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RIP Tammy Bullard


The. Cried, passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Best of podcast earlier today. We learned of some incredibly sad news about one of the most beloved callers in the history of this program. Known as Tammy Tammy Bullard. Died in a horrific crash this morning on highway two eighty in Chilton county she was. With her three year old granddaughter shortly before eight on highway US eighty between silicon and shoulders. Berg state of trooper officials say the driver of a commercial vehicle carrying some sort of explosive material is traveling eastbound when he possibly bluer tire and the truck overturned on its on its side. Veering into ongoing traffic hitting an SUV carrying Tammy and her. Granddaughter. She. I mean, there are no words right now to describe the impact in the importance that she had on this program and on so many people that. Were a part of it. You always hate to to characterize. But. Easily one of the most important and beloved, callers and the history of this program, which is everyone watching and listening knows is primarily here for the callers. And you know, she certainly could be loud. But that was what made her who? She was. She was the most passionate caller that I've ever encountered the most passionate fan that I've ever known, and it's. It is difficult to talk about this. And what we are going to try to do. And I appreciate all the people who have talked to us via social media. We are going to delegate our final hour to let folks call up and discuss it because I don't think there's any way to to get around at this happens occasionally on a program like this. But it doesn't make it any easier because most of the people that call in we've had some interaction with at some point in time, but I got to know her fairly well, and as all of, you know, the the many calls to this program from her where she. Let her hair down and revealed herself the challenges that she has overcome in our personal life one day. I won't go into it and much detail. She told us some of the most personal things that that any person could could share, and it was gut wrenching to listen to. But it was also cathartic to show many people who benefited by her kindness. She had been involved in a. Fairly serious custody issue, which she described wants on this program, but nothing was more important to her than her children and her grandchildren, and we again, just. Appreciate so many people who have contacted us, and we'll continue to talk about Tammy throughout this day and throughout and for a very very long time. We have a couple of things that we are going to get to here when we come back. But again, we'll spend a lot of a lot of time in the final hour talking about it. Let's let's let's maybe grab a caller to here. Just to try to. Share with the audience. Some some thoughts about this Jim guard had? Well, I just tell you right now just stunned that called all morning and on Twitter. I was hoping and thank you. It was not true. But I'll tell you something I love that woman. I loved her. She she was a woman chez all. There. I just I'm not don't tell me about anybody else. I love dying. I wanna be in them. And I just believe he deadly. She had a hard goal and used to talk about all the time. You've got great you to to to got Robert Allen when she was up there. And I'll tell you what that clip you've got everybody asked me about that all the time about where I said Lenny top. She said what everybody asked about not thank you ought to keep it ever to honor. Tanny? I just I just can't believe it. I just can't believe it. Jim. I don't know what to say about. I there's nothing I can say that can better. Better describe what you said, and you said something so so interesting there. About six or seven years ago. We did take that trip up to see Robert from from Iowa. And she was. You may you may have heard me say as we took off and she started screaming, and I looked over to her. And I said, what's what's going on? And she said we're actually going up, and I said, yeah, she said I've never been on a plane before she was terrified. But she she was so incredible that day with Robert who many of us know, Robert Fisher from from from from Iowa, and they had such a great time. And it was one of the great among the greatest memories that that will ever have or anything will ever do. But I really appreciate what you said there. Jim. Thanks. My daddy used to say anytime my daddy used to say that she said, let me tell you something soon. Good yield will today believe it. She young lady that really should already for her. But boy, we'll miss really made a net show is gonna miss her. No, no way to describe it. No, there really isn't an we've had conversations about where the show is. And where it's going and where it's been, but the people that have made this and made all of us what we do every day. Here are people like you and Tammy and Shane you mentioned him. That's one of the saddest days. I think I've ever had when we had to go on the air and and talk about that. And this. For me. This is the second set is almost a dentist to Shane. I'm telling you. I'm like, I got Tammy may not I got to know off air people need to know off air, and that she she carried on like sometimes own the abbot. He was good at it. But she was great lady. I mean, a great lady I loved it. Well, I think you just said it Jim in. Yeah. She could she could drive anyone a little bit crazy with with the screaming. But when you got to know or in I I did I saw many times at some of the functions that we would have. And I know you spent a lot of time talking to her. She was as as real as any person I've ever met. Exactly. And I'll tell you something else. I reminded went on heard about it. I noticed that last month when she would call the last couple of months, she was a lot nicer a lot more down to earth. You know, didn't didn't get crazy and stuff. You know? Just was you know, I mean, I think I think through communicating John talk to some people as soda coming over here. I mean, she she was she was she was in a really big tough battle as you know, judge, and I think that weighed heavily honor. And I think it it was it became more important than than than arguing with me or you about college football. And and I don't know it's. Sometimes you shake your head. And you wonder about the fairness of life, and I've talked to ministers about this. And I know you have to but somehow today this just doesn't seem fair. A lot of great lives have been laws don't seem fair either. But we oh we can't use it. But I'm just telling you can't. It is I'll believe candy right now is finer than you, and I can imagine. I just believe that I believe where you have to go to believe it can be. And that's what I believe is right now, Jim thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much for sharing that we will take a short break come back much more to do here. And we'll spend a lot of time in our final hour talking about the Tammy and what she is meant to all of us here on the on the program. We're coming right back. