year really really is. Can you eat purple snow eat some purple snow. You think it tastes fine. Think it's fun Do you have a rash. Yes snow or the US okay. Good good have reached wins going away gashed Mirage. Got Gas everyone lined up for chapstick right now. So you guys have reached. Frost wins. Came up on it a a little sooner than you would expected. It's night and the city kind of snuck up on you on normally. The city is all lit up and bustling with activity. And you would expect it to be even more so with this festival happening but It is very very quiet and there are no lights at all in the city. You do not see anyone out on the streets. It is eerily quiet it would be pitch black if not for the moon and the plane are rift reflecting light onto the snow. Pull into the docks you see other boats here but no dwarfs know bustling city life. All you hear is the crashing crashing waves and the blow the winter wind. You guys get the distinct feeling that something right here not only from the city but from inside yourselves you feel weak as you approach the city hard one. You feel less of a connection. TIRR Queens Hammer Bev moonshine. You're having a hard time remembering your higher level spells. You have all been de leveled downtown level three three here here. Are Your new old character sheets. Let me hand them out. Oh it's Christmas. I've got you you you fucking grinch guess how much I like. This has had these ready to my character. She getting the candle on fire. Guess I'll use one. When you're leading the candelabra was convenient for this plus two proficiency bonus I fall in the ocean you might drown if you jump in the the ocean and you guys are not good anymore I feel feel even weaker than before and I've had some weak moments. Aw Your ears are just full of gingerbread Ou- out of their aluminum taller okay. I guess I'm going to do some kind of Arcana check to figure out what's going on. Sure go ahead enrolling our contract. That's GONNA be ten ten. Moonshine is that purple offshore in some eight right. That's all you get with the ten. grads back I want to see is hard one back in his human for no. He's weakened normal version of how so I am the same height just truly like a beanpole just a very thin Christmas tree knock it off. That's weird 'cause like I feel sick but I still look the same hard-won just looks like he lost weight. We all we all feel and look the same. I don't look worse than anybody nobody else. There's like nothing there so strange. Can I do a check as well. actually I WANNA test my connection to Palomar Sherry. If my religion is still working you know like religious shoot. That's going to be an eleven and eleven you feel that it is significantly weakened. ooh that you are not as powerful of a Paladin is you're polar what's going on and nothing I don't even here like some classic acid carols going on you hear nothing. Oh my gosh should we. Head towards the Dwarf Initi- acting so Travel to frostbite the Poppers area the frost wind and approach the dwarf an inch this large simple warehouse style building. The last time you were here there were windows. Boarded up but that was to patch up the broken glass us. You could still see fires burning inside this time. The windows are completely boarded up. And you can't see inside at all and you see the door at the front is as big iron door and is sealed shut. Do we see anything in the windows. Go ahead and give me a perception Jack. Another nine can be ten You go up and approach the windows and you would need to like pry it open to be able to see inside. I don't have my major hand anymore. I could priority. I WANNA go up and try to pry the window so we can see inside sweet hard-won go ahead and me a strength check. So let's see seven third one. You start really struggling with the board like its male in. They're pretty good You start struggling as you're struggling you hear this little sliding people like this little grill thing. That's on the iron door slide open and you hear voice go what you doing here. We don't have any food. We came for a sombre government mandated. Party ah some door himself come in quick quick come in. I think welded this piece of wood onto the annoy. Just nailed it in my very weak little brother nearly a meter check. Nineteen the twenty moonshine. You've you've rip-off please do not do that. City very dangerous have now put it back. Please thank you put it back. You see your work on that on that Board Very Nice Caccia this teenaged FROST DWARF SWINGS THE DOOR Open. Ushers you guys all end gives you all the big hug quickly closes the door. You see this big gymnasium style. Room Room lined with bunk beds and a big pyre in the middle of the room burning to keep them warm you see dozens of little dwarf ins crowd around you as you enter her DWARF DWARF. You're back you're back to save us. I'm still tall here. What are you what are you need saving from? What's going on I? Are you see Caccia stand in front of the younger kids and goes. Oh it's terrible. We've had something very powerful stolen from us and and it's become a problem for the whole city. I note took so long to get to you. We didn't have time to tell you about it so we had the find someone else to help us. But he hasn't been very much help you see rounding. The corner is a little known Amir. Would you like to describe what your character looks like okay. He's to eleven three tall in heels. Gold Gold Teeth Balding Vaz. Is He wearing heels. He is not. That's the one inch heels is what I'm saying. That's that's the guy you've been. You paid to help you. We said that that we needed help. He was the only one who came. Okay Hi what's your name Sir. Ni- name is Hugo how you go any questions for me so many You've been held now. These dwarf friends. What you've been helping doing? Well we're trying to find something in once. Yes we do. I- Ugo we'll be paid handsomely. I am handsome. I thought everybody else any questions for me in speaking standard five something. We thought we pop. He was like an adventure like about the hunter or something but he says that he is our agents now manager and I don't know the difference. Yeah so basically started in a rough but an agent helps you know. Set up meetings Jason Stuff and a manager which I also doing okay. One that sort of guides your career going forward very help. You actually have another question one. Just yeah if you are acting as both agent manager. Why are you differentiating the two roles? I see what you're saying. You think there's like a conflict of interest there maybe trust. Trust me I you go and very honest. Yeah okay so I answer all questions truthfully. You've introduce yourself three times very good. Then let's all agree. That was EH. He's been taking a before even earns you sound like I'm sorry. You sound like a huge. You know what clan plan of a great question and it could be any clan by clan and it is a clan is actually the clam clan k. l. a. m the clay the clam clan right. Right right right of the clam clan made you what qualifications job to protect. These DWARF NOT PROTECT NOT PROTECT. And do you or I guess he brokerage deal with you. I guess catch. Are you trying to get cast in like Christmas. The talent he he he's been living I'd noticed. What precisely are you being attacked? Doc Year I you go don't appreciate you're supposed to attack whatever is threatening the town. Have you done that. I'm an agent of chaos at a manager of expectations. They're looking for something that will make them stronger. Better older wiser. I think they'll get older. Naturally that's just time. Tell very well the guys onto something. I'd love to give you one percent of my earnings go. You're what what is all right so what was stolen from us. Yes that was an artifact called. Don't get into too much detail. Then they're going to start like snooping opened around and I don't want them taking my twenty five percent twenty five percent. Well almost their lawyer why to find the thing all right you can tell them because I'm that sure that I will find it before they do but continue on thirty percent. Have you can work together. The ring of good fortune stolen from us. It grants protection door frontier every year at winter. Glow we wish upon the ring to keep our fire hot and their bellies full. We do not have a lot here but since we've had the ring no DWARF INS have starved and the one that's frozen. You see that as she's she's motioning as she speaking it does appear that there's something magical about this fire like her hand is just like hitting the fire and not burning her and you notice as you look around that the windows are all boarded up like this should be a death trap but that the room is not filling up with smoke like this is some kind of magical fire and she continues and she goes the ring of good fortune was given to us by off Gar when the legendary heroes visited a few years ago. He