Lake Michigan & Wilderness State Park: Radio Free Flint on Tour


Hey, how about him a truck and went on down the road To a place, I had remembered many years ago Wilderness State Park. We got the wilderness. As such a magnificent place because it it, it has kept its namesake along the shores of Lake Michigan. and. The water just became blue like the Mediterranean. And the waves were soothing. And there was a rhythm to the sea so to speak. My trip along the Great Lakes shoreline. In all, its majesty has been rather spectacular. Course, there's no place like. The Straits of mackinac to see the billion stars above remember last night I went outside my truck camper and looked in the sky and there were so. Many stars. It's something that those of us who? have been accustomed to living in the cities never see because of light pollution and I watched the people here. At Stone Bay. And they seem to to almost as if they were in church, walked to the water water's edge. And just take it all in the deep blue sea, the deep blue rolling waters of Lake Michigan. And they just they just sort of. The the demonstrate such reverence for it. It's an easy place to fall in love with anyway and as I went to sleep last night I kept thinking about. These people that had made a campfire in how they're going to set the whole woods. Unfair. Weren't careful because a window certainly in out there. But I woke up in the woods we're still here. Prior. To that, I went to Sheboygan, which is another little sleepy lake here on town and mostly. was interested in going along the coasts of. A Lake. Huron. I started. With my daughter while ago about a week ago. I guess it was. She ended up going back home as scheduled but we went and stayed at Taiwa point. State Park. where the lighthouse is, and of course. Tell US point. Is. Is Out. There about a mile into sticks about a mile out into Lake Huron and actually services assertive a barrier for migrating birds which there billions of up there. They have to kind of stop there go around it, which is not easy to go around said, Burns, don't like flying that fire over open water like hugging the shoreline. Any. event. The shoreline there was was was badly eroded. And the beaches were pretty much almost washed out at Thomas Point Lighthouse. But it's a magnificent park. Magnificent. Charlie you. Hold, on just a minute. Charlie. Charlie, that's only person walking. Charlie Charlie. Agrees staff to shorts where we're like that. Hello, this is Arthur Bush. This is Radio Free. Flint. And we're coming to you from the shores of Big Stone Bay. Wilderness Park. Wilderness, state. Park. Lake Michigan. The MACKINAC. Bridge is in the distance And the winds are whipping. Fall is in the air. while. With all that said. What am I doing way up here? Well. Not long ago. I bought. A truck. Camper. To go with. A beautiful truck. That I was able to. Come across. Chocolates owned by a friend of mine. Who's now deceased Robert Tate. and. Is Chuck had sat in his mother's backyard for nearly ten years. Robert died two years ago. So I went to see his mom Mrs Tate. She was almost ninety years old. Of course is. MOMS do occasionally go on about. The old truck left in the backyard. I express some interest in the truck and eventually. Made contact with Robert Sister Patty and we worked out an exchange. By Chuck. And Off I. went to fix it. and. My friend. He had this this. Camper Chuck that I had been looking at since. The winter. And was able to buy the camper truck from him. At a reasonable price. One of the things that Really, cool about it is my friend was a former advertising executive. For Buick. And he he owned a sign shop when he delivered the. Truck Camper to me. He had on the back of it. Radio Free Flint on tour drive safely. So. That invitation I decided that. I would begin to do some podcasting from. Yes from the kitchen table of my camera truck. So I hope you love this in some of the stories I'm going to tell us go around. The place, it's just me and Charlie radio. Flint Radio Free Flint. And Course Yours truly. And So today brings us to the Sacred shore of. Lake. Michigan. Twelve miles to the west of. The mackinac bridge in mackinaw city. And it's glorious place. The wind has been whipping the waves. Are Up And a cold front is now moved in. I there we're taking a break for our sponsor. Anchor Dot. Fm let me tell you a bit about anchor They have a creation tool set are free like you can create your own podcast using an edit that podcast using your phone or your computer. They'll distribute your podcast for you on spotify Apple. Or many other. podcast hope hosts, and you may even make money off your podcast. With no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make podcast in one place. Download anchor, for