Episode 15: Memory Lane


welcome to geocaching ventures with me shadow dragon. One where. I discussed geocaching in my adventures with it everybody. I'd like to make a few announcements before we start the podcast today. First of all you may notice that the format of podcast is a little different this week in an attempt to bring you improved. Contents and better the podcast. I'm gonna try to change from a scripted podcast to bit more. Casual conversation podcast. Let me know what you think about the new formats. You can contact me at geocaching dot adventures dot podcast at gmail.com. And let me know what you think. Also geocaching adventures. Now has merchandise available. You can go to geocaching adventures dot org in go to the store. Page to find the link to that. And also i'm excited to announce that we will be bringing interviews coming up in the next couple of podcast. I've reached out to a couple of cashiers lined up a couple of interviews. That i'm really excited about and i hope that you will enjoy them when they're so today we're gonna talk about a mini game called memory lane. That's taking place within the geocaching game right now. It is one of the ways that geocaching dot com has come up with to celebrate the twentieth year of geocaching. And its history to learn more about geocaching history. You can listen back to episode three history of geocaching. The many game launched on june first of twenty twenty and we'll be running through january third of twenty twenty one so if you haven't reached the end of memory lane yet there is still time memory lane consists of a digital gameboard with digital gain peace for each geo. Casher you will only be able to see your gameboard and your game piece. You won't see any other jio. Cashiers gain peace will move automatically along the board as you earn points certain locations on the board earn new special souvenirs. The first souvenir is at ten points. Another fifty one hundred hundred and fifty and two hundred. Each souvenir represents a part of geocaching. History you can view the souvenirs under your geocaching profile on either the app or the website so the ten point souvenir which is the first one that you can earn is to celebrate the very first cash that was hidden. That cash was hidden in beaver creek. Oregon in may twenty twenty again. You can learn more about the history of geocaching by listening back to episode. Three of the podcast. The fifty point souvenir is an honor of the very first gio coin which was created by mountain bike on september. Thirty two thousand one. He kept the first one he created for his collection and placed second one he created in a cash near deception. Pass washington d. One hundred point souvenir celebrates the first mega event which took place on may twenty seven. Two thousand six. It was held in dallas texas. It was a week in long geocaching festival. It had just over five hundred cashiers present which in today's pandemic world is a little hard to imagine. The hundred and fifty point souvenir celebrates the first million geocaches hidden. The one million mark was hit on march eighth of two thousand and ten just shy of ten years. After the initial launch of geocaching. We now have three million geocaches worldwide. So that number of cashes tripled in the second ten years geocaching which is pretty cool. The two hundred point souvenir celebrates the twenty year history of geocaching. This is the final souvenir of the game. And when you hit this spot on the board you've completed the memory lane mini game to participate in the mini game is simple. You automatically start playing the game whenever you find a jio cash during the during the time that the mini game is taking place as mentioned before the points are automatically scored and the game pieces automatically moved across the board but not all caches. Get you equal points. Different caches will earn you different points just finding a cash get you five points any cash get you five points including adventure labs they will earn you five points if you find a multi cash or mystery cash that earns you seven points if you find a cash that has ten plus favourite points. That cash is worth ten points however the points do not stack up. So if you find a multi cash that has say twelve favorite points. You earn ten points. only you. Don't earn the multi cashpoints plus the favorite points. It's just the max number of points available for the cash that gets awarded to you. You can track your progress in two ways. The first one is by the memory lane. Gameboard link on geocaching dot com and huddling to that and shell notes. The other is in the geocaching app if you profile page towards the bottom. There's a button there too long. The memory laying progress. It'll show your game board and wear. Your piece is a long it. I finished my memory laying inboard. And i really enjoyed playing it. I really like these. Little mini games within geocaching. It just adds a little extra fun element to it. I hope you guys enjoy playing memory lane in if you haven't completed yet i hope you are able to get out there and do it soon warning. This part of the show contains spoilers for cash that is about to be discussed so for the cash. Highlights this one is called history not to be forgotten cash. D g c. Five m k h four difficulty rating to terrain rating. To and i will read the description. You are about to discover a piece of history that is not be forgotten until very recently. I was not aware of its presence. I stumbled upon an old book of the growth of my hometown. Saint charles missouri. In this book. I discovered many wonderful things. I hope in your hunt. You will appreciate those that gave their all for moderation. You'll be looking for small magnetic container in a very sacred place. Please show respect to your surroundings and only hunt between the posted hours of one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset you will be paying honor to a few good men who gave their all in an accident that took their lives just so that the city would be expanded in grow to the special place we hold dear. You will read their names in the cause of the strategy. If you look around you will see that they are lay to rest nearby and that is the reason not forget. Enjoy this quick parking. Grab if you have time to run into the supervisor groundkeeper mark h he will enjoy telling you all about the wonderful history of the park placed with permission. There was no hint provided for this one. I was out geocaching. And i went to oak grove cemetery because i had solved a mystery cash a couple months prior that was located there and i wanted to rabbit in the surrounding cashes in the area a started at this cash. I because it was the closest one to the parking lot. So when i got there followed the coordinates to ground zero. I was surprised to come across this monument. There i lived in saint charles growing up spent most of my adult life here and had no idea this monument was there. The monument was placed in memory of eighteen bridge workers who were killed during an accident. During the construction of the bridge when a cable was being used to lift one of the pillars snapped and they were crushed pretty tragic accident. This bridge was called wabash bridge. The construction of the bridge started in august of eighteen. Sixty eight the accident took place in eighteen. Seventy two years after the start of the construction construction was completed a year later in may of eighteen. Seventy one this was the first bridge to span the missouri river. The bridge saw other catastrophes. It's actually has kind of a tragic history. So portion of the bridge collapsed in eighteen. Seventy nine while the train was crossing over it which caused eighteen train cars to fall into the river and five more deaths came from that there was another accident in eighteen. Eighty one where there was another collapse of the bridge. Where thirty one. Cattle cars fell into the river and resulted in the death of engineer. John kirby there was another accident in eighteen. Eighty four when the steamboat montana actually collided with one of the bridge pillars. I did not see any reports of loss of life for this accident. Thankfully but the bridge had a pretty tragic history. It was very interesting to learn about this bridge. And its history. It really kind of made me think about how fragile life is and how quickly it can all. Just be taken away from you. It almost felt disrespectful to start looking around it to find cash after learning about all this tragedy that this monument was dedicated to but at the same time i thought about the whole reason the cash was placed with so that people would learn about this and not forget about the tragedies so after taking a moment i started looking around the monuments. The bottom half of the monument has sort of a boxing to its. I will have pictures of the monument in the show notes. If you're interested in looking at it as well as a link to the bridges history and to the montana that crashed into it. I peeked in there and found the cash. It was a magnetic. He box magnetic highway key box that was tucked in there. So the find didn't take terribly long. Wants to start looking for so i took out the magnetic key box signed logging replaced it and went on my way. It was really neat to get to find this moment. That's one of the things. I really love about geocaching is the places that can take you to places especially in your hometown that you may not have had any idea that they were there this whole time. You've been listening to geocaching adventures with me. Shadow dragon. One is their topic. You'd like to hear covered. Do you have geocaching adventure. You'd like to share for the cash highlight. Are you interested in being a guest on the podcast. Whatever you have to say please. Don't hesitate to reach out and email me at geocaching. Cash dot adventures dot. Podcast at gmail.com. A reach outs me at the contact page on the website at geocaching adventures dot. Org thank you for listening

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