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast by now. Some of you may have heard the news we had earlier in the program. If you have not it is incredibly sad to pass along that one of the iconic most beloved, callers and the history of this program. Tammy Bullard passed away early this morning in Birmingham. She was with her granddaughter on highway two eighty between so Akagera and shoulders Berg, south of Birmingham and a eighteen Wheeler blue tire, according to officials and went over into the other lane and. Tragically Tammy on her grand daughter were killed in the. Accident, and I apologize the audience for not being able to completely undo are normal programming. But being here, we certainly had many things scheduled, but we are now going to spend the remaining time reflecting back on her. And we begin with someone who. Was not only a close friend of Tammy, but we were together often in the past. So let's go right to I'm in. I'm in good afternoon. Good afternoon. Paul. Thank you taking my call. You know, Paul you came on you, syndicated your program, and you came on. And before I knew it. I was standing in Birmingham. And and yeah, we're having Christmas party. And I was blown completely away all the voices in that room. I was stunned that I was even invited. And then there was the second way your program. And that's when you put the TV camera in your studio, you had to boom my table yet hipbones on sitting in a corner, and you had a chat room. On that show. And that's when Tammy started calling your program and the chat room was kind of in the early stages of doing something allowed. It was totally and and and people several people actually get involved in it. So I went in there, and I met several people and one of them was the Auburn laid and she had just started calling program, but she brought no attention to herself. And and so you could side chat, and we got talking everything. And and I met her. And ladies and German if you've never met if you've never seen the face of a happy woman. When you look in Thames is and face and look at her. That's what a happy woman lie. Invest description, I can give you ever because that was personality, and and she was thrilled deal. And that second wave of things happen there. And and. Gamey and Charles came in kind of the same time. And so did legend Tate up in show morphed into what it is today. But Tammy we left her and to not Hanley was to let her and she will be greatly missed and a wonderful person. Paul my condolences to everybody. Thank you. So very much. Really appreciate that. Squirrel is up next. Hey, squirrel. To. Reduced about it. Cheap. Wasn't her favorite color. To her. Loader? A low high. Thank squirrel. Greg is up next. Greg. Gregor right ahead. Thanks for the call. Mike is up next, Mike. Good evening. Welcome to the program. Hi, paula. Like, everyone that third themselves part of finebaum family. I'm just in shock. You're about taming and a granddaughter and offer my condolences to the family, and what I started watching you show when you came on the air network and not here AMI call in and Daryl and Charles real town Jerome, and I kinda thought who are these crazy people? I mean, they're nut. And I said, you know, you know, surely, there's better representatives of their football based than you know, their fans than what they're saying. And I kind of had it the leader attitude and then one day a guy called in. And he was talking about it. If you didn't have a degree from the school, or if you didn't contribute regularly to the school that you really had. No right to be comment about it. And you dressed him down. All you. Dress him down hard, you made me Zamin Maas, wealth and. As outgrown and watch the show. I realized that the greatest thing that I think you do is give a voice to people like Tammy and other callers who really do exemplify what the love of football is you may fight with Tammy on the air yourself. But if someone from what I consider the outside calls and was the say something bad about her. You know, you would fight to the death to you know, to defender. And anyway, she's going to be missed. She was the most compelling collar to me where I just couldn't walk out of the room that you've ever had like I said, I don't know if I've expressed it the right way. But you know, I'm not an Auburn fan, but I'm a true Tammy fan, and anyway resident piece Tammy and we live thankful. Thank you for saying that in and listen. I don't think it was by design that we we came up with a plan one day to to do what we we we have done. But but one reason I felt the way I did in our conversation was getting to know people Tammy included, and I think when. When you when you when you got to know her and a friend of mine just sent me a picture of the day that we went up to to Iowa with Tammy to see Robert Fisher. And I think I learned more about her that day as I loot. It was the first time she'd ever been on a plane, but the warmth that she had been made him feel so good and comfortable, and it overwhelmed everyone on that trip and in. Yeah. I mean, I'm not going to say that we didn't have some crazy screaming matches. But that was fine. That's what she was. She she did it with a smile, though, as as Jim and squirrel, and I'm an have said, and I don't wanna diminish any any caller to this program because everyone has voice here. Everyone is important. But there have been few that have touched as many people as she has another next caller. I would agree with me on that times. Ten k dub is next take up. Appreciate you taking my call man, definitely said they on this show said they all family said they the out for Alabama families set said they have five off family, and you gotta skews me about, you know, star rambling and talking and being really coherent and making sense because I'm just gonna talk them to haul. It, you know, and look people just gotta realize something 'cause Tammy a lie. I'm asaid published dot around the same time idea. I when I I I I to calling this show. I listen to him. It will be so entertaining to me. It's so fun into being. I would I would love it. And then it time went on. Then it became the because she was always on my team as she was always talking about my teaming Kevin, you know, upsetting me about day. So we had back and forth, plenty of time Clini. I mean, you can go begging pull the takes up from these old shows. Planets