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Strolling of the Heifers, Thunder Road Season Opener, and Allergies


The. Radio on. It's the Dave Graham show on WD. It's your show about the people places and the issues that matter the most to you now, here's your host, Dave Graham. Good morning, everyone leak attell filling in for daybreak today here on the Graham, Joe. By the way tomorrow. Brent Curtis is going to be the guest host here on the Dave Graham show. So I suspect it'll be talking about getting around because transportation issues are front and center, but you know, I won't narrow Brent down to that is knowledge est quite a bit further and wider the net. So perhaps we'll find out later day. Exactly who's got planned for the program tomorrow. But once again, Bryan Curtis will host tomorrow here on daybreak show in on Friday. John Walters will have the show from the state house in Montpellier where they are getting down to the nitty gritty about oh passing bills. And then they're vetoes and the overrides and all that interesting back and forth between the governor and the legislature, which is coming in the concluding weeks of the legislative session on the way in the show today coming up at the bottom of the hour Christmas shoddy owner of thunder road where they're getting ready for the. Sixty season of stock car racing at the nation side of excitement, and there have been quite a few significant changes at and around the track that very excited talk about. And of course, very excited to have you come in check out for yourself as the car show comes in on Saturday in the opening race of the season four divisions and the community Bank. One fifty is the American Canadian tour comes to thunder road Christmas shot at the bottom of the hour. And I have to say I I'm getting word on somewhat short notice about hosting this show. So a lot of times when I when I come in the afternoon before I have to you know, kinda work we with what's available in. It's pretty short notice. So occasionally yesterday, the food expert and the guy who's talking about picnicking. And also what he was talking about was pro pro sticks some product where they stick. Chicken on a stick in. And it's a veil for folks that want to do some picnicking. So a, you know a product based guest in. I don't know exactly what our final guest is going to have here in this hour. But Dr Cass Ingram is going to join us to talk about allergy issues, and there might be a product or something like that involved in that. But hopefully, we'll we'll get dispense with some other useful information because we are coming upon that lovely time of year when every single car gets covered with that light green film. I guess it says maybe as the maple buds or the something happens there something pops. And all this stuff comes out of the sky and winds up landing on the services all around and and for some folks at crates, well, bloating, or swelling. Or you know, other allergy discomforts. So then he luck at all Dr casting grim. We'll give us some useful information toward the end of the hour about how to deal with all of that information. But our first guest today is somebody that's going to be dealing with a topic. That is near and dear to us here at the stations of radio, Vermont WD, EV FM and AM where frequently on Saturday mornings can squire and Jack and farmer. Dave will all deal with songs relating to cows. We love cows. And there might be the probably the biggest cow event in the state of Remond happens every year in in downtown brattleboro where they have the strolling of the heifers and early Monday is joining us on the line right now now early what is your official title would strolling of the Hafer, founder of sterling heifer. Oh my goodness. You invented the whole idea? You're a special kind of I was going to say a special kind of crazy. But I I guess you're uniquely creative. I'll phrase it that way. Absolutely. Absolutely. And the strolling of the heifers is more than a parade. You know, the parade and festival which by the way cakes place on June, seventh eighth and ninth and June eight is the big jewel of the whole fundraiser. And that's when we have the parade with I dunno hundred fifty heifers, let by four H club members, followed by all kinds of fun and Wim cicle float. And then the very special piece of all this everybody gets to March in the they all follow the parade to the comments and Linden street where there's lots of wonderful specialty food and and free entertainment sampling. It's a full day, man. Yeah. So so folks who do folks who participate in the strolling, they get a free cow. For taking part. If they wanna March with their child in the parade. They get a wonderful seem to Sears superheroes. Farmers are heroes. And we want people to come dressed with their Cape. But if you don't have a Cape, and you wanna March in the parade you'll be able to register online WWW strolling of the heifers dot com and bring your child with