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Developing A Mind for Sales with Mark Hunter @TheSalesHunter


Good morning good afternoon evening wherever you are. Whatever you're doing I've got a question for you. What is the ultimate tool in your tech stack? What do you think it is is an APP? Is it your smartphone? Is it your telephone if you're really smart seller or is it your mind well? Today's guest is Mark Contra. Marcus written a new book which I don't even have a copy of yet but I have the PDF it's fantastic. It's called a mind for sales and mark argues that the mind is the most powerful APP in our sales stack and often the most overlooked marsh written some great books. He's one of the smartest guys that I know. I'm really relieved. Grateful that he's joining us. Mark a crazy starting to sales that was pretty Pretty inauspicious but pretty darn memorable. And if you'RE TIRED OF BEING STRESSED OUT. Burned out or bummed out your customers. Don't want to hear from you. This is the conversation and this is the book you need Mr Hundred Good Morning Sir. Good morning thank you for having me on and yeah you're right. The ultimate sales tool this is the APP that everybody's already downloaded. It's called her mind. Yeah Yeah so fascinating I mean why do we? Why do you think mark that? We overlook that because Squirrel Squirrel Squirrel Shiny object. I mean come on. I mean. We're always sitting there thinking. The solution lies some some where over the rain bulk. I'm sorry I'm sorry. Hey can you tell? I've had a little coffee this morning. Oh that's good that's good. So why do you like your coffee? Mark coffees front. Loaders coffee's for CLOSERS DRINK BLACK. No cream no nothing. Just give me the caffeine go. Man Cheers. No that's the same way I drink it so good while. Thank you for for the little bit of A little bit of song and dance there. That's always appreciate it buddy. I saw no extra charge man. No charge right. Thankfully that's the free version of somewhere over the rainbow for those of you listening at home right. Hey it was so allows you would never be able to match that up to a tune anyway. So don't worry about it judy. Garland you're not though you are somewhere in Nebraska Kansas where I am in Nebraska today heading to Houston tonight for an engagement tomorrow just left. Houston yesterday but head back down there tomorrow. That's good. Why Bet your wife was glad to see you for ten minutes Thank you appreciate that. She gets me for more on that. I know that's good man. We'll cool well so I you know I love your high ticket prospecting book and of loved everything that you that you've done and you're really short videos or super impactful and just a little bit but then you go on this mind for sales. Isn't it just as simple as just have to be smart and be positive or what Ark. What's the well you you know? At the end of the day. You could boil it down to those couple words if you want. But here's here's the way I look at it and if if you really stop start to think about when you change your mind is amazing how you change your customers by so many times. What happens is we don't find the opportunities. I firmly believe that every morning every day. We come in contact. I was just on the phone this morning. It coaching client netter country where the industry she sells into. They shut now. She sells into the education role. They shut down. They shut down all schools for four weeks. No cases of this thing and this thing reporting their country but they shut down schools for four weeks and initially. She was devastated. But you know what as we talk through tremendous number of opportunities that she has right now tremendous and I think this is the way it is with all of us. We see so many opportunities but the vast majority we just drive right past. We drive right past when you get your mindset. It's amazing how the fog lifts and we can see things so really it is. It's it's a It's a mindset book but don't get hung up on it because you know you got the Pedia I I don't even have the final. All I have is an advanced reader. Copy that's all I have here it? There's tons of tools in there in terms of how to set up your day. How how to Structure Your Day? How to look at things questions you need to be asking in terms of how you creature funnel your sales process. So there's a lot of those tools in there too because it all comes down to walk right there. Yeah well I was going to say right. I say joking right. It's like four words but I love you. Start the book off with something Super Important. You say that your mind driving your success and you talk about setting a pizza goal. What what come on mark. What is this well? The pizza goal in in one of my top ten all time favorite movies is Tommy boy. If you haven't seen the movie go out and buy the movie Tommy Boy and send the bill to Gerber Shack. I'm sure he will. There's a wonderful scene in there. Where I I won't go through it because if I tell you people will crack up laughing but anyway Where they're trying to make a sale basically what it is is Trying to eat trying to get chicken wings from the diner and Were successful and David Spade says yet a lot of confidence and he says well. I knew if I didn't get the chicken wings. We had a meat lover's special in the trunk of the car. See in other words. What I love is a pizza goal. What is this? This is an easy