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Episode 86: Sperm Tenure


Working Interferences is intended for mature audiences. Since the hosts never grew up someone needs to be the adult <music>. Welcome working interferences with Josh Lynch. The dental advice podcast for the average dentists and here is Josh Lance rose what is up welcome to the working interferences podcast. He didn't advice show I am Josh Walston and I M Lands Timmerman Lynch. You missed a hell of a meeting at the dental economics. That's what I heard principles of practice management. I'm Sam Francis Jealous. I'm thankful I will no longer ever again in my life have to say the word Norfolk Norfolk Virginia only only recreationally recreationally right not professionally as a part of an advertising read. They probably don't love the F. Word being used in the name of the city. The conference is in just don't fight it. I got a call from our good friend Chris Salerno a few days before the conference so and he said Hey I got some good news and bad news depending on which we look at it. Okay oh well. I don't know gag gave me whatever news I it doesn't matter you say. I'm a bad news first guy what kind of what kind of news first guy are you. I'm usually bad news. It's kind of like dinner desert right. We're the I think you and I have the same sort of personality tendencies of that's. I give me the bad news I I. I'm not going to be able to enjoy the good news if I know that there's bad news coming right yep so the bad news was that Lucia Newman who is supposed to speak on Friday a sick. That's too bad. He's GONNA be able to make the conference. The the good news which is also kind of bad news is that we need you to step up and doing our half like okay awesome where you re. You're going to speak anyway so you take your forty five minutes doublet or no I was. They're doing a panel going to come on yeah. I was GONNA Coast to a panel yeah Thursday at lunch bail out after that <hes> definitely bail out early Friday morning and then ended up having to stick around for a little bit more and do more and then and then trying to figure today's Wednesday night. I'm waiting for my connecting flight at the D._F._W.. American Airlines Lounge Okay and my phone rings and it's Chris Chris Salerno well. This is not call in just two Chitchat. This can't be good no and science. How's it going? You know you're GonNa make it in everything goes again. Actually you know for once. I'm going to be like well. That's a bad news. I'm not going to be in and so Chris. This was in you know there's a bunch of storms last week northeast and and so his flight was canceled on Wednesday night. He didn't get in until Thursday around eleven so I had to do like the M._c.. Hosting duties of the meeting I I I part of the morning they're introduced Roger Lavigne and introduce Diana Waterston. I think our name all right is that Sam Waterston cousin Sam Waterston sister yeah all right yeah we had a nice talk about law and order eyebrows <hes> okay. She applied summer curious. What Sam is I think Sam's <hes> <hes> do nothing her yeah? I'm thinking some untamed shrubbery there on Netzer Al on at your health and then yes that was fine kind of kicking off the meeting and and all of that for for Chris and then did my deal on Friday and thinks well well got got gotTa town after that and hopefully never see Norfolk again. Well never say never true true. Let's we launched a little something this week didn't we. We did a thing we did a thing by started the thing and I ignored the thing and <hes> we yeah. We ignored it for a couple of weeks. It didn't do anything with it. It seems like every he dental podcast has a group has a facebook group seems that way and our podcast tends to talk a lot about facebook groups but we didn't have one so it would be kind kind of like E._s._p._N.. If they didn't have any live sports at all right right it's just like talking about sports that happened on other people stations and I think that's why I kinda I hesitated because do we really need another another. Damn facebook group but at the same time we kinda needed to have the one so let's let's define. We don't need another facebook group that tries to deliver any content. Oh no no no that's exactly why right we went went forward. We need a facebook group of absolute utter garbage uh-huh dumpster fire on purpose literally the group itself is a dumpster fire Yup Yup. If you don't know what we're talking about find the group and add yourself to it you have to answer a couple of questions should be pretty easy stuff. We're really just WANNA kinda. Check and see what's happening. I who's who who's asking to be in right I would say we're playing this rather fast and loose at the moment. We don't really know anything about rules or regulations or anything. So far we give no Fox on in one day after day one that the name of the group is literally just search for this facebook funny shit for dentists and dental team members yeah. That's it and there's been a lot of that today. There has been there has been. I thought to myself today. What am I going to post on this thing and Lo and behold throughout the course of the day about three things that I thought were decent content came up so I think we can? I think we can keep this going. You know something is let's get the group going and then we don't have to really be the ones posting all the time kind of like Alan Jason Yeah in the dental hacks who just kinda let stuff come to us so that's what that's from hoping for sounds like a good idea so find it funny shit for Denison. Don't team members. You WanNa go over our rules rules right quick sure I should probably find them. I'll go over on okay. I'll just read the description kind of proud about this all right lance. Dentistry sucks the lifeforce out of you like a nineteen year old Jenna Jameson Yup here. You'll find a place to vent laugh. Cry Fart be horning and make fun of our pain in the ASS patients golics. Enjoy yourself go nuts. This group is an adjunct to the Tomfoolery of the working interference this podcast the world's best dental comedy podcast podcast rules Josh Lancer influences are are going to save dentistry with memes and Dick Jokes. Don't forget it to we're GONNA make that Benko List one of these days one of these days the thing we're GONNA end up being above spearing coys and it's GonNa make you and I want to kill ourselves. Yeah we will be the problem that we complained about one hundred percent. