from a girl. Talk about goals with governors I us dear brethren. I hope you're all well Was it the famous ancient philosopher Sheryl Crow. WHO said a change? I I think a change would do you good. I think it was long story short. I sought some advice from podcasting professionals and they review the show. The comax me with some ideas. I may have mentioned this last week and I mentioned it also on the Patriot. PODCAST book the basically said that the way I present the stories. He's very good Blah Blah Blah. However when I go off on tangents which I tend to do as you know sometimes it can be hard to decipher where the story ends? And where I I little snippety. Bits come in so as was preceded last weekend preceded. That's not the right word as talked about last weekend. This episode is a change change in format and this is how it will be going forward so we are going to have slight music in the background of the stories which will then stop when I interject with my alleged witticisms. And that's all we can all be clear on what's taking place. That was invalid feedback that I got you. I thought that's fair enough. That is but it also made me think of Adam. Bits in changing bits around. You know it should. It'd be always involved in the show. Can't stay stale so or can't get stale. Even it's not stale now. Kevin Brady great any so what I thought we do is. We're going to ultimate Everton off this week and that's going to be going forward in the future we're also going to change the theme tune change the theme tune thing that theme tune and at Leiden bits of music as well. But that's a future project so in the In the spirit of things change change around etc.. Allow me to thank on new patrons. Yes now if you want to become the Patriots don't forget it's five dollars a month we'll get you an extra show each week normally mean beca cooking and something avenue and arguments about the paranormal. Which is all fun and Games and I will also send your name out? Yes to for new guys. GO TO PATRIARCH DOT COM would slash. We need to talk about ghosts and sign up and with that in mind. Let's sing some songs to patrons and if you knew this then you won't know but I if you sign up to Patriot. I I put your name and song got to New Patriots. We've got Phil. Gee Kenny's brother and the amazing named Gabrielle Monteverdi. Yes this is for you to phil non signed up to Patriot a WanNa thank you Gabrielle. NOPE MONTA Becky gone. Name is wrong heavy from heaven but it didn't rhyme an hour. I WanNa say thank you to you. You're Kibben this show live so while on a same thank. Thank you guys. And it's on a severn. You're so thank you Phil Gee and Gabrielle L. Monteverdi you're not gonna get much better name than not I I mean fills US great. It's no Gabriella Monteverdi. But thank you both very much. Yes so if you want me to ruin tamed by the medium of Song Patriot Dot com forward slash. We need to talk about ghosts and thank you ever so all of our patrons literally keep the show alive now we need to move on and because it is a changed episode. We moving forward with this new format ain't nothing we can do about it so before we go into the list stories which makes is the lifeblood of the show basically We have got a new segment of the show. Yes we have on. Its Jingle a yes we can we it with a funky jingle in the background langer. I will read your weird news story from this week. The proved we live in a very strange and spooky world of first up. We have the forty one year. Old Man from Hampshire who'd be Maryland sheep in the new forest and an called way. Yes indeed. I didn't time time now. The data come in that book it just worked so anyway it all started when she was found killed. And sprayed with occult symbols on the twenty th of November while several cows were wounded in the Woodland Woodland Hampshire than an early January. Police discovered an you. E W e you in Cotonou which stopped to death with a cross made of Hay and a broken oh can pitch for placed next to it then a few weeks later police investigated three more sheep deaths in the area. Also the parent links to the occult spookier. Well no not really you balance. You're not a wizard. You're not GANDALF. The grey you're not Anton Levay that rhymed united of those things you just a sad man who abuses animals in forrest I hope you get shot. And Jeb Bush was the statement that made me laugh. And it's from the Spokesman of the new forest who said like many rural areas. We have a historical association with witchcraft. So that draws some people in some of the local shops trade on that but normally it's all about the fairies he eh baby all about the fairies raced anyway that brings us to the end of the first of many we can we. It would and what about the partake in some amazing listeners. Stories you remember last week when we are back on I was written out I read out two of the three stories