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Role developing stories as we come on the air president trump's doctor. Now says, the president has tested negative on consecutive days. Full out sprint now, twenty two days until election day the president's doctor saying the president testing negative using abbot rapid testing those tests and measurements. Doctor says the president is quote not infectious to others tonight, the president now on his way to Florida huge crowd gathering few masks Joe Biden meanwhile tonight into battleground of Ohio three weeks left amid new poll numbers tonight where this race stands and the new message late today from Dr. Anthony. FAUCI to the trump campaign about using algae in that ad and he gave it his coming in now the major turnout on the first day of early voting in a key state. Supreme Court confirmation hearing for President Trump's nominee judge AMY CONEY BARON DEMOCRATS WARN healthcare coverage for millions of Americans including those with pre existing conditions is on the line with this domination with the major case before the court just days after the Election Judge Barrett today saying courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life the corona virus in the US hospitalizations now on the rise in thirty five states. But third grade teacher dying from Kovic had the virus on surfaces the new study tonight how long the virus could last on the surface of your phone an on money. Overseas concern over the virus inside the Vatican at least four guards testing positive with the world seeing those images pope. Francis often seen without a mask and emergency moves in the UK. Tonight. Back. Your poll news this evening involving a security guard hired by a local TV station after a deadly confrontation in the middle of dual protests that storm system on the move at this hour hurricane. Delta's trail of destruction in the US, and now the system dumping rain from DC up into the northeast tonight also tonight we remember John. McCain's mother was died in one hundred eight. We celebrate a baseball. Great. From ABC News World Headquarters in New York. This is world news tonight. With he'll healed. It's great to have you with us as we start another week together here as we come on the air tonight, we have just heard the president's Dr through a written statement saying the president has now tested negative over consecutive days according to the doctor using Abbot rapid testing the doctor saying those tests along with other measurements meaning the president is quote not infectious to others tonight, the president now on his way to Florida the president setting out from the White House late today returning to the campaign trail for the first time of course, since his diagnosis with covert twenty two days to go now a large crowd waiting for him. In Florida, not a Lotta masks but a lot of enthusiasm Joe Biden meanwhile with events in the key battleground state of Ohio calling the president's reckless for his personal conduct around the pandemic tonight right here the new poll where this race stands tonight at of course, the other major story unfolding today the president's nominee to the Supreme Court Democrats making healthcare the central issue in the confirmation hearing today and what Judge Amy Coney Barrett said to the committee. We do have it all covered for you election day three weeks from tomorrow and we know tonight that more than nine million Americans have already voted ABC's Mary Bruce leaving. US. Off. President trump today heading to his first campaign rally since being diagnosed with the corona virus leaving the White House defiant with no mask waiting for him in the key state of Florida throngs of tightly packed supporters with few masks insight just one week after coming home from the hospital. The president claims he's virus free and I've been tested totally negative tonight. His doctor said he has tested negative on consecutive days using rapid testing concluding he is not infectious to others the president going further even claiming he's immune. It looks like I'm immune for I. Don't maybe a long time and maybe a short time it. Could be a lifetime nobody really knows, but I'm immune but experts say immunity is not well understood and doctors don't know how long it lasts twitter slapping a warning on trump's claim that he can no longer get or give the virus labeling his message misleading and potentially harmful with twenty two days to go more than nine million. Americans. Have already voted as our latest poll shows the president's handling of this pandemic is taking a toll Joe. Biden leading by twelve points nationally with a twenty three point advantage among women voters, and with a slight edge among seniors a group key to trump's victory in twenty-six. One that he's counting on for his reelection well, aware of the numbers, the president ratcheting up his campaigning with an in person event every day this week Biden looking to capitalize on his momentum campaigning today in Ohio state trump won by eight points in two thousand sixteen. But now polls show Biden and trump neck and neck today in Toledo Biden calling out the president saying his behavior is irresponsible as reckless personal conduct his diagnosis has been unconscionable. LONGER DONALD TRUMP is president. More recklessly seems to get trying to change the narrative the trump campaign out with a new misleading ad that shows Dr Anthony Thoug- praising the administration's response kid imagine that anybody could do. But that comment from the early days of the pandemic in March was about the broader response of the Task Force Thoug- Today's said, his words were being twisted and he warned the trump campaign not to do it again, that might actually come back to backfire on them I. Hope they don't do that because that's that would be kind of playing a game that we don't WanNa play ball on Capitol Hill today an uncomfortable moment the president's chief of Staff Mark Meadows who is by trump side in the hospital taking off his mask to talk to reporters when he was asked to keep the mask on he refused and walked away. Give Ready to Mary Bruce with live tonight the president holding that rally in Florida this evening and his team telling you Mary, they're not changing anything when it comes to covid nineteen precautions even with his diagnosis a couple of weeks back now. At these rallies, they're wrapping up the travel schedule these final sprint, these final twenty, two days David three weeks to go and down in the polls in the president is now going full steam. Sources. Tell us