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy number number to no end words or other races Shit G._T.. F. O. With that I stand by that one. That's a good one now number three feel free to make fun of other people Ad Hominem tax are encouraged just racial shit or no racist racist the shit and we go and number four. Don't try to sell shit here. This group is for Lance and Josh to profit on. Not You now hand over some of that sweet sweet facebook group money. We've heard so much about Yep. I'm looking forward to it. That's what I've been led to believe as you set up a facebook group and then all of a sudden companies just start giving you money. That's what I was told. That's what I mention their products and stuff so you know all of the great companies that want to get talked about. I could do that to hit us up. We we are ripe for the picking sponsorship opportunity. I'm one hundred percent yeah one hundred percent we want in on this gripped as well. We'll see how this goes. I don't know Oh right right now. We don't have a screen shotting policy. That could change you now. We'll figure it out yeah. We will figure it out so yeah the other rule is you have to invite seventeen. What you join you have to invite seventeen other people yup? It's only fair. You have to put yes. It's only fair. This is just really just aping the playbook of Dental Clinical Pearls Yup and you have to also posted a photo of one of your family members on the toilet uh-huh and forget what the other there's another rule that went along with that what it was <hes>. It's been a long day pay attention. Oh Yeah and the dental students are basically posers. We should demean them whenever possible absolutely absolutely and and are groups core value is everyone's sucks but us Yep Hashtag Basha Yeah. I think this is pretty pretty good start yeah for the few hours. It's been live if I think we're going well. Yeah I think so far. We've got some good traction. We've got some stuff going on. It's good it's fun. It's all garbage every single thing on it is garbage just like our podcast exactly like like we want. It exactly like let's just isn't advice you a terrible one. We answer all your questions. We answer questions. We find an all those neat little face for group. Fans are questions from read it win win. We strive to help Denison Dome Team members at their own unique brand of advice so please we need your questions. They are the sustenance we crave. You could submit your questions to working interferences Ed now. We don't want just any question. Do we lance we don't we want a bunch of boring questions like what's the boast dental facebook group because we all know that funny shit for Denison dental team members is the greatest interface group ever. We want the questions at Gordon Christians and cannot answer question. One pretty asks. Hey guys here is a problem. I hired a new assistant five weeks ago have been having issues like cell phone not clocking out for breaks. Today I was working and went looking for her and she was on the Sofa with her phone. I confronted her that in thirteen years of ownership. I never had to say this to anyone again and again her reply was there's always a I really she has. I just told me two days ago that she's pregnant with a picture of the stick but no real medical workup yet. Can I let her go for poor performance or because she is pregnant I cannot do anything technically. She is still on probation Asian. I would say this is a problem lance would you I honestly it's not a problem right. 'cause I fairly simple solution to this one uh-huh but I mean for pretty. It's the problem okay. I'm wondering if in thirteen years is this the first time there's been a separation that <hes> of you're choosing because it doesn't sit doesn't say that but what all my guess is what she means by that is it's the first time she's had to like correct these little yeah what would seem to be pretty obvious things. What's your cell phone policy? I'm pretty for the most part I'm pretty laid back but only because I had anybody being stupid about. It and I'm sure that if I had someone constantly doing something then my I would probably enforce the Li I think when they hire for them. I say you leave your cell phones and then the break room but I usually don't really enforce it that much because they don't really abuse it. It's such a hard policy to have because if you have a like a strict policy yeah you absolutely no that. They're gonNA cheat it. They're gonNA find some way to have it. It will be and also I know you on the boss so I get to do it or the fuck I want but I tend to screw around on my phone between patients too so if I'm not gonNA lead by example then I I'm I feel hypocritical thing. Though we own the damn place right I mean that's why I we should have the ability to be on her phone. You WanNa be on your phone then you own the business right right but I do due partially see where