said that no one should ever wear the ring that the ring is for all of us. If we all shared shared it it would strengthen as a collective but if anyone ever took it for themselves it would dress strength from everyone around wants them and give them a terrible power. I go ahead and make a go ahead and make an investigation check in nineteen eighteen. You go does not appear to have the ring on him. You've you've been frisked you go. I can't I can't believe you guys didn't trust me on Hugo talk a lot about money and percentages. I just. I've got a little bit of a nose for that. So we fear that whoever whoever has stolen the ring is currently wearing it and siphoning strength from everyone in frost wind worse. If this person is to have the ring on that midnight and and make a wish we fear that they will make some terrible wish in this will all become permanent. Got It you go. Do you have any leads as of now you go. Yeah can't walk us through what you've already speed file or a wall like yarn. Yes I have a file in a waffle of yarn true. That is correct Iraq. Let me ask you this sure. Do you think you go has actually been investigating this or do you think that he's just been living here for free. In my nine you guys trying to get the percentage up to the point where he can start getting work done okay now. Negotiate fully does not know anything. He's he's hearing about just like leads us the fine details like got it. Let's talk money until now. Its been mostly star paper now that we're now that we're agreeing that I will be helping you get to work okay. Great all right I will be strictly on commission for us. Yeah you guys will split whatever we all find relating money involved in the ring. Yeah because it's pretty priceless to these. Sorry huck endorsed it down. Sorry why didn't you take the time to fucking I. I was GONNA say something. Much worse was eating corn. Everybody go ahead and give me. Perception Zeppelin checks. Everybody Amir's role. Yeah relatively twenty. Is this your roll roll. Roll baby seven seventeen eighteen same eleven. So you guys all hear the sound of an engine revving moonshine and Bev. You guys also here The distant shouts of Rowdy teens. Nasty Lads Am. I going to have to face rust at a level. Three I kind. I don't like this place this graveyard kids again. That's what I'm wondering are not not breast was the kid's name Rhodium phase eroding at a level. Three yeah no not yet but I'm able to ascertain that he doesn't sound like a very good question. I got an important question. Where were you keep the ring and good fortune me? I wasn't keeping it at all. You Go. Why don't you go somewhere else? All right of course I am three foot. One I goes to jail is height changes every day you go. You stole those boots from a child child's boots. I'm a woman's to do you go style with a side of corn stealing things from us and saying Ugo the yarn for your board. Someone's unraveled sweater. This cruel maybe so one goal in the corner give him a bed. Each of the fight one of us in laws go style despite all when he says that I root for the small you see Caccia goes just under my bed. Okay I would like descend papa to go sniff around the checks because we met a bunch of people on frost wind and he's got that keen sense. Okay by the way. Save your five percent. We already have a lawyer. This is a real lawyer who I gestured to a possum. You know more of a lawyer than say me the draft contract. Yeah quicker than you got your lawyer off. Let's do you go ahead and and make a let's just say wisdom checks just roll. Roddy Twenty Sixteen. You see you go goes toe to toe with haw drafting an agreement you. I'm sorry I doubted you and I'm really sorry about that. Wow You oh do you go cash for everybody. I gave him cash. Stich Chris Fifty dollars awesome the kids go ahead and give it investigator perception. Check for Papa as He gets advantage when he is sniffen. Sixteen paw-paw runs over to the little chest that was holding the ring. SNIFFS IT scrambles back to you Rainier Mimi. You he tells you that he smelled Caccia Some other kids from the orphanage. Okay and some of the nasty lads. It's smells like smells. Eighteen spirit. Smells like Teen Spirit. All right. We're headed to the graveyard. You had like anything thing that this Mike. I'm curious if you have any. Fighting Prowess is a good question. I have fifteen eighteen intelligence. Not Strong enough for you. Okay now I don't think the week just say in the back is also style. Indeed you might make a worthy sacrifice feature. Come with US before we go. I made these sweaters for all of you but it looks like maybe the dwarf Vince could use them a little more Yeah Yeah that's nice. I pull out some custom sweaters. I made for Moonshine and POPPA and Belle nor and hard ones is actually a crop top so it fits extremely well to one of the orphans. Oh this perfect gingerbread cookies again careful how very painful yeah. Let's let's Mosey on outside us. US guys go outside and you hear this engine that you were hearing is much louder you see that. There are three nasty dwarf. Teenagers Messing around in the abandoned streets. Two of them are holding up. A DE animated ironed worth this broken auto. Matan robots bats. While another one driving a snowmobile rides added holding a club the one on the snowmobile smacks the Iron Dwarf in the head with the club it rides by knocking head clean off Hell Yan and destruction coolest hal breakdown suck it do agree man. Yeah it is a kind of chill around in circles Gaydos you see they all snap their heads turning towards you and the dude on the snow mobile remember turns it towards you l.. Hey what's up nerds. What's outdoor fins? Happy Winter Glow to you. All shut up kid up fam- who you go near the weird old Guy Taylor you talking about you on the cool tallish guy who's been hanging out to compare to these little guys is is did become live at the graveyard with us with his off. Do you want us to be agents. I said to live outside their age. Four where did you get a snowmobile ago from the frigging guardsman stole it. We could everyone's ass now. Now I mean I guess I don't really support the guards and they are kind of authoritarian state but like that's stealing dealing and on winter glow of all days. Yeah winter blow man's or what makes you so much stronger than the guards these days. Well see everyone's power got sucked away. Okay but we don't really have and they just kick ass So beautiful store can check all their fingers. What's it rings as your walk up towards them? Two of them. pull out daggers. And the one. That's on the snowmobile. It'll be a holds up his club and he goes well not another step forward. Okay this is our city now right. Yeah Yeah I just came because I wanted y'all to show me those fun. Nineteen hand gestures. y'All do yes how do you do suck it a is it. It's an exception cheque nine. You don't actually have any interest in knowing about degeneration exit. You're lying to me in the fended so you think I'm not interested in it lottery. Is How you name your crotch so perfectly with an block you man. That's you go get a yeah we throw. Oh you go out there very them with paperwork you all right. I'm just GONNA come. I'm GONNA come clean. We are looking for that ring going to meetings. I check shadow to the the two crew. You look at each other and turn back to you and go ring the note the fuck you talking about man. I believe him. It took a doughnut for your finger. Anyway Pete's out the piece I did I see a ring on his fingers. He's gone right away I'm running to keep up with them and I'm cast in locate objects so on the ring. Okay if it's within a thousand feet of me And it or if it's in motion I know the direction of its movement. I know the the direction of the objects location you see. This dude. Basically laughed two of his friends in the does to add up man. They're running after the snow mobile. You can't keep up with the snowmobiles. snowmobile fully gets away. But it wouldn't be a thousand feet away from me. He does not have the ring on him. You do locate objects. You do not find the rain. I guess we beat up the two remaining teams everybody going Royal Initiative Nares fucking neck twenty. What a bullshit to waste on a shoutout to the two crew? What did you go get? Tell us you go. You got old and eighteen. But I'm also down to get brunch to know if you guys have eaten today. We had a lot of very very still gingerbread thirteen. You had that so you got a twenty two. Oh even better oh goodness ugo still eating corn you go you who are first so you have the weapons you have on you. You have a rapier which is a sword and also have a short bow. The Dude on the snowmobile is still in range to shoot with short bow and these two other dudes that are on. Foot have drawn daggers. You also seem to be wearing a very sharp stilettos. Let us yes. Why don't you see short though with such