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Breath by from San Francisco. I'm a sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with your hosts Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper v Nice Molly Holly Really Miss Molly Holly Today. The wrestling observer live Sunday Bryan and Mike It on here. I'm Jim Valley and we're live one. Eight hundred eight seven eight one. Eight hundred eight hundred seventy seven five two nine. Dial up right now we can talk about anything. Including Tesla Blanchard doesn't blanchard challenging for the Impact World Championship tonight at the pay per view. Hard to kill and what was supposed to be a big night for careers turned out to be something completely different i. She skipped out on meeting with the press us today. After fallout of allegations of bullying and racism from women from virtually every wrestling company every major wrestling company in in the country people like Chelsea Green Alison Cave Priscilla. Kelly Tony Brooks so many others and I. I don't know as Dave about this initially like it's wrestling. I mean these are all very serious things but it's also wrestling these this. This is these are all real but you really test has not apparently had any related personal problems in quite a while but it. She's got herself at least two. Pr Problem Today we will. We will see what happens but as far as I know. She's challenging tonight for the Impact World Championship hip on pay per view. You can get it on traditional pay per view or also on the fight. TV APP. We'll run down all of that pay-per-view we'll talk about the Tessa controversy diversity and a lot of other things guess what. WWE's getting back to Saudi Arabia also an xt UK. Okay was to gain lots of stuff and to very tragic passing. 's One legend of loosely. Ray at another of Japanese ladies wrestling who made his name in the United States and North America. We'll do that. We'll take your calls and you can also tweet me Ed. Jim Valley Wrestling Observer live. We're live live your on Sunday on the sports byline broadcasting network You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike on the sports byline broadcasting network Mike is Watching football. Brian years scouring every walgreens in the north west to buy more seventy percent percent of OLAF dolls for his daughter Jim Valley Wrestling Observer live. And I'm in Seattle and we're all part time fans it. Don't let anyone tell you different. We're all bandwagon here in the Northwest Bat. Shoot Brother one eight seven eight one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine. We can talk about a teller stuff today. We can talk about Tessa Blanchard. We can talk about the impact pay per view coming up tonight. There's also news news. Mike Johnson is reporting that Marty Skirl has officially signed and staying with ring of honor and according to he w insider skirl now lead booker. Ferraro H. That means he replaces delirious hundred. Johnson's who's been booker for. I think the nineteen fifties. And he's he's been booker. A log longtime delirious will stay on in a creative capacity however with the company. That's that's big news. That's really big news. I know a lot of people expected. Skirl is seen him on being the elite. The expected that go to eat you ring of honor has got some money to spend on talent. And that's a pretty good bye. I think I mean think about it. I mean you probably go ws better ring of honor come on. But he's getting more money he's getting like wwe money and a lot less dates and he's booker. So he's got power is got money he's got a decent lifestyle and a great way to live. So it's a win for Mardi skirl. Don't forget wrestling is a job. We'll take your calls one eight hundred eight seven eight play one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine tweet me Jim Valley but let's go to the phones Ryan. What's going on nothing intact paper tonight if the inner gender matched between essence? That's insane me Callahan. And catch on you see maybe like booking Brooke Listener Ronda. Rousey matcher say NYLA raising its Chris. Jericho E W if. It's not what you see that the other permissions could book would be popular Inter gender wrestling match. That would be believable. Well first first of all thank you for the call around. And I'm whatever happens tonight or in the future on impact will have no bearing on a W. or wwe ever deciding to do inter-gender man on woman matches competitive man and woman matches. That'll be up to the sponsors. That's that's the rub if who sponsors. Ww there with their demos with their fifty plus demos. I'm okay I got if one of those companies that have a bathtubs with the door if the bathtub with the door company but he decides that they're fine with men and women in a competitive match situation. Then there you go. It's all up to the sponsors and right now they still think it's good business. Maybe that'll change. Maybe it won't but what happens. Tonight has no bearing. I don't think doc on any decision. WWe's going to do or any decision you W is going to do and I don't blame in backed. They've they've got to do something you've got to have an image you've got to have some sort of Hook to get people's attention and it's a very competitive market and you know that the most money they don't have the biggest stars they've done really well lately though. I will say that they've been kind of on a roll. They put an effort. They've got a lot of young talent. And