you're coming from yeah so a phones just a problem but my my policies. I don't WanNa have to have a policy. Don't make me have a policy please that that's basically where I where I'm at where I've been <hes>. It just hasn't been an issue but I'm pretty sure that if I found someone who's just breathing air drove me crazy the than them with a phone cell phone out would probably be where I'd start finding a way to enforce the policy and go crazy with it. There's a lot to go through here from pretty eighty. Yeah assistance been there for the assistant has survived for five weeks based on what I'm reading here pretty good. It's pretty generous pretty pretty surprised as the last this long already yeah would not go that far for me no and definitely would not have made it that far for you know so having issues like cellphone. We talked about not clocking out for breaks. I'm curious if that just means the lunch yes if there's like other breaks other than lunch. See that's the thing you would never know and in it's so hard at you wonder if it really is accidentally accidentally or they're finding little ways here and there to be able to milk it because I've I've seen people in the past and this is their way of quote unquote accidentally screwing it up and they will pad the the time clock so you what's the law. In Washington state as far as lunches and breaks and all of that kind of stuff I don't know they they get him lunches. I get I get along but what about outbreaks other than like. They're supposed to forever whatever hours they get a fifteen minute break and things we're we're pretty laid back with it if the pace of my practice is by design fairly laid back and so it's fine you know take a break when you want i. I know that we should say okay. The brakes are officially in the break room and not just in between patients where randomly or things like that we we don't really no one seems to ever really WanNa. Take a break because it's already pretty stress free to begin with breath a break from what true I just like out oh yesterday afternoon I had two rooms. Just go in the whole day or the whole afternoon in I've got to assistance you know other than like while all I'm working in one room in at the other. She's supposed to clock out and go sit in the breaker for fifteen minutes like that's stupid. We don't really do that and yeah thankfully in Texas and God. I'm going to get some kind of Texas Workforce Commission call but yeah also with hygiene. How am I supposed to give a Hijab fifteen minute break yeah? When do they take that like we get an hour and a half lunch so there you go you know there's your there's your lunch? Pleasure assure break together. I don't want to hear about it yeah. Because what am I supposed to like leave. A little slot in between two patients like now stupid right so that wasn't in this question but that kind of made me think about it at lunchtime might team. We'll we'll go sit on the furniture upfront and like just chill. I'm cool with that but like turn the middle of the day dentist is working and they go look up front and the assistant is sitting on the couch and the reception area. That's this this person is is testing the limit your pretty much the more you're giving your enabling this person to be <hes> the boss. They got you under control in five weeks within five weeks. They've controlled you they own you. You're there good of in assistant which someone have to be to get away with this shit in your office. They need to be selling a full mouth recon every freaking week to to earn an like back literal and be able to provisional them without me having to look right. They need to cut the preps of the lasers coming out of there is that's insane this this that person just does not exist that would enable them to have this kind of power our they seem to have over him the back talk of like well. There's always a first that part. I would've lost my shit yeah. It's game over at that point. It's like not only yeah we're here anymore. God so that's rough yeah. The pregnant thing is a new is a new level thing well as well. I talked to a Labor attorney awhile ago. In the uh-huh pregnant people aren't best-protected as people seem to think so. Why would this affect anything as far as their employment exactly? It's not going to do pregnancy if this are the case and maybe it's like this in California I dunno California's into sort of the default state of like well. If there's some crazy law that works in favor of an employee in regards to their employer we everyone just assumes automatically California so that's why bring that up in any state but we all know it's California right that would be like okay so many gets pregnant while they're working for you and now they're locked into their job. That's like sperm tenure at college yeah. That's that's come. Tenure is what that is like. You can't earn come tenure unless it's the dentist baby. That's it unless the dentist is the pregnant in the assistant. I'm pretty sure you're free to cut ties pre in pretty. I believe the female name so I don't think we have to worry about probably not there's always I technically she still on probation right. See that's the other thing that can do whatever right yeah yeah although I'd like to I would be curious to know from a Labor attorney if I if employees signed something that says like I'm on probation for the next ninety days this is not a guarantee of future employment appointment Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah whatever that says if that would actually hold up in a in a workforce case. I wonder I don't know anybody who who has any knowledge about that like hit us up. I feel like enough if people do probation with there