an emphasis on short you appreciate? You'll be using the sword then suites so you want to just go after one of the dudes. That's not on the snowmobile. That's right I'm going after one of the dudes that's not on the snowmobile. So you actually as a rogue the path that you have you can roll two d twenty and you pick the higher one as you attack because you're catching them. You're catching them off guard because you're acting before them. Let's write a shifty. He Little Ugo Twenty three twenty. Three suites you super hit so you roll with sneak attack you roll a d eight and two D six. Oh this this is so cute. Jake this is what you were like Ola. Twelve twelve plus plus four so sixteen. Let's go we have A. We have a saying on finish him. Describe how you kill it also does not come out if you want glow so I have a sword sort of stabbed him through the Nostril Kebab. And then I stare at everybody else just like you guys really WanNa fuck with me now. You guys thought it was a nobody. Ugo Stabs a rapier through this roster of knows and and then just pulls out Kebab part of his brain. Yeah that anyone can kill a dwarfing. What's she's a teenage or man? You you for this. Yeah we tend to just concussed. The teenager is how far away is a snowmobile. And we all. I'll say it's about eighty right now. Eighty feet away. Then I am going to go. Doesn't have any cards you guys played. All of this goes just got a blood thirst apparently kind of a maniac. I mean you're strangely officiant what you're doing but stop please. Oh you go you can also as a bonus action so basically at the end of your turn you can roll to hide so that nobody can attack you now would you like to do is I would like to go ahead and Roll d twenty. He's so capable. I hate this on the slippery. Little Ugo it'll be eleven plus your stealth which I think think eight nine hundred nineteen so you go disappears into the snow. I for now all that's left. Is this ear of corn groups. Pick it up and drag down with me. I'm absolutely finish within range of the snowmobile and then cast heat. Eat Metal on it so that a little thing has to bail. Okay sweets you. 'cause object glow red hot any creature in physical contact with the object takes two D eight fire. Damage cast a spell until the spell ends. You can use bonus action on each of your subsequent turns to do the damage again. Okay go ahead and roll your data damage. Eleven moonshine finished him. Okay what I would like to do is I would like to like like heat. It in a way that he like accidentally like that he like falls over in a way that angles the snowmobile towards me sweet. Then I can jump on like Knock him out. Throw them over my back now. I'm writing the sense insane. Go ahead and check yes like well. You're able to use a spell five foof mutianyu heat. snowmobile he goes. Oh my ass Bob. He sees all seeing up crashes Super Super Heart into a brick wall sprains himself up a wall and just roll Tom. I'm pretty sure that was just a concussion. I didn't kill him. Oh he is still alive. Shin this is bad Karma. Don't worry I'll come. He'll yeah okay. Winter Glow Right. That is all right. I guess is the one that is the one that you go brained still alive. No even if I touch hands them no okay. Okay I guess I rush over the one on the snowmobile okay. I'll try and he'll okay sweet and then I guess as a I guess that's my action. So yeah I switch hands okay. How much of your you only have like ten now? Oh Gosh level. Three fifteen okay. I'll give them five just to stabilize them. You heal them happening just like kind of hurts. I'm I don't think you're correct at all but I'm sorry about this. Thanks man is she. uh-huh uh-huh that check his fingers. That is the check his fingers he does not have a ring. That is the dwarfs turn that one is going to try to stab you. Beverly with live. Why Oh come on? That is a nineteen. Oh shoot it. Does it now sweets. Maybe you were right. You Go hugo style. Five damage to you Beth. Where is he talking to me gets onto the snowmobile other dwarf runs up tries to stab you with a dagger natural three Mrs POPs onto the back of the snow mobile broken if Iran into brick role roll a raw luck. Check to see how well snowmobile is holding up a role it in front of hard-won here so we can keep honest. The higher the better for these guys mm-hmm that's a fifteen say I'm GonNa say it's sputtering and fucked up. It has slowed down at half speed. But these guys are able to you. What ride away for sixty feet? That is hard ones turn. Who's near me? Adore F- odd. One is dead two of them are on the snowmobile together riding away. Can I throw a throwing axe at some vital part of the snow mobile mobile. Go ahead. Thank you hard won. It's only a twelve that MRS throwing overhead right. No Oh I to attacks Joel. Stern Ballard's going to throw a javelin Oleg. But I can't promise anything about MRS way over throws. What is the javelin that is you? Save US Yugo you you can shoot them with a ask me nicely bitch. Can you go all right. What my role? Twenty one shoots himself in the foot. And it's your turn. All right. He metal is within sixty feet. So I run even closer to it and He's action things so hot right. Okay so is actually. That's going to be ten Jim your hot ass once once again. They both fall. Aw off of the snow mobile and crashes into a wall. Can I do another Arcata. Check to try to steer direction. Thirteen thirteen of it. It starts to turn it just capsizes rolls over. And his vaguely pointed. These kids are both knocked out. Oh you guys are out of combat. Go Scuba them young and this was humiliating. You go yes. I knew you'd ask ask me something like my fault. What no actually? I'm seeking your council. You lawyer right. Yes but chart six percent. Now I've I just didn't get promoted. Y You want me to pick these young pockets and give you six percent. What I find you get such a high percentage of sleeping doc band and building? These kids pockets in there a lot of gold they each have like ninety and like it's just random drills and shit dental floss do they have any corn on them. They don't have any coronado. Sorry we can't give you six percent. They don't have any corn. Well I'll take the gold. Yeah I guess deals deal I give them six percent of that hell. Yeah I've made seventy five dollars off this lady. I feel feel bad about a suspicious amount of money on them. Yeah you okay I was GonNa ask you if you thought we should just kill these teams but let's just let's just take this snowmobile to the graveyard where they hang out. Rowley wake one of these fuckers up and ask them where they got the goal. Let's time wake him up. Okay you hog tie a a nasty lads you wake up you see one of them wakes up and goes you kicked my ass man. You made my snowmobile hot. Ha this one killed our friend you got hit at heart. She made it hot. You unceremoniously murdered there all the time and the will turn around. Can you tell us a little bit about the young in that you go off in a nicer remembrance. Yeah well he was rather Zell. He basically with go round and usually orphans have a soft spot for other orphans. He didn't he would like kick smaller kids and take their stuff. I was like one of his favorite things. Just like in the orphanage. You're sleeping let's go kick in the door and kick some kids while they sleep so look you go you got lucky on you go is rich. Go is intuitive and you go his justice you only being validated. Everything feels three-foot seven now on top of the war. I'm standing on four years. Where did you get those boots? You Go oh he oh he robbed that store. I see now you goes former boss. Hugo boss Clam Taylor. Would you like either of those to be your last name. No Okay just checking our young and take us to the ring. Take us to the show the winning now you have the ring take us to the ring. y'All have too much money on. You know. This is normal amount of money for us to have telling you Shit Shit I slap them. Oh God making activity check with advantage twenty As soon as he gets slapped. Oh you hear him Fart and Shit himself. Don't slap me. I'll okay look. We don't have the ring. Being Rusk has the ring and you remember Russ Gac was the head of the nasty lads who were in that like all that bone armor word that he stole from the mausoleum boy high and he was like a little punk. This kid continues and goes we snuck into the dwarf in which and Rusk took the ring and he said that he was going to wish at midnight for everyone else to be super weak so that we would be the strongest and also ring ring is making Rusk X.. Superstrong we live in the castle. Now Dude so Rosca Kazan. The Castle Rusk is the freaking King. Dude rules it was. He's a legend man. You are making a mistake. Investing in this guy you know he's just GonNa wish for himself to be strong and Y'all gonna be in the dust. y'All are going to be working for him. But do we get the Radwan snowmobiles rules. Okay