you. And if you don't have a Cape for your child, we will give you a Cape and mask, so but you have to register for that. But I really wanna talk about the serious side of the the five day weekend, and that is on Friday June six excuse me on Thursday, June six and Friday, June seventh we have our famous slow living summit and people can register online by going to slow living summit dot org, and this year, the sole living summits theme. And topic is the future of women and food entrepeneurship, and it's about how can we connect a community of like minded individuals, which we have in Vermont seeking to expand women's roles in farm and food systems. We have amazing keynote speaker this is for men and women to talk about those issues. We have such folks as known Ella Duke who is from honor the earth. Stacey Vanik Smith who is corresponded for planet money on National Public Radio and has was born on a farm and speaks very eloquently about the issues. Charles marr Marinov, the principal founder of breakthrough beverage Donna Kilpatrick from heifer international effort to national works very closely with Kathy berry. He's the managing director of Baldwin invest. -ment? Lisa more Mortimer. She's the co founder of mama says foods, I if you if you wanna see the full list of the incredible speakers because I can go on and on go to slow living summit dot org, and you can get that information Norgay, and again, that's a very big weekend. The brattleboro area farmer's market is also part of what's going on there on western avenue in brattleboro on Saturday, June eighth and the slow living menu. It's a whole day weekend with a couple of other events going on Sunday as well. Yes. And on Sunday, we have our court to heifer, and you can register either go to strolling a heifers dot com and register for tour to heifer or go to bike reg and look for toward a heifer embroil borough. We start on the rob the most gorgeous picturesque farm rob family from with. The sweetest people. And then we have a sixty mile of vigorous ride, then we have a thirty mile ride and a gentle fifteen mile ride that I can even do and there's a lot of rest stops along farm. And then you come back, and we all hang out on the farm, and there's a lot of music and wonderful lunches served. The people who come to the tour to have who come your after your say, it's one of the best organized bike events. They have if you do not if you're not inclined you can just come for the lunch, and we have a sweet little hike up around mountain. And if that doesn't interest you on Sunday, we also have farm tours, and you can register for that online. It's free. You. You have to register. So we know how many people coming to each farm, and it's motoring ride that to do on your own, but you have to be at a certain hour at a certain farm, and they're very close to one another, and they give you the most amazing tours of their farm and people really enjoy it, and it feels up very quickly. So again, if you want the farm tour via your car, go to WWW strolling of the heifers dot com toward a heifer is WWW heifers dot com or bike rich dot com or the slow living summit, which is the future of women in food entrepeneurship, then then go to slow living summit dot org where you'll get a lot more information on the summit's. I gotta tell you. I've done these summits for so many years. This is the most amazing summit with the most amazing. Group of people. And by the way, all the speakers come do it in kind which is also mazing that is stunning. Well, that's part of our mission. And that's what we talk about is giving back to the community, and you know, big businesses. Sometimes forget that. And that is when everything we do in strolling heifers, it is about that and being socially responsible. But not just giving back to what slow moving means to me. And why came up with this is I lead very fast life, but I do saw down when I'm in a supermarket take it down to very small level. And I see two apples the one made grown of Mont. That's the one I'm going to buy when I'm with friends I slowed down and try to control myself, if I'm angry, and, you know, be Pathak. When people are in need. I tried to help them as much as possible. It doesn't mean just flowing down. And pulling out your checkbook and writing check, it means, you know, it's good old fashioned values of giving back to yourself to the community. And you know, also taking care of yourself eating really good food local food. This is only munching of the strolling of the heifers in brattleboro. And again, you know, we're ways out, but it comes up quickly or Lee. No, we're five weeks plus away. But folks like to have a little time to plan ahead. So you know out there it starts Friday night, June seventh the big day is Saturday June eight and then Sunday, June ninth capped off by some farm tours and the tour to Heffer love the name. And again that bike ride goes around some of the dirt roads and brattleboro. I bet that's a very popular