Redskins Ready For Free Agency


You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show. Now here's Kevin. I'm here. Aaron tear. We're going to be here We could take a day off this week. It would be Wednesday if we do take a day off from just giving everybody a heads up on that but more likely than not. We won't because it's a busy sportsweek. I mean there are no games but the NFL is proceeding ahead with its free agency period and it's going to clearly steal the the sports headlines. I mean I think we talked about it a little bit last week. The truth of the matter is this particular month. Doing shows would have been a lot of basketball and a Lotta tournament but a lot of NFL. Free Agency like we do every year. And so that's not gonNA stop. Obviously the redskins are going to be pretty active. I believe in Free Agency in the League essentially made it clear to all of its teams yesterday and this is something. The players wanted that the player Team Negotiation Window Aka. The legal tampering periods starts today at noon and that the league year is starting as scheduled Wednesday at four PM. So we're GONNA start. Hearing all of the deals here really beginning at noon that the deadline to franchise tag to use the tag is eleven fifty nine this morning and the franchise taxes coming out furiously. This more they tagged Dak Prescott yet in Dallas Deck I haven't seen yet but Derrick Henry Tennessee A. J. Green in Cincinnati Jack but You Know Shaq Barrett in Tampa so there you go. I mean everybody's going to be using the tech. I think what's going to happen in Dallas? Today you know by the time you listen to this. It probably already happened but if they tag back without signing him to a long term deal then. Amari Cooper hits free agency because you can only use one tag now because the collective bargaining agreement was approved by the players. Late Saturday night audited overnight Saturday and early Sunday and announced that it had been approved yesterday morning despite the fact that five hundred players estimated did not vote. You know I mean. Isn't that so typical right? There's all this you know going back and forth between star players and other players about the you know about the CBA and whether or not they should you know basically have a firm stance of of renegotiating a better deal in voting. No and meantime a fifth of the players basically didn't even vote. I'm sure they were out. Vacationing having a great old time couldn't care less. Say whatever you guys decide. It's fine with us But that's by the narrowest of margins tail sixty votes A very narrow margin so those five hundred of the votes that were cast could have made a difference. One way or the other But that got done yesterday. That means the seventeen game regular season is in play for is early Est. Twenty twenty one means that the fourteen game expanded playoff format. Which I think would have happened even without this. Cba is all set pretty much for the twenty twenty season. They set the salary cap yesterday at a one hundred ninety eight point two million dollars per team. That's up ten million from last season a little bit less than the just north of two hundred million projected. I think the redskins right now are between forty four and forty seven million in available Cap. Space that is obviously contingent upon. You Know I. It could change based on what they do with Trent Williams which would free up twelve and a half million. If they're able to trade him. I would expect them to restructure Ryan Kerrigan to lower the CAP number for this year And then you know when all said and done potentially you know if they trae Trent Williams big if they're Somewhere the neighborhood of sixty million potentially in available dollars to spend in free agency they have guys like Erick Flowers. They may be thinking about expended extending. Excuse me Quinton Dunbar. But then you get into. You know what they're going to do. We're GonNa Bring J. P. Finley on Shortly to discuss all of those things You know there was news over the weekend. Tennessee signed Ryan Tannehill. That means no Tennessee for Brady. The forty niners said no one brady And it looks like the chargers and the raiders and the Patriots now are the teams that you know are more likely than not for Brady You had anthony. Costanzo agree to a an extension this morning in Indianapolis it takes one of the big potential tackles off the market. Although I don't think most people thought he would brandon. Sheriff got tagged Sixteen fifteen to sixteen million probably fifteen million with the new tag number unless the redskins work out a long term deal by July fifteenth so tons of NFL. We'll get to all of it with J. P. Finley coming up Look I don't know what you guys did over the weekend with no sports It was it was certainly a different weekend Around our house you know It started I think Saturday morning. One of my boys just put out a group. Text can't believe Cowan played so poorly and yet we still one come on. Let's go beat Michigan State. Today that was basically and that that took on a life of its own my brother from Costa Rica got involved in the whole thing and and we were. You know basically playing out Michigan State game on Saturday because we had nothing else to do. it sucks that. There is no hoops this week. And it sucks that there was no selection show last night. All of that is true. there were There was a a true okay. Boomer joke That was making the rounds I don't know if this was a social media thing among sports fans I got texted it by two different friends which tells me that somehow they got access to it more likely than not of the social media but basically the joke went like this Day Three without sports I was wandering around my house. Found this woman on my couch. Turns out she's my wife. I got that from my mom. There you go. You know not that funny. I'm sure a lot of people. Hashtag it with boomer remover. After that which really made me laugh on Friday. I did find it interesting. If you were following. The whole you know Should there shouldn't have put out a bracket over the weekend? I was hoping they'd do it but it really is. It's nonsensical the do it but man how about that story about the NCW considering a sixteen team tournament you know up until the very end when they called off the tournament by Vice President of men's basketball for the NC Double A. Dan Gavitt told the Associated Press that they started to consider ways of condensing the tournament late last week once the NBA announced it. Season was over. They presented multiple ideas. One of them was for a sixteen team. Tournament played this coming Thursday. Through a week from Monday night they would have had the sweet sixteen on Thursday. The elite eight on Friday and the final four on Saturday all in Atlanta so they would have played it one destination so one travel No fans are right and they would've played the final on Monday night. in in state farm arena as well in Atlanta Joel Nardi actually put out. A bracket is sixteen bracket. I don't know if you saw it. Maryland was a thirteen seed playing Dayton in the first round which would have made them the first four seed which is where they were in the yard he just took his top sixteen right Mark Amherst the head of the NCWA said yesterday that they thought they had a shot to play the entire tournament until Rudy Gobert tested positive. And then they pretty much knew that point. It was going to be Over so you had that from over the weekend. I will tell you right now when I did Over the weekend sports wise that I really found interesting. And I'll do that when J P Finley joins us here momentarily but since we last spoke actually I think it broke when we were doing the podcast? And Friday at the Masters was Was cancelled and I think we just hit on most of the major things we're GONNA GET JP Finley in here room talk some redskins free agency. Nfl Free Agency. Because it looks like we're going to have a lot of that to talk about during the week. One real quick thing before we move off of. Nfl Free Agency. A KIRK cousins. Just got a new contract with the Vikings really. It happened and he got to so we got the extensively addict so basically it's two new year's worth sixty six million so in addition to the year he already had so we had one year left to new to New Year's on top of it sixty six minutes so at thirty three million a year so three years ninety six million is wow as remaining on his contract now. Wow so this morning on the radio show We're is the Ian Rapoport has rappaport. Has IT So I had a bunch of people tax me looks like irks poll in the same Bullshit Minnesota. 