Episode 91 Aloha from Hawaii!


Hello. And welcome to misinformation trivia podcast for ladies and gents who love cool trivia and sticking to anoint teams pub quiz where your host. I'm Lauren, and I'm Julia. Hey, Joel Aloha, Lauren alot, HUD. Julia that means by. Ooh. What's happening? It's warm in here that grease fells like plu Mary out of a coconut. He says delicious don't touch that hot lava. It will burn my skin, and my connective tissue. What's up today? Oh. Because that's what we're talking about. We're talking about everybody. Just ready to Merced yourself in that I sweet sweet island life. I'm loving. It. Today's episode is Aloha from Hawaii. I love this good turns out. I don't think we knew as much about Hawaii is. We think we did. I mean, I I'm sure of that. Yes. I think I will agree with you. All right here, we go. Oh, please. The state of Hawaii encompasses nearly the entire volcanic Hawaiian archipelago, which is made up of hundreds of islands spread over about fifteen hundred miles. Hawaii is the southern most US state and the second westernmost after Alaska Hawaii like Alaska does not border any other US state. And it is the only state that is not geographically located in North America. Great said, it's part of Oceania. Why is also the only state completely surrounded by water, and that is entirely archipelago in the only state in which coffee is commercially cultivable. Oh, that's interesting. Hawaii is the most isolated population center on the face of the earth. What is about twenty four hundred miles from California thirty eight hundred. Thirty miles from Japan and about little more than five thousand miles from the Philippines. So it is like the most population that is. That is like in the middle of our aid it. Yeah. In the middle of nowhere, just separated out from all these other places, and yet, I know three people live in Rochester who are from Hawaii aimed, and I don't know why they haven't gone back yet. I don't know either. Also, yes, why is closer to Alaska than it is to California. What? Sporting. That's an important tribute. Okay. Good to know the closest state of why is actually Alaska it's about two thousand one hundred seventy five miles from the Somali Ghailan's in Alaska to Koi, also Hawaii is one of four US states apart from the original thirteen along with the Vermont Republic, the Republic of Texas and the California Republic that were independent nations prior to statehood and more on that in a bit. In addition to the eight main islands, the state has many smaller islands in Ilit. Okay. So the big eight islands in order from northwest to southeast traveling diagonal from left to right on your on your brain map on right? Big eight islands. So the first one is knee. How that's n I h a you. It is also known as the forbidden is. Okay. Starting off like right off the forbid Nile. So ni how is privately managed? My brothers. Bruce and Keith Robinson and access is restricted to only those who have permission from the owners or who are inhabitants of the U serious. Yes. So one of the eight main island of Hawaii, you can't go there in eighteen sixty four king Kamehameha v sold the island of nee- how to the Robinsons ancestors, the Sinclair family for ten thousand dollars worth of gold, and according to some accounts requirement that the family would promise to preserve the native Hawaiian language and the house unique way of life. So the NEA how ins who remain on the island today live mostly as their native wine ancestors did with hunting and fishing Tapie up the majority of their days electrobi-, there's no internet. There's no paved roads. So this is like this is like primitive us like very, very, basic native culture preserved on this privately owned island. I am already. Just I'm frigging out. That's amazing. I when. Yeah. When I read that I was privately managed by browse like, actually like, they're not. Yeah. They're not like some Jillian who own own one of the islands of Hawaii. They are kind of the caretakers of it for their from their family, and they help protect the way. Oh my God. That's insane. Yeah. That's so cool. And there only an estimated seventy permanent residents on the island of ni how. Next is a coup. He that's K A U A. I co he it's the garden. I'll so this is geologically the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands, and is covered in lush greenery, and it has been featured in more than seventy Hollywood movies and television shows so chances are like if you're watching a show that purports to be taking place in in Hawaii or like a very lush jungle jungle like lost or crasher. Hark, those those were all filmed on que-, then you have a wa who that's oh. H you it's known as the gathering place the state capital. Honolulu is on a who's southeast coast. And well-known features also found on Oahu include what ki- Pearl Harbor and diamond head. Next is Mola multi. That's MO L O K I that is the friendly. I'll okay. So this is also the place that in eighteen sixty six after leprosy had begun to swiftly spread among the Hawaiian population. Because there was no cure for it among that population. Sure. More than one hundred victims were forcefully shipped to follow Papa on the island of Molokai to live in complete isolation. We'll talk a little bit more about the leper slander, but at its peak in eighteen ninety more than a thousand people resided in that leper colony on Mullick. How okay then you have the ni- that's L A N A. I it is known as the pineapple. I'll feel has in the past an island wide pineapple plantation was basically everything there in June twenty twelve Larry Ellison, then CEO of oracle corporation purchased. The company castle in cooks ninety eight percent share of the island for three hundred million dollars in the state owns the remaining two percent. So this is the island that actually like a billionaire and most of it and. So this is the one about. Yeah. Okay. Because they it's no longer like the pineapple plantation said it. It's just. Yeah. Then you have Cocco Lavi. That's K A H O L A W E Cocco Lavi. It is also known as the target. I'll I mean, not like the good one. But it doesn't have any permanent habitants in accesses restricted, it doesn't have its own fresh water source. It was used extensively as military artillery test site for decades, four becoming an exclusive nature reserve. So nobody lives on Koa doesn't have a freshwater source that we use for like military testing. Like that. Yeah. Next is Molly that's M A U. I is known as the valley. I'll because it has a very large isthmus separating it's northwestern and southeastern volcanic masses, lots of volcanoes by kidding. And then finally Hawaii the big island. It is the largest island in the United States and Kotla is the southernmost point in the fifty states of the United States on Hawaii. So when you say when you hear about like, the southern most point in the continental United States that's in Florida in the. That's in key west. Yes. But in like the entirety of the United States. It's hawaii. Yes. Okay. Exactly. No. So I wrote you a poem term brawl this ready. Yes, absolutely knee. How is forbidden Kurai is green lot? Who has the capital multi? Wasn't mean to the lepers the night. He had the pineapples Kahu lavas pop is none Molly is the valley. Al Hawaii is the big one. That is so good that I wanna embroider that on a very large. Embroidery hoop. That's perfect. That's a great way. Goes thanks to remember them in order left to right, and what they are known for. Okay. So Hawaii's tallest mountain mount acacia. It's M E U N A K A is thirteen thousand seven hundred ninety six feet above mean sea level. So it is taller than Mount Everest. If measured from the base of the mountain which lies on the floor of the Pacific Ocean and rises about thirty three thousand five hundred feet. Remember checkout said seven eight no mountains high enough if you just can't get enough mountain talk. Oh, that's very cool but thousand five hundred feet, let's so oh, God the ocean is so deep and dark and cold and just Terry. So the extant main islands of archipelago have