Wed. 2/19 - Ben Afflecks Divorce From Jennifer Garner is His 'Biggest Regret'


Welcome to these celebrities ride home for Wednesday February nineteenth twenty twenty. I'm your host Kate Raft. Hey everybody welcome back. Wow Okay so. This is a big episode today. Because I'm officially announcing the celebrity that I will be feuding with for clout. You all voted. We did two rounds of voting. Actually three rounds of voting was very intense emotions. Were high but you all decided I should feud with Chrissy Teigen so guess what Chrissy No. You're listening we're in a feud okay and you're now the enemy of this podcast and we're GONNA be talking some serious smack about us. You better listen to every single episode and tweet about every time you listen to okay because your our enemy okay. We don't like you here. You're not welcome here at Celeb- News Ride Home Chris. Et Gin you love twitter so much. Oh You tweeted yesterday about how you haven't been arrested. Okay well you should get arrested for being a bad okay. I'm going to. I'm going to arrest you now. You're arrested by the CELEB- news ride home. Celebrity police force okay. We only arrest celebrities that were interviewed with. And guess what Kristie Degan here under arrest. So that tweet isn't even true anymore. Okay 'cause we've just auditorium arrested you. Boom this feud is going great. So far I think I'm nailing it tomorrow I'm going to be meaner I. I can do better than that. I. I'm not being mean enough tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day to feud I'll have more. I'll try to work up my anger towards Chrissy Teigen tomorrow. I'll have some good insults to flatter. Alright so. The cloud feud has begun. Everybody if you want to tweet at Chrissy teigen about how where feuding with her I fully you. Know You celeb- news writer dies out there. If you want to defend my honour on twitter I wouldn't object. I wouldn't object. I wouldn't object. Okay all right. Let's talk about today's topics. We've got a megs. It Update Ben. Affleck said his divorce with Jennifer. Garner is the biggest regret of his life and I couldn't agree more than Demi Levato opens up about how her eating disorder relapse led to her near-fatal drug relapse. Rapper POPs. Smoke has passed away at the age of twenty. And finally. We're GONNA talk about how Jenna Dewan is engaged now all right. Here's what you missed today in the world of Celebrity News. Hey we've got some major major major. Mags it updates for you today okay. There's a lot going on in the world of megs it and I'm finally going to catch you up on it right now. Okay first of all earlier in the week. Megan and Harry were in the news. Because fifteen of their Buckingham Palace staff members laid off. It's shocking I mean not really because they don't live or work there anymore so I don't know why they would have to employ all those people but the British press seems to think it's a really big deal and they've been reporting on it a lot this week then Harry was in the news. Prince Harry ex Prince Harry. He was photographed by the Paparazzi grabbing. Some sandwiches from a grocery store. I mean I love it. It's there so wholesome now that they live in Vancouver island like I'm loving the vibe here in the pig. He's wearing kind of a puffy sporty jacket a baseball cap. He's holding a delicious looking sandwich. I mean it's wrapped in paper so I don't know how delicious it actually looks. But aren't all sandwiches kind of delicious anyway? He's carrying a bag of groceries with his other hand. It's sustainable bag okay. Living FOR THEIR CANADIAN VIBES. Live being for it anyway. The mega topic that I care most about it has nothing to do with sandwiches. Nothing to do with laying off fifteen people and had has everything to do with the fact that the queen is barring Megan and Harry from using their Sussex royal branding that they've been working so hard on you know you know how they they trademarked. Sussex royal or something and they spent a ton of time building a website and social media accounts all under the umbrella of this Sussex Royal Brand well according to the daily mail quote following lengthy and complex talks. The Queen and senior officials are believed to have agreed. It is no longer tenable for the couple to keep the word royal in their branding and quote. I'm sorry but I love this. There were so many articles that like made. It seem like everything was all good. It was all patched up. The Queen was supportive of their decision. Under Tada I even heard people in real life talking about how the Queen was happy for Harian. Megan and the Queen was like all good with them. I always knew something was up. I was