'cause he's not signing a long term contract because there was some reporter reports over the weekend that he had and I said well no no good agent is going to tell him to sign a contract extension before free agency hits. He's GonNa WanNa see how the market you know hits and here. It is kirk cousins to your deal. Sixty six million. Well if they're gonNA offer that much money at thirty three million per year. Yeah you know which is what basically five million more per year with two years deal is all guaranteed guaranteed signing? Yeah Yeah you'RE NOT GONNA turn down that deal the YOU'RE NOT GONNA turn down that deal good interesting us. Ian rapoport summing up the kirk cousins deal to New Year's worth sixty six million three in all for ninety six million sixty one of guaranteed its signing an additional thirty five million guaranteed for injury but converts to a full contract at the beginning of the twenty twenty one season. They won't cut him after year. One and sixty one million of course which means that basically the whole thing is guaranteed for all intents and purposes. I mean they could cut him after twenty twenty good not guaranteeing sixty one. I guess the question is sixty. One million guaranteed is that sixty one of the ninety six or is that sixty one of the sixty six that sixty one of the two two years I say this you are guaranteed but he was going back and forth between talking about it as the full. Three years design wasn't one hundred percent. Sure on that while he has broken the bank. Now many times and speaking of quarterbacks jackets the franchise tag and Dak Prescott Jess gets the franchise tag. Which means Amari Cooper is going to an unrestricted free agent especially for people to legally in the legal. Tampering period begins at twelve noon. Expect the Redskins to target Amari Cooper. I let's bring in. J P Finley from NBC Sports Washington JP How's everybody in your household you all stocked up on everything. Yeah Man I. I think we're in pretty good shape. We got Chicken Nuggets and we've ever had and You know it's just it's going to be chaos with two little kids stuck in the house you know we're GonNa make it work. Yeah I mean you by the way I. I love the days of chicken nuggets pizza in grilled cheese. And I don't know what kind of parents you and your wife are so don't take this the wrong way. If you're among the group that is super into you know all of the foods that the kids eat because I remember my wife and I making an honest effort to you know. Let's eat apples. Let's eat fruits and and the whole thing and all healthy but bottom line. I had three boys and you know what they wanted. Chicken nuggets or grilled cheese pizza ultimately. That was the only way to get him to eat So here's what's crazier was with. My daughter is that she doesn't like pizza and sometimes she likes grilled cheese. Sometimes she doesn't she's a it's a challenge man but Eater a healthy eater. She loves apple's so we eat a lot of good on like English Muffins. Light we English muffin. You're probably her favorite food. I like English muffins out. That Celtics are good. And I don't think there's been a run on English muffins although at the Safeway you and I both are live close to and the giant that you and I both live close to There was no bread. I do people buy the bread and then freeze it. Is that what they're doing? Because you know. Bread is what we call them. The trade a perishable item shelf life. I I WANNA know the size of the freezers. People have because we've got some extra stuff to freeze but like nowhere close to enough of you know one is going on out there. I. It's been kind of crazy watch but I see. Here's a grocery store tip for seven. I don't know what kind of deal the giant bias has with amazing as Marlins Thomas's your Thomas telling them. They often have buy one. Get Two free right off. And that's a wild deal in the English muffin market. I am in the English muffin market often in the English muffin market. And I think one of the reasons you get those deals in any supermarket actually is because if you look at the expiration dates on English muffins and just bread in general. That's why they're always deals on. Bread is they've got short shelf-life and pretty quick expiration dates so if they aren't moving per typical they're gonNA throw that incentive out there to move the product rather than you know have it die. I mean there's nothing worse than and I sort of was in this business for many years. There's nothing worse than eating perishable items in and having him not sold because that goes right to what's called the shrink number the overall product a number. Which isn't a good thing. But Yeah you notice that on all breads really typically. There's always at some point. There's an incentive to really move him. Yes there's ever incentives right now. How much are you missing you mostly? I don't know everybody knows this about gp but GP's a sports fan but a big basketball fan and a big TURPS fan too. I really it was painful this week. And it's going to be even more painful. This coming week I Oh you know what I forgot to mention. Aaron and I forgot to mention this on the radio show and mentioned right now for everybody so one of the stories that came out over the weekend was the NC double A. extending eligibility for seniors for spring sports and they are likely to do with winter sports as well. I didn't see likely I thought they were considered. I think it's I think it's likely I can tell you this right now. Anthony Cowan even if he were given a fifth year. Opportunity is not coming back now. He is whether it's in Europe or you know a long shot at an MBA career or you know A. G. League career whatever it's called now He's ready. I think to to move on but your your big hoops Fan. I mean I. It just sucks because I think we had a chance to make a deep run. Yeah I'm you know. They made the wrong decision. But it you feel bad for the kids the coaches I mean as a fan. I was so excited about it. Especially if you look at I mean this is all hypothetical now but Maryland to been playing a sweet sixteen in Madison Square Garden. Pre- pretty easy for a lot of us. I don't know man it's a it's a shame but I saw that Lombardi had them play in. Uva In the in the second round I would have been terrified of that matchup. So maybe I'll go to the bad that we don't necessarily have deal with Watt who fan but you and I probably had gone to. The garden would have probably been sitting together because our ticket source would have been the same person and he already told me and. I'm sure he told you. He had us all setup for Madison Square Garden for the regionals if Maryland had got that would have been. I think that would have been a fun week. It would have been one weekend because the last time in New York with friends from work was the super bowl year and I don't think coolly and I slept for three consecutive nights and then it was on that at two consecutive nights by the time we got to the third night. I basically said no moss than I actually needed to to sleep because he's just a tad younger than I am. all right. Let's get to yeah. We that was that was that was actually the most the San Francisco super bowls grade. The obviously the Super Bowl's in south Florida and New Orleans are all all always awesome that New York week with spectacular. It was freezing cold the whole week but it was so much fun radio row. Was it in the city? Yeah Yeah it was in Manhattan. Yeah we were in the city and it was It was basically in. I think it was in midtown But and so it worked out really well All right so as we were sitting here news breaking all over the League Prescott got tagged Derrick. Henry got tagged Kirk. Cousins just signed a massive contract extension. It's funny JP. Because you know all the people that listen to to to me that no that I like. Kirk cousins are like. See what you're doing to the Vikings doing the same thing and I said just hold on for a second. He's probably GonNa wait a little bit here to see what how the free agent market shakes