Hour 3: Daniel Cormier


This is the dan le batard show with two spot cass. Yes you would need the as did and i did that. Was that was something that was a lot of smoke. I'm not a big drug guy weird. I know i'm going to tell the people what he didn't yeah so. Was it away in or was it just a media availability but otherwise the first time a lot of people had seen nate the as it was an open workout randy okay an open workout like he hasn't some fought in one thousand ninety some odd as its longest time he's been out of an octagon for a fight in his career and so he's out there and he looks like he's shape and he makes sure because like you said open workout to the media's there. He just lights up a big. It's not a cigar in. It's not a standard cigarette but it's anything between first time i read read i read it was a c._b._d. Joint which is i mean not even a big deal. It was an actual joint. I'm probably shouldn't have been smoked indoors what what state where. He said it was c._b._d. Any pass it around the fans california back and they were in california right so the only thing he would have been doing illegally if it was an actual joint is just doing it in public. Health helped me out with the well. You can't do it within twenty eighty four hours of a fight right whether it's legal legal in the state or not isn't that the u._f._c. thing like it can't be in your system for the for the fight testing on the fight is saturday on e._s._p._n. Dan plus right so he gets tested twenty four hours out and if it's in your system that's a problem if it's t._h._c. c._d. It's not it's not a problem right. What's the difference helped me out. What's the difference between the two t._h._c. Kits you high uh-huh c._b._d.'s stuff that kind of releases relieves anxiety is also good for inflammation mation c._b._d. Is the thing that mellows you out and <hes> yeah it's uses <hes> anxiety treatment helps us sleep deprivation lot of practical exco uses for c._b._d. Where t._h._e. It's not even the gangster movie by nate diaz first of all that sport. It's not a big deal. <hes> who was it the <hes> right beast mode was <hes> was doing that recently in public yeah then he light it off of the eternal flame oakland coliseum like natives just piggybacking a little bit trying trying to get that <hes> the bad boy image restarted not restarted never went away but he kind of went away like you mentioned and i actually wondering about u._f._c. a little bit. I feel like <hes> the events themselves don't feel as big and i wonder if it's the personalities or if it's the fights because i think i watched the fights. They're pretty darn good. We've got the big one saturday though <hes> st pay versus daniel cormie who's joining us here in <hes> in under thirty minutes daniel cormie. One of the big stars in that sport is is one of them. It feels really big and it's i'm sure it's going to get a lot of is but some of them it's just like i don't know if we want conor mcgregor in fact <hes> randy. I don't know if you saw that video of conor mcgregor. There's video of him apparently just slapping a dude in the face and older gentlemen face your not accepting his whiskey shots are no no no. Maybe that's a that's a slap up on the komo conor mcgregor scale he he punched okay that was great new video. I didn't really look at his hand at close is head smacking back and kudos to that guy for not responding right the let's say at least sixty five year old irishman was like he ate that punch like a champ. The craziest part of that video is i think this was an ireland how normal it must be for that to happen in a bar because in america i feel like people would scurry people would start pulling their phones out. Nobody even flinches and maybe one guy just like looks over. It is so normal for that to happen there. It looks like they hustle connor with a group of guys about his age four or five guys they get him out of there a sap the bartender a young lady puts her her a handover mouth so she's surprised by it but you're right the old heads. It's it's daylight. They're drinking at a bar in daylight. I'm not judging. I'm just pointing it out and the old heads who were there you know at least sixty all of them up and down the bar you're right. Nobody really sounds the alarm. Nobody checks on the guy and the reports are a why he did. It is crazy. Apparently he was like handing out shots or offering shots of his proper twelve whiskey to everybody and this guy just wasn't in the mood for a shot and you don't turn down a proper twelve whiskey shop app from connemara me and it was noon it looked like and so i'm not trying to take shots of whisky. <hes> the the thing is is oh. His persona as a fighter was as you are this guy but most people. I don't know if most people maybe i thought you know it was obviously enhanced right. It wasn't his actual personality. He did it for the sport. He did it to make money but now i'm just wondering if he's this level of actual true jerk and is that make me never actually want to see him again or does he want or does he come back as the the heel he'll and absolutely everybody hates them and you're gonna hate watching. Oh hate watching a professional athlete. I don't know that i've heard of that before. I mean i think think miami fans invented it when when the bron- left here and e._s._p._n. Built an empire in our studios because so many people watched the miami heat