has to be some kind of teeth to it right yeah I. I'm pretty sure that it's a kind of a universal acceptance that within this I ninety days you're you're fine yeah. You're free for what I guess that means is that in even estate that's not at will during those I ninety days. It's still it will but again. Take that from Saudi as no earthly idea. If any of this year yeah exactly this is just like I mean this just one hundred percent clearly is not working out. No no this is this is the bad fit cut cut it now. I mean it can only get the work need to be a dental assistant. No there's no scenario which this person survives in dentistry. Now Yeah like a corporate office isn't going to deal with this like we're going to get sort of demerits to death basically right right with that kind of attitude at you know pretty obvious seizes laid back dentist as it get. I guess and that's it ain't working with her like it's not working with pretty. It ain't working with anybody I get it. You have a friend who's dating somebody WHO's like this. Terrible is who's this terrible as this dental assistant is well. I don't have any friends so that okay. That's you know at some point in all of our lifetime like we've known when somebody who's dating somebody this terrible yeah and what's the typical like at least what my thought runs through my head is like what would be your thought running through your head about why somebody would continue to date somebody this terrible oh they they gotta be awesome to Fuck Yeah. It must just a vixen in the sack right like it must be amazing. Got None of that like what what is keeping this person around. There's nothing the thing there's no payoff with this one so literally pretty's goodwill which is stretched yeah further than silly putty on a hot day right stretch Armstrong all my God nothing yeah. It's the answer's simple pretty needs to drop his hammer asap in fact what I would do is I would go on Amazon and I would see if I could find some. I'm Kinda replica of thors hammer there you go. What is it call meal near? You'll Maria is that what it is something like that yeah so the literally the hardest word of the English language to to pronounce thank you marvel for Snotty English. It's supposed trust me well. I get it but like we're coopting it. You gotta just Windsor Locks in Yeah yes we have we culturally appropriated when next time she looks down at her phone you take that door hammer and just smash it and just be like hammer dropped young lady bird. You must first time for everything must vacate premises post-haste you must vacate premises polls taste. You have uh twenty-three schoo- sound like James Cagney see here yeah we'll see here yeah. This little birds been getting away with too much on the clock. Listen a union GIG Dan. Could you imagine if dental assistants unionized. Oh God could you imagine the leadership of Dental Assistant Union just because he you know there's a lot of dental assistants or just Kinda go with the floor or whatever but there's like five percent of them that are just like bloody throated right organizers and rule lustful for any amount of leadership and power they can get. It sounds like Magin. Yes you imagine what that caucus would be like of a dental assistant labor union. Oh Dear God some Popcorn Watson. I say that because like I have no interest in being in a dentist Dennis Labor Union I've done citizen no interest to me a little bit pretty. You got to drop that drop that mule near right on her head you know and also like I don't believe she's pregnant to be honest with you. Now I can I can literally download a picture of a positive pregnancy test up on the Internet right now. You need to run that image that she texted you. I'm assuming on on ten. I like the reverse image search and see. How many times does it appears in the number? One Google image searchers are result for positive pregnancy tests ago. I would not put it pass this person to be just totally one hundred percent lying about that and then in about seven weeks when she quote Unquote Miss Carries Ask for a few weeks off for medical reasons paid of course milk that out now you gotta you gotta you gotTa Seattle Protocol. This is the most Seattle Seattle Protocol we've ever had of all of the Seattle protocols this Seattle protocols wearing a flannel shirt if the Seattle EST yeah it's got Donald. It's got a beard. It's got a cup of coffee. It's got really tight jeans that are tucked into lace up boots and it drives a Prius. Yes that's how Seattle the Seattle Protocol it is. Is there anything more Seattle than maybe they have. A A sounders Seattle sounders knit cap on Yeah Rainier beer in the Cup holder yeah yeah yeah that's this is Seattle as a guest drop that hammer pre job that damn hammer cut and dry question to read it user clueless number seven asks. Have you guys ever found a patient super attractive Intel you peak into their mouths not that you tell them of course just wondering Smiley Face Emoji Lance. I can't say that I have ever found a patient super super attractive and tell you look into their cavity infested gaping maw period Donald Disease activity my sees ten. Oh my seek coma tans gram negative anaerobic mouth an indictment knob bro. I'm good now now. I I've had some really really attractive. People want a brand new smile and then all I'm sitting there thinking as I cannot fuck this up <hes> we can only go down from from here and and then when I looked at their mouth thing now their mouth is a pretty fucking hot too so I've I've seen normally you can kind of profile somebody yeah yeah I it. It does tend to be always ways but was that I mean not always but right right no the most part 'cause I the the ones that