out. He doesn't get the right offer. He got the right offer. Thirty three million a year you know. Sixty one million guaranteed an extra two years on that deal And you know that's why I don't think they're getting rid of digs man. There's no way I see digs getting moved to you. They've been pretty adamant that they're not going to so I. I don't expect it You know they've got kirk locked in. I think they are kind of in the win. Now Situation I mean you know they were able to go to New Orleans with a playoff game. I think they've got to keep that thing going and feeling a digs or a huge part of it and I and I believe the wouldn't mind starting somewhere else. But he's got a contract and you know. I don't think he's going anywhere I think. He thinks he didn't sign the greatest deal that he could have signed. But that's that's more on him and I. I'm sure that there are issues he has. I don't know why he should have them after last year. I mean I know. Theline didn't play a lot but he had a hell of a year. You know in the team had a legit shot. I mean if it stayed healthy the entire year with feeling they may. Have you know one more games in potentially won the division but They're losing players. A lot of players defensively. So it'll be interesting. Let's get to our team So you know in thinking about free agency and I want to get your thoughts on all this but I think that the conversation has to start with some assumptions like is Trent GonNa be there or not. You know. It's twelve and a half a million of additional money if he isn't if he is then it's twelve and a half million of less money You know as Sheriff GonNa plan to the tagger. A long term contract extension is Ryan. Kerrigan GonNa get an extension that lessens the cap hit from eleven and a half to something much less so that we can come up with an actual number How have you been thinking about it? Like what are your thoughts on Trent on Ryan so that we can drill down to sort of a number to start with so. I don't know what's going to happen with. I know he talked about being open to whatever it takes to stay with the redskins and I think the smart thing to do would be to extend him and lower the number this year and maybe even a two year extension and you guarantee some of that money because none of his money's guaranteed right now but you spread it out. And then he goes from making twelve year to Megan someone more palatable for them seven or something but I don't know that those conversations have taken place because frankly if they had. They should have gotten that done already. You know. That's the kind of thing that you want done before. The market opens. And since he's your player and he's under contract that you'll have to wait for the tempering period or anything for something like that You know can't become official until the New Year you could get anything done So the fact that it's not done and just all the conversation around Kerrigan is that he's staying and he's one of the guys I I wonder if he loves going to play this year on that in the last year of his contract. Trent I think it's I. I don't see Trent playing here I I don't know how long it'll take if it lasts all the way until the draft but I mean Trent said to the post you know. Are you done with the Redskins? And I think the quote was like basically yes and then his agent said we really appreciate the reds has given us this opportunity to see a trade and you just need the fresh start like. I don't see how those comments play well with Ron Rivera. You Know Ron came in fresh met with Trent by all accounts a good meeting and then he kinda just stay where it was. We want a new deal. We want out of here. So if I'm Ron I get kinda posturing right now. WE'RE NOT GONNA deal in for less than a second. We're not gonNA give them away as I understand all that but I think that the CBI has done and the league. I think the was the first hurdle for teams to figure out how much they WANNA pay guys and and then there was like the questions around Corona Right. Like is this GonNa we gonNA open the league open happening and both those questions unanswered. Cbs's done and the League's opening so now teams are going to have to move forward the teams that are interesting trend and I think the browns and the jets will really be interested in threat. They're gonNA go through the process working out a contract with Trent and whatever the guaranteed money is going to look like. I mean you saw Anthony Anthony Costanzo for the colts. Just got I think. Thirty two MIL guaranteed to US sixteen Everybody talks about the lane. Johnson deal even do like a survey? Who's good but he's not on that elite. Peer tackle getting big money. I think if a team is willing to guarantee trends say it's thirty eight million two years on a three year contract extension. I think that team is going to be willing to give up a third and a fourth or some sort of package that will satisfy the redskins. What do you think the package that satisfies the Redskins is now second? I mean I don't know there's a New York Rautenbach Yano that was Two-thirds the jets have to third round picks. The browns have to fix. Also I think another team will emerge as this thing keeps going and you know what happened as free agency. Plays out a little bit. I think the skins would love to have it done. But it's a complex. A lot of things need to happen getting and maybe the market but there are plenty of teams at what Trent Williams right. He's a really good player. don't let it be forgotten that the new CBA no longer really tests for pot anymore. So one thing that it costs. Trent gained on. The passenger is off the point You know he. He should be healthy. I mean the cancer scare but his body hasn't taken any on field action over a year. There's certainly a market for trump Williams was is that market at what he thinks he should be paid and then that team has to give up a draft pick complicated. It's a complicated matter. Yeah my position. Is this if they don't get back what they want and what? They should get back for a player of his caliber. Which to me right now. Based on the leverage they have compared to what they did have I think they would have gotten more previously and we can debate that until the cows come home. The bottom line is they never made them available so we'll never really know what he could have brought back but to me. It's a second round pick and it's the top half of the second round and if they don't get that back there is no way trend's GonNa sit twenty twenty. He's he he can't I I would imagine at some point. You get to the point where you can't afford to just throw millions of dollars away anymore but beyond that you know if he wants to get a big deal next year he's got to play this year he can't sit out two years in a row so my position in is this is that you know it was petty and personal as we both know for too long right. Now it's just business ron. Rivera can look Trent Williams in his agent in the eye and say look. I can't I got nothing to do with the past man. I gotTa do what's best for us. I can't give you way that if we I'm not we're not in the business of giving players like you away for for for less than what we think you're worth so if we don't get back what we want come play for. Us player ass off in a contract year and you know. And then you'll be a free agent next year you sir. You know I mean. The redskins could conceivably franchise tag him next year. But I think the chances of him playing for them while I thought they were. Zero are much higher than zero now. Like there's a one in five chance he could play for them next year. Because no one's GonNa pay him what he wants and nobody's going to give the redskins what they want. I would go that high. I think the scenario you laid out is what's going to happen with quitting Dunbar. I think he's GonNa play and then go to free agency next year. Look to get paid. I Ron Rivera has said I mean for the story to like silver. I read that I read. Basically you're either in or out and if you're out I just don't see I don't see that all happening and I don't think unhappy. Trent is a is a good thing for a team rebuilding trying to change their culture I could be wrong. I wouldn't go as high as twenty percent I I i. I'M NOT GONNA rule it out but I think it's five ten. I mean Trent already set out of you