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Famous Fates: Andy Warhol


We hope you enjoyed this episode from our series famous fates. It's about the impactful lives in shocking. Deaths of history's most influential people to hear even more episodes each week subscribed to famous fates exclusively on spotify. Do you think that pop has sort go to reach the point where it's becoming repetitious now. Just break away from being. Papa are elitist going to carry on Yes show someone a picture of Marilyn Monroe they think it's Marilyn Monroe. Show them the same picture. Four times and they think hits hits Andy Warhol for three decades the shy man and the silver wig created destroyed and redefined art taking the war all distinction between museum. Sam Work in garbage but he also redefined America how we see ourselves and how the world should see us he would be the one to coined the term. Everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame and through his paintings films sculptures and exhibits. He would bring to fame the most unlikely subjects. In the history of art that that was Warhol's true talent taking the trash of the world the drug addled New Yorkers to supermarket disposables and making them royalty this included himself self despite all his work. Andy's bizarre personal narrative would be his greatest artistic statement after all a soup can can become high art. A smudge much could become style. The poor boy from Pittsburgh could one day become famous. This is the remarkable life and tragic death of Andy Warhol. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Carter Roy. Welcome welcome to famous fates apar- cast original exclusive to spotify each week. We'll release five. Fresh episodes centered around a common theme such as Hollywood icons John's influential women or music legends in each episode. We'll take a close look at the remarkable life of a different person with the help of voice. Actors will dramatize ties. Their incredible lives reimagining their greatest and weakest moments. Then we'll examine their controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remains shrouded in mystery and some changed the world forever today recovering. Andy Warhol the father of Pop. Art Inspired inspired the phrase fifteen minutes of fame and prove to the world that anything could be the subject of great art anything at all in his later. Years Warhol Warhol survived an assassination attempt only to die due to medical negligence. A tragic death. That feels both out of place and yet perfectly in character. For the provocative artist you can find episodes of famous fates and all other podcast originals for free on spotify to stream famous fates for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type famous fates in the search bar famous fates is a spotify exclusive so you can only find it on spotify at par podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do it we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast in twitter at at Park West Network. Now back to the life of Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol Story Starts Years Before his birth in the town of Meco part of the austro-hungarian empire or hall's Father Andrei were Hala left Meco in one thousand nine hundred fourteen to look for work in the United States but he returned only a few years later to find a wife. He figured his hometown would be the best place to look in partly because of macos Patriarchal Society where entree could marry a girl with only the approval of her family. This is how he chose Julia Zaba a woman opposite of him. In appearance and personality Andrei was large and Brusque Julia Petite in quiet. Neither headstrong feelings for the other. But Julius family liked Andres work ethic the mismatched pair married and a few years later Andrei decided they would return to America to Pittsburgh the Pennsylvania where he'd found work in the coal mines. Julia didn't like her new home. She refused to learn English and therefore rarely left the house. Luckily the House Got Busier. Julia gave birth to two sons before. Andy Powell in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and John in nineteen twenty five meaning that and by the time of Andy's birth in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight. The family had established a sense of routine andres meager salary and long hours relegated him to the distant breadwinner winner of the family. While Julia kept the House and cared for the boys and his older brothers also had their share of responsibilities which included providing extra income. Come to the family. Pablo took on his first job when he was eleven. But both boys played a large part in raising andy this included enrolling him in school and disciplining him when he acted out all right. You're going to walk inside. Go Up to the lady with the white hair and say oh you're going to say my name is Andy Were Hola. I'm six years old. I'm not Fixed Shush. I'm six years old and I'm in Mrs Finish Class. I'm not fix. I don't WanNa go to school. Yes you do moms too busy to take care of you. During the