provided to me by Trish. Who is the mother of a colleague of mine and I'm going to read out story three right now? He'll live while it's not like I. Can you downloaded this story is called a very strange range thing. If you believe in the afterlife and spirits then you will understand that same phenomenon is taken to be a sign of either. The presence of a spirit ord one of his spirit trying to communicate moments. Wells were illness when I found out that she had been diagnosed with vascular dementia some ten years earlier that had looked after then and and then he got sick a minor stroke that he would recover from but he needed a lot of help. So WanNa wrote a basis me and my sister would take turns to help out but especially in putting Monta bad and getting off of a morning. God bless you. I remember the start of the significant changes. Women had a bad day and it started to show signs of aggression aggression which was a worsening of her condition. It was my tend to put it to bed too as part of the established routine. I would go up in advance and Foley sheets back and put a step for getting thing into bed in place and turn on the bedside lamp this one night about a week before her death I was getting the bedroom ready. I joined the cat and switched on the lamp and it was just folding back. The bed sheets when Arava log drop of water fell onto the back of my hand. I can almost hear the PLOP it made. It was so big I remember it being visible just sitting there perfectly formed big. I was both stunned and confused. And remember thinking what the dot dot dot. I looked up but the ceiling is the relief. That's all we need a leak right above MOMS pillow. I can't do anything about it now. I look back at my hand with the world is still sat there but I thought nothing Govett on white my hand on my jeans I went downstairs to collect moment and said to my husband. Will you go into the loft in the morning. I think there's a leak directly above mom's ahead the next day we got the loudest out to go into the loft. I my even looked at the bedroom. Ceiling it's not wet. He said a no sign of anything from yeah yeah so open to the lofty went up my insistence. I remember shouts and Gupta Him with directions to where mom would be. It's just driza bone up here. He said there's the league he shouted down. I was confused. No leak but with a big drop of water landing on me from the ceiling. How can not be possible? cavs GONNA theory we on that and it's to do with water and poltergeist but we'll come back to that by the end of the week moment being admitted to hospital it was Friday. The twenty ninth November two thousand thirteen a team but a condition deteriorated so much that by Sunday the first of December she was semi conscious and not responsive Popley out then. The strangest thing happened. I remember the following week getting up during the Patio curtains and the living room and seeing the outline of the number four written on the patio glass a large greasy mark walk very visible and written on the inside of the patio glass. I remember thinking to myself. Who's done that? WHO's been putting their greasy fingers on the glass us when my husband came into the living room we both just stared at it puzzled? Only two of us live in the house. So how have the governor who was dawning on. Why the number four uh-huh so many questions? The fact that the four had been made on the inside of the gloss baffled us three days later mom passed away in hospital on December. The fourth two thousand thirty Now in all Trish Bleed always tinged with sadness. These stories aren't they. I mean as is going to be the case. When he talked about dying relatives book a Wonderful Story? And I will say this. And I'll say no more I will say quite a bit. which is how a podcast works? Really pools of water mysteriously appearing are common common frequent occurrence in politics cases. You will hear about them if you read about the Enfield Poltergeist. You've read about Amazon and things like that. There's often pools of water just appeared and Drops just applauding as we found out that means just appearing materializing amid AH AH porting out of nowhere yeah. Two drops of water do have some weird significance with spooky paranormal stuff. So the copy that but the number four is well. Let's served interested in it. Especially God bless her that she then passed away on the fourth. So what are bloody amazing story. Thank you so much Trish and I think I have emailed you to say I. Police are more in. Because you're right such spooky story. I think we can all agree anyway. She we have another. This one comes in from the lovely Cleo Robinson who centre center stories and before and it's called Mike Collection of ghosts. The stories are never ending recently. My House has been quiet and any paranormal activity. Eh has significantly subsided but at work. It's a different