Steelers Friday: How Chris Boswell and the Steelers kicking game will be even more special in 2020


Pittsburgh steeler fans. It's finally Friday and you have stumbled upon hopefully you haven't stumbled upon but you have found. The Pittsburgh steelers show for Friday four, the behind the curtain family of PODCASTS, and my name is Brian Anthony Davis and I am glad to be here with you all today to be talking about my favorite thing and yours the Pittsburgh steelers. But first, we have few announcements to make. It has been a very eventful week here behind the steel curtain and lots of changes coming to our family of podcast also www dot behind the curtain dot com. So if you have how chance to take a look at the blog site today, you may have seen an article from. Former behind the curtain editor Jeff Hartmann. Called the walk of shame well. We gotta take former off of that. So I would like to welcome back Jeff Hartman to the behind the curtain family podcasts and the website is well. Welcome back Jeff Hartman as the senior editor. And David Scofield remains as the editor of behind the curtain as well. So really exciting news to welcome Jeff Back. Now I have some news that's not as exciting for me because. You know welcoming Jeff back really excited about and really excited about how we are going to revamp everything here. But I do want to make another announcement and that is my very good friend who is usually in this spot lance. Williams has decided to no longer podcast with behind the steel curtain and we wish him the very best lance stepped away and he's taking care of some business right now. And I have to say that I have been with behind the curtain for five years and Lance has been here a whole lot longer than that and doing the standard is the standard and Yeah I said it as well as the show on Sunday whether it be the homer, the hater the steelers postgame lance has been an amazing colleague. I will completely miss him especially on the Mike As. I had a great time. And I. Have a lot in common as far as you know our age grownup up in western Pennsylvania our love for the steelers and our love for pop culture as well. So I wanna wish Lance Williams the very best I hope to be doing shows with him in the future as well because the door is always open to my very good friend, sir. Lancelot. So Lance, thank you very much for everything that you have done in your legacy here at behind the curtain. And with that being said, we are going to in honor of Lance. We are going to retire the Wednesday show called. The Standard is the standard we're going to go ahead and come up with a new name for that, and we are also going to retire the name. Yeah. I said it and the reason I can't imagine anybody else saying, yes, I said it with the conviction that Lance did I. You know I think it was an absolutely fantastic show and a fantastic concept and only I want to hear that only Atlanta's voice. So with that being said which. Field has joked that that could be the name of my new podcast. My my cash, raise us all the time with that being said. So we will no longer have a said or the standards, the standard but coming up, there's GonNa be lots of changes where. This News Khaimah with Jeff, coming back and. Your subsequent but not. Be completely away from the fact that Lance was other jeff was coming back and Lance. It just happened to fall in the very same a couple of days so. With that what's going to happen is we're GONNA do some revamping here like a total makeover. steeler style. That's exactly what we're GONNA do. So you're going to hear Jeff again, he will be back on the steelers preview I'm going to try to coax him to do some more shows as well in. We'll be talking about that and also you're going to be hearing a little bit more from a some favorites that you know and love maybe in some different roles. Tony. Deputy will be here as always in also. Michael Beck. Michael's GonNa Michael. So good. He's GonNa get his own show. So that's something we're going to work on his well. We will have more of the logistics. If you have any ideas for some show names, we're GONNA come up with those two but you know you're part of the BTS's family. So we want to hear from you as well. So like I said, we have Tony. With the steelers Brunch on, Saturdays you're still going to hear from big BRO SCO and Scofield, you're going to hear a little bit more from Jeff Again, myself in Jeffrey Benedict is going to join us as well as we have some great ideas for some new concepts for shows, and there's a lot of things. Over the last twenty, four hours swirling in my brain of me trying to figure out what we're GONNA do as the podcast producer here at behind the curtain. So is going to be plenty of excitement. So stay stay tuned. Because we are going to have the same quality steeler content that we always have. So, with that. As Dave Scofield says. Lots of the same plus more. So there you go. We're really excited. Robert Zecevic says. Beckon Black Beck and black. I like that. Michael Beck does something like the he does his open mic show that he's had before actually it's not open mic it's live Mike I want to call it Mike. Just. In my mind. But we we could There's so many things that we could come up with, but I want to move on and we can cut talk steelers because we are