Episode 46: Cash Warren Film Producer, Entrepreneur (Pair of Thieves Clothing)


It to the habits and Hustle podcast a podcast and uncovers the rituals unspoken habits and mindsets extraordinary people podcast powered by habit nest. Now here's your host Jennifer Cohen. So we we have a really cool guest on habits and Hustle. Today we have cash Warren Cash. Worn is an entrepreneur. And he's also so the husband to this little person you may have heard of Jessica Alba and but you know slow to myself. You know yourself either. You've got some some great credits behind you thank you thank you for having me. Thanks for inviting endure. I onto the treadmill. Hey listen I'm happy to have you and and I actually am surprised to hear that you're not like a big workout person. I thought you were going to be better at that than I am. I really like my dad and But I just started getting back into it which I'm excited about. My energy levels are picking up. Good is awesome. I I started to feel a little bit lackadaisical lethargic and so I was like maybe the eighteen months off was the best thing for me. Take the eighteen months off laziness. Oh okay leads. The three kids company you know very like my dislike happens and that became less of a priority but now it's moved back on the charts. Well that's really good. That's what happens though one day turns into eighteen months and quickly next thing you know right you you're huffing and puffing at one mile and therefore you it's not to say you are worse but feeling my heart rate is. I've moved into one point five. I've tried to keep up. That's good. There's always these handlebars to if you if you need them. Just giving you some option. I mean that's all so let's talk about your career so you know you're you're impressive. UNC Yale right you ever right and you're also in the music in the film business for a year so I yeah I grew up in Los Angeles. I went to a crossroads high school in Santa Santa Monica hospitals and then I went to Yale back in new haven which was an amazing experience for me but I couldn't hack that weather so as soon as I graduated I moved back home to L. A.. And have been added. Ever since I first graduated worked at William Morris Talent Agency so I started out as an assistant and a talent agency now in the mail room as a trainee and and had a blast. But I knew being an agent wasn't really for me And how long were tate. How long were you in a Senator William Moore's for about a year And I worked without. I worked for really powerful person. They're telling it is named Jim Wives. Who's the CEO and Chairman of William? Moore's at the time and I was his assistant sitting inside of his office and a funny story everyday around around eleven o'clock. There's this apartment building on Charleville. Right across the street from William Morris and around eleven. This guy would come outside with his hair all tasseled coffee stains ain't on his white t shirt and his boxer shorts and you'd stand outside and smoke a cigarette without a care in the world and I would see the way Jim would look at this guy with like envy because he was like look like basically kind of thinking like how simple of life is that how wonderful it was at my seat. I'm like wait. Everyone in this building wants to be you. Jim and you WANNA be that that guy I don't want to. I need to get off this hamster wheel and so that's a really interesting story because it's true. People never really know what goes on behind closed doors right and people glad over glamorize or over glamorized. Hollywood right yes. I liked that story very helpful for me so I took off from there and I started working with this director. Tim Story who is an up and coming director he had just had a movie called barbershop. And so a young kid from La Young Guy from La. And I started tired of working with him and I was his assistant. Slash Director of development opened find new projects. And and so that took me out of the office out of William Morris and I got go on location and start making movies which was a black well. You know it's first of all working for Jim Wyatt. who was like a huge powerhouse? Tim Story everyone knows that is both people people would know. How were you able to get for people who are not working in Hollywood? Those are coveted position. So how did you even get those opportunities. Unity's so I I got an interview at William Morris like if you apply putting sending your resume when you're first graduating you have no work experience. So they're really looking for words. You go to school and do you have any relationships with the agency which I didn't but I got an interview. Probably because the Yale thing started out in the mail our with about fifty other trainees and there was one thing I did that for. Some reason allowed me to get promoted over everybody else pretty quickly to Jim's desk. which when you get when when you're in the mail room you district delivering mail and delivering packages from one office to the next? And Jim's off has asked me to go Fedex something for them. And so I took the package went and Fedex it and then all I did was xerox the tracking code and bring that back to the office. They could track their package and they flipped dowd like no one has done this year promoted and so in two days I got promoted to Jim. Wyatt's desk and I was just the simple thing of following following up. I guess but also you went. You went that extra little mild maybe the other people. The show is something about your character about your. You know your work ethic. I think that makes that would make sense. I think we look for the in all the young talent. Yeah that that were hiring and stuff is somebody that just does that little something that separates rid some from the pack and Tim Story was a client of the agency. And so when I was when I knew I didn't want to be in agent. I wanted to leave I. I asked all the agents in the building. Do you have any young clients. That would be nice for me to go partner up with and worked for and so I interviewed with a bunch of different people and I. I was fortunate that I got to meet him at the right time right place. But he wasn't as big at that point. You know right. He had that one movie Uvi man and so everyone was like wait. You're leaving Jim. Wyatt's office to go work for this underlying director and I was like yeah. He's awesome and so he only had barber shop at the time but then when I jumped on board. That's fantastic four directed. Which is when I met Jessica and it's now about onto do I think I read some MM staff the other day that he has more franchises to his credit than any other director in the history of Hollywood or something along really? It's like him Spielberg I want to say. It's like crazy that level you will. I mean yes. Franchises movies of his that have been turned into sequels goals or the the