take your buddy just got murdered by my buddy. Yeah the style by the way if she her you can represent you against her soul. I I actually yeah I would appreciate that. Who is GonNa represent you and your murder order here? I'll oh very very trials off. We'll talk talk about the defend against yourself. I would like to charge you with the murder of my friend. Forget I said anything. I really think you guys should settle Ragnarok Iraq was it the King Rusk. Ask sorry I'm just trying to parse all these clues together what clues in one. Everything's Been Saul stop talking. Let's go see this guy feeling. He's got the ring. We were told explicit feeling feeling a confirmation all right follow me going to make a raw intelligence check confidences infectious should be plus two okay so twelve twelve. I'm you guys see you go starts heading vigorously in the direction of the castle taking the long way but he is going in the right direction a boss. Actually I know shortcut if you want to not waste time. It seems like a long way to walk in those hills. I don't hurt as much as they think they do. All right let's do short right blew. It was that way before it feels. Let's take the shortcut ORCA charge. Yeah sure so. You guys sneak through the city patting lightly through the snow. You see several more de Animated Iron Indoors as you travel you can assume that once Rosca had this ring it like sucked all the arcane power out of the city so these automobiles are no longer operational. I mean that's that's kind of good thing right. Yeah they were pretty bad they were kind of a police state Can I do in Arcana check to see if we can instill them with power and make them our friend. Sure it's going to be a eighteen. You have enough. Are Cain knowledge to know that you do not have enough. Arcane Knowledge in he would need to be like an arch. Wizard make I whisper kill you go and nothing happens. Yeah the broken. They're totally broken weird. I thought maybe I quit like a first level spell in it and you know my a friend so the made one good friend today. Why would we ever need more right? You Go oh totally Hugo. Excuse who though do though. But you go. How he's going to use that? That's that's the billboard for his. The law hurt so the city is still extremely quiet. Quiet until you reach the cold iron. Keep you once again. Hear the sound of some kind of vehicle going through the snow and you hear many nasty teens. Eighteens goofing around. You guys sneak up you see that. The castle is surrounded by a tall iron fence but the gate has been broken a and hangs open. In the castle courtyard there is a mural to the three original dwarf in Kings. But you see that this has been vandalized. There are around sixteen sixteen messing around in the courtyard here as well as one riding around on a snowplow just like ramming it into the mural. This is funny and sacrilegious added as far as the castle itself. It's two stories tall all but the first story is very tall. The first story looks like a Gothic Castle built of blackstone and iron. There are spires shooting eating out of the tops of the towers with busts of Dworkin kings and big stained glass windows. You see the castle narrows as it gets up to the second story which is an all glass room with thick pains that connect windows in an octagon shape. Basically looks like a big lantern. So you guys can think of the castle like a square with a guard tower at each of its four corners and little walkways between them. You can see teens on the walkways up. There guys go ahead and meet perception checks. I'll tell you how much you see. Good Lord six thirteen eleven. Nineteen employs. Some Nice just nineteen because you don't have plus the wisdom. I don't think you guys running the show you go. You look up and you see that in these guard towers they have have these big Ballista 's essentially these giant cross bows and you see that at each of the two towers at the front of the castle there are two thirteen's manning them and see throughout the walkways between the second storey towers. You see kids walking around with like rock slings. What do you see you go? Well it's not good for you guys. It's a series of security biggers. Teenagers Crossbows slings brings the full nine nine nine hundred ninety s no not nineteen th the whole nine yards what I meant the walkway. It looks longer than nine yard. Yeah like I said these are all. Who is this kid? So yeah so you go sees these ballista 's up in the towers and you guys see about a dozen teens between the ones that are up on the walkway and in the towers out front here. Okay then maybe we just split up the two of us go to one tower two of us or the other we hopefully take the towers in the walkway and then can rain down fire upon these ones around the snowmobile. After after so I think the goal. That'd be my goal. I liked that goal. I'll go with you go okay. I'll go being this blind. BUFFOON will go. I lied lied buffoon. Wish me luck I mean your perception. Sorry I get it. He couldn't he couldn't see anything on the towers. You guys have to rely on me better horizon. You stole from the store also wearing shoes. All right let's go so you guys are splitting up to and to to both towers. Yeah so you guys are basically in. They're trying to scale the wall and get up to the towers over to the towers without the teens in the yard seeing us. You'll need to do stealth. Yeah okay so I'll say a hard one and Ugo or going over to the left sneaking through the courtyard trying to have the team's not catch them. Let's have you guys roll yourself checks. I very quiet Ugo in twelve. I got a nine okay. These teens do not have good passive perception. You guys successfully get by the ones ones that are in the courtyard because there is a snowplow going off so yeah he has a super loud super rowdy. Teens I'm GonNa Roll while I'm still going okay. Moonshine goes into symbiotic entity. I look like a mushroom woman. Now got it. I'm going to roll to your luck. Checks ten or higher they are the teams in your tower are paying attention And that means they'll do a perception checked actually look for you instead of just being passive Song role in Freddie. You Jake nine that what is not paying attention. You see one of the ones up by the BALLISTA just keeps talking to the other one yen and she was super high do we rely hanging down stuff is critical. I'm listening very intently. The the other one gets an eighteen so he is diligent shut up. Do we have a job to do. PROTECT RUSS GAK RUSS GAK rules He's going to go ahead and make a perception check to try to see you guys. The lower one. was you hard one. You got a nine. That is a natural five. Does Not hot seat guys get up to the tower. I turn sideways a very thin guys. Go ahead and give me athletics checks to or acrobatics for You go out of my way you go watch this. That's how God dammit. That's a nine nine nine seven okay. He did role a natural one year. Old Natural One okay. You guys both need to roll new stealth health checks. Because you're making noise as you climb up the tower non do at the first you little shit that is ah. That's eleven eighteen. Okay you guys break off a few bricks as you're climbing But the dude food above you guys does not see and he seems to be the only one that is paying attention. You guys begin climbing up the towers. Bevin moonshine going to the other one. You guys go ahead and give me spell checks ex I will tell you right now. These guys have passive perception of Eight. So you gotta be an eight the seven seven. I got an eighteen. All right fucking cannot wild shape into a bird not yet you're going to have to roll initiative so you go. Oh and hard one as you guys are climbing up the towers. You see moonshine and Beth make a break for it and start running for their tower and you see one of the teens sounds looks over and sees them goes. Oh we gotta fuck in company here man you see the snow plow backs up and goes wrong. That's the kid making making that noise. Yeah man fucking boom boom everybody go ahead and roll initiative. You don't have to make the noise number twenty three you seven seventeen eight so hard when you are i. Nobody has seen yet in my up on top of the tower commando climate. You have not made it all the way to the top of the tower. I will say if you would like to use your movement you can get to the top of the tower. I'm going to try to get to the top of the tower and throw one of the kids off. Go ahead and make an athletics check. I'll say fifteen or higher you can make it up there with your movement killing on Christmas. That's eight twenty five. Jesus Yeah you scramble up to the top of the tower two kids up there at this Ballista they are looking forward. They do not see you right now. I'm GONNA can I drop kick them both off the tower. I will say you can make an attack with disadvantage. If you do that fucking Hell Okay role to pick the lower one