goal that you create on a Monday morning. An an reduced set an easy goal. I actually learned this from a company I was doing work with and all their salespeople set a Monday morning pizza. The ideas that you accomplish something just minor but creates momentum. Momentum creates momentum in it's getting net mindset right. Wow that's so you actually read the. You actually read the Book I love it. Man Sites did this worst dude. That's how this works. You got it well right but I tell you. I didn't prepare Monday morning. Like you said which I thought was really smart right. I prepared other days than Monday because Monday is for selling and you make that really clear in the book so talk to us about your Monday mission because that was I think that was one of the most useful to tools in the book. And you give it away so early March. Yeah well what what it is is I lay. I lay out ten steps. There's actually five that you gotta do on Sunday night and five you do on Monday morning. And what's cool is gonNA apply this to not just Monday morning but you can apply him but you set your mission and so many times. What happens is we set our plan based on a to do list and what? I WANNA do is. I want to flip it on it. I want it said on the outcomes. What are the outcomes? And there's just something about again you're when you're shifting your mindset to the outcomes you're going to create the outcomes are going to help people with it's amazing how it changes how you go about that to do list so it is purely. Because here's what I find joining people spend Monday get ready e tour. Well Guess What? Wendy's a great selling day and you WANNA blow off Monday mornings a bet. You're the same person that goes on Friday afternoon. So guess what you've now born twenty percent year week I. I make some of my best sales on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. I lot boom. Yeah I totally agree. I think Monday can be our absolute best day but that does require some advanced work. And I think that's the thing that folks Miss Right they think. Oh well I don't have to prepare but you're not talking about over preparing and I think that's really important right. It is not about spending all day Friday all day Sunday. Prepping talked to us a little bit about the actual practical tactical stuff martha we need to prep for our make our Monday. Most successful sure. Two things that I love doing is is at the end of the week and you can do it Friday afternoon late Friday afternoon do it's Saturday. My tended to at Saturday morning but Saturday mornings. What I'll do is is I just think back on the week and I- jot down. What are the key things and more importantly what I'm looking for? What's the big? What's what's the biggest thing I did and then I just give myself a big hug. I give myself a big hug. I love myself. And and here's what is because now it is. You have a chance to put away last week on a high note and when you put away last week on a high note then you begin thinking how am I going to set up next week. How we're going to set up next week to win so it meant what I'm doing is an analog. Do It on Saturday mornings. Because it gives me kind of Saturday and Sunday to Kinda be getting a shifting of the mindset and and so come round Monday morning and and I share in the book how I used to wake up reading. I still wake up early but then I woke up and a kid. 'cause I was excited because what Monday morning was going to bring. And when you go into because I see too many salespeople. All man stressed out Sunday nights. They're stressed out Sunday nights because they're dreading what Monday breaks. And I. I want to put that on. I want let's blow that. Let's blow that out of the water. Send it out. Yeah definitely definitely so stop dreading Monday. Start prepping Sunday. Get excited again for your Monday. Get up early. Give yourself a big hug. Great great advice so so so mark as as an looking through the book you. You've got so many big nuggets here that are that are really helpful and one of the things you talk about the tools remind but then you talk about our greatest assets one of which is the mind but then you talk about timing network so talk us through that because I think so. Many people think that assets are either prospects or assets or tools are acids or money. What does that mean? Yeah this whole thing. So many people sit there and say I can't be successful because we don't have a good product or I can't be successful because our customers a soccer. Whatever or I can't be successful because I have a bad territory I say your three greatest assets of your time your mind in your network and your time is your most valuable asset is not what you sell. It's not your priceless. It's not it's not your cost. It's your it's your time and how you choose to use it. What I find is this gets a Lotta salespeople into trouble because they wind up prospecting people who have no ability to buy there. There's a phrase. I love to use that you can't take a walmart shopper. And make them a Nordstrom customer. You see if you start off with the wrong prospect. Guess what you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA wind up having to discount your price. You'RE GONNA wind up having to do different things start with the right prospect. But here's the thing. Just because the prospect is a name or a lead doesn't make them a prospect that means they