day mom likes talking to me during the day. She says she likes me better. Because you're not a thinker. No she didn't did to. Andy go to school. You go school this was the Warhol Household. self-governing solidly Working Class Stern. But loving and with a flair for the artistic Julia was a gifted scholar filling the home with drawings of kittens and flowers and he soon began copying her from his first years in school. His teachers recognized his immediate talent for drawing but in third grade and he had to leave class when he contracted a disease called. Sit In ham's Korea or Saint Vitus. Dance it it was an unlucky draw for eight weeks. Andy couldn't leave his bed. He grew skinny and frail. His skin turned blotchy and his nose. Protruded Bulb Asli there were emotional tolls as well. Andy developed a deep fear of sickness doctors and hospitals. His hypochondria would last his entire life but the time off had its benefits. Andy took up a new hobby to pass the time. Celebrity worship and the obsessed over gossip and star tracking magazines following following Hollywood's biggest stars. His favorite would be a little girl about his age and appearance who had already managed to become a household name. Shirley Temple Komo cracker in my them rabbit but I have following. I'm one by one. The idea that someone his age could achieve stardom greatly appealed to Andy soon he was cutting out pictures of Shirley and his other favorite stars then piecing them back together in collages. Of course this would later echo in his famous celebrity portraits but for the time being he was just a lonely starstruck fan day. He's coming does he think we have a fancy automobile to take us. What going to me late in nineteen thirty nine nine Andrei and some co workers accidentally drank contaminated water at their worksite? While the others recovered Andrei grew more ill he soon had to retire are unable to work his presence. In the home dampened the report Andean. His mother shared I coming up in the count of three one here good. Let's you wash your ears. Yes looked me. See your hands. What's this glue glue from from what I'm the tape? I making a project. You're making a project and it doesn't matter that you're entering the House of God with glue on your hands or late. Let's just start walking. While Andy Washes his hands. He'll have to run to catch up understood. Yes Sir but Andrei Drake cared for the family in different ways. Seeing the most potential in his youngest son Andrei saved money for Andy's education. He would die when Andy was only thirteen. High School came and went. Andy Hope to study art education at the University of Pittsburgh but his plans changed to be more practical practical in nineteen forty five Andy enrolled in the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh studying commercial art from the start and he didn't get along well with his professors and once again he'd have to answer to Paul this letter says you're flunking three classes. I'm only flunking three classes. It says you'll be expelled at the end of the term Pavel. I'm sorry but I'm not going to let someone who still bitter. They aren't Picasso. Tell me my drawing is eighty seven percent creative to understand his argument. We need a quick catch up on art history in one thousand nine hundred fifty s saw. The rain of an art style called abstract expressionism. Painters like Jackson pollock abandoned recognizable subjects and instead tried to capture raw emotion through color texture and juxtaposition art was defined signed by beautiful otherworldly expressions that spoke directly of the artists brilliance was created a polarizing atmosphere and eight year Grad student might understand the the significance of a Rothko print but the general populace just saw squares with salsa created a divide among artists. The quote real artists those who sold sold among the high end galleries and the quote commercial artists. Who worked advertisements in comics? Warhol didn't like this separation a kid from working class Pittsburgh. Berg didn't see the point in pandering to the New York elite but he also wanted to remain artistic and his work. Not just collecting paychecks. You're going to go go back in and ask them to let you take the glass. Now Dandy you take the class look at me. You're anti you're supposed to get the education get Outta Town Down Dad chose you. I don't know anything about Picasso. That's the point. But I know what happens to droughts. You've got to make this thing work. That means C plus or higher. Did you really just call it. This art thing warhol appealed to a professor and returned to class this this would prove pivotally important carnegie. Didn't see art the same way as Andy but it would teach him technical skills that would become distinguishing traits of his most important important work most notably printing similar to a printing press this involved copying an image over and over in assembly line fashion Warhol Paul and impulsive creative like the speed and output he could achieve working with mechanized art tools and he was about to go to one of the most