March 18th 2020 - The one with Chase Dewey and OU Football


Hey hey what's good? This is Jim Holland for the big story today. Podcast obviously if you've not heard I am on vacation this week but the podcast must go on so I got some awesome guests to sit down with me last week to talk about everything that we could look forward to in the sports world which I know is hard to find right now so first off. All of these were recorded on the thirteenth or earlier during the week. So keep that in. Mind as you're listening. We tried to make sure we did not do stuff that was not a dated but we did look forward to some things going on in the thunder. You Football State Football The NFL in everything and anything. In between so I appreciate you guys listening. This'll be a little bit different than this. Podcast normally is short. Fifteen minute interview. Twenty minute interview but Here we go the big story of the day podcast. Thank you so much for listening. We really do appreciate it. Make sure you leave us. A rating on itunes. 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My good friend franchise podcasts partner chase. I'm back you're back with a vengeance. The return the return right in time for this whole like they're shutting down sports but they can't shut me down so I figured would just start at the top of symptoms lists protocol. How big is your bubble so I would say I woke up again. If you're listening to this I guess this is prerecorded so thirteen by this time. I'M GONNA BE I'M GONNA be well very well. That's true. No I woke up the other day with a scratchy throat because of allergies and had about I don't know fifteen minutes of panic. Yeah fifteen minutes a panic where he just like. It's when you have like an abnormal symptom and you look it up and it's like ooh that's that's Colon Colon Cancer Colon Cancer Web MD. Yeah no that's how I felt so I'm good. I'm good no fever. Good the drainage is clearing the head I three s everybody does. It's showing up on the show. This week I three items that you absolutely have to to go into quarantine my dog K Desmond. Don't I hope you're not listening to the podcast selected one over the other okay? It's yours just very needy and she'd be in my face all the time it would drive me nuts so desmond. I would take half twitter to see what's going on with the rest of the outside world content that keeps generating on that so yeah smartphone. My iphone I'm not even a huge. I see no. I don't want the iphone because I don't necessarily need to communicate with the outside world. I want to know what's going on out there. I WANNA follow twitter. Am FM radio. Right would be technically and then I would say this. Podcast is number three. Okay W. Anything on the franchise network. I is in Oklahoma boomer. So we'RE GONNA be Talking Oklahoma football today. Women's looking forward to this week. I hope so so. Jalen hurts now. Benny Benny the jet. Who Know where he is. He might be a corn corn team. He might be Corinthian anyone's patiently road Oklahoma City. It's probably been benny the jet. Yeah okay so let's move on. I think we were pretty forthcoming. I'm pretty excited about it. Okay so the number one question for Oklahoma. Next year I assume is how much better if at all has been surrounded the jail infinitely have to play snap infinitely better so jalen hurts in the grand scheme of things didn't really turn the ball over a lot like. I don't think I I can't remember. I just feel like he turned it over. He was Landry Jones Esq so at the worst time possible was the worst time it was back breaking. It's a crippling turnover. And that's that's what your habit of it really. That's what I expect so if you remember Baker his first year at Ou so like his first year playing he had when he had turnovers. It was him like forcing an issue. I think you're GONNA see a lot of that with Spencer at work. I think he has got a gun. I think he's going to try to fit it into tight windows. Just give did. So here's the thing he's going. I don't know personality wise. If we would be compatible you visit rally rattler. Maybe we could do not hang out. I don't know if we would do not as a fan. His game. Incredible. I cannot wait and I love. L. Pibor freaking out otherwise you practicing all these behind the back passes and all this stuff. I'm like because he's he's already so good he's not gonna be thrown behind the back passes and games. I'm just saying the fact that he could do that. Just shows what a free. He is sure. He's an athlete. So I've said this before. I think Spencer might be the most talented high school quarterback that. I've gotten the joy of watching this. I would agree in the media right covering high school. Sports is nothing. I didn't watch high school sports nationally. Now saying I probably would be when I was going into because I started like. Oh I'm going to be on school at some of these guys. Ceramics senior year like I paid attention to rattlers. Get super talented. It would not shock me this year. If there's an embarrassing amount turnovers I so I don't know what that number is. I could see I so what I wish around touchdowns but that's where I'm so. That's what I think I could see it being like Who Was it does Shawn Watson a senior year? Where everybody was freaking out. I remember he had one year where he was like. Oh immaculate he had like