story. My whack a popular MBA has always been creepy when it's quiet but even even on busy nights when the atmosphere is amazing. There's a tinge of something called. were no GAL staff and almost all of us have agreed that the feeling of being watched haunts the back. DOC groups there has been many events of the top turning on and off by themselves and does slamming. Well as you know we've had the top ten off and on upstairs by itself but Bekker's convinced it's pressure whatever. I'm we all seem to be able to ignore these events due to their frequency but things have gotten worse. I did my first shift alone a few weeks ago in the morning it was a bright day and nothing seemed to be out of place or going wrong in the back. I sell to do some paperwork. Whilst customers mooched around the shop to look at our collection in brackets we sell alcohol as a bar and sell it off. The shelves to only one man was left when I decided to clean the bathroom through I turned around and so what I thought was a man. Walk into the back in brackets. I assume to use the LOO. I stood looking at the door waiting for him to leave before before I cleaned after awhile past the man didn't leave and I noticed the other man had left from the front of the shop. That's when a hit me that the toilet it was empty if the show was not the mound from the front of the store because no one left the toilet and I never saw him leave. A my attention. Didn't move from the door. I ran around the back trying to find a person somewhere but it was empty. So many walk into the back and then disappeared. The back door couldn't have been used as it was locked. Act Easy to say my for Solo shift was chilling. I've mentioned this to colleagues I feel closest to one of the persons experienced this to to at least are bars attracting a wide range of people law good I like that yes spirits and the dead and devils get out of there the old the young young and the deceased although it's scary to think that the spirit in our stock aren't the only ones around the shock I'm still happy wagging they're and I'm sure more stories will be on the way. Thanks thanks CLEO. No thank you CLEO. Please make sure you send your wines and spirits of both kinds onto the show. What an amazing story? I do like the idea. There's a really illegal actually remember to read it or where a head but it was off like Gal who goes into a police station and the policeman sees sees the scale sat down and shoe. She's waiting for someone to come out. Egos back to comes out. And she disappeared. Checks the cameras and she never came in in the first place bump empire comparison of stories like that. Don't forget guys if you've got a story that you want me to read out. Send it on to contact at talk about ghosts dot com. That's contact at talk about ghosts dot com while while we well as much as things change as much as they say the same. That's not to say the more things change the more they stay the same. So let's have a mid points hurrah okay points. I'm guys I'm going to do rogue thank you listen to this can you that. What's that you may ask? We'll I'll tell you right now. It is of course the Sunday it is Chinese. And he's New Year and we unlivable have the oldest European Chinese community and we live in Chinatown or just on the outskirts of Chinatown. And so that means you here they say look out of my Liverpool apartment. Window is a massive Orange Dragon and about maybe a thousand people go past the flats with drums donnas and all that sort of stuff. Let's have a listen. Maybe thinking let me show. You may be thinking. Why aren't you out there enjoying that? We've been out this firm on. Yes we have out some. We've both some SUNAI and oriental delicacies. We've had a bit of a bowl. We got some fortune cookies minded. You need to expand your business. Is that racist. Not sure ought to check accents. And Becker said you'll younger heart. which is surprising because like she's only like thirty so yeah so happy Chinese New Year? I don't the actual word for it and I'm not gonNA tempted because that would definitely be racist but yes happy Chinese New Year one and all the things have been taken place in our lives. Well I'm satisfied Satay with one I No actually when I do have both is but one I has an ulcer in the eye. How horrible does that sound? I'll tell you how horrible bloody awful so I do. Have A corneal ulcer. It's cut me off work for Bekker's of being photo phobic which I learned in hospital mean sensitive to light yes so I've gotten a patch on as we speak which made me look like a weird pirates hovering out of the window. Looking giants are in Dragon. And no I've not been taken drugs some so we're not as being all changed this week for the show. This is the format going forward. Now what you've had this fall so I like it seems a little bit more professional took on advice from professional podcasters. I