just have a heartbeat. Mike dogs got a heartbeat. My dog is not buying anything from me. Qualify prospects early respect your time because you only want to spend time with the best in fact what I WANNA do. I want to spend more time with fewer prospects. Whoa what did you say I wanNA spend more time with fewer prospects because that allows me to really uncover better needs uncovered better opportunities for you when I do that? I serve you in a better way while while that gets into your point here. That sales is not a numbers game. You talk about being a quality game which I think is is so important but isn't it true though mark that we have to have some sort of number to get to quality I mean how do we know how many calls we need to make any outreaches? We need to make yeah. A sales is still a numbers game in terms at the end of the day. You better you better complete the sale but what I find is that when get so focused on the numbers game? We wind up filling up the pipeline with junk. We just have a lot of junk in there and when I wanNA have is I want to have quality. I would rather and and I played this game. I remember one time I had a manager and he was always on my case over my pipeline and I kept more crap in the pipeline and you can ever possibly imagine why to keep him at bay but you know what when you keep that. Crap in the pipeline. It keeps you from getting to what you really need to get to so My argument is it's a quality game and one of the measurements and I talk about this in the book. It's not the number of leads that come into the top of the pipeline. It's what is the percent of leads. Come in the top that come out the bottom as customers dad. That's what that's what I want zero in on. That's that's what I wanna really focusing on it. We all want to feel right. One more outcome we want more outcome and what that means is is to focus on who is going to bit but now here's the here's the flipside of this. If I only have one lead if I only have one one opportunity the clothes I get desperate. What the prospects Mel's and I'm desperate so you do have to have X. number of great quality prospects in your pipeline at any one time 'cause boy that gives you a lot more confidence so it doesn't just come down just one but don't think you need Abba thousand. Some more quality leads to better output really important. I think that's really great and focus on getting enough so you don't get commission breath right. Oh commission breath. Yeah boy jury phrasing their customers are not bowling pins customers right right. I mean customers are not bowling pins and this is what too many sales people feel. They feel sales as a bowling alley and the customers are lined up at the end and their job is to knock them down as fast as you can and sorry cowboys cowgirls s not the way. The game is played because the other piece way back in the back of the book. I talk about how we got to get rid of the word closing the sale. I don't WanNa Close Say oh. I want to open a relationship. Yeah that I wrote that one down that that you talked about the future sales right because I really think that's it because our goal is not just one sale. Our goals not just ten sales. Reputable is a lifetime of value that we exchange with our customers. I think that's the big miss for so many sales professional. Don't you mark? Oh huge miss because what happens is we get the sale and we move onto the next one we move onto the next one and we failed to really come. This is where it comes back to that whole prospecting phase terms of spending more time with fewer prospects. Because what I'm able to do is I'm able to uncover more needs. I WanNa make it as simple for you to buy from me as possible. Don't over complicate things keep it simple. But once you're in I I want to bring you back. I want to bring you back. Bring it back. Bring your back. I want to keep it going. But here's the fatal piece. Don't allow yourself to become reliant on just a couple of customers. I mean. I've had this happened several times in my career where I have been just Which just a few clients and then one of those clients goes And Guess What? I suddenly get pneumonia. Get AMMONIA WELL. Because what happened. Is that one big client. You had chose to go. Elsewhere chose to do something else and because so much your business was coming from them and you lost it. Suddenly you have no business you know this is the old adage out. Sit there and say in fact the very simple example there. There's a lot of companies out there that sell to Walmart and Walmart or Amazon. Might be sixty seventy eighty percent of their business. Well what happens is is does Amazon or Walmart. Really Care about you. Know they don't really care they don't care about you at all and more. She yet win. One of them gets a head cold. You get pneumonia and die. That's not good not not not a good situation just saying just saying that's particularly appropriate right now right now right now. It is a very appropriate. Yeah Oh man yeah. Relax calm down. Yeah that's awful so mark I gotTa tell you though. We talked a lot about yes. We talked a lot about the outcome. But you actually mentioned the value of hearing. No I mean come on man I I read. I read Andrea Watson Book. The Gopher knows while but talk to me about that value hearing no really well. The value of hearing no is good because it allows me to begin understanding