two turnovers all year four turnovers here and then the next year he had like sixteen and people were like ooh is he actually going to be that good of an NFL quarterback decision-making might not be that good. I just think that he was more confident in his game. Inserted taking more chances. I don't think that Spencer's going to come out of the gate hesitant to try to make a incredible throw or for something. I think he's going to force a lot of things and you're either going to be like Russell Westbrook of football. That is what he's GonNa Beater you. Why are you throw wow documentary? The lashed not lashing into you. Qb One I've seen. I've seen bits and pieces of it. The guy's not gonNA confidence. He's no he's coming out swinging game. There's he's GonNa come out since nine touchdowns I wish he could. I wish he could have played a CD lamb. I mean we see how crazy good. Cd We and we've known this. Oh you fans have known this since his freshman year. He's the best receiver to ever. Come Out oh you. Wow if I he is he's GonNa have he's GonNa is GonNa have to have the best. Nfl career he might be. He is already the best. I've never seen anything like him before. Okay at Ou anyways. I just think Kenny stills was good he was CD lambreau so any. Wh what were you just talking about Spencer? Rattler turnovers a lot of touchdowns. He's GonNa he's GonNa throw the ball and I think that's going to be great and I for the running backs. I think it's GonNa be Great. 'cause Lincoln Riley is like fifty five percent. I think he's like his offense of scheme is like he's like a more run dominant croce forty five pass to run with Baker and cuyler and then switch with Jalen. That's that's your back fifty five forty five. I think that the the running backs are going to benefit the most. I think the wide receivers because they're actually gonNA get handed the ball and reactions to jail ever hand the ball to running back on read option ever one time. I don't think so if he did. It was for a loss of yards. It was like a terrible decision. He's like what are you know what means they were watching game together as a road game and we made a bet with guy bar and it was okay. The first seven reductions will jail. Hand the ball running back. Oh Yeah No. They probably didn't know he went twelve. Twelve twelve road tonight with all I want to say. I want this on the record right now. Actually two thirds that hurts me a lot. What a bad anyways. I want this on the record. I you know. We're recording a podcast. Everything you're saying all I know but I I physically. You're not a player. Jalen hurts jalen hurts. I don't want to say good riddance and I don't want to. I don't want to say that and I don't want to agree with the locker room. Cancer talk that's going around. I heard that I heard that before the season started you. Go back and listen early on to the PODCAST. We did with Benny. I was saying that he's like hated. Sure buys teammates. I don't know if that's necessarily true anymore. But I I'm happy to have a quarterback back and Oh us been such. We've been very spoiled. I think jalen hurts bad quarterback but comparatively speaking. I mean just he will he. I don't even know if you call him a playmaker. A good leader. Jalen hurts good leader. He's built captain. What's what's the replacement. Yes let's try to think of some like cliche words like field. General what do you what do you say? What do you say about a quarterback who's not a good quarterback but he gets the job you win with them? It's not necessarily the reason you in. I like feel general coach on the field. He's got moxy moxy great one. He's got he's just he's got an x factor. He's just like he's a winner. Tim Tebow guy the room but let me tell you he wants. He wants it more than anybody else. That's exactly that's what hurts. Good luck to them. I mean I'd be. He probably will get drafted. I mean let's be honest. I don't know how high higher than you and I are anybody else's washing this you were taken no way. Are you talking like top three? I found out. I don't know what the Vegas over under is that I mean based on everything I'm reading. There's a couple of teams right okay. Who who we. This is a great quarterback trapped. I feel like drafting in during the year. I don't think he might have to take me as their. Qb One no way. I think some people think that they can get creative. Like New Orleans has would taste hill and have him. I could see that now. Where he where he's playing. That would be interesting fifteen snaps a game. But he's not the quarterback. That would be interesting if the saints ever resigned taste of health. They're going to match any contract. Okay I didn't know double answer. I can't speak right now man but I mean Jalen hurts going into the NFL combine. What what what was he gonNa do well at well? The athletic stuff right like the bench press. Lets for all that stuff kill. Yeah okay. We also knew he's probably won't interviews guy says every cliche you. He didn't say anything of note he just says every Cliche we needed Eddie in there to rattle absolutely rattled in this. You said so just to be clear. Jalen you want to go want to know this because I tell you if yes you WanNa win this week you went to win the games like come on. Yeah I love it. I mean that's the content I live for. That's why I'd have twitter. Follow Eddie so