you don't think. Jp He can't. He can't sit out another year. I personally I don't think he can afford to sit out another year next. That could well be true. I I do think that. Cva Just changed some stuff about contract. Holdouts that make it harder to do that. The fines that players accrue cannot be waived anymore So that's an interesting kind of subway team right because what happens most of the time rack up when they get waived yeah I I I just I just see this thing moving on I you know I. Tournament spoke just understanding the situation. I I just you're going to twenty percent maybe on the halfway and saying there's ten percent chance six around and you're right like I don't know that I see him not playing but maybe a situation where he can go somewhere and play the last year on that deal and then the skins can get in. That team will be willing to give up more draft compensation. Because you know they don't have to shell out on the cash. I two thirds is better than a third. Two thirds essentially equals a second depending on where they are so and let me be clear. Twenty percent means that. I think that there's an eighty percent chance he gets moved. But what I've been hearing is. They turned him loose to seek a trade because they thought he would struggle getting what he wanted and he would have the realization of what the market value was and that they're not giving them away. You know I remember reading that story on that Mike. Silver wrote and I had him on the show shortly after he wrote that in shortly after the redskins moved on Ron Rivera and I thinking about that I forget what the quotes are but I know exactly the store you're talking about. I wonder if Thomas Davis or leuke cleared stood up in that meeting and said Yeah. We don't really agree with what you're doing. We know two and fourteen last year. Yeah go ahead and move me if he would have actually moved them for nothing. You know ultimately part of this culture re rack Is To you know. Avoid setting the precedent of allowing a really good player to walk for less than what he's worth. I would think but I'm with you in terms of the the likelihood is that he gets moved. I just personally hope they don't give in on an end up dealing him for one third. Two thirds is different than one third. That's twice the value that you're getting back We will still look at this and know that. They made a big mistake by not moving him when they should have moved him. You said that at one point. I don't know there were beating a dead horse but like Boston's things so bad last August very clearly. He wasn't coming back. You gotta move them. They didn't know That's the that's the petty and personal Part of the organization as we as we knew it hopefully. Hopefully it's not as we know it moving forward. You said something about Ryan Kerrigan in a way that that leads me to believe that you think there's a chance rank arrogance not back. Well I think he's ever say that again. I think Kerrigan's definitely back. Oh you do but it definitely back what value you think. They're going to pay him. Eleven and a half million dollars and to play here next year. I think it might work out an extension. I just don't know why that would be okay when you said it that way that I don't know why it would have been done. It led me to believe that. Maybe you thought it wasn't going to get done. And therefore my assumption was they. Don't get an extension done with him. They're not paying eleven point six million dollars to come back here and play next year. I don't know that they're not I? I I think Kerrigan I think arrogant is coming back. I think he could have a big year to I. I think Letting him go up field for the first time in his career is and I think the defense could look a lot. Different I but I certainly think Kerrigan's coming back. I can be proved wrong but what I would I feel pretty clear on that. I think he's coming back to but I think they're going to work out an extension to lower the the. The hit ended extended out a couple of years. You know. Give them a little bit more. In guaranteed money here extended out and lower the cap to call it six seven million this year. Something like that. I think that would make a ton of sense. I just don't know why they have done it. And maybe it'll happen before Wednesday or something but you know you'd like to get that thing done before the market opens and you could start. Whoever it is they're calling and I think you think they're calling Cooper Right. I think they have. I know they have a day of Cooper Drake in Hooper on their list of targets. Whether or not they get a chance at them you know it's going to have to do with his availability and his want to be here but I do think there that they have interest in cooper. Drake and Hooper. I think he's going to kind of think that causes. Go too high. What do you think he goes to what I think it's I think it's at least eleven and four of his four inches from multiple teams. But here's the crazy part about being scared off at eleven. Say they pay him twelve over twelve million a year. That would still be less than they paid to Davis and Jordan Reed and twenty nine still being lowering the cost at that position. Yes and I think unless you don't think he is the guy unless you just think he is a good player coming to market at the right time at a relatively weak position group. If that's the case then you don't go to the top of the market for but you think he can play and you're scared off by the number and you look at how you've been running the numbers a deposition. Anyway you look at just what you cleared by releasing Jordan Reed for the year. I think that'd be a little. I think it'd be shortsighted Cooper I don't feel Jerry tries to keep him. I don't know but I do. But he's but you know as of now looks like he's going to make it to unrestricted free agency as we know that doesn't mean that he won't resign with his former team Here go ahead just to your point. About Cooper Hooper Drake. You're talking about speed. Guys in Gaza can make plays down the field and you know tight ends a little bit different but he can. He can be on the field. All three all three downs for you can block I this is not this is fairly obvious but I did have a redskins decisionmaker. Tell me an indie. We need playmakers all over the field and I think if you put Cooper Maclaurin and Simpson's all of a sudden I turn go through some moats over the weekend and I kept going back to this one quote from Ron Rivera. Now he was talking about why he would have no problem adding chase young to a defensive front that they've already used a lot of first round picks on right and he said that there's something in fact there's nothing wrong with making your strength stronger and I kind of think about that with adding cooper to me. It's not the position to break the bank on. But if you think if player changes dynamically what you can do on the field and it makes that. Yeah I think that. I think that they believe that they can turn this thing around. Relatively quickly and that they're coaching defensively is GonNa make a significant impact and adding chase. Young in the draft will be an immediate major impact player. That would that that will make everybody else better. And what you know the that. The aggression in free agency will be specifically You know tailored to or or the goal will be in addition I mean we know they need a corner. They need probably another safety. Potentially WE WE UNDERSTAND THAT. They need to corners But that they they need weapons in pieces around dwayne. And that's they need more playmakers on offense so that they don't have to rely if that defense is coached up and his better they don't. WanNa put the twenty twenty and twenty twenty one seasons in the hands of a quarterback. That's not ready with no weapons. So I think I think it's the I think that's where the you know the Cooper Drake Hooper and potentially others you know Other playmakers offensively. I think that's where that sort of comes from. Is this notion. Their their internal notion that they've got to add weapons to give Dwayne shot and give him a legitimate James. I think that they're active much-improved right away but they're also going to have to sign supporters There's there's money they're going to spend on the side of the ball. I think it corner. I think they