Reviewing the Falcons 2019 defense


Guys what can to pursue the podcast podcast on the escalation podcast. That's what I'm joined by my co host during the regular season for post game. podcast of course talking about none the Evan Evan how you doing I'm doing great You know the season's over with but they're still football enjoyed On the national level so yeah just hanging in there ready for the off season in to see what happens you know before next season begins absolutely and Before we get into the depth of sort of planning for twenty twenty for what the off seasons going to collect for the Falcons take a look back act today. We'll look at the Falcons defense and special teams we're going to deliver review Recap what happened our thoughts and some of the coaches the players. How they performed armed last week for those of you who didn't hear it Dave Gina and I got together and we talked about the offense so this is the follow up to that podcast. Of course Evan inaugural break that down here for today. So let's jump into it Evan was start with the coaches. Because I think this is really where everything begins gins with when we talk about the conversation not just about the defense but the team as a whole but I wanted to focus specifically on the defense since that was really really an area where I think there was a lot of optimism. From the Falcons fans coming into the season and arguably this is where some of the biggest letdowns it's happened so obviously for a recap Dan Quinn at the end of two thousand eighteen fired marquand Manuel. Who was the defensive coordinator later? It felt like a weird move because the defense in two thousand eighteen was decimated by injuries and yet Dan Quinn said he was going to take over. In Two Thousand Nineteen Law people myself included. Thought it was going to result in an improved defense on through the first eight games of the season. The Falcons were twenty eighth in Devi away. Football outsiders advanced metric Which is pretty bad at a midway through the year? They made a change Dan Quayle realized he was not getting it done so he fired himself. I guess and put Raheem Morris and Jeff Oh brick in charge of the defense and in the second half of the season the defensive unit improved to finish your ranked twentieth in Devi away so a substantial improvement which really says you know back half of the season they were probably more of a middle of the road. Defense compared to being one of the worst defenses in late the first half of the year. So let me ask you first. What do you think of the coaches of Dan? Quinn obviously is defense coordinator that experiment and now that we know remorse is going to continue as defensive coordinator. Maybe give me your thoughts of the future for him and calling this defense in twenty twenty. Yes so all we can really do is analyse with basically the data we've been given and luckily for looking at the data are bi week was smack DAB in the Middle Week nine so we have the first eight weeks to look at them. We have the week nine buffer than we have from ten to seventeen which is the rest of the season In it's it's like night and day I know there's different. Teams being played literally our entire divisional games took place in the second half which you would think would be a little little more difficult but when you just look at it? Overall from the moment that switch happened from as you were saying Dan Quinn basically taking a back seat the Moore's takeover I mean you look at the biggest thing for me. Is the turnovers right. So in the first eight weeks we the only had four turnovers on defense and three of them came against the Eagles in two which one And then one against the Houston. Texans where pretty much got destroyed So then you look at the second half. We had four alone against the Carolina Panthers And then you look at it total. It's eight ten ten eleven twelve thirteen sixteen in the second half compared to four in the first eight games like I. I mean that that was the move that had to be made to keep him. You know keep him on his defensive coordinator as long as nobody else was looking at at removing even from the team in Hiring elsewhere Because he earned it. I mean you just look overall the first two games after being beat by a Seattle seahawks a game where the defense gave up three hundred twenty two yards. I mean they pretty much had their way with US running the ball hundred fifty one yards total. Who'd for them and then against the saints at the saints better yet and then at the panthers? I mean you're only giving up twelve points total with those Games combined it's night and day difference in that can't just be a coincidence. When you look at overall how the defense you know they they certainly you can look at stats to prove your point on everything but also if you watched all of the Games you noticed a difference defense was making plays Guys who weren't stepping up where all the sudden stepping up Vic Beasley E. Even like look you know. It's like six and a half sacks in certain. There's yeah exactly exactly I mean there's so much you can argue for and like I said the stats back it up but it was also the test the first half of the season abysmal. I mean they fifty up fifty three points in one game right. Yeah the second half of the season the most gave up in a game was against the buccaneers in week. Twelve and it was thirty five. The rest I mean was all like in the twenties You know obviously the more point to give better change. You'RE GONNA lose. They gave the second most in the back. Half of the season was the saints game. Lost that by every other game they won you know because they allowed They allowed what twenty two points or less. So that's that's a big statement because in the first in the first eight games I mean you win by having more points points the first eight games the only game the late they gave up was twenty points against the Eagles in one night game. Obviously everything else was twenty four or more points and the pudding there. Yeah absolutely and some people are gonNA point to sort of the strength of the competition. The second half and I would argue. Flo they face the saints Twice which was a thirteen win team. They beat San Francisco. This go and in New Orleans right right And those are two playoff teams in San Francisco has one of the best offenses in the league. Granted they did face the bucks in the panthers twice but that's one of the things alike about the. Da Is it takes into account the strength of your competition in determining those ranking so even when you take that into account they went from twenty eight after eight games to twentieth again to make that sort of a job they had to have been somewhere you know maybe in the twelve to fifteen range in in the second half of the year which is a a substantial improvement As you were noting I think a lot of the basic statistics even point that out so Certainly I think there's reason to be optimistic. That remorse will be a much better. Defensive Coordinator Going into twenty but knock on wood. We thought that about Dan Quayle going into through this season. So I WANNA move on now to special teams because before we get into the defensive line linebackers secondary. I WanNa talk a little bit briefly uh-huh briefly about the special teams situation. I want to start with the punters will make this easy because we went through like forty five of them during the season seemed like Matt Bosh got injured. He was brought back injured again. Finished on injured reserve reserved for the season. There's some serious questions about whether he'll be back The Falcons whipped through a few players before they finally landed on Ryan. Alan who I believe Kane think he last played with the Patriots this year And in my opinion I think there is a conversation to be had about keeping Allen may be over Bashar and I'm a big Matt Bosscher Fan. I love what he's done since his time in Atlanta but Allen. It seemed to really come together. As our punter in the back half season constantly putting teams inside inside their fifteen inside their ten. What are your thoughts on that Pundits Situation Bosh Versus Ellen? How that played out a I mean I I like Bosscher you know I don't it's one he's one of those? This guy's been around for so long kind of map. Bryant was where you don't really remember much before him but obviously you know we had like Michael. CAIN