free. By getting their APP at. Anchor Dot, FM to get started and we're using it, and hopefully you will too. Thank you very much and will resume our our program. Wilderness, State Park. As I said. Later on in this is a magnificent place at eight, thousand, two, hundred, and eighty six acres. Wilderness State Park is one of the largest tracts of undeveloped. Land. Michigan's lower peninsula. The majority of the parks many miles. Of. Lake Michigan shoreline consists of white beaches. Backed by a diverse mixture of open dunes, coastal wetlands, wooded dunes. and. Lowland conifer forests. The park also contains some of Michigan's best mature red pine and white pine forests. Wilderness State Park conserves. Biological. Diversity by protecting rare natural communities which support a diversity of plant. And animal species. The park's location as a point of land extending into Lake Michigan. Makes it import an important rest over habitat for migrating birds? The CALYPSO Arcade Lake Huron Tansy the Dwarf Lake Iris. Houghton's Goldenrod. And the Federally Endangered Piping Plover are some of the rare species found within. The Wilderness State Park. By. The nineteen, seventy s lumbering companies were operating within the present boundaries of the Wilderness State? Park. One of these companies, the AB clumsy. Lumber company was active along sturgeon bay cutting hardwood timber. Along cease obey. Several lumbering companies operated in succession the last being the Emmett lumbering. Company. Which continued to harvest trees in the area until it closed its mill and nineteen and seventeen. Two years before my dad was born. The. Lumbering in combination with severe forest fires. Remove most of the park's original forest cover. After much of this burned. Cut over land reverted. To. The state for payment of taxes. Nineteen. Twenty one the state set aside several thousands of acres. Of the Delinquent Tax Lance to establish Helmet State Game Reserve. Nineteen, twenty, seven. In an effort to preserve for public use some of Michigan's outstanding natural features. The Game Reserve was turned over to the division state parks and rededicated. As wilderness. State Park. Between Nineteen thirty three. And nineteen forty three. Significant Park developments. In Michigan occurred as a result of the federal. As a result of the federally funded work relief programs created during the Roosevelt Administration that was after and during the Great Depression. Working in cooperation with the Michigan Department, of conservation, programs, such as the civilian conservation corps and the Works Progress Administration completed. In fifty three. Michigan State Parks Including Wilderness State Park. Few improvements were made in the park until the arrival of the Wilderness civilian conservation camps. Camp S. P. Four sometime, Caesar referred to as C. C. The camp, which was located along a big stone creek occupied. Nine thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three to nineteen, thirty, six during this period. The CCC constructed foot trails. rustic cabins, bridges a campground. Log. trailside shelter water systems in the lookout tower. The C. C. Work in the park was. was followed by the works progress administration in Nineteen thirty nine, the WPA initiated the construction of the park's campground bunk houses dining hall administration building. Nineteen. Fifty PJ HOF master director of the Department of Conservation. Michigan. Called for a survey of state lands for the possible dedication as natural area preserves. In nineteen fifty one. Conservation Commission designated for natural areas within the boundaries of the Wilderness State Park. The Crane Island Natural Preserve Big Stone cease obey nature study preserves Sturgeon Bay on Sucker Creek. National area preserves and the Waga shots point. Nature Study area. All this constitutes. The Wilderness State Park here in Michigan one of the most beautiful parks of the Constellation of parks that we're so fortunate to have. And that are. For Fathers. and. Mothers. Previous. Generation the political leaders had such great foresight to leave his legacy. Thank you. Hi There Arthur Bush from Radio Free Flint. Voting isn't just going to the polls on election day more options like early voting mail in voting and drop boxes. Are Available to more voters. In, growing in popularity, how to vote a tool created by democracy works breaks down the options for your state. And offers you away to cast a ballot empowering you to decide win and where to vote. Democracy works best when we all vote but misinformation and confusion about election procedures have resulted in low voter turnout. How vote a tool created by democracy works takes the guesswork out of the voting process. It's easy to