inching closer and closer to the two, thousand, twenty NFL season and anything is possible. That's the thing. It's going to be really interesting season we are going to see Saturdays Sundays where we're going to yoga turn on behind the curtain look at it and say, Gosh, who tested positive. Or who is going to be in the starting lineup? So there's going to be a lot of late breaking news in the the guys that do the breaking news at the site are probably like, yeah, there's going to be breaking news. We're going to be busier than ever and so it's going to be the most interesting season. And you want to look back at two, thousand and nineteen. In two, thousand, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, how there were a lot of changes and they were all good. But it seems the way it was shaping up in the work that Kevin Colbert Omar Khan Mike Tomlin. The Rooney family everything that was done. is going to shape what's going to happen in the twenty twenty season. But something happened. A resurgence. Might I add has happened and that happened in two thousand nineteen and that was none other than Chris Boswell Chris Boswell I mean. Justin Tucker gets all the press in he gets all the accolades as he's probably one of the few hall of fame worthy. Kickers in the League right now but Chris Boswell. Came back. With a fantastic season as what we can only call an aberration the year before and not a good one. Two thousand. Eighteen Boswell the wizard of Oz he. His one wasn't working as well and when I'm saying is wand I'm talking about his kicking leg. and. So the wizards just. Wasn't connecting. It was a it was like, let's just say if this was hogwarts than the dimensions got to him in two, thousand, eighteen, sixty, five, percent cash even the extra point game was off, he was thirteen for twenty. It was just not a good year at all and a lot of people lost confidence in Chris Boswell. Here's a good thing though Chris Boswell did not lose confidence in Chris Boswell and that is the most important thing. Chris Boswell came back with a vengeance ninety three point five percent kicking percentage. He missed two one was from way out I. Think it was a fifty, four, fifty, five yarder and wind that. Didn't have a chance. But I can't remember the other one that he missed but I think it was extenuating circumstances as well. He was twenty nine for thirty. One only missed two kicks. He was perfect on extra points. Baas really came back. There was a lot of talk. In two thousand eighteen and even after the season in the preseason for two thousand and nineteen that maybe they need to start looking elsewhere. But the talk swirled back to the fact that. Even, though he wasn't talking and he wasn't disclosing, but it almost seems there's been a lot of speculation that there was something wrong with his kicking leg he was injured. It just wasn't the he just wasn't connecting because if you look at the man's career his career, he was an eighty seven percent kicker and you've got to look at two thousand eighteen how that really knocked down his percentages well, he was in the nineties he would have been in the nineties without that horrible two thousand, eighteen season but the guy was one hundred and twenty, seven for one, hundred and forty six. So that's nineteen kicks. That, he missed in five season. And seven of them were in that two thousand, eighteen season Sean Monahan is saying two thousand eighteen Baas was most likely injured I agree. Mark Davison. The man from down under and you know I always say that I I've got to say that. But I'll tell you what? From a man from Australia Mark Davison guests to a lot of games too. So Arc. In Pittsburgh. That's that's pretty amazing. So mark. As. Well in you know I wanNA give a shout out to mark for steeler nation down under steeler nation Australia on facebook. Really Cool facebook page. So check that out. That's a really good group to as well. I like to jump in there and just read it every once in awhile. Boy I tell you what it's like the steel city down under they've got a lot of passion for the Pittsburgh steelers and that is you know it's amazing to see how global this team is, and you know there's only a handful of great global teams and the steelers are definitely one of them Not, you obviously jumps in the show first time I've been able to watch the live show. How y'all doing not you obviously doing pretty good and glad to have you on the live show but I wanna bring up something that he said. So obviously, not you obviously. Is a good fan of the show, but he doesn't have an opportunity to show up when we're doing it live in the contribute. That doesn't make you any less of a fan of the show that means you're a fan of streaming behind the curtains family a podcast, and that's a really important thing because if you're driving in the car in, you've got that commute. You don't want to be looking at this face. This face is gonNA cause an accident so you don't want that. So download US you know what? Listen to me yapping about steelers while you're mowing the lawn you've got your pa I'm sorry let airports Gosh. My kids would be killing me right now if they heard me call ear pods, Air Pods, you might have air pods, you might have your any kind of headphones I like these kinds of headphones when I mow the