fast paced cities on the planet in Nineteen nineteen forty nine after his graduation. Andy dropped the a from his last name. Becoming Andy Warhol and took up residence in New York City. New York would be the center of Andy's greatest accomplishments so we want to take a quick snapshot of who he was upon arrival. First of. Aw Andy was fiscally independent conscious of money since childhood warhol quickly secured commissions for. I Miller Shoes Glamour magazine and numerous window displays as he was good at his job. We're halls commercial. Work would win awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the art directors club but he already possessed his trademark shakiness. Shakiness has more artistic work such as don't pick on me a picture of a man picking. His nose seem designed to offend and perplexed the viewer though he didn't get that much recognition for such art. He seemed delighted in pushing the comfort of his audience. There were other changes in his life as well. Socially Warhol participated and didn't many remember Andy from the fifties as an awkward but constant partygoer hardly able to make conversation he said of himself. I'm the type who'd be happy not going anywhere as long as I was sure I knew exactly what was happening at the places I wasn't going to. I'm the type who'd like to sit at home and watch every party that I'm invited to on a monitor. During my bedroom and warhol celebrity worship also continued. He was now enamored with the author. Truman capote like Shirley Temple capote represented an an idealized version of Warhol Gay Gregarious and though he had yet to write breakfast at tiffany's or in cold blood clearly talented andy reached out to Capote Multiple Apple Times through letters and phone calls. It didn't go well. Hello Hello I'm looking for Truman. F F fat boy. I'm not sure sure I'm looking for Truman. I'm very big fan of his work in young man. You need to stop sending Truman Letters. You need to stop calling the house and you need to stop to Truman Sale. That he's very upset. and to whom am I speaking. This is Truman's mother. That actually happened Mrs Capote was the one to tell Andy to back off but andy channeled. His Passion elsewhere completing an exhibition inspired by capote's writings the fifty cy young amateur warhol growing into himself. He obtained a job at R. C. A.. Records Kurds he and a friend traveled the world. He had corrective surgery to reduce the size of his nose. He was a working artist in New York City. Things look good then pop. Art Hit the scene Pop. Art Was a movement started in Britain. That by the end of the fifties was just starting to find an American audience. It relied on a kitschy Ritchie. Ironic use of popular mediums imagery a far cry from the abstract expressionists suit warhol. He loves celebrities hated High Art and he had a retinue of commercial techniques at his disposal but the field of pop art was filling up rapidly. Mandy spent much of a year developing a comic book style before four. Learning of Roy. Lichtenstein's work and Andy had yet to fully let go of abstract expressionism. Film Director Emil Dantonio. A friend of Andy's remembers the young artists showing him two of his newest paintings. What do you think? Don't me about the one on the right. It Coca Cola bottle I took the cross hatches from. I'm an exhibit I saw in the stable gallery and then added some shading around the the one on the left. It's a Coca Cola bottle that's it that's it well. Well one of these is kind of ridiculous and the other is what you're actually doing. I know it's stupid. I just liked the way it looked alone. Put No Andy. The abstract one is shit. Stop doing anything like that. The one on the left. It's good it's brutal. It's who we are. Many showed similar comparisons to art curator's Ivan Karp and Henry. Gonzales all agreed with de Antonio don't dress up subject don't make it artistic present. The image as it exists in real life after all this reflected what Andy found interesting interesting about Coca Cola you can be watching. TV and see Coca Cola and you know that the president drinks coke. Liz Taylor drinks coke and just think you can drink coke to coke coke and no amount of money can get you a better coq than the one that the bum on the corner drinking. Liz Taylor knows it the president. You didn't knows it who the bum knows it and you know it in. Andy's mind why dress up a coke it ruins the simplicity then in one thousand nine hundred sixty to the. The big idea came to andy the one that would set him apart. We'll return to our story in just a moment. Hi It's Carter. Sure you're a fan of true crime but are you ready to put your skills to the test and be crowned undisputed beauty expert. Then try your hand at par cast new Trivia. PODCAST killer knowledge. 