there are teams. Who Said Oh man. He's the best thing I've ever seen. I don't doubt that he's a Sabin product. Yes have you seen him? Did you see any turned the ball over so as far as Oklahoma next year? You mentioned CD Lamb Charleston. Rambo's now the number one receiver. I think as of now. He's kind of assuming that rule. I think that rule role. I think it's going to be one of those those freshman guys this past year and I I would go with Hazelwood because he may be had the most and the cool stare the did he have the most. I don't know I saw okay. I was about to say he had the most snaps. Just watching it but I have not done any research on this. I don't fact check me so most NAPS I. I really like the I don't know what bridge is going to do. I like I think the peace has a chance just being tall I N. He's just a sprinter. I guess so. The ninety nine ups with Spitzer rattler I feel like is going to be. Just whoever's the fastest which that might be with Rambo? Bro NOW MIGHT BE RANDOM RAN. It might be ringing bells. Because he's fast fast but who knows I so? Is there any skepticism though about this? I mean they're talented and I don't think I wanNA see why I can hat whose like skeptical. They're talented but none of them have played outside of Rainbow. That should matter talented okay. I got that but they haven't played college football games. They have not played so I think I can understand scepticism I can. I don't want to come out and say we're GonNa win a national championship next year. I don't think we will. I do think as far as big twelve play goes. I think we I don't know it's ours to lose about losing the big twelve history. She told you know it should tell me now. I don't so I do think the Texas is going to be better on defense. They've been back. I don't know if you've heard they've been back for the last seven years And Same Etlinger is the best returning senior in the Big Twelve. So watch out because everybody knows he's literally. He loves his team so much that he has. He's GonNa stay one more year compete because he did not want to get undrafted or drafted in the sixth round. Or you playing in xfl. I think he'd be like a Dak Prescott. Pick someone chasing the fifth round one a lot of games. I guess it'd be good at Prescott. That's that was the cowboys. Thought at the time of your question. I don't have skepticism. I don't think that we're going to feed it like I'm not saying that. Oh Oh you I do think we're the team to be as we usually are. I Love Love Love. Love love the narrative around the Osu cowboys right. Now that they're going to win a national championship. I love it. It's beautiful. It is narrative it is a real narrative actually leaves that. I don't think people believe it. But in his real narrative it is a real narrative they believe in Taiwan Wallace fans players coaches. I think players more than anybody else which is great. That's who you need to believe. I this is an Osu podcast trash them. I just say I do think that's awesome. You did working in your favor. I do sneaky teams in the big twelve your word about Kansas state. Wow Thomson I think that. Their coaches pretty legit. And I don't know if that's I don't know if it's just because they beat us last year I don't think we lose can't say it again at home I don't know anything about Iowa state. I think it's going to be interesting to see. Bela rebound without Matt Rural. Yeah we're totally Fox. Yeah so I have no clue about Baylor I don't think I think tech will be better but not great. I don't think that tees TCU could be a sneaky team basically quarterback yeah. Their defense is legit and they return a lot of people. I'm pretty sure So West Virginia is GonNa be awful again often kindles there just to get like nine years of eligibility? I HAVE NO IDEA. I Bat Dude Man Talk About Burning Bridges with the school of Byron's. Oh Gosh he led the place on fire when he said Oh. I had a basic defenses. Qb Two maybe three. It was an impressive mark. I I don't know it might Miss Anybody in the big twelve. Who Am I missing Kansas? Thi- soon we talk about Kansas. I Dunno I owe you wins. Ten Games I bet. Well I think we're GONNA double digit mark. I don't know I don't know who we lose to. Yeah Okay so how would this? My British going into years was was gonNA lose two games but I like that Canada border. Okay yes postseason. In first round in the playoff hunt first round of the playoffs maybe one of them will be because morale has four tournament. I wouldn't be shocked if that came true Texas state or that could be against Kansas. Like there's GonNa be a game where it's like okay. He's a redshirt freshman throwing the ball forty five times game. Yeah have one of those holy crap. What's happening Davos? What's so here's here's something interesting. I think the narrative to watch with Spencer Rattler is how he plays in big games because part of me wants to believe that like the atmosphere in energy of a rivalry game or something like that is just GonNa do some like. That's something that I don't feel jalen hurts hat. I think he was calm. Murray to the Red River rivalry I play offered. I think that I think that Spencer at were will have multiple foot in his mouth moments at the University of Oklahoma Hall. He say some. Where like we're going to go on a Texas and he's like we might win by ten touchdowns heard a