been above the surface of the ocean for fewer than eleven million years. Oh because the islands of Hawaii are distant from other land habitats. Life is thought to have arrived there by the three ws wind waves and wings also wind obviously like. Waves like ocean currents and wings, like birds, insects and other seeds that they may have carried on their feathers. Okay. Their bodies. So this 'isolation in combination with the diverse environment, including extreme altitudes, tropical climates and aired shorelines allowed for the Evelyn of new endemic flora and fauna a Hawaii has more endangered species and has lost a higher percentage of its endemic species than any other US state. Oh, wow. Climates vary considerably on each island. They can be divided into windward and leeward areas based on location relative to the higher mountains. So windward sides faced cloud cover. Okay. So you might so depending on where you are on the island like if you're on one side of the mountain and the other side of the mountain, you might a totally different. That's crazy different weather in Hawaii is the only state to have never recorded subzero Fahrenheit temperatures. So keep that your list. The ginning February again here. Several areas in Hawaii are under the protection of the National Park Service. Hawaii has two national parks Khaleej kalala, that's HA L E K L A Khaleej Cologne national park on the island of Maui, which features the dormant volcano Holly kala which formed east Maui in Hawaii volcanoes national park in the southeast region of the Hawaii island, which includes the active volcanoes Kilwa and it's rift zones. Mouna Loa is the world's biggest active volcano, by the way. Monologue. Most recent eruption occurred from March twenty fourth to April fifteenth nineteen Eighty-four, but no recent eruptions of the volcano caused fatalities though eruptions in nineteen twenty six and nineteen fifty destroyed villages. Those dates are too close to today. I'll say it. Yes. Mount Loa, the world's biggest active volcano tear other areas. Under the control of the National Park Service include Allah Kaka, national historic trail on Hawaii island and the USS. Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor on Oahu, the Papa Hano mocal aqua marine national monument was proclaimed by President Bush in June two thousand six the name. Poblano Makia comes from an ancient Hawaiian tradition concerning the genealogy and formation of the Hawaiian islands and deep honoring of the dual 'isms of life. So poblano Maku is a mother figure personified by the earth, and is a father figure personified in the expansive sky. The two are honored and highly recognized ancestors of native Hawaiian people their union resulted in the creation of the entire Hawaiian archipelago. So the monument was named to honor and preserve these names to strengthen as cultural foundation and to ground Hawaiians to an important part of their history. The monument covers roughly one hundred forty thousand. Thousand square mile. Oh, my gosh of reefs atolls and shallow in deep-sea out to fifty miles offshore on the Pacific Ocean and area larger than all of the national parks in the US combined. What so the biggest national park in the US is behind new Maku Kia. My gosh, so resprayed all that down a weight. It's a lot of letters. All right. So now now you have some some geography. Yeah foundation. That's amazing K. Yeah. So a little bit of wine history. So the islands were settled by Polynesians sometime between one hundred twenty four and eleven twenty. There's a lot of debate and Hawaiian civilization was isolated from the rest of the world for at least five hundred years, but I'll start in the late fifteenth century with Lilo legendary ruler of the island of why his line is trace to Hawaiian creation. So Lilo had two sons his firstborn Macau from his wife who was also as mother's sister in his second son who me ally, low from his lesser ranking wife, so upon his death, the line elevated cow the for son is ruler and delegated religious authority to me the second time. But after a cow is killed me became the ruling district high chief of Hawaii and was considered a just ruler who me unified, the big island, and may have created the hierarchical system called a who PA Ali. In the Hawaiian language refers to the hereditary line of ruler. So an ancient Hawaiian society the L E where the hurt Reta Terry nobles, which was like the social class. So the the Lee consisted of the higher and lesser chiefs of the various levels within the islands the No-ho Alea where the ruling chiefs. So the Lee were believed to be descended from the gods, and they governed with divine power called mono-, which was derived from the spiritual energy of their ancestors. There were eleven classes of a Lee I'm not getting into that. But both men and women these included the cahuna were who were the priests and priestesses craftsmen experts and canoe makers as part of four professions practiced by the nobility each island had its own alley new e who governed their individual systems. Okay. So it was like a political system like governors. Yes. So they thought that you know, the the ruling chiefs were were descended from the divine power. And then the Kuna were a kind of a high class within within ability. Okay. The Hawaiian agricultural system contain two major classes there, so they had irrigated and rainfed systems and the rain fed were really like dry land that okay dependent on rainfall irrigated systems, mainly supported terro or Kalo cultivation in rainfed systems, cultivated Walla, which are sweet potatoes yams and dryland tarot along with coconuts called new bread food called Hulu, but Anna's Maya and sugarcane co Hawaiians domesticated dogs, chickens and pigs, and they also grew personal gardens at home. Yeah. Beautiful paradise beautiful paradise. Well, you're come the Europeans. Ono captain, James Cook, a British explorer, navigator cartographer and captain in the Royal Navy. So he made detailed maps of Newfoundland prior to making three voyages to the Pacific Ocean during which he achieved the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and Hawaiian islands and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand on his third voyage to the Pacific. He encountered. Hawaii ready captain cook. I cited the islands and January seventeen seventy eight cook anchored off the coast of why and met with the local inhabitants to trade and obtain water and food for their continued voyage in February seventeen seventy eight. So just a month later cook continued onto the coast North America in Alaska searching for a northwest passage for approximately nine months, he returned to the white chain to resupply, initially, exploring the coast of Maui and Hawaii island to trade. He anchored in Callaway obey on January seventeen seventy nine cook. And his crew were initially welcomed and treated with honor as his rival coincided with the Mahyco season an inch int- new year festival in honor of the God Lono of the Hawaiian religion and a celebration of the yearly harvest. So he gets there there whenever there's. However after cooking the crews of both ships the HMS resolution and the HMS discovery left the islands the festival season had ended and the season for battle and were had begun. What? So festivals Eason's over. This. Yeah. So we're had begun under the worship and rituals for Kuka Aleem Oku the God of war. So although Cook's previous visits may have coincided with native traditional seasons the natives had soured on cook. And his men by the time of his initial department that makes sense. Yeah. One instance recorded in the diary of John lead yard who was a member of cooks crew in like kept it kept a diary says that during Cook's initial visit he attempted to barter and forcibly stole the wood used to border in the native secret more, I burial ground which was used for high ranking individuals into pictures of their gods while he shows up you need some supplies, and he's like I could really use some of that would help build my ship up. And they're like, no this is sacred. And