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Don't think it's surprised. They cancelled the hall of fame. Game gives each of the two teams it was supposed to be. Like a week and a half ten days I suppose to report while we assess the state state of the world, not just a state of the National Football League and state of the cowboys or the state of the Dak Prescott contract to state of the world and United States of America and Texas. One of the growing hotspots, so this is a big deal and Tony. It's a big deal also, because as I look at football as I stare down football at all the you know, we're going to the hype over the schedule. We're GONNA, get this. We don't know if we're Jack. And so this begins to put into some context that we still have to wait a little bit to find out if and what will happen when. Yeah so I don't think it's a big deal yet. Because it's an exhibition game, and it doesn't matter, and it's so early in the schedule. It only exists for the ceremony of the induction of the hall of fame. It's like a booster dinner. It doesn't really mean anything I think. It's a little deal right now, but where I do agree with you is the NFL has been very definitive that they wanNA. Play Sixteen Games I. This is an admission that they don't know how to navigate this virus just yet. This is an admission that they can't be certain about anything. I'll tell you this mike a few months ago when the NFL said Sixteen Games and we're going forward. That was in April that was in May and this seemed like a long way down the road will now we're almost in July and the virus is getting worse. It's not getting better. I think you and I are in accord that the virus holds all the cards and say you want sixteen and even to a ranger schedule, so some games can be flipped. To three months down the road, I don't right now. I'm not bet on sixteen today. How about you? I'm not I'm not even I'm not even to the point of discussing how many games I'm still at the point of wondering if they'll be any games. That's fair at this point. Tony It'd be great. It'd be great if they're all the games. It'd be great if there's a partial season wonderful, we don't know Jack. I mean you know I. Remember I'm going back to. I April and Adam Silver said at the time I know less today than I knew a month ago when he said the season's got to be put on hold. We know in some ways less now. We are less certain of everything of life going forward. We didn't we couldn't. We couldn't have a crystal ball was going to tell us what was going to happen. Necessarily in Florida in Arizona and Texas, and what was going to happen with every event. Now you see events that were scheduled being canceled. We don't know in the NFL doesn't know either. The I think that I think that the NFL will look to baseball to see what happens to baseball to see if they can have the full season that they want. We see things in golf. scrimmages in golf. Guys who go out and Gosnell. Other. Yeah so. Far Apart you can be there. The beyond certainty now probably has a terrible effect on the NFL because they came out stronger than everybody that they were going to have sixteen and. How's IT looking so far? We don't. We don't know how it's looking. Rob Manfred as we move to baseball says Major League Baseball Owl's it to its fans to be better, Tony Quote. We need to start to have conversations about how we. The Commissioner's Office, my staff clubs, the MLB and the players. Can Be better going forward. We to our fans to be better than we've been the last three months tone. What chance do you give of that actually happening? I give zero chance to that. Paying attention to what is happening to this point. They sat down together and all they got was acrimony. They got tremendous acrimony. The players hate the owners. They don't believe anything you're saying. Scott Boris urges them onto and disbelieve the owners. The players left money on the table. Might they left a lot of money on the table? Compared to what they're going to get just so they could sue baseball. So if you ask me what chances this have that they're going to get together and everything's GonNa be great I, would say today absolute zero w zero zero. They've. Each other they hate each other. We can use that word. They do I mean it doesn't mean that every player hates everyone and no, no, no, no no, but collectively the players the owners. They can't stand each other. They've had more work stoppages whereas we know that all the other sports combined, this is what they do. They have acrimony. They sit at a table and they just WanNa spit on each other and you mentioned Boris. He leads the way for the MLB. PGA, even the players who say my God I'm tired of Boris. They wanted to. Doing. What he says, so Tony No there's not going to be the not going to be better, and they really don't care about the fans much either this notion in major league baseball. They really can't. No, no, they don't and I will say this. This is what in the case of Major, League Baseball Players Association has created the strongest unions. They're not paying a bit of attention to the fans. They know what they want. They pursued their agenda. And if you get in the way, it's too bad. Then the neither one of the sides kiss about anything else other than its agenda. So I sort of like rob Manfred I think. He came out very early and said we want to have a season. Will I think he said we'll turn over every rock to get a season? But at this point he flies out. To See Tony Clark and it's optimistic for about I. Don't know five six hours. He may feel betrayed. By Tony Clark, Road Manford has to understand that the players think of him as a complete stooge for the owners every time he suggests something like