has we had bells with people need to realize when thing that Hammy was crazy crazy about Albans. He wouldn't really like it in real life. He was a, you know, a sweet person when Tammy a real life. I met him. I can't count on how many times I've met Tammy. But I remember the first time I did that we went to that Huntsville Lynch, and and when at met her, and I was just blown away home. How so much different? She was on the air then in real life. And you know, people just gotta realize I, you know, this the same with me, I might come on and ran in Calgary a big about Alabama full by just imitating lay the gentleman, so many people not really light. They didn't realize so is. I appreciate you having his moment and. Is a real tough pill to swallow. It's one of those things because legend sent me a taste MRs to tell me about it. And it's one of those things where it's just autism whole. Thank you for the rest of you know, since you since you got that news. I I've been it's been on my mind, I've been thinking about you know, and you know, she's definitely going to be missed on this show. Rambling and stuff like that. But I appreciate you. Let me yelling at people just gotta realize this is a family out, especially those people that have been back doing this. Well on time I started out with a, you know, I it was kind of a way it was kind of the people that was before was. And then we kinda came on me time. I'm and legend Charles from brio town, all these miss pets you mentally miss it. I mean, it's penalty in Huntsville that same that same day. So a coach knit family and Tim O. You're definitely going to be missed from the firebomb nation and to save me. We love your, and I think if having me all these thank you so very much, and you know, what's interesting. I'm just been looking down at so many publications and and mediums talking about her. And I think because she she really did. She was the embodiment of of what Kedah. I just said there she was all of us in one maybe the best and worst. But, but I know one thing and just she she cared so much about those grandchildren ver- hers in our children and just to the idea that her grandchild was lost in this. Even you can't make anything more heartbreaking at it is. But it just seems it makes it more difficult to even think about thanks for the for the call their k dub more phone calls here at eight five five two four to seven to eight five or coming. Right back. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the program here on this incredibly sad. Friday night, we are in Athens where we had hoped to celebrate the twelfth weekend of the college football season. But unfortunately, that will have to wait Greg is up next. Greg had they Paul thank you for taking my call. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Tammy and only knew through the calls, and as I was sitting here. Trying to explain the Mona what was going on. I got emotional about it, which is kind of odd never having met the person, but it's a testament to the people that interact with you on a daily basis, and, you know, meeting some of the the people that call in regularly, and I remember last year when she called in if he was very subdued, and she explained that Xinmin calling for a while because she was trying to get custody of granddaughter. And I think you probably remember that day. Oh, yeah. And she this is the same the same one that that passed with her today in. I had a article that was buried on Tuesday. And he was only sixty eight and you know, our minister has this thing he says a lot and it's the line from an old gospel song, and it says this world is not my home. I'm just passing through and. It reminds me of the notion that never miss a moment to tell those that you love that you love them because you never know when that moment comes and we're not guaranteed due date. You know, when when we're no longer here and. Want to semi condolences out to the family and. I just hope that. This will serve as a as noticed the people that there are a lot of things more important in life than just football sports. And that if you can keep things in perspective than it the moments that you share what your loved ones means so much more to you that. When you don't have the opportunity to sail of you so on because they're no longer here. So. L of all the callers and love y'all and hope that she have a good day poll. Thank you. Thank you so much. I think it's Kenny Chesney who has a song about all the things that you wish you had done, and your may you may think of that song Greg a minute ago. He said he wished he'd told his brother that he loved them before he went off to war. And now we can't. And I it's it's such a it's such a great then meaningful line the Greg said, thank you. So very very much. Daryl is up next. They're all go right ahead. You get a news. And you know, and you don't believe it, and you so you're gonna research and you find out his true. And you still don't wanna believe it. I mean, just what they said that that day. College football Olver university lost probably one the most passionate fans, I think person could ever be. I'm competent that ten was here right now. She would tell you to three things that she enjoyed her life with her children or grandchildren and this show. I think the show was very positive things for me. And she loves it. She loves you, Paul. I think if anybody wanted to know what type person Tammy was all you gotta do is go out there and watch the video when new in her to see Robert Mortimer that right there. Video speaks volumes to what kind of heart. That woman had. I'm just amazing amazing woman. She had open book with her life anyone and she's going to be sold him hissed sorely missed. But I mean, just just a tragic situation. My prayers go out to her family. This show is going to miss her listeners to the show is gonna miss it. He was one of the kind -absolutely one kind, and I mean, my broken right now for her and her family, she was greatest greatest she'll be sorely missed ward. Emmett till. Illegal. Thank daryl. Thank you so much. Allison is up next Dallas and. Hi, Paul Daryl's rights. She was absolutely one of the kind, and I didn't get a chance to mater. I'm sorry about that. But, you know, for a while about calling you just to say how hard it is to call everyday like or as frequently as some of these people do, and you know, the bell rings in your on. And these people bring it and Tammy brought it more than anybody. She's known for that. And she's going to be so deeply missed for that. And you know, I'd say the time that comes that she hasn't called this. Because you know, she knew that she couldn't maybe at that point bring that kind of intense passion and love for her team. And you know, personally, I'm