he was like using it. I'm gonna just here literally worse than he could have done. Yeah. He's not. He's not a great guy. I can't imagine. So after departing Keila he returned in February seventeen seventy nine after ships mass. Broke in bad weather on the night of February thirteenth seventy seventy nine while anchored in the bay one of his only two long boats, which were lifeboats used a ferry to and from ship to shore. So one of his long was stolen by the Hawaiians to inner tallying cook tried to kidnap the ruling chief of the Hawaii island by God, kalani Apu. So on February fourteen seventeen seventy nine cook marched through the village to retrieve the king cook took the king by his own hand and led him willingly away, one of colonial Poos, favorite wives, connect Gaza police and to chiefs approached the group as they were heading to the boats, and they pleaded with the king not to go because he looked like he was just like along with talking with them. So an old kupuna priest there he was chanting rapidly while holding out a coconut attempting to distract cook. And this men as the large crowd big into formative shore, the king begin to understand that cook was enemy when cook. And his men looked away from the old Kahuna. They saw that the. Each was now filled with thousands of native Hawaiian. So as the townspeople began together around them cook and his men began to back away from the crowd and raise their guns kinda ENA approach. Cook who reacted by striking the chief with the broadside of sword kind of instantly grab cook and lifted up in the air, and some counts state that cutting did not intend to hit cook. While other descriptions, say the chiefs struck the navigator across the head with his with his big stick either way cutting released cook who felt to the sand. And as he tried to get up the attendant newel fatally stabbed him with dagger coincidentally traded from Cook's ship during the same. Visit. Oh my gosh. They gave him the various sword that they would eventually kill him. So this turn into a big skirmish. Oh, sure. Yeah. Four of the Royal Marines were killed and true were wounded on the remaining, sailors and marines fired as they fled to their small boat and rowed back to their ship injuring and killing dozens of native wines on the beach. Cook ships did not leave Keila bay for. Another eight days where they remained to continue repair of the mass and collect better-quality drinking water, and according to John Leger journal hundreds of natives were shot in a series of ongoing skirmishes in the ship's cannon was used several occasions. Come on guys. Yeah. This didn't this was bad just bad for them. So following their practice at the time the islanders actually prepared cook spotty with funerary rituals usually reserved for the chiefs and highest elders of the society. So even though he was kinda bad to them. And he was killed. They still were trying to treat his body with respect. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure they recognize like, well, this guy's in charge. So he's got to be like like us like the so we got a, you know, give his body proper respect. So this case proper respect is maybe I don't know cover years, if you're if you're squeamish for like, thirty seconds. So the body was disembowelled baked to facilitate removal of the flesh, and the the bones were carefully cleaned for preservation as religious. Icons in a fashion somewhat reminiscent of the treatment of European saints in the middle ages like of remains and preserved form were eventually returned to his crew for formal burial see. Oh, no. They baked him them out like a potato and baked out sides. Oh, lord. Cook's arrival in Hawaii was followed by mass migrations of Europeans and Americans to the islands, formerly the group was known to Europeans and North Americans as the sandwich islands. Okay. So here term about if you hear see something in a Moby. Dick, Booker, some okay? Talks out the sandwich islands. They actually mean the Hawaiians. Yeah. The name sandwich islands was chosen by James Cook. In honor of then first Lord of the admiralty, John Montagu fourth Earl of sandwich or Z same exact girl who was supposedly the name same sandwich guy. He got both the world's best food and the most beautiful islands the would bastard who's ever live. Man. Gorilla sandwich. So we've a very busy nineteenth and twentieth century sure out of us. So the kingdom of Hawaii was sovereign from eighteen ten till eighteen ninety three when the monarchy was overthrown by resident American and European capitalists and landholders, but we'll get there. So the main ruling house you need to know with the kingdom employ is the house of comme where there were five kings in total with that moniker. And there's some real interesting stuff with all these kings. Come AMA have. But if I got into all of it the Sepah, so it'll be like seventeen hours long. So just a few tidbits so comme had the great or Kamei. The I was the founder in first ruler of the kingdom of Hawaii. It was prophesized that a light in the sky with feathers like a bird would signal the birth of a great chief. So historians believe he was born in seventeen fifty eight year Halley's comet Passover. Oh, that's cool. Okay. Keeps showing up in does he trained as a warrior and his legendary strength was proven when he overturned the non-hostile on which reportedly raid between two and a half and three and a half tons. And you can still see the non-hostile today in Hilo as a ruler mayhem unified the wine islands into one. Royal kingdom in eighteen ten. Great one more quick story. Comme him have the second and his wife visited Great Britain in eighteen twenty four. And while there, they toured all sorts of great landmarks and institutions and by the time that King George the fourth was ready to meet with them. They had already fallen ill in an end up dying of the measles ties. They're beautiful Hawaiian bodies. Didn't how the unity for it. One of the places that their British tour guides took them was the Royal Military asylum. Oh my God. What vaccinate your children vaccinate your children, by the way, misinform pod as an institution is provex by vac lease vaccinate, your children and yourself and our lawyer says it's fine for us that yes, thank you. Brian. So American Protestant missionaries to Hawaii converted many Hawaiians Christianity, they used their influence to end many traditional cultural practices in during the reign of the third. Comme him Hawaii turn into a Christian monarchy with the signing of the eighteen. Forty constitution, Catholic, warm and missionaries were also active in the kingdom. But they converted a minority of the native Hawaiian population. Many native wines had high mortality rates to such Eurasian infectious diseases as smallpox cholera influenza, whooping, cough and say it with me too. Probably also to brick you're probably. So I was so ready for that. I was like, oh, it's Burke Linda say we're going to say at the same time one day next time. So all these were brought to the white Nyland's by foreign traders, sailors and immigrants thousands of Hawaii inside of these seizes which they had no acquired immunity. Sure. Missionaries from each major group administered to the leper colony at Palo Papa on Molokai, which was established in eighteen sixty six and operated well into the twentieth century, so leprosy also called Hansen's disease. It's a long term bacterial infection initially a person who's infected does not have symptoms. Typically remains this way for five to twenty years. What symptoms that develop include grainy Lomas of the nerves? Respiratory tract skin in is. So basically like you might you might get leprosy might not come out of your body for five to twenty years. But when it does it's it's real big, bumps and. Bumps and lumps in pustules. Just kind of all over your all of your body mummy. It also results in a lack of ability to feel pain which can lead to the loss of body parts due to repeated injuries or infection due to notice. So when you like here willy about people like talking about like, oh, yeah. The