that he is going to hold campaign events every single day between now and Election Day, and that he's going to start doing multiple rallies a day despite these packed events, the campaign tell us they have no plans to make any changes to their safety precautions the White House saying in this country, you have a right to show up and express your views David or Mary Bruce Leading US off tonight Mary. Thank you out of that Supreme Court showdown. I mentioned off the top tonight the Senate. Judiciary Committee opening. It's confirmation hearing for president trump's nominee judge amy coney Barrett judge, Barrett escorted into the hearing room this morning her children brought in separately to watch Democrats united in their message today one after another arguing her nomination puts healthcare coverage for millions of Americans including preexisting conditions on the line with that major case before the court just days after the election and judge telling the committee today, the courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life. ABC's Terry. Miranda's covered the court for years force. The stage was set a socially distanced tearing room, but Democrats in a surprise changed the script for wants remarkably united one after another. The Democrats argued that this confirmation threatens all Americans healthcare and the protections for pre existing conditions stripping healthcare from millions of Americans during a pandemic. That's really what is at stake on the other side Republicans were brimming with confidence for good reason, they've got the votes committee chairman Senator Lindsey Graham even acknowledging that no Supreme Court justice has ever been confirmed. So close to election day, my democratic colleagues will say. This has never been done in there. Right in this regard. Nobody's ever been confirmed on election year past July Graham also cited the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who said presidents are elected for four years not three and so can nominate justices throughout their terms but senator amy. Klobuchar pointedly reminded Graham of Ginsberg's final. Wish that her seat would not be filled until a new president is installed. This isn't Donald Trump's country. It is yours. This shouldn't be Donald. Trump's judge it should be yours. Democratic vice presidential nominee. Senator Kamala Harris appearing by remote link also invoking Ginsburg with a dire warning about judge Barrett by replacing. Justice Ruth Bader GINSBURG. With. Someone who will undo her legacy president trump is attempting to roll back Americans, rights and decades to come. But. Healthcare was the Democrats main line of attack ended got personal sharing moving stories of constituents who depend on the affordable care act with the Supreme Court scheduled to take up that law just a week after the election Democrats steered clear of any mention of judge. Barrett's Catholic faith in contrast who are twenty seventeen confirmation hearings for the Appeals Court but Republicans still accused them of using her faith against her your political opponents want to paint you as a TV or cartoon version of a religious radical vet is an attempt to bring back. The days of the Religious Test Barrett? Herself Sat stoically for five hours wearing a mask which he hadn't done in a Rose Garden nomination ceremony and when she removed it to speak, she spoke of her mentor the late Justice Antonin Scalia whose judicial philosophy she shares a judge must apply the law as it is written not as she wishes it were. Sometimes. That approach reaching results that he did not like and on the key issues that could come before her courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life. Most of Barrett's children were seated behind her the mother of seven from the South and Midwest talking about her roots if confirmed should be the only justice not to of attended an Ivy League school, it'd be the only sitting justice who didn't attend school at Harvard or Yale but I am confident that Notre Dame could hold its own and maybe I could even teach them a thing or two about football. got a few laughs there today Terry. Also, we took note that this all played out today amid this pandemic judge amy. Coney wore a mask for five hours until it was her turn to deliver her statement before the senators, there were headlines made when Senator Mike Lee who tested positive after that Rose Garden ceremony spoke at the hearing without a mask before putting. One back on his office said today the attending physician in Congress said, another test was not necessary for him but some senators did not show up including. Senator. Kamala. Harris at least not in person they were joining by remote. She made a point of saying she'd asked the Chairman Senator Lindsey Graham protesting before the hearing. Here's how senator? Graham address that a little later. Could you explain what C. D. C. compliant means means that the room is set up a social distancing regarding the virus that the architect of the Capitol measured the the space and as to me I was tested a week ago Friday at brief contact senator. Leo's negative. So. Terry you heard it today with us as we were all watching Senator Graham saying they were complying with CDC guidelines today. CDC complied. But Democrats as you say David, we're looking for more in part because there is a corona virus outbreak associated with this nomination the event at the rose. Garden. Now, reaching into the Senate here in the upper echelons of the Republican Party report the Democrats wanted everyone tested Senator Graham refused he said that millions of Americans are going to work every day in this pandemic the committee should to David Terry Moran will be at the court all week. Force. Terry thank you and now the corona virus tonight cases on the rise in more than half the country and a new study. Tonight suggesting that the virus can survive on some services longer than we thought up to twenty days on some services they actually looked at the surface of phones also hospitalizations rising in thirty five states experts warn and increase in deaths could also and this number tonight more than two hundred, fifteen, thousand American lives lost to this virus. Tonight more on that new study and here's ABC's Eva. Pilgrim. Tonight the number of Kobe cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in more than half the country fourteen states hitting a record number of. Lot Week in Utah one of the hotspots entire families coming in many times one of them makes it one of the dozen has been really heartbreaking to see