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Chinese E-Commerce Giants Alibaba, JD Offer Bookings For COVID-19 Tests


You're listening to the news at this hour on Africa. Business Radio Chinese e commerce giant Liberal Group and JD DOT COM of announced that they have each launched booking services for Kobe. Nine thousand test uses virus nucleic acid test in tobacco all team all ALIBABA's too. Many ECOMMERCE sites are directed to a page often appointments at nearby science prices depend on the city with tests in Shangai costing a hundred on. Abc On and test in Beijing costing two hundred fifty eight on the evitable nine cities. What's a Lebron tends to extend this? Jd Dot Com. One ALIBABA main rivals in China launched a similar booking platform last week for test in Beijing. And that was the news at this time on Africa Business Radio you can continue to listen life online at stylebymax. Ww Dot Africa Business Radio DOT COM or via a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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