gonna miss miss hearing her so much and hearing you talk Alison when Auburn went to the. The national championship game in twenty in. When was it? I think sees me. I think it was the second national championship game. They played they played in twenty ten and they played in twenty thirteen thirteen. I believe that she one of the two I I can't remember which one she drove out there to the game. It may have been the may have been the civil the game at the in in in Glendale, Arizona. I mean, she drove out there without a ticket. And I think somehow. Through the show through friends of the show. She was able to find one I can't remember specifically. But but that's how passionate she was. And I mean, she. Yeah, I cannot do Justice to what some would Jim and scorer. And and I'm and Darrow and Grammy. Everyone said the right thing today because even those who didn't know or newer, and in you understand that as well as anyone Alison do she was, you know, I can only hope that I can bring you know, two percent to the show when I call in. She did every single time, and it just saddens me and my heart without to family into you into the fine. Mom family. It's a it's a devastating day. And makes me sad. Thank you very much. Look -nology truth brought to you by DIKO. Truth teenagers, can communicate entirely emojis. Why birthday party pizza slice kitten soccer ball pineapple truth? It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about paper clips shoulder? Shrug high five wizard hat what? Geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. And we welcome you back to Athens, Georgia on just gorgeous afternoon, and we are. Look forward to talking to you. And so many other guests to come including the head football coach at the university, or you're Kirby smart, the former head coaches here. He's brought to you about holiday express be the radius is jammed on it and coach it is always such to see you here. We've we've grown accustomed to seeing of coverage while you're the head coach here. And now, it's great to talk to you about college football. Always glad to be with you Paul about fifteen years straight. Now, we've been doing this, but different place today. I had a hard time finding this. I thought I knew everything was on campus. Because surprise me we we've been here. Once we were here, we were we're we were in Athens twice last year. One of the mostly though, we've been over at Myers quad. Apparently, it's underwater not literally. But. But we got plenty of money. Right. Nothing's underwater. The cost of the rain. I think are are normal okay shin. There is so muddy that we couldn't get all this in. We had plenty of rain around here. It's supposed to be great tomorrow. And glad to see so many fans out here and ready to go for big weekend against the U mass minute man start about by some some breaking news from the college football world. I wanna get your opinion on according to the athletic, the university of Kansas is closing in on a deal with former LSU coach les miles. Excuse me out the F letting this is four Tila straight when he apologized sports Illustrated's reporting Ross del injure that they are close you you kind of could see this yesterday when he agreed to his buyout this. Right off the bat. Bodey make out of this. You know, the one thing about it. And he's got a history with coach long worked together at Michigan. I think and I think in a situation like this guy's been out for a couple years. And I think the day that he was let go you. And I talked about it on the air. It's hard to get a job like LSU. And you know, he's tried then he certainly capable. That's that's a real big undertaking out there to try to come back from where they're football team is right now, but he's had a history in the league coach at Oklahoma for a little bit and kind of set the table for my Gundy there, and he's got a lot of energy, and, you know, sixty five, hey, he's got plenty of plenty of games left. I think the big things gonna get get a staff that can supplementing Monette league, you know, because he's more of a hammer and tone guy. And really, I don't know if you can do that in the big twelve anymore because you can't defend against the pass. If all you can do run the ball. She do you think this is clearly. Just a relationship situation. Jeff long and him. Because because I mean, it's pretty well known that he he was not getting very far and other job searches yet, maybe relationship, but also the vacuum has the name, you know, he's won the national championship. He had a lot of success, and I only Oklahoma state, but he was out there with coach MAC at Colorado knows there you knows the mid west. And I think the biggest thing right now, they gotta get some name value going into kids homes, and I think recruit to Kansas juke, coz, you know, there's a lot of good players out there. And and hopefully coach Beatty is, you know, revamp the team enough that you know, there's their squad with just so low personnel as far as numbers when he took over there. And so I think it's it's going to be a definitely going to be a task for him. But you know, it's good to have him back there coaching football out. They're not gonna be much grass deed out there. Again, the Sports Illustrated reporting or less miles, again, something that always happen with less miles. But it seems. Highly unlikely that yesterday was the the precursor to to this by by giving up five million dollars in the buyout thought of money. Yeah, it is. And I think you know, when you get these buyouts, you know, we try to work with the team, and he's kind of really kind of hung on there at LSU and been really good supporter of Kodjo off the side of the side. It looks like, and I think certainly glad to get that five million. Keep it there and help them what a job Rando arrays. Right. I mean. Well, aranda. Hey, he's done a heck of a job and Kodjo who have all the staff. I mean their offense Stevens makers done a really good job. I think it's just a nobody would have thought a couple years ago based on all the projections that they would be where they are today. So give them a lot of credit. The one thing you, and I've talked about and everybody knows around the country. If you really got it home and LSU there's a lot of good players in that state. And we just lost the kid to them. Then Emory kid running back in sorry to get them out of there. But when they really running talking to coach Jim Don in a lot of time here to dig deep coach before we get into the bigger picture things. The narrative all week has been cupcake Saturday. You understand to being the former Georgia coach tech is next week and Alabama and Florida have their traduced, South Carolina. As a coach when you're when you're going to hundred miles an hour is a