Jake Paul Plays Volleyball & Our Worst Episode Ever


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All brown wow. You had some fun. I saw on the internet. How much fun you had. Yeah did you love hawaii or what. I want to move. You wanna move to. Hawaii wayne baby. What job you're gonna get in hawaii. Yeah i don't know a lifeguard alive. They do by house with the lifetime by anything. You want to go out. Can you save people. I'll try you'll try. Look at this. This is this this gills at the party. Someone sent this. This is this was at the party in hawaii. Yeah everyone's having a good time and rooted you first of all who. The fuck sleeps like that. That's insane yeah dislike that. Do you always sleep like that. On your stomach. Yeah it really. Is it like thing you did when you were a little kid or something. When you like a baby maybe maybe have you. You've always loved one. You're the before life you were turtle. Oh yeah yeah. That's why you wanna move to hawaii What did you do. You went deep sea scoop scuba surfin you guys you guys sabre immortal no do you save the turtle. They served a turtle among seal dolphins and kept. Was it meditating. How do you know it's a monk because at the temple. I mean i was there. Oh so they call. They're called monk seals. i wonder why are they peaceful. Yeah they are. They're very peaceful. Is that one of those. They don't fight. They used to be violent. The regular seal survive and monk seals dome. They have no violence whatsoever. Buddhists wait this video. There was video of you on line where you went diving and you stayed underwater for like a good two minutes. No that's what it looked like. Yeah you can hold your breath for a long time. I was actually surprised. And then you went kind of in a little cave. Was that scary. No that would give me so much. Novick colline them. They're real sea. People will yeah. There will be no the islands there island that even beyond that. I think genetically there just see people you think you were born in the c. Yeah i'm a land guy for sure without a doubt without a ton of your land. Yeah do planned. D i land highland highland. You should move to the highlands. Maybe you don't like the water. No but they've made me go in there before you go deep dive down. I try what i'll do is i'll go. I'm going to do it. And then when i see them at the bottom. I'm already back in the car. So i'll go deep. Yeah deep during the bottom. I'm in the car playing some games on my phone. That reminded me when you when you dove down and you were. It was like in slow motion. It made me feel. It reminded me of made me feel how long the guy and octopus teacher used to hold his breath for you. Watch that didn't you. And then two nights in a row. Eight octopus it. It makes a good makes the tastier so good. Yeah we went to the korean barbecue place that you suggested and we had chosen. Yeah we did and we had. We had Two kinds of octopus. And then. Because i was with my friend emi emi. Yeah from the movie. Yeah yeah she asked for this thing. It's like a Octopus Potato pancake you know what i'm talking about. Yeah i don't know the name of it but you know do you know. What have you ever had that. Good that korean restaurant. Yeah what are you talk about. Korean barbecue is genuinely win. The best of my favorite meals really. Oh yeah thank you. Because i just i love. I love that they tell you what different kinds of meat. And she cooks at different temperatures. You finally the only thing i don't like is the people is the people the people are annoying. No the only thing. I didn't like of all the korean stuff was i. Don't like the The macaroni salad. The side bowls. I i. I don't like i don't like mayonnaise okay. Yucky that's like they bring on a bunch of different place now. I know the kimchi was good. Yeah pickle the pickles spicy pickles. All that stuff was so good. I love korean barbecue. Danville take me whenever. I see And maybe you can take this the wrong way but Take the truth. Is is that if i see a like like that the movie the cove Or the dolphins are being slaughtered in that bay. Yeah i get hungry for dolphin. Dolphin really weird. It's like i mean yeah look at all of that and all of that you could just put that new soup you scoop from the bay right. Boil it right there or you just or you learn how to make a cut a hole. It really is sad. Have you seen that documentary. It's not that it's pretty sad. It's really sad. But you know what i. I don't like her dog. Here's my argument though. You can hurt a lot of other things when they say dolphins are the smartest sea mammals. They are right. they have sex for fun. Then why like for me. It's like if i'm swimming into a bay and it's blood blood. yeah. I'm going the other direction. It's like a walking down and alleyway and you see blood alley guy getting stabbed. Would you go the other way. Keep walking the other way a hundred percent. So how bright are they really well. They're going to save their friend. They want to know what is he. Okay yeah there's there. Can they do a different. Noise differ noise. Yo don't make it a. hey man. why do how's that urban. all right. maybe maybe they won't hurt dog. Hey what's that dog see. Don't add dog. it's a dog doing it. A dog is killing. Yeah that's why it's daughter. Yeah i don't know they need different noise. Do your dolphin. That's really good. That's that was real good. Guess what don't laugh. Who'd you saw with dolphins. Yeah swam with dolphins and there was a baby. Could you stand on their nose. Can they push your feet right. Isn't that what they do. I did that in mexico one time. Yeah i don't. I was with them. You know what i do. Yeah write them you get on your. They let me. They'll stop right now. And i'll get on their back right. Did you do the blowhole. Well that's how i get locked into you. Write it backwards. Yeah you gotta get locked in. Yeah but dolphins are fun to ride. But anyway i wait wait. Tell me how you wrote. Did you hold onto the finns. Yeah you held onto the fans and it's two dolphins right in mexico. I know this was illegal. This is wrong in kabul one or wherever we were the guy was like. He's like okay he push with your which a food you put your food. He's now he push you. And i was like oh really that. That's not going to hurt. And he's now it's okay it's okay. It's okay yeah and then i slammed my foot like against its face. Why be no no not on purpose. Yeah but like to like get in there yet. Imagine a pale red foot. How insulting oh by the way and then. I had to put all this sunscreen and the dude was like you can't get it in. The water is bad for the dolphins. And i was like i have to have it. He's like nano. Maybe a little bit. And i was like okay ten minutes then i get in. He's always bad. And as soon as i get in the oil you can see a pool on the top of the water and he was like me going to kill. The daban is gonna die. Yeah so he's dead down. I killed a dolphin. I wrote him on the nose. And then i dip my shit in there and now he's dead. Let's be positive. Sorry he's alive good dude he went to the co ff. Yeah i drink my well I have a story that people don't believe that i did because i think. How dumb are you right and But it's that's why. I'm afraid to tell the story because it doesn't seem like it's real as you do so i was with colella and we were in a hawaiian trip but then we ran into of school of jellyfish bombs from the top of my head down to my feet. Were you swim and do it. Yeah what they're translucent. It's a school you can see a lot of them. Don't open my eyes. Want him in the water. You don't know. I'm like you know. I get scared is underwater. Yeah we wear a mouse him. Ask him in and we but everyone ran into him like you. Coli everyone right yeah. So we're with these two white do's and they're like ocean photographers you. You know know the the ones with the with the hot guys. That's what i wanted to say. Yeah hot guy is sexy. Hi guys like