where you're coming from and let's not kid ourselves no is only a moment in time. Please no does not mean the world is coming to an end as we know it. It's only a moment in time. And and no just allows me to have an opportunity to gain clarification from you and the know that this is what drives me nuts. I so many sales people the number one reason they hear no is because the customers chosen not to make a decision. It's not that the customer's going somewhere else to buy the customer's chosen not to make a decision. What does that tell me? That says you know what I haven't created enough value enough of a reason for you to want to do business. Yeah or not having created enough of a preference that it makes any sense to actually move forward because a lot of time you know I mean a nurse. She has a strong thing. If I'm sitting on my butt right here it's GonNa take something better than talking to you to get me up. So for instance if the CEO arts past. Why am I get up? But you know if it's just one of the sales guys I talk to you in ten minutes right. And and that's the thing we have to show value more than the alternative. Which is doing nothing is that. Is that what you're talking about here and the urgency of the value because if you get a note that says the CEO wants to see you okay. You'll get there in a few minutes but if the CEO Watch in your office or watch for your face. Wow see now. It's more urgency. So I have to create the value. In in one of the ways we create value. We create knee. We create opportunities is by wrapping it around time. Time is money you know. And so if I could begin to equate this and I share this with a lot. A sales feels it. Well I'm just not going to make a decision for a couple more months. Well what is the cost of you not making? What is the lost revenue? What is the issue of you not making decisions easy? I mean it. Wrap it back rapid back to money. It's amazing amazing amazing. How PEOPLE RESPOND TO MONEY? I Apologize I have lost your audio. I have lost your audio. You're on you're on mute right now ladies and gentleman you're listening to fill Kirby Shack and more. It's okay it's okay. Hey there he is but hold on a second the see what. What are you not ladies and gentlemen stay right there? Because we're going to be with you in just a moment mark the Emmy yes. I can hear you now there. You are terrific good so yeah so sometimes we just have to so that just like in sales when the the meeting gets changed the phone. Congress changed just right. That's right so yes you're talking about are y right about how we have to talk about money but there's other things right other pins and I think that's what sales people have to understand that it's all about finding a solution to a problem right. It is yeah. I want to run with this for just a second because this came up in a meeting. I was with this last week. That when you are say you're in B. Two B. and you're dealing lower in the organization you're dealing with more tactically budget oriented people the further up in the in the organization the more strategic. You're and the decisions are going to be strategic. So they're going to be based the Roi is going to be based on another reason see the Roi might be based on two three F- for years you know. I'm I'm in the midst of getting this book out the door and what is interesting is we're making decisions right now to buy various services from things that we normally would not buy but why we buying it because of the timeliness of the book lunch so get match it up to the needs of the customer. Yeah pretty simple right so we can use them the words because you said this is important because this is happening right. That's really really important so many times. We don't even ask those questions that we have no ammunition right. I get asked all the time. So how do I add more value? How do I know what the customer values and the real easy answer? Is We have to ask them. Ask The question and then this whole thing because I always tell people whenever you you come back with the price you wrap the place around the opportunity. The challenge the problem the pain the gain that the customers expressed you and I share in the book and example where I was on the phone with a CEO or Shamir's president of a company and he wanted to bring me in to speak and do some work for their company and he and he said right. Outta shoot. He said that my feet was too high and any asked me if lower it I said no I said by the way. How much business do you expect to lose with competitor coming into your marketplace pause? And he goes. That was good. You're hired yeah that's really. I mean but you ask that by finding out right. I I can tell you I've closed. I closed my biggest speaking fee to date because I got asked to lower my fee and I asked the question I said so. So you want me to lower. My feet are you. Expecting your salespeople will lower their fee product and service every time that people ask no. That's answer this is kind of funny and I don't mean to run down the rabbit trail speakers and so forth but so many times I'm in the speaking business. You you do. A lot of speaking Common all come back to his If you're having a big meeting hotel you're going to spend more on coffee than you will from me so you know. Think about that for a moment. Your spend more coffee. Yeah but you're still gonNA show the value