event to cap off the big weekend. Oh. I'm telling you, it is like people come from all over for this. And they say they feel like they're in some Hollywood picture movie of some sort. It's just amazing. And you know, we just love everyone to come and enjoy and celebrate the farms right down on the farm with us, and we also have wonderful music, by the way live music. You can find out more. What's that website? One more time for strolling the Heff as you can get to any of this from the WWW strolling heifers dot com strolling of the heifers dot com. And again, I it so well, I guess it's volunteer work to clean up after the parade to right? Oh, we found tears. Let me tell you. Anybody wants to volunteer. It's a hoop. Anyway. Okay. Orly? Thank you so much for giving us some time here on the Dave Graham show again, June seven eight and nine for these strolling of the heifers weekend in brattleboro. And this is the Dave Graham show on WD will be back in a moment. Spring long-awaited much celebrated upstairs at the almost world-famous famous store. You will find colorful clothing for men. Women and children bulls, mugs, candles cards and gift wrap. Puzzles toys and games jewelry CBD products, local soaps, more that's one stop shopping for months. According to Yankee magazine, come for lunch on our deck and enjoy a fun funky and friendly world class shopping experience in the beautiful mad river valley. Lauren store in Warren village opened nine to six every day. Listen to the day Graham show on your time at W E, E radio dot com. Click on the program tat then day Bram show to listen to the podcast of Fashoda. Now back today live WD, EV, FM and AM. Well, the monastic say Shangri laws the perfect place to be talking about the strolling of the heifers Dana, we've got the you've got a heifer they're tiny about this looks like the Lipizzaner cow. You know, the dancing ballerina we've heard about that. I'm used to go to the dome by this one stating on one huff. But you can see our ceramic cows a broken front leg so dangerous work. Well, it's a dangerous place to hang around the dump studio. Okay. So here we go coming up in the next half hour. We're gonna have Christmas shod from thunder road here on WD, but I have open phones, and I'd like to hear from you over the next couple minutes, and this is short. So you're gonna have to make a count. I got five minutes to work with here. But I'd love to hear from you. Because initially I trying to line up something with the Vermont lung association about the effort to change the legal age to purchase tobacco in Vermont from eighteen to twenty one. And I contacted the folks at the Verma. Aunt lung association. And they said sure, we'll have a guest for you. And then they asked about the nature of the the interview. And I said well be doing most of the question asking. And but we might have caller to ask a question or provide a comment as well. And they sort of bristled at that. So apparently, they trust me. But they don't trust you. But I know you're trustworthy people out there. This is what came in from the Vermont lung association or the American lung association yesterday about the effort, they call tobacco twenty one the American lung association today applauded and thanked senators Virginia lions and Deborah Ingram and Vermont legislature for passing legislation to raise the age of sale of all tobacco products from eighteen to twenty one. And then Elizabeth Hamlin burn jer the director of advocacy in Vermont for the American lung association said tobacco is a highly. Addictive product close to ninety five percent of smokers. Try their first cigarette by the age of twenty one with youth e cigarette use already at epidemic levels raising the age of sail to twenty one would be a significant victory for public health, and in the interest of protecting our young people from a dangerous and lifelong addiction, and they go on and on with more statistics than they say. Thanks to Senator lions and Senator Ingram who showed true leadership on this issue. And we employ governor Scott to sign the legislation into law swiftly. So there that's that's the deal with Dan. The American League association advocating to raise the age of the of purchasing tobacco here in the state of Vermont from eighteen to twenty one. So I'd like to hear your thoughts. If you care to join us here, and again, we're going to have to move long little snappy today. But if you have a thought, you're welcome to share it at two four four. Seventeen seventy seven eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five Paul from Moncton. Thanks for getting the ball rolling morning quickly here. I don't have a problem with what they're proposing. Right. Come in, knowing what is initials as that, the consistency. And how we regulate certain aspects of the gem that delta it not as wanna raise the drinking age over. You gotta twenty one you wanna raise the smoking twenty one yet. They can join the army and they can vote if