surf. Bros right so we were all standing around there. Like i go i. I'm so itchy. Or they were all to do. Just urine right. You have to pee on yourself. But i didn't know so what they did. They pull their dicks out these guys yet and they started peeing into a cop. Drink it will. That's what happened. So i assume what happened was no. Yes no so i go. Oh i'm not going to do with you guys. I'm going to go behind. So i went behind like a tree and peed in the thing and then i drank. It no came back. I saw them putting it on their body. And i go on the party and they're like would you do with it. I go and now. I came out. You know what. I didn't do it. It's in the body. It's in the body. You ain't held that story. I told that story stated no one believed me. I mean i believe it knowing you. I i believe leave it. Yeah good yeah. I saw someone get out of the water with a jellyfish sting and it was so bad one time. Use hugh like wealth it up their body. Your you didn't get you well. The manner. what's the big one called. Mana raised is a big one called the box. Jellyfish can kill box one. There's one called with an m look it up. No yeah yeah. I'm paul manafort the yeah that's him. What's it yeah paul manafort. You know him. Yeah jellyfish jellyfish. M m joel a jellyfish. What oh man. A war man of war. Oh yeah the the man portuguese nick. Click on that image looking. How beautiful that is. I feel like he died from that. It's cool that one you'll die. Will the man war for you should throw that in war people. I don't know why do they call it that but it sounds scary. Why do they call it. Man a war that is beautiful to look at the colors in beautiful. But i if you touch that you die right rude. don't you like that. We'll know if you touch the stinks up top itself. It's not that bad. If the stinger get you. You know what that looks like to me. Donald trump's penis not that donald trump's peanuts by the way he would take that spin. Golf course it is the most powerful judges just like my powerful penis most powerful penis that type it called mana work. It is very beautiful. The color's blue a beautiful. That's what they say right like the most poisonous things are the prettiest it gets. Its name from the uppermost paul. Up a gas filled bladder or numata music dress up the part that sits above the water and liz voice show That's cool. That's pretty cool. The dangerous the tentacles are the man of war. Second organism stings. Rarely deadly people now do do most deadly jellyfish. You'll most deadly jellyfish. I wanna know which one that aired is the boxy. Yeah the box instantaneously. It does yeah man. Look at that distinct. From about elvis could be enough to send you to davy jones's locker a watery grave wah. That's that's these things are so these things are so deadly that they say most people die from a small little sting. You looks deep in the water though. Well they'll come. No don't it'll come up. I mean come obviously goes down to look at. It is the eyeballs. Oh so wait a minute timeout. Though back it up you spent all that time in hawaii. What did you do. You were gone for so long diving snorkeling every day. Just diving and snorkeling and spearfishing. Yeah you guys loved spirits. What you do. I got thirty fishes which what kind the three where. What are they called. Corelli's yeah what is it caller. What is that. He just search it up but it's like a small one caller fish. Oh like that they look and you kill that guy. Did you eat them. Yeah was he good really good. Yeah really good. They look the cutest sea creature. What is the peach. Tell pizza we can pull it up. Spider shell spider spider spider. Shell is spider shall is a so. Look it okay. So there's a shell right there right. Not that one. How cute. it's just a shell and apoe little eyeballs. Come how fucking what does it look. Look what it looks like outside of its shell. It looks like shell no. I like it in the shell. Do spider there. No do outside of shell. We eat that you do why it's cute they are. You can't eat them. It's gonna is out there what that is. Just it's like a conch. Shell conch shell. But the little is coming out of there. But i wanna see the man inside it published is. That's interesting is to voting is maybe no body attached. You see you are the girl gerry. Good yeah what you in the philippines really so how you crack them open. They're like no you use like a needle and you stab you dude. Oh that's the spider show. That's what they look like what they look like. What is it called the thing that we're looking for it's not. It's not called the spider. Shell just look at the is focused on the eyes. And forget what's the bodies looks like. What the body looks like. Dad is cute. This imagine. you're just walking along the beach. Shell he's is sticking out there. You wouldn't eat it while these. I know savages now time out. Yeah let's say goodbye. Goodnight farewell adieu to the wonderful incredible at easingly. Talented at asna. Yeah he's gone. Do you know who that is the actor from up. Dc my photo with. Oh yeah you did the thing that i hate when people do when they post a photo when somebody dies like you ever gave a shit bro. Stops so annoying stops us up. Here's a guy you died in me very this guy died and i'm also here so annoying. Would i with annoying. It's showing knowing when someone posts a photo of the guy that just died like they were best buts but can i. Would you have ever posted that photo. He didn't die no holding onto the photo until he dials. Stop stop that's dead. Stop the way the reason why. I got the fucking fono. Yeah go. there's the photo bobby with with dead. Ed okay so did the reason why i got the photo. This photo is offering my twitter. So you i had already posted it. Sure and screen shot it and re post it. Yeah that's number one okay number two. That was my only encounter with the man. When did you. How did you see it again. I saw him before. This went so one day. I get a call from the country music channel. Cmt emt listen here. A little colder invoice emt goes. We're trying to do sitcoms. How about you dave tom. Arnold and ed asner perfect brothers just three bells but But three men and a baby so we were in a hardware store. Uh-huh okay and ed asner. I'm i have an accent in business back in the day when they may just do accent. Yeah my name. Is paul show or whatever my name which you love it. I love it. Yeah so they had. We only have pilot. But the storylines with me. And ed were like him and i would do what they wanted to do. Edgy the him. And i would do a cocaine. Ron in relate to work. That's awesome. yeah. I mean in this hardware store so i worked with him for three weeks on that while and then i did that talk. Show tom green. So i feel like i did know him. Did he ever say anything. Reach out to you ever again. No you didn't give a shit. But can i say this. Who know. they'll we low stop. Who's bobi low. Can i stop like booby loop. Stop stop do i know him but oh that little noodle us at all that little noodle booby no no. No i like him. He's good he knew. But i love that dirty little nodal. He remembered my foot. What so there. We go remembered your foot. He remembers how disgusting yet. My left foot was fun guy ghia so so. When i did the pilot he knew and then when i did tom green. Show without you remember. He remembered the footage in the cogos. Get that fucking foot away from. I love that dude okay. And then. Afterwards we went to smoke house. Love smoker right. That's you know had beef stroganoff So am i allowed to fuck it. Post a photo. No still no. Never that. No if i if i died You would you post a photo. I would post. I would immediately post something in right looking for new host bad asep. I don't think you were. Yes i would. That's ridiculous that would be my omar's to you. Know what would i do. Post all the photos. We have a together on my phone. That's i would post a photo of you and just underneath Captain would be endgame and gain. That's it already bad friends. Oh no but honestly recipes to ed asner you. Of course you can post a photo. It actually was so cute and heartfelt in sweet to to know that he was a big comedy. A bunch of people have said he was big in the comedy. Like new a bunch of laws and also. I saw this video that i wanted to show. This is the best. Ed asner sendoff. That i've ever seen okay. Go ahead no go ahead look. This is perfect his nephew. I think n- grandson posted this. I literally just saw it pop up today and it made me laugh so fucking hard. That's adler at all any choice. Words can you say it again for you to what a cool guy fuck. Yeah he is ship station all my god without ship station. 