good thing to slow down this week or or does it stop them at all? I think it's good. And the reason I do and if you just look at the teams that George has to play that everybody in the in the FCC plays weekend and week out. It takes a toll on your team, not only physically, but mentally getting ready, and you know, just so much expectancy. And I think nobody says anything about it. When when some of these basketball teams play something he's teams that I don't even know where they are. So I think it's just a case of UMass go make a million five it's gonna help their program. We're going have a sell out here. Everybody likes to see Georgia play and really going gonna give us a good kind of jump start on Alabama. Because we gotta go against tech next week is a lot different style. So we get to say the pass in practice all week, and and work on some of the things we'll have to for plan gets Alabama two weeks. Stig alabama. The the narrative all week has been to injury and. You heard what Saeb and said he does not like talking about it. He he's not gonna agree that that this game is less important than the next. How did you how how how did you approach injury situations like this especially when you're playing a team? You know, you're going to beat by name the score. That will Chris that's pretty much any team Alabama play right now. But what's your philosophy on that? And and and how much should to play tomorrow. Well, first of all, you know, Nick, I know Nick, and he's gonna nobody's going really tell him what to do. But he's got tremendous confidence in its training staff. And also is doctors around there just like every coach does and the bottom line. They're not going to put a kid out there if he's really in tremendous danger of of being gone for the year. Now, he's got a situation. I don't know exactly what it is. He's got a tweak in his name. But they're not gonna let him go out there. If if they feel like that, he can't really do it. So for anybody question that, you know, I I think that's wrong. You know, so many of us. So called analysts now, and I don't think I'm one anymore. But I think it's really wrong to really try to tell any coach what they should do because he's certainly you got to have an opinion and everything. But in this case this kid is fighting for you know, win is trophies fighting the kid his team ready for the championship. And if he's ready to go you let him play. I don't think anybody should question saving him play. And if he's ready he's ready, but should they question in having played as much as he had because he was injured in Tennessee game. You got hurt again in the LSU game. They were up twenty one to nothing against Mississippi State, Mississippi State machinery trying to score. That's true. They couldn't score if they left the feel in that game. But I think the biggest thing and that's nothing gets Mississippi State to straight shutouts for for the crimson tide. But I think just the bottom line here for me is is you're going to have player safeties paramount as coach, and you know, you can tweak an injury you see guys. All the time. They'll know if they're going to play or not then they are a little bit. But it hasn't been situation where they've put him in jeopardy. I don't think and certainly Mississippi State did a great job disguising their coverage blitzen off the edge bringing their Jack off the edge and some zone pressures, and that's going to help Alabama. So we're Nicklaus talking about they they got tested by Mississippi State, and they're gonna have to be ready for it against the teams coming up talking to coach Jim down in here. And we will take a short break. We'll get serious about. What's ahead, especially with Alabama and Georgia slated to meet two weeks from tomorrow coach Jim Don in the legendary hall of fame coach from Georgia and many other places. Well, listening to Paul finebaum show podcast can be back on a just gorgeous afternoon here in Athens the sun to getting to. Disappear on what has been a really nice day? A lot more to Kirby smart will join us in the next hour. A right now we're talking to his former coach Jim Donovan kind of player was he is good player. He really was a good leader guy that could really studied the game. You know, his dad was a high school coach, and he really knew a lot of football. And he you could tell he was driven to be. Coach you couldn't say for sure that he would be. But I gave his first job, you know, he got cut by the Indianapolis Colts. And it was late. So we didn't have any G as available. So we put him in position we made up some something. I don't know what it was. But he did a good job boards. He broke down a lot of film. And you know, it was very articulate and the way present it to our players, and he's kind of behind the scenes helping our defensive backs. You know, you couldn't go onto feel with them. But he you could see really going to be a great coach. If you had to pick one thing about him as a coach that has impressed. You the most because you've known them you've coached them. What what would it be do say blueprint? I mean, he knows what the blueprint is. He's been around a lot of good coaches. And he knows what he wants to do. And how he's going to get there from day one. He stayed to that blueprint, you know, recruiting development players nutrition strength development academic profiles. I'm and he turned down. So this is a hard school. Now, people can say what they won't about different schools, but you get a degree from here. He really have earned it and you're going against five star students all the time. And some of these kids don't have the background. So he's a good job. Understanding how to keep the kids going toward a degree. And it means a lot to him and his wife to be part of the fabric this community to having you know, gone to school. They're both of them. So I say he knows the blueprint and he's been able to keep staff solidarity. You know, really good coach is good teachers around him that that aren't looking to leave here. You know, a lot of guys you get younger guys rate in the mood, but guys like, Tucker and Chapman Pittman this outstanding coaches. And you know, I kept coach Coley last year's done a really good job. And then Dell McGee just a fantastic recruiter in running back code. So they got a good staff. Good good strength. Coach good training staff. I mean, the training staff have been together forever. This is been for for many years a place coach, Don in his recruited, great talent. You had great players your successor dead. But it just always like there would maybe in recent years. There was a missing link. What do you what do you think Kirby has done differently, especially on the recruiting trail because we we know how? Well, he's done