lawn or working outside because I can hear a whole lot better with them. Stuff. Sticking to my ear as much. Really, when I have to get that hearing aid, I'm going to have to get one of those expensive newfangled ones because those hard ones that you're great grandpa used to wear those. Oh, those were trying crazy I don't think I'd be able to handle this but when you're in the car. When you have a chance listen to listen to our family of podcast just by downloading free to download all you have to do is have have the space to do it and not you obviously, he is back in me up 'cause he's saying listen to every episode of work. So that is awesome. Just because we don't, we don't get to see alive you're just as important to us and Y. Oh and just because I'm lazy I can't say not you obviously I can't continue to say that but thank you so much for being a fan of the show also want to say a little. Thank you. To Ireland John McCain in Ireland with the the pink Floyd's dark side of the moon. There too. Don't think I notice that Big Pink Floyd Fan Man I. Tell you what if you don't Know Pink Floyd Music and you just WanNa be sometimes I like to be in the dark or like right before a nap which I get many naps lately. Really don't but it's so cool to go ahead and put something like pink floyd on whether it be. Here or dark side of the moon. That's just great. soul-searching music. So a really cool. John McCain thank you so much for checking us out. I am not going to try my Irish accent even though I have been the Ireland nine, hundred, six I marched in the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Dublin and Galway when I was A. I was in high school, my freshman year of high school and the recent high school marching rams had a chance to be in those braids. It was pretty awesome. So. You know. Kissed the Blarney. Stone to. and. That was a really cool thing. So I've been the Ireland, but it's been a long time I gotta get back there. But if I try that accent, you guys are GonNa just crucify me in the live chat, my Australia accent. is a really bad. So I'm not even GonNa try the Irish accent I know. I tell you what if you throw if you guys raise about fifty dollars in the in the super chat, I might give both of them a world by the end of the show. So that's your challenge I know you're not gonNA that up. But if you guys come up with that, I will completely embarrass myself and. I I might even. Sing some U2 and well actually that's not incentive you don't WanNa. Hear me sing but let's get back to the wizard of boss and when I hear what you're saying in the live chat. How excited are you? For Chris Boswell this year. and. Really. The title of this show is how Chris Boswell in the sealer kicking game is going to be even more special in two thousand twenty. So. Here's why. It's going to be even more special. If you remember back in two, thousand, seventeen season. Chris. Boswell. One about. Five or six games. With his leg. Teams like the Green Bay packers with Brett Hundley in there and not Aaron Rodgers. And Brett Hundley was taken into them. And that was even before Shazia went out. But Chris Boswell had a make kicks at the end of that game at the end of a lot of games and if he missed them. That team that was thirteen and three. Could have very easily been seven to nine. That's how important he was that season Mark Davison saying the wizard is cool calm and clutch the three, cs? You know. You know you gotta find another see if there was a bread crumb, an ice tea way back in the eighties and nineties called foresee and it's funny I always I was paid attention to that because it was the official ice tea of the Davis family and I made my family go out and and get that. Mark Davis. Also says the wizards beat the chiefs on his own going six for six in the playoffs in eighteen to sixteen game? No touchdowns it's was all Baas not you obviously says I think Baas. Is GonNa have his best year this year it seems that way that year was behind him. In Baas he just said, Hey, I didn't kick. Well, he never blamed it on an injury and everybody is pretty sure he had an injury. But he never blamed all he said. I'm going to get better have to get better end of story. It was almost like, I mean he was embarrassed to talk about it. I don't think he knew how to talk about it. But he led his foot, do the talking and he came back. He was all heart. He kicked like crazy that year last year. And, if boss was just a little bit better on one of those kicks or if he wasn't hurt that's That's a much better season last year. But imagine the games that they wouldn't have won if Baas wasn't on last year with everything that went wrong Baas and the defense were one of the few things that were right. Send Your Slim I. Just Love Saints Senior Slim Oh. Yeah. I remember that year I was calling for the ball on first down when we would get into range that's I mean and you didn't have to worry about a long kick either sending your slim you didn't. Mark Davison asked. Mark, you have the headphones. Let's let's just put you in the. Let's put you on the show to it could be Davidson Davidson. And? Let's see. Bad and down under. We'll come up with a better team not gonNA come up with better titles that Yeah Baas did throw a touchdown baas threw a touchdown that year probably one of