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America's number one meal kit all up dude up is made me cry on no hard. That montage you mean. You're vignette at the beginning. The montage calvin yet. It's called a vignette. It's a montage it's vignette google. It montages a montage a compilation of of seeing a series of scenes. Yeah opinion is what a vignette is something. That's it starts the film. It's a little vignette a little small slice a brief. But what i'm saying though is look of an yet it was a small one saying is month right is a bunch of scenes. A vignette is one seen the the up. I can tell you something. Yeah we're both wrong. Can i defend my points. We're both wrong. There was a montage in that vignette. But it's of in you. We did. I know what you know about odd yourself. No is a bunch of scenes right through their life. Right a montage montage. No no there was a montage in that little short film short film up top your short film. It was a short. It was a short. It was a part of the fucking. It's like the movie like there was a short film and the movies started. It was a little vignette. i can't believe it. I know there's a montage in that in any way and yet ever it. Is that thing the vignette. The montage was incredibly incredibly montage hotel. It's vignette is thing. I've been yeah is like a sauce that go on salad so far off. Okay the vinegar you talking about. I don't know. I don't know what i'm saying. It made me cry. Can we go with the thing that the point was the point one was it made me cry. It was an emotional little journey. The most emotional vignette. I've ever montage every specimen yet. I've seen it made me cry. Anyone resting asner. Fuck that no. I love old recipes. But let's go back to the montage vignette you fans. Let's let's do a fucking paul is is that opening thing right a vignette or a montauk. We would have to ask fancy. He'd be the only one that would know you see these people identify film students. It see how denigrated and how he looks down a word a word that you don't know right so denigrating. What denigrated me putting down ripping apart. Listen okay see how denigrated he is to you all right so you heard it you somewhere radio. No so i see what you do what you're doing right here words and then you take. I know you can't do that. You're doing you imagine onstage. Say you bobby. Like when bobby was a little boy he was denigrated his neighbor. Can you imagine doing your set and using big words so sad that when you're wrong you have to attack in that way so you using words sad by the way. That's a comedy. I'm gonna pay you just using big words. That's funny jewels. You're grounded now. Listen what the fuck should go back to hawaii. She doesn't care too care. Rest in peace asner. We love you love you. I'm so jealous that you got to work with that fucking guy. Even if it was a shitty pilot those only a group of guys of actor that i want to work with. I think funny. What do you mean you said. It was shitty. I know but don't say it was a shitty pilot. Did it wasn't shitty. did it go. it didn't go and it was shitty. Who's you think. The country music station is going to pick up a show with me tom. Martin asner yup. That seems like a homeroom toss. It seems like the second. Yeah what shows are on. Cmt by the way. What's the city is dead now. The networks dead. It is yeah there's no more. Cmt how could that be country. Music channels huge. No dude nashville looking at that was a big show is. Cmt's still around as a network. Is he mta network. I gotta be oil. Just someone bought. It may be and they just only. Wow what as of january two thousand eighteen approximately ninety two million. us homes receive emt. That's a fuck load. Yeah it's still around ninety. Two million people have cmt that means it's canceled country. Music is go back real fast okay. Zoom in and. Let's try to guess with these shows are about this. How little we'll zoom in more. What's nashville about jewels. Do you know rich people. that's it i'm more. You got it. Dude perfect oh that's gotta be new because you know who those guys are. You know those guys do perfectly like throw a basketball off the wall and kickoff fucking golf ball through a whole though okay. What sun records. What's sad about. Go ahead i bet you. It's a lot like music. City sun records was a historical record. Company let her tell the the show. Sorry it's about teenagers trying to be singers. What's music city about. Get ready going to be a similar log. Line about adults trying to sing chrissy. What's broken skull about. Come on. let's go three for three here. Gangsters gangsters such an easier joke. They're easy joke would have been ex inmates trying to be singers. Come on come on your exist ranked if you sing. Thank you dallas dallas cowboys cheerleaders. Wrong with you. I'm on one today. I know you're hyperactive. My legs killing me is that what have my sciatica is going nuts. Do sleep at last night a little bit. I was thinking about you last night. Like what because a yesterday. We can't tell anybody what happened yesterday. Let's talk let's talk about a little bit. We can so yesterday. Bmc andrew showed up here exhau- both of us for some reason. Why would shooting all fucking day and we turned the cameras on and fancy of ansi sat there and turned him right off. Yeah why are we gonna use some of that right now. let's introduce today's rudy. only out of default. Yeah we we try. We try to find someone but we could a little little one. We should ask the little one again we should but instead we got in house. Yeah this is like reusing something. This is like You know. I was watching on america's got talent today some reruns and i thought to myself. Andreas he looks like a ventriloquist. Like the dummy or the person the duck the guy that does it like a guy that would like focus all his attention on it. Okay like let's you drinking. Can you do some ventriloquist. Or that's pretty good. That was actually okay. I i think i can do. It would move organs. And what's your name names more than i'm hearing. Mopus morgan says mope yarmouk organ. All right i. I too much lip on juries fancy. That's good is that good. Yeah this this. One girl named darcy lynn darcy lynn. She's like some young girl that want that. Got the golden blazer. Her years ago on america's got talent but she sing there she is. She seems three of the puppet. Yeah a wants to roll the world. That's really good thank you. Can you imagine that nobody wants girl she at the time. She was like what she wanted. Twelve but now. She's like seventeen now. she's forty eight. Yeah what a weird was sixteen years old. you know. She's going to start dating people at some point that you think she brings the doll to the dates. She think she's like i'll have spaghetti. Oh i know but you know so. There was a black a black ventriloquist when most famous ones. Who will willie. Tyler and lester tyler. Willie lester willie tyler lester. Using real yes. Yes so willy. Title learn lester right. One time. I was on the road with them when i was young. Were you open for willie tyler lawyer comedy store and they just put people together. Sure so like. I was just regular willie so this old old black i you made. Who's if you go to any