Who deserves the Ballon d'Or?


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Basically means it's a quiet week after the nationally. Fourteen pundits, including all of these gentlemen, tonight show asked to cast their votes you asked to name your top five in the balance through on. There was a a point system attached to that. And it led to offers ever by to the point on come on. None of us know, who it is Shankar do the view. Skew go ten to what right shocked. Yes. No. This is not nothing to do. But we are going to show to you. There's no red carpet for shack. There's no. Any any issue and going to accounting and at number ten. No. That's all right. All right in the rest of it yet. So the votes. Yeah. Yeah. Chelsea in a number nine, that's Chelsea bias on the show. Right. Okay. Now depict by surprise name. I get to count containment number one. The name. Our funds will be on Twitter to win the bellum. What? What what sell in at seven any better than anybody cut in the actually hit saw five? You had a great. The reason we're about greeted in a number six. Okay. That where he should be. Yep. Yeah. About right now. No, no. The big the heavy hitters the left. I'm going to guess MVP. It five right? Right. Defenders never get any love his Veran, isn't it? Yeah. Veron in a number five. Yup. I thought his mom misty mount. Remember four. Could it be one of the big to know helium combat pay in remember four this ball, teen, people guess Atlantis? Messi and Ronaldo number three is. Yes, I think it's messy. No, not yet. Macy's three. I mean that. That's all right. Don't dare look a mortgage. Number one, KOMO on. We show Shawn. Remember to us we go drum roll drum roll number two. This is this is the only moment who's going to. Which one did you touch a moderate at number ten well kinda guess who's number one? Doesn't leave you many options shadow now though in at number one so see seventies. The widow of the first ever ESPN FC though. This is Angie how the points shook out and go to Kentucky, and he didn't has a rabbit anti chills. Only one. That was the one point. So we're now the winning by five points moderate show over messy by two but those three comfortably ahead of the rest of the field. So they have let's get some reaction Rafael start with you happy with the results. How close did they mirror the way you voted? Fairly closely. I I like the fact that we as a panel managed to overlook Pap, some of the story lines that I think some of the journalists voting football and dole we more infatuated with thing. They're looking for names to reward for what their teams have done. And I think we. ESPN and realize that even if Christina messy didn't have individually amazing years, it didn't necessarily do something for the teams that made a big difference. They're still in terms of talent among the best players in the world. So I'm very pleased about that gab. What do you reckon these results going to be similar to the ones we see in Paris? I don't know. I hope so because I mean, I think wherever you put your top three out of this top three I think is pretty viable on. And I echo raft. Said about messy and Renaldo. I think if you don't put them in your top three. Know, you're one of those sort of people who says oh for the story line. But you know, what I mess Rinaldo both scored around fifty goals this season. They went to the World Cup with deeply flawed teams and both still manage to to produce some incredible moments of Michigan's Nigeria think of cristianos hat-trick, obviously against Spain. I don't know what more we want these people to do. I think we've been spoiled with sort of the last ten years, and so people go off on weird flights of fancy, oh, we thought well, how about Veran how about neymar who was out for four months how about him bopping? And it's all nonsense. These two belong in the top three. I think Chucky you did not messy in three to. I guess I'm one of those people go off in flight to France us as sits at poll over now, though. Knickers ultimately is a team game. And yes, he's individual awards, but it kinda shows contradiction in trying to make individual awards for what does the team game? And I think especially would career teams that are hugely successfully. I would Cup. Those players are the ones who get rewarded in this regard. I mean as much as a vote for the story line and his God puts it flight to fancy. You could talk about Messiaen on his own hero IX for Barcelona. But when you threw in an amazing goal against Nigeria as the underpinning of why he should be top three. I'm not sure that that fully poisonings got waiting does count. Yes. Craik people are confused. I mean, that's you know, I'll be on us. I couldn't give stuff who runs the ball and door or hosing the top for the top five. But for the purpose of this program you fill out. All right. Very quickly. Just a day after we discussed. We don't care about it Email through Lou when you see the numbers from Renaldo Macy over a decade and go back to the last year. Renauld was wrong side