WA State Patrol investigates incidents of people throwing at vehicles


This is komo w news. Kim malcolm in seattle. The washington state patrol is investigating reports of people throwing rocks onto interstate highways in seattle. As kyw's radio reports the agency says one rock insured a driver on monday night. The washington state patrol has received seventy four reports of people throwing rocks onto i five and i ninety in seattle this year but patrol spokesperson rick. Johnson says monday's incident was possibly the most serious troopers responded to a report of a car hitting the barrier to scott. They quickly realized that the collision was subsequent to a rock coming to the windshield striking. The driver causing a pretty good laceration is what the trooper said. Johnson says one person has been arrested so far this year for throwing an object on the roadway the state patrol is hoping to catch rock-throwers with traffic cameras and officers stationed near previous incidents. Amy radel k. u. o. w. news.

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