if you hit their ACL allow it fourteen. They do not have high armor clashing over double drop kick. Fuck Fuck and thank you see these two dwarves fly off the tower and just crash into the snow with a sickening crunch. You go up you to kill teenagers. Whoa not like that fucking animal? I recorded that I have that on record. No not me. Swearing the high alert everywhere. The doors are all freaking out. The one in the snow. Mobile is going to ride at you. Hugh Moonshine Moonshine. I'm GonNa need you to give me a dexterity saving throw okay but if you've got four or is that you have that out in the cold eighteen bitch. Eighteen moonshine This one teen writing this mobile rides at you. Put the shovel down tries to scoop do you roll out of the way they're scooping there are five more down here. Three of them are going to go after you. Moonshine and two of them are go after Beth. One of hits you moonshine for five and then the other two kids go after you Bev. One of them hits for three. There are four up top on like the walkways. The four in the walkway are gonNA run over to the BALLISTA. That hard one is sat and take some swings at him. I one hits second one. Mrs Third One fourth one gets a fifteen hit. It has sixteen right. That is three damage. Hard one then the ones up in the tower are going to shoot a Ballista Down at we'll say Bev because the snow plows going after moonshine. That's at one fucking full-on break the BALLISTA. Uh this looks so expensive shit on me. Mad Fuck you gotta read the manual. That is your turn. Oh cool I'm near the plow right. Yup Can I just run up the plow and try and launch myself into the cockpit to stab the person there. They have three quarters cover so it's going to be a little hard to hit them but they don't have good. Ac Happen to commandeer the snowmobile. We got a clean up. These streets nineteen eighteen to hit one thousand does hit Gordon. Roll your damaged little ten damage you stab into it. You incapacitate. This kid. Snowplough just keeps like rolling as he rolls over on the wheel. I guess going to try and get in there and giving mean acrobatics check. Oh that's going to be a six sweet. I'm you try to scramble into the helm you can't do it all in one turn But you are getting into position for next girl. That is UGO stern you go. You are climbing this tower. Chaos all around you all right. I continue climbing up the tower sweet to make an acrobatics check. Can I can. I will will lower my hand and try to help them up sure. Yeah allow this Going role with advantage to pick the higher gum. Ugo Twenty any to sweets you scramble up hard one reaches his hand down you take it and he pulls you up you see that there are four dudes up here stabbing at hard. One with daggers. Holy Shit I didn't need your help. Thank you John Attack One of these guys. I don't know I felt I feel bad about the braiding two minutes ago. All sense of time is all work because of the brain. Okay I just killed two of these fuckers really holy Shit. You're worse than me okay. I'm going to try to defeat a few other teens so you you don't get to roll with advantage this time you just regular okay and again let me know about Brunch. Thank you so much. Corn already in sixteen You super hit go ahead and roll two sixes entity eight fifteen so we have a clear role roll which means that if you do enough damage to one you can go into another one so you can kebab three of them. I guess you could say I'm hungry. Refer Kebab I bob three of them you go up stabs three of them. The nostril not surly ending high order. And you go takes the lead again. Were teens to to be honest with you. I don't think I've ever killed. I got a freaking out hard one. I never told you buy a murderer. How would you like to hide right or anything you go yes please check just twenty twenty six disappears again? Commits murder gets easy. We're Jesus you abandoned me Chinese all right moonshine. That is your turn you see. Bev is is working on getting the snowplow and then there are five other dudes down here. Yes we're all up in. We're all scrunched together so I'm going for the Middle One and I'm an ice knife. Awesome K which means every creature within five feet of him which is going to be all the other four. Well I'M GONNA make range attack whether I hit or miss everyone's GonNa take two. You D six cold damage. Jeez do they make any kind of role deck. Save or something yes they do. They make a deck saves or take two D six. So I'm going to. I'm kind. Got A fucking miss fails all around though. Yeah everyone takes three cold damage. Why am I wrong? Like dog shit never getting level down ever again dare humor. And then I'm gonNA spores one of them for For six more. Jeez Yeah Moonshine you do your ice knife you take three of them down to two. HP Your spores will allow the cleave role you take another three of them out. There's one left. Turn and that is balanced turned balance organs up. NASTY LADS shoot up He's GONNA run up and found nor hits they're playing grab ass belmore anybody knock it off bow nor hits one with the butt of his sword and knocks him out there. roughhousing creek misspell nor the one and down here. There's a look bad ones down here all knocked out That is backup too hard. One part when you see that there are two still appear on the BALLISTA list At the right tower. And then you see there are two towers in the back of the castle one of them abandoned in one of them has to dudes on it. And you see you like four more dudes running down the pathway trying to get to you guys got it so the closest folks to be are the are the ones running towards us. I actually go ahead and give me a perception check as well fourteen. You're a little bit distracted by all the kind of chaos around you but you do see that now that you're up in this hour our you have a better view of the second floor here and all of this glass and you can see that this looks to be some kind of kings quarters or something somewhere somewhere where somebody would sleep and you see that there is somebody sitting in a chair facing away looking towards the rift in the material plane. Great can I jump on jump through it. Try to jump through the glass yet. Yeah go ahead and give me a strength check. That's our boy sweet. Later later you go shot up to the two crew. I don't have any luck points. This is so sad i Miss Papa's help actions hard-won you rush forward. Try To action movie. Jump through the window and take one damage and just face plan on it and just bounce back and fall L.. Perron Hobo onto the. Oh fuck me. I'll say that's your movement but you can still make an attack if you'd like. Oh sick So I'm but I'm down and by the glass now you're up in the tower and then the glasses like I level with you now gray. I'll swing my glass sweet. You've got to test the shoulder. I thirteen thirteen to thirteen is not good enough to hit to do damage to it. you would assume that this should be pretty hard to break. This is the kings quarters after all That is the dwarves turn you see the two that are the two that broke. Ballista are just going to pull out rock slings and try to throw rocks down at I guess he's trying to climb. into the snowplow one hits in on the other one creates the one who creates does a big seven damage gloom and the other one does four damage so eleven damage. Total you start getting pelted with rocks. CUT It out as you go in damp teens. This is supposed to be a piece. Yeah mandatory piece. You know how that works all is calm. All is bright by the law and then hard and when you said that there were some on the walkway like running towards you from the back towers. They are going to approach you. And I'll take cracks at you so therefore them mm-hmm I one Mrs Second Mrs Third One hits fourth one mrs total four damage sweet. That is bad stern. Okay try and go and get into the snowplow sweet. Yeah Baby. Do I need to make a role for that. You're in the snowplow. Can I get a sense of the controls roles. Go ahead of me and intelligent check. That's an eight and eight. I'm Bev. Would've rudeness Love Avoids. It is pretty easy for you to get like the accelerator going and moving. You don't know quite how to use like the shovel as a weapon or how to use anything but your your riding around yeah. I'm going to try and ran the snow plow into the tower to try and make crumble. Oh okay sweet go ahead and make an attack role for the plow. All right and I will apply. It's stuff plow plow. Come on plant Appel or Gret this plow your holy light that it may mess up some teens real bad. That's a seven plus five twelve. Okay so you got a twelve okay. So they are going to DC twelve decks check You go and and hard one also have to do this. Sorry hard one you go a sixteen year old and eleven a hard one and two of the dudes fall off the tower into the soft soft snow. Hard when you take ten damage as you hit the ground hard Oh to the glass to have