they fail to you know, all the injuries you still chilling out. The goal schooled in Real Madrid's quest to get that jump ease. League was incredible. I mean, it's all Dante opinions, of course, as I mean, you can't control the narrative of a perforated ration- or a pure cordial per team international level, but you can control what you do over the course of a year, and those two have done over the course of a decade is just absolutely hate. You. Yes. Aldo top had messed it to one hundred one okay? Mantra because this season win or loss wind around Madrid was struggling in Champions League games. He was the one play that kept on come into the full with renowned but Luca mantra, which was the best midfield player in the Champions League Lawson, and he was the best midfield player at the World Cup. And that's why chose Luke watch right up there. And that's why he's Johnson willing to bet on door think a lot of that year for storylines is that no one else has wanted in so Lois almost lifting thousand seven people. Almost one town. Where's the ten the tiff to see these two guys they ceremony and one of them's going to potentially going to get. And I think that's what people are doing. But I think that would be unfair in my opinion to these guys are still doing. In my opinion. Rinaldo message to best business class still probably will be for some time. But why in that case, why are we having this balance dole? We know who's going to be told everybody else, just, you know, don't worry about it about at all physical Craig on this. I I hear the idea of individual awards because I still believe that team awards is what this game is a boat. Yep. All that being said, you have to make you have to make a choice as a result. I I feel that team performance or team accomplishments. We've heavily even in an individual award. Go down the other end of the table shirker gab shark. That's fine. And I think you make a compelling argument for Madras Monge in my top three as well. It bugs me a little bit is when people are like, well, let's give it to Veran, you know, or or we see people giving vote. To name our or or Imbaba pay for what I mean and Bobby wonder World Cup. Okay. Frame show degrees, man. So did so did so did Louise that was a team performance from France? So why single out in Bobby? And I really hope that those reports coming out of Spain France are are incorrect that it's not Imbaba Veran in moderation some sort of order the top three because in my opinion. Two of those three are absolutely ludicrous to have up there. So why not around then gob why why verandas is such a ludicrous choice? I would suggest that Veran is a ludicrous choice because first and foremost, he's a he's a defender on a team, which I think if you if you take out Veran if you put another guy in there, given the way France paid in this World Cup, given the talent that they had given the way the games unfolded. I don't think he was particularly decisive. I think if natural had played all those games throughout the Champions League. I'm bear in mind ground Madrid were nearly knocked out of the Champions League. I don't think it would have been that much of a difference to go and then put Veron's contribution factor in Veron's injuries, as well, which which always happened, did you go and compare this with Chris journal and Lionel Messi, by the way messy won the title at an absolute Kanter with Barcelona last year. Let's not forget that either. Arguably one of the one of the top two leagues in the world. So put those things together. I don't see. You can compare it. I'm not saying defender could never win it. But a defender has to go and really dominate and have one of those once in a lifetime seasons, which was really nice to defend befriended really dominate on. Here's the dangerous grown who try to it's easy to to see onto quantify home Messier and Renaldo dominate given their position giving the measure is purely and goals. And you spoke about that earlier. It's far more difficult for a defendant. It's a whole lot easier to see well if this such and such a defendant played instead of Veron, then you know, who say who who's to say that the result wasn't wouldn't be any different. I'm not just defendants in that regard. Anybody how you know if you aren't able to quantified in ghouls anybody on the page, you can make an argument. Well, if somebody has complained that exact same position who should see the results have been any different. And that's that's the trouble again. It's generally that's why it's generally attacking players who go and win these awards. But then this. This. Inflow defender. Well, of course, these awards, it's chilly, but could give you an example of the defender who you could see winning it maybe not obviously not this season. But in a different season is for example, a team like let you go Madrid. When you're gonna go gene was on. His putt was in his palm. He pops up. It's one with some key goals any Athletico Madrid spend the whole game defending and he's the leader of some defense