Introducing Crisis


I. Think. It was the picture of McCarrick as a Young Priest with the young boy James. I think there was something. So. Horrifying. About that. In two, thousand, eighteen, the Catholic church faced a shocking new revelation of sexual abuse within its ranks. This time the accused wasn't a troubled parish priest. It was the well-connected powerful retired Archbishop of Washington Cardinal, Theodore mckarrick I. Didn't Know Cardinal McCarrick But I certainly had interacted with him in public life, and it was shocking to hear all of that in the context of someone who has been such a public figure and it was like a punch to the gut. This is crisis clergy abuse in the Catholic Church? I'm your host Karnal Zoya. In two thousand eighteen I had just moved to DC to serve as the spokesperson at the Catholic University of America when the McCarrick News, hit Other revelations from that summer plunged the church into another sex abuse crisis. You could sense anger and frustration from Catholics across the country. Everyone knows asking, how're we still dealing with this problem? To answer this question I teamed up with the Catholic. Project an initiative of Catholic University to make a podcast, we're going to tell the story of clergy abuse. What happened in the summer of two thousand, eighteen white does sex sex-abuse continue to be an issue. And what still needs to be done to bring about healing for survivors and for the church. We spoke with journalists. Crisis to me is that there is a criminal sexual underground. In the Catholic clergy culture and it has. Been Building. For generations victim survivors of sexual abuse and he said to me. Who's ever going to believe you don't you know who I am I will destroy you in the press at that doesn't work. I'll have some friends over this. And High Ranking Church officials, I think what happened? In too many cases. was there was a confusion between a sin and a crime? I think a number of bishops who may have Reassigned sawed the abuse of a child as sin. And Sins can be forgiven. But crimes have to be adjudicated and there has to be consequences. Join us. For the first episode of our new podcast crisis clergy abuse in the Catholic Church.

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