his best plays in two thousand eighteen when he threw a touchdown strike to. Probably one of the biggest receivers to catch a touchdown for the Pittsburgh steelers. I'M GONNA. Unofficially say that that. That touchdown that PAS through against the Denver broncos to all hundred Villanueva was probably the shortest man. Ever to throw a touchdown to the tallest man on the same play. So that's that's what I'm thinking they're too. Unfortunately. That that game up in a loss. But. You were talking about Chris Boswell in how he can be so special for the Pittsburgh steelers this year. I like the look of the steelers special team. But you look at the fact that Baas is going into his six year. He very well could have been an all pro last year with the way that he kicked. Yoke. Mr Justin Tucker. Can't stand the guy just because of the helmet he wears and that's it. But how you would love to have that guy and the steelers were one of the teams that were. Were really high on them and actually. Trying to sign him as a free agent and he went to He was a better fit with Baltimore and he was absolutely amazing but Baas. Could have been selected over Tucker in fact. Pecker have a bad year last year but boss had a better year. But that's that's exactly who. I mean you know pedigree gets you pro bowls in all pros and? You looked. You looked at a guy who had a rough season on our own team work eastbound C. had a rough season last year. He got four all pro votes so and it's funny. Sometimes, reputation can get you approachable which Marquee Scott which I think. Talk as well too but he overlooked a great season by Chris Boswell. Chris Boswell is going to have a lot of opportunities this year too. and. There's going to be plenty of opportunities. I think this team's GonNa score a lot more. He can very well have a norm Johnson type season where he scores hundred and fifty some points remember when norm was doing that in nineteen, ninety, six and nineteen ninety-seven. Man. He was money I. Think is offense is GONNA put up a lot of points, but they're still going to have a lot of field goals because it doesn't matter if you are a team that scores A. You're still going to score a lot with field goals to 'cause you're just in scoring range more you're putting less. You're kicking more. It's a beautiful thing. Send your slim says if I recall his only to Mrs One was bobble snap and a fifty, two yard at home. So yeah, you build me out on that I thought it was like a fifty four yarder and I think it was a fifty four yarder. From. That mistake against the Miami Dolphins and It was pretty rough. It was the weather was was rough off the s Dave Scofield. Who was actually at that game. I think that's that's the one that it was so. Robert Events. Love. Bob Sas. Bob Sas but I would I'd be like, Hey, I'm Bob. SAS was her name. is, really good wouldn't trade him for Tucker. I WANNA trade Boswell for Tucker I would have in two thousand eighteen. I didn't know what? We know now. There's a lot of things in my life that. I wish I. Knew then what I do know now. Man Can you imagine some of the things that? If. You knew. Then what you know now how you would change it, it would completely destroy the space time continuum. So you've gotta be careful on that but. Man. There is a Saturday night live in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, seven that always. I always Remember there was John Larroquette. Who I was just talking to my son about John Lark. The my son's about turned thirteen and he was watching. What was he watching? He was watching the parks and recreation and I heard this voice and it was John Larroquette and I was explaining to him the brilliance of John Larroquette from Night Court from the movie blind date I mean just a brilliant actor and I was telling him about. About night court but he was also on. In, this movie with Kim Bay Singer called blind date. And at the time. So he was he was promoting the movie on Saturday night live and he played a character that in the sketch died. and He. He was at the gates trying to get in and he was talking to Saint Peter and they were saying. They were saying to him. All these things that he didn't know. And he found out all the women that one of the in high school The professional wrestling was actually real and all these secrets of life and so imagine if you knew all that crazy stuff what you could do with it but then you need a time machine map to go back in time and like I said that space time continuum we saw how bad it was in the back to the future I mean dude almost may not with his mom that that's a bad thing. So you don't WanNa go there but anyways, it's Friday, we're having fun. We're talking about the steelers and we're talking about Chris Boswell. How excited are you for? Chris, Boswell. Sean Monahan says best for baas hundred, twelve, hundred, twelve, four, one, hundred, twelve for extra points. No field goals attempted. So could you imagine that? That's one hundred twelve touchdowns scored by the Pittsburgh steelers they're breaking all all type of records of that happens everybody goes to the pro bowl on that. Wow. That would be absolutely amazing. ACQUA NBA wants to see the dog who is barking. Dude. I've got three dachshunds. They're the yappiest things in the world I love them. They're really