against another team. That shoots fifty times on goal and easy emotional leader. But ref Veran wasn't even the emotional leader of France. You're not even giving him points for that either. So I don't I don't see the logic and elevating this guy just because he happens to play around Madrid or put differently if Rao Madrid won the league last year in Barcelona at won the Champions League, these same people would have voted for t t. Because look he won the World Cup, and he won the champions e-. I think it's as simple as that. So that's why I look mortgages. And then I mean and that same. And that same feeling. That's why look. Well, I mean, look, I thought this this whole thing's nonsense. Vote for Raffi overrun, but why should RAFI over on not being the list and look Ahmad jazz because it comes down to the fact that people are only seeing what midfielders stroke frontmen, right because this season this too. So is the football. You have to be good defensively. You have to be good in attack tech is old glory. Defense is king. About FRANZ winning the World Cup because they defended. Well, all around the field the to summit up to something Magnusson at the World Cup. He almost won the World Cup of because if he's disciplined and the white flight that position, but he won't get a looking because people are looking at the front you gave them a vote. He's the best. I can look at Real Madrid. And frit Francis performances. And Petco numerous things that you didn't see June the game where RAFI overruns pace and possession got sailed georamas or whoever he's playing with trouble. Because that's the of defending has quality as he pace. I'm that's where he won from a defendant and his key. That's his strength note. We say and he went in the door because he's not the best positive of the bowl or he's not the best processional defendant. Breeze pace gets in trouble. Putting people in this attention what people in this small kind of these. And that's why you see the same people being. Sounds like you might want to redo your ballot. Right. No. But I just don't understand why he's coming. Some can be on it and some come fair enough Yvo Veran first place. I did too up on his fourteen the name them. I don't know who the home was that will remain a mystery. The odds to win the real thing that parents. Well, look as favourite and look Veran is second favourite at coding to the oddsmakers Rinaldo down at eight to one in fifth place a messy yet twenty two one to lifted December the food the dight. Dello sport in Italy, going big with the Abraham vich Bank to AC Milan story, a lot of English media outlets handsome. They said suggested that some some deal is already being done that let's bring gab in on this the English media outlets suggesting a six month loan deal. That's already been signed is that accurate gab. Well, it's funny because a lot of these English media outlets site Italian sources like Zeta like countryman, Kartal dot com. And if you go to the original story, they're saying this is what he Brahima vicious camp is offering what we do know is that his agent Rhode isla- spoke to to me, then, but you know, he's got two players about the intruder who are meat on players. So officially was talking to them about that. We have a rough idea of how it would work. It would be a six month deal, obviously from the LA galaxy. We have an idea of wages that have been put out there. He'd be willing to take a temporary pay-cut for those six months. Enjoy living in Milan, it wife loves it. A lot of papers have gone, very big. Because they think that this is what it we're human which ones. But as we take the show the deal isn't done yet. And there's also take a lot of people in and around Milan. We're kind of wondering wait does this really make sense for the club would impact? Is it going to have given that you know, they really have to center forwards and Gonzala Gwen. Gonzala guarini. And then Patrick who throw it in? Is this really what beat a need as they tried to hunt a top four spot, which which they do need quite desperately. Could you see it? Stewarton? Hebrew him. Iguana he on a ship up tone. You could sit in sums if they were gonna go along, and they bring him if he was going to be the foil and hit BoJ down and be the man and he would run over them. Get mentioned could throw their who's a run somebody wants to running behind. Athletic, but I wouldn't say Greg technician count see having seen him play for galaxy. Where he schooled goes. And let the line quite well, he's letting that little bit athleticism. He's lost that little bit of pace. He's lost the ability to sprint away from people. He doesn't have to work quite hauled in this. I count see it working million. Can you Craig at the age of thirty seven Stewart said just coming up with twenty two goals season. We'll scoring in the Premier League only two years ago. I could see him going to team, and that's really that was dominating. And potentially played some some part of. God pointed out this is a team is hoping to end the