rumor. I've not heard this from the university itself. Just people who are close to it who cover the team that Oklahoma. Install a only juniors and seniors talk rule? And if that happens. I'm going to call them at the spins around. Maybe I know talk to the media. Juniors Seniors Oh. That's just don't want our quarterback talking. I haven't heard that but that's pretty funny. I I think he's GonNa be legit. I think he has a chance to be one of the best. Quarterbacks come through you strictly talent wise I just say he has all the makings for it. If you can stay yes and I think with the baker mentality so that's one thing it's GonNa be fun to watch with him. I don't want to say like everybody's like Oh Baker Mayfield mentality. I genuinely think that Spitzer rattler thinks he's better than everybody else and NCAA totally my one thing is if he can contain it because watching that show. Qb One where? He's telling his player that he's trash. I don't know if that's GONNA fly. I thought he was talking to his white out. That trump Paul probably talk huby to that to the very famous like ten minutes. Where he's just berating his back and he's like we're getting better because I asked how we get better. I'm telling you you're bad I'm like we. We can't be doing that. I don't think Lincoln will let that fly either. There are times if he can what Baker was was. I don't think he really. He encouraged his team like he fired his team out but he told the other guys like. I'm going to walk all over you. That is what I think since rattler will be like when I say Baker Mentality. Short podcast is the big story here. Yeah in and out change. This goes nuclear corona virus. Oh Spencer aller- I think with his personality with his gunslinger mentality of. I'm the best in the field I don't care about fifteen perceptions or fifteen stance might be true freshman. Who's five foot six ways? A buck forty. But I'M GONNA kick your s that can go sideways and I like I been on the record for two years that I thought Smith should have been the starter last year. So I'm all aboard the height trip down but there is a chance this nuclear. There's definitely a chance I would. I would put it okay so do anywhere skill one to ten or do we want to do one hundred percent to like zero one hundred percent. Okay I will say on a scale of one to ten ten being. I'm extremely like he is going to. It's going to be a nuclear bomb or zero zero beans. We're going down I think that I'd be about a three. I wouldn't be shocked if it went nuclear but I do think he likes Lincoln Riley enough to listen to them. I think if if anybody is going to control spitzer or I think it's Lincoln Riley. I genuinely think they have a good relationship so I don't know what that means now off the field. That's another thing I'm worried about. I'm worried about a little off field antics but if he can stay. I'm worried about that in the first two years his last year when he's button enough to go to the draft. I think he's going to be a whole different player. I think he's going to be a lot more professional. I'm just this year. And then probably some of next season. If he's healthy all the way through we could be dealing with in ego maniac on the loose absolute. Who is going to bring National Championship? Thirty percent thirty percent so three hundred ten three hundred ten. Wow okay that's low. That's that's what I would not be surprised at higher than most people though would be but also say that most people probably haven't seen any of the documentary on Jimmy that I think if you watched it I just don't know how you can't to it's two years ago you'd have to think that he grew up a little bit like. I think he's going to be a lot more professional college football. He's playing I you know. I think there's it's different seventy if I was seventeen. Sixteen seventeen years old. And they're like hey have a docu series. And you're the best quarterback in the nation. I probably would have looked like a jerk to bet. He watched that and was like that. It's not the best luck. I don't WanNa look like that in the public. I would assume but I gave up assuming for my new year's resolution so I will not assume anymore so I'm not gonNA assume anything. I don't even know where to go. This is the next day podcast. Thanks thank you so much for listening. This is Chisholm Holland from the Big Story Today. Pug Yes follow me on twitter at Chisholm Holland. We really do appreciate your time is always. Leave us a review on itunes that a super helpful or spotify or wherever. You're listening to this podcast. It really does make a huge difference for us to know that you guys are out there and you're enjoying the content. Just WanNa give another quick shadow to new balance and Edmund forty-nine to South Brian Avenue at an Oklahoma as Wills Lucky Star Casino for everything they do and supporting us allowing us to give you this free content submission you support people who support the big story of the day. We are part of the franchise podcast network. So make sure you check out all the other stuff going on at the franchise if you WanNa hear more me which. I can't imagine that you possibly do. But if you do make sure. Listen to myself and SAM maize on the triple in ranch every day from three PM to seven PM Monday through Friday on one. 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