are really really attractive. Tend to be people to take care of their shit. They take care of themselves. Yeah it's unfair stereotype and so this is a general generalization realization where you know the L._G._B._T._Q.. To people tend to dress well. It's not entirely wrong right more often than not more often. Not They have a very nice wardrobe in their very thoughtful in their assemblage of their on symbols. Usually I'm yeah I'm trying to think I've I have a handful of very attractive patients and for the most part everything's in pretty good shape yeah whoa what would so. Let's say a smoke show. Let's see a dime piece walks into your office. I what would have to be what would have to be happening. See that's the thing is that they might only be. You know a couple teeth shy of love group. I'm looking at the potential here. That's see I don't think I could I don't think I could. I don't think I could could <hes> but you buckle up for that. Love Group challenge beer like missing laterals. Maybe but missing central's aunt like missing laterals could just be congenital right missing central's and laterals ain't congenital. No Oh no yeah I I'm so let's say Perio uh-huh the well that how bad would the pair you have to be if you can smell them conversationally yeah I'm losing losing points real quick right there so smell is rough but I feel like it's more like Intel you looked in their mouth. So you know anything was off right. You're and you're like wow they're super hot and you don't smell anything. What would have to be there when you open your when they opened their mouth well? There's a video that circulated a while ago and it keeps making his rounds where there's these maggots. It's in that person's gums right that'll do it. I've never seen anything yeah that will absolutely do it but I've never seen anything close to view. No no all right. I feel like all right so you mentioned perio and you mentioned smell if we. We got a bunch of like class to plus three mobile. Teeth on an attractive person like my initial thought is just like there's something off here that I that now no longer. Would I necessarily be it's so perreault is a big part right. I think of of the deal with the Rocky Milky Peruians coming out yeah yeah yeah. That's bad yeah we have. We have a couples friend <hes> when one of my best friends who's who's not a dentist. He's an attorney <hes> but he's looking guy and my team thinks so and he andrew even thinks so. She thinks he's he's. He's he's looking guy. There's a lot of cross fit. He's yoked he played college football the Big Muscular Dude Smart Funny Danta backage jealous except for and I'm not disclosing his name or anything like that so I can't get in trouble running but he's he's got like these weirdly weirdly erupted thirds that are impossible to clean and so he's got deep pockets all around the thirds and then now because of sort of how they're updating around the seconds and even like getting onto the distal part of the first and so like we had to do scaling on uh-huh. I remember like coming home and having to like Andrew. I've got bad news Andrea. I know you think so-and-so's really hot but I just have to tell you I had to do scaling and route planning on him today and like the look on her face was just just like disappointment. Oh Disappointment I. I mean a little bit cleaned up now down so we went there. Were certainly like some some going the ABS- were a little less important at that exact amount right but he went from tend to at nine point nine nine yeah yeah right so yeah. We're we're. We're we're going to get him. All all caught up so good guy. Just should've gotten this Thursday sixteen in ever. Did everything related to the dentist. WHO's one of those guys <hes> which are just a joy? It's always the best part is he's my friends so I can tell them like stopping a pussy shut up. Just sit down and do this and he can't really say anything so perfect. I do have a very attractive patient. WHO's congenitally missing to laterals okay but that's a content like that doesn't really still turn me off all that much? It's like I can fix this. There's no problem I can fix this seriously. I mean put a bag of her head and you're you're fine nine right most of my super hot patients like maybe I will have done a filling or two on yeah. That's kind of it. Yeah yeah all right. Have you seen those youtube videos that are done by consumers about dentures and they're they're always surprisingly young. No there's a there's a couple of there's one that ivoclar teamed up with to Talk Albacore teeth like they found her blog or whatever about her denture nightmare or whatever and Iva Clark set her up at the prostate honest and donated all the teeth and the denture base and all that kind of stuff okay and one of those sort of denture bloggers loggers is is pretty attractive okay with obviously with dentures in. Would that be like a massive thing for you like let's say let's say you're single and you're only possibility to date. Is Your patient base obviously supremely unethical and we're throwing all that out of it. This is just a weird desert island pathetic sure you're single. You're only potential. Today is people in your patient base. You have a ten but the ten has has dentures where you add on that yeah. I could probably look past that. I think you look I probably I have to say they'd have to have a lot other ships. We're seeing attend so we're we're assuming so many other physical rights were suing. Each are all online mental emotional. All that stuff is great. There's a great connection yeah all that stuff is jiving great and then you find out last-minute dentures. Yeah I mean if if everything's check all the way down the list