there. Couple of things. First of all the is. It was the right time to get here. As far as the rest of the league. I mean, we've went thirteen straight SEC games and the closest ones been fourteen so you get a lot of credit for winning but also to competition and he'll day that hadn't been strong as maybe some other times. But he, you know, that's not his fault. He inherited a team that had some pretty good players, but also had some holes in it. Also, he's been able to really develop quarterbacks you look at what he did as a freshman and then from last year and this year, and he's got feels coming along. And and then. The running back. So that we have and the offensive line. But I think more than anything just overall team special teams, really good, you know, Rodriguez develop hardman returning kicks. He does. And then our defense very young lost a lot of good players, but really has played well throughout the years. We got sixty three at eighty five guys freshmen and sophomores. So if you're gonna get some Georgia this was year to get I don't see a lot of people closing ranks between now and the next few years. Let's talk about Alabama for a moment. Because you know, there's funny time we're two weeks away from that game. But. In your estimate. Where would this Alabama team rank among the ones you have seen? I think it's a study here right now because the schedule Nick might be flying over here right now this to check on us, maybe the schedule hasn't been very daunting form. So it's hard to really put them up there in pantheon of all time teams. But they're going to see here over the next couple weeks plan against all those are, you know, they're bitter rival and then Georgia and the play offs. But I think you gotta give Nick lot of credit. He loves seven coaches. Yeah. That's you know, when you lose that many guys to two jobs that cohesiveness of your staff is very vital. So part of the job of been a head coach Paul coaching, the coaches, and he's done that, you know, two guys that really never have called the place for Alabama come in there and denigrate job. Loxley done grade. And then on defense is done a great job too. So I think it's just more than anything. This team's loaded with dalit. Like, it always is. But they really supplementing other and all of a sudden the defense skin strong do on top of that offense speaking that as we get ready for the college football playoff selection. There seems to be a national narrative coach that the big toe doesn't deserve to be. And I bring this up because she you coached under Barry Switzer, national championships. No, no, that's one of your Georgia in Oklahoma or your schools, m Marshall, and you wanna Matt national championship at Marshall only say that I don't want to leave out my Marshall friends, but but you know, talking about the big twelve what's the deal with the big twelve defenses. That's really something that game last week forty eight forty seven was unreal. I told my wife when about three months ago, they were gonna go for two. I mean, you you might Gundy pre game meal, you know, you got one play to win against Okla. Home you're going to do it. So I thought it was a good call didn't work out. But, but we're going to say with West Virginia planned tomorrow, you know, against Oklahoma state and then next week gets Oklahoma. That's going to help the national scene a little bit. But Oklahoma's defense, you know, ranks thank eighty third offense. I but people wanna talk about two of but collar Murray is the real deal at quarterback just to gifted player beating all of the quarterback records already, you know, made fills records this year. So I think it's going to be hard. If for some raising Georgia beats Alabama still going to be hard to keep Alabama out because they've been one all year and been very decisive one. So, but who knows there's a lot of ball to be played a couple more seconds here with with with Jim, Don. And and and coach. The quarterback situation. Here it seems like it's worked itself out after a lot of media interference. Or suggestions? Your thoughts on Jake. Well, the first thing is give Jake a lot of credit because he had some tremendous competition from feels feels as talented guy. I don't need to go into that. But the whole point is you gotta do the job on the field and Jacobs done it a little bit of a setback against LSU some of that wasn't his fault. But I think they've brought feels along. And just the fact that he's so good going against the guy. That's so good shows you while they put him in. It's not like they're looking for reasons to put him in. I mean, he's a he's a very down the gas. So it's a tremendous situation a lot like what you have in Alabama with those two guys and curb he's done it really good job and coach Cheney, and and the other coaches coach Coley bringing along, but, but I think we've stayed away from a real controversy mainly because j just play outstanding all year coach it is. As I've known you been friends with longtime, even I'm not sure I was close friends within your coaching route easier to deal with sometimes. But you're certainly great to deal with that. We thank God. Appreciates having me on keep up the good work and go dogs. Tamar? Curvy smart in the next hour. And we welcome you back. We are live in Athens. And Kirby smart will be joining us in just a couple of minutes. Tony Taylor right now, the women's basketball coach who I say this jokingly had the. I don't know. What was what could have been a more challenge? Working under my good friend. Andy Landers nowadays SPN great to have you on. Thank you. Thank you. Happy to be here. Thank you so much. So what was it like? Under studying all time, or I mean, working for hall of fame coach, it was a great opportunity for me. Andy was wonderful learned so much from him. And you know, you're looking at someone who did this for thirty six years when I came into eleven he had it figured out. And instead of you know, hovering and doing everything himself. He said here, take it. You know, this is not pretending for you to learn for opportunity for me to learn from you, and he really was really, you know, instrumental in helping me be ready become head coach. And and if you were program has been pretty well to say, the least. I know that in this league if you can be successful in this league pretty much can be successful. You are successful anywhere. But what what does that journey been like for you as as a young coach what it's been a lot of fun. I am fortunate to be at a place that I was I was familiar with all parts of the university of Georgia. We've got great ladies in our program. We've got great administration. So I had all the tools that I need it to be successful. It was just a matter of me, not screwing it