they're smart enough to join down the road. Then they they've been there smart enough to decide what they wanna smoke or drink at their don't look at the other way, too smart and not smart enough to decide whether it could smoke drink, then not smart enough to join army or vote, but it's be consistent. All the way across I would like twenty one period all the way across all those aspects. And I find it interesting. There's there's a lot of range in the age, you have to be in order for the things that you do, of course, nationally there are there rumblings of a movement to lower the voting. Age to sixteen and I think there were some towns in southern Vermont that opt to do that at town meeting day to approve lowering the voting age and a couple of places ages to get married run a one a ride range in his state in the country from I think fourteen in some states as young as you can get married in in its various and other places as well. So there there does seem to me Paul to be a little bit of a disconnect in your right? The some of these the view is that these young adults are not mature enough to make these relevant decisions regarding smoking and drinking. But apparently, they are mentally mature enough to be able to decide who should be in the leadership positions in the country. No, you're absolutely correct. And I can see some cultural differences, you know, within the country from the south they're northeaster west possibly, I see cultural differences worldwide where voting ages in drinking smoking different. But when you have within the same state, you have four different ages or two different ages for separate issues that doesn't make sense, Paul. I appreciate the call. And by the way, I've got an I have sort of a dog in this hunt. Anyway, because you know, I smoked about a pack and a half for a couple of years finally was able to give it up about twenty years ago, thankfully, but it it wasn't challenge in. It's the kind of thing you have to practice if you ever really wanna quit. And if you ever want me to give you a little bit of advice on on how to quit smoking. You can send an Email to my I got a link at WD EV radio dot com, and I came up with a couple methods because more when you're trying to quit smoking. Your mind will really play tricks on you to just have one more puff. If you just have one cigarette, I will leave you alone and stop bothering you. And when you embrace the process of what your mind is attempting to do to you it can help you realize what's going on and make it a little easier to survive the temptations as my take on it. Anyway, these attestations of radio Vermont WD FM and AM we're going to drop the green flag on thunder road and co owner Christmas shod is next after we head to the newsroom right here on the day Graham, show, WB, FM and AM. Spring long-awaited much celebrated upstairs at the almost world-famous warned store. We will find colorful clothing for men, women and children bulls, mugs, candles cards and gift wrap. Puzzles toys and games, jewelry, CBD products, local soaps, and more. That's one stop shopping for months. According to Yankee magazine, come for lunch on our deck and enjoy a fun funky and friendly world class shopping experience in the beautiful mad river valley. Morin store in Morin village. Vermont open nine to six everyday. It's the day Graham shown on WD, FM and AM. Lee tell filling in for Dave Graham today, it'll be burned Kurdish tomorrow and then on Friday John Walters from the state house in Montpellier on Sunday afternoon. The opening weekend of racing at the nation site of excitement thunder road, the car show on Saturday and the community Bank. One fifty the headline event on Sunday's race and track co owner Christmas Shaw joining us on the line right now. Turn that one up. So everybody can hear you. How are you Chris? I'm good. How are you? We're we're doing great. And since you took ownership of the of the track. There have been a couple of innovations last year. The big exciting thing was putting the new surface on the track which led to some some great racing folks very excited about that. And it was a great look plus the new lighting came in last season. So you and Pat Malone have been working not only to make thunder road a better place, but you want to build thunder. Wrote into something even bigger than that. We do you know thunder road has always been a showcase for the last sixty years. And and we wanna keep that going and. I think Pat knife make pretty good partners. I I really know the racing end. I feel and you know, Pat knows the construction and the infrastructure, and he really has a great vision for the for the track and what he wants to make it into. So yeah, I guess it says somewhere in the in the New Testament says with a little faith you can move a mountain, but it helps to have some heavy lifting equipment to do that. Because you guys are moving to mountain, but you are going to move four Saif hill. We are were was the new wall