until you get to that yeah I feel like I could. Maybe maybe do it for that man if there were anything off yeah and dentures it's tough yeah I think that's that's protest but immune ninety nine percent of time. They're embarrassed about two. They would never want you to see them with a patient. She husbands never seen her without her teeth and ever right well. That's really weird. I mean I you know you hear that all the time and it just like how do they yeah. I guess there's a lot a lot of time in the bathroom. After eating corn on the I know something yeah. The interesting thing that I think about this question is <hes> I left it the tag at the end not that you tell of course just wondering which part are we not supposed to exactly. Hey you're super attractive or hey. I thought you were super attractive. Open your mouth and now I don't think so anymore. Both of those are really tough things for the open your mouth yeah that that always goes over well. Oh my God yeah that's not that's not a wise way to start a conversation with holy practice builder. Let me see if I could find this this read it user. 'cause I'm curious about other stuff if this is this seems such a weird question that I'm curious about what other are possible things this <unk> they've got fifty two thousand Karma points on read it and they've been on reddit since July twenty seventeen. Let's see what's in here instagram reality nobody separated. I want no part of right fasting. I guess this is a separate at about different kinds of fasting like intermittent fasting and that's the only kind of fasting that I know yeah so again not supernet lot of this instagram reality stuff. Which <hes> I you know just so? I'm so done with instagram. It's funny. Nothing really great here Lisa. I'm not in the dark web trying to figure you're out how to kill themselves. Lots of post in reality T._V.. Cigarettes like Ninety Day fiance on <hes> love of <unk> after lockup who this is shit said do a lingo says. I don't know if that is what is do a lingo. Yeah I don't know I guess it's an APP. Oh well all right. I think I'm too old and white okay yeah. Apparently it's an APP that helps you learn another language. Oh all right. Rosetta stone is right out <hes> no longer yeah. We don't use that shit anymore a lot of instagram reality. Oh my God she posted assuming it's a female she posted something in the separate of Nice guys okay and it's a text thread that somebody had sent. Her male says I will wear a condom every time she responds. Are you currently high and or drunk. I just explicitly said I'm not interested in that yet. You're still asking somehow you think you're being respectful. Lull he replies. I'm somewhat sober or I'm completely sober actually and then she says I believe you just making a point. He says I just thought I could maybe convince you on a good guy. Yeah I mean goodguys totally just text women. Hey you WANNA hook up. I'll wear a condom everytime that's something that good guys do a lot. Ha is wow orange is the new black and then that's the that means a guy in okay yeah. That's a tough one. Wow here's a good one in the separated of Creepy PM's okay creepy creepy personal messages so here's one that she got man says women. My Age don't generally have enough energy for me. I also WANNA child so I must state younger women so I can so when I find the right one that can happen. She says all right. I'm going to have to pass. Thanks for the offer. They'll all the best he replies with wish we could just fuck Jeez cool cool. Hey how about let's not. Let's make it our goal to not end up in that creepy P._M.. Yeah yeah that's that's a good idea worthy goal yeah yeah so we spent a lot of time on that. I think we jump into the next one yeah read it user nine J.. Seven Hod asks and that's a terrible read it name just yeah. That's that's not a good one. My five favorite dental dentistry related jokes opinions gins here on my five favorite dentists related jokes that I've stumbled across. Let me know what you think in feel free to comment your own personal favorites joke one. Did you hear about the Buddhist to refuse to have an anesthetic injection when he was going for filling. Apparently he wanted to transcendental medication okay now. That's the best one defy hi God joke to what does dentist of the year get a little plaque. These are putting dead jokes to shame yeah. I told you one was the best one <hes> God God three. Why did the dentist makeup poor date with the manicurist because they fought both tooth and nail? Kill me for this what I just don't even understand what's a dentist favorite emotes to us when they play fortnight the floss I literally understand nothing okay so you you've seen people do the floss. It's this weird dance thing where they should. They hip make their hips. Go sci-fi and they're okay so the dance yeah right that what's an e Moat and fortnight is a game yeah I but I think when you when you win your characters can do are these weird dances and one of them is the floss that's stupid. That's stupid joke. Yes this one's not terrible but it's inaccurate and we could tweak it okay. Why did the yellow a yellow tooth not find the white tooth's jokes funny because he was already dead inside? I feel like if you made that gray tooth yeah. Why did the gray tooth not find the white tooth jokes funny because because he was already dead inside that not to get like super technical literature on this shit butter that makes me that that to me is a better joke than the yellow tooth yeah they call it ever hear people call it the the milk tooth milk tooth yeah yeah south so gross yeah sounds so gross <hes> all of those are terrible joe terrible terrible jokes and if I had a