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I don't know you're the artist but I know my life to well. I need something new and you just said two things that are each other's the exact opposite my stops next meal. You've been absolutely useless. What did you eat for lunch today today yesterday yesterday when you were a kid? What did you eat today? Ham on Rye Sandwich with pickled yesterday skipped lunch at half an apple during work when I was a kid every day. My mom made us mom made you wack Campbell's tomato soup see something like that. No that Campbell's tomato soup isn't this your Jiwan. What how much do you want for the idea? Bad idea meal. I have to go buy new paints new canvas in every Campbell's bulls tomato soup between here and Fifth Street. So give me a price. How much do you offer the idea? The next day Warhol paid mural that Tau fifty dollars and soon thereafter developed thirty. Two paintings of the Campbell's soup can he called the collection. Campbell's soup cans Andy. Andy employed a technique. He had learned only the year before called silk screening. This allowed him to reproduce photographs on blown upscale with his choice of colors he worked out. A sketch of a single soup can and reproduced the exact image thirty two times Wendy inches high and sixteen inches wide with no artistry or illustration address them up each had. Do exactly like something you could find in your cupboard to New York warhol had made the most mundane insignificant artwork possible civil but for Irving blum the curator at the Ferris Gallery in Los Angeles. The Eh done something genius bloom offered to display the exhibit and even added a final touch redesigning his gallery in the style of a supermarket aisle the world of Pop art now had its emblem a can of soup. Let's easy to see why art critics were confused and made a portrait of a commercial item. Developed it using commercial techniques replicated a commercial setting as the backdrop and called it all all art not only that he was charging a whopping one hundred dollars a canned and he would continue doing so nineteen sixty three. So warhol continuing doing on the theme depicting dollar bills coke bottles and more soup cans in the same forthright manner all of which were displayed at the coveted stable gallery in New New York. Andy's first major gallery in the city. He continued experimenting with Silk Screening and repetitive printing. His darker works explored American violence depictions of automobile accidents mushroom clouds and electric chairs. You'd be surprised to hang an electric chair in the living room. Especially if the background matches the drapes oops. But his most iconic work came from Andy's favorite topic celebrities he began producing portraits riffing on color and framing with each new print his subjects included Elvis Presley Marlon Brando Muhammad Ali and perhaps most famously Marilyn Monroe and by the time of Monroe's death in nineteen sixty two warhol had already masked quite a collection of her images. Maryland was the perfect celebrity she was an icon rather than a single talent. A true symbol symbol of distilled fame and took a single image of her and replicated hundreds of times sometimes with different color palettes sometimes the same but warhol's Dell's depictions warrant flattering. His prints often had smudges or miss framing at times rendering the starlets face. Nearly illegible use of celebrity was only a starting adding point for Andy. It was the endless repetition that would impact audiences for Warhol Marilyn. Monroe wasn't the subject the endless pictures of her we see the constant pinups and advertisements the commercialization of a person that was the meaning of celebrity. And that's how Andy Warhol took. The world's most famous face and reduced it to the level of a soup can his work van meteoric admiration and controversy in the art world. Were Hall subjects had never been seen in such such a basic forthright way and most importantly his work was instant. Andy said of his own. Work if you WANNA know all about Andy Warhol just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me and there I am. There's nothing behind it. In other words it didn't take a graduate degree to understand Elvis Presley. It was simple yet. Revolutionary Canary by showing a soup can calling it art. Andy asked a broader question for the first time in history. Can anything be art. Everyone should have fifteen eighteen minutes of fame and had stumbled onto an America in which every object could be. Art and every loner could be famous. It was both a dream and a joke. Replicated replicated hundreds of times over by the silk screening technique and audiences responded by the end of nineteen sixty. Three Warhol was an international name. This was only the beginning. The next phase of Warhol's life the so called silver period would center around his most bizarre and controversial creation of all time the factory factory billy. It's wonderful you like the walls the hallways also also shiny. I'll abstract I want my just like it all right but I have to let you know. I'm not cheap anymore. Andy you want me to design your space. It's GonNa cost you billy I love you. I've got enough money to buy three of you. You start tomorrow other New York. Pop artists were increasingly collaborating with Warhol with their help and improve working area and it could surpass his previous output with ease