Britains banking sector scraps billions of dollars in shareholder dividends.


You're listening to the news on Africa. Business Radio at the are Britain's banking sector has scraps billions of dollars and shareholder dividends share buybacks after the Bank of England quests that the move to boost liquidity and help scoop cope with economic colonel virus endemic the British central bank statement said its potential regulations authority. Division had acts lenders to stop the payments until the end of the year. It also said it expects them not to pay any cash bonuses to top staff and Response Broccoli's SBC Lloyds Banking Group. Royal Bank of Scotland Santander and Standard Chartered. Allstate said that they would scrap dependence and not barbeques and that was the news at this time on Africa Business Radio. You can't continue to listen life online at. Www does Africa business radio DOT COM OVER MOBILE APP. Thank you for listening.

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