cool. Now there are the names of the dachshunds they're named after Harry Potter characters but my first dachshunds who lost in the last couple of years one was named Pamela Davis and the other one was Hines Ward Davis and So I just lost out this time. When it was time to rename the. The replacement dogs you can't calm replacement dogs. That's rude. But anyways. They're all family but. We're dachshund family in their completely yappy. They're just singing the song of their people. So anytime, someone moves row. either. They're. Awesome. So. Chris Boswell I want to hear your thoughts in the live chat. Let me know. Let me know what you think and am I off I. Think Chris Boswell is going to win for the Pittsburgh steelers four games this season with his leg alone. Because it doesn't matter how great. The. The offense is. It's GONNA come down to it with there's a lot more parody. In the League but I know. You can call me out on this. Because I said, there's going to be less parody in two, thousand twenty because of Covid, I think there's going to be a lot more foreign twelve teams. I think he's going to be a lot more twelve and four teams and less eight, eight, and seven and nine. So I'm going to continue with that but there's going to be games when the offense. And we haven't really seen Ben Rothlisberger offenses in the last few years. Dominate where they've got twenty point leads to sitting on it. There's a lot of games. So. That's what I'm thinking. It's GONNA come down to Bosley again. But I have complete confidence. So where is your confidence level? As far as Chris Boswell, goes as well and am I just drink in the black and gold kool aid. How cool black and gold colours be. It would him I mean it would just, I. Mean Black and gold colour. Maxim together just like Brown. So maybe that's not a good thing but you know it would taste steely. Good. AJC DID Boswell get high ratings in Madden compared to other kickers. You know what? We have A, we have some guys on the site that do a fantastic job with madden. I, don't follow it. You know why I don't play Madden and it's not because. I'm approaching fifty. It's because. I'd be an addict. I remember when? Super. Bowl was out. Man. I played well, I was I was a bachelor at the time, but I would stay up all night playing my son wanted I mean we were at a target and I think. Patty. Mahomes was on the cover of the new madden and he's like, Hey, we could get it for twenty bucks. You play on my xbox I'm like dude, you would never see your xbox again if I got mad. But, then I'm surfing through facebook the other day. They've got this little device. Now that you could plug into your TV, that's a whole bunch of Nintendo. Super Nintendo Games. In Tech Mobile's on it not just tech mobile not talking Bo Jackson Tech Mobile they showed a little thing I looked up in the corner and Slick Stephen Gostkowski so they've got new players. They have a they have recent players in it now. So it's updated. So I want I get an opportunity to play Ben Rothlisberger on technical. My luck is going to be dot com, but That'd be so cool. So I sent a little. I tag my wife in it. I just wrote hint hint my birthday doesn't enough for a while she's got a gift like that. So I'm hoping I can get that if not. Lunch at you guys could buy it for me and then. But then again, I wouldn't do any podcast because all I would be doing would be playing that. Patty man thinks that. All right I I don't is that a beer hat a frosty mug hat or I can't tell whether he's dressed as the pope in that and that you can't see it if you're streaming. But that is the most awesome hat I love that picture patty man. Patty man is not sold on the wizard of Baas. This year he's Ray finkle material choke choke if you don't know laces out places. Out If, you don't know that who is Ray finkle. For the Miami Dolphins fictionally from the nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, four, classic. Ace Ventura pet detective. Ray finkle and Ray finkle had. A bone to pick with Dan Marino luck. This is where the movies fiction you don't have gone. Marino as your place kick holder you're never going to do that, but it's still a fun movie. And I've been kicking around buying the Ray Finkle Jersey 'cause I like. I like crazy jerseys I wanNA Shane Falco Jersey I'm actually wearing. This is not a steelers Jersey. This is A. Steph the Georgia Vich. Jersey, from all the right moves filmed my hometown of. Pennsylvania in nineteen, eighty three and I was actually at the game I was eleven years old watching that in the stands, you can't see my my little face in the stands but it's a lot of fun Patty man says. October fest hat years ago I also wear doors dealers gains. To that's awesome. I disagree with you on the Finkel thing but. Great reference a love it and. That's awesome. John McCain he's going to he's going to rate his players, Tucker Lambeau than Baas. Lambeau I mean that was a guy a couple of years ago. That you really weren't thinking about in the he has really been money as of late so. There we go. Sean Monahan saying lots of heart for Boswell. He does have lots of heart this Texan. He is really special. I really think he's going to make the steelers more special this year and I think he's going to continue to be money. In Two thousand twenty money twenty. I