and stuff like that but Ryan Allen all in I mean. He stepped up when we seem like we were having a rotation at Punter But Ryan Allen was for some reason available and it was because the Patriots drafted drafted I believe he's Jake Bailey. From Stanford I think or something like that in the fifth round or something anyways selective in the draft and basically made Ryan L. in expendable in he was. I believe he won three super bowls with the Patriots and he was a part of that twenty. Sixteen Team or whatever. So you know in any comes here And we actually went back. You know. It's not like we had him for eight straight games had to go back. Yeah we had to go back to and because they ended up releasing him because Washer came also. VR believe he got reinjured or whatever and ended up back on. I R whatever it was in Ryan Allen was still available in you know he pass the eye test for me. He had twenty eight months I mean I'm not a punting guru through or anything but I did find it interesting that his yards per pint. is identical to what Matt Faucher's was forty one point nine like to a T.. So yeah you know but he. I don't know I think it will come down to more of the contracts and stuff like that ambassador his season was lingered by injuries He's third. He's thirty two. I don't know what his birthday is but he may end up being in thirty three three. Yes three years younger maybe four. I don't know I guess it depends on how birthdays lineup but He I mean he looked oh good. He wasn't losing a games. There were several times. I remember actually noticing where the Like should have been stopped within like the ten yard line but rolled into the end zone. the punters not gonNA. It's not his job to recover it. It's just to get him down there and then we have. The governor's basically who are supposed to stop the ball. So Oh that's not always on him But you know he was reliable. I think that was the biggest takeaway it was reliable. He wasn't screwing anything up EH. That's what you want from a partner. I mean yeah so I think I do think there's a chance we'll see guys in camp You know the outcome attorneys. Yeah out should be Let these guys compete and see who comes on top lit. Switch over to I think thank you know. Potentially the hot button topic for special teams the kicking situation Obviously the Falcons decided to not exercise is the last year Matt. Bryant's contract in the offseason. They guest decided to go younger with Georgio. Takeo who came in with Matt Bryant was injured in two thousand thousand eighteen. Two thousand eighteen in did a fairly good job. You made all his kicks in. I think impressed the team so much so that they kept to kickers on the team through through the rest of the season Yeah Matt Bryant's My age. He's he's in the mid forties he's obviously up there to the point where he's very in the area if not retired at this point But the whole way the handle the situation where they didn't even bring them into camp they went with Tha Vecchio based off a small sample size started falling apart quickly in the preseason. The team realized that his I guess mentally he was beginning to to become come unglued they started bringing guys including Blair Walsh and I feel like the Blair. Walsh incident was really what spurred then going back to Bryant and saying hey we made a mistake and come back and then of all things midseason after Bryant it misses some fifty yard plus goals the team releases him again Which Avenue broke the news on twitter before anyone else did Kudos for for that and then finally they. They landed on young coup. Who I think was up and down? He had some good Games. He had some bad misses. But what's your what's what's your take on the kicking situation from the beginning of the season all the way to where we are now where it looks like young way coup will get the chance during the job in twenty twenty. Yeah I mean the big takeaway is. He's pretty reliable within the basically forty ish range to lower which is Great? You Know Butt Kicker should should be making those kicks The con for me is that they immune you've talked about on other on a creed shows on the post game. PODCAST ON CAST is in eight in eight games. He only had one attempt over fifty yards like that. Every time I think of it's bizarre because because Bryant was with us for I believe seven games in he had six attempts from fifty. Now that could be more of the wealth offense was worse than the first half which is certainly an argument in they had to basically rely on these long kicks Matt. Bryant went to of six from fifty a plus but there was times where and I think you even mentioned it to where it seemed like they would rather than have him kicked up fifty plus radio goal in which you know you're taking points off the board Or potential points off the board anyways in one cookie that was fifty plus. Yeah it went in but it was Kirti. It wasn't like a clean hit like hit the goal post and bounced in Could easily miss But I'm certainly not saying. Yeah don't let the kicker next year but as you mentioned with the Situation there needs to be competition which you know. I don't know if the team learned their lesson because you know I wanna say they did but the way they you know bailed on that Brian abroad him back in bailed on again shows that maybe they aren't learning so you know from their from their mistakes but You know I think the the whole onside kick element you know. That's certainly something. You have to look gap because if you can have onsite kick master such an ability. That hasn't really been a thing in the NFL l.. Like I don't recall a you know in my since I've been alive a situation where kicker seem so easily able to kick onside kicks in. I mean you talked about it. I believe it was the saints game where they were in Atlanta. Yes general. Von were called were flagged or something and the one of them was successful but they were. They were poorly flag because it was legal for what happened. I think one guy was like they said was offsides. He wasn't there was something else. So like every every onsite ticky technically had this season was successful. I mean that's in itself. You know something something to look at like. Maybe he's not gonna hit those e-class maybe his distances along. I don't know maybe that's something you look at in the preseason but you definitely have to have competition But also kickers. It's such a weird thing. Where you you like? You mentioned with two Vecchio in maybe well actually. I think we'll hear. Walsh is just not good but with two Vecchio He was great last season It's like he missed a couple in his confidence was completely shot report room yeah. I was at that That week four. preseason at Jacksonville game In you could the second. He missed that one. It was like everybody in the booth was just like Oh like that. They knew that was the end and I don't think he he kicked again. I think they brought Blair Walsh in in the second. Half in the Matt Ryan was signed a couple of days later basically But you don't WanNa play Roulette with kickers but yeah me and you could spend an hour talking about how let us. We've been at the kicking position but you definitely have to have a Some competition for you know you don't want to just hand him the job because if he screws up from the same exact both exactly yep. I wouldn't be surprised. If the Falcons bringing several guys compete kicker in twenty twenty based off the the The the the experiment if you will from nineteen which went horribly all right. We're going to shift gears. Talk now about the defense So going going back to the original point of the podcast reviewing the defense for this year. And I'M GONNA start with the defensive line because I think if there's a unit that was a sort of hot and cold it was this unit You know the first half we talked about It was the only person arguably who was performing The entire season was great Who deserved his first? Pro Bowl nod. he was one of the best interior pass rushers in the entire. NFL believe he finished. What was it with seven sacks seven or eight sacks from the interior with evident right in the middle? It's a right in the middle of that. which is really for defensive tackles? That's a great number and honestly had at least to the I know were take it away from him from bogus roughing the passer penalty yes so arguably could have had nine to ten sacks if the NFL knew what roughing the