there's some bright futures ahead I think for some of the people in impact. I'm actually enjoying the show. and Johnny Swinger is my guilty pleasure. If you've never seen impact I johnny swinger the guy from WCW. Many looks completely different and he plays. He's this old. Carney burnt out nine hundred eighty s wrestler last night on the show or the other end of the show. He was dropping tranquilizers into people's water as a joke like he thought that was funny and everybody else has younger. Like yeah. That's assault dude. And he's like what it's just funny man and what we do and so out of touch. It's a it's a really funny character and I like I said Johnny Swinger is my guilty pleasure. When impact impact announced that he was coming back? I was like okay. This characters Larry. He's like defecating people's bags it just do with all kinds of stuff so I love. I love me some Johnny Swinger. What are your thoughts on? Tessa Blanchard so she skipped shipped out on the press conference today. As far as I know she's going to be on the pay per view. I'm going to be the event but she tweeted something out about. Women need to support each other. Wow she got allegations of bullying and racism from people like Chelsea Green Alison Kay Priscilla. Kelly really Rene Michelle Sean from eight W and impact wrestling star to me so everybody was just just putting her on blast today and I know that in the past there were apparently issues and that was one of the reasons apparently she never got a big offer from a big company. But I hadn't heard any problems recently but I don't know are you. Will that affect you when you go. Yeah no I was going to buy the pay per view or let's. Let's say that she wraps up an impact and I don't know what he's thinking now but in the past cody is mentioned Tessa Blanchard. Her Dad is the hair it impact act or an A. W. would you judge eighty. W if they still signed assuming they are if they still scientism blanchard sure what would have to do to begin to regain your trust one. Eight hundred eight seven eight play one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine or tweet me at the gym valleys. We're live here on Sunday. Oh Here's a tweet. As a matter of fact sponsors didn't care about Inter gender wrestling. Which match could you see happening in a major federation? Just because she's been lately I could see Lacey Evans doing something and maybe somebody's being really easily. What's on what's Rockstar? spuds new name Dirk Maverick. Yeah maybe he's like easy and you know she or Dana Brooke puts him in his flakes. I could see that happening that my work probably comedy and in the beginning you want to get the audience used to it. You don't WanNa just opened up with. Here's a hell of a salamanders this woman but who knows and the person goes on to say maybe Mardi Mardi girl would be crazy enough to book something like this in ring of honor. I have no idea. I don't know Marty squirrels booking style. I I don't know is influences in regards to what he thinks. A well run well booked promotion is but still. I can't believe really I gotta find this out. How long has to leary's been the booker of ring of honor? He's been around a long long long time. Let's hang looking it up looking it up looking it up let's Z.. Debut in two thousand and four La okay. People were too much l.. Find out later not a big deal. Anyway give me your thoughts on that. I know will some people thought that ring of honor is needed a change for a long time when it comes to creative. Is this a shot in the army. Need a few weeks ago million few months ago Brian. I had joke off on the CEO of ring of honor. And he seemed to think that ring of honor is in it for the long run and they have sinclair's support and that they we are going forward and maybe he's putting on a good face and this was a while ago but he seemed to think they they are. They're in it to win it and it's a marathon not a sprint and this is signed for things to come and and maybe this'll be a good sign for rig of honor bad science for impact. We'll talk about that coming up next. Jim Valley Wrestling Observer live in sports. byline broadcasting you're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Zimmer v on the sports byline broadcasting network network the wrestling observer. Live on Sunday Jim Dialing in for Mike and Brian one eight hundred eight seven one. Eight hundred eight. Seventy seven five hundred couple of tweets. Sir Jim Valley Jefferson says. I've enjoyed the various kylie ray and Chris stat lender inter-gender matches but I've always wondered. Why do people want them so bad? I don't know maybe they think that it's the next step where you don't want it's not in the seventies nineteen seventy s Vicki Williams. WHO WAS SEGA pretty popular? Pretty well known. Women Rest woman wrestler. she did a gimmick in a bunch of territories where she would petition to get into the men's battle royal L. Because that was the bigger money than the women's battle royal and in Portland. Look this up because this is amazing and I don't know how now by the way honestly if you're sensitive do not look this up. But I'm not joking. Vicki Williams was talking about equality and Roddy Piper was playing the pig and he was like you know getting the kitchen all this stuff and she was getting in his face and Roddy Piper grabbed her in a working sense because she's the wrestler they worked it out Grad. They picked her up every shaking her and then later she got