know it's twenty, but money and twenty. That's what I'm saying about Baas. How much is nine worth lots of money in twenty? Gosh, can you imagine if I drank because if I was wearing the hat in October fest with Patty man because I don't drink in this is the reason drink because I'm just a Giddy? Dude? But Man I want to go to October fest with Patti man now. or I want to go to. Main. I really WANNA go to Mardi gras one year, but then might be the last you see of me. Cash. Would that be dangerous if the steelers ever make the Super Bowl again in Louisiana they've been there nine, hundred, seventy, five, nineteen, seventy, four season. But if they were making it again. I need to go I had tickets. To. The Super Bowl after the two thousand and one season and then. Gosh Troy. Edwards, steps out of bounds against the Patriots and the championship game I was there I had takes the Super Bowl. Some butthole when blue and red sat in my seat because they went. there. Just, may October fest is canceled? Everything's canceled but we need you know what we need. We need the NFL season not to be cancelled and keep those fingers crossed. All right with that being said. I'm going to throw. It out the live chat for the next couple of minutes. As we continue on the Friday show. If there's anything that you have to say as we head into the weekend, I would love to hear from you because remember cannot do this show without you guys I'm. Not that I was doing it for the money but nobody through and fifty dollars in the live chat. To See me actually hear me do my Irish accent. So I'm not going to do the Irish accent. I don't even know where I would start. So thank you actually for not. Pygmy money in the live chat, but not a lot of stuff coming in. So let me tell you about what's going on. A BSE the next few days for his podcast go. As I said at the beginning of the show, we will be revamping some things with some personnel changes and tomorrow will be a constant. It's my good friend Tony feel and Tony Deputy will be here with steelers Brunch with twenty. Great musings. So check that out that will be tomorrow right around noon. Then on Sunday. We are going to. Cash I've got to figure out. Sunday. So there's show on Sunday, it'll probably be in the afternoon. I would assume with Michael. Back. But we are going to go ahead and move some things around Monday. You can be back here with. Not The steelers hangover because season other than started yet. But as far as everything else goes. We're going to be contained with the steelers Cuny. I won't be on that show and take a couple of days off get my Huey Lewis on I'm actually not going to see religious but you know I needed a couple of days off. So. What I'll be doing it looks like it may be Dave. Scofield filling in for me as I go ahead and I. Take my boy and the rest of my family away for his thirteenth birthday. Yes. He's becoming teenager the little bad. I'm. Actually, call them see mad because he's Connor Michael Anthony. Davis. So See Mad in water and. And Gosh. Me On a tube in. Whitewater. Probably not the best idea but there you go. Tuesday stat geeks with the Bros. go and then on Wednesday. A yet to be named new show. We're going to have that for you as on the artist formerly known as the standard. We're GONNA come up with something new and then on Thursday the steelers preview as we continue to preview the most. Irreplaceable steeler for each position group. We got a couple of questions I a comment Sean Monahan says we need guys to say healthy no injuries no covert test and will win at all. I like it I think you're right I think it's a possibility. I know I'm a huge homer. But I really think that the planets align just right. Boom raising the trophy. Check this out Kevin Siler who's filling the baron role this year. I still think it's going to be marked Barron. There's something that makes me think that he could still come back. We had some free agent signings this week. When? When the smallwood. He's he's you're running back that it's going to look for a role Curtis Riley the defensive back. They could call baron back I just have that feeling in my gut. Just me says, Jeff is back. Yes. Jeff is back. We're really excited for that. We will be. We will be urging him to rejoin the podcast network. I will say this that you will see jeff again on the steeler preview our flagship show now with Dave Scofield of myself on Thursday nights and we're going to see if we could. Move Jeff some more ideas as well. John McCain says overall special teams Arrow or down I think the arrows up. You know the guy we worry about the most here. Is Jordan Berry from down under. Used to work in a Sydney McDonald's how how cool is that of the late shift at the city? McDonald's I. Bet you that was wild stuff. Okay I'M GONNA. Try It. Could I. Mean. One of them they're mcnuggets made. Okay. That's not even close. But I don't know whether he worked the counter or if he was a fry cook but. Jordan Berry. Lot of people forget he started off really well last year the last quarter of the season probably. Lost his way a little bit more but I mean. Cordless Waldman is going to. He's going to challenge Berry for the role the best punter is going to get that job. Snowman asked is T. J. Watt. Going to get paid next year or in two thousand, twenty