top four. It's very. Abuse. Whether they'll be alone with I've got enough quality. But they're going to fight for it. And they're going to have to fight and it's going to happen. That's the intelligence goal with a good goals golden eagle, Wayne. So I don't see bringing in. What would be fair old luxury play because it big name would be a good move Aparicio's Milan. And also for the player has a very physical league. These days put FOSS pace, and these engines is different from playing over here and major league. So and the one thing I look at when I look at Milan, I'm thinking, the one thing that you lack people to really run it could throw him as a strong run a dynamic place. Susa who plays on the right hand side wants the cutting. He's a great technician, but they know they count counterattack at pice then that sort of side. So if they were going to go and buy somebody, I have somebody at the club. I would say it would have to be someone that's going to offer them something different pice in behind. I think he'd be rich can still do it in European Campbell. I think I think he's he's he's shopping from EMI show him nice. Immediately puts injured at Manchester United, and I think he goes in the issue with these Milanez. I don't see it working with iguana rain food for quite some time. Even before his injury. Abraham bitch needed players around him to cover the grown where he dominates space and you needed players going in behind. I'm as Cavani did for a PHD iguana and his not down player. And so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense in terms of the the personnel. They have and Tim's of personality though, I think it's a madman on have been missing somebody who can dominate adjustment in that manner are somebody who went things ongoing greed can take a team on the Scholla's would consider. So let him dominate. That's a that's another question. But he's good to have. That is good to have that personality on the field. And I think Abraham which is still exactly that would be some of these Deb more on Abraham vegetable land and the possibilities within on these Seri app. Also podcast. Latest addition is just drawn with Gabbard Anita and Paulo you can find on ESPN FC dot com. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent hailstorm here to describe the event a football, bro. I was just hanging on the roof. When this gnarly storm starts dropping baseball sized hail. The shingles got beat up a few windows. Broken was savage. Did you do anything to help, bro? I was in survival mode. Your football can't help you in a hailstorm. But the gyco insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Call gyco to see how a forcible homeowners insurance can be. Tying a bow on the on the nation's league, what were your impressions looking back over the last? Couple of months isn't being a good thing. The nation's Lee. I sat and the like some big improvement on the international friendlies. We saw some couple of good leagues in particular one with a Dutch Gemini and FRANZ England Cratia and Spain. I thankfully, the big teams at one the real big countries Ulta qualification too much, but for the small nations all the nations of struggled in recent years. It's not only given them more competitive games. But it's given those who have success in this competition enough when you talk to a major championship unless the hostile than just international friendlies as it revitalized national team football sitting at a European. Well, I'll be in the Belgium, Switzerland Iceland group and every game is being very competitive. It was a great loss game to Switzerland comeback to win five in front of in full house. That crab we're going mad. It's I think it's been wonderful defense of taking it on the meteoroid taken on as well. And the guns would be an excellent that's been a massive improvement of what was saying before you could understand the likes of France and Croatia maybe not being as invested in the nation's Zegers as other countries give them what the commissioned in the World Cup. But all that being said what you've seen from everybody from the top European nations. Don't don't minnows just as importantly is meaningful competition that managers I'm pleased TC TC pharmacy Risley than. Jimmy went to get relegated. The don't you. Also, see the fans from especially smaller countries. How how intense they will following their teams and how involved they will hinge the results, I think it's been an outstanding tournament for number of country. Yep. Rafeh what is being your reaction to it is it is it taking you told by surprise. It's the price be how how good it's been. I think the foam it was quite foam into was quite complex enough that people would not take too much as much as to have thing that big difference for me is that the games have been real games. If this had been a normal post World Cup, six months, or so or three months, we would've seen big friendly's. Well off the sixty minutes twenty substitutions and the game completely falls apart and leaves us