revenge she did lay Piper out later but you know they worked a program together and I respect Beiber. A lot of wrestlers particularly that era probably wouldn't have sold for a woman but he did and that's why he's Roddy Piper because he's a legend Eh. One eight hundred eight seventy play one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five to nine. It's the phones David. Where are you calling from? I'm calling Missouri Awesome. We got for me On the on the mark skirl thing I figured after last night when whatever all this discuss it up at the end of the ring of honor show. I figured that confirmation. That girl was staying. But I also I've I've read something on one of the Roa Awake Chef Forum boards that Recently that cody Rhodes Mardi screw. It had a falling out so no idea I. I couldn't even tell you you know you never know if things like that. Play a role or people can do business. I mean you have to understand. Wrestling is wrestling and whatever's Blanchard. No disrespect to anyone because it's wrestling. I'M GONNA guess that its support. She's GonNa work a program with one of these women who are accusing her in real life right now. Not because they're bad people because because it's wrestling eight seventy play. Let's go to the phones and Jason Jason. Where you calling from? I'm calling from winter. What's you got to mind editor? Jim I always enjoy your assuming I I one thing that I really enjoyed. Act was really hard to see Rio verses that Christel our last week now it's kind of disappointing. Obviously with the nightmare thing Do you think they would have a remastered mattress. Do you think you're just gonNA give up train. Rio and somebody else. Farther taper the real in crystalline crystalline. There did not have the best chemistry. I don't know if it was nerves. I don't know if it was just it is what it is but it sure seems like they're invested vested in Kristan lender and I would imagine we'll see more with them certainly seems like she's the choice but are things shifting and maybe he'll Brit Baker is going to be the focus of the women's division. Now is she the dentist one. That doesn't recommend right now. Because he's the he'll she is one eight hundred eight seven eight play one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine. Jim Valley in for Brian and Mike Wrestling Observer live. Let's go to Tim in Miami Tim. What's up what's up Jim Valley? I liked that theory and I must apologize to you and your listeners. I'm getting over a little bit of a cold over the Over the New Year but you mentioned impact wrestling you mentioned Bring off so I thought this is a good time to pick your brain on something. That's kind of been tug at me a little bit. which is that both impact wrestling and ring of honor? They've been around for a reason carnations. They've had solid financial backing. Get neither has really Dump much fractured in terms of being a viable number. Two on the domestic front. It here comes a he w ED before they even run a show. They're selling one hundred thousand pay per views or sell it out arenas and they're getting a lucrative deal from TNT heavy. What accounts for the chasm that difference of success among these three companies company Jericho was it? Cody the box is that people have more confidence and Tony Kahn. An investor. What accounts for that? Just Grand Canyon. A that's an that regard if I were to boil it down to one thing and thank you very much appreciate it started. Boil down to one thing and there are a lot of factors that play into this. The people identify with deller people in the densify with it. TNA with dixie Carter people in identify with the main event Mafia or bringing back Ric flair Mick Foley or whatever the stuff happening particularly before Awa formed was now people felt that it was a cause and they were a part of it. As opposed goes to a product that they watched passively. Now I think from what I've seen I'm not I'm not dave but I believe the numbers are pretty much about the same as as far as ratings go but with aws done has been able to convert customers. Get people to spend money money. Nobody bought those T in papers. They bought the one Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. What did that slice to realistic? Builds people bought it. And then back to Vince Russo booking for the next ten years can you blame US shows terrible and it was. It's just a mess. I'm literally now starting to get back into impact. Even though it's a completely different company I sort of like new Japan in that way. I guess but it's just they have a passion the fans by him they love Jericho. Or cody or the young young bucks or Kenny Omega or whomever and maybe it's not as much of a cause as it used to be but it's still there and people are still still spending money and that's the difference. I think there's a connection that none of those other things had and ring of honor. They're going to play a long game to burn our trust back. I'm willing to give him a shot but not going to be. It's I'm soon and I hope it works out. I like the idea that Mardi girl got more money fewer dates and he's got a position of power good for him. He won the game. Congratulations Educations Mardi girl. You one wrestling. That's awesome so don't root against any company. Let's try to get Kim better. Let's let's get that tied to raise all the boats and impact. It's not without its charms. They got their right. What is it hard to kill? What is that? I know. It's