one. You have to. He is. I know he's not a quarterback. But. He's the guy that you're going to have to pay. He is the face of the franchise. Sending your slim. Hey, bad. You think Kobe will mysteriously go away after the election. You know that's You know what I'm not a political guy. That's a great question. I really, I. One thing I like to do is I like to keep my politics very close to the vest. A lot of people say that. All's I know is there are reports here and there. I have a I have a son in life that have immunity issues and it's still very much a concern for me If that was a political ploy man I would. I mean. I'd be limited But I don't know. So I'm going to. Fantastic question. I'm just not the guy to ask. Mark Davidson. Yeah. The bloke worked down south in Victoria. Melborn. Really. Interesting I mean. That's really interesting. I mean these guys you gotta understand. These guys are dudes just like us You know it's really cool. You look at a guy that Were number sixty six for the steelers if you watched if you actually don't watch. But if you paid attention to numerous looney or number two uniform in steeler history, sixty, six, Donald Evans took the took a year off in nineteen ninety before coming to the steelers he was working on a loading dock. Then he got back in. and. He was a very important player in that steeler defense. So you know a lot of them, you'll have situations where they're out of the game and are lucky enough to get that break. Some of them are out of the game in never get that callback. We I mean we talk about. Nfl Hall of Famer that was. He was stacking groceries in stocking groceries. That's Kurt Warner so really really. Interesting. Robert SASSA vet. Does Barry Manilow know that you rate his wardrobe. Okay. I love you. Bob Sas you're my buddy I. He has spent manilow right 'cause manilow. Is Awesome. And if you think that be a D- does not know that that quote came from Judd Nelson. In the breakfast? Club. The. Very I spent nine, thousand, nine, hundred ninety eight. On A. On a porch outside of a Gentlemen's Club with. As. He was smoking a cigarette talking about Major League Baseball in one thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, it was it was actually really cool. I had a long conversation about baseball with Judd Nelson huge breakfast club fan huge John Hughes Fan may John Hughes rest in peace but The quote but come on Bob. Sash. You're not going to get you're not going to get a John Hughes nineteen. Eighties, movie reference. Past. Be a the. Lane getting playing time the on the defense. I think Justin Lane. Of course, he's to get back and. Pass the tests. He's going to be back. He's going to be back soon. And I really think Justin Lane. is going to get some opportunities. Here's the thing. You really want to see just lane. You don't WanNa. See last year because that meant that the Nelson floundered and Hayden wasn't worth the money you're one of those guys got hurt. I'm expecting yoke paid and Nelson do have a great season again but just lanes going to get an opportunity he's going to have to battle Cam Sutton. Cam Sutton might be battling Mike Helton as well for play playing the slot but. You know there's there's possibilities that you can see a little bit more from lane I think lane could be a start a starter for the team. But you don't WanNa see a lot of them this year. Maybe, a lot more on special teams. Maybe blowout situations may mean garbage time. That's what I want to see Justin. Lane this year. Mark Davison Mentions Berry. Played for the Australian Football League. The AFL he's done quite well for us. We're proud. Hey, I, like Barry. He's a good dude and. He he had some struggles kicking. He could be worse. Is Myles, Garrett the most hated opponent. Font Hedberg Burford not around. So I. Think. I think myles Garrett is that guy I used to about five years ago now maybe about three years ago I. I had a series where you could vote in of course Birthed one, he was number one with a bullet but I I. I would think that Myles Garrett is probably the number one guy now. Snowman. Gives five dollars to the tip jar. Only forty five to hear me try my Irish accent. Do you think Danny Smith is on the hot seat this year? Yeah. I absolutely do Danny Smith. and. I think Danny. Smith. The Guy who who gave the naked pictures of somebody in the steelers organization to Daniel mccullers because I don't really understand. How he is kept his job I'm sure he's a nice fella and always a pittsburgh native probably a good dude. Just I mean just really really rough. That special teams I really think it could be so much better. I missed the Bobby April days. All right I'm about to be really jealous George test into you meet their hall. Said Daryl Hall was awesome to and I know everybody makes fun of me for my love for John oates and Jeff Hartmann mentions that John oates is the reason the steelers lost against the Jaguars forty five to forty two because he sang the national. Anthem. I'm ever going to forgive Jeff for saying that there are hall I'm a huge Daryl Hall. Fan. So if you met there hall main Gosh I need to see some pictures of that love era hall I got to see hall and oates right before Kovac's probably about two weeks before covid in Hershey Pennsylvania this year I took my son, my