passer actually ones uh-huh but let's talk about their overall performance I want to start first with some of the free agents we brought in because I feel like we actually got some decent value. We're here we brought in a two guys in particular Alan Bailey in Tyler Davidson What are your thoughts on these? Two guys how they did the year Were they worth you know the relative the money that they were given. Yeah I mean I like Davidson and the preseason so I'm kind of excited to see what the regular season were turn out. I mean he had one sack and I believe Bailey really also had one sack in a Bailey was only. He only started in like five games so he was more of like I guess debt player for him. I don't know but I mean Davidson somebody who you probably don't want starting but I think he's really good depth for the team I don't know what their plan is to do. DOC to address it. Because the Falcons honestly their defensive line wasn't that bad in regards to the run defense so I don't think you know uh I'm not going to sit here and say oh they you know they suck 'cause they certainly were doing their job overall and it's hard to pick and they can apart. I think the Falcons could certainly upgrade upgrade You know maybe in the draft like I know that people kept on about Derrick Brown and stuff like they got a really solid defensive tackle next to him that could be fun but Davidson. Certainly someone. I'd like to see back Alan Bailey. I mean he's just a guy I don't now now I mean he's he's thirty probably won't be thirty one next year like if it's cheap bring him back but I mean if you move on from him. I don't think it's you going to ruin the defensive line by any means Bailey's contract was structured in such a way that the second year was really sort of a bail out your anyway though. So he's somebody they may not bring. Yeah four and a half million cap hit to keep on. That's the that's a bit much so I think they're probably GONNA walk. But Davidson is definitely to your point. Someone and I can see. Yeah clayborn I think was one of the more underrated Like four sacs from him. He was just so he was third word on the team in sacks on that note. Let's talk about some of the guys who returned Yeah clayborn VIC Beasley type Kinley in another name of throw in there who I think is you know. I've got a little bit of a statement excitement around those John. Kaminsky Yep who was a rookie rookie? I guess This year not coming back. But let's talk about this guys. The guys they're sort of on the edge these Liam Kinley clayborn courtesy. So you started on claiborne. Yeah I I mean you look at his third on the team in sacks of four sacks format his age I mean that's pretty solid and he. He's a veteran like he's exactly what you want. In a veteran he played in. I believe all I believe. He played in fifteen games so Maybe not all sixteen but Yeah I mean ah I hope he comes back. I'm not a contract guy so like I don't know what his like. What it it looks forward to next year like is he still on contract and stuff? But I'd love to see him back just because I think it's important to have veteran presence. We forget like Grady Jarrett. He's he's only I think. Twenty six twenty seven like he's still not even what what he could be in his prime so to speak like he's still young but I mean he's obviously very talented 'cause he's making a pro bowl when he was second team. All all pro and this is interesting. Claiborne was actually. He led the team in hurries. He had thirty nine hurries. Okay and next to him was great. Jared Eric who had twenty nine th hurry so yeah to your point. Clayborn was really getting quarterback staff to move and And then Kaminsky I think with Kaminsky. It is exciting. I think what also played into him not always being out there. Aside from you have an injuring green stuff I I think what needs to be remembered. Is that until like the last week. Most of the coaching staff probably thought we're fighting for our jobs here like they're not going to take risks in run out John Kaminski who's still unproven just to see what he's got it in for me it'd be next year there's such a a the word a I guess a benefit of having job security where you could play around with and be like well you know. We're not making the playoffs. AWFULLEST run John Kaminsky out there you know. Give him a full load in. See how he does But if you're playing for your job you're going to be more hesitant. Be Like No. I can't risk that but I need to keep tack in the Beasley out there. I mean that's probably not who you want to save your job but you know they have more experiences what I'm saying rum but but you're not going to be willing to take more of those risks. I mean earlier in the season even not to bounce around but you saw how When Kiana Neal went down you know there was people like Sharad Me Smith who could have been brought out play Just to see what he had in him but they decided to trade for somebody who had a little more experience just because the coaching staff was willing to take those risks Hopefully you know next year. Quinn's not on the hot seat because the Falcons are doing doing so well that Kaminsky can get you know the playing time he deserves because as me and you know we do we look at the. PF scores and stuff excecutive rated the Games he played in he was he was always in like the top five and he wasn't getting as many places. Everybody else he was taking advantage of the place he got exactly. And that's all that matters and that shows that you know there's potential there and hopefully the staff sees it And hopefully they'll feel inclined to actually use next year but yeah yeah Protect Kinley and victories. Just real quick some some stats consider Tack Finish Number Nine for the Falcons in. NPF in he had thirty three a total pressures Four Saks nineteen hurries. Ten hits in Vic Beasley finished twenty first. Mr Fans are going to be really surprised by that but he actually. I had one of his better seasons from pass rushing standpoint he had thirty six total pressures nine sacks three hits in twenty four hurries. So Oh actually. We mentioned earlier. He finished the back. Half of the season. Really Strong and You know arguably is had outplayed himself into a better contract probably not with Atlanta but some other team is probably GonNa look at his last eight games in safe. We can get that player we can. We can do something them with that. So just some quick thoughts from you on on tack in Vic and a maybe what you think the future holds for them. Yeah I mean I'm sure you you know a lot of fans want the team to move on from Vic But he as you said aside from what you mentioned I believe he finished second in tackles for loss I'm tied with John. Jones Great. He was number one. It for us. you know he he's definitely getting the Backfield He led the team team in sacks only eight. But you know you WANNA see more than that I I think a lot of people would have been more. Open them coming back if it was like ten or something. That's kind of what you want but yeah I just don't see a way for victim back Because I think another team will want to pay him Yes defensive defensive ends in you know unless they're like what three four and they WANNA play linebacker. Whatever it's such a rarity to have somebody who can get you any you know like eight sacks in a season in you know we know what he's capable of in what he's is not capable of in the potential? I think a lot of fans thought he had earlier in his career that we're kind of like all burnt out on it by now especially what he got paid last season so I think he's probably gone but You know that's where having Kaminsky play more and be like give you more. I mean because if he's gone on who steps in like you pretty much have throw commission or draft somebody or sign somebody you know what I mean like. There's no it's a pretty good drop. As bad is Vic Beasley has been like he's still leading the team in a couple of the big categories. We need them to lead in sacks But then you look at TAC TAC. He only played in. I think fourteen games before you got injured Yes what did you say four sacks like he he looks apart he has a high motor They're not gonNA give up on him. This easy I don't think I think he's still got another year or two to Kinda showcase what he has. I breath accused shown. More as a pass rusher Yeah Beasley has I mean he has it led the League Saxon. I think that was the one