third installment into fantastic four. He had barber shop. I don't I can't even think I can't remember and that's how you met your wife. That's how I met my wife in Vancouver. Yes I'm Canadian. So yeah we're in candidate we'll have you heard of Winnipeg you have don't say I love what you say yes. Of course you're you're you'd be surprised. Most people know what are your h. l.. Winnipeg jets jets. Yes yeah good. Yeah so from and then lived in Toronto for most of my adult life by most of my tweet will when I was eighteen. Until O'Gara Gra but or seventy three. Anyway the point is I'm Canadian so Vancouver I get so much time there in Vancouver. Yes I have family there. I've been there few times but there's a very different vibe Vancouver is kind of like the La you know of of Canada And Toronto's very much like New York East Coast and I won't have been there but I should say that Toronto Montreal we all like that side is much more like my thing. Yeah we'll because my family's all there and like yeah I think I think beautiful scored I love it. I love everyone from La. I guess it makes sense that I felt at home there. I Love Vancouver. Lived there for about six months straight and and we just had. We locked out that it was a June to December. So we've got random summer fall and then didn't really have too much cold toward the end. But wow they barely even I mean for for I grew up. It's like minus forty. Can you plug in your car if you want to drive the next day. Can you imagine heated heated. You can't it's like you would not like to keep an eye on but if you don't plug it in it won't start that cools. whoa yeah isn't going to places in the car you wouldn't you wouldn't have to know in La? I mean it's a whole whole different thing in fact actually when I moved to La you know over time your your blood. Whoops your blood sins? It doesn't Matter Your Blunt thins because you become like not used to that weather anymore. Yeah and so yeah the why. What made you go to Yale from? La Yeah I was really excited to try some none of my friends from high school. We're going there I was really excited to try something new. Try some different Meet New People and not reinvent myself but in high school I was a jock played sports known as like an athlete and no one really five. Ah Man and they can see you now. Now it's on a fifteen incline. Oh exact well well. Well we'll say and nobody knew I got straight A.'s. In High School I just kind of book I just did my books and but I played sports and so I was excited to go to a school where I can kind of rebrand myself and and and I didn't play sports in college so I just and so. I don't know I was just excited to try something different. How was it growing up here? I mean what was your experience because I think that down with an actor right so you erase surrounded by this type of data detainment world. Yes I I loved growing up here I think. La's incredibly notably diverse city and there's a lot to offer you a lot of nature. You'll see aside from the traffic which is progressively gotten worse. As I've gotten an older but I really I loved. I loved growing up here. My Dad was an athlete I at. Ucla play basketball for legendary coach coach. John Wooden John. What end yeah yeah he plays for? He's he's my. My Dad wouldn't favorite or favourite favor player or he calls him the smartest Mary ever coached. Or you see that's a compliment. Your very close. They and they growing up. They still eat breakfast weekly. I would would have breakfast and coach wooden and my dad can. We're very very close before he passed before wouldn't pass wow And so then he was an actor. Television actor Hillstreet. Blues Right Hillstreet. Blues Homework did. FRESH WAR AIn't Kale. Yeah yeah but I loved it here. I thought there was just a there was something for everyone and there was enough to keep still make sure you are well. Rounded founded hopefully right and my mom lives in France and so she moved to France six six years old so I split. I Live with my dad here and I would spend vacations in front in France with her so like five months a year. I was over there and so that gave me like a really cool perspective on America like a little bit outside outside or look back for five months of the year year in France in France. My homework obviously was not that good because I did not know that yes grow from six years the whole till I was thirteen. Spend that much time and then thirteen eighteen one month a year. Maybe something like because of school and sports started taking over okay. Is that why you stayed in the US when you with a split is only with the mom right. It was weird. I was so young that I don't really remember how it all shook out like. My mom would ask me. Do you want to me. I would say yes and my dad rast me and I would say yes. And so fortunately As adults they were able to figure out some amicable solution. And you just kind of split your time. Jeff Wow that makes you very worldly though and cultured looking bag going through. It was really difficult. Just not having both parents there but looking back it was a credit for a lot of WHO I am today. And like why Y.. Yeah so very fortunate for it now. Inside that's amazing. And Wow so then. How did you go and ricochet from now? You're with working with Tim Story doing all these great movies and then kind of move past all that entertainment South into being a successful entrepreneur who are like. What was the path like that so at maybe I was like twenty five years old? I've been working with him for a couple of years and a good friend of mine that I grew up with name Baron Davis WHO's an NBA basketball player and he reached out to music. I need I need some help them. Financing these movies and I don't know where are they are and he just wanted some some like a buddy of his to help him out kind of producing and so I sat down with him and we chatted about what we would do together and we kind of formulated. This plan that we would love to tell stories that we were passionate about things that we grew up kind of curious about and that you know there was a real opportunity for us to do something somewhat disruptive in the entertainment space so we partnered up. I left him. It was very sad but I left him and Barron and I partnered up and we started our production company and we then started doing documentaries like bloods and crips made in America. The Christian so a documentary is a legendary skater. The we the closing up for an emmy or when we got shortlisted for an academy the award. I think we got nominated for. News and DOC is in Dhaka Emmy and and it was really well received received. We're in a bunch of film festivals with it. We took it Sundance and the film festival and the coolest part about it. A company ended up securing securing the rights to it where they built curriculum around it. And it's it's now in