need some linebackers. I think some veteran guys you can sign. I'm not saying go to fourteen million a year for a little bit or something but that new poaching should be better and the defense should be better but they still outside of fraud. They're not particularly talented. And I know people don't like to hear that but I mean landon. Collins is good and I think quitting done more when he's healthy quite good but that's the list all right. You've gotta run. Give me three names that you think they'll target and they'll be successful or have a really good chance of successfully signing or certainly think. Hooper is one of them I think they're gonNA make a run out of just don't know how much money is i. Think similarly with James Bradberry The corner that we've all heard a lot of talk about And then after that. It's just gets tough because you you're kinda throwing names that out of hats but I think trae Boston's Agata can make some central them. He's playing for very dumps around a fair amount. He's never really gotten a long term deal. I don't know how much of the cost them but I'm really curious like you said Just to they need playmakers. You know the coaches are saying that the decision makers in the front office are saying that. So how are you GonNa get them? And and you. I think Cooper will end up staying in Dallas. But he's obviously the biggest target out there. it's GonNa be a very very interesting time One other name. I believe he's going to be available. Run Rivera talked about positional versatility Guy Daryl Williams I. This is like a depth thing but he played both tackle spots in Carolina. He played a little bit of guard. He's going to be available particularly expensive. I think I think that's Kinda signing. Maybe you don't see that next week or something but I think names like that we're gonNA see As well and the only thing. We didn't mention his IF TRENT GOES THEY. They have a need for left. Tackle Shirk it and it goes. The crazy part is that people should be looking at Gerry Christian as the guy to step in there. But I don't know what's going to happen. I mean the team hasn't felt particularly strong him and I think they will draft a tackle and you'd look at robbers track record in in Charlotte and he plays rookies. Young guys play so I. I would expect that to happen. I mean I I think I flowers is going to get more money than they WANNA pay. Because of the money they're GONNA Pay Sheriff. Us flowers you talking about maybe West Martin over there or maybe reay play guard and Anne Pierce Bigger Place Center I think things will look different for sure And I think the young guys lined up on the This is a great diversion for for us to have this conversation. You know I always enjoy it at J. P. Finley NBC s on Twitter Redskins Talk PODCAST NBC sports Washington. He's going to be all over it the next few days follow him. Listen to him Great job as always. I'll talk to you soon. Thanks good job from JP interesting comment there at the end about Eric Flowers because I think I read this last week. This tweet from the sky basically mocking me for saying Eric. Flowers WOULD END UP IN CLEVELAND. and Then there was reports that the redskins. We're GONNA Resign Eric Flowers. I've not seen that they have They still have time. I you know the reporting the reportings all been about Eric Flowers re-signing in Washington but Jp just gave you that. The flowers money may go to high which would be interesting If it does I would expect him to be in a place like Cleveland And then they'd then they'd have a need not nearly the need they'd have had left. Tackle Losing Trent because they do have a guy in West Martin that can step in there. Who played pretty well last year when he had the chance. A quick word about my Book Heat Dot AG It is certainly An interesting time in the sports world right now. there's no NCWA tournament Tibet on there's no NHL to bet on there's no NBA Tibet on And but there are other things about on. I mean you either know golf to bet on right now but their futures bets. They're they're posting some stuff on you know. Nfl Free Agency So if you're looking for a place to wager mybookie dot. Ag is totally trustworthy. That's what you want all right. You want You WanNA place. It's easy to use. That will pay fast when you win. And they'll let you bet on anything in any different way my bookie make them your sportsbook. Home Mybookie DOT AG Today. If you deposit with my Promo Code Kevin. Dc You'll get fifty percent bonus that's Promo Code Kevin DC at mybookie. You play you win. You get paid all right So I think in thinking about the Redskins in Free Agency. You really have to make some assumptions okay. My assumption is they will trade Trent Williams again. I would not trade him without getting back. What I want On the Redskins to me the Redskins have a little bit more leverage in most think and I wouldn't trade him unless I absolutely got back what I want. But let's assume that the trade him because I think it's an eighty percent chance that they trade him in a one in five twenty percent chance that he ends up playing here If you assume the Trade Trent you get twelve and a half million in new cap space share more likely than not plays under the Tag Day Kid. They could rework his dealers. Sign him to a contract extension. That could lessen the number for this upcoming season but assuming plays under the tag fifteen million all right assume they draft chase young and assume they're going to be aggressive in free agency. If they restructure Karen Carrigan Trade Trent. You're going to have some. Were roughly in the neighborhood of about sixty two million in cap space. What are their needs while their needs would be left? Tackle that point perhaps another guard a tight end more offensive skill position players because it is true. I believe in toll has talked about this three weeks ago for the first time that they are going to be aggressive. Trying to get playmaking weapons around dwayne on offense. That's why guys like Cooper and Hooper in Kenyan. Drake are going to be targeted. If all of them are free agents Corner is a need middle linebacker potentially could be in need. Because you're not sure about Reuben Foster. You're not you don't have. Jon Bostick resigned. You do have Shawn Deehan Hamilton. I don't know what they think of him. Free safety potentially is in need even though Monte Nicholson is under contract. Entropy played some last year. So what's the plan The plan is I think they're going to be by the way we we. We didn't mention one other need in that. Other neatest quarterback you know they still have to add a quarterback to this roster. So here's some of the names. Okay Obviously Austin Austin. Hooper's name That everybody's going to be dialed in on bees. The redskins don't have a tight end They would have to spend roughly eleven twelve million somewhere around that four in Austin Hooper To sign here He's at target. You Know Delaney Walker. Just got cut by Tennessee. If they're looking for veteran you know where they could potentially then draft a younger guy later on The left tackle becomes a significant. Need if there's no Trent Conklin is gonNA probably get somewhere between fourteen and sixteen million years. He's a fifteen million dollar a guy deal. But if you're trying to surround Dwayne with weapons you also have to think about surrounding Gi- dwayne with a solid offensive line. You can't put somebody in left tackle that you're not sure about now. You could go sign a veteran and draft a left tackle especially if you get a second rounder back for Trent that second round or could be a left tackle to eventually become your starter and you could sign Jason. Peters you could sign a veteran left tackle for a year or two peters is thirty eight years old he's GonNa demand actually believe it or not you know in the seven to nine million dollar range more likely than not but if you had him in for a year and you drafted somebody that could be the way to go rather than signing a Conklin in free agency at fifteen million Amari Cooper is going to be an eighteen to twenty million dollars per year guy. He's GonNa be five years. You know a hundred million north of one hundred million dollar guy with seventy of it guaranteed. That's what he's going to be more likely than not. I think the REDSKINS ARE GONNA make a run at him. If