lepers and their skin was falling off while it was more like they just stay could they couldn't feel pain anymore. And so like, maybe you were exposed to elements somehow or like me, you know. You know? Would lose digits nextgen sin like from gangrene? You don't feel feel had like an infection or an injury. Oh, my. Anyway, super treatable. Oh, sure infections. Really, it's you just need like a week's worth of drugs round of antibiotics and you're fine nowadays. But back back then nineteenth century. It was in earlier. Obviously, it was it was almost almost like a duck magin like getting like, it's so minor today. You like, you know, my friend Tyler he has recei, right? There is some animals that I think still carry it. But yes, it's so who what is it? I think it's like did. I say it was like an like an Armadillo armadillos leprosy. I think. Yeah. Yeah. So in eighteen sixty five out of fear of this contagious disease Hawaiian King. Command may the fifth in the wine legislature passed the act to prevent the spread of leprosy goes like super for like, let's up this law quarantined, the lepers of Hawaii requiring the most serious cases to be moved to the settlement colony of Clough on the eastern end of the Callo Papa peninsula on Molokai. The best known missionaries. There were Father Damien who you've probably heard of. And then mother Marianne cope, both whom were canonized in the early twenty first century as Roman Catholic saints. So basically, these were missionaries who dedicated their lives to helping the people in the leper colony, and then eventually, you know, themselves and then died, so it's kind of like a murder type. Sure. Yeah. I mean, that's part of that's one of the three things you need to do to become a Saint. Yeah, lepers. Yeah. Leopards? It's a rough one. He's like Kim. Can I help birds or something? Oh, broken on the wheel. Let's seem better. So in eighteen seventy three the death of the bachelor king come ahead of the fifth. So he didn't marry denominator resulted in the popular election of William Charles. Luna low who became the first elected monarch of the wine king. No there have been several candidates for the white thrown including row family member Bernice, pow Bishop Warren her later who had been asked to succeed to the throne by the fifth on his deathbed, but had declined the offer. So he picked out, you know, this lady in his family to be the ruler. And she was like, actually, that's okay. That's so the election was centered on the two high ranking male chiefs there in the kingdom, so Luna low in Calcutta, so Luna low was more popular, partly because he was a higher ranking chief thin, clouds LA and was the media cousin of mayhem, the fifth looney low was also the more liberal of the two he promised to amend the constitution to give the people greater voice in their government. So he won great. But he died the next year. What also without name? An air. Oh, jeez. So you're later eighteen seventy four Kulla cow was elected to the agent thrown against Queen Emma who was the Queen concert of him the fourth within a year of Kaz election. He helped negotiate the reciprocity treaty of eighteen seventy five. So this was a free trade agreement between the US and Hawaii that allowed sugar and other products to be exported to the US duty free in its renewal continue to have prosperity and allow the US to have exclusive use of Pearl Harbor in eighteen eighty one. He took a trip around the world to encourage the immigration of contract sugar plantation workers. Call a cow wanted Hawaiians to broaden their education beyond their nation, and he instituted a government finance program to sponsor qualified students to be sent abroad to further their education to have calicoes projects on the statue of Kamehameha the first and the rebuilding of the Eilon palace in eighteen eighty two that was the Royal residency of comme the third onward. So this the statue and the palace they were expensive numbers. But they are they continue to be popular tourist attractions. Today. I Lani palace is the only Royal palace on US soil. Oh, okay. Good. To know. That's very good in eighteen eighty seven cow signed the eighteen eighty seven constitution of the kingdom of Hawaii. This is also referred to as the bayonet constitution because it was drafted by white businessmen and lawyers stripping the king of much of his authority installed a property qualification for voting that affectively disenfranchised most wines, and Labor's and favored the wealthier white elite. See tomography in action my gosh. Tomography resident whites were allowed to vote, but resident Asians were not king Kalakala reduced to figurehead rain until his death in eighteen ninety one and his sister Queen Li Lee walk kalani succeeded him, and she was the last monarch of Hawaii born Lydia comic area. She became crown Princess in eighteen seventy seven after the death of her youngest brother made her the heir-apparent to who elder brother king calico. She took the throne in eighteen ninety one becoming the first woman ever to rule Hawaii as. Clean she acted implement a new constitution that would restore the powers loss to the monarchy through the bayonet constitution. Also, she was a musical composer her. Most famous is called Aloha away. Also, farewell to the which remains a common cultural symbol for Hawaii. That's cool in eighteen ninety three Queen Lihua kalani announced plans for new constitution to proclaim herself in absolute monarch on January fourteenth of that year. A group of mostly European American business leaders and residents formed the committee of safety to stage a coup de tog kingdom and seek annexation by the United States. Oh my gosh. Days later Queen Li Li will kalani was overthrown and replaced by provisional government. Composed of members of the committee of safety. So essentially, the US ministered to the kingdom of Hawaii John l Stevens conspired with US citizens to overthrow the monarchy. This sound like this should be allowed right after the overthrow lawyer Sanford b dole. Hung up became president of the Republic when the provisional government of white ended on July fourth eighteen ninety four. And then he served until about nineteen hundred win Hawaii became US territory controversy ensued in the following years as the Queen tried to regain her throne. The administration of president Grover Cleveland mobile way, your boy commission the Blount report which concluded that the removal of Leo kalani had been illegal the US government. I demanded that Queen Lou kalani be reinstated. But the provisional government there refused. Congress conducted an independent investigation. And in February eighteen ninety four submitted the Morgan report, which found all parties with the exception of the Queen not guilty and not responsible for the coup. So partisans on both sides of the debate question the accuracy and impartiality of both the Blount. And Morgan reports over the events that year in nineteen Ninety-three the US congress passed a joint apology resolution regarding the overthrow signed by President Bill Clinton, the resolution apologize and said that the overthrow was legal in the following. Phrase, quote, the congress on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the legal overthrow of the kingdom of Hawaii on January seventeenth eighteen Ninety-three acknowledges the circle significance of this event, which resulted in the suppression of the inherent sovereignty of the native Hawaiian people. So I mean, this is like one hundred years too late. Okay. So I don't know how much I mean. Great. Thank you. Thank saying still like to laze. Yeah. So they basically like deposed the the Queen after William McKinley one eighteen ninety six US presidential election advocates press to annex the Republic of why? So the previous president Ma boy Grover Cleveland was a friend of Queen Leo kalani and McKinley met with three non-native annexationist s- and after negotiations in June eighteen ninety seven secretary of State, John Shuman agreed to a treaty of annexation with these representatives of the Republic of Hawaii. The