that we put up what that's going to allow us to do is to pull foresight hill closer to the track. And have a new viewing area, we're gonna we're gonna tear us foresight hill, where before all you can do is really sit on the bottom of it and a few people, you know, spread throughout, but we're going to terrace it, and I I think we feel that allow the fans to have a better view of the race. Be more involved be on top of the race track. Be closer to the action. Okay. Now when somebody says the wall at thunder road first thing, I think of is the Widowmaker the wall on turn four which has been a noted noted spot to avoid if you're out there racing on any given night at thunder road. But now this other wall that's being constructed. What is the design and where will it sit? I made its concrete role. It is right on the edge of the race track. It it did not get into any of the racing surface. At it is on the edge of it and stayed back. And you know, the the purpose for it is. One thing keep cars in the park. You know, we know that a few of flown out in the wild rides off of turn two down the berm. And and so I get that that'll help to keep them from doing anything where there's there's some potential for disaster there that apparently the wall will look to help folks. Void exactly, you know. And and it's close to the surface. So what allow us to do is pull the people close. For for the viewing. And also make it safe for them. I'm hearing about the walkway along the backstretch is that been put in yet? Or is that a future plan? That's something. That'll be you know, hopefully, we'll have everything done, you know, as far as viewing area and stuff by Memorial Day, Naga promise, you know. 'cause obviously a lot of weather dependent on working with the with the dirt and soil and stuff. But you know, the the goal is to have a walkway. So you don't have to leave the turn three area to come around to the concessions or the restrooms or anything like that you'll be to walk right around. So once you go in the ticket booth on the main gate, and then you'll be able to go left and over turn three. If you want to join us in ask Chris a question. He's here for a couple more minutes at eight oh, two two four four one seven seven seven or toll free from everywhere at one eight. Seven seven to nine one eight two five five the original race was scheduled for this past Sunday. But delayed was that delay weather related due to snow and soft grounds and all sorts of things or were you still hustling to try and get some of these new projects completed. No is it was actually delayed because of the weather. We hadn't even started the project. We had a bunch of snow up there. Still and the grounds were still very wet. And. You know with the ACT the race, Oxford got postponed. So I think it allowed us to to work with our schedule and make a good for everybody for a C T in for Sunday road. Just move everything back. I think fans are going to be a little hat because last Sunday was real clammy. And a lot of folks what froze their butts off sitting up there on the side of the hill. So I think it's gonna work out. Pretty well. All the way around he had the American Canadian tour coming in this weekend, all four divisions are back at the nation. Sign of excitement and in. But and so the other part of the thunder road aspect is the concession stand area. Are there any changes in in that part of the track right now? No, you know, that we put in the new concession STAN last year, and and we have the the family area. Where were you know, everybody can sit neat and be close to the pets. And and see what's happening down there. You know, I think that's pretty fan-friendly down there to to try to get people involved more. And I think it's working out. Well, and for the second straight year the rescheduling forced the car show to go from downtown berry up to at the track. But that worked out great last year wouldn't having the car show up at up at the race track. It does I mean, it it works out good. You know, it's unfortunate. We can't be in downtown berry because I know a lot of people look forward to that the parade up hill. But I believe the city of berry has something else going on and just allow us to to schedule our car show down there. So we did move it up. To the race track on Saturday. And you know, we have allows us have bouncy houses face painting. Bunch other stuff that we don't have downtown. So so I think it'll be great for the kids, and, you know, people be to walk to track and see what we're doing in our colleague, Michael strides, burgle get his tread his stuff on stage with rumble caddy with some some music for folks on Saturday morning. Yeah. Exactly. You know allows us to to have a band up there. And it's a good. It's a carnival atmosphere, and you know, the concessions will be opened with cream es and and whatnot. And it'll be good time. And the cars are actually are they on the service of the track or along the infield or visually? What's