right well actually you're you're right. It was hate watching the heat first and then he'd fans hate watched them right after that okay all right noted. I'm surprised they connor thought he could. You get away with it or that. He thought his events of the last year like he's a you know the on human double secret probation it shouldn't he sort of keep a keep his head on the swivel randy kind of did get away with it. Police saw the video. He hasn't been charged. The man who got punched has impressed charges isn't now we'll see what the reaction is to t._m._z. obtaining video but this happened a little bit ago so as far as con is concerned as he did just punch should dude in a bar outside of the a bit of a sucker punch to which i don't play that but <hes> no it was a pint and that's important. It's important to point out. He's sucker approach sixty five year old plus men or i don't know he might have been twenty seven. It's ireland the what would you play that. What would you have done like. I let the cody one slide lied about. This happens all the time in ireland. Let's not he was. This was james joyce. This was this was tis in that one. I don't know any of those references. Jim joyce umpire. No the writers angela's ashes silvano. Okay i know angela's ashes. You know i feel attack. Today i wear socks when i go to sleep and i don't know anything randy scott talking about and i thought ireland making and cracking jokes about daytime drinking in ireland and apparently that's part of my compliance. I'll just turn off my microphone. See myself out okay. Has anyone else here been sucker punched because that happened to me in chicago. In two thousand three <hes> tell us a story <hes> ten o'clock walking into john barley corns in wrigley villa jason jason a._m. or p._m. P._m. I'm going in and guys being thrown out. I'm latvia to go through a narrow sort of vestibule. I am laughing at something thing my friend in front of me said in this guy being thrown out just a perfect sliding doors moment this guy being thrown. I thought i was laughing at him. So it's one of those. Would you say mother bleep in turn around as the fist is already in the air and it just split my eyes wide open. You were mocking him though right no laughing at something. My friend said which i tried to explain in this guy wasn't having it. You should have told her way better story on how you got a black guy. There's no way there's no way that actual story right. That's not where the fight ended and i didn't black. I didn't get black 'cause he. Hit me hit my brow not the under i part so i had to get stitches but i also had to go to the hospital because they had multiple lacerations on my knuckles putting out until we're we're not until you got the bottle smashed into the glass flying ever you held up through throat and you said i'm randy's. I got you do not punch me in the face bucko. I well just like you were there. I i've chased him and i caught up with him and he was he was being thrown out because he it was staggering drunk staggering and i'm starting my night so i have at least at least foot speed and agility is other staggering drunk is running when he's running away from your he's just learning gems. He's running away. Okay and i catch up with him and i i we talk it out. We i punched him. My punch him a lot of times and then i had to go to the hospital because i had scrapes on my knuckles and i thought i was being slick because there's university hospital so i thought man. I'm gonna get in trouble for if i say that i gotta gotta fight to get in trouble so i said that i fell and the nurse was like no you need to tell me where you cut your knuckles because there could be bacteria and there's no place dirtier bill you know there's no place dirty around the human bacteria wise than the mouth and so she took an iodine plastic iodine brush and just scrape my knuckles like she was scraping barnacles off a book now do you should see the other guys what you were saying the whole time when i haven't seen i haven't seen him. 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Please rate and subscribe. It's all available in the more tab of the e._s._p._n. E._s._p._n. App is a you mentioned the laboratory friends network and we actually have a lot of exciting new podcasts out this week to party. This week is excellent featuring. I mean it is a game. Those are familiar with the concept and those warrant it's a take on the newlywed game in which students and a partner team up against another the famous duo and see who which the duo's knows each other's best and this week it is stu gods and his father bob weiner against phil and chris simms ooh and it's all hosted by frank caliendo who by the way guests on this week's episode of that's what she said hosted by sarah spain and and you can get all of it on the lebatardshow friends channel feed and frank. Kellyanne also apparently is going to be on hard knocks next week. Maybe that would appear to be so christmas super excited by seeing the videos. I saw the video i have no confirmation that he'll actually be on the episode i saw kellyanne video with grew gruden was behind him right and he says hello to frank and he did it in a voice as if he was impersonating himself instead of just speaking like himself character of himself right talking about the visor <hes> <hes> yeah yeah. I don't know if i saw the whole thing. I just saw him say