like back in the day. They had ventriloquist conventions what yeah back. It was like eight up. was ito. Probably the shitty hotel like the hilton tyler. So this will it's a willie. Tyler and lester is is dummy dummy. Right he was the biggest one. So if you would go to a ventriloquist seminar convention half the convention would be just drapes of him photos of him because he was the legend back in the day. Right thinking how much pushback i got from knows. We told so he tells me the story. The opposite is no. It's a it's a push story. We're in the condom lang when you went talk about. It's like two in the morning after the saturday night after the show you will let me tell you story lester. Snow in the case in this case how funny in the middle he wakes up. He's i let me tell you so. He's in his case prophet right so he was would tell me. He told me the story where he would go on the road back in the eighties early eighties and he would meet a girl and he had to have. Lester propped up watching him on the bed. Oh my god and just so just luster would just be pounding away right there. And he goes. Some girls didn't like it. No shit tyler. Yeah i would've just if i was just like during just throwing it off the bed. Now what if what if some girls did like it though. What if talk dirty to me. And he's like yeah girl through leicester. Would've lester had a dick. Oh my god like willie pulled it down a little wooden pinocchio. Yeah she starts blowing. Louis is again you lega unless it. Yeah you like it like. That's so creative. don't by the way. Do your dogs ever watch you. Guys have sax now. We kick them out of the room. You do every time. Oh yeah because my dogs sometimes they jump up and you just gotta let them watch. No my dogs are protective over colella. Show they feel like you're italian hugging her right. Yeah dogs go crazy. They start biting at my ankles. Well you do look like you might smother her. Come on man. What if i you on top. And i'm a dog i'd be like the guy in the room the it'd be biting on my neck like barking. It'd be chaos do you. Do you guys have dogs. I do do you let the dog watch you guys hook up. No pull the my closer to your face rudy. Yeah you don't even know what to god damned a year for the fucking governable here is like i feel like we're uncomfortable with you there as well. Yeah yeah and we meandered for an hour and a half who so it. It got to the point. Where like an hour in we were both thinking at but like we never send anything And then eventually exit somebody. I don't know who said it but this suck we both. Did there was a oh. This is bad. And you're gonna really bad but we walked away from it. I'm glad we walk away from it. I think fancies energy there was was. He's getting this whole battle but this whole battle with george thing that he's got going on it's put him in a weird place. He's getting real cocky. He's wearing brighter shirts. He shown up a little bit late pizza pizza. Peter you doing almost all the work now and all of it save. It's dumped on me. Fancy is getting a little too fucking you know. Balloon headed about the whole. I trust pete more. Why do you think that is i. Always go down to an apocalyptic moment and you have your team your squad. Yeah right and immediately fancy would not be a part of it it well. He wouldn't be a. What would you offer. Nothing is not gonna complaining right. I mean all these zombies folks so crazy otto man is out there. They're going to buy my will you on it. You know how he don't he'll beat me. Yeah yeah yeah. Complain the whole. Get the fucking logs like we told you. Do we gotta start fire right. You know pete pete. Pete would like he'd come up with stuff like he. Would behead twos zombies right and you walk around. You know how they did in the walking dead walk around with them. Yeah yeah he would come up with things. Yeah he's a smart guy. He's a thick boy but he can take a punch. Yeah if we got into a big fight. Could you take a hit a hell. Yeah i used to box did you really. that's right. You think you can beat. Jake paul jake paul jake woodley last night. Now you said did you watch. It's a mockery of the sport. I mean is it. I guess. I don't know what is it anymore for me. It's it's your big boxing fan. It's not just. I'm a boxing fan. But i just feel like it's like you know. First of all he fought. You know on ben aspirin aspirin as well right before that end. It's like you know that's not their skill set right. I think that if jake you're tough enemy yeah but those guys. We need to train for ten years to get to the training. They did right so he doesn't he. He shouldn't win a fight situation. I know but that's why they say it's equal. That's that's why they're saying it's equal because these guys have boxing. Andrew jitsu in their training doesn't matter it because it's like imagine like seems fair was a pretty fair fight. It was a pretty fair fight but tyrone isn't using his skill set ground and pound. I know but neither but j. j. can can't do it so that's what i'm saying. So he's brand new so there's entering at zero. It's it's like this. It's like taking a guy that a professional tennis player in another tennis player going. I don't know how to serve no jail. We're gonna take that out. No that's jake was never a fucking it's like taking. This is taking a ba. A professional basketball player and making him play volleyball. Because that's an element of basketball is jumping right and blocking yeah. There's a lot of similarities. And then taking a guy who's never played professional anything and just trained to be volleyball player for two years and you're like go head to head that's exactly what it's like. There's only some elements of the sport of mma. That make it into boxing. And jake has none of the professionalism so he just been training just for one item so it's pretty even keeled. I know but it fight showed how tyron woodley is. His whole career is focused on young. He's a focused on just boxing. Right right focused on jujitsu. That's my take that away because then it would be unfair because jason none of that so it's only fair if they're both entering kind of i guess my question is why does tyrone and ben aspirin you need to do it. I know where the money all whites gross. But what are you going to say. If somebody came to you and said bobby we want you to do this. Corporate gig this corporate. Stand up gig on a fucking cruise ship. Nobody there is under seventy five and they're all white and they all and they are so fucking racist they hate. They hate asians. I mean this is called this. This boat is called the kong. Flu cruz okay. Right what are you asking me. And we're going to give you fifty million for an hour. can you come. And i'm known when a bomb. You're not just going to bomb. They're gonna boo up. They're probably going to try to attack you a little bit. You would do money. They're going to do. It's money those guys. I don't even know what they got. What did those guys get paid. Can you with that. I'm sure the the fucking check the tyrone was like insane in. I mean insurers discussed how could you turn it down at some point. You would've tyron woodley make. What does this one. Website estimates paul's guaranteed a million and will double that With share the pay per view. Money woodley half that he got a half a million for the fight and then doubling that to a million half the pay per view money is counted so he gets a million bucks not including all of the other bullshit promotions. Those guys are making so much money on the side. And i think that's wrong. It's not wrong. it doesn't seem worth it. What do you mean. They made a faulk load of money on that thing tyron woodley. Listen taiwo Woodley for the last four. Ufc fights he fought. he lost right. Yeah it was like. He's done that's why he needs this. I know but it's like a sad ending to an illustrious career. But isn't that don't we all kind of have a little saddening. I