colleges about that 'cause it's really the history of the bloods and the crips and how the bloods crips came to be. And it's it's kind of like a definitive peace on the history of the blood in Los Angeles and so it's now being taught in curriculum in colleges and which is really exciting. Now I I wish I could out because I even very fascinated when you even when I moved La. I knew then what a huge which thing that is right the whole thing and I like to I would like to know that the history and the back end of how it all kind of evolved. I mean simply you know black people back then couldn't join the boy a boy scouts. There were there. Weren't these clubs outlets for for young. Black Kids Ed's boys because racism and segregation and all these other things and so they formed their own clubs and that morphed into over time what we now is the bloods and the crips but originally was because there was no other structural structured outlet right for youth in the inner city in La and so they had to they create something create something that they thought was reflection of what they were looking at right not knowing that it would morph into what it has today it was. It's really fascinating it was very eye-opening And it was specifically are particularly interesting Barron and I because bearing in south central I grew up in Westwood and at a very young age. We kind of were made aware of kind of different. The value that's placed on human life just based on where you're born and shit you. I have no control over. It's really just kind of luck of the draw that right play in my family and him in is and so. We really wanted like those kind of that intersection section or that kind of the that. That was really the driving force why we wanted to make that drain particular and then I think it strikes a lot of course though because I think people see that a lot of it is like luck of the draw like where you were born versus somewhere else changes the trajectory of Your Life Path right and sometimes you don't get the opportunities we were like. Oh Yeah it's not just hustle hustle sometimes even given those opportunities based on such arbitrary. Things are ninety nine wrong right absolutely and it's like how fragile life is and how you're always forced to choose path or choose pat be and and not knowing that that's the path that you're going to continue and so it's so true like it sliding doors you know like you just do a little bit and then takes a whole new thing doors open new opportunities open. I always talk about how life's a lot like just about momentum and so a lot of people get stuck in. I don't have the thing that I'm passionate about her. I don't know what I love and I don't know what I meant to do. And my advice is always like just take that first step because you never ever know what opportunities it will open new doors. It's just amount. It's like a nursing and some momentum first of all cash it's very. It's like very serendipitous that you say that undoing a Tedtalk on Sunday okay and my whole talk about that a moment. Yup and that's it's all about like people wait to life is all momentum and that's how things kind of keep on going and pilot but you can't sit and ponder and deliberate because there's no inertia and yes yeah. Nothing's nothing's ever perfect not don't over think it because if you do it still won't be perfect until Dion Lewis to just put it out there vulnerable. You know it was one hundred percent like that's exactly like there is no such thing as perfection and sometimes the imperfection is what's perfect you know and I'm doug to garden I around Atlanta. Yeah congratulations. Oh we could talk about the beyond beyond here right now. I cut the day short because I have to practice in the very end. It's exciting. It's all but like spreading teaching people certain thing and it's it's a big platform and it's just them nervous can lie. I'm not I mean it's exciting but anyway this is about you. This is okay. So let's let's continue so then. Okay now you have this. You did all these docs s and then how did it go from from that too. Well we're at your. Did you have a sock and a sock and underwear company. You've had a lot of successes beef between that documentary and to the company so I guess the end of entertainment for me was I started to feel like zone a hamster wheel and that every process. That's interesting I did. I was lucky but it still felt like I was learning. I wasn't growing that every project that I was starting. It was starting from scratch and it was just could spend six years on a documentary and when it comes out nobody really cares about it and it was just like it was difficult for me and so just like I just wasn't that motivated to continue. I I started a youtube channel. Hannele called the knock. I sold that to vice and it became vice sports And and that kind of gave me a moment where I was like. What else would I wanNA WANNA do it? I'd always been passionate about products and building brands and wanting to build a brand. I'd never done it though so I figured like this was a good time to do it. And so Reached out to another kid I went to crossroads with Allan Stewart and I was like. Hey I want to start a sock grant at the time. All men's dress socks really really thin. Nylon like dress socks. That like your shoe. You would like slipping in your shoes all over and so I found myself always wearing nike drive hyphen running socks underneath those nylon and to make them more comfortable and I was like Alan like I don't understand why we can't make a dress sock. That's also really comfortable. And he's like I agree so we he's created much like myself and so we spent about a year coming up with brand names and brand creative and all this stuff that we would do with a brand grandba- who didn't know how to make anything. We did not manufacture products. But you're not gonNA make it. He said now goes. I went to Carl. I went to UCLA. With this David Ehrenberg. He's spent in his whole career in manufacturing and sales Why don't we reach out to them and see if he can be of any help and so reach out David and met with David and sure enough? The three of us and partnered up and within a couple months David said. Here's we got a flight. This part in China. Let's go meet with these people. Let's go figure out a way and so we had our products and the it felt like the train was moving a little bit. Well what year was this that you're talking like in two thousand and thirteen two thousand twelve two thousand thousand thirteen okay. So that's like six six or so years ago. Yes yes about seven years ago years ago. Yeah Two thousand twelve. So seven years ago and David other business he had he worked with target already. He was manufacturing bike helmets and sporting goods and wiffle balls also for target and he said I'm Flying Minneapolis to me with them about