US Senate never ratified the treaty. But despite the opposition of most native Hawaiians the Newlands resolution was used to annex the Republic. To the United States. It became the territory of Hawaii in one thousand nine hundred Hawaii was granted self governance in retained Lonnie palace as the territorial capitol building. Despite several attempts to become a state Hawaii remained a territory for sixty years. Plantation owners capitalists who maintain control through financial institutions such as the big five found territorial status convenient because they remained able to import cheap foreign labor. Fess word a couple of decades. Oh, who was the target of his prize attack on Pearl Harbor by imperial Japan on December seventh nineteen forty one will live in infamy. Yes. The attack on Pearl Harbor and other military in naval insulations carried out by aircraft and midget submarines off the United States into World War Two during the word the territory of Hawaii was placed under martial law and the civilian government was dissolved in a military. Governor was appointed. Oh, that's some distortion shish right there. Martial law. Here goes. There is a fun side Serie here in nine hundred forty two so shortly after Pearl Harbor the American government became worried about what would happen if Japan invaded Hawaii. Sure, specifically officials were concerned about all the US money on the islands. So the government recalled all of the paper money in the territory asking the people and businesses trait in their money for freshly printed bills oak. Okay. Right. So these bills looked fairly standard accept the word Hawaii stamped across them in like big giant letters. So the US government also issued strict rules about how much money anyone who could carry so individuals could no more than two hundred dollars in cash and businesses were capped at five hundred dollars. So this is like a weird reverse ATM situation. I think the government collected about two hundred million dollars of currency. And instead of putting it into circulation on the mainland or stockpiling it somewhere the government decided that the simplest solution was to burn it. Are you serious? What's? So when we were still in the gold standard, wasn't it forty four. I thought we ended the gold standard in the seventies. Yeah. We'll how. Officials layer like Yup, we got a burn big pile pile of money. So they started out by trying to incinerate the massive piles of money at a crematorium in Honolulu. But then when they couldn't burn the cash fast enough, they commandeered some furnaces at a sugar mill in who to finish the job. So the government just burns just burn two hundred million just one bad decision after another the arts the gold standard entered in nineteen seventy-one pay just perfect by October nineteen forty four the US no longer felt the threat from Japan, and they took the emergency bills out of circulation and allowed normal currency to reenter Hawaii. But I mean still out there. There are still some of these special sharia, and like they they fetch a pretty penny by my who. I always forget, it's not fully numismatist missus numismatists are all over those. Yeah. Yeah. For sure you gotta be if you're if you're going to be a serious numismatist. If you miss. Their coin. They're waiting goal Heo going to get it this money jokes soliciting. So president Dwight D is our sign the Hawaii admission act on March eighteenth nineteen Fifty-nine which allowed for Hawaiian statehood after a popular referendum in which ninety three percent voted in favor of statehood. Why was admitted as the fiftieth state on August twenty first nineteen Fifty-nine after -taining statehood, Hawaii quickly modernized through construction in a rapidly growing tourism economy, later state programs promoted, Hawaiian culture, and the Hawaii state constitutional convention of nineteen seventy eight created institutions such as the office of wine affairs to promote indigenous, language, and culture. Great how? Now, they want to celebrate. Did you like gin culture? Yeah. Okay. But speaking of Hawaiian, language English and Hawaiian or listed as wise official languages in the constitution. However, the use of Hawaiian is limited because the constitution specifies that Hawaiian she'll be required for public accent transactions only as provided by law. The Hawaiian language has about two thousand native speakers that's about point one five percent of the total. Relation. According to the US census. The Rover twenty four thousand total speakers of language in Hawaii in about two thousand six Hawaiian is pollination member of the Austronesian language family, and is closely related to other Polynesian languages, such as twohey Huston Maori and revenue Hawaii silage asylum, which for the deaf based on the hind language has been in use in the island since the early eighteen hundreds who it is dwindling in numbers now though due to the American sign language, supplanting HSL through schooling and other various domains. So the Hawaiian language Hawaiian distinguishes between long and short vowel sounds in modern practice vowel length indicated with Macron also called a Heiko. So that's like law that line above vowel. Yes, it's a MAC run or in Hawaiian Keiko whine language. Newspapers. Published from eighteen thirty four to nineteen forty eight and traditional native speakers of wind generally omit. The like the dia critic marks in their own writing. Oh, oh in the Hakko are intended to help non native speakers. So the Hawaiian language. Choose of the global stop called an oak kina as a continent. It is written as a symbol similar to the apostrophe or left hanging. Opening single quotation marks. So it's kind of like a reverse apostrophe like a six instead of nine is say, okay isn't Okina, and then a Cocco is the line. Like, I said the current official Hawaiian that consists of thirteen letters. Oh, oh, my goodness there teen letters five thousand. Okay, eighty I o and you great. Great vows easy. Eight consonants ready. Okay. H K L M N P W and Okina the Okina symbol is a continent in the Hawaiian alphabet. So okay. So in the in the native Hawaiian yes award Hawaii. So the is a is. Yes. Guadalupe stop. And that's a constant. So that is its own thing. Yes. It's like. Kosa like the clicking in certain African. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. So the Akina is. Yeah. It's that qualify up their alphabet order in the Hawaiian language differs from the normal Latin order that the vows come first and then the Clintons and the Okina is Nord for purposes of alphabet, his -ation, but it is included as a continent. So maybe remember all this for later on. H k l m n p w and Okina. Oh, yeah. I guess you call it Okina, not everytime Jean-Yves gloss. Okay. So some fun things about native Hawaiian culture. Great hula. Okay. So the original hula dance originated with Polynesians voyage to the Hawaiian islands. Polynesians landed on the white Nyland's and further develop the native hula dance there. So hula falls into two categories hula Alana and hula Haeco who look a he goes, the original dance that was refined before any outside influence, so it's a company by chance or traditional instruments gourd drums, being boosting and hula Alana is who that was changed western influences and performed with musical instruments that don't originate from the Hawaiian islands so things like big ATar, and the double bass there are also two main positions of hula dance, your either sitting in the No-ho dance or standing in the lunatics sitting dance a selves, comfortable. Yes. Dan, spoiling it on some Nancy's utilize both forms in who seen is a complex art form with many hand, motions used to represent the words in a song or chant. So for example, hand movements can signify aspects of nature such as the swing a tree in the breeze. Or wave in the ocean or feeling or emotion like fondness or you're doing. Oh, I guess so foot and hit movements often pull from a basic library of steps. So since nineteen sixty four the merry monarch festival has become an annual one week long hula