hey frank but he did it in a way that it was like it was mike talking. It wasn't even gruden man. This raiders season's going to be painful. It just is unprepared. I mean that's your bad for being a fan now. I moved on from the dolphins years ago. They're no longer frustrating australia me. I pick a different team every year. I'm a happy person who will who's your team this year. Then mike's going to be happy it's the brand well. It's always aaron rodgers ears and then another team so aaron rodgers playing for the packers which he clearly still is an. I'm sharing for the packers but i pick another. Rogers is my second team. Ah browns fan. You always gotta have a second team lined up smart. I don't even know anybody who doesn't want aaron rodgers to succeed unless there bears fan that's it what what do you stand on. The aaron rodgers mustache. Well mike. It's he gets the aaron. Rodgers look alike thing every once in a while so i think mike should be able to judge. I think it's funny but it's been out in class and outshined by baker matvey. Yes and that's a heck of a mustache. Yes bakers got a good one going there. I feel okay all right. That makes sense. Do you ever do you really get uh aaron. Rodgers looks like am i missing all the time i get mistaken for aaron rodgers all the time and if i'm not mistaken straight up for him i always get. Do you know who you look like and i'm like yes. I've been told howson's of times approve aaron rodgers because that's exactly what aaron rodgers would save they asked him. Hey are you u._n. Rogers that'd be like no. I just look like him. Would you just chug a beer immediately so yeah that's a new this proven yeah <hes> yeah i it flattering though i believe carajas to be the most handsome of all quarterbacks who ever lived. I don't think we'd be hearing about it if it wasn't flattering. You know what i mean like. Nobody ever says you know i get confused for andrew luck stebner shimmy the it's a good one. Who do you get confused for randy scott. You got one of those faces the yeah that that annoying also ran on those progressive commercials and it's it's your is your friends back in the day. It was tom avenue who played ed in the show ed on yeah but that's so outdated now so it's now it's the progressive <hes> sidekick yeah they. He's getting funny commercials now they realized so they got sars outside of flow that still exist employees universe congratulations to you. I looked just like what you what you wanna. Look funny right. You never know though i used to get rinaldo aww resilient a bigger rinaldo with the like the gap in his teeth although i never really got that oh okay never really got them. You're you're a much better shape. Just a humble break for everyone. Oh my god i used to be compared to this. Model is famous acid i used to be this looks like that's my point. Oh oh not cristiano renaldo no no no <hes> at that billy. What's your what's your celebrity like. I wouldn't say necessarily look like but i definitely have been compared to having the same vibes michael sierra. I don't get that at all. I think you look like christian yelich a little bit <hes> i could see that one of the property brothers looks like a property brothers probably because rogers it kind of looks like a property brothers so aaron rodgers long aren't the property brothers twins. So what did i look like both of the property brothers precisely the woman shorter hair though there's one who differentiates long hair also the one that actually is like the real estate guy in the other guys like the the hands in the dirt type of billions not yeah exactly the crazy thing about the property brothers is the guy that's more hands in the dirt doing the physical labor is the one who's in a little less better shape like the difference between the property rose. I was actually watching watching this last night. One of them is very tight. Very you know not a lot of body fat. The other one's just a little not fat or maybe he's just more vain. Maybe he needs to take care of himself because he knows he's gonna going to be on t._v. And wants to look sharp and his twin brother just like. I grabbed my hand in the dirt but if a glass house from you isn't it now what how g it's only because i don't think we're ever going to get to this. I want to ask you about christian pulisic. Mike haven't done it all day. I've been a very good boy so we save this for later because i think it might be worthy of a conversation. 'cause i think this guy is the guy that's going to bring some soccer attention premier league attention <hes> or bring state into the state's yeah i hope so and yes if you're giving me a lane to talk chelsea soccer and christian pulisic <hes> i will absolutely take that however i did just receive a call in the u._f._c. The in daniel cormier is running on time so we should probably try to get to a break here all right. Let's do that lebatardshow. He referred to the yellow sauce eta botchy restaurant as young sauce. Fifty seven percent of the audience said no stugatz. You go ginger ginger ginger. Yum yum yum. I'm young yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum thirty eight percent of the audience said yum yum yum yum yum so they get three yum a._m. Yum sauces. They ditch the ginger to yum yum with an additional yum. Yum second-place was ginger. Yum yum that chris earlier no one goes ginger ginger eighteen percent of the