thing that because if you take that season away vic Vic Beasley was a bus and you know I think that one season Kinda save space form tack hasn't been you know on a national level like a pro bowl or anything like that but he's he's shown potential. I think especially this year. I thought you I think this year was his best season. But you know that's kind of if an and here you know I I think fancy remember tack was playing a good bit of season with the bump shoulder yup which is ultimately what ended his season. And you know the the thing I would say is he has shown more from pass rushing standpoint. Convicted Vick was always sort of a one trick. Pony now he he was speed rusher in never did develop much from a pass rush standpoint a tack at least has shown the ability to use spin moves Good hand in usage He can convert speed power We've seen him bull rush guys and be really successful with that so I think tax still has lot potential. I think we we have to revise sort of our expectations or a pass rusher taken in the first round. They're not all going to be von Miller and get you fifteen eighteen sixteen sacks year but if you can get a guy that's going to get you seven eight nine sacks maybe be a complimentary guy a there is still a ton of value like you said Ed for a pass rusher that can get you that and it's a big reason why vic to your point we'll probably get signed somewhere else. Team is going to see his nine sacks this this year in say we can do something with that and we're GONNA pay more than minimum contract to to lure him here so don't be surprised you know for people glistening if Vick gets not from Atlanta. I don't expect it to happen from here. But don't be surprised if he gets a deal with a seven eight million on it You know a million per sack if you will. Yeah Yup definitely and I think it also helps when you have like a constant pressure. Sure on the other side like tech was doing good I think but You look at you know. Probably one of the defensive lines in the NFL Right now oh him. We'll see him in the playoffs. This weekend Vikings You see how Dinio Hunter in Everson Griffen benefit off each other I think hunters finished the regular season with fourteen or fifteen sacks in Griffin. Probably about eight. You got to have like a double punch their you know I think the forty niners have a similar thing with Was it Bosa in D. Ford or something like that In the Falcons really don't have that It's not I don't think costing them games. But it's certainly something you'd like to have And you know maybe they'll get it eventually but I think we're just more focused on trying to get one good pass rusher then we're not really worth about getting a second complementary guy yeah to that point if they do get another good pass rusher in I think you could see tack. Oh yeah that was. My voice asked year yeah. I hope my point wasn't getting lost their that. If you have a really like Daniel Hunter it is only benefitting off having Everson Griffen. It's that's the only reason. The Falcons fell into the whole Ray Edwards thing years ago was jared Allen was so so good that it was free and Upper Edwards. You know these people in the NFL they. They're not terrible as much as you want to think Ray Edwards herbage it wasn't terrible. He just was looking a lot better. Because of who who's playing on the other side of the Line Jared Allen Who I guess? He's a hall of Famer. I don't know where he's really good. He made some approachable. But that was my overall point. I just wanted to get lost in so overall quality. The defensive line you almost you have to look at it as first half of the season for second half of the season so if you're going to give them a grade A. Through F. What would your assessment of the two thousand eighteen defensive line I mean in my eyes and A. You're you're all like amazing. Probably you got like a hall of Famer on the line So I'm GonNa give them like a C. minus in it's not that they were terrible or anything I mean it's because more of the pass rush. I think could obviously be you better. But I think they were very underrated in the run game So that's where I think that would keep them from like a D in my eyes because I think the strength drink of the defense along the Times was the defensive line teams were forced to pass on us because they couldn't really run the ball. I mean you look at how how the defense was against like Derrick Henry yet gave up one hundred yards to but he had twenty seven carries. Like if you've been watching the Games lately he should have probably had like two hundred yards off for that. So I mean that's what I would give him Are you in the same boater. What do you think yeah? I think You do have to look at tale of two halves And I think the first half would get D. minus two In in the second half get like a a a B. I think that probably comes out to about a C minus or a C Like you said I think the run defense was actually much better than than people appreciated shaded in actually the Sax really came together in the second half of the season In fact it was their performance against New Orleans in New Orleans and that inspired What the Vikings did in the playoffs just this week? Where they the Falcons were taking? Their guys is off the edge in coming up the middle in challenging those guards that's ultimately a was what you know the Vikings on and were incredibly successful within the Falcons has got six sacks against drew brees back in week nine which sorta started the rejuvenation of the Dan Quinn era in Atlanta So they added onto that. It wasn't just that they did it you know they. They had some success in San Francisco. They had lots success against Carolina You know they pressured Jameis Winston in the second game a bit so I think they were inconsistent but when they were firing on all cylinders I they actually look pretty good. Ms Why I think you know if we continue to invest in the defensive line the twenty twenty try to find another good pass rusher pressure to put up there with with grady jared intact McKinley. Bring back you know if you can afford him an Adrian clayborn a sort of brown out the the debts. I feel like this could be a very good defensive line with right. Coaching in the right people talk so well and I think what helps to is now that we know Dan. Quinn is coming coming back. We don't have to worry about you. Know some of these guys who if a new coach came in probably would scrap where you know they. They are very much Dan Quinn guys like you know. I'm a big Jack Crawford. Though like the season wasn't tremendous because he he didn't get like a whole lot of playing time compared to last year his we did add more depth that on the defensive decline where if Dane Quinn was gone and somebody else came in a guy like him more than likely like hundred percents probably gone where now. There's a little bit more of a chance. He could come back. Probably not but I mean it's still there still a chance there and I think that speaks volumes of guys as you know like tech. Who's going to get you know? He's already comfortable with Dan. Quayle I mean you. You saw how they supposedly video on twitter about it Just how how fired up. He is with him and stuff on the sidelines Like that's Dan Quinn Guy You know probably gone more because of the contract but I don't think if the contract contract was a big deal they would do him back Certainly but you know some of these guys. I think they've got a better chance of sticking around because of Dan. Quinn was my overall or there and just one final point to to round out the conversation on the defensive line before we head to the back. Half of the EH Falcons Defense Jakup to not mariner. He ended up being our or sticks highest rated defender for PF. So that's a name to pay attention to maybe for next year Someone that I think surprised a little bit you know got onto the roster auster beat out with you guys that Many fans thought you know we're GONNA land on ahead of him including Justin Zimmer so keep an eye on this guy he may he may turn into a good depth piece rotational. Die At least from what we've seen in the hundred eighty seven snaps. He got this year he did a fairly good the job again. A good run defender. Sort of you know anchoring. On that conversation we had And Sinatra probably on will. CBS An argument. Yeah he's what's going on or they'll put him in the witness protection program yes disappear played one game he was like six highest rated. PF theft and that was it that garbage all right so before we talk about the linebackers the secondary rap conversation about defense. We're GONNA take a quick break. We'll be right back. I'm Jillian. Weinberger hosted the impact podcast from. Vox about how powerful people affect the rest of us this season. We're looking at the big ideas from all the people running for president. In Two thousand twenty hit this opioid crisis head on public. COPS move away from fossil fuel energy efficiency and it's GonNa be a Great Wall and it's going to work. A lot of those ideas have actually been tried before like that wall. Trump wants wants to build the gallon. 