News Headlines in 4-Minutes for June 3


This is news headlines in four minutes with alan edwards. A coalition of israeli political parties announced wednesday night. They had agreed to a deal to form a new government paving the way for the exit of israel's longest serving prime minister benjamin netanyahu alexander reports year lapid leader of the centrist. Yesterday ted party notified. Israeli president reuven rivlin that he had managed to cobble together a coalition less than an hour before the midnight deadline the rapid holds the mandate to form the government under the agreement. It is noth- tali bennett. Leader of the small right-wing party amina and the king-maker and coalition talks who is set to become prime minister for the first two years of a four year term. Lapid will serve as foreign minister until the two men swap roles halfway through the term a large iranian naval vessel caught fire and sank wednesday in the gulf of oman official said. The ship went down near the port of jask in the gulf off the southern coast of iran. The logistical ship called the card had been part of the iranian military since nineteen eighty-four. It was named after car guyland. In the persian gulf military officials said emergency crews fought the fire for several but were unable to put it out no serious injuries or deaths were reported about four hundred crew members. Were aboard the ship. When the fire started and officials said about twenty received minor injuries the biden administration is formerly ended at donald trump immigration policy that forces tens of thousands of asylum seekers to await their. Us court dates in mexico homeland. Security secretary announced the end of the migrant protection protocols in a six page memo on tuesday stating he has determined after a review the policy does not adequately or substantially enhanced border management to justify its existence former president. Donald trump shut down his online blog. After less than a month. Jason miller a senior aide to trump told. Cnbc the blog will not be returning. It was just an exhilarate to the broader efforts. We have and are working on miller. Said now this you're listening to news headlines in four minutes. Oxygen levels have dropped in hundreds of lakes in the united states in europe over the last four decades a new study found michael patterson reports researchers examined the temperature and dissolved oxygen. The amount of oxygen in the water in nearly four hundred lakes and found that declines were widespread their study published wednesday in the journal. Nature found dissolved. Oxygen fell five point five percent in surface waters of these lakes and eighteen point six percent in deep waters. The authors said their findings suggest that warming temperatures and decreased water clarity from human activity or causing the oxygen decline. Half the us states. All of them led by republican. Governors are cutting billions of dollars in unemployment benefits for residents rebuffing a key part of president. Joe biden's response to the coronavirus recession. The payments an extra three hundred dollars per week from federal government to unemployment recipients because of the pandemic have become a part of a political battle in washington over how to best guy the country out of an economic downturn nasa plans to san to new spacecraft who steadied venus as the first us missions to the earth sized planet since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine agency administrator bill nelson said wednesday the missions known as da vinci plus and would you sanchez to analyze the searing hot atmosphere in attempt to determine how it evolved to map out the rugged surface a maryland county through a birthday party for a set of local twins who celebrated their hundredth birthday earlier. This year elaine. Foster and evelyn lane were born and raised in the county received flowers balloons gift baskets and gift certificates to their favorite restaurant at the celebration the to said they are planning to use the gift certificates for sangria and that's news headlines four minutes. I'm alan edwards.

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