without so nothing to read into it. But because those games so competitive, they meant something right until the end there were Patine between teams of equal standing of similar capacity. They're really good. And there was an audit stake. Now, just like Cratia and FRANZ maybe because of what we achieved that the couple of also that investment. But. Yeah. It's still it's it's of course, made it a bit more embarrassing being relegated for the first time. As germany. We never thought we would see the day would switch to many and relegation cab. I think it's fair to say that whether there were plenty of judges Bank in September. The folders told him and kicked off all those questions being silenced. Yeah. I think in many ways, you can't argue with the fact that we had exciting games. The stadiums are full TV audiences were high from that perspective. It's been a success. I think one side effect, and I don't know if this is good or bad. But for national team coaches is you've had sort of instant verdicts for better for worse. You think of her a guy like you'll live who, you know, after the World Cup could be like, well, you know, we'll sort it out. We'll still keep the spine intact. Put some kids around it. Now, you've got to go deal with relegation which require more drastic action than he had anticipated that wouldn't have happened if we just had silly friendly's. And then a long qualifying sequence where we're Germany would have paid against a bunch of muppet teams and the same worksheet reverse. You look at Holland where Ronald kumons sort of building for the future. And there's still a lot of doubters. Now, he's got buying because for better worse. You know, they ended up qualifying from from the group they're going to the finals, then gone to the finals, you they would have had the excitement of these performances against France, and Germany and real games. So I think in some ways it's accelerated the judgement, and it's gotten to the point where you know, before national team coaches really hit alibis until every two years. And now they got to start producing a little bit quicker. Be interesting to see what happens in the final tournament in June. Meanwhile, domestic football is back news. Place for Syria and relent CO in Milan. One someday fifty five AM eastern is yours Tonton. Zeke gaps latest onto you on ESPN FC don't call and he was in Brussels for the UN fifth fresh conference yesterday some. A little bit of eyebrow. Raising us coming out of it could us the president. And that let's bring gab in on that for president gab and you'll presence claiming they will not now be European Superleague league. Believe him. Well, the important thing is that it wasn't just him claiming it is the guy next to him with him, which is under the head of the president of your vendors and the head of the European clubs association, and they signed a letter of intent to to extend the memorandum of understanding which is the agreement that governs the relationship between the clubs and UEFA basically guarantees that. There is no breakaway Super League because they have an actual contract that they're going to extend it through twenty twenty four. So we know that it's not going to happen for at least another what five six years after twenty twenty four. I think a lot of things are fair game and twenty twenty four is important because that's also when the current sort of fica international calendar agreement is set until then you can't really mess around too much with dates because the international breaks are fixed and a lot of other. Major competitions after twenty twenty four you can redraw whatever you want you can make it. So that people play league matches nine AM on a Tuesday. If you like. So I think it's pieces is broken out between them they get on very, well, they talked about a bunch of other things like having the possibly already this season like having a third UEFA competition, but the key is that they're working together. And then there will be no breakaway European Super League at least until twenty twenty four six years and counting bats good stuff. Gap, Oli bits that don't make the show your question. John to the and stuff who's the best defender in the will best thanksgiving foods on extra time every day. You know, about blink motion activated security cameras, amazing technology for detecting anyone sneaking around your home or trying doors, and of course, monitoring holiday package deliveries. Blink is inviting ESPN listeners to score massive savings during its black Friday, cyber Monday event, go to blinkprotect dot com slash radio and sign up for an alert when the sales starts. That's blinkprotect dot com slash radio or hit Amazon dot com and search blink security link is an Amazon company. Star studied affair on. Tomorrow's addition VSBN NFC, go Stewart and Shankar banks TV and said anyone else beginning with ration. Yes. So you stand for. Thomas. One thing you won't be joking about tomorrow guys is is the balance door thing. We're we don't with that to the next