also you'll have heard if you're found of many paranormal podcasts. You'll have had I've now I'm supplying pieces. Some small pieces of music for the amazing talented go story guys. You know the Brennan Iranian The Canadian podcast. Great guys. Great guys great guys but I'm now supplying the music Semitic Because the great and I really. I'm a big fan of there so it's kind of like a bit of a fan boy thing for me to do as well to be doing that. But if you're not already onto the ghost thirty guys which I'm sure you are then going. Give them listen. Make sure you do because of wonderful so yeah all change. Let me know what you think getting such as always contact at the ghost. uh-huh story guys dumps because you'll get them contact at talk about ghosts dot com. That's email address. You need if you want to send a story on if you WANNA say hello if you WanNa give me most suggestions by all means do contact at talk about ghosts dot com and other guy if you were to become a wonderful patron go to Patriot dot com forward slash. We need need to talk about ghosts. Yes so that's basically all it's happened this week Oh we also yesterday because I said I need to get out the house because of being cut moved of not being looking at any light so yesterday because I've got to go back to work Monday regardless so We decided added that. We'd scale a mountain as you do so we went to a place called mobile phone in north Wales declined to the top of it climbed it's more a very very steep incline. So we walked to the top of this mountain. I mean we went with a couple that were friendly with and yeah and these Regular mountaineering types and the guy. John is very lovely guy and he says he kept saying like see the top there. That's that's the top now and we get to the top and the being no the peak about about like an hour off a mile away half a mile off and I was like. Oh what are you doing. And because of that peak peak and after about four and honest to God I could've threw off off except he's bigger than me. I'm GONNA throw me off instead but yet we got to the top of it was like when you get to. This is going to feel like you've achieved something you're GONNA fit your endorphins released in your brain and I. It didn't just hope to post go very cold and nearly cried. A needless to say coffee. Malek's this morning so yeah that's a that's a week in the life of a podcast ESTA. Yes but I do hope you all wonderful them well and let me know if you're not and God knows where I'll do about it but I'll at least empathize. Anyway she we get back to some more amazing Englishness admitted stories. I think we showed because that's the point of the Shah. Oh Okay let's do this Okay so that was the midpoint. Yes indeed and we're GONNA go back to more listeners. Stories yes we. We are coup spooky music. Our next story comes in from the new Patriot. Gabrielle Monteverdi on it's cold haunted tales from the eighties. Taylor Hi Kevin. Hi Look the show so much thank you. I listen every week with my oldest kid Lil who's fourteen however my youngest who is twelve Josie refuses to have the podcast on in the car. Because she's completely terrified. You'll actually recall a couple of weeks ago. Gave them a shoutout to say age. OC Don't be scared. Ed but the spookiest noise ever made sorry about that Josie. Anyway I continue thoughts. I would send a long story to which you may enjoy. I grew up on the North Shaw of Boston in a typical New England Cape Style home which was purchased by my parents when it was newly built when my much older brother and sister moved out of the House. I was fortunate enough to have two large upstairs rooms to myself while for my bedroom amount for a TV slash studying area. As much as I loved having lots of room all to myself during the day at night I hate to be alone upstairs and always slept with the lights on. I sleep with the lights on all the time. If I'm alone don't worry about it. I can recall many nights when I would wake up terrified late at night insisting to my parents that there were ghosts upstairs. They always laugh me off and insisted that my upset was just loneliness now that my siblings often out of the house. The Dad's mother passed away was when I vividly recall strange occurrences starting to happen fairly frequently. One night my father and and I were in the kitchen making a late night. Supper and chatting on one side of the kitchen was the stove and on the opposite side the sink. My father was on the sink side of the kitchen slicing up some lemons to put into our ice tea. I was at the stove keeping an eye on the eggs. My Dad came over to give me a hand at the stove and after a moment asked me to go back over to the counter by the missing to get the lemon when I tend around to get the lemon it was gone. There was nothing on the cutting board. Even though he had just finished slice and gets up I was