like the company's articles and that's why they chose it but really do we do. We have have pay per view called the name of a movie that is likely on Cinemax. Right now Pay Per view tonight. Michael Elegant Organ and Eddie Edwards winner gets the call. Your shot trophy. Which I wonder if that's GONNA play a role with the whole Tessa controversy? Rob Van van Damme and Brian Cage. When Rob Van Dam I turned heel? I was like really people. Love Rob Van dam. But I gotTa say this Rob Van Dam Midlife midlife crisis character. It's funny. It's I think it's where he's at right now but no one else is doing that. It's I gotTA give credit. Sometimes he's I think Better wrestling mind. Then people care to admit Moose taking on Rhino and then from Owi Madman Fulton taking on Ken Shamrock. And you know what Ken Shamrock. Really Nice comeback this past year ear. hour-long he's been back. He showed a lot of depth. And he's not like the crazy guy that he was during the attitude era in. WWE even worked even even did the the Joey Ryan match and you know that means and he did really well so check. Ken shamrock before he retires for good. Because he's he's doing some cool stuff and it's cool that he's doing that knockouts championship. Save Alkatiri Jordan grace od ODP's back for a little. While Jordan. Grace has kind of been the baby face chasing tailoring a rich Swann and Willie Mack are scheduled to face the North for the tag team championships. Apparently Rich Swann suffered a sprained ankle. At an event this weekend Impact has been very vague in the tweet so we don't know what's going on with that match also even page. I guess got some Salmonella humanitarian the show either as allston versus trade for the x championship. And then Sammy Kellyanne. Who's doing really good job? And I would encourage him to stay right now with impact and get some more time as has a top guy even in a small pond under his belt and just stay there for awhile he's in no hurry But it Sammy Callahan. The champion defending against Tessa Blanchard. And I don't know if you're watching the one of the things. That's cool is it. Sammy Callahan's reiterated time and again. This isn't a man versus woman match. He's not play in Bobby Riggs or Andy Kaufman saying getting the kitchen or any of that stuff. Matter of fact. He says that he grew up. Poor and Tessa Blanchard at a silver spoon in her mouth. I should rephrase that. But that's the angle they're taking. I don't know we'll see see what happens. I think ever just go with it to be honest. What are they have to lose? It's going to be interesting show. But I wouldn't off the pay-per-view does that make me a bad person. It makes me a bad person if I was in pro pro wrestling but I'm getting just match. Get it over with. They can do something at the house. The bloodshed could win. And then whoever wanted to call your shop trophy could come out boom. We're off to the races again. Your thoughts one. Eight hundred eight seventy seventy five one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five. Two Nine California knows how to party. It's Valley Wrestling Observer. Live sports byline broadcasting in that way. You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting that. Jim Dally in for Brian and Mike. I just got the greatest tweet of all time doc. The family peril. Who just passed away at the age of eighty nine tweeted Dave meltzer and myself and said thanks a million for your thoughtful and accurate discussion of my dad? Temporal Abo- I listen to two times and learn something new about my dad and Roddy Piper in La. Wow as I mentioned. I'm Jim Valley and I do Saturdays on the sports byline with wrestling observer alive so you can hear my Saturday shows every Saturday live and we do it each and every Saturday from ten am Pacific. One B M Eastern on Saturdays Saturdays. And it's always live just like there's so please call next Saturday and I think they're doing a replay of one of my Saturday shows after this live show l.. So check that out as well if this is your first time. Checking me out and follow me on twitter. Ed Jim Valley. Let's go to the phones one. Eight hundred eight seven eight play. Let's go to Darrell Darrell Earl. are you a Romo Takahashi's cat. I wish I probably have a better life than he did. They getting the job. What's up Darrell Three things I want to try and get real quickly. I my dream inter-gender uh match will be Oskar versus anyone of the undisputed era OSC against anybody who's awesome but yeah that's great Second thing recipes to La Parka I remember when he first took on that. Role was around. The time I started doc ID religiously watching AAA on galavision. Now I remember thinking off. Well hopefully he does. Well 'cause he's Kinda put it in a bad opposition and he did until I Guess Elliot Park came back and kind of stalled a little bit of thunder but but he he did well. And it's it's really tried to waking. Who went out and My condolences to him and his family. the third thing as as you mentioned the history of impact and TNA like if you really really really think about it it is amazing among the number of times. They've shot themselves in the foot until they ran out of feet. And then shot other people's feet From the Russo booking to billy corgan and other things Dixie did and then with Jeff got jared and and the Bessie the more they happens Matt Hardy and now this when the it's amazing amazing how what. I was very tempted to buy that review. But not anymore. Daryl