competition held in the spring are tracking visitors from all over the world, and it is to honor king David Kalakala who was also known as the Mary monarch who revived the art of hula in the island. Oh, that's cool with traditional Hawaiian religion view of many gods and heroes Lacaille of the sky father wed Papa HANA Maku from their union came all others, including the other gods. Hawaii religion was polytheistic with four deities the most prominent these are Connie that's K n e Connie is the highest of the four major Hawaiian DVD's. He's associated with Don sons sky forced jungles and wild foods. He's the God of procreation the ancestor of all humans both chiefs in commoners and his brothers are KU and Lono coup, which is k- you. He's the God of war. Lono ELO NO is the God of agriculture in peace. And then there's also. Kana Loa K N A L away. He's the God of the oceans, the complementary power of Connie and also considered to be the God of the underworld and teacher of magic cool some of the other Hawaiian dis. You may have heard of include Palay, who's the fire in volcano goddess. That's that's the big one that comes up. I think. The away, you know, any series of objects strung together with the intent to be worn. Oh, sure. Like, flowers or nuts earth things from nature. The most popular concept of lay in Hawaiian culture is a wreath of flowers presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection on may first each year. Hawaiian celebrate lei which was first conceived in nineteen twenty seven by poet, Don blanding and establish in nineteen twenty nine lay days, a celebration of culture or the Aloha spirit and people commonly celebrate by giving gifts of leis, one another schools also put on plays in elect a lady court of kings and queens to represent the different islands and each island symbolized in pageantry by specific type of lay and a specific color. Hawaiian food. Here. I am Dragan Kenna sparkling pineapple won. Getting that islands live refreshing. The cuisine of Hawaii is a fusion of many foods brought by immigrants to the whine islands, including the earliest, Polynesians and native American cuisine and fusion from various European American countries. Plant animal food sources are obviously imported from around the world for agricultural use in white notable Hawaiian dishes include the plate lunch. Okay. So that's two scoops a white rice macaroni salad and an entree. Does this sound a little familiar to you that sounds like a proto garbage place? That's what I'm thinking. So the entrees in plate lunch can include Kalo, pork. Which is pulled pork Lau. Which is steamed fish and pork wrapped in terror leaves in tea leaf beef teriyaki chicken Katsu, which is fried boneless chicken bread with Ponco. And that's delicious. Absolutely polka is dice raw fish served either as an appetizer. Main course, unusually tuner octopus. Loco Moeco is him burger patties with gravy and talked with two eggs. Yeah. Did that as mash tear? Uh-huh. Route. Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice is one of the most common breakfast of Hawaii. In includes the linguistics, Portuguese, sausage, eggs and white rice. And then you also have Hawaiian shave ice. Very so while the product might resemble snow cone still cones are made with crushed ice in shave ice. Is you know, if produce very fine ice that appears like snow and flavored syrups are added to this ice that are absorbed by the ice rather than surrounding like so in a snow cone, you could like slurp that. Yeah. Tweet blue raspberry juice adamant, but with shave ice gets absorbed into it, and it's supposed to be very diligent Tristesse. And you can't talk about Hawaiian food without timeout. Spam. Oh, yeah. I was actually I was going to be. Yeah. So per capita Hawaiians or the second largest consumers of spam in the world. Just right behind Guam out of control amazing span was originally brought to Hawaii by American servicemen. But it became an important source of protein for locals after fishing around. The islands was prohibited. During World War Two spam is using local dishes in a variety of ways. Most commonly fried and served with rice for breakfast, fried eggs are often served with spam and spin can auspey wrapped in leaves and roasted skirt and deep fried or stir fried with cabbage. It's added to Simon and fried rice, mashed with tofu served with cold Sohmen and baked macaroni and cheese. It is also using sandwiches with mayonnaise or baked with lava jelly, and if you're into adventures eating at the sushi bar try spam masugi, which is a slice of fried spam. Upon a bed of rice wrapped with a strip of Nori. Good. Man. And spam is I think a an a Minnesota invention. Right. I yeah. Yeah. And so those two states could not be farther from each other in every possible way. So it's really amazing that they share a packaged meat product. Got a couple more bullets of other Hawaiian fact lease K lay them on me, by the way, Hawaii is still growing. Over the past eighty or so million years the Pacific plate Hawaii tectonic home has been slowly moving over volcanic hotspot below causing the island chain as we now know it to merge steadily from the ocean, what is still causing Qaluwa and Manoa to extend their love of fields out into the ocean. This hospital will also calls Louis he the state's ninth in newest island to break the surface Louis, he is a Seamount or underwater peak located about twenty miles off the coast of the big island. But the where you have a few thousand years before you need commit. It's named memory. The Bernice Powell he Bishop museum designated the Hawaii state museum of natural and cultural history is the museum of history and science in the historic Khalid district of Honolulu on the Hawaiian island, Ohio. Okay. Founded in eighteen eighty nine is the largest museum in Hawaii and has the world's largest collection of Polynesian, cultural artifacts and natural history. Specimens besides the comprehensive exhibits of Hawaii. Ana the museums. Total holding him natural history specimens exceeds twenty four million. What what? Yeah, what twenty four million natural history specimens, I'm sorry How many collections managers have because that's how volunteers tribute show. No, registrars absolute nightmare. What yet? That's so many attracts. Oh my God. So many objects to clean and the inventory. What if they get audited? Julia I had a somebody that was in my cohort in grad school interned. There really said that the building did not have good at the time did not have a good h system. So that like the archives. They would have a window open note the breeze coming in screen or anything just like the wind coming in. No, that's terrible. That's a that Brazilian historical. That's waiting to happen. That's terrible. So I mean, maybe they've done then we'll see I'm not gonna pass my museum judgment on them. So the museum was built by Charles Reed. Bishop who is live in the nineteenth century. He was a businessman philanthropist. Who was also a co founder of the first wine Bank in the comme has schools. I'm he founded this in memory of his late wife. Princess, Bernice paui Bishop who was live from eighteen thirty one to eighteen eighty four Bernice was born into the Royal family and was the last legal error of the command mayhem dynasty. And Bishop had originally intended the museum to house fairly heirlooms passed down to him through the Royal family and the Royal any Jeff, but it kind of morphed into like everything everything Hawaiian goes. So yeah, the Bishop museum is like the big big big Hawaiian museum to check out for a million objects. Oh. Did you know who is part of the interstate highway system? Turns out not all interstates physically go from one state to another. Okay. The name merely implies that the roads receive federal funding. I'm so Hawaii's major highways became interstates. As part of the Dwight D Eisenhower system of interstate in national defense highways, which were designed to protect the US from a Soviet invasion by making it easier to get supplies from one military base to another. I say, okay. So you're like