and output was his highest priority and he had taken to seeing his art as a race against itself. Don't think about making art. Just get it done. Let everyone else decide. If it's good or bad weather. They love it or hated needed. While they're deciding make even more art. This would be the working order for these new space onto thirty one east forty seventh street. which would come to be known own? As the Silver Factory Andy commissioned artist. Billy name to decorate the space in the same fashion as Billy's apartment all in silver so billy painted posted posted aluminum foil and glued glass shards to give the warehouse a chromatic futuristic. Look this was not only Andy's favorite color but the preferred aesthetic nick for amphetamine users who play a large role in the factory. Andy immediately set his artists to work. Within weeks the first exhibition came out of the factory. WARHOL's Brillo boxes the Brillo boxes were scale replicas of actual Brillo soap boxes identical to those you might find in a store before four. Andy had at least painted soup cans onto a canvas. These boxes were virtually indiscernible from their commercial model. Critics were flabbergasted. How could one of two who identified boxes be art and the other disposable more importantly how could be worthless and the other sell for one hundred dollars a box others took issue with the mode of production? Andy created the boxes not one by one as most artists would assembly line style. The factory had lived up to its name and the factory was was always operating phetamine. More speed usage increased in the studio allowing Andy and his artists to work day and night on projects. It's unclear how much much andy used. Some say. He only took half a diet pill a day but he certainly encourage drugs for all his friends. The open creativity and easy highs encouraged the Motley crue to frequent the factory drag queens rockstars prostitutes west coast millionaires artists drug addicts this included. Jim Morrison the the velvet underground Bob Dylan Madonna and David Bowie. All of whom remember very bizarre host. Andy had undergone a transformation as well donning a disaffected effected attitude and they bright silver wig. David Bowie remembered meeting him saying quote. The first time we saw each other and awkward silence fell till Oh he remarked on my bright yellow shoes and started talking enthusiastically. He wanted to be very superficial. Andy always wore though silver wigs but he never admitted they were wigs. One of his hairdressers told me lately that he had his wigs regularly cut like it were real hair. When the WIG was trimmed he put on another next month as if his hair had grown? Fewer in New York. Warhol was the person to meet and the factory was the place to be. Warhol had surrounded himself with the most dynamic destructive active and cinematic group possible. This might be why. Midway through the sixties Andy turned away from painting and decided to throw himself into a new medium film ELM action. What do you want me to do keep going going? What what am I doing? You're doing great. I'm a a little confused as one could imagine. WARHOL's first films weren't exactly Hollywood blockbusters the pieces abandoned any pretense of plot or dramatic matic arc instead finding candid scenes of Warhol's friends in strange scenarios. Take for example. One of Warhol's earliest films sleep made in nineteen sixty sixty three. The film depicts five hours of poet. John giorno sleeping. This can seem a little slow. Many viewers find it difficult to sit through the full L.. But Andy found something strangely intimate in watching Mr Giorno sleep though. We spend a third of our lifetime doing so. It's infrequent we can sit and watch someone in in such a vulnerable position and found other voyeuristic scenes to spy on such as his films haircut and blowjob whose names are as indicative of their content as sleep sleep but his later film Empire would push furthest in this direction. Empire is an eight hour still shot of the Empire State Building. The only action is is when the buildings lights installed earlier that year. Turn on much has been made over empire and it's near unwatchable brilliance. Some critics say the movie is about time. Hi The only difference between the film and painting is the feeling of eight hours passing by others. Say the movie is about boredom. Are we able to stare at the same aim image for that long. Most audiences weren't but income wasn't a problem for Andy his silk screening which pumped out of the factory like clockwork subsidized used all of his other projects. It also made him a magnet for people for lack of a better term. On the way down indy cultivated a string of his most volcanic regulars Gillers into hyper personalities. He called superstars this included artists such as Nico Viva Ultraviolet in candy. Darling Warhol put you in a film or used you as a model you could become New York royalty. By the next day it was also an open space for the loners of society. Four Hall encouraged their weirdness which provided him with endless inspiration to typically ended