two of these teams go down. Bev feel hard on just crash into the top of this snowplow that you're driving. Sorry Buddy. It's all good as long as we killed teenagers. We gotta work on your reasoning. You Go. That's your your turn you've got two dudes up here with you all right time to hurt the just twenty and the new role of who do you have in the DA. He wasn't kidding about Ugo style. Oba Yugoslav back. Ah Six six okay you take another one down. There was just one up here with you. Would you like to hide Gallard. I'm a slippery man you go says bye-bye how could we not see. His vest is so bright. Yeah seventeen sweet you go hides pretty well moonshine in China your turn. His blood is blending with the vest. Can I get up to the tower. Go ahead and make an athletics. Track seventeen need seventeen moonshine. I'll say it's GonNa take your action and your movements to get to the top. Okay can I get at least within sixty feet all all right then. I'm one of those little bitches. One of the ones up by the Ballista the broken Ballista that sling rocks the twelve. It does hit whip out. He's gone flies off the tower spores on the way down on just to make sure he's dead you Tommy. This guy's getting out of control. I thought we would just like steal some coins. Now I've killed you. You GotTa turn he pulls out a javelin out of you go watch drove the one. That's you go style. Oh I'm not murderer you gotta to test goes ahead with Jesus you done to my friends. That's backup too hard one learn. Where am I falling? Down on top of snow plow with Bev L.. Shit I could also if I could have also bonus word healing healing word hard on. Yeah might as well might as well thank you. It's GonNa be a nine awesome. I love that. Thank you very much sweet hard. When you still see two that are up on like the second level one is up in the tower and one is up in the other tower with Ugo? Oh got it and your your dad hiding you go by. I'll throw my i. I can't get there in this industry and throw javelin yeah. I don't think I have a javelin at this point but I have someone throwing access fine. Yeah I'll throw throw throwing accident twin. My curse doesn't apply this now that you've ever really can't not you can't not destroy him. Actualize up hits him in the chest impales him through the nostrils go. Allies fly tower. I am not waking me. That's liability. We go down for these crimes together. You go the nearest confession booth after this and we're all crammed in there. We'll never yeah. I think you guys will never see me again. Your murderers that is this. Last worst turned shower. He he is going to run and he just takes off running away. Moonshadow go towards you go. I didn't take an opportunity attack from Ugo. I know he's on the other tower slinging rocks. Iraq's got him not hurt him turn my nephew You do look like someone's oncle. Do I see your boss for. You're so many shoes is the door to the base level of the Castle Open. Yeah I want to drive the plow inside Sweet Bev as you enter making intimidation Jack. ooh That's going to be a twenty-one Cheese Bev you've you crash the snow plow through the archway it breaks off some of the stone and makes room for you you start writing into the first level of the castle here you see that. It's this great hall that's already been destroyed you see. They've broken up the giant oak tables and have just made big pyres. I'm I'm you see that there were like seven. NASTY LADS here fucking around they see the plow Kaluka lay mother trucker weird. We have seven of these kids just like start diving out windows running. I'm laying on the Horn You Lay on the Hornets one. Still the roof or can't be hanging onto the ooh nasty lads ditch this first level there is nobody else down down here. Awesome effectively out of combat. Let's call. Let's call this little rust. GAC motherfucker down here. Get Him out of his comfort Ruskin dryer join us. You go hard the GAC. We got the necklace of good fortune. You guys here no response all right. Okay I guess we have to go to him. I'm can I look at my amulet action shirk. Can I take a little with Actually know what I'll I'll wait. Just one hip die. Yup At this point that remind mind then I will take a look. You saw him right. Yeah I saw it was so you guys all you guys all meet up on the first level now. Do we see like stairs leading up to the second level. Yeah you can go up through. The tower looked. Russ Gak to me. I you go yes dispatch us. Give a rousing speech speech to his battle. Well ferocity until I saw you murder. Don't recall that with such vivid detail. That's that's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I wanted to steal some cash from these dwarves. What ended up happening was me murdering four teenagers agers and assisting in the death of countless others? I'm no hero. I'm a Lugo loser going away. Good bye glad he feels bad about it at the very least. Yeah Yeah you you give us the order. We're GONNA go. Let's do this all right. You don't want to say let's go. Let's you go okay. So you guys guys rush up the tower worst Nikolai. We're stealth sneaking okay. Everybody going to missile checks. Fourteen gene nine twenty nine net. Sixteen suites you guys sneak up Moonshine. You're being a little noisy. Sorry are y'all had beans for dinner pop off here. Don't respond to your own. Yeah he scares himself. Don't blame it on me. Please keep cool when he passed. Papa's Zapping as you guys. Sneak up the tower. You enter the second floor you see. There is no fire here no light other other than the eerie purple glow from the rift piercing through the windows of this atrium. You see that this was clearly the kings chambers. There's a bad some bookcases cases a large reading chair facing out towards the mountain with a view of the rift. I you see a large burly dwarf in armor made of bones facing away from you looking at mount forge guys sneak up you hear him. You've made enough noise. You See. His head leans back a little bit. And in this voice that is sounds almost demonic. Like he's been taken over by this. It's kind of like arcane energy. You hear him go. It is almost midnight almost time to make my wish. I am already the strongest and I wind and soon I will be the strongest in all of Bom Lia Auro I kick gas you guys sir. Maybe you haven't met our friend. The child killer. That's honestly more a nickname. Go Team Cleaner Greener Cook accident earlier today clean advising tease clean them up. I see Russel stands up turns around. He always wore this armor that was made of bones that he stole from the mausoleum but now he is unnaturally buff and and It's way too small for him. You see there are huge gaps in the armor through which nearly translucent skin pokes out huge muscles with straining unnatural natural veins arcane energy crackles around him and his eyes glow purple. You see the ring. Is this ring of blackened iron glowing with the same light. It looks like it would be quite difficult to get off. You see where the ring is on. His finger. Looks to be the same as like it always was. But he's got big big media giant hands on either side just super puffy hard-won. He's still your bulk. You're right enroll. Initiative another NAT twenty on initiative. Episode is a curse for me for roles. Twenty to seventeen twenty two fifteen. Okay you go first you go onto high right off the bat I that's right I'm out of here. eltek twelve suites. You go you hide. You don't do a particularly good job. No that is. There's Moonshine Stern. ICU goes just hiding behind a pillar which he's got his hands over his is like a toddler that's playing hide and seek you go. This room is mostly glass. What were you thinking? You're not exactly earning your thirty eight percent two percent. How many how much would hurt if I threw ugo at him? How would I roll for that? You could find out No that seems seems rude. Okay I guess yes. I'm down to just two first level spells and can trips so is there an open window No their all thick and closed I. Okay yeah closed off emotionally all right. I guess I'm just GonNa try to hit him. With ice knife. Got Got Chicken. Kebab does a fifteen hit a fifteen does hits cannot stop. Stop me I empower just goes right. Knew how. Oh my God. ow Shirt is so small. It's like a little bone bib. How three damage? And then it doesn't dexterity save fails takes eleven more and then I spoil them for six GS moonshine. Yeah you run up through the ice night sticks in his chest spores them do all this poison damage to him. You see it rocks him back. He is tough for you guys but you guys recognize as seasoned adventurers this is just a pumped up punk. Yeah that is for you. Go babs together. We killed them back into it to hero's journey a high in what's her face hard on. That's your whatever Margaret Margaret Cyber Parker. Inside Burn I don't want this guy knowing my name you can ideas I am going. I'll swing my axe at us. We my accent Rusnak