week. But it's the most what we have proved is that if you're a defendant you can't win. And that's what got. It's ridiculous. Verano? Just silly, right? But it is the question you on awards is silly. We should we get off the most, isn't it. So is that the end of the questions now I want to do. We're going to have it all the way to December third and then once out of waters made then we're gonna get questioned about it. When does it vote and finishing for? Yeah. Yes. That's not feel year is still ongoing. Keep us ever going to be in recent in the knee. Right. I I'm striking from. No, how can you have never talk about it? Because goalkeepers always overlook otherwise. I thought you a splendid up at the boy without the red copy without the supermodels without the meal. Not going to what I'm good up. That's the best that could win the war. That's the Paris ceremony will have nothing on him for that. Tomorrow. That let's dive right into it. Just straight away on FC extra. Chime the four of us in security. We have rampant gab on board as well. Big busy weekend of domestic games coming up return of domestic football game. You most looking forward to this weekend. Stewart's dot we got. Well, that's the big. I'm let's see. Oh, oh. Atlanta against the big one Atlanta against the rebels. Those guys remember they you could to that game. I don't know who told me who's playing so invested and this Bush Chelsea big one in the primarily expose Chelsea you got the year-old same. He got the Boca Bocaue river second link limited or at Lenny Bonsor. Find out. I won't be what you're not real robot inter breath. Let's he'll be good game. At yet. I saw this weekend. I mistook just getting. A good game. I'm really looking forward to it whenever it happens Gad. But what what what game he's top of your list? For me. It has to be leave it and bulk just for for all the reasons that important the story lines behind it the spectacle, I'll throw out another one from the Premier League, which I think should be fascinating. Fulham the debut of airy up against Southampton, Mark user, Southampton. Some people have that as an early relegation Darby and could also be Darden for Mark us to keep his job. Oh, yeah. Can get around here. Yeah. Book it is much. Don't get right. Yeah. Your new contacts. There must be really good. Really good contact run Yary book wrath. I'm going to wage. Get a wage Fulham's have hundred no. Quite tokyo. Liz possibly am. I going out and Linda, no nets. That's fair. I mean, look I live in north London. I think he comedy look beyond Spurs Chelsea at the weekend of a huge game. And like everyone else looking to us for what is an unbelievable game. I don't think there is a big game this weekend. We get here too. For free nefarious channels. We get into okay, except gentleness. Cable nefarious. No. You're not looking right to liberty limited. I know it's a huge game. I didn't find call me an old fashioned Senate. But that's a problem. It's part of what game. I'm monies to get into my house via different means. No. Condoning not kinds of things a possible to. Yes. Yes, right. I'm nice looking Volks into your that you can find every single golf tournament being played in the world, even like the over sixty-five playing Phil Mickelson's backyard, but you can't find reverse and Boca audible, well because I have the over sixty fives and Mickelson's out John. My subscription. Yep. Legally legally. Yes. Yeah. He must eat some elite water into getting. Let's federal in this game. We get gap. How does the atmosphere Bocaue river rate with European games? And if it says if the crew of interested in the second leg what what are you predictions for the second leg to to to the first lake? It's actually a revered and bulk, of course, because they're playing at the moment. The I like was was Boker Yvette. I was struck by the fact because so often when we've seen a lot of these big classes super classical there's so much intensity. But so much fear of losing the game kind of grinds to to a halt. But instead this one this one had had everything, right? We had dramatic goals. We had chances. We had we had great saves as well. It's two two on paper. You assume are favored at this stage. Obviously got you out of those going to be back a bunch of guys who were suspended for the first leg as well. I'm not going to be back, but equally, you know, you you get a sense that this is one of those games or anything can happen and adding to the drama, of course, there's there's no way fans mine just imagining if Boca somehow witness at the at the moment. The only people they are going to be the Boca players backroom staff. Maybe a couple of officials. You kind of imagine them, you know, trying to get back to level trying to get back home being akin to that movie warriors from from nearly seventy so I just love everything about this, everybody talks. Atmospheres, not as done in South America convene credible. Everybody's. So a lot of people talk about the new creamy league. I think some of the big European