immediately staw old and then more shocked to see the slices of lemon scattered on the kitchen table at the back of the kitchen. I couldn't move dad. I couldn't say anything else. I just just pointed to the table low. What happened? My Dad stopped and just looked at me. I started laughing nervously. Do you think it was Nana. My dot smiled and told only the he'd recently noticed some small things going missing like his glasses case which he always placed in a drawer in the kitchen when he came home from work and had later found out. It's in the open as though it had been playfully hidden and then returned in the summer of Nineteen eighty-eight. I had a friend over and we were listening to inaccessible. Kick which is is an amazing album. Stop listening to this. Go listen to in excess kick. It's blow degraded anyway. I digress on cassette on my stereo. We were in the TV room room and my stereo was in the bedroom. We listen to the whole album and the tape stopped. We just kept shouting after about ten minutes later we heard music coming from my room. The tape tape it somehow rewound and started playing again. We bolted downstairs almost tripping down the staircase this was just completely baffling. The Stereo was very old and did not have any order rewind feature. I was going to say. Actually we just sat downstairs for little bit just catching our breath and wondering what could have possibly caused. That's a happen. We stayed downstairs until a tape played all the way through and then we cautiously made our way back upstairs. This time the tape. It just stopped and did not come on again we instead the machine for several minutes. Then I hit Jack and we grab the tape. We switch tape to ten thousand maniacs to see if the same thing might happen this time. The tape just stopped and did not replay. If felt as though now I was just making yourself known in brackets. And Hey who doesn't love a little extra dose of in excess good Nanna in the next few weeks. I play the same inaccessible many times but it never started by itself again now. That is weird. I must admit I did think was an in order to rewind feature because I used to have stereo as many people my age did and did get to the end of the tape. It would then rewind and play the follow inside but if it didn't have the feature you know it could have only been some ghostly hand sale thin car won't listen to truer strived belonged can. It was a gummy ghost. I grant you yeah thank you. What an amazing story? And it's not the last because she continues yes one more story for today. This one is more paranormal than ghostly. But I thought you would appreciate it in the summer of two thousand nine. I was in my bedroom alone listening to the radio. It was about ten o'clock at night. My parents were already asleep so the house. This was very quiet. I was startled to hear the phone in the kitchen ringing. I was very surprised by a call so late at night. I did not want the call to wake my mom and dad. I got up quickly and went downstairs for just a few seconds as I was running down the stairs I can literally see myself three die mentally in a way I can only describe scribes out of my body to this day. I can vividly see each detail of this view of myself the expression on my face. My hair flying in the nightgown I I was wearing flowing as I moved. It was as though I was looking at myself from the bottom of the stairs. The second I hit the bottom step with my feet it was over i. I was moving toward the phone in the kitchen. And by the time I picked it up there was no one there. I was totally shaken by what happened but somehow it felt as though for a moment I tapped into a sick sense. I've never again had a repeat of this experience. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy these little vignettes. I really hope you BECCA can make your way here to visit Massachusetts pseudo. Why that would be amazing? Yes I lived and worked in Salem Massachusetts for many years and as I'm sure you know Salem is home. I'm to the notorious witch trials and also the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne. I do know that indeed and I'd love to come over and I would guaranteed plot myself everywhere. We went my best to you BECCA. Thank you for giving us a smile on a good Screech Week Gabrielle Monteverdi Danvers Massachusetts. Wow Wow thank you. Gabriel that's an amazing series of stories there and obviously as an avid listeners. To the show will no I will be a complete one hundred ten percent believer in your little body experience. They're having experienced myself when I was seventeen or sixteen even for those who don't have the story are quickly regurgitated. And that is I read a book on astral projection. How to do it made actually stole it from bookshop for me? Because that's the scallops were and I skipped to the chapter that said how do it read it. It said that you need