sweet or damn ten to not hit all. Ah I'll be these my actions trying really hard man. What you can't hit me? I could hit you. Oh Yeah I really I unlike some other heroes. I'm kind of on his side crit. That's that's one thousand nine. Nice twenty-seven damage cheese. Jesus yeah you mess him right up you slash into him he staggers back. You'll go help. Yeah Yeah let's finish this fucker. Bucker whatever lovers hurt bad vegetarian you go style means less and less now. Ah All right you go. Is that another shoe chain. I'm three foot nine passing DSW. I didn't see still. Yeah I'm GonNa try and hit rescue as well as fourteen hit. It does do all right. I'M GONNA go ahead and divine smart on this one sweets. I pray deplore and say please on this winter glow eve bless my sword so that it might be in the style of you go you see as you make that prayer you see that there are like little strings of Arcane energy coming out of you and going into Ross Gak and Russ cactus mockingly goes largely. Tell me please tell me it. Shut up dude. That's actually pretty funny. Okay here Brera. I went to rust. Gak what I thought. I just heard it man. You're praying that's still funny. Bring is not funny any unless you want it to be unless it's like a little joke unless you have an inside joke with God I just I consider you twenty two damage starting to look pretty messed up great. That is rusk acts turn rest GAC is going to you you go has hidden. Didn't you guys are all up in business so moonshine through an ice knife so it's just bad than hard one. I'm going to say he's going to go after hard. One hard one attacked him. I he's is going to try to power bomb. You learn this by watching this other. WWe That work. I learned from watching. The W W network to talking. Try It teen that works. I see him kick in the stomach. Hell Yeah pick them up for the power from Google. Go Double Team Man. You're asking to get there on. That is twelve damage to hard one. How slams you down go ahead and give me a Ah Oh grappled so he slams you down and he keeps hanging on that is bow nor sern going to run foreword? Get off of the bow nor Mrs Baktai just keeps running forward at the end. Our of Balladur's turn Russ Gak is going to take a little villain action You see he holds his hands up and he he goes you cannot defeat the coolest rabbits baddest dude and the strongest guy ever and he clinches his fist you see this burst of Arcane energy coming out of the rift and breaking all the windows in the room everyone go ahead and give me a dexterity saving throw how you eleven shadow to the three seventeen eighteen so we have to add anything. You did did it right. I'm very proud of you. Okay so moonshine and baby you guys both take seven damage and you go and hard when you take three. That is back up to you. Turn you see Rosca Glitzy. Uganda's you and me. We could take out all of them. And then I'll share the profit the rig with you. I'm in brother. Where are you going to attack? Oh hell hard one one because Rosca is right next to them you can roll Tutti sixes and a Da uh-huh invoked Ugo style. How would you like many sixteen less? What's the four down see goes up and stabs startling Italy or physically uh-huh hard-won goes down was going to go down anyway? This wanted. That is moon's stern moonshine. Got Hugo and Russ US catch here. I'm just going to try to pushing to go out the window where you can hide Muturi. Kantor go ahead enroll a spellcheck later. Skaters was eight. Seventeen go ahead and make a perception check to try to find you go. You can't find me. I'm the Yugo Man I got ten. I can't find you go all right. I guess I wasn't on our side stealing doorframes. I guess I'm just going to I guess I'm just going to attack. Rest gag okay. Not My friend and I feel justified but sad to regret killing teenagers for you. That's GonNa miss and I guess I'm just GonNa Spores in the General Direction you go was go to attack acro disadvantage spell check. Yeah spell by spitting in the general direction of you. Go hoping you hit him. Fourteen that Mrs Ugo real hard on the same hardware saving twenty twenty hard-won you up you kick right back up your at one. HP Oh turn you solve a turned. I was dead by cower. Can I try to find you go coming. Perception check dam. It's only nine can't find all right so I'll talk. Russ GAC with my single turn fucking Throw an accident. A general direction that I last saw disadvantage sown discord amongst the group actually united on Sol against uh-huh Russ gag help giant nets. Why are you like this? That's a fifteen you do hit you go out go ahead and roll your throat x seven damaged. You got hit with an ax in the leg. I hi and sticks in their by. Luckily I have to turn you you and me. Let's attack I don't give a shit soon as I saw you steal all those shoes also that gold and then kill that child. I I knew you were bad. News do I see you goes. He revealed himself from no hurt. Yelp as God with the ring and we don't want to kill kill you go by divine since since his rotten heart. I know okay I I am going to look for you. Guys make a perception check. That's a fifteen fifteen fifteen does not find. You're making a disadvantage if you want it. There is a run. But you can't hide. I'm you go compelled dual on you go. Oh we'll have to see him. Yup Yeah I'm going to try and find him just this once. I'm going to try and find him out and throw a javelin disadvantage disadvantage. I know you can hear me you me and that bad guy. It's more annoying than I can hear you so you always bad God damn it. That's going to be a ninety. Thank you MS Rusnak. Stern res- GAK is going to still. Has Grappled is going to uh-huh try to crush you hard one go ahead and make a strength saving. Throw good luck brother. You killed me all right. I'm sorry I should've field you I was just enraged. He picks you up again and spikes you on your head for twenty two damage. Oh I like that. Almost auto kills me heart goes down crashes so hard into the ground that is bound nor stern balcony help but feel partly responsible cabal nor swings at heads through jail in this building. I just wanted brunch. And he does. Five damage could have gotten brunch. Russ Guy Pretty messed. Up Appeals Ahead Brunch Day zero. Really did you really were working toward some waivers. Ron Chair would have preferred nachos at the end of the round at the end of boundaries. Turn you see. He once again clenched his fist. And you see more arcane power surge from the rift into you guys everybody going to be a wisdom saving throw debt. I gotTA seven okay. Show to eight great guys. I got an eight okay. You guys are temporarily possessed. Do you see Bev and Moonshine. Both get purple glows in there. Is You guys just have to make melee attacks against each other so moonshine picking a crack with your staff and bad take a crack with your sword javelins against John. Twenty one twenty-one as well hit each other you just see them both purple beating the shit out of each other. This is Kinda cool in twelve seven. Twelve damage yeah. Because I'm in I do too in. Jesus I'm almost down. Okay Yeah You fucking right up ten pardon me ten okay. Jesus Christ still not a great Obama nor pass a saving throw boundary goes. What are you guys doing you guys come to and you see that you are fighting each other? That is doing you go sir. Hello me what would you like to do I guess who's the weakest person left at this point. Who Looks Worse Bev? I think I'm doing okay. I think he estimated an insight check to determine that yeah go check forget all tech beverly. He's overplayed his hand. What do I do roller to shake? Beverly's hand planning on attacking so so much discord also holiday Lisa special where everyone dies guest kills everyone eighteen plus hit that hit two six D level and made him so powerful about the same level. As you guys just a fucking rose I would have killed. Russ Gak instead you took. You took shots at you when you couldn't dragged you shit about frosted anymore and now I just want to kill you rusty. Pray for me brother. It goes a long lasting problem. We gotta get rid of him. Nine plus third thirteen damaged damage. I'm down these steps. Sped down goes down moonshine that is. Do you want to hide you go. There's really I never liked you. Only three plus eleven eleven. Okay Moonshine that is your turn. I'm not taking a chance here. I'm going to cash ferry refire and tackle him out a window about marry. You're not invisible anymore. I can see you uh-huh and Jack Athletics. Jackie Hugo you you have a minus okay. I got fourteen seven. You gotta six actually because you minus want to that six fourteen. Have you tackle him out a window and land on him. Jesus Christ You tackle you go you get super low on him and pick him up run towards the window window. You guys both fallouts I actually I could just throw him. I guess I just throw him. I'm GonNa have you making dexterity save to