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Nineteen Falcons defense doing a review of the season of the players. How things went In this half the podcast to talk about the back half of of the defense and we're going to start with the linebacking core because this was a mixed bag. I felt like this year because a lot of people looked at. You know sort sort of the you know some of our marquee names and felt like they didn't live up to the billing. The one to start with is Dion Jones. He was given a big contract. Signed to fiber extension. Really right after Greg Jarrett got his deal. Cemented in You know I'll say this. I feel like a lot of fans were putting a ton of criticism on Dion in rightfully. So he get missing tackles yet some bad plays but overall he had a good season. It wasn't maybe as strong as it has been in the past couple of ears. He did great out our best coverage player it better than any of our corners are safeties in actually graded meted out really high in in coverage he was our third highest rated player upper. PF behind only Jarrett. John Kaminsky So let's start. You're with Dion Jones. Evan whether your thoughts on how he did his season whether or not he met exceeded or fell behind expectations. Yeah Well I mean I think the play. Everybody remembers like the last one where he basically one the Tampa Bay game for us. that interception And then finished second in tackles I mean he he was he was good enough to apparently be a pro bowl alternate side and I think that's pretty telling what the season will was it wasn't that he was tremendous or anything like that But he wasn't terrible I think he was more good than bad Usually those sorta the players like that. If you're not taking notice that they're screwing stuff up. You're probably doing a decent job. I think like a guy like Jake Matthews who you're a big fan of Plays into that category. Where if you don't notice them than that's probably a good thing But yeah I mean I think he said you know another good year. I don't think it's anything anything to worry about Especially when you look at like our other linebackers I think he's certainly still the best one we have. And I. I think that feeds into the the conversation about the other guys yet. Start with you know the player who was drafted in the same draft classes him In a player that I think a lot of guys a lot of fans felt had time to potential tons of athleticism really fast track athlete. events devante Campbell. And you know. I think there's still some debate within the Falcons fandom about whether they're not this guy is good and I'll save my thoughts but Whether thoughts Campbell in his season in really you know sort where the four years he's been here has led to. Yeah I mean he's been I think average but you know he's Kinda like a rollercoaster where he has some. I'm good some games. where he's really good and then some games where he's just terrible? I mean I believe he led the team in tackles and honestly might not matter because he's probably probably out the door anyways This offseason so you know I think it also helps to know there's guys like foresaw Lucon who didn't get. He's kind of like the Kaminsky guy where the coaches didn't really give him a lot of opportunity but he still finished seventh in tackles overall. Aw any rated very high on. PF is seem like a week after week. So I'm not too worried about it. I think Campbell's replaceable to where you know. There's certainly other positions where I'd be more worried about losing players like Austin Hooper for example I think there's better. There's better options options at linebacker but Yeah I are you pretty high on him. Are you hoping he comes back. I think to your point Campbell is expendable title and I think you know when you look at what Foyer Kundun. Is You mentioned finished. Twelfth on the team in in the perfect affects Gore's a thick. The way he played made Campbell replaceable. And the thing is with you know in the NFL when and you play sixty seven percent of your snaps in you know the nickel dime. It's not a pressing issue issue to have three high-calibre linebackers because one of those guys more often than not. It's going to hit the bench a better time to really you need to really capable linebackers backers now. Do they think foyer is going to be that number. Two guy next to dion on the low I actually think linebacker is a position. That falcons could draft at. That would surprise a lot of people in the in the early rounds even maybe the first round that may shock some able but I think it is a possibility ability to don't rule out linebacker but I do think Campbell is gonNA walk. I think you'll probably get deal outside. Which is fine? He's he's been a decent player here but I don't think he ever lived up to the potentially had on that line. You know we just mentioned in Foyer Lucon so you know. This guy was undrafted. Couple years ago out of Yale and he's also by the way the player that told the coaching the told the coaching staff about Jaden Graham 'cause they played together at Yale. They were teammates so what are your thoughts on foyer. You just heard mine. Do you feel like he is someone that is GonNa slot ends a starter next year. Do you think he's really more depth. Guy Rotational guy with your feelings on him. Yeah I I mean. I'm not saying he's going to be much better than Campbell or anything. But I think you slide Campbell out and insert voi- and it's not much of a drop off At least based on the limited action I seen in play this year. This is where you know. The the coaching staff feeling more job security. They they probably would probably should've had get more action But I mean he was rating high every week for reason. That's because he's pretty damn good in these. You've got to be smart. You went to Yale. So yeah I hope he gets more action next year. They're still the off season. So as you mentioned I probably could draft. Somebody could be a tube option agency. That's much easier to handle than paying whatever laundry Campbell's GonNa get Somebody will pay for it. Like people love linebackers in offseason in free agency. So I don't think I if I had had to pick one player on defense who isn't going to be be back in. I was pretty positive about it. Probably Campbell. I just think he's expendable as you've mentioned earlier. So yeah get fully a chance I take. Yeah I think I think for you has deserved One of the names. I've I've seen linked to the falcons. Potential first round draft pick was Isaiah. Simmons Outta Clemson. Now he's he is really sort of a the kind of guy could play safety projected to have a really fast forty time covers a lot of ground. So he's someone that could slot in is is a safety. Safety is a is a linebacker. This is what's going to make this offseason really interesting. The falcons could go a whole ton of different directions but yeah for four a a I feel like the team sees him as a fringe starter and someone that could be a decent maybe not a pro bowler but a decent starter. which was what makes me think that they may still decide the draft someone? That could be sort sort of you. Know the one two punch if you like. What Carolina had with? Thomas Davis in Luke Kuechley where they pair up with Dion Jones. Where you've got these two guys guys that cover the entire middle of the field? They've got speed coverage tackling that. You're you're not GonNa get anything done in the lithium with those two guys in. I'm not sure that foyer. Why is that guy? I like him a lot of especially for where we got him. A fantastic value good player. But I'm not sure he's GonNa be a cornerstone in this defense. So that's why I feel like linebacker could be a position. The team looks at in the draft