to meditate and you bad fall asleep now fall asleep. Focus on the spot on the ceiling. Closure is try still visualizes visualizes spot repeat repeat repeat so did about three in the afternoon opened me is looked at this spot on the ceiling. Closed me is is and how the sergeant pepper album on repeat One afternoon anyway fell asleep. And then Madonna came into the room and basically said in no uncertain terms. You're lazy busted. You should go out and get a job. Assorted things stop sleeping in the afternoon. I told him where to go. Put me back on the pillow and the moments I put me back on the pillow like that just clicked me fingers. I was settled and I thought on. I haven't actually before I could say moved. I was laying back down in bed and I couldn't move. Yes I'd sleep paralysis and then slowly but surely I got tangled all of me like pins and needles and I've could very slowly move and I've never experienced pins and needles all over me buddy but you know when you get that much coach and you know I can't explain what happened to be there but it was a sincere visceral things so yeah I completely believe that Gabrielle. Thank you very much for sharing it now. We have our final story of the show are. We'll be back next week with more rags. Don't worry about him so our next story comes in from Diana bands. She sent it over twitter and her story is called do it do it do it. I love your goofy voices and how how you best into Song you remind me of myself which worries me because I had no idea how annoying I am. Hello that's do. You WanNa rephrase that and send it back in. I'm not gonNA read. I am I am I joke by thank you. I'm glad to a toupee and apart I continue. I have been a lifelong lover of horror movies. Mysteries mysteries ghost stories and the unexplained in general. However I do not go out of my wake? have any supernatural experiences. I just like hearing about them. Aside it from the stories I'm about to share. I have not had any other spooky or unexplained occurrences in the early two thousands. My husband and I moved into a small bungalow style house house. I have attached to Pitcher of the house which to say guys are on the facebook. Page if you WANNA go over there just search we need to talk about. Goes up on there anyway. The the House of built in the Nineteen Thirties and had lots of original woodwork built in cabinets and draws and a lovely enclosed front porch. The had French doors the the home was small but very cute and had lots of character. Some things that were noticed but not really given much of a thought or than this is an old house with the icy spots. What's and the French doors popping open and slowly swinging wide open? Both toward explained is being drafts. Due to the House Age by two thousand six we have three children and my husband began spending more time away from home and eventually begin a relationship with another woman. The AL didn't expect that San but anyway anyway. Six months after youngest child was born in January two thousand eleven. He moved out and we got a divorce after my divorce when my children will go to bed my evenings evenings with very quiet times alone watching TV reading doing chores or hobbies I like solitary time so this was fine for me after working fulltime and being a single mom to three small children. It was nice to have some alone time. The punters I like the quiet and did not feel uncomfortable at toll. I don't know if it was my husband leaving Omi being a bit roar insensitive from all divorce or what but this is about the time I began to think that this was maybe more than characteristics of an old house. This is not really a story mode of a recount of some of the things happen to experience. Aside from the French stores popping open slowly on several occasions I notice them swing close a latch short. As if someone was passing through the room I would literally just turn the other away and not even acknowledge it. I could not come to say out loud. What I saw ignore ignore ignore south like the best thing to be fair because I would absolutely doc in mine who anyway? This continued to happen occasionally until I moved out years later or the people saw the doors move and I would just brush it off because I didn't want to talk about it as I mentioned before there would also be very cold spots all times. You just felt an extreme chill but it will pass about the time. My oldest child was four or five years old. I felt the cold chill in the night. It woke me up and I just decided to get up. Check the Thermostat a look in on the children. When I got my daughter's room it fell freezing and unnoticed? H- he bent was closed. I opened it up ten the heat up and back. It's a bed in the morning when my daughter woke up I told it to. Please stop closing the heath bent because it gets to Chile. She plays day like it was the most ordinary things assay said. I closed