he hits free agency it would appear as if he is I am all for another veteran wide receiver. Not Not an old veteran. A guy that's got you know playmaking ability guy that's played he's played four years okay I am not going to have a problem if they if they make a splash and they go after. And they sign Amari Cooper. Give Dwayne some weapons Other names Cory Littleton the linebacker from the rams. If they're looking for a middle linebacker he's GonNa cost you. Twelve million bradberry obviously Byron. Jones is too much money. Pretty sure Byron. Jones is too much money for the redskins. I think a very interesting name to keep an eye on his Anthony Harris. He's going to get big money and you don't invest that much money into the safety position. You know with what they have invested in Landon Collins but if you think that if you add another playmaking free safety to your in box close to the line of scrimmage play making Safety in Landon Collins in you've got a pass rush with chase young and everybody else in you coach it up. Well you know. Maybe they think they can get by with Quinton Dunbar and a lower level signing at corner maybe a Kendall Fuller Anthony Harris is going to get big money though you know But JP mentioned trae Boston. Anthony Harris's probably GONNA get a little bit more money not much to Mary's Randall's there at a Cleveland also back to the offense. Don't forget Devin. Funchess who played for Rivera at Carolina. The problem with funchess's he really didn't play very well as she was hurt too. But the colts gave a boatload of money and he really didn't produce quarterback while they gotta sign a quarterback. I've given you guys many names over the last month or so you know. I think they're going to sign the true backup quarterback. I think that that is going to be the move Brett Hundley you know chase. Daniel Blaine Gabbert. You Know Blake Bortles. You know those names right that we've mentioned how about Sean Manion as a name. I love Schoneman. You loved him. Coming out of Oregon State He played briefly with. Sean McVeigh in. La'S BEEN IN MINNESOTA. The last couple of years backing up Kirk. I think at six six to thirty. There's a lot of Duane in him. plays a bit like dwayne. Maybe not the playmaker. Join is but a pure backup. I had Chad Forbes from NFL draft bites on the radio show earlier. He actually thinks there's going to be interest in manion but there's somebody to consider in terms of In terms of Ah Backup quarterback which they'll have to sign you know So you know the the the bottom line is quarterback left tackle. What are you going to do? It left tackle if you trade. Trent at guard. You do have an answer. If you lose Eric. Flowers tight end. Who is going to be a target? I would think Hunter Henry to me is better. I would not sign Eric Brown. Not An Eric Brown fan. I think he takes too many. Plays off You know Kenyan Drake Cooper and hooper or sort of those playmakers but there are others Corner Bradberry to meese too expensive so as a Jones Middle Linebacker. I would think a guy like cory littleton. But you've also got a guy like Blake Martinez in Green Bay As a possibility free safeties trae Boston's name is as GP mentioned Anthony. Harris assuming is going to be too much money. They're going to be active in free agency. It's going to be not what it was in the Snyder. Serrato days I don't think it's going to be that but I do think that the redskins are going to be aggressive. And they're going to try to sign guys coming off their first contracts to potentially some big contracts Anyway that's it on Redskins and Free Agency. GotTa make you gotTa see where the Trent Williams thing goes. Because that's a big number right if they can free themselves up from that big number At the same time it creates a massive need they tagged sheriff it roughly fifteen million somewhere in that neighborhood probably fourteen five to fifteen million for the upcoming year. I think they have to restructure Ryan Kerrigan. They bring him back at eleven six then they must really believe that he's going to have an impact as a player or it's Dan Snyder saying. We're not getting rid of Ryan Kerrigan. If he doesn't want to restructure that's fine I don't think it would be the latter I think it would be the former and J P mentioned it and we suggested suggested it in the past that maybe you know hand in the dirt for three is better for Carrigan and maybe his best season or seasons are to come and maybe del Rio in Rivera's it that way So there you go All right couple of other things to talk about and then we will run off for the day So over the weekend I know sports. I did watch. I did watch the movie contagion. Have you seen the movie contagion? I have not seen that one. I do know it's in the top ten of Netflix streaming now. The the stories are very similar with one exception. And that is that the virus Is Much more lethal in the movie than this one is right now. But you hear you know social distancing and you hear all of these things and how important it is for the now. Everybody lost their minds and people started shooting each other in the whole world crumbled. I'm basically it's a it's an all star cast. I mean Matt Damon's in the movie and Gwyneth Paltrow's in the movie It's a good movie I mean I I you know the only reason I gave it a shot is my son's like let's. Let's get it on Netflix. Because you know it had you know huge Rotten tomatoes and metacritic. You know ratings. I guess it was considered to be a really really good movie. It's it's it's it's pretty good. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you I I I. I enjoy kate. Winslet's in the movie she's lovely Jude Law's in the movie So it was a It was quite the The lineup this. I didn't realize how old the movie was. It's two thousand eleven eleven eight mount a Laurence Fishburne's in the movie he's really good So anyway I saw that movie over the weekend. The other thing I did is I had not watched the ESPN documentary basketball. A love story. Had you seen any of it? I haven't seen it. I did see it was on yesterday and it's on all weekend long. I'm going end up pretty much. Binging prior all thirty for thirty s at some point over the next month so I ended up watching a lot of it maybe four or five hours of it over the weekend Those of you. That don't know what it is a love story. was Came out in two thousand eighteen. It was directed by Dan Chorus. I don't know who that is distributed by. Espn it was a twenty hour series and it featured sixty two short stories all basketball related And it was basically the sixty. Two short stories are delivered through ten episodes. So they're six to seven episodes of short stories in each episode of this series. I tuned in in saw four to five hours of it. I really want to go back and watch the whole thing and I. It looks like we're GonNa have an opportunity to do that you know the NBA is essentially said. It's now mid to late June best-case So there were a couple of stories that I stay tuned in for in watched and I wanted to share them with you because the some of these are going to ring Your memory and they're going to remember these in some of you who are too young. That don't remember these things. They are still very good stories One of them was just the story of Rick. Berry in the nineteen seventy five golden state warriors and the reason that that sort of hit home is because they won the finals in nineteen seventy five over the Washington bullets and this particular episode Was really about sort of the nineteen seventies NBA and Aba also and they featured on the they featured the seventy five in seventy six NBA finals in particular. Because they were wild and unexpected in nineteen seventy five. The bullets beat the mighty Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. The Washington bullets right with Elvin Hayes. And Wes unseld and Kevin Porter and Mike reardon and Nick weatherspoon and those were the first teams. I remember as a Kid. All right and rooting for they were the biggest favorite in NBA history in the NBA finals to lose. It's still considered to be rick. Barry's always called this. He quit he played for the warriors. The biggest Nba Finals upset. Ever the bullets were prohibitive favorites. Everybody predicting that they would sweep. The upstart warriors led by Rick. Perry Rick Perry was a great