audience goes goes ginger ginger and eighteen percent of the audience also goes yum yum yum yum these citizen lebatardshow with two guys on e._s._p._n. Radio i want to get back fighting as we hope to have daniel cormie a join us here on the dan. Le batard show godson e._s._p._n. Radio and the e._s._p._n. App i feel like i told my story about getting sucker punched anybody. Else have one get means. Rocker is probably not something. Everybody has experienced being sucker a punch but what about just getting into a fight like everyone's the last time you through fists. That's a phrase the yeah i've already done by sharing. I want to hear from from you guys. How old were you then by the way rand. I was twenty one. I know not even. I was twenty okay twenty yeah it was it's been awhile. It's been a while. I've only been in one fight late in my life and it was when i was living at f._a._u. In college and i just i was out in the dorm area. It was like in between the dorms on campus at late at night and my roommate eight was a probably been drinking a little bit and got just into it with people and i found myself and its power had to two of them verse him. So what am i just going to stand there and it was just there's one of those things where literally as i'm doing it. I'm like i can't believe i'm getting into a fight right now. Eighth grade in front of the library <hes> after after school goud named thad for whatever reason like. I don't even remember why we had beef but i remember about his name mm-hmm well. Maybe i remember saying to myself well. I think i'm supposed to get into a fight with his fad dude today. Let's see what happens and next thing you know you see them coming coming from a distance with a couple of his friends and i'm like well here we go and he approached me and it all happened so fast. I don't really remember what happened. A couple of people pulled me away there you go. That was my the only time i've ever done it. He rolled up with friends. I mean they didn't fight. They just kind of stood around kind of me created a semi circle and then and then the fight happened happened and remember remember scheduling fights like absolutely yeah. I remember like not personally scheduling them obvious. I remember this one but i remember thinking or knowing saying oh my gosh. This is such and such and such and such are gonna fight today after school. I can't wait to be that all right. Why can't wait for saturday night. It's u._f._c. two forty one and joining us on the dan le batard show with stugotz on e._s._p._n. Radio is daniel cormet it. Is you have to forty. One cormet versus me osage it's too. It's the rematch a to twenty-six. It's this this saturday you watch. It live on e._s._p._n. Plus and pay per view champ. Thanks for the time we know. It's busy leading up to it saturday saturday the evening against the guy who's been waiting for you even though this feels almost like a constellation fight for the champ himself. Is there a level of disappointment frustration that the letter thing never came together or is it. Just all systems go focusing on beating this man again. Go <hes> sometimes you want something so very bad and <hes> not really what you want and i think i'll teach debate at this weekend. You know he sat around for a year waiting on a rematch honestly for all that he's done deserves a rematch but not all <hes> but now he gets rematch and i'm gonna meet them again. Daniel the first one didn't last very long. I'm just curious from your perspective. How you sort of anticipate a change of how you anticipate an adjustment or do you you just kind of do it in flight. I think that they're going to be a little bit different. I think he's not trying to fight me a little longer. I tried to really <hes> dictate the actions last time which put him in close with me. That's got an stop. I think the time they'll try to maintain some distance so <hes> you know. Maybe you try to fight me at range a little bit more <hes> but i i do a really good job of closing states. I'm looking at your man. I'm looking at sure your typical week you just typical days you get up in the morning time with the kids. Get out the door and then you go to the gym monday wednesday friday sparring grappling tuesday saturday wrestling thursday jitsu weightlifting on wednesday and saturday. What is it what is it cheat day. Look like for daniel cormie. I mean by that heavyweight. You know there. You know i can pretty much do whatever i want. Nutritionally i don't but <hes> <hes> achieved as is usually just kind of hanging out like recipe like that to me not doing anything most days. I don't feel good not doing any any type of training especially in training camp. You'd have gotten older. People people have said dude. Slow down a little bit and i'm like no. It's the only autotrain and if i can't train that way. I'm not fighting so i'd probably my cheesy my cheat days of meetings kind of land back and not doing anything daniel. You look across sports when you see a lot of athletes sort of defying age and you were forty years old doing this. What does that feel like for you. How different is it could look. I'm forty two. I try to stay as active as possible and it hurts. It just hurts some days and and maybe it's because you train every single day and you can't feel the pain but what is it like at forty years old. You know it's it's it's it's tough initially right like