Good News At Last



Greetings, coast family. It's your ghost host Sam here with an announcement. I've been wanting to bring you for a very long time. I have some really good news to share which is that after a few months of mayhem and uncertainty. Family ghosts is officially coming back with our second season of stories right here in this very feet on may fifteenth. That's the day. You will finally get to hear the second season. I spent so much of last year telling you about we've got ten all new episodes ready to share with you at last and the good news doesn't stop there. We're also going to do a third season of the show. That'll be out later this year. I've partnered with a wonderful organization of artists and storytellers called spoke media to bring you these new seasons of family ghosts. And I couldn't be more thrilled to have them on board for a great year of new stories. Ghost family. Thank you for sticking with us for believing in this show for sharing it with the people you love and for staying tuned. Make sure you stay subscribed to this feed. We'll be back in your headphones and may for season two family ghosts where every house is haunted.

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