player a great NBA player a difficult teammate. By all accounts incredibly arrogant and fond of himself but was a great NBA score. I've had him on the show. Radio show a couple times. He's an outstanding guest with with a phenomenal memory and the ability to really tell great stories but anyway those NBA finals. Were supposed to be an easy four-game sweep for the bullets. Well Golden State won the first three games and they came back to landover the capital. Center for game four and the story about this particular game which is featured in this short story about the nineteen seventy five. Nba Finals is that the bullets were so frustrated with Rick. Perry that they basically had a plan to take him out and when I say take him out take him out. Physically Mike. Reardon was a small forward for the bullets. Then all right. Tough Guy. Six six Good shooter left-hander. And basically they agreed that reardon would takeout. Berry. And when I say take him out like physically try to hurt him to take him out of the game so west unsettled. Who is the hall of Fame Center on the bullets and for those of you? That don't know sunsilk six seven Strong as an ox. One of the most feared players of that particular. Nba Era. He was no nonsense. You did not mess with wes. Unseld he he. He gave you the the most difficult pick. A set. Hard picks had the outlet pass that he became famous for Kevin. Love Outlet Pass was patterned. After Wes unseld in Fact Kevin. Love's middle name is Wesley named after Wes unseld his father played with wes. Unseld in Baltimore Anyway the plan was to take out to take out rick. Perry but wes unseld told Mike reardon. If you take Rick Barry Out Al adults who is the coach of the warriors is GonNa come off? The bench is going to try to beat your ass. Al Adams was this incredibly. He's an incredible physical specimen feared and he was the coach. This was the matchup first matchup in. Us sports history to feature to African Americans as the head coach as the head. Coach is Casey. Jones was the bullets coach and als- was the coach of the warriors. Anyway early in the game and they've got the film of it. Rewritten GOES AFTER. Berry with a punch to the back of the head. This is the way this game was played back. Then he punched him in the back of the head and here comes AL adults as unsold predicted off the bench heading for rewritten and unsettled. Uc jumps right in the middle of it. Stop Saddles dead distracts will the West said. It was hard because he was a strong dude. Adults gets kicked out of the game. Reardon gets kicked out of the Game Berry stays in the game. Golden STATE WINS GAME FOR TO COMPLETE THE SWEEP WITH AL ADULTS. Their coach in the locker room and they swept the bullets in. Berry with phenomenal They couldn't figure them out. They tried to take him out physically and he he wasn't eating took the punch to the back of the head but continued to play and that completed one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. They then followed with the nineteen seventy six. Nba Finals the next year. Which was Phoenix? Against Boston and game. Five in the Boston Garden. I'll just I'll just tell you one of the most memorable. Nba Games in history triple overtime NBA game. Five to two is the series Gar. Heard remember him when he coached the The wizards he hit a shot at the end of the second overtime after the game was supposedly over fans stormed the court. One of the fans took on one of the referees Richie powers and punched him all. Hell broke loose in the Boston Garden. It was nine o'clock tip on a Friday night. They set it up by talking about how drunk everybody was But anyway if you ever WanNa see an incredible finish to a game Brent Musburger and Rick Barry Actually on the call you know Google game. Five Boston Phoenix nineteen. Seventy six and look. What happened from the end of regulation on? It was crazy so then there were other stories. And I'll tell you a two others real quickly and then we'll go for the day There was a lot in this In what I saw over the four five hours that I watched about Bill Walton. In the my favorite story about Bill Walton was told by Denny crum Denny Crum was the Longtime Louisville Coach Right Louisville as they say down there. I think you won. Two National Championships looked at up seemingly national championships. Danny Crumlin at Louisville He won the IRV Ellison over the Duke Final and eighty six and I think he was the coach of the team that beat. Ucla in the final two time champions time all right one second vital force six final. Ease a Helluva coach. I mean he's the one that developed Louisville into a national power. Yeah so he was John. Wooden top assistant at Ucla. During the UCLA. Dominant years of the sixties into the early seventies denny crum's was called by a UCLA. Alum who lived in San Diego. Say you've got to come watch this kid. He's a red headed freckle faced. You Know Center. He leaves plane down here in San Diego for a public school. You gotta come watch him so denny crum gets in his car. Drives down to San Diego to watch. Bill Walton played for the first time he had I think he said he had thirty something points. They won by fifty and his stats for the year. At that point he was averaging over thirty game and shooting eighty four percent from the field. That's what Walton was shooting in. Highschool chromosome came back told the Great John. Wooden coach. I've just watched the greatest high school basketball player. I have ever seen wooden told him to stop exaggerating. Said Stop saying stupid things Danny come on and he said coach. He's the Greatest High School Basketball Player. I've ever watched his parents are cal alums and if we don't move fast we're going to have to play against him twice a year and that's going to be a big problem. Well the rest is history. They signed Walton Walton always dreamt about playing for Ucla and they went on the longest winning streak in college. Basketball history. Eighty eight games before they lost Notre Dame and part of that eight eighty eight game win streak included a game to start the nineteen seventy three seventy four season against Maryland in Pauley Pavilion Maryland was ranked fourth. Ucla was ranked number one. Ucla's win streak at that point with seventy something games Maryland had already been being coached by lefty drizzle. Had already he had already proclaimed that they would become the ucla of the east. Aaron in December of Nineteen seventy-three. This was a massive sporting event on the national level Maryland at Ucla to open up the nineteen seventy-three season. Billy Packer tells the story about the game. It's lefty UCLA at East at Pauley number. One against number four and Maryland lost the game sixty five to sixty four. They had the ball at the end with a chance to win the game. John Lucas got trapped in the corner and threw. It threw the ball away and they ended up losing sixty five to sixty four Nc State would later go on To beat UCLA in the national semifinals which ended the seven year national championship championship streak of Ucla. The other quick Walton story was told by Jack Ramsay because they had a whole Short story on the on the seventy seven trailblazers. Dr John Jack. Ramsay who coached the seventy seven trailblazer steam call build call. Bill Walton the most skilled center in the history of the game by the way something. I've heard many people say over the years and the greatest passing big man of all time. We missed out on what could have been the greatest career for center of all time because Bill Walton got injured. He injured his feet had multiple surgeries. Came back. You know in nineteen eighty six and was part of that Celtics? Eight hundred sixteen where he came off the bench for Robert Parish but Ramsey said Walton's the most skilled center in the history of the game. And then there was one more Sort of short story that I saw over the weekend it was. It was my favorite because it included one of my all time favorite players. George the ICEMAN GERVIN. Who is one of the great scorers in the history of the NBA and one of the short stories on this basketball? A love story series was about nineteen seventy eight the end of the regular season and the battle for the regular season scoring title between the ICEMAN and David Thompson. This is an incredible basketball day in very. Interestingly there's not video or film of either one of the two games at these guys played does not exist so in this particular short story part of the episode. It's all animated and then with the two players you know interviewed about that day. So what happened on that day? Is David Thomson? Overtook the scoring lead early in the day by scoring seventy three points at Cobo arena against the Detroit Pistons. Gervin 's San Antonio Spurs team played at night. They were playing New Orleans. In the Superdome New Orleans was the jazz before the jazz became. The Salt Lake became the Utah Jazz and they moved to Salt Lake City. They were playing in New Orleans and they played their home games in the superdome. So that's the final game of the year for the Spurs Gervin told before the game the David Thompson went for seventy three and if he is going to retain the scoring title for the year he needs fifty nine in this game. They had already clinched the playoff berth. The coach was Doug Moe at the time all of his teammates said ice. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA keep feeding you're going to get fifty nine. Hit fifty three at halftime. You have to understand if you don't if you if you don't know George Gervin. He was a six eight skinny to guard. He's the one of the greatest and most entertaining players in the history of the game. He certainly one of the greatest scorers of all time. He had fifty three in the first half. So we only need six in the third quarter. And he's telling the story and he said what was really cool about it. He said in the first half Pete Marriage Pistol Pete. Played for the jazz was on the bench because he had been ruled out of. That game was injured and during the whole first half. He's rooting George. Gervin on ice. Keep going keep going you. You gotta get to fifty nine rooting against his own team. And George Gervin looks into the camera and said you know what that was said that was to artists communicating with each other to the greatest appreciating each other pistol. Pete cheering me on against his own team so anyways fifty three at halftime he only needs six. Gets the six quickly at fifty nine so he retains the scoring title. The coach says Doug Moss says will take you out now and he says coach Leamy and let me get a couple more just in case they miscalculated so we got four more ended up with sixty three in thirty three minutes and took a seat now. He thinks had he really wanted to. He could broken Wiltz record on that particular night that the they were feeding him over and over again that he could have gone out and gotten at that point you know wilt had the hundred he would have needed forty eight to forty seven to tie it forty eight to break it. And he said he thinks he could have gotten a hundred that night but they were gearing up for the playoffs. And that wasn't the goal that particular night they did. You know have them retain the scoring title but George Gervin? I had him on the radio show with Cooley at Jack. Nicklaus's tournament out in northern Virginia. Three years ago. Maybe honestly one of the greatest. There are a lot of interviews. I've done over the years I've been like I really enjoyed that. But a nun that have been like when I just sat there and I'm like wow that Gervin was one of my childhood guys. He was one of my guys you know everybody was out trying to be the ice man on the playground in the suburbs anyway. That's what we were doing. He was a phenomenal scorer and really never got over the Hump and it's funny because he got me looking at Gervin video and films and different shows and Bill Simmons did this thing for I guess it was his podcast but there was a video of it where he sat down with. Gervin for like forty five minutes. Gervin never got past the conference finals. When San Antonio is in the east they lost the bullets the Washington bullets including in a seventh game when he was when when San Antonio got moved to the West. They lost to the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. A COUPLE OF TIMES. He never got that high profile. Nba Finals spot. He did say in that thing with Bill. Simmons that the closest he ever got in the biggest in the most painful loss was the seventh game of the Eastern Conference finals in nineteen seventy nine when they lost to the bullets and overtime. And said you know Bobby Dandridge made the game winner to win that game for Washington and he said Bobby d never gets the credit he deserves. He was a great player. Which by the way he's one hundred percent right about anyway I'm GonNa you know over the next days and weeks ahead. I'm going to figure out how to consume that whole thing because it was really well done in I looked through the list of all the other short stories and episodes that they have It was its first rate in terms of the way it's done. There's apparently a An episode of Twenty Minute Short Story on John Thomson's America you know featuring John Thompsons. Georgetown Hoyas Hoyas in how they redefined. East Coast College basketball. I love to watch that one There there's one apparently on Bobby Knight that's phenomenal There's one on the Lakers and the Celtics and apparently is very good. But I think we've seen cat. We've seen a lot of documentaries on magic and bird. You Know Lakers in the Celtics over the years but anyway I loved what has watching I'd not really seen any of it But it was really entertaining. Do we have any news while we've been sitting here? A few things. One is the draft which we kind of heard rumors about it but the draft is officially not going to be public. It's not going to be in Vegas. It will absolutely happen that time though. Twenty two twenty two twenty three to twenty fifth Nothing too big from a sports perspective but in Maryland all bars restaurants and movie theaters and gyms will be closed as five. Pm This afternoon. Wow bars and restaurants will be allowed to do to go service. But no one will be allowed to eat in a restaurant or good jim so I did have another conversation with my CDC neighbor yesterday. When I hear about it. Sure Ahmed it out. They don't know they don't really know that's the thing that you know we're going to be okay. You know but the old saying this too shall pass that you know. My mother's always used that expression. Well I think this too shall pass. I'm not an alarmist. I didn't go up and stock up on months worth of canned goods and toilet paper and paper towels and cleaning equipment. We didn't get some stuff. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you. We got some. We tried to get as much cleaning equipment is we could get. We did get a bunch of food for a few days But we didn't come on. We're GONNA make it. We've made it through much worse but at the same time. I don't think that they really know for sure. How bad dis- could get so Biko chewable? You know it's the young people that are out and about you know they gotta be. And that's why they're probably closing these restaurants and bars down. Because Saturday night my oldest son went out to dinner downtown instead. The place places packed downtown. And it's you know I look. I think if I were their age I probably would be sort of thinking the same way I mean we. All you know at a younger age. Were much more sort of self absorbed unless coach Oh John Crime has this time. Has that the redskins are letting Eric Flowers get two free agency. So maybe I'm not going to turn out to be as dumb as Franco thought was at Franko who tweeted me last week. Tell me what what an idiot I was to suggest that air flowers would end up in. Cleveland You know we'll see Kenyan drake also got the transition tag. I know there was some thought that so what does that. How many first rounders? If you sign him I don't think it's I think it's because it's the non-exclusive exclusivist two first rounders on the down. The non franchise exclusive. You can't negotiate then. I there is no compensation for you. Just have right to match and another small thing which I attacked yesterday and we can talk about more tomorrow but because they sports books are so desperate to get anything on the board Win Totals for next year. Came out redskins are at five. Sit down from five and a half. All right we're done for the day Stay safe stay healthy Back Tomorrow Tommy will be with us.

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