because a lot of times. Coffees coffees given better value than a lot of those speakers that we see online offi right and that's a nice segue right so as we think about that. Lots of stuff here that we could talk about. But let's talk a little bit about social selling because that is such a interesting myth right. Social selling is neither social nor is it selling and this honestly I tell you mark all the things your book. This is the one that makes me laugh the absolute most. Now your camera when other because we're talking social selling see that it was all on Q. Yeah well social in the little fussy right. That's the interesting thing and I've you know an admittedly I have I. Am You know I? I'm a proponent of social selling but not in the way that we normally talk about some are talked about social selling why it's neither social nor is it selling. Okay now I mean I got nothing wrong with social. Selling is just the problem. Is People get drunk on it and they think it becomes the only way to go and where I re this is why I love to say social selling is neither social nor selling. That's the key key reason I say that because nothing is more painful than you. Can you accept invite from somebody and then two seconds later? They're picking you there how this debate at Cetera Etcetera Etcetera? That's not what's it. It's social the words social create. The relationship You and I have a good friend. And he coin expression years ago and at a lot of other people used it since and And that is your goal is to take the online connection and turn it into the offline conversation. I I. I'm out on social media. All the time I spend an inordinate amount of time on social media it worked for me but I do it because my reputation rice before I do. I do it to create that is might marketing that as my advertising. But if you're a salesperson accompany let your marketing team do that. Let's market department do that. You can spend time on social media but not during the selling hours. Please please let me tell you something. You won't just watch one cat video two hours later you'll you'll still be watching cat videos. Well that's one of the reasons why you know I find the value in these lives to be in the replay. So I replayed the video. I'll repay play the audio right will share it because frankly if you're watching this between ten and twelve or between two and four you're in trouble in. It's ten o'clock right. It's ten o'clock here in Tampa shift morning Because my sales team is selling. I'm a trainer. I'm not pulling them off. The phones right now to do any sort of training. Now is money time doing that. Right is it is. I can look. I can look at Social Media at eight nine o'clock at night I can do that. I mean I I really control I mean you know it's important. Just make sure that when you're on social media you are in it with you how full faculty of Your Mind Okay. Okay because again. Don't tweet a lot of those stupid angry tweets that pop up. Yeah Yeah we will do it in that road. Let's not that's good. That's good well. Let's let's wrap this up here mark. We've got a lot of stuff we could talk about but the book is is fantastic. It's called a mind for sales. It's really helpful. It's behind you there. You only having advanced reading copies. I've a pdf what mark. If there's one more thing that you can tell us about maybe about not controlling your customers or perhaps about some minefields it's a mind traps or even about APPS. What would the one thing be for our mind for sales so that we could take this home and take some action today? Yeah the number. One piece is your objective. Each day to influence an impact. Each person you come in contact with not just a few but each person because again when you treat the Barista the same as you do the customer you're about to talk to. It's amazing how much better you treat the customer. I find the top performing salespeople respect and create a level of confidence with each person. Come in contact with so it's about it's about influence and impact each individual person. And when you do that it's amazing what you'll learn and guess what each day as you learn something. Ask yourself this simple question. How am I going to apply it tomorrow to help my customers? We go back then influence each and every day fantastic advice market folks want to find you they can of course go to the Sales Hunter. Dot Com but it. Where is your favorite social network? If they want to have a conversation with youth. Lincoln is my number one tool so by all means I. You know we were talking. We were talking to green room before we went live but my little six eight ten second videos. I post every morning from airport and Yes later today I'll be in to airport so but I love posting those just those little quick tips every morning out there on Lincoln. Yeah six eight seconds. Go Find Mark Hunter. He is known as the sales hunter. You gotTA check him out. The new book is called a mind for sales. Get a copy. It'll be available. The End of March of twenty twenty fantastic. It's a quick read. It's not just much mindset and about tools and tactics and things that you can do to sell even more to influence people today an every single day mark. Thanks so much for being with me. Buddy. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much great selling yes great selling.

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