games. He was forced to go to the signs zero from London, and it was seven or eight years ago young credible. Both those teams were flying time. And I know it's a Darby, but the atmosphere Dortmund the other week. So you've got to go from the bible, particularly in the second half when it came out fly. I thought that was an incredible atmosphere. Well, let's go from places like that to life outside the top six in the premier leaks to I want to address this question who's the best Premier League plant outside the sixty two long say a player that is key to West Ham surviving and in the last year. These are the next westbound on ounce of h yes, he can be a problem child. That's on his when he's planning. He's very best has done that for West Ham on numerous occasions over the last year or so he's a real clinic, buddy. I'm just going to say off the top of my head. I'm going to say Richarson. He's had a great year young. He's talented. He came with a big price tag. But so far on this goal for Brazil undefended head, and he's producing the goods for Microsoft ova able to interest a saying which direction wrath goes for this best primarily play outside the top six. Sneezy one full Puppa. Oh. I'm clicking on roughs timelines. Why don't you? I want to see the abuse. Let's. I'm just stating. A fact I mean to to answer the spirit of the question. Yes. I think it's hard to look past Richardson. I've been very critical of the price tag adverts and fans will enjoy me saying this. But he's been he's very very good. And James medicine say put away for him as well. Shackled at noon. Yeah. Yeah. A question. The question. I have no idea about to. Yeah. No. I got back to next week. Okay. Let's see what GATT asked this. I got. Well. Pug by I'll give you I'll give you three one for a one per position, Harry Maguire, Lester, Abdulai Takura at Wofford, and maybe the guy who is the single most important player to his team in the primarily Wilfried Zaha. Without whom I think crystal pilots would be leaked to I thought Waffen might get a mentioned somewhere along the line. Yeah. Yeah. We use the best defender in the world as of right now as of right now that the typical everyone's been doing but Ryan times, but the play the I still think is a magnificent defending might lost a little bit of pice athleticism, and he's much better on the bulletin people. Give him credit for killing on kid under still still ripe old age. I tell you he still doesn't and French court for whatever reason the put young he's been excellent. He's been good alongside stones. But once again, he wasn't too late. And there was some straighten selections ahead of him. Right. They said she -ation as a neighbor. But he's he's certainly had a good season up to know domestically club dabbled, you still have kaylene up their shoe it the best defender in the world. Good this. No. I. He's been very good to me. There's two guys who've been head and shoulders above everybody else for for some time. Now and one is report the other one is Kelly do Julia body. Yeah. He's good. Good debate for athlete. Yep. I. See cooler Bali buckle motel intimacy. Of course, I wouldn't wanted to play against out guy. He's I mean, he's big stroll. Jeff quick, he's aggressive. He's while agreed danger. Yeah. He's a good good. Good defend the he has wrath mats hummels for you. Not at the moment. I think he's still got these potential. I have a problem with this. Because I I would like to say set your HAMAs, but. I have moral problems with with name him the best defendant because of his antics. So I'm going to give it to. Doc. Now, he's he's he's been he has been he's looking Rolls Royce at the moment. Right. I mean, it really is check it. I know you around. Yeah. If I had a one pig right now with either be vandyke or Rafael concert poss-. Just give them the peace. Give me they are -bility to cover for others. If I had not I defend on my most important, we saved for Las rich once favorite thanksgiving food stunt, we used to it because you don't have euro. Giving. Took we have Christmas Turkey. Overcook is like down the middle Turkey Craig is a someone who's enjoy thanksgiving for a few days thoughts. Few isn't going to be food. This is going to be drink that he's gonna food favorite foods squish, red wine. And after the red wine when you got some of these hosts for thanksgiving this year because I'm one meal, and so somebody who was somebody said that taking the wife and strays. Yeah. Taken on the Dan Thomas does. Jagath cookie cutter. I mean, the really isn't much of a choice. No much Turkey turkeys, stuffing. Gemma pine. I know that comes. Do you know what Steve Nicol hasn't findings given? Go tell them spud bowl. I saw like nights surprised we'll let you all. We will see might see a gap would have that. Thanks, giving should Sonya of the show. Yes. Israel that some of us will be anyway, I know you will be shooting. ESPN plus bailable everyday. So you tomorrow it'd be talking tomorrow here. Get it.

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