up. And then I have a wonderful staff who really, you know, does a lot for all of our girls. So it's been really neat to watch this program continued to rides the way Andy had it and to try to continue to do what he wants to do with that program. I speak to so many of the coaches in the SEC, and it's you know, it's almost become cliche to talk about how difficult. I mean. I know it's not cliche to you. It's but because this league is just so unbelievable. But I know that's probably also makes it. More exciting. You come to this. I mean, I'm partial played in it coached in it now for over ten years. But it's it's why you come to this league because day in day out you're going to practice with the best players and you're going to play against the best players on Thursdays and Sundays and Monday nights. And so if you're an athlete and your competitive, why wouldn't you want that? And so that's what we tell our student athletes here they have an opportunity that no one else has. And that's tell our prospects. When we're recruiting them in. I think this campus because things things are just happening on this campus. I mean football's always been pretty spectacular basketball. Now, Tom seems like it's I wouldn't say it's got a it's got more that a policy. It's like we'll play tonight I'm excited to tonight as well. He's come in and gotten everybody energized as you the season's underway. And I know that from from fan standpoint seems like man these things start early, but because it doesn't end till April. If you're if you're still play still playing which you want to be. Your thoughts on that though. Because it there's a lot of conversation men's basketball women's I mean, the NBA seems like it starts right after it ends. What are your thoughts on on the season because has to be hard on on your your ladies? It's long. I think they understand that. And then this year we have the opportunity to start on them for six which is earlier than we've ever been able to. I think it's just time management. And it's because we now have access to them in the summer when I was a player you couldn't do that. And so I think it's being smart about the team you have and taking advantage of of those moments in the summer based on what you have returning. If you have a newcomers, then you have a lot of time to put stuff in. If you have experience, you don't have to do so much with him. And so I think it's no one your team knowing your personnel and managing that because it is a grind in. Again. That's part of what we talk about in the process that when they come here. This is what it is. And we want to be playing April. So it's about taking care of your body. It's about handling your business academically. So that when you do play and things get tough. You get into that. February March madness stretch you're able to handle it. There's always a thought, and we talk about this a lot that you need to schedule. But when when you play in the you really need to schedule. SEC is SEC, and that's going to take care of it self. But I think more and more the committee is now looking to see what you do with the schedule that you can control which is your non conference schedule. They wanna see you play top twenty five teams. And so I think it depends again on where you are a program if you were trying to make it to the tournament versus hosted home mean being one two three or four seat. I think everyone schedules differently depending on what their outcome is. And what their goal is for their program. Well, we'll keep you know, you have a practice. Get to look ready to go. Well, we we have tech this weekend. So that's always a big game. When we go up there tomorrow and play on Sunday. So we'll start prepping for them tonight. So just glad to be here. And how that pretend to talk with you joining thank you so much. Thank you. Great Taylor of the women. At the university of Georgia. So a lot happening today. And Kirby smart will be joining us shortly and look forward to that. Because this is a pretty busy weekend on campus been the men play tonight, the women, thank you. And of course, you master mar for. For the dogs. And then Georgia Tech before the SEC championship game next week. Coach marred is is getting settled here. And we look forward to talking to him as we always do you say he's so kind to to whenever we're here to to come by. And and and share with us his thoughts on with a week ago, and is going to that's always fun to watch. It's what's somebody else working? Anyway, we will welcome coach Kirby smart to us. Now who is now in the chair and coach always good to see if thanks so much and. Talked to you last week before the the Auburn game. And it seemed like a rather tense time. I know every game is important. I'm not gonna I'm not about to get you of all people start minimizing opposition. But what do you hope to accomplish tomorrow? We wanna keep improving. We've we've talked a lot this season about being a work in progress. Trying to grow up and young players playing for us. But we have improved over the last three weeks we've gotten better in some areas, and we still all areas to improve him. But we want to keep doing that against a good team. And you mess, certainly it's a when you play in the SEC championship game as you have. Now the last two years, it's a it's a fifteen week grind and fourteen. We grinder depending on how you look at it. But what is there? I mean, this is a different sport. You just can't take your foot off the pedal and coast because it is football, right? I really think that years I've coached the teams have. Been involved. I've been very fortunate that we've gotten better most of the time times that year went on. We talk about the cumulative effect of doing things where you keep doing them over and over you get better at them. And a lot of times the players who might have been really talented early in the year. But they didn't quite understand things. They get better year goes on. And that's what we're seeing on our team right now, we've got some young guys that are starting to help us. Now you also accumulate injuries. So you watch tackling deteriorate you watch guys in game late in the years like teams quit tackling the ball. Well, don't do some certain things. Well, we try to get good at the fundamentals, but also improve our freshmen there's there's no such thing is is settling your division too early. Although you did. But but does it present any issues not for you? I know you well enough to know, you're not the you're not think about it. But but the buzz around town, which does permeate the air little bit. Can you turn that down a little bit? Because everyone knows what what's happening next week and the week at a. I think he turned it down by turning it off when they