the other companies. Should I try to meet the sock buyer and this is an example of kind of like I'd rather have like a mediocre idea with great timing then like a great idea with bad timing because the buyer at target gave him five minutes in the lobby she was like in between meetings he he just had a deck. He showed her the first two slides and shoes. Like this is so great. This is exactly what I've been mandated to find. Why don't I give you a test? Run in two hundred seventy seventy stores in the spring of two thousand. This is two thousand fourteen and we're sick. David calls as twenty minutes later he goes. I've never had this happen. But she just gave us a test. Run in two hundred seventy stores and we're like oh my gosh so now huge tests which has a huge test run and so we we did it. The cool thing about pair of the one of the is that I was also really tired of raising capital. I was tired of being beholden to investors. I tired of board meetings for for no reason. I was tired of kind of needing to project what this was gonNA turn into before. It actually did so I wanted to start a business that I could sell fun that we could self fund with very little capital up front and if it works great if it doesn't no harm no foul haven't lost a bunch of money for other other people which does not feel good feels terrible. I hear that a lot of people out of entrepreneur. Say That right like it's it's exhausting number one and it's like that's really one Rondos burnout because you have the pressure constantly on like basically like if you're going to if you're going to lose somebody else's millions of dollars so you do you sell you guys all cells on this. We each put in twenty six hundred dollars. That's it yeah. And so we started twenty six hundred dollars and we made our first samples also and we got our first order and we have somewhat so you guys put in two thousand six hundred as you go. Get your samples. Have this meeting with the target woman. She gives us contest or a good timing. Timing timing is very important and now you have some momentum behind you right and then you then you gotta make a huge run. That's it's two hundred seventy store. Yes how many are you now with the volume on that. So that was a big first order for a company that funded and so what you have to do get clever you have to be clever so we were able to You know favorable terms that are manufacturer because when you have a company like targets like a purchase disorder from a company. Like that you'll get you can get credit fairly easily. Because it's they're they're not going under and so we're able to cut favorable terms that are manufacturers and suppliers and then we're simply put we're able to cut nets thirty deals with our manufacturers and suppliers net sixty deals with target and or an the other way around thirty target and that sixty with our manufacturers and so that enables us to then take the money from target to then just pay our manufacturing in fact we didn't have to come out of pocket. How many pairs did they order? The first order wasn't too big because we only had sixteen styles we've got end in caps sixteen styles. I WanNa say the first order was maybe seventy grand or a hundred grand or something like that and so's is relevant. It was still pretty big. A big like seventy grand seventy thousand Saux or seventy thousand in rat in the mound. A purchase order was like seventeen okay and then we launched in spring of two thousand fourteen. Fortunately did really well. And so. By the fall of two thousand fourteen fourteen we expanded to all eighteen hundred stores eighteen hundred targets and this is a time when we're running the business completely remote. We have no employees. He's no office. No overhead David was living in Santiago Chile Allen was living in Portland Oregon and I was in Los Angeles and so we would fly to Minneapolis. Pretend we're this well oiled machine like let's give that to our head of developing. Let's give that tour lead designer and it was just doing everything. So how oh you selling all these socks and what was the marketing behind it. Like what how did you get the word out all social so we didn't have marketing budgets. We didn't have any. Did you just go couple of story match me here. Okay good right now. I'm at point one client. That's the only go to this speed you got I'm at like Gutu incline or one. Six one eight at what inclines burn points. I've gone point seven eight seven eight. Lamar me two point. Seven nine one six or eight. Okay now I'm not at one eight ish okay. So now what was I saying you also mediate. You said social. So what did you did did host and Jessica polls and you're to France. Did you get a lot of your friends who have a lot of big falling. Suppose Yeah and then we have and we started gifting product out to varies influencers. And the whole thing they would post just the whole thing that everyone does and so you think so what so. What are your thoughts on that like? How could companies literally like? You've seen it yourself right like you can actually like legitimately carry a business based on the marketing of the power of social media. You know I think that we benefited a lot from and we continue to the foot. Traffic and a target store. Brick and mortar is. The is traffic that we don't have to pay for is. Are you know people that were not. We're not pushing that traffic frank target and so the amount of eyeballs that go onto your product inside of a store like that or are substantial is advertising budgets. You have to put in place on the. I'm not social media but like mainstream advertising to him so yeah I like to target to make a deal with you guys or who puts puts the money in to guess promote the products in that right because these big stores are such giants they can also like they can crush shoe. If you don't sell product right can they can return it. Yes right yes. So how are they like how. You're lucky you cure. There's no no way my way around right now. We got totally lucky. Ourself throughs where we're and they worked really well and so we weren't. We didn't have to handle discounts and buybacks margin guarantor. All this stuff that can buy in the acid the Anita we got we got fortunate that are super strong and we were really going after white space on their floor. Meaning we identify there. 