that? Look like, yeah. What we do is. We line them up around the track, you know, and one of the three or four divisions is it's actually pretty impressive. They go all around the track. I think it's a couple rows deep, and you know, people able to walk in and out walking out of the pits interact with drivers and the crews, and it's a great time. Chris shod co owner thunder road the big race on Sunday car show Saturday as the sixtieth season of racing gets underway at the nation. Sign of excitement chrisny, Sean. Thanks for joining us today on the day Graham show, thanks for having us coming up. It's allergy season. And we're going to talk with Dr Cass Ingram. When we return spring long-awaited much celebrated upstairs at the almost world-famous famous store. You will find colorful clothing for men. Women and children bulls, mugs, candles cards and gift wrap. Puzzles toys and games jewelry CBD products, local soaps, more that's one stop shopping for months. According to Yankee magazine, come for lunch on our deck and enjoy a fun funky friendly world class shopping experience in the beautiful mad river valley. Warren store in Morin village opened nine to six every day. News Radio WD FM and AM now back to the day Bram show. Lee tell filling in for Dave Graham today at the top of the hour. We will take you to Washington CBS news anchor coverage of the testimony of attorney general David Bar before the Senate Judiciary committee. And so we'll have all that coming up live coverage. Anchored by CBS news at the top of the hour. The sneezing and coughing never seems to stop here in the Green Mountain state. Do we go from cold and flu season too allergy time and joining us on the line right now as a special guest, Dr casts Ingram to talk about some of the issues in ways to address potential pollen problems. And and other allergy issues, so Dr Ingram. Good f-. Good morning and welcome to the Dave Graham show. Great to be here. How you get along over there is that the pollen suffocate near the mold stores and all that. Well, I gotta say it's a little early and it's been a long winter. But as things are starting. To green up, and you know, the maple buds and Aleve. Start to come out pretty soon. Everyone's car will be covered with this light green Hayes, and and everybody, you know, starts to deal with you know, that and then as the season unfolds, you know, the deal we go from dandelions to eventually Goldenrod. And it seems like there's always something floating around in the air, and that folks have some sort of reaction to and and doctrine gone. You know, there's a lot of products out there on the pharmaceutical prescription market that are purported to help people deal with some of these problems. But I find that a lot of those drugs. Wind up alleviating one symptom, and then helping to create others here. Did you see the drowsiness and also the even bladder disorders? And and then of course, the drying up of the membranes drying is dry mouth the. What's interesting? I I mentioned in the press release that we use a lot of extract of wild oregano instead of the drugs so that that's a natural product. So I take it. You are a a more of a holistic healer or therapist as opposed to some of the traditional medical practices today. And here's a here's the fun part or seriously fund is that funguses a big cause of sinusitis and bronchitis. And so the the enemies don't really treat that anybody that has chronic sinusitis post nasal drip, allergic rhinitis and bronchitis. Does not just have pollen sensitivity. It's actually mold infection which has been heavily proven now in in Stein. Scientific studies and mold infects the linings. You see? And this is this mold is this an external source because I know a lot of folks have problems with various types of mold inside a home where moisture builds up. So is this a contracted inside the houses? Inside closed spaces basements. That's where you get the pathological dark. You know, jury molds. And then when you do get exposed to the mold that's in the air. It's difficult to get a mold infection in the air. Because it's you've got lots of fresh air. It's all in microparticles. Most people are getting it from is even catchy from other people, but most people are getting it indoors. Then when you do have heavy pollen and heavy mold venue react. So the curious part is if you kill the mold the sinus bronchial, and the allergic rhinitis the post nasal drip is done. Even if you get in front of pollen, you're not nearly as severe as used to be this is Dr Kassian grim. If you have a question for the doctor, we have he only has until about four minutes. So make make a quick folks. If you want to jump in two four four seventeen seventy seven eight seven seven to nine one eight two five five. Dr Ingram you refer to oil of oregano as the world's safest most effective antihistamine. It is it we even use it for people who throats or closing off who have the swelling up. It shuts it down at shuts