poorly for the superstars. The rampant drug use in vitriolic like personalities forced everyone in the factory to the edge. Some didn't make it through in nineteen sixty four factory regular Freddie her co ended a dance performance events by leaping out of a five storey window and falling to his death and then there was a superstar known universally as nineteen sixty. Five's lives girl of the year or hall immediately loved Sedgwick's movie star looks and took two featuring her above the other superstars. He saw Sedgwick as his ticket. They get into the Hollywood elite but Sedgwick saw otherwise. She was preoccupied with the drug habit and overcoming childhood abuse despite eighties fame under Warhol or hall they're working and personal relationship soured by nineteen sixty five. She asked him to stop casting her for the next six years. She would slowly decay a under the frequent abusive barbiturates by Nineteen seventy-one. She was dead. This mark the darker side of Warhol's free creativity lifestyle on one handy not and powered his superstars to behave with all their eccentricities included on the other he witnessed their destructive behavior and did nothing to stop it. The superstars to an extent knew they were being used. They dubbed Andy Drewe a mix of Cinderella and Dracula and many would see warhol. Paul is complicit in their instability. Many said he had no friends he would draw close to someone only for better material in one day his behavior would come. I'm back to him will return to our story in just a moment now. Back to the life of Andy Warhol whereas he valerie. He's not here go home. I want my script back. Tell Him Dumb horror you hear me get out of here my script back. What's going on here in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven writer and sex worker Valerie? Solanas introduced herself to Warhol with her screenplay. Entitled Up Your Ass Valerie was a radical feminist. Who would later grow defame writing the scum scum manifesto which called for the elimination of all men? She was a character. Perfect for the factory. Warhol promised to read her screenplay and caster in one of his projects. I A man where she delivered a universally praised performance but a year later he had still not mentioned nor returned her screenplay. Solana's grew you suspicious. That warhol and her manager were conspiring to steal her work and sell it for themselves. On June third nineteen sixty eight solanas went to the Chelsea hotel armed with a pistol possibly to find her manager when she found he was out for the day she instead went to the factory. I left that script here. It's my only copy copy and I want it back Valerie. Please believe me from what I read. If I was going to steal a script it wouldn't be yours then whereas it I lost it you lost lost it yes. I spent three years on that script. My tally time poorly used now. I've got to get back. You said you were going. Make me a star ship. No Valerie wait. You said You promised rally. Chris shot three times at Andy hitting him once. The bullet went through both lungs. Spleen stomach liver and Safa Goose. She also shot art critic. Mario Miami and the hip before fleeing the scene Warhol in serious condition was taken to Columbus mother. Cabrini bill there Andy gain consciousness just long enough to hear a doctor say no chance minutes. After arriving warhol's life functions ceased. He was pronounced legally dead but the lead surgeon upon upon learning exactly who is patient was refused to give up. He opened up Andy's chest and massaged his heart by hand until it continued. Beating surgeons is operated for five hours straight on Andy and succeeded in reviving him. A bizarre twist warhol awoke to find himself in a situation very similar are to his eight year old self. Meanwhile Solano's turned herself into a traffic policeman only hours after the shooting when questioned. She expressed no remorse in and shooting. Andy it's easy to file Solana's away as a deranged shooter but we shouldn't understate her mindset. The day of the shooting Warhol had fallen into the habit habit of promising to all of his superstars as well as Valerie that he would produce their work even when he had no intention of doing so. To many Warhol's touch meant the solution into all their problems. Valerie who had spent years in self hatred finally obtained a glimpse of hope in Warhol. He used that hope to stringer along for just under a year. Valerie's sickness can't be denied. The courts diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and sentenced her to three years in the Department of Corrections However Warhol Paul Excelled in promising the unattainable to unstable personalities. Valerie was just the first to strike back. People sometimes say that the way things happen in movies is unreal. But actually it's the way things happen in life that's unreal the movies make emotions look so strong and real whereas when things really do happen to you. It's like watching television. You don't feel anything right when I was being shot. And ever since I knew that I was watching television. The channel