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This is kind of the premium offering and so we care a lot about the quality still affordable but we care a lot about the quality and we care a lot about the design. We weren't going after kind of novelty pudding. You know cat kittens on or like stashes on this or UNICORNS. We were looking at fashion and we were trying to create great designer socks and it resonated with that audience and so in a short amount of time we've gone from making sixteen socks per season. He's in two hundred 's our our presence now is pretty substantial we have twelve feet in all eighteen hundred stores twelve twelve feet feet of shelf space and we continue to to grow which is awesome. So you're not just in target L.. You're in a bunch of stores. Yes so we so the goal was always to After getting getting off the ground target we wanted to elevate the brand and create more value for that customer but also elevate the brand and so using our website pair of thieves dot com and then starting to work with urban outfitters Anthropology Infra Policy and Pac Sun and opening ceremony was one of the second retailer which was we only did one program program with him but it was really influential boutique in action space and so Opening ceremony let us go into their stores which was awesome Selfridge's in the UK and we've been working with for four or five years. We have about thirty different retailers that we work with with pair of thieves nordstroms was always kind of like our holy grail rail. That was always like we want to figure out a way to get into Nordstrom's we nordstrom's that would be so awesome. Say That you know. They have great customer Regulations Relations Clean Aesthetic and they get they get and so working with them as kind of a stamp of approval. It's like whole foods for food. Would I guess right totally absolute and we got an which is exciting. We just launched this month. Thieves gold with Nordstrom so it it just went into stores like in central saying Grove and everything which is a thank you so much they told us no for two years and we just we always. I think we takeoff yet. I'm so stay that stayed at. We're it finally paid off. That's one thing that was starting business. You have to have thick skin because you hear no more then. Even though the the luck of how we started pair of thieves. We've heard no more than we've heard. Yes along the way but you just got to roll with it. And if you're really if you're if you're steadfast ED fast and if you're determined to make something happen you can find a way to make it happen. You just have to get creative. A good examples are blackout wideout. Actually so that's a multi Deepak of white Sox multi-track black socks that we sell news. I don't have them over here but those are nice. They're great and so it's just multi packs of white and black socks walks we. I picked that program to target. They said No. You're a fashion brand and we don't need more white socks. They have a ton of them and we knew. ooh That's where all the most of the sales are in solids. Most of the sales are in basically every day kind of things and so we looked the landscape and we were like we have to make cool and we have to figure out a way instead of just we call it a blackout wide out. We attached to give back components for every pack. Doc we sell. We donate three pairs of socks. The homeless like Bomba's we love what they're doing. Yeah we're champions of the give back movement and so that's a big one right now. I feel a lot of brands are doing that. It's necessary it's necessary. Yeah I've done a lot of charity and nonprofit and fundraising for that is a nightmare. You're always raising money to support your cause if you can create for profit business models that also help. That is the only way to build sustainability. Oh my gosh I tell you now. I started breast cancer. Charity called Babes for boobs. And it's the bane of my existence. I hate to say because I star. It's very is hard to raise money and to get people to do that stuff. So this is exactly that gives us then donate some breast cancer. What what Babes for boobs and they auctioned off eligible men in all the money we raised me and my best friend started it just for fun and to give back and all the money we raised we give to breast cancer? Wow auction off eligible men so like if you weren't married to Jessica like haranguing you to be part of my auction because you're perfect for it like we look for people who are eligible successful attractive nice smart all that and then we auction them off for dinner dates but but it's more for fun like no one's ever expecting you like you know whatever it most people even go in the dates to be honest broker and and we get ten thousand dollars a day. Five thousand depending ending on who it is and then all that money used to give away to breast cancer. Yeah and we do an event every year and this was coming up December fifth. So they don't actually do anything. Why do they have to be eligible? Well they don't really a whole other story You know like they. They don't why shouldn't say some of them go output. No one's expecting bearish proposals. It's more for like it's more to have fun. It's more for like a different spin than just going for a run walk. You know you're not that was wide but so 'cause it's for a good cause exactly exactly but what we saying about now back to your hair. The hair thieves the Germs many went to narrow. Like how many stories did they take We're launching with thirty stores so we're just doing doing a test with them so it's really important that we do well out so we're just in thirty stores to start but there they've been amazing partners thus far we're doing some really cool stuff with them in their sales teams that floor salesmen and women and we'll see like there because we're only in thirty stores because small testers not a whole lot we can do on our end but we're doing our best and fortunately the team has grown considerably since it's just the three of right when we started here and so employees you have now now. We have thirty five employees report forty employees With maybe ten more getting onboard in the next six six months or so. And so what do you look at. What's your strengths here? Like his obviously like I've seen you've had like a lot of success. Says this is not just like we all talk about luck but you're also not a one hit wonder right had success by even with that little piece of Xerox paper. You know photocopying being that or the patient with the gym Wyatt and then Tim get success there. Then you've had your documentaries had the vice sports I mean there is like there's there's a through line and the line is you write are no well. It's the truth. So what are those things about you besides like attention to detail with that photocopy thing that you think makes you makes you success. I don't know I will say that you know everything everything that I do. I look for teammates. I looked to surround myself with people with skill sets that complement mine. I'm really honest about what I'm not good at I'm I'm more humble or I'm honest about what I am good at and so I make sure that I'm part I've had bad partnerships where we both do the same thing and if you're both doing the same thing you both want your I recognize that I'm that I'm not the complete pipe. The era and so I needed