use in how people from all over the country no matter what state you're from. Democracy works is committed to helping you. Vote No matter what. Their tool powder vote does just that. So sign up. SIGN UP FOR The election get registered to vote find your polling site. Make sure that you look up how to dot vote. Thank. You see if the polls. The plants of our sand dunes here along the shores of Lake. Michigan live under extreme conditions. Scarcity and nutrients low soil moisture tent sunlight. Drying winds and constant San Movement. To survive these harsh conditions. Costa plants have evolved special adaptations. If you look around here on the beach, you'll notice that some plants are late and color. are covered with tiny hairs that act is a reflective blanket. Reflecting light to prevent moisture. Being lost other plants have narrow leaves which give them less surface area for moisture evaporation. The leaves of other plants may appear to be waxy or succulent. Lake. Both adaptations, for moisture, retention. Although Dune, plants are sturdy enough to live in this guy ever changing environment here wilderness park the are sensitive to continual human disturbance. People are walking. Using all kinds of all-terrain vehicles, the damage vegetation, and remove protective grass cover that creates pathways center vulnerable to the erosive forces of the wind. And the water. There are rare plants that occur here in Michigan Sand Dunes along the beach. That includes to with federal and state threatened plant status pitchers. This soul and Houghton's Goldenrod are only known to exist along our Great Lakes shorelines although these plants differ in their. Specific Cabot Terry requirements some face of their life cycles are dependent on the dynamic nature of the dunes in which they grow. Sand deposition and blow out. Can create new micro climates. Including swailes and vernal ponds were seeds Khun Germany. The survival of both plants is threatened by loss of habitat due the increased human activities and Shirley shoreline activities. And areas. Heavy foot and vehicle traffic represents major threats. The Piping Plover in the Great Lakes is in danger of extinction this small member of the plover family. Winters and the Golf Charlene. Not, right now, I hope there's been a big Cara Cain, they're returning to the Great Lakes and search of nest sites and mid April. Why is the Piping plover endangered? Habitat. Loss. Undisturbed coastal beaches are rare and Michigan's upper upper Lake Michigan and here on southern shore of. Lake. Superior offer wide sandy beaches containing sparse. Litter of stones. Changing water levels in the Great Lakes combined with coastal development make it difficult for plovers into locate ideal habitat. There Nassar disturbed. Piping plovers very sensitive to the presence of humans. Too. Much. Disturbance can cause the birds to abandon the nest. Walking on foot or driving vehicles. They can crush the eggs. Loose dog's like Charlie will harass and even kill the birds Charlie walks on the leash I might add. plovers feed by poking their beaks until wet sand and beach debris. Searching for invertebrates that is tiny crustaceans and insects. Piping plovers create shallow nest impressions lined with small pebbles or shells. Both male and female incubate the eggs. The beach stones add to camouflage the eggs perfectly into their surroundings. Piping plover chicks are active soon after hatching. Though they cannot fly for thirty days they were run along with their parents feeding at the water's edge. When Anastas discovered biologists quickly constructed enclosure around the site. The enclosures defense, Dan. Finn Stan with pokes. This help keep dogs like. In humans like me. Out. And yet, it allows the plovers to run naturally through the fence to and from their nests. US Fish and wildlife service the Nature Conservancy in the Michigan State Park Stewardship Program Constructs these enclosures and they monitor the PLOVERS nesting success. In my opinion sure birds one of the most interesting and confer confusing birds to observe. Identification can be difficult in the challenge. The variety of shore birds and shoreline types along the Great Lakes offers such a remarkable variety of species that are nesting and migrating through our area. So leave you with a few seconds here of. What's Lake Michigan, solemn about which is the late. And Alimi like. Charles Kuralt some of you a little bit too young for Charleston. He used to do a segment where he left. The sound of the sea, the sound of Lake Michigan. Take Care Bye bye. is. It. Yes Cheese? List. They in A. Wrong. This. Has. To. News. Now that. Jones. Got, ways and means. I. This great. Taking. It Lou. Her.

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