whenever ninety training camp and i'm just getting started. It was though i felt every day of forty. If not older you know every day of forty you know when i got going but now i'm a i'm better you know once. I got going one and i started to get in shape again. <hes> it's it's all it's all better. The issue was just getting in shape. You know when you're not in shaping you're older. It just takes longer to get in shape before i would start. I can think of fight like seven weeks notice and be fine now. I you gotta start training at twelve thirteen weeks to be ready to train at seven weeks you know so it just takes a lot of time. We're talking with the heavyweight champion of the world the u._f._c. ahead of you have to forty one daimyo daniel cormie against deep amyot switch. It is a rematch what happened you have to twenty six. It's this saturday watch. It live on e._s._p._n. Plus an e._s._p._n. Pay per view in two twenty six only went about four and a half minutes and you've sober sorta outlined what you feel. I st pay is gonna try to do to you differently. How far down that mental chess match in terms of preparation. Do you let yourself go or is it more. Hey i know what i do best. I know it worked against the first time around and you try not to out think yourself. It's just a matter of of of trying to this is the earliest you know i mean. I don't you know you change it a little bit but you don't reinvent will. I've always had my most. Whenever i'm doing what i do that you know. I started trying to fight to agai. Strengths are quite through his weaknesses. I struggle you know but i gotta be me. You know if i fight my best. I should be okay daniel. This is a big career moment for me right here. It's going to be a potential ego. Bruise if <hes> if you answer the wrong way because i do believe i remember you commenting on social media when this happened but i did a conor mcgregor halloween episode of around the horn. I don't know if you remember that. Do you remember my kind of u._s. And and what you think it was it was awesome. I'm not gonna lie. I was super nervous because i took like a random shot at you in my <hes> in all the talks. I said oh he cancelled it. More fights daniel cormier or something and i was super nervous. You're gonna get a hard time. I remember that no no it was awesome. I thought it was so funny like i'm one of those guys all right mike. I'm always messing with people so you can give it. You gotta be able to take it so that's great speaking of with them. Appear not to put anybody buddy else's business but there's a video of connor going around slapping somebody at a pub because he didn't take a shot of whiskey. What do you think about that. I didn't see it. I've heard about it like four times like like i've done every interview. I've done this asking me about connor <hes> hitting an older gentleman or something i i never saw it but if that's true that's really bad man you cannot. You can't do things like that. You know if congress i just kinda did that. You know kinda. Maybe struggling you know it's maybe time for people to step in and have some conversation with him about trying rain everything back in and get everything in check so a head of this next title defense is latest title offensive at forty years old for you daniel. I i read up on you. I watch you and i know you. I'm thirty seven. I know you as a legend in u._f._c. I didn't know you as a wrestler but i think if if you're being honest maybe that's how you identified your own athletic future future someone that changes for you in two thousand nine when you make that switch. How do you view yourself. Now you've yourself as i'm one of the best ever. Do it and you have see or. Do you see yourself this man if i had to do it over again that if wrestling had worked out that's how i wanted to be remembered <hes> you know when you do something as big as has as what i've done now in in fighting <hes> there is no going back. You know like there is no going back. I i'm a wrestler. I as i've always events and a mixed martial artists second and probably more important because martial arts as not only allowed for me to make make money and and and gain notoriety and everything but it's provided the life of me and my family. That's i never could've imagined or wrestling never would have given has given would have given us you know so <hes> wrestler i but mixed martial arts champion <hes> probably more important. How much longer do you want to do it. I don't know you know. I like you know you could be fighting so great. You could be fighting so raising the next one morning. One day voted a fight and all of a sudden. They just don't work as they did before i think the sport will always talk to people and let them know when i'm gonna walk flynn and i i think i'll know that you know so but one day at a time for me you know. I think i think brady's good kind of going <hes>. I'm wondering i'm forty five so people just don't bother them about retirement as much more with the rest of us you know that the forty club me and breezing those guys every interview like like what are you going to be done. You know maybe we need to like fifty. You guys kind of just leave it alone until we start hundred fifty heard it here first going to always fifty brady shows up to work. It has lots of nobody's allowed to touch him. You guys in slightly different slightly different business moving