business partners that brought different skill sets to the table and I think in my successful partnerships. Those are the relationships that I've had complimentary skill sets. I think that's a big one. I think when you have two people doing the same thing or same strengths. An imbalance and a lot of times. It works where because we're we become friends and we're friends because we liked him or the we have similar personalities and we like doing the same thing and you know talking turns into an idea idea that turns into a company and you look up and you're like shit like we're missing somebody that understands operations missing. Someone understands finances we're missing. Someone understands marketing. Whatever it is right and so what I've tried to do is get ahead of that a bit and kind of identify my weaknesses and look for the people that have those strength? So what are your strengths. Then and what are your weaknesses. So my strengths are like vision. Ideas creative creative content to marketing and sales would be kind of and then company culture and stuff like that but externally those or for them and so with David. WHO's one of my partners? We overlap on sales but he handles operations and finance. And then we overlap on Biz Biz. Dev Mhm Allen is good is decent finance so him and David overlap a little bit on finance and Alan is real. He's designer and so he's great at designing and website and he understands. Coding understands the whole DC world and marketing. He comes from an agency background. And so Alan I- overlap a tiny bit on creative and marketing. But there's so between the three of us we cover all all of the basic things that you would need in order to start an apparel company right and then but besides the apparel company with sports and what was there I partnered up with two amazing guys or dear friends of Mine John Hirsch and Ron Yassin they produced the SP's Speiss and they have made some beautiful films along the way they created a lot of stuff. So Ron is a great director super creative. Him and I could overlap on the creative but he was more director. I was a packaging producer. Meaning I can take an idea and bring in the talent that we need to go make it happen but I. It wasn't a line producer. I was in a physical producer. which is what Hersh John Hirsch could do? He was the one who knew had managed the the budget he. We knew all the vendor relationships all of the union stuff like he can handle a lot of the back office support as well as the on the ground production and so the three of us together were able to then create A network sold device. You sounds to me that you're really league. Good at picking really strong teams to put them together. Well like you're making is for that like okay. You know you're good at this and that you're getting really strong team to be able to execute really well. Yes yeah girl overcomplicated like I I try to keep things simple and I try to win even in making being socks. It's amazing how complicated things can get. So you always have a step back and remind yourself like what was our objective again and kind of don't get too. I try not to get caught too much in the weeds because I worked better when I'm lowered. Clear minded yeah. I know someone said to me. One time who is another gas came on and he. He said that his whole thing is like the five percent rule. He focuses solely on the five percent. He knows what he's good at and he spends that's basically the five percent of his time on and he delegates it's everything else and the truth is that's how you can be really successful that way because you can get really and I do this to get caught up in the weeds very easily and then next thing you know like days weeks months go by and you see no progress not right. It's very easy to do that. So drives me nuts. It's really important to know where you're good at and like stay in your lane when you know I've always pushed. I don't like treading water. I never liked you like I'm running. And so now except on a treadmill at Ab- sweating glistening. Got It thank you. Yeah so when I when whenever hit those laws or I feel like I look up in six months and I feel like I'm in the same exact spot that I was in mentally emotionally. Usually I try to find a way to shake it up like I try to find something that will help propel me forward momentum it's all momentum it's an and I feel you on that so even with like honest when it was starting you're kind of involved at the beginning right. Yeah Jessica was pregnant with our first child. This is art art honors eleven now so this twelve over twelve years ago. usually been married. We've been married twelve years so we got married right before honor was born. We've been together fifteen years ears and so your kit your kids but you were yelling. Very young man. Look at your wedding photos now. I now pregnant and I knew nothing about chemicals in products that know much about what she in bed shoes. Shoe's always talking to me about you. Know the the world that you create for our daughter and in our house and that she's having such a hard time finding cleaning meaning products and diapers and she was really buying stuff from Europe and all these different brands to kind of make. And she's like there's a need here to do the same thing. I didn't understand it but I knew she was passionate about it and so we would talk and kept talking and eventually it just like well. Let's let's put together a plan. A business plan that kind of articulates what. We're just talking about bad so I helped her work on that and then similar to the way I approach businesses. What AH conveyed to her? which was you need a partner? You need someone who knows how to do this. That can help you kind of execute your vision vision and a dear friend of ours. A guy named Bryan Lee who was really out successful dazzled was his shoe dazzle and legalzoom does zoom. He's like a monster. That night amazed. Yeah and mazing he was. I was friendly with him. We get together and brainstorming rainstorm and kick ideas around so as we need to bring this to Brian and see if he would jump on board. I rented an office next door to shoot dazzle so he could on his brakes aches. Walked down to my office and hang out and slowly but surely were we were able to convince him to jump on board and partner up with us and go do it and so that's an unsafe. Spur started working out of my office. And I'll never forget that. So I had this beautiful office big and died no need for like the Ping Pong tables down there. It was like this next thing you know honest has moved in. I go away for like a week for something and I come back. Jessica's moved into my office. Bryant moved into my like my desk was I got kicked out on my own office in like three months as they scale very quickly. That's amazing but yeah super proud. Honest is such an interesting