I appreciate the call. Thank you so much. lugging comments on the second La Barca not to be confused with La Park. The wrestler was in. WCW is still alive or talking about the triple. Eight version of Lebron just died doing very simple dive and think about that for second. I know that we love exciting exciting moves and dives and falls new. Exciting things to see but wrestling's dangerous even if it seems like they're doing but nothing remember Hector Garza. He died on a very simple maneuver doesn't necessarily matter about the complications but understand that yes. It is scripted. Es It can be choreographed but you must respect it and it can very dangerous and deadly times real quick before we go to the phones. I also wanted to knowledge at passing of Kazoo. Sakurada better known own in the United States and candidates can Nagasaki the Japanese wrestler the British wrestler. DACA sake the original British wrestler. He's still alive. But Mr Sakurada Rod died recently the age of seventy one after his pacemaker stopped. I remember him in Florida. Fighting Dusty Rhodes and Billy Jack and he actually came up to Portland for a while. Nine hundred eighty five and the Donnellan memorial show in the nineteen eighty five. He fought sargent slaughter on that show so Kendo Nagasaki great great heal from the nineteen eighties. Let's go to the phones. That's Robin Miami. Rob What's going on. Hey Jim how's it going Funny Enough I had because when I heard you in mentioned Bobby Riggs. That's actually my grandfather. But I'm a big fan and Yeah I thought that would be a good time for me to chime in but You know Jim Ross. Did tell me when I met him. That he got that angle. Jury money in the seventies so media impact can can do something with that But I'd really like to get your thoughts of I'm a listener to the system What do you think you shouldn't thunder ligers role with new? Japan is going to be going forward now that he's formally retired. Do you think they're gonNA GONNA keep him as a personality or do you think he'll continue to find the scenes Work Corp just really. What are your thoughts on that? I think he's going to do what he's been doing for a very long time He's a gym rat. He lives in the DOJ. Oh he doesn't leave him. Say Oh Kyo. He's got a house in the south and when he comes into town he stays at the Dojo and he's the chocolate chunk of go jo and he's going to be essentially still trainer still positive force. There he's going to stay in shape and he's just gonNa keep doing what he does. That's that's who he is and I don't think it's going to change. So they love him he's GonNa stick around forever and I think you'll probably teach conditioning wrestling and probably be a good role model for people to develop as good dough Joe. Jim Habits that he's had like pretty much entire life Louis. Great Hey thanks much sticking to call Real Quick Rob. Did you like the moving. Bobby Riggs. Well I'll tell you what my father did. Consult on it He he was not a fan but I thought they did good job telling the story they did kind of make bobby come off a more likable than Than in previous movies. So yeah I thought you'd Krill nothing out of the park. As far as they was watching my grandfather again on on dreams so yes very much. He's he's not a wrestler but he's one of the greatest heels of all time thank you. I'll pass that awesome family. I mean that with a sincere cobbler. Thank you opportunity. Seventy one hundred eight seven eight seven fifty nine. Okay so I get a very nice tweet from the family of Emperor Purple and then Bobby Riggs Grad Fun. I'm having the Weirdest Day it's Jim Valley. You can tweet me at Jim Valley and let's go to twitter messages. Eric says he watched the annex not UK takeover show. People should go out of their way to watch the tyler bait versus Jordan Devlin match. Those two should be at least on every every week and the three way. Women's match was excellent and it kind of felt like a starter match. Do you know why it felt like start a match because Tony Star was a former stardom champion and Piper Niven didn't a few tours. I believe with breath stardom under her name as Viper so yeah. They've got a lot of stardom experience. So yeah I'm not surprised that that it felt like a start a match. I haven't seen it yet but yeah not surprised at all. I am kind of surprised about Tony Janis to harm you. Kind of think she'd be a fast-track who knows what's GonNa happen there but and Piper Nipping. She had a bell's palsy attack. Some glad she's back in the ring up she does well. She's very talented and I could see her being a hero. Maybe sort of like a Beth Phoenix for pretty girls with different body types. She's she's she's cool by Providence. It is cool cool chick and I hope she does well in. WWE Couple of things from annex t UK end of the the match ended the show. Walter retained the United Kingdom Championship and imperium is celebrating in the ring. The undisputed era slides. Oh I did and attacks all of them. They take out Walter. And they're doing their pose to end the shell so it looks like there's going to be a big big it match coming up for calling worlds collide during Royal Rumble weekend. So they're going to have probably have some kind of faction match also so women's championship match. Begin Tony Storm. She's going to challenge rea- Ripley and then Fin Beller taking on dragon off. So those are what we know so far leading up to that and royal rumble weekend. Are you excited for