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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. The stock market opened lower this morning after three days of gains. Npr's Scott Horsley reports. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than eight hundred points in the first few minutes of training. Both the Dow and the S&P five hundred index dropped about three percent at the opening bell giving up around half their gains from the previous day. Markets have been volatile in recent weeks as investors struggle with the economic fallout from the corona virus. The pandemics price tag is beginning to show up in official government. Numbers including Thursday's jobless claims more than three and a quarter million Americans applied for unemployment. Last week nearly five times the previous record. Congress is responding with a massive two trillion dollar rescue bill. That's expected to pass the house later today. Scott horsely. Npr News Washington. The House is now debating the mammoth corona virus relief package. The measure passed the Senate on Wednesday with every senator present voting for it House leaders. Hope TO GET IT TO PRESIDENT TRUMP. Later today the. Us now has more confirmed cases of the corona virus than any other country. Johns Hopkins University reports. There are more than eighty-five thousand. Us cases slightly more than in China. Health officials say the number of cases in the US has been rising rapidly as more testing is completed. Meanwhile NPR's Windsor Johnston reports president trump is preparing to release an updated set of guidelines on social distancing trump says the government will use data from accelerated testing to categorize areas as high medium or low risk for the virus in a letter to governor on. Thursday. The president said the new guidelines will help individuals states make decisions in the coming weeks about maintaining increasing or relaxing social distancing efforts this week trump abruptly declared he wants to reopen the economy by Easter despite continued warnings from public health officials. Npr's Windsor Johnston reporting British Prime Minister. Boris Johnson has tested positive for the corona virus as NPR's Frank Langfitt reports from London. More than five hundred. Seventy Britons have died of Cova nineteen in a video message. Johnson said he has mild symptoms a temperature and a cough. The prime minister said he would continue to lead the effort against the corona virus directing his ministers from self-isolation in his residence number ten Downing Street. Thank you to everybody. Who's doing what I'm doing working from home to stop the spread of the virus from household to hustle. That's the way we're going to win. We're going to beat it. We're going to beat it together. The British government has ordered. Most businesses closed to slow the spread amid concerns. Health Services could be overwhelmed. Officials are converting a London Convention Center into a four thousand bed field hospital Frank Langfitt. Npr News London on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down nine hundred twenty four points or more than four percent. The Nasdaq is down. Two hundred fifty three points or more than three percent. You're listening to. Npr this week. President trump announced a delay in the deadline for Americans to get new real. Id's in order to get on planes or enter a federal building down the Department of Homeland Security says that delay will be for a year the new deadline to get real. Id's will be locked Tober. I twenty twenty one. The Democratic presidential primary is technically still two candidate race but his NPR's amy held reports. The Corona virus pandemic is changing the Calculus for that contest in an interview with. Npr's morning edition Senator Bernie. Sanders addressed his position in the race. A are assessing the situation where ended changing every day because elections are being delayed. We've hold rallies. Obviously we don't do door to door campaigning. Instead it's virtual campaigning. With former Vice President Joe Biden leading by more than three hundred delegates sanders concedes. He has a steep path to the nomination. But he says he's taking pride. In keeping his ideas at the forefront whatever happens sanders has his work cut out for him as a senator working in the pandemic that they'll be another stimulus package within the next month for his part. Biden says he's done with debates and wants to quote get on with this. Amy held NPR news. The National Weather Service is warning that critical fire weather conditions persist over the high plains. Temperatures will be very warm today through the southern and central high plains combined with gusty winds and low humidity conditions are ripe for wildfires to ignite in the central United States. I'm Korva Coleman. Npr news from Washington.

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