like right around the time that we were launching that or she was launching that the I started reading all these announcements in the paper. Like I think it was like coke agrees to take melda hide out of power aid or or and so you're starting to see all of these consumer products and brands the company's removing these really harsh chemicals out of you're like I don't even know multiplied in power like crazy and so I think the world was waking up at the same time and so honest I was really fortunate to kind of back to timing say able to ride that wave of. It's amazing though time but your luck and timing but you you sound like you're very I mean you should have this whole other business for you. I think you should start a consulting firm. Connect people who you think are like good matches to the bill businesses. Very good at it. But I'm telling you seem to have like home runs NOCCO. I don't no no. Well listen I don't know how you guys are doing financially. But I'm saying you at least are your at your your everywhere you're all over norstroms. And targeting targeting a thirty and Healthy it's really help exactly and I. I don't think it just happened by accident. I think that there is something nothing to say about like the people behind it putting like certain things effort into it So what are your habits every day like. What do you do every day? Besides not workout. I'll give you like really enjoying this treadmill this by the way I would way. It's amazing I would recommend the one that you don't need. This is the one that you this was the action is called the forefront when it does both. So it's it's actually a treadmill that you can just walk improperly like this but the shock absorption by the slides is very different than any other treadmill and then you can also there's a mode here where you can just like you know. Basically they do a lot of resistance. I feel like a commercial the parachute like bruises. And kind of like where you can. If you want to put it on like dynamic braking mode here era you would you would basically use your own body weight with resistance to push yourself off guard. Yeah yeah this is this is. This is like a crazy machine. We'll look at that. I hope they gave it to you. Yeah well they definitely. I didn't pay for this one thankfully but I did pay for another one in my gym. This is like my a favorite treadmill all this whole brand so I keep getting sidetracked notes right saying Oh yes oh wait you don't work out but rituals so with the kids so we have three kids. We have an eleven year old daughter named honor. We have an eight year old daughter named haven and then a one and a half after old name. Hayes is a great. WHO's thinking of these names? Not Us. Russo can be seen when she was pregnant with our first child. Jessica's manager at the time had two boys and him and his wife. We're really good friends with and they said if we were having any more kids a name that we always love for a girl was honor. You're in we were like. Oh my Gosh we love that name anything. And so we name our first child honor and then when Jessica was pregnant with our second child girl who worked worked with me that I I grew up with. She came in the office one day and she goes my sister. Just gave me the name your second kid and I was like really what they said she said haven and I was like. Oh my Gosh I love haven that's like intimate named him Yale's in new haven. There was like so many connections. I just loved the name and so when Jessica was pregnant with a third with these two age names were like Dan that like. We didn't do that intentionally. But now like we have the third so we have our girls that should we name the little boy with an h name or can we come up with something different. They said he'll feel left out if he doesn't have an age name so we tried our hardest to find something that we were hacking. We actually named him something. Different on the birth certificate of I like Hawking walking or something. I really don't like that name. And so I had to like chase down the nurse in the hospital. Can we change the name. Please really yeah. Yeah sure. I'd never changed the name on a birth able to do that. They did it because we hadn't left the hospital. Okay so if you would have walked out they wouldn't have been able to. I don't know oh I don't know but it was like nervous as I hope I didn't even Hawking Malaria's what'd you name your fourth child. Oh man you tell me I have no clue. Oh my God never having four. I don't know if he every time I turn around. You guys are having another baby. I don't no more no more. I don't think so. I think we're done. I mean I. I love kids the pregnancy she. It's hard to be pregnant. I mean like I couldn't imagine and it's also when you're work. It's hard to be pregnant for sure. Then you pile on being a working and then all the other things. I can't imagine how how well and she seems to have it all together. Jessica she seems like she is like doing well at work doing well as a mom all the other things that ancillary things I mean. She's soups says she's doing. Just fine of shoes yeah. She's not a huge fan of being pregnant for ten months. I'm not awful. It's awful I. I don't know how people say pregnancy honestly I don't get it but you know more power to them so okay your habits no size and uh-huh eat pretty healthy that you're falling hab. I do love Soup Breakfast with my kids. Okay so big graduate sky diving beginning. Wake up around six between six thirty and seven. Okay yeah six thirty probably Breakfast the kids for school And on the weekends I like we do breakfast as well. I love cooking breakfast for them. are are quiet time and we have a blast. So breakfast is a ritual watching sports on my couch and I won't give up. That's a good habit and it's also an honest habit guy who says they don't do that. I don't believe him now. I need it I I like quiet I like me time. I'm and some quiet time so that reading I love to read I got into fiction like not too long ago I always wear a nonfiction in my whole life. I was GONNA say well. I'm reading right now. What's your favorite book of Recent Times? It's an old book but because I just discovered fiction or is the Glass Castle Castle and the light and the light between two oceans. I love all this. Yeah start reading fiction which I totally. Okay I got into podcast. I've started to get into last year as well but I wouldn't say that to have it. What is that's a habit you like how? How often are you listening to podcasts? And now that this is your favorite podcast. I on my drive into work. Okay drive home to go to sleep at tonight. I like to listen to podcast. Oh which ones that. I like to listen to like murder stuff like that's fine. Yeah and so popular right now like puts me to sleep so that's true crime. She always like. Why do you listen to murder to go to bed