rural I always love ramble. It's just fun. I don't analyze it. I don't think about it. I don't worry about it. I don't go wait a second. Why is that so bet? Let Mixer in the ring doesn't even bother me. I just watch it and have a great time the royal rumble for me invariably the most fun of the year. What about you one? Eight hundred eight seven one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five nine. Sorry about that. I still have my gold. I was in Tokyo couple of Tokyo stories while we got some time. So Dave's daughter came over and you know Davison cody named after cody Rhodes. And I'm not surprised but baby doll meltzer has no. It's not her name Carl username. But so far we're walking back from Tokyo down the second night and she's like you know that I I like the second. I Better David like gently arguing with a very nicely. And she's arguing back. Two generations of MELTZER'S ULCERS ARGH over Tokyo hotel matches it was like a Norman Rockwell. Painting adorable. A lot of fun John. At total gone the Japanese wrestling store fights or and I walked around with a video camera and tape Dave looking at autographs. Awesome George Hacking Schmidt and albums by the crush girls and different wrestling magazines. Probably about ten fifteen minutes I think of that and then I I also got audio and video of the QNA that he did and fooling to opt out. I haven't looked at it yet but hopefully I'll get up for subscribers soon so there are still some more content to come as soon as I get better I am. I'm hurting unit. And doing the best I can so let me get some rest asked this week and I will get all this stuff but I think we have got some really really cool content coming your way and I tried to do some different things and I hope you appreciate it. So if you're a subscribes wrestling observer. I promise you I got your back one. Eight hundred eight seven eight play one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine. Jim Valley I. You can tweet me at Jim Valley Mardi skirl staying with ring of honor. It makes sense. I mean how big would Mardi skirl via w really and he's not going to be bigger in Jericho he's not going to be bigger than cody. It makes perfect sense. Make more money less. Wear and tear on the body Andrew Booking and who knows maybe maybe a great track record for booking and maybe other companies want them in the future and when he's older and not wrestling he's a creative force. Got Pat Patterson or something. He's got all the cards right now. Congratulations to Mardi skirl. I hope they re establish Mardi squirrels relationship agency with PCL and then somewhere down the line we get the big break up. And the big mega feud between zero and Marty. Skirl skirl give it some time. Let the champion lead. PCS The inspirational. George Foreman type character right now and carry the brand carry the championship and see what happens down the road. Oh by the way guess. What the road to Wrestlemainia it goes through Saudi Saudi Arabia they next? WWe Pay per view of Infrasonic Rabia February twentieth. Now I don't really know it's Wrestlemainia but February twentieth is right in the middle of wrestlemanias aluminium season. I don't know if it's going to be another crown jewel. I don't know the name I was thinking. Maybe something like. WWe Upright locked position or ORG wwe. Absolutely nothing happened. It was totally fine and we can all we cannot wait to go back no really super excited that hashtags a little more. Jim Valley Wrestling Observer. Live sports byline broadcasting. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with Bryan Alvarez. Jason Mike Beebe on the sports byline broadcasting network. Jim Valley here repeat by Saturday. Show coming up next here. On sports byline a couple of tweets. Some says I have friends who gave up on professional wrestling ten years ago but they come over and see the royal rumble every January. Even though I have to explain all the new characters and storylines. I imagine that's going to go. Hey that's short Jeez Sure Oh yeah that's That's Bobby Lashley. He's sleeping with the wife of that. You know what you should probably just go. Let's I'm just going to turn this off. This is this is this is disturbing another tweet. What does back after due to give more is on them? If wrestling fans refuse to watch you know. There's no shortcut. There's IT's no secret you're just GONNA have to be consistent and it's GonNa take a lot of time but consistency consistency consistency. Build up some trust build up confidence in your audience and hopefully by the time something good happen a big angle angle. Some change in media or station. You're on maybe he meets effort and that's probably the best. I shopping APP tweet me at Jim Valley and also follow me on Saturdays. Each and every Saturday on wrestling observer live. And that's every three Saturday one PM Eastern in Pacific and oftentimes on Fridays with the Brian at three eastern and noon Pacific. And then I've got a bunch of other other shows. Do the Portland Wrestle cast talking. Donna Ones Portland territory and then we also do the Pacific Rim on Japanese wrestling with Fumi Saito. Who who is Japan's leading a wrastling guy? Follow me on twitter. Jim Valley have a great week. My voice will get better. I'll get you all that content real soon. Thank you for for everything. I'll talk to you next time. Wrestling Observer live sports byline broadcasting never.

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