switch. But it's all television the nineteen seventies as would be a different decade for Andy Warhol. The factory was over. Warhol had moved at the end of the previous year's lease and new location had a much less inclusive touristy Christie feel but the most significant change was in warhol himself or hall had always been shy but in an awkward personable way. First Impressions never stopped. I'm from meeting as many strangers as possible. The shooting ended. This warhol cutoff steady stream of strangers through his life paranoid of crowds and New People. Though he was still Dylan regular at certain clubs he was now a fixture of the background rather than the center of attention art critic Robert Hughes later. Call him the white mole of Union Square and Warhol's work once again would take a new direction. Warhol turned once again to celebrity portraits with even bigger commissions attached his subjects ranged from royalty to rockstars the Shah of Iran to Mick Jagger. Perhaps his most famous work from this period is his portrayal of one of the world's most controversial figures at the time Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong for some Warhol had sold out he had returned to familiar territory. Silk screening celebrities just with the heftier price tag attached but this marked a newer more corporate approach to creativity. Warhol wasn't just an artist. He was a brand and once again. Warhol refused refused to disclose this as art in his nineteen. Seventy five book the philosophy of Andy Warhol counters. These critics pointing out making money is art and working is art and good. Business is the best art. This may seem a little convenient. But it's important to remember Warhol's roots. He rose to celebrity you by making money. By combining the commercial and the artistic that follows that an impressive commercial product should come with an impressive paycheck whether this is an opportunistic. Soonest impulse or Warhol's Great Statement on America. The jury is still out but for the nineteen eighties. which would include the rise of Reagan and Wall Street warhol seemed pretty on the money? Carter no more. Buttons are though many draw qualms with Warhol in the Seventies. The eighties would see return of Warhol's bold artistic style. New York found found another artistic vein in the new decade. A movement known as NEO EXPRESSIONISM NEO expressionism. Rejected the concept art of the seventies returning to recognizable recognizable subjects but this way would employ bright colors. Violent artistry pushing the subjectivity of the viewer rather than lead the movement Warhol used his considerable considerable fame to empower other artists. His collaboration with Sean Michelle. Basquiat brought the young artists to the international scene. Basquiat still remains the name. Most most associated with the New York neo expressionism movement. And warhol found a sense of his old cheesiness in his newest series the piss paintings beautiful waterfall fall canvases made of copper paint which were oxidized and painted using streams of his own urine. Meanwhile a new generation of artists paid homage to bore or halls influence graffiti. Artists could display works in galleries collage and pop. Culture were regular fixtures the divide between high art and low art had never been so blurred. It's also tempting to project four halls philosophy even further into the future for instance the Internet in its creation. The distinctive feature of the Internet would would be open source. Sharing anyone without any need for credentials could express themselves to the largest audience known to man and thus everyone could have their fifteen minutes. It's a fame and it seems in line with Warhol's work and it's fun to think about what Warhol's interpretation of our twitter buzzfeed gift culture might have been. Unfortunately Eh warhol would not see the information age in the late. Seventies warhol had been feeling severe pains in his stomach but rather than face a hospital. He'd allowed the problem to worsen fourteen years later. He needed immediate surgery to remove his gallbladder. He submitted himself to the New York. Hospital this would prove a fatal decision. Warhol Warhol survived the surgery but an infection caused by the surgery left him even sicker than before less than twenty four hours. After the surgery. At the age of fifty eight or hall was dead. His family would later sued hospital for improper care and water intoxication but it would be a a hollow victory. The most notable artists of the late twentieth century had gone overnight and yet warhol might have been pleased to know that he would be buried in style. His coffin was solid bronze with gold plated rails and white upholstery and warhol himself would be dressed in a black CASIMIR. Suit a Paisley by a pair of sunglasses and a platinum wig. Scream hello thanks for listening. You can find more episodes of famous fates and all all other podcast originals for free on spotify famous fates is a spotify exclusive. Not only does spotify already. 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