like Nah I see through it. The Queen is not down with exit. She's like bit if you don't WanNa dedicate your whole life to the crown guided. I'm GonNa take you mother Kris down. Well sorry for cussing like that. I should not cuss like cussing. Bad cussing is very bad. Anyway they're gonNA have to come up with some new branding I don't know what they're gonNA pick. Something tells me whatever name they choose for. Their brand is going to be great. And they'll be just fine outs really actually not that big a deal. Ben Affleck has a big profile out in the New York Times. And he's saying that his divorce with Jennifer. Garner was the biggest regret of his life. And all I have to say is a Aubin he yeah he messed up. You'll at the best woman in the entire world getaway. Yeah Yeah but better be your biggest regret that better. Be Your biggest regret. And you're someone with the full tattoo but still Jennifer Garner slipping through your fingertips should absolutely be your biggest regret. Ben Affleck. Yeah God I'm so happy that Jennifer Garner isn't the celebrity that I'm feuding with because I feel so protective over her. I love her so much. God thank God. I'm feuding with Chrissy. Teagan my true enemy but back to Ben Affleck's New York Times profile Here's his quote about regretting his divorce with Jennifer Garner in the PC mostly talks about his struggles with alcoholism and addiction and the negative effects that has had on his life. This quote goes like this quote. I drank relatively normally for a long time. What happened was that I started drinking more and more when my marriage was falling apart this was twenty. Fifteen twenty sixteen. My drinking of course created more. Marital problems he then added quote. The biggest regret of my life is this divorce and quote. I think the profile is generally pretty interesting. It's nice to hear Ben. Affleck be super candid about all of this stuff. It made me think I was like. I don't know this piece makes me like Ben Affleck more or if I just know more about him now but it certainly an interesting look into the past. Few years of his life then also opened up about his most recent relapse which happened before his two thousand eighteen. Rehab stint he said quote relapse is embarrassing obviously. I wish it didn't happen a really wish. It wasn't on the Internet for my kids to see JEN. And I did our best to address it and be honest and quote God at Jennifer. Garner is such a good co parent. Love her so much in the article. He also thanked Bradley. Cooper for being one of these stars that helped him get sober. Probably Hooper is like the patron saint of getting a list men to stop drinking and he also put Lady Gaga in a star is born. I mean Bradley. Cooper is truly the king of Hollywood in my opinion Bradley Cooper. Your Saint Love You. I gotta say the best part of this whole article is that Ben. Affleck finally addresses his absolutely enormous back. Tattoo of a Phoenix. He told extra back in the day that it was fake for some reason and the writer of this New York Times piece called him out on that weird lie. Ben explained the lie about the back. Tattoo being fake saying quote. I resented that somebody got a picture of it by spying on me. It felt invasive. But you're right I could have said that's none of your business. I guess they got a kick out of messing with extra. Is Your Tattoo real or not real? Of course it's real. No I put a big tattoo on my back and then hid it and quote. See Ben Affleck is a little stinker. I knew it. I don't forgive you Ben. You Hurt Jen. You're a little stinker. You lied about your Tattoo to be a little stinker. It you have to say the most defensive part of the whole interview is when the writer from the New York Times says that the back Tattoo was not nearly as Garish in person and quote A. Sure Okay Not Garish. It's just a giant colorful phoenix. 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Go third love dot com slash celeb- news now to find your perfect fitting Bra. Get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love dot com slash celeb- news for fifteen percent off. Today come on you gotTa do it. You deserve a good bra itself care. Demi Lovato was recently a guest on Ashley Grams. Podcast PRETTY BIG DEAL. And she opened up about her terrifying nearly fatal overdose she basically said that relapsing from her eating disorder was the trigger that led to the eventual drug relapse. It's a really great interview. She got super candidate. And you know I love Demi Levato. I'll play you part of the clip here. 