at at night. Because if I don't little ghosts come out of it. Little ghosts calm. Oh my God and and she listens says Oh my God that's horrific. Oh God can you get these kids adopted. Oh my Lord. That's awful inside inside and dying but I just can't say oh okay that's fine then. We never really talked about it again. What are you crazy woman? Oh my Lord get a priest get an old. Oh priest gotta young priests get a Bible. Jesus wept another feature of the house was a laundry. Shoot in the bathroom. It looked like a little square door in the wall and it was a wonderful convenience as it drops the laundry down right near the Washer and dryer. The kids and myself always dropped our dirty laundry down the chute. It was a phone way for the wants to help with chores because they liked look down. Shoot I'm watches. They drop stuff down there on occasion might two boys withdraw toys down the chutes and then hoot and and Hala to have me go down to the basement to retrieve said toy. This became an annoying nuisance and I started to give the boys a time out for doing it. They stopped doing for the most part but one time my youngest son who was about two or three at the time began crying because his favourite trained toy was down the chute. While this could could have totally been my son for sure but it was the first time I heard about lally. Od at God. What the Hell is our lally? I think we're about to find out. He claimed that lally put the train down. The Chute lally was also to blame for dropping a toy in the total. At one time I was just like whatever I'm not buying the lally business with the boys shared a bedroom and parts of bedtime routine was making sure the closet was closed because lally was in the honest to God. This is getting scary now. Got A chill right down my backside and spine of course Jesus. I will just nonchalantly acknowledge it because I did not want to make a thing of this lally but I would make sure the closet was close. Tie for the boys so they would not feel scared now. This next thing was the only time I ever full on acknowledged lally and it was about the same time the boy we stopped mentioning him. My youngest son was walking towards me and he just launched forward a fell flat on his face he immediately started crying and I rushed over to comforts puts him and make sure he was okay as I was consoling him. I said something. Like oh my what happened. And he said that lally pushed him. It did look like he sure does something but he was also clumsy toddler. So take this as you will. I felt so bad for my son so I shouted out Lawley. Don't you ever bother my kid again. An or you'll be sorry. That made myself feel better and we just went on with whatever we were doing. I never really heard much about lally after that but once I made my somewhat look like and he said he looked like a face with goggles on bought no mouth. Oh Jeez I've got to try and sleep tonight after all our listeners. What the hell? I do hope that this ends well. But judging by this like faceless entity with goggles and no mouth I generally generally don't think that's going to be the case but you never know. Let's see that was about the scariest thing I ever heard but I just nodded and kept my cool like that was ordinary. My last experience involve me being slightly drunk. So take it as you will. The Kit spent the weekend with Dad. I was alone for the whole weekend. I went out with friends and awesome cocktails. After the For nights out I returned home a made it to bed and completely passed out. I was woken up in the night. By the extreme cold. I was killed up in such a way to have my arms under my body and because it was so cold I did not want to reach them out to pull the blankets around me still feeling a little drunk and being cold and tired I yelled no doubt if you are a ghost making it so cold then can you at least cova me up with a blanket. I swear to God I felt the blanket slowly. pull up around me to the shoulders. I was terrified. I just close my eyes tightly and said thank you. Now Go away. I'll tell you why you're braver than me. I mean if if it goes pulled the blankets up around my shoulders. I think I think I wouldn't say thank you and go away. I think I'd say can you kindly my father tell him to make haste and bring some holy the water that is terrifying. Oh my God I can't believe it or not. That's amazing well done you and just lay there as still as possible until I eventually fell l.. Back Asleep was having drunken hallucination. I don't know I just remember waking up in the morning thinking what the hell happened last night. I was very shook up after that one and began the process of moving shortly after not surprised I have not had any were experiences since and I hope I don't again. Wow that is is worn. Hal of a group of experiences kagyu cursed you. Were you born under lookie star. was you born with a call across