to definitely something keep an eye on. Let's move on to the the secondary 'cause this is I feel like of all the units on this defense. This is the one that has been the most frustrating frustrating at times. Obviously it started very early on with the the return of Ricardo. Alan Kiana Neil and colonial quickly going back out to injury you know. He missed most of last year with a tornado. Looked to be coming back this year and immediately tore his Achilles. So let's talk about the safeties Ricardo Allen who deploy the entire season coming off that torn Achilles from from two thousand eighteen. And then eventually you know after they rotate through some guys. I think Diamante Casey ended up being You know the other safety back. There's not and we didn't really have a true strong safety in the traditional sense the thumper be like Akiyama Neo Ricardo a uh he played more in that role than than Casey did Casey in the more of the center. Fielder Times whether your thoughts on Allen Casey Are you looking forward to neo coming back. Are you concerned about his injury. History at this point now What's your overall thoughts on the safety position? Yeah I mean I love Kiana Neil Oh because I love hitters like that old school football like the winner in you. Know William Moore who used to pile drive people on the ground. But it's like yeah I mean he he honestly for his size is a hitter come. He's just much quicker in you know obviously smaller sized but Ricardo Allen such a leader Peter on Defense. I mean he's you could just talk about his accolades What the Walter Bay in May of the year for the Falcons nominee So maybe maybe he'll win that thing In I just can't get out of my mind the game against the Philadelphia Eagles and that was like week to the Falcons I win. But when he was in the end zone in he was directing a wants it his thing somebody and he was basically like let him come by I. It was milking angle or in the end zone. Yeah who went up in basically caught the ball but then allen like pop them in a great place and I'm glad that was like miked up because it showed you know he's very knowledgeable You know and then you can't help but root for the guy high considering like he was drafted I mean I'm from not from Daytona. But that's where I live in. He went to school here In mainland high school win you know to see the road. He took where he was a defensive. Or A cornerback. I believe For Mike Smith and then I think he ended up getting cut cutter is somehow being on the practice squad or something to and then just to see how far he's come like he's only twenty eight. I think You know finish the team Or the season third in tackles I think he you know he's just a guy you want around that defense He's a leader. You know I'm happy deform and I. I hope he sticks around. I think he had pretty good season. Considering a you know last year I think the injury concerns gone Yeah Yeah I agree. I Love Rico. I feel like he's one of those guys that He does more than people see. You know people always think that plays to your point. He's one of those guys who gets guys in the right place. He didn't have his best season of the once once he's had in Atlanta but I think it's also a tale of two two halves. where he you know he started with Keanu next to him? He had to go through a cycle of guys next to him So there was more on his plate from a responsibility standpoint end. I think that probably hurt him during the season some but I felt like he finished it really strong and I I am very happy with him as whatever safeties so as for KS e you know he he's an interesting story because two thousand eighteen. We saw This Ball Hawk come out of the fifth round and he I think he led he was title lead in tiredly lead the league lead. Oh my word. He was tied for the League. Lead in interceptions in two thousand eighteen. And even this year I think oh how many have had just a few right like two or three interceptions yet three. Yeah so do you know he was someone that A lot of people are thinking. Oh he's going to be fantastic in the slot and actually he started season. He was not particularly good in the slot using a rough start But once he moved back to safety I felt like he he started coming alive again and so to me a he's he is also another player. He by the way he finished thirteenth Casey enough pf ever so His player I feel like is a better fit at safety like what he did there but in the question becomes you know if you bring Keanu back which you know? They're they're going to. He's on his fifth year deal. And and you know what second look like in twenty twenty. So what are your thoughts on Casey. It may be the conundrum of him in Keanu new and Ellen in a sort of competing for two spots. Yeah I mean. He's he's so talented that you don't want to take him off the field and you just want to find a way to get him in there in certainly with Kino's injury history you know you can't just be like oh he's GonNa be perfectly fine. You know we don't have to worry about you now. Him going down. It's nice to have somebody who can fill in like that. Maybe not the same level in same players. Neil by can certainly fill a whole I don't know maybe they look at him in the nickel It's it's Kinda tough to say because I don't know what they think about he. Honor Neal's injury and I think that's it's GonNa be something worth watching this off season Because they did have a safety problem it seemed like where you know they found. I mean how often do the Falcons opens actually make in-season trades and stuff where they sent to Riley to the Eagles or Jonathan Ciprian Briey or supreme and then he got injured after a game of course in game. Yeah so I mean that shows you right there like I mean that was just a weird you know trade raid To begin with In you know it didn't benefit them in any way but it kinda showed their hand that they were nervous about that safety position even though I think Casey was fine but So I think that's certainly you know. Probably something no address in the draft I could easily see them. You know that sort of position you. It doesn't hurt to have great depth than you know they can do. Maybe build around overnight. Said Ricardo's twenty eight I don't I don't know his birthday so he could be twenty nine by time. This season rolls around. so He's getting up. There you know doesn't hurt to have some depth there but I mean I think you know Casey. It's you can't help be excited like he's only shown that you know he's got some talent You know he was he drafted. It wasn't like a high pick or anything it's like a fifth round pickers with roaming. That's yeah I mean. Fifth Round picks fall apart. All the time So definitely definitely steel. I think for considering what he's given us. Sydney finished last season tied for most interceptions in the league. He had seven seven corruptions. I mean three this year. That's you know. It's obviously not saddened but it's not like a zero. Yeah he's he's only twenty six yeah I've been drafted in two thousand seventeen so we still have another Some tennis Next year will be as earlier in his rookie contract So I I mean I feel like it's good to keep him around and see what happens definitely and that's ultimately what if the team will do. There's no reason to to try to make a decision yet in. Certainly don't want to see where killing Liz before making a decision about his long-term future with the team. But Yeah I feel you like the safety position has been a relatively stable. You know got better as the season with long as for the rest of the secondary the corners. This is where we are. I think the conversation turns a little bit You know we've got a desma true font the WHO's been I think arguably a One of those Jake Matthews type players as you were saying earlier where he's he's usually does his job really well. The fans don't do this and then they only noticed when he does something wrong and I feel like he gets a ton of criticism but he's actually still a really good player we had is Oliver. Who is Robert? Alfred's replacement who will. We'll talk about second Kindle Sheffield who was our fifth round pick this year believe and bleary Wilson. Obviously there is George Miller he didn't do enough. I think here to warrant a helium twenty five snaps on defense so we won't spend anytime spended. Yeah for I. Three games right. Yeah yeah so not not exactly a great way to Doria Sheffield. Actually he was a