interst get on the interstate. I wanna tell you about a few notable US politicians from white. Okay. Great first Patsy, t mink. She was the first woman of color and the first Asian American electric congress. She authored title nine, oh here that bans gender discrimination among federally funded education programs. She served in congress from nineteen sixty five to nineteen seventy seven and then from nineteen ninety two two thousand two she's also the first Asian-American to seek the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party in the nineteen seventy two election. She stood in the Oregon primary as an anti work in it. But she's probably best known for title teaming. Then you have Daniel enu gay. He was president pro tem of the US Senate third presidential line of succession from two thousand ten until his death in two thousand twelve making him the highest ranking Asian American politician in US history, he fought in World War Two. He was elected as the first Hawaiian member to the US house of representatives in nineteen Fifty-nine, and he was elected to the US Senate in nineteen sixty two. He never lost an election. Fifty eight years. Oh my gosh. He does. He's adorable. Right. He was so oh my goodness. Sweet little man. He was the first Japanese American to serve in the house and Senate and Honolulu international airport has since been renamed the Daniel K A, new international airport in his honor. I also have a note here that Barack Hussein Obama. The second was born August fourth nineteen sixty one in. I wonder. Yeah. Wonder what's going on? With him must have been a an extra copy from the Wikipedia. Copy and paste, so yeah, Obama's the only president who was born outside of the contiguous forty eight states. Oh, sure. Yeah. Okay. Couple more things the Hawaiian state quarter is the only one to feature a monarch the reverse of Hawaii's quarter features king ca mayhem the first stretching his hand or the eight major Hawaiian islands every year during the month of June Hawaii comes together to celebrate king Kamei day a state holiday that honors him. It is also the only public state holiday in the US that honors monarch. Oh, that's cool. Okay. Okay. Hawaii five oh, yeah. It was just watch it procedural drama from CBS which originally aired for twelve seasons from nineteen sixty eight to nineteen eighty. So this is the show where Bookham no was traced the. Up up. I'm dancing. Yup. Is very good. It's like the what two seats. Yes. So also the Hawaii-based television show magnum p I was created after Hawaii five o ended its run in order to make further use of the expensive production facilities created there for five. So that is it's spelled Hawaii five f IV E dash the letter. Oh, yeah. The twenty ten reboot of the show is not Hawaii five o but Hawaii five zero I didn't realize that. So it's haughty by five dash this. The, ma'am. The numerous hero instead of the letter the letter out, but people so call it Hawaii. Oh, yeah. Because like when people say. Also five oh was about a force of police in the fifty th state, hence, the five, oh, I didn't know that did not even that didn't even occur them. So on the show, the cops would announce themselves saying police Fiso, and from there the term became widely adopted as a way to announce the presence of police. You just blew you. Just blew my mind. What? Yeah, it's from the TV show. Everything I know is ally. That's amazing. I had no idea. And then finally Leo's Hawaiian punch was created as an ice-cream popping syrup in nineteen thirty four by eight w Leo Tommy's and fry Harrison in a converter garage in Fullerton, California. It originally contained five fruit juices, orange, pineapple, passion, fruit, guava, and papaya. All imported from Hawaii customers later discovered that it made an appealing drink when mixed with water, but Hawaiian punch was only available wholesale in gallon glass jugs ice cream parlors soda, fountains. The product was then bought and sold bunch of times and is now in by Dr post. Doctor pebbles snap group, Dr Pepper Snapple group. Oh, yep. The doctor publicity group Inc. The current formulation of Hawaiian punch is called fruit juicy red in this competitive of seven fruit flavors. Apple apricot guava, orange Pyatt. Passion, fruit and pineapple in the characters from the cartoon ads for the product are named punchy and OBI. What is that weird Cox comb thing on his head? I think it's I think it's supposed to be like a straw hat. Oh, look a straw hat with the brim upturned. Oh, I always thought it was like his hair. I just recently discovered that he's wearing a Hawaiian shirt. So I mean. And you know, the tagline wanna punch wanna how about a nice Hawaiian. How about a nice Hawaiian punch? Yes. Yes. That's it. There you go. Oh, I feel so educated and also warm and I leaned life e who. So a quiz called Aloha an Hello. This is a quiz in which all of your answers. We spelled only with the letters of the Hawaiian alphabet. So those are the five thousand eight I o new and the eight consonants H K L M N P W N Okina. I don't think I don't know. Okay. I don't know if you'll need to write it down. But I think I think it'd be fine. Okay. Question one this. Herb of war loves spending time down certainly populated by other creatures who carry their own belongings, including its closest living relatives, the one that. While it doesn't have many natural predators. This type of animal is super susceptible to committee despite its as social tendencies name that mammal question to this word means a type of website on which users collaboratively, modify content and structure directly from their web browser. It doesn't just refer to an encyclopedia project. What kind of site is this also a Hawaiian word, meaning quick. Question three, you wouldn't like him when he's angry. The gamma Ray exposed comical character was created by Stanley. Jack Kirby in nineteen Sixty-two name that alter ego of Robert Bruce banner question for this musical instrument comes in four common sizes soprano concert, tenor and baritone its name roughly translate to jumping flea though. No word if it made it over the rainbow name that instrument. Question. Five don't create for me are. I mean, Peru a full-size one of these Willie animals can be as tall Z human man in ways much as an NFL linebacker players have specific online trivia game have also embraced this creature as their mascot name that animal question six. This media franchise has been going strong since nineteen Ninety-six when red and green were released to the public in Japan over time, these creatures have appeared in video games trading card games in animated television series and in two thousand seventeen the world Badu game hall of fame at the strong name that franchise. Question seven use those muscles. This particularly taxing exercise. Requires a person's body to be suspended by the arms while gripping a bar and using their Letitia store size. Biceps and rear deltoid to elevate. The body. What is this exercise? Also, use in the Marine Corps is part of the physical fitness test. Questioning this US state, which Hugh might get to at some point has a name derived from the Choctaw languages wells residents from sixty seven native American tribes. It also plays a major role in the grapes of wrath name that US state. Question nine while the twinkie doesn't quite fit the theme. This other cylindrical cream-filled snack cake. Sure does based on. What are great British baking? Friends would call a Swiss roll this TC treat showed up in many nineties kid lunchbox name that sneck and finally question. Ten what? Word completes the following song titles blank street by van Halen blank. Mr. mustard by the Beatles and blank disposition by the Rolling Stones. I'll give you about a minute. You think back with your answers? The. Feeling really good there until like question. Eight like sure you get it. Okay. All right question. One. This herbal were loves spending time down certainly in populated by other creatures who carry their own belongings, including its closest living relative the one that. Well, it doesn't