patient come in and try to tell me those I would probably just divorce them? Get them out of my off. It never welcome back. I'm fine with him. His patience is just that their fee goes up there. Go that's better I have to you have to pay more for me to deal with that yeah. I've dealt with worse than I will. I will deal with worse. I don't have a problem with it. I've got a few that yeah. I'm just waiting for the now just paying more. It's not fifty percent more. You're paying like seven percent more yeah. It's it's a thing it's called the pita fee and yeah earn exactly you're earning it with these jokes. <hes> someone else does make the yellow kind of <hes> <hes> the yellow is not quite accurate on that <hes> he then wrote his six favorite one in the comments which is the best the the worst dental joke ever okay. What do you you call a bear with no teeth? I don't know a gummy bear God so yeah. I should have seen that one. Yeah I do like read it user extended Solo. Oh who replied ive compiled a list below of my favorite dental jokes and then it's just blame seven lines blank space is exactly right urfi. None of them are good. No none of them are good. No none of those are good for sure exactly exactly but it's just impossible have good dental related jokes like that all right so you have a patient in the a chair okay that patient needs like ten by six veneers okay ten upper six hours okay. They're ready to pay Yup. They're they're right near the check today. If you can just closed the deal all right and they tell this joke they tell anyone of this show. I'm laughing AZOFF. Give me your best Lance Timmerman fake laugh. Oh did I would hear from the other opportunity. No you can't yeah it's painful and I don't want to subject any listeners both of them to listen to that <hes> horrible peace of mind okay. That's that's good. That's really good. Thank you for that. Thank you really. Appreciate brightened my day. Thank you so much as those good yeah. You know that was way more than I probably would have no. I'm you know that's that's definitely kind of Glenn Close Yeah <hes> sort of <hes> Meryl Darrelle Streep Action. I mean come on giving something a little bit more subtle but a little deeper land with some introspection. Maybe throw defy in there well like I what I'm thinking about with that like I if Meryl Streep or playing a dentist and that were the situation nation I could picture her kind of kind of given a chuckle laugh like and then just sort of looking off into the distant like imagining her dead son or just and just for a second right just that sort of pause is and look off into the distance for a second. That's the Meryl Streep Role. Yeah I gave it a little bit more of a Glenn close kind of fatal attraction a little bit a little bit more Moshe a little bit more aged and over the top but I I feel like I you know it's sort of like taking your free throw in game seven and N._B._A.. Finals you know I'm not going to air ball that one right right if anything I'M GONNA break it off the backboard because my journal it makes me shoot it so hard right right right this. I feel like my my initial reaction to that trying to close that day would be the overreaction opposed to the underreaction. Yeah Yeah could see. We're we're rich. You think you play the under. I I've probably been doing the the minor giggles all along so I'm selling it. I'm pre- selling it with all the other groundwork Marnie lane along the way you're building up your social equity absolutely absolutely making in deposits into the emotional Banca cats the way that's the way right up until they signed their green sky financial form in the check clears but and then after that it's it's I I do not have time for this bullshit yeah. I'm sorry you're dead to me. I got your money. You're like the great to did to me. That's a better dental joke than any of those that you saw featured by. I Nine J Nine J. Seven H. O. D. Win twitted stunning to no problem this person's only only post ever on red and really no. That's the one that's the one that brought you to read it. Wow Wow that is baffling to me. Holy cow that is the one wonder if it some <music> influencing dentists. That's trying to test out some stand up material. Please don't please don't I got I got a call or I got a a message on a potential GIG that I think is is a possibility to do something. I wanted to do completely fresh indifferent what I've been doing about <hes> I really really just honestly think the title of it is emotional shit in dentistry. Oh and it's just thirty to forty minutes like I may not even have any slides or just a handful of slides and just GONNA get real deepen raw about what this damn profession does to you every day or what it can do to you every day so I don't know I'm going to see details on that same agenda and we've talked about this kind of thing before Oh yeah and this might be the room to try occas see so so he might be getting together to put together some stuff or going in right but yeah yeah. I think it would be the most like just stand up that I would've ever done okay so we'll see like I said there. Maybe a couple slides or something like that in there but I think for the most part is just going to be spoken word into the Mike just me and the audience just many honest. I'm thinking no suit for that one. What do you think yet? Maybe just stand up in a suit like Dennis Miller. I guess like but that's not yeah. I don't know I mean most guys to stand up in like jeans and a black T. shirt right right. I feel like Burger. That's actually really good idea my plus the hamper costume costume cowboy and I don't remember what else is best. I think I just remember the cowboy hat. There's a vest involving