'cause I'm tired of running myself into the ground with workouts and extreme dieting. That like I thought the past few years was recovery from an eating disorder when it actually was just completely falling into it. Yeah and and I just realized that like maybe my symptoms weren't as obvious as before but it was definitely eating issue love. How just like candid and open? She is but all of her mental health stuff. It's really refreshing. I loved Emmy she continues. She talks a little bit about how there were people in her ear. Kind of pressuring her to look a certain way which was not helping the eating stuff I I was in that situation and I was just running myself into the ground and honestly think that's kind of what led to everything happening over the past years just like me thinking. I found recovery when I didn't and then living this kind of lie and trying to tell the world I was happy with myself when I really wasn't God. I Love Demi Levato. I'm so glad she's on the other side of her struggles. She seems to be doing really well her song. Anyone is so good it makes me cry every time it comes on the radio like when she sings like I need anyone is there anyone. I'm like. Oh my God me like all all talk to you. Couldn't you couldn't rent to me like I'll be there for you. She's truly perfect. And we must protect Demi Levato at all costs also. We need to protect her twin sister. Peut if you don't know who is. I'm sorry I can't get into it but you're going to have to just Google Demi Levato Peut. What a truly cursed week. This is for celebrity deaths. I feel like there have been so many. I don't even have time to even cover them all. But we have to talk about pop. Smoke rapper. Pop. Smoke has passed away at the age of just twenty years old this morning billboard covered his passing writing quote. The artist was reportedly shot and killed during a home invasion in the Hollywood hills and quote. That is so tragic. That's so so zad twenty. That's so young. Celebrities have been posting about pop smokes death posting tributes of morning to the Young Rapper. Nicki minaj posted about pop smoke. So did fifty cent the weirdest twist about this whole thing. Is that Teddy Mellencamp from the real housewives of Beverly Hills is connected to this story. Ten generally the so random to me but apparently teddy owned the House that POPs smoke was then when he was shot. The house in the hills she took to twitter and posted about it saying quote early this. Am We were informed by third party? Leasing and management company overseeing a rental home we own in Los Angeles that a shooting had taken place at the property. Foremost would like to extend our prayers and condolences to the family and loved ones affected by this tragic loss of life and quote all right so Genita- Dewan is engaged to her boyfriend. Steve Qazi she's also like super super pregnant with his baby. And Hey another engaged congrats. If you're wondering about the timing of this engagement I do have answers for you. I'm pretty sure that the news of the engagement coming out. Because she and channing. Divorce was finalized so now she can get married again. She got the green light. The divorce between her and channing was reportedly finalized last week on February eleventh. Which you know. I guess that's enough time for Steve. Our Friends Steve Qazi to pick out a ring and get down on one knee and hey now they're engaged congrats you to let's just hope. And pray that channing and Jessie J get engaged to so you can all be engaged and maybe have a double wedding. That'd be weird but it'd be Kinda cool. Whatever you do. Don't invite Chrissy Teigen okay. Well that's it for today's show. Thank you so much for listening to Celeb- news ride home. I've been your host Kate Raft. You can follow me everywhere at Kate. Raft thank you all for voting and contributing to these celebrity cloud feud and hey if you are going to join in on this clout feud with Chrissy Teigen. Why don't you tag her on twitter and say hey? This is talking a lot of smack about you. You probably should listen. Okay so everybody tag. Chrissy Teigen tag at Celeb- ride home. Let's get this feud out of the airwaves and into the twitter waves. Okay because this feud is going and she's our enemy and from now on. I will be feuding with Chrissy Teigen until it brings me the clout that I truly deserve. Alright thanks to ride home media and my co producer and engineer Jack Alison. Thank you all so much for leaving us. Those great reviews on Apple podcasts. And thank you so much for supporting our sponsors. When you use our links it really does help the show so I just greatly appreciate that. I'm having a lot of gratitude today. All right well that's IT and Hey I'll see you tomorrow love you.

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