a pitch clock, or you know something to improve the game they go. No I know. They hate him. They hate him. They hate the owners, so zero is the correct amount. Let us stay with baseball. Let me get closer to home to Washington DC where I live, and you visit. Occasionally I'm told the athletic is reporting that there have been no contractual conversations at all between the Washington nationals and their longtime GM Microsoft Chicago and who I know you love. Decade. Only the Yankees and the cardinals and the dodgers have been to more PO seasons than the nationals will. Can you imagine the national? Just saying died? Get Out of here to Mike Rizzo. Why? Why aren't look I? Only know one side of this. I. Like Mike Rizzo. WHO's a Catholic league boy who grew up in Chicago? What the exact same time I did, and we have a lot of the same. You don't references in life and I really liked Mike Rizzo Mike. Rizzo's really good at what he does. Because I'm sorry, what did they just do? What I told her I? Know Baseball's long time ago, but Mike Rizzo put together. They won the world series. Yeah, why would you live? Your think they won. The World Series thinks I. Don't want to presume that just because they haven't done. It yet means they won't do it. I, don't WanNa do that. There's plenty of time to get a contract to reward Rizzo, but you know what Mike Rusel. Stress he should have none because if the nationals hero reasons don't WanNa do that, they'll be about thirty other teams that say or twenty nine on the teams. Let's say Mr Izzo. Can we have a conversation? Yeah so I can see my resolve leaving if he wants to. If it is his goal to go somewhere else, and he knows where he wants to go, he can do that, but let me go through a few things that he's done. K.. He signed Strasbourg he signed sherzer. He navigated letting go of Bryce Harper because he had Soto and Robe Mason traded for meat. Meat and he was prepared for that. He signed Patrick Corbin. He signed how Kendrick. He got the baby short power and he won the World Series Mike. We've seen this before with. Rizzo gets down to the wire. And then he gets a contract. He's been near since two thousand and nine. There's no reason for the learners not to love him. There's no reason maybe they. Just the way they want to do business, you know more about I, don't i. Say Hello you are Mr Net. You want and dine with the executives So how do you feel with this Rizzo and any long? Goes I feel that he's going to stay if he wants to stay in I. Never heard they didn't want to say. There's one knock against him. He's like ten or eleven years. He goes to managers very quickly. Davey Martinez if he finishes, this season will be the first manager to go three zero three for the mass and he went through, he went to manny. ACTA and Jim. Riggleman David Johnson, Matt, Williams and dusty. Baker we both for dusty. Baker should've stayed, so he churns managers, but again he just won the world series. World Series Washington, DC nineteen, twenty, four was the previous one I knew there was an absence of baseball time. Washington you must put together this rundown. We're GONNA STAND DC. I did thirty five year old, running back. Let me repeat thirty five year old, running back injury, and Peterson wants to play four more years Peterson, said the TMZ quote why not close quote. Peterson is fifth all-time in yards and could have an outside chance to catch him and Smith the all time record if he plays four more years a theme in Washington four more years all the time, every four hundred. Here's a two hundred. Tony. You better guess AP. First of all he's got to catch frank. Gore who's still working. Okay, he's yeah. He's with the jets now and he's number. Three and Peterson is is number five look I would not bet against his ability to get his body in shape and I would not bet against his desire to play, but I might bet against coaches wanting him on the tier. At a certain age. He wants the ball all the time. The reason it works with the redskins the last two years because the redskins have terrible. They didn't have a quarterback. The so that's so the handed walling did he did a very good job, but now they've got a new coach. They got Ron Rivera I. Don't I don't know what that relationship is and I will just say this and get out of my part of the segment the oldest running back ever in the NFL. You know the lead running back Markus. Allen the thirty seven. Peterson wants to go to thirty nine I. Wanted to say, remind people with Shack said. Br Pro thirty nine twenty. s the exact since I work on my shack. But. Marcus Allen who we both love, and we know Marcus Allen was hosed out of three years. There was three years or Marcus. Allen May as well a bit in a smoking jacket with a pipe. He didn't play her. He hardly played at all, and so he saved that Adrian Peterson. Look if Adrian Peterson was in Minnesota where there is emotional investment in him in his career I might see this house. Tony Coaches for the most part. Don't care about running backs anymore. It's one thing to say I. Want to do this. It means you don't get to do it. Necessarily, I don't see this happening. I mean if Adrian Peterson of latch on somewhere and stay healthy good for him. The it'll just make people pay attention to football celebrate. In it Smith Walter Payton and various, and all the other great backs that Peterson has passed and would have to pass Jim Brown of course to get to number one spot of course, Emmitt, Smith but man tone I I, don't i. don't see this happening. He's going to the hall of Fame Agent Peterson. He's great back, but don't tell me. Oh there so many quarterbacks playing until forty. It's a different position. A quarterback receives the ball from the centre. Every