mean you do. You're going to end up doing bad shit when it's all over we all are gonna make bad movies and tv shows when it's all over. I do those now. Jumping the shark. I won't doing it now but is it. it's not it's like. would you rather him walk away. Completely from nine. Okay so imagine you. And i right. Yeah right and Let's suppose a lifetime movie came out to you. We'll give you a million dollars to this really shitty tasteless Yet a mean lifetime movie. Would you do it. no exactly. that's what that is not at the end of my career can figure it out. There's other things you can do he. That's why he's doing rod. Castro right see could've started a podcast or you his agent no. He's he probably tried a bunch of stuff and he was like fuck it. i'll fight. This is not even over. He just ended. It's fucking have seen. He must be a little bit nervous. He's he's jumping in the ring with this kid and i don't know somebody has to talk to him and go. This is not a good thing because he lost right. I know but you yeah. that's yes. yes but no but yes but look at it like this. You don't know his private life. He could be blowing money. He could be in such debt dude. I just heard a fucking wrapper on the radio. Whose name was young blood yar some shit and the fucking radio host was like do you know. 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Can i tell you what happened today though. Yeah what thirty six thousand. I was watching cnn. Because of the the hurricane ida is i'd i love disastrous me to the new. Well it's coming back right. It's gonna ruin the gulf is it. Is it nawabi. Also i'm watching the cnn's and I hear style. What stub stub ho stub. Like not from the tv. Though right my dog stubs is like sitting next to me. And i'm completely naked. Just on your floor. No just on a on a c. in front of tv in the living room. Oh i know. And i hear right so i go fuck like freaking out and look onto the fucking. We have the tv. And there's like a Cabinet underneath yes and on top of my playstation. There's a little white thing with the blue light on it the camera. It's a camera so they're spying on you. You'll penis on the couch all weekend. Yeah i was doing weird shit. What you've been doing. No but i. What i do is i'll i'll like put on the music put on the music right now. We're close right. And i'll just start main dancing dancing in the living room with the dogs and stuff who has access to this just colella or call ago. She's laughing and i'm like what's key talking through this little device sick. Yeah we've been staring at your weekend. Oh i turned it toward the wall. Good yeah we've rudy had to see you like that. I don't think it was rudy guy. It's like tell me what now i think. Why did it happen to other cameras in the. There's got to be why she need to spy on oats for just for the dogs. I don't know i don't know man. That seems weird. She misses you. I think it's the she thinks that i'm doing stuff. That's like scandalous. What would you be doing having people over. Have let you know touching the dogs inappropriate. Did you do something. You weren't supposed to do what i do. no-one lists okay. Yeah it's not animal cruelty. I'm feeding them. I just say that pop-up is that your dog texting you. My mom like. I'll just read you if you don't make like it's a bad thing i love it. But it's like she sends me these these poems. How i like the bombs however hard the day must have been today go to sleep with a positive attitude to make tomorrow's day more fruitful good night. That's beautiful dom fuck you. That's ludicrous stand with that means really because it's in english what is it. True in korean is also but she sends me and then she sends me this. The world can be amazing. You're slightly strained. To fact. I know but i don't know who these people are. That's the doors it. Yeah and then. It's like when you stray. Here's another one. Imagine if someone would have loved you the way you love them he could have changed everything. What the fuck you talking about you. Fucking giving her of your mom. Yes she listen to this. This gives her hope for the new day. No i love it but it's like does it do it. I never said her a like a thing back. You don't ever respond respond with just texts. Send her back upon. I love you. Mommy i love you so much. Let's let's write your mama palm right now. She's not gonna. That's the best part it's got to be in this style up. You got to put it on a like a me and we don't have time. Let's just make one up for her right now. Let's texture right now. Something sweet what is it okay. The so let's say let's get this. I feel comfortable with this. I don't know why it's fine. Anything grocer mean go ahead When life when in when when life when life when life interludes interludes with your consciousness yup when life interludes with your consciousness you must persevere. You don't wait. Yeah weight conscious. But their skull check from closer to let inter when life interludes with consciousness. You must persevere you must persevere until the warmth hold on yet you're right you're absolute push through now persevere. How do you spell it. Per p i did that already. Saw essay vir v. others when life enter into lose with consciousness you must persevere and let the light and let the light. I'm sorry i know and follow the light and follow. No that's i don't want her to die thing. Yeah yeah follow the light and she's gonna go okay. Pappy closer to follow election dead. But i mean i if she dies from it. I'll be so mad. We sat this and she dies immediately. That's incredible all right. Let's do it. It's worth it's worth definitely worth a bit so when life interludes with no. I can't say it when life interludes with consciousness you must must persevere until bb. This doesn't make any sense. Okay baby until until the lord until the lord until the lord confined you blesses you so less onto the lord blesses yourself read it out loud. I'm so for the senate. Why when life into lose consciousness you must persevere until the lord blesses perfect light away that will end up on now. I feel like that's an a t. Shirt in korea somewhere in love. You love you love you love us. Say i love us. Love us or doesn't make any say i love us. I love us. Yeah like you love her love for you and it's too impersonal and do a kiss kiss lips. It's zest zest. No i'll do a heart. Do like a do the love you i can't do. The eggs went. Do eggplant water where it's the whitewater. That's like this exactly okay. How how good. I am at that. The rhythm is good won't grow. Try to hold me in. Just grab your but yes. She goes no she wanted my baby. I could feel it really. Yeah as always announce it loudly. Yeah i'm about to come. I go me. Yeah right before. I i got out you smoothly got another inner-thigh like an and i got out. I was like you try to get me. You're not gonna get me. He doesn't youngblood yoyo. Hand doesn't know how to do that. i obviously obviously. He doesn't give a shit he just doesn't give a shit. Yeah i feel good to nut inside in front of gills but let let me say something. I mean you said by the way his name is oh moneybag yo get money back so listen up money back yo wherever you are. I know you're listening. Stop coming side of these checks. Yeah but it's not only that there's money baggio. Yeah it's at. Let me look at me. Look at me right now. Does it feel good. To nut inside would no condom gills. Get out of here out here if feels good right. Let's let's do the. Let's the pg thirteen so does it feel good to jacket relieve yourself without a condom to relieve yourself styling peeing okay and that does feel good because it feels good to have unprotected sex and finish finish. It feels great phenomenon. Let me ask you this. No question go ahead. Does it feel good relieving yourself with your hand when you pull out. Yeah of course. Now what's the difference. It's like that say Well the lead a pretty big i. I don't think so. It's pretty big. No