makes me so happy? It's not as not you. Cases Aces so happy perfect but by the way. Also the voices on those podcasts or so like mentally colleague like it can put you down. I was listening into one of them. I was getting my eyelash is done. And I'm like ten minutes like five minutes. I was out in your chest forty seven times and it's like it's like a lullaby those voices it sounds like they're just like taking a walk in the park brutally getting raped and murdered so crazy. Enter with another one Showers I love shower and shower to showers day. Use Your Clean Godber. Do you use on his products. Yeah you you did okay. I mean I would assume you what yes I. I like all the by wash. The lotions like all the face lotions Russians face wash. You should have done. I know you're brought me so many of these pair of thieves which I love but my kids. I always use on his products on my kids. You could've could've brought me a box of that will okay Jessica does this. Oh yes good. You'RE GONNA get your wife to do this. That's came to the honest okay. Well no says beauty and I've yes I'd like to try it. What was the Foundation Foundation? It all right to your promised me. I'M GONNA GET JESSICA I'm next and I also love to have that Lee Bill Ryan Lee and raising this kind of quiet though so you got to like okay. You're no orange I I'll I'll find that spot. That gets him going on all right so exercise food. You're not doing any crazy. Dieting intermittent key. He does the Atkins. Mentoring you've just eating healthy. I just eat a salad at lunch And and you know salad and a steak or protein and a salad for dinner right and that's the way I've always been able to keep relatively of like the same figure. Eight or need clothes is because you look great. You're just eating my portion control and just just not eighty percent of it's feeding the exercises twenty percent maybe even less. So that's basically all the all the habits want do meditate. Do you know okay. Hey what's your favorite part sometimes. Count my breasts to calm myself down. Breath work yeah. Golf is my favorite sport. Now because whole Soccer Basketball and then reading to my kids at night Other thing that Redo regularly. Yeah that's I don't really buy lives like about breaking patterns. They Dr Bags not very ritualistic. Not yet because you want because you said earlier. It's a once you get to like in the two comfortable. That's between shake things up. I do yeah I like to and that makes sense. And what's that last. Stay kind of nonfiction book that you read. What are some of your habits teach me? I'm yeah well you know. This is a podcast about you. But I'm more than happy to. I had the same breakfast every day and every single day every single day for boundary twenty. I'm like Steve Jobs because I like to have as many things on autopilot on autopilot as possible so like if I need to think about when I'm eating all the time ah takes up too much brainpower to be like okay. What am I going to have today because I love food? Mike a person that actually likes to eat not someone that's like. Oh yeah I forgot to eat. I've I've never forgotten in my whole life to eat a meal. Okay not happening. I'm never forgot didn't have lunch today because I'm thinking like seven in the morning when I'm going to have for for lunch. Yeah breakfast I just having which is what. which is eggs cheese? And I have peppermint tea and I have cold brew. Coffee got got it. Got It or God and that a grapefruit ogre and a great fruit and then And then my other one is exercise. I think that's a major one for cognitive fund. I don't do it for physical at this point. I don't care like I'm not trying to get like a ten pack but I am trying to like make sure that I'm as clear and focused and alert as possible and if I don't exercise then it doesn't happen were I grew until at once. You start doing your stuff again. You'll see like if you just couldn't get past that of like fuck. I don't WanNa do this. And you start getting into the groove. You're really going to like it before I think and and you're working out now that you started. How many times a week or are you going to do it through? I started okay. Because it's an amount that can hit you can hit yet in our won't always feel bad that I missed it and so three days a week I'm doing and then okay. I'll ramp up to five pretty quickly to start hitting three and I wanNA find some success. They're going to be a superstar. You'RE GONNA be like you're going to be like probably like teaching a course pretty soon with not not your your personality as you'd like I can get this. I'll get so sort of run it and I'll go someone to do that. I will be like perfect while it was a delight. Having you know you got to wrap up you have an appointment to go to but this was really fun. You were a great guest and we learned a lot of stuff and for people people who are listening where can they pick wolf para thieves. They can pick them up at target. Hair thieves you can find a target and you can find a pair of thieves dot com and then our our new elevated assortment is called thieves gold and you can find that at Nordstrom or you can find that feeds dot gold perfect. And how do we find you you can find out the thing. I'm most active on. I should say I even active on it though or I'm not a two active but I post once in a while but you're that's not really. Yeah okay but I enjoy it and I you know so instagram mm-hmm is at cash underscore. Warren that's where I got screwed. Then there's score you underscore it. Well thank you and I hope to see you again and I hope tat chat like I best of luck with the new line. Thank you and thank you so much for having me here I loved having one point seven mile check. How many calories press that eight button? The white one. How many calories you burn one hundred sixty seven good with a one hundred ninety? That's not much more and still the burnt another that you wouldn't have normally done if you like. Yeah well basically. That's the way more than a glass of water but this is something like inlets. Let's if we just sat down done anything right all right. It's smart. I'm surprised I'm not out of you'll you hear all my heavy breathing. No you're not. You're actually not even not even sweating very mild pace. I'M WE'RE GONNA do intervals ago. We're going to an inner voice roaming and then yeah and we're GONNA dynamic world this is going to be so I'm all about hit training but we'll tell you that that will figure okay. We'll figure that out you're GONNA come on again for sure. But I'm I'm holding you to that habits and Hus- Ronin stay up on the grand. Don't stop keep it going habits and Hus- hosted by Jennifer Coen visionaries tune in. You can get nolde be inspired you. This is your moment. Excuses the habits and how surpri cast powered by habit.

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