have many natural predators. This type of animal is super susceptible Clemencia despite its Acer tendencies name that mammal. That's a koala is a koala. So a quality marsupial, which is a type of memel. So the marsupial comes from marsupial the technical term for the abdominal pouch. I didn't know that. I did not qualitatively inhabit open eucalyptus woodlands leaves of these trees make most of their died. Because of this diet has limited nutritional clerk content qualas are largely sedentary and may sleep up to twenty hours a day. Oh, by the way, koala retrovirus is a fibrous that is present in many populations of quality. And it has been implicated as the agent of koala immune deficiency syndrome. We're all kids, which is an aids like immunodeficiency that leaves infected quality more susceptible to infectious diseases and cancers so say. Say so he's quotas. Poor quotas Spokane road, stuffing, growing up listening was peanut butter. It's a good name for so two. Plus them question to this word means a type of website on which users Claburn, hopefully, modified content and structure directly from their web browser. It doesn't just refer to an encyclopedia project. What kind of site is this also a Hawaiian word, meaning quick. That's a Wicky Wicky. The first ever Wiki was called Wicky Wicky web. And it was launched in March nineteen ninety five but by its inventor programmer ward Cunningham to accompany the Portland pattern repository website, discussing software design patterns, the first ever Wiki was the Wicky web Wookey whip question three wouldn't like him when he's angry this gamma-ray exposed comic book. Character was created by Stanley inject Kirby in nineteen sixty two name that alter-ego of Robert Bruce banner. That's the incredible hulk. It is the hulk his level of strength is normally conveyed as proportionate to his level of anger. Why? Question for this musical instrument comes in four commonsense soprano concert tenor and baritone its name roughly translates to jumping flea though. No word if it made it over the rainbow name that instrument that's ukulele. It is really at originated in the nineteenth century is a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese. Mush it a small guitar like instrument which was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants, mainly from Madeira and the zora's. Oh, interesting. My dad bought a ukulele after visiting key west once. Because I had a ukulele night at a local bar where everyone. And everyone plays along. It's very scary. Question. Five don't create for me Argenti. I mean, Peru a full-sized one of these Williams can be tall Z man as much as an NFL linebacker players of specific online trivia game have also embraced this creature as their mascot name that animal. That's a llama. It is a law. We are both Llamas. We are. Indeed, Llamas Pugh originated from the central plains of North America about forty million years ago, and they migrated to South America about three million years ago during the great American interchange by the end of the last ice age Kim lives extinct in North America. But as of two thousand seven there were over seven million Llamas, and I'll pack in South America, and thanks to imports more than one hundred fifty thousand in the US Canada. So they're back Baker back in a big way question six this media franchise is blowing strong since nineteen Ninety-six when red and green released to the public in Japan over time, these creatures have appeared in video games trading her games in animated television series, and in two thousand seventeen the world that you game hall of fame at the strong name that franchise pokey, man. Those key Mon. Again. So in nineteen ninety six Nintendo published the first installment in the Pokemon series. Which were a pair of games known as pocket monsters ACA for red and Meduri for green which starred creatures with special powers that the characters could collect outside of Japan. They originally games were released as red and blue. And I don't know why they weren't why they were red and blue instead of reading green. That's weird. I I should have. And then I didn't because I was assembled ING information. But there was a whole thing about frog creatures in Polk among yeah. And I was going to have you name all of them. Thanks. But I think there was like four or five. Yeah. It's a lot. That's a lot. I think so that. Yeah. Question seven use those muscles. This particularly taxing exercise. Requires a person's body to be suspended by the arms while gripping a bar and using their Ledesma store Cy biceps and rear deltoid to elevate. The body. What is the exercise which is also used in the Marine Corps is part of the physical fitness test. This is a pull up these Pulo grieved pull ups can be done with a supine aided neutral or prune aided grip often called chin-ups hammer grip pull ups or pull ups grips may match each other or be different in called a mixed grip. Pull up that way. So you could have one hand one palm facing you in the other. Oh. Question. Eight this US state, which you might get to at some point has a name derived from the Choctaw language as well as residents from sixty seven native American tribes. It also plays a major role in the grapes of wrath name that US state is it Oh, Oklahoma where the wind comes. I didn't know how long we're going. I was thinking about doing it for longer. But. I think I. It is Oklahoma coop. It is Oklahoma. There are four US states. That can be spelled using only the letters of the Hawaiian K. Yes. Oh high. Oh, sure. I wa main and Oklahoma good to know question nine while twinkie doesn't quite fit the theme. This other cylindrical cream-filled, snack cakes. Sure does based on. What are great British baking? Friends would call a Swiss rule this tasty treat showed up in many nineties kid lunchbox name that snack. The side. Because I all I can think of this. Oh, it's not generic. I know is called a little Debbie role. Little Debbie role a role for Debbie cream filled. Cylinder puff. What's it called a ho ho? I ain't those every like every week when I was growing up. Oh. God eight-year-old Lord mad at me right now. A ho ho ho man has been around since nineteen twenty hostess brands was established in nineteen thirty as interstate bakeries corporation, and they decided to create a mascot for this product in the nineteen seventies. And the mascots Dame was happy. Ho. Oh, no. That's a shame. And then finally what word completes the following song titles blank street by van Halen blank. Mr. mustard by the Beatles in blank disposition by the Rolling Stones. Is it? Aloha. No. It's not what that's my answer is a Hello. Is that? Oh, no, wait. No shut up. Shut up is that their mister muster. Hey, mister mustard. Walk down the street. On a singing. You'd be treated foam sandwich. Those very good. I don't know was that. I is it. Sweet no don't shut up. What is it? I'm just going to get. What is it? Just tell me the word is mean me mean street mean disposition mean Mr. mustard damage should have got with mister muster one. I wasn't going to get. They're not tonight. And that's everything. Thank you. Hanging. We're hanging in there. I apologize for lot to go. It was very good. Do not apologize. Excellent. Should do more tire episodes on just singular states that would really take care of at least fifty episodes. Just right off the bat. Surp- pencilling them calendar. Interesting states, though, none of these boring states. You know what I'm talking about guys Kotas snore? We can wrap those into one. Okay. It'll be faffing our up. Yeah. Well. If you wanna get in touch with us, you can tweet at us at missing pod, you can Email us or missing pottage, Email, Tom. We have a Facebook page misinformation trivia podcast, and we website tripled dot com. You can also stream at us at that website. And you didn't get us. Listen to us anywhere. You get podcast anywhere. You could find us. You guys we trust you guys. Yeah. Very smart listeners. I mean, they listen to us they're incredibly intelligent and please review. 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