experts warning of an increase in the number of deaths in the coming days. When you look at what's going on in the United, states is really very troublesome more than two hundred, fifteen, thousand Americans have now died from the virus including Julie Davis a third grade teacher in North Carolina secret tavern child in classroom. Just, love every tile her family thinks she got the virus from a student at her school. Her School district has now moved to all remote learning. In New York anger over Cova cluster shutdowns in parts of the city spilling into the streets in Nashville thousands crowded together and mostly mask. Let's for this church service. Sunday. This video posted on twitter leader Sean. FOYT tweeting with this video, the Church will not be silenced all this as a new study suggests that Cova may be able to survive on surfaces for up to twenty eight days. The virus able to stay on non porous surfaces like glass, stainless, steel, vinyl, and paper but the actual amount of virus found was quite small and it'd be unlikely to cause infection. Still a good reminder to wash your hands frequently, and tonight, we're learning more about that first US reported infection case from back in. August, it was a healthy twenty, five year old man with no known immune disorders researchers say it shows that you can get this virus again David? reinfection headline got our attention today Eva. Thank you overseas tonight from the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Kovic survivor himself imposing new restrictions a tiered system. Now, they're based on the severity, the outbreak in A. Particular. Region all of it to head off the deed for another lockdown with cases. Now, quadrupling in just the past three weeks more hospitalizations in fact than last. March. Backyard home amid concern over voting during a pandemic early voting is now underway across much of this country and in Georgia this is the first day ABC's Stevo Sammy with what they're seeing already. This is one of the shorter lines voters in the heart of Atlanta waited for more than four and five hours before they could vote today hours away in Columbus the line started before the sun came up. So I got up about five fifteen this morning. Got Me a cup of coffee, and my hair was progressively getting longer. Voting is now taking place in forty five states and the nation's capital in Georgia were in person early voting started today election officials expect it to stay this busy for the next three weeks. Nearly everyone we spoke with in line said, they did not trust sending their vote in the mail you didn't WanNa vote by mail. You want your vote on you. Feel. You. In Georgia more than one point, five million voters have asked for absentee ballots so far and more than four hundred, thousand of them have been filled out and returned already in Florida started counting those mail in ballots today. A NEW ABC News Washington Post. Poll. Says that half of all voters plan to vote early here in buckhead Atlanta, this polling location is now closed but the line behind me is still nearly an hour long and all of these voters beginning through tonight David just extraordinary with three weeks left to go voting already underway across this country Steve Thank you and with so much concern about voting this year amid this pandemic and the news on mail in and absentee ballots are partners at five thirty eight to put together an easy to use state by State Guide to answer your questions on voting a both in person and by mail ABC News Dot Com. Slash W. N.. T. Vote Twenty twenty. In the meantime, new questions tonight about that deadly confrontation during dual protests in Denver, a security guard by a local TV station is now under investigation for murder police say mattress off shot and killed Lee feltner after Kelton or appeared to slap him and hit him with pepper spray. Dole off immediately was taken into custody. The city of Denver says, he's not registered as a security guard. The remnants of Hurricane Delta are still being felt tonight from the Gulf coast all the way up into the northeast. Now, blue tarps on rooftops in Lake Charles Louisiana struck by two hurricanes just a matter of weeks delta dropping ten more inches of rain more than one hundred, eighty, thousand customers without power Georgia in the path as well. Flash flooding triggering high water rescues. That was in Habra Sham County a very wet and difficult night of driving ahead in parts of the northeast. Let's get right to chief meteorologist gingy tracking it all for us hey ginger. David. In case you haven't seen that track the two tracks. Right next to each other. Delta, just twelve miles miles from Laura hit that red area highlights all the communities that were hit twice. Now here in the northeast, we're starting to feel the impacts we've seen erosion, coastal flooding, and heavy rains. It's going to squeeze together with that front anywhere from Boston up through new. Hampshire and Maine by tomorrow night could pick up one to three inches of rain very quickly David Jersey with US tonight ginger. Thank you and when we come back on this Monday evening concern over the coronavirus at the Vatican tonight, we're going to tell you why and we remember tonight John McCain's mother who we learned today has died at the age of one hundred eight. To the concern of the Vatican tonight four Swiss guards had now tested positive eighty-three ruled Pope Francis has often been photographed. A mask three other Vatican residents have also tested positive as well. We learned today the mother of the late Senator John McCain has died Roberta McCain passing away the age of one hundred. She fiercely campaign with her son when he ran for president in two thousand, eight becames widow cindy posting I couldn't have asked for a better role model or a better friend one, hundred eight. And finally tonight here we celebrate a hall of fame legend. Joe Morgan has died considered one of the best second baseman in major league history and the heart of Cincinnati's famed big. Red. Machine Morgan was a ten time. All Star two time world. Series. Champ twice named National League MVP. After his playing career, he went into broadcasting, becoming a longtime analyst for ESPN's Sunday night baseball Johnny Bench calling him quite simply the best baseball player I ever played against or saw Joe Morgan was seventy-seven. Thank you for watching here on a Monday night i. hope to see you right back here. Tomorrow I'm David Muir from all of us here at ABC News. Good night.

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