not fall fall run towards as we both die. That's why it's worth it could gain bowl style. Thanks dirty is fifteen you go you can make an oppose dexterity check. If you WanNa pull her what do I do. And what do I need. You need to beat the fifteen you got to beat a fifteen year three zero you go out the window Falling for them for six. Oh you do six damage to him you. How much stealthy down to eight GONNA take? You're going to take a little bit damage as you fall. If it's enough to knock you there you go you take you hit the ground with a crunch and take twelve damage. Just knocked out. You're not outright dead. So you you you spit the GO-TO throw them out the way you fly out of the castle you land with crunch comic crowd just looking off the chaos around you fade moonshot hard. One that you're going to be a dad saving leaving four for one and going saving throw okay fourteen save. That's a pass. That is Russ Cox turn. Rusnak is going to run forward and attempts to tackle Moonshot when shot out the window. Now go ahead and give me an a half tracks. Check Oppose Athletics seventeen He got a twenty three. I'm he picks you up. And he tosses you. Let's do another either athletics or tax. I prefer to athletics thirteen. You GotTa Twenty One. He successfully toss out the window. Moonshine you fall. Take wealth damage in good time. You Land You. Roll your ankle your super her but still up off-balance attempt to throw out the Pal Nor nor save our soul hell rebounder got That's a twenty two right off the bat. Let's so rusk has it. Plus six Rusk beat some rest stops ops in gets low stops them from throwing out boundaries GONNA take an action surge and he's going to try again shouts to the to that is only eight. That's author Balladur. That is let's arrest gets RUSS GAK gets a thirteen but is enough to stop him. That is back around to Hugo's does turn they'll go ahead and just roll a d twenty and this is to start. Doing death saves to see if you need or more so you need to get a ten or higher just random random luck check just roll one hook really seven seven. One fail yet to have three to die so you have one fail that's Routing off your turn I just want to let you know. I think I could kill you right right now. I WANNA I WANNA try it for his crime. Yeah right now. I'm feeling I can't do anything. Then climb start calling me back up all right Shin and you goes mouth them to give him one. More failed. Deaths like you have to fails also you go. I just wanted to Brun you. Did it start climbing. You start climbing back on. Let me just let extract okay. Twelve twelve Okay you you get up a little bit of the ways that is back to hard one death safe. You've that's a nine that's too fails to save any of us that don't have any spells left. Is Beverly Stern ten okay. Great that is rescue. Turn GonNa try to throw bound out the window. Yeah no good luck brother shut up. Your Dad throws successfully throws bound or out the window. You you go. Can we roll like lands yod found nor does take twelve damage though and he's quite hurt now hits it's the ground pretty hard that is concerned about skin of run back and try to climb back up he doesn't let's check he gets up a bit of the ways. That is back up to you. I'm going to try and I'm GONNA climb in and get too hard one so I can do a medicine check. Okay Miami yet no I will take a bonus. Action used the amulet go ahead of a wisdom check medicine. Check to try to stabilize hard. One this will just stabilize awesome right so he wouldn't have to do those anymore. I can't I don't have any Hughes. Twenty four hundred stops doing deaths as stabilized. Okay Hey won't die I will spores Russ Gak for six. Okay sweets. Rusnak is quite messed up up. Get sweet that is we actually skipped UGO UGO grand. GimMe that same with my final one. Come on you go over ten UGO style five. What is what? What is the last thing you say or things says he leaves? You are the I guess to come on the show doc. To around ause this is equivalent to dead. I'd say this is the same set any it bury me at three foot three. Oh my God. It's dead our one your outs Bev. That is your turn. Don't give him a funeral. Thirteen stabilize stable out. That is rusk turned. Russ Gak is going to try to slam moonshine. Okay okay. That's the twenty one to fifteen damage downed bow nor stern. The world rests on your hands. Okay we're GONNA do this. I'm going to do this in front of the table for the fate of the world. Bow Nor verse Russ Gak I. It'll tell you that has eleven. HP Left and bowel nor has six abound are looking amulets nor can look at your Graham. Your second wind okay. First thing bow nor does is second wind gets a D ten plus two points so he gets seven back nor goes back up to thirteen. He looks at Babs amulet and get another ten. They go get your back up to twenty three Balladur. Takes one swing at Ross Gak. He's got to get a fourteen or hired a win on that is is a twelve day. He misses it hurts. The turn. Rusk takes a swing at belmore shoutout to the two crew. That is only an eat to head. Mrs Lucky Ugo Moonshine you also have to row death. Saving throw fail fail L.. Moonshine that is back down to balance for Balladur. Takes another swing at Rusnak shutouts to the two crew. He misses off-balance off-balance Rusk X.. TURN KITS RUSS GAK up and slams him for eleven eleven damage our still standing. He's got no way to heal. Though Balladur is going to swing Russ Gak. I tend to going to fail stern. That isn't that one but he rolls again. He's lucky yeah that's twenty everyone. Ugo being tortured in Hell playing against myself okay foul nor okay so boundaries gonNA rotates and a plus three Sabau needs to get eleven eleven here a total of eleven to kill him in front of everyone save Christmas Bell. Camilla Belle nor wait. It's an aide aid. Oh so he only gets nine. Ballard is nine damage gets Rusnak down to to thank you for taking this seriously bel nor I don't regret anything nor is that twelve. That is Rusk Stern. Rusk still has him. Grappled is going to try to crush bouncer bowel nor needs to do a strength saving throw. Balladur is pretty good restraint saves. He's got a plus five. He's got to get a nine nine or higher on this role to survive off with a sickening crunch. Rusnak power bombs bowel into the afterlife and that my friends is a total party. Kill but we don't know if I ah survive. Rosca goes over and kills you Mary fucking Christmas Happy Total Party kill and Yala polities everyone here where we will accept no my God at least you oh died I was like we're fucked you fuck if we're dying Hugo's not if you know we go we we got to promote Dolan Yes well I. I wasn't expecting this. Yes so Balladur is killed with devastating power rusk goes over and unceremoniously executes each one of the knockdown all in the room. You no no. It's outside Papa. Papa scrambles away at least you couldn't kill him. You Go dwarf is rolled are all fucking fucks. Kills Eleven to Invoke Papa runs around tries to grab a piece of hair from forbid person and scrambles away. Perhaps there's hope for the future may be Papa could somehow get meemaw reincarnated and perhaps pop on Christmas does probably grab a strand of Hugo's hair. No watches this this timeline time-line and it's just like Nah. That's miss with board guys. Who Talk about this over on the page we gotTA total? Is Your holiday. Every episode aiding Amir directly directly got everyone guilt he attacked you. Knocks you out. Then you guys were so mad at him us to every round to fight to try to find him. I I tunes Patriot. Is this what you fucking want. We should have never had a ball oba you. You ruined the dragging also died. That's what's so funny is that nobody would they wanted. Just any of the world go at. He wanted because he doesn't care. If you go live Zardad Zardad not hugo with an age murph off. Jake tapper off the PODCASTS. I'm sorry disgorging outreach. Victories Gone Good Morning Guys. We'll short rest paycheck dot com slash father. Then don't sing. Yeah right okay. Hey guys thank you so much for listening. We got some things to plug ipad slug anything. How could we get anything? We're all day holidays to everyone. Thank you so much and happy Honda days to everybody. I'm here you got anything to just keep listening to this. Show you guys kicking but You Go. I'm sure we'll be back soon. Totally Hashtag Ugo style if you go to be on every episode Hugo Yeah Oh lord the store for Ugo style. uh-huh skaters skaters on the back of. Just Shit thank you guys for listening. You guys can follow us on twitter twitter at me. 'cause he's called hall addy accidentally at Jake. Jake what's your twitter. You got anything here. Jake and Amir share it share it. It's just like you share everything. A death total party kill awesome. Meet about the show using HASHTAG NAD by an ADP od. We love our new uh-huh podcast.

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