walk in. When the kids walk into meeting remarry day, we try to have a purpose. The plan and say, hey, this is what we're doing today. So that when they leave their mind may wonder because that's what young people do. And that's what social media does. But we don't allow it in our building. We certainly focus on the task at hand, which is you mass, and we work really hard on those guys this week, and that's really all we can focus on. But we talk all the time about just getting better at us. I mean, we we go against one of the best offenses in the country every day, we got to go against for all fields and go out there. They're really good on third down. And we do same thing defensively for them. So we've tried to manage practice where we're getting good on good lot in practice. You mentioned social media. And I I was talking to someone at another school the other day, and he said that's a real issue because I'm not theirs. Yeah. Heaven for me to try to characterize kids so much younger. But but you you're with them every day. And and is it. I don't wanna over overdramatize. But what's it like to deal with this generation? I I would never say it's an issue. They get the hand. And you get you don't get any space. You gotta try to make the best you can of it. I don't complain about social media. If anything try to use it in our in our favor. So we do things with our guys where we know sometimes we have meetings where we bring cellphones, and we tell everybody to they've got a tune into this. They've got to look at this out. They do this to make them interact because they enjoy doing it. Now, we also do things guys where we have a meal, we have maybe no cellphones that meal to make everybody, talk and communicate. But I think in kinda embracing it and knowing that it's part of what you do. We ask them to shut it down around gametime because we encourage them to do that. But I listen to music. So when I go to game I have headphones on so I think players should be able to do that you've got to embrace the change that's coming about. But you also don't have to sacrifice your your beliefs and your goals and focusing on the right thing. So when you walk into mar for the U mesh game what's going to be coming through the headphone every games little different too. To a little bit. I can't do that. I can't do that. I'm independ- or I'll listen to substations is a are you? Are you country? Are you? I know you are didn't mean didn't the post. Postgame celebration we had after Auburn so told him to play whatever song the players happy. So it wouldn't country. Now, we have curves sparked the comedian. But in terms of mood, though. Does a different opponent gets you to be listening to a different type of music at times. I think I think it's more of the day. The earlier it is when we play at twelve o'clock kick-off is tough. You gotta get going. You're eating steak an exit eight o'clock. You know, you gotta get going worse night game is more of a marathon. You gotta make it through the day. Go a long time. And there's a lot of recruiting involves the night games. Are they're tough at home because you have so much to do during the day. But it's a great opportunity to see our program to. Yeah. No, I I mean, I think fans really liked the night game. What do you like? I think I don't wanna go. It doesn't matter. I prefer game. I'm also three thirty traditional if you played three thirty this league. You know, you're playing somebody pretty important. I would agree with both of the statements. I like both those because I think both of them are I shouldn't say this too loudly because the network or on does have a lot of twelve o'clock eleven o'clock central game. But I hate those games. Crazy. He says that's all they ever played. You know, that's all they played when he was coach they'd be home in the afternoon. He gets the kids because games were early and people had to travel back home. But I do remember growing up. Now, I'm a couple of generations ahead of you. But it was seemed like it was a one o'clock start more than twelve that's still early. That's what college football's kind of built around. And you know, the -tendance being the way it is now so many people across the country concerned about its end. It's more and more of these times, you're gonna fluctuate. Yeah. And then and since you've played in the last year, not there's nothing quite like the national championship game, which doesn't seem like it ever starts. It's like it goes a long time overtime as for so tomorrow. You're starting the afternoon, but they are recruiting which what's a Friday night like for you a on a normal week. I know you go with your team to actually somewhere off campus. We just stay on campus. Nail. We go have dinner there. And if we have a later game, we have a movie we don't have a later game tomorrow. So we won't have a movie we have dinner, we visit break bread. And then we have meetings trying to get them to bed early. And then they just for routine just to have them doing something. Yes, it's great to have routines or road in our home routine is very similar. So we're always in hotel, whether it's home railway and they get comfortable with the routine. They get used to it as we close up here as you reflect this is now your third year third year. It's florida. It just doesn't see possible. Does it doesn't seem fast? Then we're just here yesterday for a big home game last year plaza. No, I remember and do you? I know. The work ethic. You have. Do you get time at all the kind of thing man this third year? We're going back to the championship game where we're doing everything the way we always hope we could I don't I don't stop and think like that. I try to reflect this. Enjoyed can't. If you do that humility is a week away in this conference. It's brutal in the games. We've got left. We know. What's coming down the road? We've got some really good teams to play. And we're just trying to get better the most out of this team in we're in progress, and we continue to get better. But you are the defending champs. There has to be. And you played for the national title that that does have to mean something doesn't last year. But we were certainly concerned with the issue. And that's that's what they measure this business ball. We know that you like to hear that. I'm sure that. That's that's outside noise. Don't wanna hear that. That's right. We blocked out. I don't want to coach getting mad at me. Cokes. Thanks. You. Gotta get into more. We'll let you go. But thanks for coming about Chris mar joining us here. Athens. Thank you for listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. The Paul finebaum show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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