because the emptiness inside is the same when it's over when it's over that's the thing women don't comprehend yet that we penis inside at you know there's an emptiness inside after i masturbate. Of course they were. Just what do you know. This is what i killed ten thousand people. You know this is what i do it in the first thing i do is i look at my hands and no i look like spiderman. After a bad day like it didn't work one day. The fucking west. Yes so it's like you know like the thing was logged in his thing. Yeah right that's what looks like. A hot doesn't want soap dispenser has gone right. Something didn't work you know and then it's like it's dripping and i don't clean it right away. What no no. Oh yeah what do you do you hang out with it. It's like it's not like as if like it's an interesting thing. No it's not and you put it on a microscope. No i look at it. And i sometimes do this with my hands right. Like you're whittling if webbed and it creates it creates battling right now this quite like and look at it and then but the the feeling inside is so empty yet sad. It's so sad and therefore like five minutes five min- just do this empty right. Do it's the same feeling when you come inside ejaculate inside a woman no it's not. There's an emptiness inside. Yeah but you don't have but you don't have to know it's not what does that is that every time you a lotta times. I don't feel sadder empty when it's over lake. When i'm over and i ejaculate i scoop some out and i still do it with my book. It's a little bit but there's something sad and empty about you know what i'm saying. Argh well no i'm saying masturbating a sad and empty. That's like when you were young and used a jerk off. What did you do magazine sock. What did you do the the the wall. I'm sorry my mother. My mother shoot on the wall for mother of all the places that would be like. Okay oh because i had this re either durant durant poster and you are really into durant iran s so you would quit the rio poster but he was framed so if you saw my bedroom so you have the bad. A twin single a single Knows a single twin bed. Okay okay yes so that that was in the back of your was your frame thing right. That's hot to you. But it looked like she was crying. Come oh my god. So it's like. I would smear it like after i was done. I would just not even look smear on there right row cynic. It dries yellow sued. Like shut up. All right don't look like that right. She's disappointed. Yeah so and then my mom came back. Every six months would be like abilities. Why so yellow art mom. Yeah and she would have to use a fucking looking fucking like a razor blade razor blade and chisel it all. Oh my gosh. That's true though. I never used the stock. Never know just like you know. Magazines always for me always magazines. What do you mean the tory. Secret cannot masturbate to that really. Yeah when i was in high school were you. What were you thinking of. The internet didn't exist. We didn't have the internet to jerk off. No we there was a there was a how we talked about this before. There was a rock. Oh my god yeah the community would you. And my friend alimentos allen meadows. My friend alimentos parents. God rest our souls. His dad had porn the human. It used to. I know but in yours. What in your room. I would borrow his magazines. Oh those feelings. The excitement get emotional missing the old porn days. It's not just the porn days. Ill is the feeling of like just hanging out with your friends riding your bike. Churkin off together that to or like my friend jason hill. He was in a band called Louie the fourteenth them so it was the singer the but as a kid he live right down the street from me. So i remember jason He was in his garage. He'd never smoked pot before. And i brought my bong over hell. Yeah i was teaching them how to do it. And i just remember those moments as a kid you know. Yeah and there's a feeling like summers were different. Styling trust me. I know i'm smoking weeding garage. All my guts the coolest sitting on a couch. Smoking weed cigarettes. Yeah talkin shit talking shit mad shit. I missed alabama's. It's like the end is coming. It's right around the corner. Yeah yeah i mean. It's your fifty soon but the ends coming. I don't think you're going to die anytime soon. But i do think that you're reaching your taiwan tyron woodley years. I don't think so. Now you're right dude. You're heels different about the pop. Don't say that you're about to pop. But i feel like something different happening. What do you mean in society or in your own life. What is it as collateral pregnant. No that would be incredible as more to do with the business. Okay has more to do with the business. What is that telling me like your book and a lot of stuff you feel like it's just like talking about it but i will You love talking about it. I don't know what i'm talking about. You loved hyphen yourself up now. It's kind of like you know you have always had great opportunity. No i. I've known you bobby bobby i've i've i have. I have made everything i've got. Okay nothing came my way me. Nothing mixed drinks was show called. Mix holly auditioned for that far. I know but you write for it. That's my point yet right you. You always are right. No you're always doing stuff with seth rogan. All these things were no one thing. I got cut out of this. You're saying you've had a great life. It's been okay and a great career. I'm i'm just. I just want a tough road. I just want a little for myself. That's all you've been go ahead. So annoying know what you annoy me. No you annoy me at that. Yeah fuck montage. It's a fucking venue potash for sure. It's vignette right. It made me cry either way. Yea back pulled. Mike towards your fucking mouth. I'm okay. are you sad to be back. She's so bummed. You are said to be back because let me tell you. The response we got from having on the show was great. People love doc. If you wanna do you wanna take off in us make doc villain permanently now. You still want to be on the show. Okay okay. I saw you guys measure yourself when i wasn't here and you admitted that you were five to. I know what he was saying. Nobody you admitted it to stop. You admitted he was five. Three and i told them you're wrong because i'm an inch taller than you. If i'm five to your five one my point but but how do you think you are now. What's that because we've got some old roof. This is proof that you admitting on this radio show from years ago. How tall you are and you do a lot of work with chelsea lately. I was that girl be. That was me broke. Heroes remember. That was the movie entourage. I play basketball insanity. All that is what i'm a five to the admittance. You know you're what you're saying what you're doing what you know you're five to you said it for seven years ago. You knew it yeah. You didn't get taller bob. Bob didn't get taller. Bub bubby would i in radio shows and podcasts or is okay and that's a fact so you've never said a truth on anything no not really no so okay say it again. What i san ratios is a lie. That's a fact. What i say on radio our ally. That's a fact it's a fact print it because if you like for instance everything i say is a lie. That's a fact. Is that what you're saying. Yeah perfect okay. Perfect but what i want to. I can back it up back it up please. I don't know how i'll show you because it's the lie. Even my backups lies. I'm gonna prove to you okay. There's a story lady right. Angry boys girls three girls. Sorry you have no. Nobody has no. You know what that's from brady. Bunch pull the mic to your face. Even if you're slouch yeah no dude itself already. What's crazy is already. So happy that she's back they get so excited whereas jewels whereas and then she comes back and she just gets to fall into her chair. Yeah like those pot commercials when they're like don't do pot nickel-smelting into the couch. You know that stupid commercial. It was the first