Holy Shit. I'm just GonNa do Hamburgers Act and see if anybody says anything. I don't think they will get what he knows enough of a jeeze if you started doing Eddie Murphy Raw. I'm pretty sure it'd be like that's Eddie Murray right right. I don't think anybody's going to be like that's Haber. Jono you start going especially if they would've never talked about Hanbury Jones on the show literally. No one would have ever know that there was a hamburger Jones who would not have busted alternate reality universes and all that kind of stuff. I think you're right shit. Let's any favorite dentistry related jokes that were not on here. You WanNa add not a single one. What are the dentist state of the Assistant? Ah Fuck you mule near Bitch. You're fired. Put Down your phone. Get off my so. I don't care if you're fake pregnant or nine meal near. I feel like that's the that's the new way to you say you're fired because of all the trump fired as like the trump catchphrase from two thousand four whatever so that there's you know. I feel weird saying that so. I'm whenever I fire somebody. I'm just GONNA say meal near the perfect. It just means the hammers dropped perfect it nice. I think it's going to do it for. I think that's GonNa Cheese. That's GonNa be that's going to about do it for us. What I even say there I like had a stroke? I'm so sorry I don't know but I think you're right. It should be done. I need you to check my vital all signs and see if my I am I right people as dilated all right way. It's you have any friends you could share this. I don't you said that earlier. What's wrong with you? This is Dan Profession and soul sucking ducks the soul out of you like in nineteen year old Jinnah Jamison Yeah apparently a lot of young people don't know who Jinnah Jameson is and I feel lost for society. Oh well if you have friends share this at them. Let them know about the show you might have some demented framed out there who may enjoy the shenanigans and Tomfoolery that we have here. Maybe what let's show so we grow swollen listener anytime grassroots rate review. What's your favorite number lance big fan of five greatest Seattle Mariner number five any idea Robinson can no no? He's Zik knows that twenty four trying to think if there's been any great Seattle Mariners Number Fives <hes> Brayden bishop is the current number five <hes> no four the Seattle Mariners Mariners. Let's look at Rigo twenty-one players all time on the Seattle Mariners who are number five brain bishop gear Mo- Arabia Brad Miller Chris Jiminez Mike Sweeney UH UNESCO bettencourt Jose Drew Adrian Beltway in two thousand five hundred good yeah bettencourt was good too good as a freaking hall of fame lands and I will I will slap you with a dueling dodgers. Yeah Rangers actually <hes> he had he had like one transcendent earth the dodgers after that his best with the Rangers John Olerud the Guy who wore the batting helmet to feel really what I know why he has the helmet though right yeah held like some kind of seizure disorder to have an aneurysm and they yeah on the mound. I think that's a tough luck. Rowley genius was awesome. Carlos Skiing Lee Tinsley Eric Anthony Bret Boone Food Dave Valley Jeff burroughs lots of lots of good five better better five in the mariners than of a sonics for the seahawks are for the super better FIS for the mariners than the Supersonics for sure so lens is a big fan of John old route so in order to honor that in his seizure disorder and to bring awareness to that police rating reviews with five stars. I tuned Stitcher spotify Pod Bean your flicking through pod being flick by stars hit us up of the web working inferences dot com has all the social bullshits facebook working in a for instance Josh and Lance facebook group that I don't even remember the name of right now funny Shit <hes> for Dentists Dental Team members you can you can find us instagram at interferences twitter at interferences. Let's can be found on instagram at D._R.. Timmerman D I can be found on Instagram at Joshua Austin D._S.. When it's I believe it is my turn for assault on your turn so this is kind of your typical song that he didn't really no this artist and it only thing about until they started playing at a ton on Sirius X._M.? All Nation Okay and it's pretty hot song on there now and I like it a lot. Every time it comes on. I find myself turning it up so I think that's a that's a <music> a good thing. That's a good sign yeah yeah. It's a very good sign. The the name of the band is apso facto and the song is named dissolve will all right. It's a good one. I think you're GONNA enjoy it. I don't know anything about them. Let's look them up right. Quick just because we like to do a little history abso facto abso facto man I'm looking for them on on wikipedia and they are like not on there that fresh there that fresh so they do have a biography in history on our website called all music dot com so I don't know if this is accurate abso facto. Is this solo project of Song Writer. Our producer Jonathan Vinegar on visger became a fixture of Michigan's indie rock scene which I know you're a huge fan now land and into began recording his solo work under the name APSO facto so he's from Michigan the rest of it is all just bullshit <hes> so hey all we need to is not a wikipedia now there. He's from Michigan. It's apparently one guy and here's as a here's the song dissolve with that yeah cool well for Lance Chairman this Joshua Austin piece celebrate the foreskin we build a film I just WanNa at you and in the in the sand certain shot and watch gigging enjoy changed Okinawa testings it is and watch me own again in the sand travel just.

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