twelve year old son. It was absolutely amazing man you met their hall I gotTa hear that story. Send. Your slim. Is it weird that I would rather meet and talk steelers with you bad over any current steeler player you're my favorite. Thank you so much that means a lot. When I do a podcast when you meet me when I find out that your steelers fan I, just WanNa, talk about that stuff because I know how much passion I have for the team and I consider any podcast. I just considered me sitting at a sports bar talking buddies, and that's all it is. You guys are must steelers might be family that's why I love doing this. All I am I'm just some. I'm just some idiot. That has a microphone that has been given a platform. And that's it. Hey, I get. I gotTa do this real quick I'm going to do it. I say this coming up on Tuesday I mentioned this earlier my boy Connor Michael. Anthony Davis is going to turn thirteen and here he is. Here's my best buddy is going to be a teenager. And now she's taking the the headphones from me. So everybody mentioned my main see mad a happy birthday and. Body and I know I'm really loved you go away though. World. steeler. Nation. Not Very Professional. But Hey, I that's what I do. I'm just having fun and you're my steelers family and I wanted to share that with the use of thank you very much. We we had some. We had some TSE birthdays in the last week with family members. Violet scofield turn twelve this week Dave's daughter his wife Janus. I I'm not gonNA say how old she turned because if she's anything like my wife, she'll beat me up. If I mentioned age and Lance Williams daughter turned thirteen as well. Last week. So Lot of a lot of our bts's family members happy birthdays I wanted to mention connor. And You know I appreciate all the love we're getting in in the live chat here. So, anyways, we're GONNA get ready to wrap this all up soon. Mark. Davison wants to twenty twenty one tailgate steelers party. Hey if if we can do that, we're doing it. We're we're going to party like it's Nineteen, seventy nine. Let's see. What do we got here? Robert says its loves the the Breakfast Club. Patty man says I love your podcast especially during dinner sharing by onion rings with the man I. Live in Maryland. And it's my daughter-in-law's birthday this weekend as well. I WANNA shout out to Sydney and So we're going to have we're going to have crab living in Maryland. We're having a crab boil tonight that. I could start smelling it. I mean it I think it's about to arrive. I, hear the family in the background. So cracking some crab tonight. That's great thing about the only good thing live in close to the Ravens I love the state of Maryland. I'm a Pennsylvanian I'm Pennsylvania, born and bred down. In the House but I, love being lender love the crab part I just wish those the. Black and Purple Bruise wasn't wasn't an hour down the road. But I am proud to say that in Jeff Harmon and I share this we were kids field trip are my my daughter and his son. I. Think they were in first grade at the time, and this is when we were just getting to know each other and we're on a school bus and we're going past. MNT Stadium. He's like man every Tomiko past that stadium I flip at the I do too. That's awesome. So I love spreading steeler nation here in a in Maryland and. I definitely do that. Thanks so much. For the happy birthday as mark. Evans. Davison says. We don't care about that was awesome. Snowman turned fifty five, this July fifty, five men I'm close an fifties coming up in two, thousand, twenty, one for me. I can't wait for that. I'm actually excited in it what. See this gray here can't wait I'm ready to go gray I think. You know if a guy could if like a twenty something year old could win American idol Taylor Hicks he was awful but he was completely gray. Can you imagine bad Rock in the gray I can't wait. Till. You scofield release, LA- cracking. I, tell you what? Let's wrap everything up. steeler family lots of great things happening. I really. Appreciate you coming in here my. Family cannot do the show without you. We're going to be making some changes. They're going to be fantastic changes and I can't wait. Spitzer sweet too because once again with. The the man who usually. Has this hour doing? Yeah I. said it. As we're retiree I, said it in Lance has one again Lance Williams. Will Be. Will. Be. Moving on from TSE and we wish him the absolute best. So thank you for everything that you've done behind the still Kurt. My friend. Can't wait to share a Mike with you sometimes down the road and best wishes. My friend also welcome back to one Jefferson Hartman as a mule skinner puts that in the live chat and. You'll also. Says Welcome, back to Jeff. And Take Care let Lance An absolute pleasure. Jeff. Glad to have you back and Mark Mentions Lances awesome. We Love you man. Thank. He's everything that you've done for the show and Mark Davison leaves it with the wizard will lead the steelers. That's what I'm thinking my friends that is definitely what I'm thinking. So four Brian Anthony Davis I'm Brian Anthony Davis, and just when you think you know all the answers to quote the Great Rowdy Roddy Piper, we keep chain in the questions we will see you next time around steeler nation love Ya.

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