day. Call us today. did you have class. Today we lied to. Everybody told him you were going to. What new mexico. Where do we say. Yeah everyone's asking me about new mexico. And there some people in albuquerque. Were so excited to see you. How was the first day of class school. Will you didn't go right online. It was fine. No cute boys zoom while you can't really see how cute someone is on zoom kenya. I think you can do you. Not everyone's on one screen you swipe to see the rest of the people them all on one screen. Do the swipe to see everyone interesting. Do you think that they were swiping. Going all. that's cute girl or you think any of them who you were. I don't think is there a chat at all. Yeah this is chat. Does no one said anything like hey rudy. Joel's fuck but she did get recognized that the airport in hawaii hawaii really just by yourself was collide their client while they showed hi to her. Yeah i want her to be alone somewhere and somebody recognized because she was going to cancun. Yeah we're going to cancun by the way people need to go to bring colli. And i'm saying don't why so. She can have an experience with us. Oh yeah yeah. The crew. The crew will face. I know if. Don't wanna do it what you want to bring collided because you want a partner in crime. Yeah yeah i get that. She wants her. But i can. We be the partners. She doesn't like us like that. Yeah by the way but show that do you remember. We talked to okay. We talked to a band. Called the bobby lease look at this was posted on the red. It there's a guy. There's an enemy fighter named bobby lee. Who's a red okay. Do you know this guy now. Look at zoom in on this guy. He renamed himself bobby lido. He's read for us no no. That's his general. Not his real name. Is robert louis really get but i feel like we should support this guy you support. We can we bad friends can. Can we sponsor fighter. Let's sponsor this guy. I want to sponsor. Bobby lee fighter so if anybody knows. He's twelve six pretty good. There's an enemy fighter named bobby. That looks like he could be related. To santino. he's agenda duties for the nation the And twelve six and not bad. It's not great though. It's he needs quote six in like regional the scene. He's he's like local bar fights twelve six nine. I know if if you went to the you know. Like he have fought edson barboza. He wouldn't have ribs left. Well let's see what will go go down. What's his way class. Let's see we gotta get him in better. He's one fifty five. Oh he's lightweight not. That's not good. That's not good. No yeah he's got a sponsor on let's march because his career disclosed earnings zero dollars. Yeah he's fighting a saint cloud minnesota millions of d. a. m. van mo-. Maybe we can look it up. We can have. George look into it to look into but how how cool would it be if we sponsor fighter and we. He has bad friends shorts on when he fights with that'd be awesome great on on the shortest as bad friends in the back. But would be bummer. As if he continued to lose and then right and then the pat friends does blood on it and dry. It's all they take pictures to losers on podcast sponsor man whose careers going down. I hope bobby lee does i hope he starts bucking up. What's the other one Pete that you show me there's a slide guitarist named bobby lee is there This is a great so couple of weeks ago we showed that the cambodian army and they beat the shit audio okay. An india they do a phys- physical in front of everybody. Just wanna make sure that both of their one one two one two good nice stinger. You want to nice. Stick one to talk one read. Nice snake ratliff larisa. How weird that. This physical yeah they wanna make sure you got two balls and opinion. Let me ask you this. If there was a woman there wanting to be a part of the you know the army Would he you do it. He has to he would. That's part of the code. So twenty minutes on their l. Don't feed it where it is and by the way a guy following with a piece of paper yeah he just going down the line grabbing their peanut. What a weird. yeah. I wanna see one move. I wanna see one get a little booth. I wanna see one pop up. So bad how strange. This is part of their army routine He says that to them. Oh the other guy was like on. Let me check it out. Yeah i wanna make sure he didn't touch any of the other guys others. My friend jim by the way is it. Yeah how funny is it that these guys go back to their. Oh my god. He's guys go back like the barracks and they're like dame grabbing our dicks in front of each other and then all the other groups are like nobody wants this guy just do it. Yeah yeah his go back go back a little bit. He points to him right he points watch us. He's like oh he's he's just like my dad. You gotta do this in some countries just to make sure that we will reenact as george george come up here towards yet. The reenact the soldiers. We gotta make sure we wanna make sure saw. Your style is still built. Go ahead george camaro. We don't want to test out test out bobby to make sure he's good enough to podcast. George make sure. He's good enough to podcast. Nice and are they both. They're very good. You're ready to go to war ready to go ready to go. Well that'll be a meme. We make barely touched. We make that an nfc. Can we make calls touching nfc. Yeah we can do that. Fda i just some learning i know. Prominent f. t. but property non-tangible non fungible token. Do you know what i'm talking about google. Nafta you know what this is rudy. Don't you know what this is. It's like your generation and t. Look you can sell buy and sell these things. look steph. Curry just bought the sad monkey looking at steph curry the board eight. That's what it's called. And and it was a hundred and eighty thousand dollars all. It is what you see right there. He bought that he bought it. The right the right birdies. Yeah yeah yeah you can also like by scenes. Yes and like and like youtube moments or correct. Somebody could buy like if you and i. Yeah something they can buy that moment. No we would own the rights to that for they would have to purchase it from us. Yeah that's what i'm saying. We own the copyright but like we could sell a moment. Okay so look bored. Ape sold back in may point six eight ethereal and now it's worth one hundred and eighty thousand dollars. I get it but it's like i don't because we're not because we're old her. Yeah her older. Fuck pants sexual. We are pan sexual are we. What is pen sexual me. I'm trying to learn all this stuff. Can google pan sexual is. I don't know all those turn. That's why i'm i wouldn't let now learn pan. Sexual not limited sexual choice regards biological sex gender identity. Sexual means like you could have sex with an ottoman. i don't like an object. I think it's got to be human towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity. So you like another bisexuality. No bisexual is this. This says emotional attraction romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of sex or gender identity bisexual falls probably under the umbrella of pan sexual Because bisexual you like men and women this is saying you can like people if they don't identifies a man or a woman. Yup i think i think. What's the binary one that they have. Non binary on byron binary just means man or woman non binary means you know not binary means you're fuck in your gender fluid gender queer. It's an umbrella term for identities that are neither male and a female right. You don't identify as a man or a woman. Because when i was in hungary die. Tell you about this. There was one girl that is non binary k. And me and this other girl actress to meet this girl and my actress friend said we're meeting them. Yeah you don't say that you save right. So i go all. She's bringing french. No it's just her and then what we're walking to this place. She was like your main explained. I like i didn't know right. Of course i don't know. And then when i saw her i did a