daniel cormet champion of the world. You can see it. It's u._f._c. two forty one cormet versus message to this saturday night you watch it live on e._s._p._n. Plus and pay per view. Give them hell daniel time champ. Thank you guys thank. Thank you so much donlevatar. If you see a photo of fries do reach for it not unlike a pigeon flying into a sliding. I i'm not kidding you. I have been tempted in restaurants just walking past tables to grab somebody's fries. That hasn't happened to you guys. I've done it. You've done to me done that thing unlike actual photographs retry zoom in on it with your fingers and you just make a big streak cross it a bigger frye yes. I've licked my computer your screen when it's on there. I love french fries. Stugatz doesn't love french fries. I thought it i thought it was always someone out there. That was the one thing america america could agree on. I thought that that was the one place where every citizen and our country would indeed be united across the fifty states. This is donlevatar show with the guys on e._s._p._n. Radio take my bread away. What take take my bread away. I used to sing it whenever i was on a low carb diet that one finds oneself into muscle fitness. I just wish everybody could see the look on his face. Is he judging you. I hope he's judging you harshly. You should take my breath away <hes> <hes>. How do you guys feel about former. Miami received brax. I'm gonna botch last name. Braxton is a burritos rios. Braxton berrios areas legend all right. He apparently is gaining. Tom brady trust yeah. Of course he course. He has come on get him. Hey today <music> at patriots practice. He brady lit into him for a wrong route decision. This is gordon matt. Chatham covers the team for i think nessin now <hes> in the next two snaps drew a holding penalty and then brady found in for a touchdown pass. A young guy needs to respond says match adam after being poured on for a bad mistake real leadership ship. They're saying i'm saying all right. So what do we have to pay off from earlier in the show. We have to close the loop on who j._c. Shas a._j. Is dating aiding once christian pulisic. We haven't talked about the cowboys. We haven't talked about about jay z. I talk about the cowboys on the next show on e._s._p._n. Radio and probably the one after that or let's go in terms of <hes> the j._c. or jay z. Let's go. Let's go off of medical deal j._c. Let's close this loop now. The most famous person he's dated is evan longoria. He is now presently in a relationship with jennifer who young <hes> he used to date catherine smith. Tara tara reid was only a rumor folks. What's yes terror. Read was didn't actually exist. There were rumored j._c. And tara reid of televisions jans terrified ice and american paradise. <hes> were rumored to date. The fling only lasted one month. According to <hes> who's dated who dot com now emmanuel cheer cree at sloan from entourage. That's what she's famous for more so he dated sloan from entourage for about a year and then <hes> in the end of the famous names so the other ones are non famous so he did dates as the non literal sterling bobby thomas bobby thomas might be how he might have been married bobby thomas yeah relationships with it was in a relationship with j._c. Shas ace and from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand and one an old american television personality finality u._k. With somebody and the bobby thomas bobby got him thomas. She is forty four years old and has a child before before. I thought you had him dating evan longoria too so little confused. What was your question randy. How do you survive y._2._k. With somebody in the break it off. I regret it saying it jaycees. Shahzad is the second oldest member of instinct. He's a great age forty three forty three the oldest. Who's the oldest not i was gonna ask you. I'm gonna say chris kirkpatrick. You're absolutely right. Wow forty seven nixon administration. Who's the youngest. I'm gonna say j._t. Yeah thirty eight who like you didn't already know that come on club is already paying <music> in dividends twenty years later. I'm not there with you. I can't tell if you're looking it up. I would have guessed lance. Baby-faced bass baby bass is a safe pick but i remember the mickey mouse club which also featured j._c. has and britney and christina right and christine aguilera as well as ryan gosling who is in dire which group she's too young to be in the new mickey mouse club wait until mickey mouse. Keri russell was a member of the mickey mouse. Oh that's right. Gossiping would've been the ugly duckling duckling in that group gosling had to sort of blossom right. He had to grow into it. I'm never seen ugly ryan gosling. We have <hes> all all right so earlier today. Adrian wootton arou- ski reported that <hes> boogie cousins sustained a possible knee injury and now shams or shops. I believe it's pronounced sham. Dom tom shams has <hes> broken the story it is official four time n._b._a. All star will undergo the final tests and are expected to confirm the twenties the offer because oh oh my this is not going well for him and the lakers for that matter but man he does have a long history of injuries but this is just unfortunate. Speaking of unfortunate is are you back tomorrow with me. Yes sir. That's going to delight so many people. I can't wait.

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