down and if electric shock from a peanut from analogy to food let alone the more minor thing of reacting to pollen or dust or might duster cockroach, dust or cats or dander. If you just knew about like, for example, the good people at sunflower health foods, I was talking to them the other day on a lot of very sto their herbalist over there. They know about this wild oregano knocking outside inside his bronchitis. But also allergic sinusitis is think of all the people who suffer agonizingly during the hay fever season. They could go down and get a natural remedy like this. It can even get it in a sinus spray the sign you Oregan, which I have right in front of me. Listen to this. I'm scoring it in. I'm squirting at in actual medical procedure going on right now. I'm doing it because we have nothing but damp and Chicago in your eye you wake up with the watery eyes and your nose starts to drain. So I'm even using the spray preventively so that. Yeah. Exactly. So you don't because again, mold is the main problem. And okay, so mold is the main problem in oil oregano. And some of some of what you call other spice oils are able to stop allergic reactions house a happen. Well, first of all the you kill the mold which the oregano does. And you're not nearly as reactive to the pollen. The second thing is it's actually true that the oil of oregano components are Anna histamine and their powerful ones. So they stabilize the mass cells. You don't get so much histamine reaction. And and so it's basically working like a natural claratin. But without the drying of the is the drying of the members, you don't get any of those side effects. And if somebody's developing a different sort of reaction as opposed to the breathing issues. What about like rashes and things like that? I've been using the I've written this book is sold about a half million copies. The cures in the cupboard also the miracle wild oregano, and I have been using oil of Reagan for hives. Contact dermatitis allergic rash for I don't know decades. And it's extremely effective for highs. So people need to start to study more about the this phenomenal Mediterranean high mountain natural medicine because it is the best Anna histamine, we have better than the drugs, but again, no side effects except more energy. Have you said it helps to alleviate NF lactic shock. That's a pretty serious major allergic reaction. Have you actually seen oregano oil help to stop an event like that? I had a guy who fell on the ground from a beast ING in his neck, and we administered the oil of oregano and saved his life. We were five thousand feet above sea level, we could not get to a medical facility got stung by a bee. I had myself I'm allergic to celery and somebody gave me something to drink was just pure, celery, juice, and my throat shut off. And I fortunately squeezed out. Wriggle and I was able to. Was able to shut it down. So you order the Bloody Mary without the celery stock in it. Right. I can't handle. Honest to God truth that we've missed out on this one the bible calls at the urging her we now know that the hip of the bible is actually wild oregano from the mountains in the village people known about it. But you know, somehow, we slipped up on this. I've done about eight scientific studies. It's also a spectacular antiviral antifungal anti anti-bacterial, and we publish those studies at Georgetown University not too far from Washington DC. So and as oil of a Riggan, I mean, I I know a lot of prescription drugs are on the pricey side. What's the price of oil of original fairly affordable? Not too bad. The really good quality the oregano P seven three the original one. That's about twenty five bucks a bottle and you're looking at a three months supply. So you pay for what you get. And and then I think the sinus is what fifteen bucks nothing nothing really that. We can't handle look, I can tell you. You're not going to suffer as much. If you get into this. And and I mentioned one local store some are natural foods, you can go to the internet and look it up as well. We can look at American wild foods dot com and see what I'm talking about American wild foods dot com, and my book is there the miracle of wild oregano people. Why suffer I don't anymore? A former Iowa corn boy with miserable allergies. I don't want anymore that hey fever ever again, Dr Casson groomed. The author of more than twenty books on natural healing, including the cure is in the cupboard doctorine Goma. I know you've got to run, but I very much. Appreciate your time on the show today. I hope it helps a few of the suffering souls. Guandong see my friends at sun for natural foods and support local doctor the absolately Dr Ingram. Thanks again. For joining us today. I'm Lee attell filling in here on the Dave Graham show on this Wednesday morning. Thanks to Dr casting grown to Chris Christmas. Sean and too poorly Munns ING for joining me on the program today.

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