fourth round. Pick pardon me from. I know well. He was a he was one of the fastest players. Overall drafts right. Yup and we saw seven minutes. Yeah we definitely did and we saw his ability to keep up with You know some of the best receivers So a lot of potential there but let's start with desma true fine some quick thoughts on veteran whether he whether or not he had a good season in your eyes and whether he's worth keeping around next year yeah I mean he'll be probably like thirty east twenty nine nine right now but He he played basically half the season before going on a are and he still led the team in interceptions. It used to be the thing he would always hear about what we'd see him drop interceptions while he got the interceptions he led the team in interceptions. So I don't think Oh you know injuries happen. There's not so if you combine those next couple games. He's finishing the season. If he kept the current pace at you you know seven or eight interceptions as pretty solid Especially for a guy who's been labelled as somebody who drops interceptions You know I think I think he's worth keeping even around. Because of how young everybody else's you want to have a veteran presence in it's not like he's like thirty four or something he'll be twenty nine next year. Well okay so birthday fairly recent so starting a year he'll still be twenty nine. Yeah you definitely keep him. I think I think that's just fans overreacting nitpicking being just like the Jake Matthews thing. Yeah and you know to to beat onto the PF drama bit. He finished fifth so he was. I you know the Great Kaminsky Dan Jones Adrian clayborn was fourth desma True Font was fifth highest rated defender. So I think that tells you again. He was our highest rated in coverage besides Down so he was you know right underneath him in coverage scores. So yeah to me true font you gotta keep at least one more year on the fans are looking at the Oh we've got to do something about that. You can free up the captain otherwise plays and honestly. I think you made a very good point. which is a Lotta these other guys? You know whether it's Oliver Sheffield George Miller. They're all young so I think you need a veteran presence especially a veteran like drew font who has played at a high level the league for several years. So I I feel like bringing back is is definitely the right move and I think it will happen. He's he's been a good player again for fans who we're sort of beaten up on him I feel like it's unwarranted. He's our our absolute best corner in that we begin to twenty twenty. So let's let's Talk Beleza Oliver because I feel like he is a player who a lot of fans were had high hopes for him it part because they figured okay. He can't any worse. Robert Alford was before he left And in yet Oliver started the season. Sort of really up and down And I would argue. He actually finished the back half season really strong even though his final. Pf Score made him twenty fourth on the team in in defense If you look at his performance first-half first second half. It's clear he improved. You Know He. He was a much better player in the second half of the year than he was in the first half. What are your thoughts on Oliver and maybe the potential for him to get better as you know as he gets more time in the league? Yeah I mean being in a cornerback is probably the most difficult job in the NFL. I think because you're it's such a passing league. You're on an island a lot of times. You know going against these guys who we know what they're doing but you have to figure out what they're doing and then react to it in real time like it's such a difficult position And I I can't say that enough but you know it's also one of those positions where you have to learn and you get a lot of experience based on how often you're out there and I think he's only going to get better. I mean you see defensive backs who get better over time. Like people idea sleigh who is with the Detroit Lions. They're not known the second thing. Walk Doc in the League they give better over time In get up to that status so I think you know I'm not saying he's GonNa be a you know an elite talent or anything but I mean author snow reasonable bail on him right now. It was his first year starting. Yeah exactly and then he finished the season with what three pass. deflections wins Yeah I mean I'm not I'm not going into the offseason question even though if you look at mock drafts Majority of them probably have looking at defends heads of Boura corner back as do every season But Yeah I'm not too worried What's dollar showed I? I know I do remember thinking at the beginning of the season how he kind of started off a little rough But you know he finished the season as you mentioned strong in the second half And in having new secondary coach who probably will help them Because I thought Cleveland second year was reading. I think that's where he came from most Kennel. Sheffield the the rookie. I feel like He. He showed a lot. He had the struggles. You expect out of a rookie corner tied athleticism as you mentioned earlier. Just a ton of speed. The ability ground. I'm very bullish on his potential He he obviously as a rookie This is not going to surprise anybody. He greeted house. One of our worst defenders for a very very tough position to learn the. NFL Avenue made a great point. And I think it bears repeating that you know of all physicians in the NFL. L. Usually corners considered the hardest to adapt to the NFL. So I'm that certainly how true but at minimum I think Sheffield showed potential He has kind of athleticism that can make him successful in this league Whether your thoughts on the rookie. And how he did this year. Yeah I mean you know when you look at when truffaut refund went down I think he came in and stepped up. You Know He. He did have some rookie mistakes and stuff like that. But it wasn't anything to where you know he got exposed in the Falcons lost because of it I mean obviously in this scenario. We're talking about where they bring back true. Fine you know he can play anymore. Nickel he is a great guy As I mentioned earlier one of the fastest in the draft. I might have even been asked as I'd have to look at his forty forty times but Yeah I mean I'm excited about him I don't have like a bad taste in my mouth about like Kendall. Sheffield or anything. So you know we usually after your rookie year you kind of have that concerned but a fourth round pick you know pretty good something something to look at this off season though is you know. I don't think they'll draft a defensive back high but will they look at one later in the draft probably as they always seem to look at that position mm-hmm because of how important it so you know and I feel like evolve positions on the field corners one. You could the draft almost every single year because they turn the turnover. That's why I never understand. What teams you know? It works out for some but the turnover over on defensive Or cornerback keep saying CORNERBACKS is so like so high. You think of that. One Guy who was with the raiders awesome awesome all or whatever right in then. He went to the eagles and everybody thought that was the super team and then he was nothing apart. Yeah because it's like one season you could literally only be great at a as being a cornerback in the next week absolutely trash. You know. It's just it's it's a tough position Especially when you're going from one team to another But yeah I mean you can't help but feel after this past season the young talent. We have act cornerback. I definitely don't have you know. Negative thoughts about him. I think they've shown that there's potential there And then you add in troop by. WHO's a veteran? Yeah got to feel good about it. But we'll see long as he can stay healthy. I think the one thing I find is he's you know he's been missing some games in the past few years and hopefully that is not a trend continues but at minimum a think true Oliver Sheffield field. There's a lot to like there. It's not a certainty nothing in the NFL certain especially especially this position. One last name while highlight bleeding rate Wilson. He finish the season really strong came in and filled in lot for true font. I think he He he had a really nice stretch of games with several pass breakups. Yes I think he had. He finished the season with six. Leave and You know sort of did what you want