play a running back has to have the quarterback handed to him. It's. Just not the same things and thirty nine if he gets the thirty nine I know I'm betting against it, and so we're be amazing. I am betting against the to. Let's see if I can actually read the happy's. I wrote them. Let's see if I can read them happy. fifty-six Birthday Dell Curry before anybody knew how well steph curry could shoot it. They knew how well Dell Curry could shoot it. They retired is numbered Virginia Tech because he could shoot. He played sixteen years in the NBA. Because could shoot it. Del Curry's career shooting percentage from three was forty point two percent in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety four. He was a sixth man of the year. Now both sons are even better shoes. Seth coming off the. The Bench and Dallas shoots best even better than Steph at forty five point three percent. Steph is at forty three point five percent, but Steph has hardware championship rings and MVP trophies. The curry's of the manning's of the NBA Del played for five different teams, but the bulk of his career ten seasons were in Charlotte where he now does color on the Hornets Games and a bit of side intrigue for the Family Eleven years ago. Today Golden State selected Steph. Curry with the seventh overall pick, not top ten Mike Blake Griffin one James Harden Three Marta rose nine. True Tony One of the things I missed about golden state being the playoffs this year, actually being in Golden State. We haven't had any of that this time spent with Dell Curry and del. It's gotta be as proud as he is his sons. He is Tony this got to be a little wistfulness in. He can't beat them anymore. He can't shoot them anymore. He can't beat them in golf anymore. I think he's still trying to get Steph just one round I love seeing hanging out a little bit with. Dell curry every spring for the past seven years now. It's come to an end. That's a happy trails. That streak I loved Ilker. He ain't beaten steph curry in. Those days. How? Three Edwin Jackson on this day ten years ago, while pitching for the diamondbacks Jackson through what we like to call a nuclear loose, no hitter against Tampa towing a hundred forty nine pitches, walking eight and hitting a batter, so nobody was safe Jackson pitch seventeen years in the bigs for Major League record fourteen different teams. He was released in spring training. This year is a minor leager for Arizona. So he was still trying to thirty six Jackson's career record is one. Oh seven. Seven and one thirty three with a four seventy eight era. He made one all star game, but let's go to the teams in the win totals the right here to one six for the dodgers in nineteen for Tampa Bay then fifteen for Detroit. Jackson had six Arizona including this no hitter, but he was traded halfway through that season to your white sox eleven wins in Chicago, five more in Saint, Louis. Fifteen for the Washington nationals. Then sixteen with your cobs. He did great. With Atlanta Lanta. None with either Miami Your Baltimore five with San Diego, six with Oakland and one with the Toronto Blue Jays will, but I know you hate uniform, but that's a lot of uniform visit if Tony I. Mean I admire this first of all. Let's go back to the no hitter. That's a man's no hitter. That was manager coming out in the fifth inning to say. How does your shoulder feel big boy? This big boy pitching back then cook for him I. Love that hundred and forty fifty. He probably glared back in the dugout when the pitching coach got ready to come out. Come out here and I. Won't top you man's pitching, not this list. Protect your arm. You get denied stop. On forty nine. Not Happy trails. Having trails to an empty churchill downs. The Kentucky Derby announced there will be fans Derby on September. Fifth, though at a reduced capacity in the stands and in the infield masks will be encouraged, and fans will be asked to socially distance themselves where possible and wash their hands for twenty seconds or sanitize them frequently, all of which sounds rather laissez faire to me. There was no mention if this stuff was to occur before or after throwing down a few mint juleps no announcement, the specific number of Of Fans allowed to attend the Derby, but last year one hundred fifty thousand showed up the Derby traditionally the first leg of the triple crown. Go second this year last Saturday in front of no fans Tis. The Wall won the Belmont stakes. which went I this year instead of its Usual Third Tis the law Ju- away wouldn't good horse does in the final eighth opening up four links on the field. We'll von. I texted you. You never responded promptly. You'd watch. Did you watch the race? I did. Yeah? There was reason for no tech situation I didn't Tony, but it was part of. It is three hours earlier out here. You know I I wasn't keyed into the five o'clock start time. I, was you know I? was actually having a bite? Outside and people were watching outdoor television and I can hear the screaming, but I was too lazy to get up. Don't horses by the way one to ten scale. What shares to you give a fans actually being actually being in Churchill downs? One to ten ten is actual fans. One is no chance when you got. Oh I. Think they'll be I'd go as high as I think there will be some I. Just don't think it's going normal crowd i. don't, but you gotTA. You just can't say wear a mask if you want or social distance if it's possible. No, you gotTA. Have some rules senior pay A. Science see how many rules Florida and Arizona in Texas have had. What are you talking about? It was a suggestion that most of those dates for at least part of the time. Trust me, I'm in one of them.

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