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Live from NPR news in Culver City. California I'm only cycle. Tell for the first time this month. New York State is reporting. Its lowest recorded daily death toll. Three hundred sixty seven as the number of covered nineteen deaths drop the naval hospital ship. Comfort will soon depart New York and head home to Norfolk Virginia. The last patient on board the US NS was discharged. Sunday antibody test have been promoted as a potential tool to evaluate people's exposure and immunity to the krona virus. But as those tests come on line one lawmaker is warning that test makers are largely unregulated and peers Hannah haeggman reports officials hope and body tests will help gauge. How many people have actually been infected with? Cova Nineteen Illinois Democratic Representative. Raja Krishna Murthy who chairs the House subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy spoke with? Npr's week in addition our biggest concerns are that they're unreliable inaccurate and in many cases making fraudulent claims about their testing results beyond inaccurate tests. Scientists have been skeptical that having corona virus. Antibodies means someone is immune or cannot be reinfected Hannah Higginson. Npr News in Georgia. Non Essential businesses have been given the green light to reopen but with restrictions as Emma hurt with member station W. a. b. e. reports despite being given the option to reopen by governor. Brian Kemp not all restaurants are doing so so lester. Serrano owns several restaurants in south Georgia with his brothers. He says they're staying. Takeout only is not safe you. I think it's safer from customers. Staple employees. Many theaters are staying close to without new movies from Film Studios Being Released. Anytime soon. Nail and HAIR SALONS BOWLING ALLEYS TATTOO. Parlors were allowed to reopen late. Last week Georgia's statewide shelter in place. Order is set to expire Thursday. The governor says he'll reevaluate going. Forward should additional local hotspots emerge for NPR news? I'm Emma hurt in Atlanta. Brazil is emerging as a new center of the current Avars pandemic. Npr's Philip Reeve's reports the daily death toll is sharply. Rising hospitals and cemeteries in. Parts of Brazil are overwhelmed. Reddish NATO's reportedly out of intensive CARE BEDS IN ONE STATE. Amazonas the health systems already collapsed. Another Para says the same could happen. Then Brazil's economy is in freefall and now President Jabots. Nado is also facing a political crisis. Bolzano is against using broad social isolation to control the corona virus and recently caused widespread anger by firing his health minister. Who disagreed with him now? The far-right president is the focus of a major scandal. After the Justice Minister quit accusing him of politically. Interfering with law enforcement for breathes. Npr News Rich. Niddle you're listening to NPR news amid the corona virus pandemic and its toll on nursing homes and elsewhere a world war. Two veterans celebrated his one hundred fifth birthday at a senior home in Los Angeles. We get more from reporter Hettie Lynne. Hurries lieutenant colonel. Sam Sacks was celebrated with hundreds of birthday cards including one from President Trump. A parade of people driving by in their cars and in L. A. County sheriff's helicopter overhead. Sachs who participated in the Normandy invasion and helped liberate a concentration camp in Germany appealed for birthday cards after the pandemic forced the cancellation of a party plan at the Lakewood facility. He said it was his best birthday yet. Adding he hopes to be around at age one hundred six to do the same thing again for NPR news. I'm had ellen hurt. He's in Los Angeles India. Where more than one point? Three billion people live is only reporting eight hundred eighty-one current virus deaths and some twenty eight thousand infections on radio. Talk show the country's Prime Minister Narendra. Modi warn people to continue social distancing by wearing masks and not spitting in public. The health of North Korea's leader Kim Jong remains a mystery government sources in South Korea. Say He's alive and well but Kim was visibly absent when Pyongyang celebrate the birth of his grandfather. Kim Il Sung two weeks ago. It is unusual for him to miss a public celebration on the founding of North Korea and today at a daily briefing China's foreign ministry says it has no new information on Kim's health. I'm Doin' psycho tell. Npr News in Commerce city.

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