from a veteran and Stepped in in a pinch started in a good job so his he's another guy. A is under contract in twenty twenty. So you know the Falcons can bring him back for a relatively inexpensive deal. Yeah let's do it guys like that are hard to find so defense on the back. Half the the linebackers secondary. Give me your great. What do you think they deserve for the two thousand eighteen season? Yeah so I I gave if the defensive line a C. minus In total full full season for the CAF I don't know maybe a deep plus And that's because as I mentioned earlier the my grading scale is like in a year like elite talent So they're not no legion boom or anything like that and you know they were missing John O'Neill and they did have injuries. But you know there are certain games. Where are they played well and it was evidence of that but then there were certain games where I think they got exposed You just I mean you look at it like I don't know where they're playing. You Know Shawn Watson in the Houston Texans and that was an ugly game He was pretty much passing all appealed So like you know but you can pick all you I think. I don't think they were like garbage. is they weren't like an f minus or anything like that but there's always room for improvement. I think in the secondary especially when you do have an injury like that so yeah what'd you give them yeah I'm sort of leaning towards the same grade. You know a C- feels like it's giving them a little bit too much credit Unlike the defensive line which I feel like got significantly better a in the second half in in at least was consistently stopping the run. The secondary was a Siv for the first half of the year in really wasn't so the second half where they became less of Sort of expose a will say I felt like they did a good job against subpar are wide receiver talent. Like they did a good job walking down guys who weren't at the top list but when they did face some big names they generally give yards So go deep lessee minus in that range feels about right. I still bullish about their potential. You know as we mentioned I I still feel like this is a unit that can improve good bit next year. I don't you know you said that. Nothing in the echo it. I don't think they're going to be leading the boom. They're not going to be a top unit. But but I think that can be especially if you give them more of a pass rush more of a consistent pass rush they can be good enough unit that you can put together a top fifteen defense yesteryear and you don't need an elite secondary I mean you look at You know to just double back on him. I mentioned earlier. The Minnesota Vikings Stevens of line Just because I think a lot of people watch that game hoping the saints would lose and they did but You know you look at how their teams structured where they don't don't have the best defensive backs are actually missing cornerbacks they had Closes name. They had one of their better Lincoln on him. But one of their quarterbacks x went on I R and they were you know they were pretty fine. You know Michael. Thomas was essentially shut down Xavier. Rhodes you know. He's been getting exposed like all season But they have they have really good In Harrison Harrison Smith. They have really good safeties. And that's kind of what we have. You get that you add those is to pass rushers even one great pass rusher in all of a sudden you know it's GonNa make the secondary look better because the quarterback is going to be forced to make terrible throws like even the worse cornerback in the NFL are capable of doing their job You know if they have if they're left on the island because there there's no pass rush. I mean. A lot of quarterbacks are going to unless you got like Dion Sanders or something back there. They're going to struggle so you know. It has a great point so evan. Final thoughts on the defense Before we wrap up is podcast. I'm just glad being Quinn. Is it running it anymore. As we started the as we started past I think we should end it the same way. tastic Aston you just I mean you see the night and day difference between the in all Mitt. I'm one of the people that was like oh in Queens back to being the offensive coordinator like he was when we went to super bowl awesome. Wait it blew up the first day games were terrible and then I mean it could be the world's biggest coincidence but it isn't remorse stepped in In credit to Dan Quinn he basically said you know. I'm I'm sucking here do this right you know and I think that honestly is why he's still around because that that is an important thing to do because because a lot of these people have massive goes where they don't want to failure nope I nobody wants to admit failure. And that's essentially what he did by stepping back and letting more step in you know and that's the players love him that's the leader thing Double back to that. I mean that's just as important as anything I think is heaven players who actually wants to win for you You know not to just focus on Danny Quinn. But I think it's relevant here where you know. He has confidence taking. Moore's his job was on the line and he basically said redeem. I'm doing a terrible job here. You go run it and he ran it and honestly I think you're right. I think that is a big factor for why is allowed to come back. I mean he saved his job offense. You could argue play better but the defense you know really woke up. UH-HUH I mean you just look at the for me. I'm a big turnover guy. If you're winning the turnover margin you're GonNa win the game thing. I mean four turnovers. Over's Bhai the defense in the first eight games. That's that's so bad. They had the in the next time. They had turnovers against the Carolina Panthers. They had four so they matched the two games into remorse. Running the defense You know it's just it's night and day difference But I mean that's my overall thoughts and you know I don't WanNa be excited because his team stupid and likes to get our hopes up and just destroy them. But I'm more optimistic about this defensive Benson was say week eight or week nine You know I think remorse it should be a head coach. You know somewhere else probably pretty soon. We haven't for year next year. Yeah exactly You know so I mean we'll see we'll see what they add this off season I don't think the defense is terrible. I don't think people need to panic in growing more Honestly doing a pretty damn good job considering a yeah you know in the back half of the season now have a full offseason of being the defensive coordinator so now he can actually focus on you know because I believe he didn't he start the season as passing coordinator or something like that and it wasn't even on defense. Now with the Falcons on the defensive side about yeah but I mean like he went into the bye week in got the reins in his next opponent was at the New Orleans saints who I mean they were riding high at that point like nobody gave them a shot and we held them to nine points. I think what it also gets lost in that is they were also on a bi week so they had all that time to prepare for us as well so you know. I'm really high on rookie. Remorse I'm excited. I think the defense is only gonNA get better Or they should. I'll say that so. Yeah Yeah I've seen what happened. So as I think you you echoed it. You already said Dan Quinn's best move was firing Dan. Quinn and adversity fence was concerned. So what that means for twenty twenty. I'm not sure any of US know with any certainty but is minimum certainly made. It made the team interesting at least in in some of the wrong ways. Yeah so with that. We're going to wrap up this This review of the two thousand eighteen. Zhao Ken's defense. Evan wants you to our listeners where they can find you what you've got going on. Yeah you can find me on twitter at Burchfield in also writing for the Alchoholic. Lca Hollick You know I know. It's the off season for the Falcons by You know get on the phone call every now and then read some of our stuff you know. We have a lot of great writers covering everything from the draft to like what. We're talking about tonight pensive stuff so you know and then they'll be more draft stuff as the weeks progress and more certainly more free agency talk and everything else so yeah. You're listening to me guys on twitter. APOLOGY SMARTER DOT COM so forever Washington. Take the guys to.

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