your face because because that's terrifying Diana I honest to God I would Get your entire family history researched I would. It's fought as a necklace and Yeah I'd probably seek out that guy's being killen sheep in England and say please protect me Gandalf. That is utterly terrifying. I can't believe that you go through that because I certainly wouldn't survive mentally physically or emotionally while while we while well guys if you've got story as good as that Senate in contact I talk about ghosts. I'll read out. Maybe with Rebecca may be on my own who knows who doth north Yeah and You'll scare the living Jesus out to meet like those stories of today. and just to say from next week as well we've obviously got a website. WWW dot he of course worldwide web. Don't you know. Www dot talk about ghosts. I DOT COM and on their from next week. We're going to start having story of the week so we're GONNA have a bit of a wall of fame over there where I'm going to put up the best story of that we show show and the story will be up their freedom to read throughout the leisure the idea being at the end of the year we should have like fifty two stories on which I think it'd be good for anyone just looking through but a spooky research and we'll get into a spook on Halloween or whatever so yes so do send them in. You'LL MUKTA wall of fame fame fame fame. Speaking of people get into as well. We've that's lovely early reviews and I think we're going to read them out to say thank you so the first one comes in from died. Detroit by Apple podcasts from the US survey and she says fivestarsoap US phony and some good spooky stuff. Kevin has a delightful Liverpool accent and clever wit. So it's almost like listening to a Beatles cartoon with ghost thrown in the Beatles. Meet Scooby Doo podcast spooky listeners. Stories sandwiched between amusing commentary and occasionally his skeptical partner. Becka make for ghostly on thank you very much Di. That's it's very nice of you to say the next one is from haunt babe from the. US Survey Five Stars subscribe is the title of this one. This is Kevin has stock not only the original interesting content but also humor that makes him so lovable. ooh and easy to come back to less. Thanks haunt babe and finally we got one from Our Name. I recognize one of our new patriots. Whether was a wou which is this is brilliant? Five stars just discovered this. I'm basically listen to two years worth four days. Wow It's brilliant. Thank you Kevin is hilarious. Thank you Vega which makes me laugh out loud at my desk. When I shouldn't be listening to podcasts so I'm trying to convince it's my boss? I have actually developed giggled. Rats that's a good thing. Yeah I don't think he's buying it but I also started thinking in a scouse accent. You to Liverpudlians unsown overload anyway. Highly recommend great giggle good stories and deadbeat August stars. What more can you want in life? Nothing why thanks Weser was a whoo. And he's from Great Britain or she's from Great Britain. I just don't know what they're from. Great Britain we just never know. So thank you for those lovely reviews and if you WANNA leave a review it does help the show. You can leave it wherever you want. Apple podcast stitcher. Wherever else wherever you get your podcast from so I do think that wrap it up for this week but thank you so so much for all of the stories? Yes don't forget you can get us on all the social media stuff. We've got an instagram. Just search we underscored need etc till you get to. We need to talk about ghosts. Hosts are really should come up with an easy user toxin but we're on Instagram facebook. Going join the group there too little secret group. You have to answer some questions to get in. Yes you do quite easy so don't be put off but as a community there that starting to build up. Send your stories of course to contact at talk about ghosts. I'll read them out. This is is out where this is the lifeblood of the show. We've got a good few for next week but do send them in. Could we still need more. Yeah got us on twitter at talk about ghosts and yeah and this has been great. It's a new change. New Format changes. Good yes more change. I hope you enjoy the change. This is how it's going to be from now on it and yeah let's love each other and I'm not gonNA tend to say happy in Chinese because that would be racist but whatever is in Chinese say to yourself Google English. Find Out. Say to yourself and that's for me and sincerely hope you'll have a wonderful week. I will catch you all next week. When a Mayor Bekir on is our guest to restore to a May a not? We'll sell we go if you are patron. You'll hear me in becker arguing about the paranormal midweek no-doubt whilst cooking and in the meantime and in between time I love your daily and our catches coaches later Taty by.

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