5 Minute Mysteries Episode VII Part 2 The Xmas Dress That Made Time Stand Still


Crusade channel is proud to announce an innovation and radio. Five minute mysteries weekly radio serial that will present an original mystery drama written and voiced by claimed British novelist Fiorella Maria and narrated by yours truly. Or what makes the five minute mysteries unique? The audience gets to solve the mystery. Mystery the word. As defined by Webster's means any religious doctrine or party doctrines seems above human comprehension. H five minute mystery presents. A chilling tale. That's entirely left up to listeners to solve. That means you in his room George unlocked drawer in his bureau that he had not opened in many years and pulled out a large box containing all the details of his daughter's death there. It'll Royce in all. Its harrowing detail the newspaper Cuttings. Pregnant socialite found drowned. The five minute mystery fun begins every Thursday at ten. Am Easter during the Mike. Church show episode will be available for online listening and download to premium founders past members every Friday evening. The five minute mystery series heard exclusively on the crusade and Crusade Channel Dot Com.

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