joke by what you said she her she she her while you did in the middle of telling it you already violated her. I fuck but when i saw them i said. Hey you guys funny write funny. He's i know what what i'm saying though is. Hey you guys is like it's like saying fucking you know it's like saying what's up you don't mean what i'm saying is i i'm saying is i wanna learn. I have no prejudices. And i will accept whatever you are whatever. These new rules are yes new things open to it. Yeah i guess it's so confusing. I'm sorry it's like i'm elliott. What's your name. I'm gonna call your name. That's how i feel. What's your fucking name. Because i'm going to get confused and i'm gonna fuck you fucked up four times half a minute if they go you. Emily is going to be there. And they are non binary and gender fluid and pan sexual. Yeah and so and so something something. I'm going to go i listen. I'm here wait to see emily. You see emily. What do you say. Hey m how are you. I want you to see plural. Emily's emily's how are you there. We go over with right and then if somebody. There's a weirdness. Knowing that i'm going to refer to you by your name if someone goes What does she wanted to. Emily wants tacos. Sco the name go to the you understand that your generation. Yeah you guys fucking did all this year. I'm confused with it. I'm our generation. We don't you know you. I we care. We don't care i care. I don't care. No my point is i. Don't care whatever you want to be. I don't care. I want you to love it. I don't fucking care we don't care. Tell me your fucking name. I know but we still i. I still wanna learn. I know rule but we don't by the way there's too many fucking rules look go back one slide go back one slide. Look look on an umbrella. Second fucking novel dude. It's a novel. I dunno right. Queer holly pan other by hetero. Hetero flexibility lesbian. Flexible hetero flexible. Yeah i had to learn all of your names fucking. Emily no all right. No i'm not saying. I'm see i'm being open minded i. You're allowed to be whatever you want. Yeah i don't. I don't the nuances are so fucking specific. I'm sorry fluid. What's what's a- zoom in a little bit because traction changes are might change over time hetero flexible that means it attracted to people of genders different from their own might occasionally be attracted to people of gender similar to their own so maybe by it's called may-maybe by that's the new one we just see by no no. Hey no all right. I'm hetero protection facts. lots of. You're hetero flexible hetero flexible. You can touch your toes and you fuck chicks. I don't get it. I honestly all it means to me. Is your touch your toes. And you fuck hetero flexible. That's okay i get. It can honestly say this. I have friends who are gay. I have friends who are by i. I love them all. I don't fucking bullets cutlet. Hey let's read some more up of zoom up above fluid attraction which changes or might change over time towards people very gender. This just means you haven't figured it out yet. People are us homo or you have and you want veggie flex. What does this vegetable flexible is somebody who eats veggies while they know it's called less. It's called lisbeth flexible. People are attracted to people gender similar to their own but might occasionally be attracted to people genders different world. This is getting too specific. Yes that's called sometimes bisexual. Maybe yeah it's shipped say sometimes my sexual maybe or maybe not again you know at the end of this is your emily right. You're fucking emily. Emily emily sometimes fox girl emily. Emily fox guys open sometimes. Emily fox girls who wished that they were guys sometimes wishing they were fucking girl sometimes. Emily will decide to be chad. Then say i'm chad today. Right and go. Hey chad right and then you had to be like what's up. Whoa but chad will only yesterday and chattel go. Don't call me he. Even though i will go by chad. Now go right. i'm not gonna call you fucking He or they are them. She calling you fucking chat right all day. I'm calling you let me ask you this though you'll about it I know. I know that we're we're willing to bend and learn these new ensure but how do you feel about how i just said. Do you really feel that way. Of course. I don't care what you wanna be because what if they want you to care. I don't care. I don't care about everybody that's insane. I care about the people. I know but if i'm emily i want you to care i emily barely fucking no you. Let's say we're good friends. And i'm leslie flexible. Okay right i waited you care about it. No yeah. I want you to care and i think that's the problem. Here's why do i care about your sexuality. Because i want to least important part of our friendship right. You're my friend okay. I care that we have cool conversations. We go to concerts together. We get high together. Okay i care that we fucking hang out. I don't give a shit. What kind of person you wanna fuck and suck and whatever you see. What i'm saying do see what i'm saying do you like you. Don't what your generation you don't care right. You hope people do their thing and be happy. I don't fuck your heterosexual right. Yeah are you anything else. Are you lesbos flexible. Maybe i could be or hetero flexible. I mean yeah. Maybe i could be hetero flexible because you might sometimes be attracted to women. Yeah okay so she's flex. I might be harrison flexible. You are flexible. You're bisexual okay. Thank you for being about what. You're my sexual. I'm hetero i wanna be federal. That's you can't dictate what i am. Listen i'm killing you. Do i listen. I'm hetero flexible sure. Okay okay good. I want you to accept that and be happy with that i would. I do accept this for everybody. But you why. Because i don't accept you and my my mom again. Oh what did your mom always find a reason to smile. She said well. Let's write her again. No because i think lease about this lease bob alright. Let's do another one here. We go ready right. The waves of time the way of the time may may shift the sands of our lives may shift mailed on may shift the sands of our lives shift the sands of our lives but they will never take but they will never take a will. Never take our freedom. William moss william walls you to end with a braveheart quote. Is that real william wallace quote. Are you serious. Yeah never take our freedom he said before it was just my head so the waves of time may shift the sands of our lives. But they'll never take our freedom by the way that's going to have on a fucking shirt somewhere. Good night. Mom will you write this your own please please ago. You're right. Thank you for being a bad friend to your mom. Thank you for being no. Because she doesn't get okay. I love your mom. Hold on thank you very bad okay. Are we knew address to things real fast and then we're done. What one bobby is turning fifty but we can no longer have the party. You have to say it. The fans wanted to having a party. But we're gonna do is the winners are going to zoom call with us. Yeah sadly sadly the restrictions are making it so we can't delta fucking delta book and delta. Thank you so much for sending in the video submissions. You know it's i. We've seen all of them. We sell it. We just watch a fuck load a lot of them. Yeah and i really appreciate you mixed feel good. That you guys are We have shaken. We're sorry that we can't have the party. it's no more party time rudy. Now that you're back you gotta end us again. Go look in your cameron. Say mama thank you for being a bad friend. Welcome back for twenty percent off your no right for twenty percent with no let me finish it. I gotta do this last one for twenty dollars off your buffy comforter visit buffy echo and her bed i let me say god laughing right jewels for twenty dollars offer buffalo for twenty dollars off your buffy comforter from louise's do you can do all right.

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