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The Tommyknockers


knocking at my door. Lintel the timing welcomed the now playings review of the Tommy knockers the book that some critics claimed gave authoritative voice of the angst of the last decade heart of the Stephen King movie retrospective series. I trust it will provide us with a memorable finish reading us. His latest work hosted by Arnie. The people in town they really liked new now stewart. He's not like us. He's dangerous COMEDIANS and Jacob. This podcast contains detailed watts. Boilers and harsh language. Kelly swear listener discretion is advised. Your question ready today reviewing the Tommy. Knockers starring Jimmy Smits Marge. Helen Burger directed by John. Power Plant goes becoming right now. Arne Circle Z so good. I don't star search. No it was really Stewart and you had no idea had my green voice changer on me and this is your roic poet Jacob. I can't believe we're having wrote poet in this are there any other is yeah unemployed mostly bartenders. I believe yes nine thousand nine hundred ninety three. How could I forget? My Freshman Year of college was coming to an end it been tumultuous year as I adjusted to life out on my own and Stephen King Miniseries on TV. I had not seen that many movies in theaters. Because I was poor and didn't have a car. I was anxious for Tommy knockers. Because I couldn't get through the book. I got the book as part of the Steven King Book Club. You are the Stephen King Fan by the way like you're the one who's supposed to read all the books and you couldn't do it. Not In the nineties. I mean came out in the late eighties. In part of what they call the Stephen King firestorm we did four books in twelve months including it and this and I got this one probably in nineteen ninety ninety one and tried to read it a couple times. Couldn't so I'm like yes. They're making a movie of it. Jimmy Smits I love La Law. So I'm there now. I don't have to read the book. I'll find out what it TRACI Lords I love her. I knew that yeah sure the last time she was on primetime television. It's that acting you. That's the real draw isn't it? Arnie I of course have never seen her adults work or is it the music career actually legit like her music. No joke and she's really fun in person having a couple of times and just got into Chitchat. But no I was liking TRACI lords the actual actress even though I can never and will never see her adult work so but I was there. The first night of this miniseries. I was anxious the night to play. I remember kind of watching you back tonight to you after night one. My dorm had two. Tv's in its that we we could watch a movie while somebody else play video games. My memory is more finally beating. Sonic the hedgehog three. Wild Tommy knockers plate. I think I only saw a bit of it. My memory was that I watched some of it but honestly I think the only thing I ever saw was the coke machine attack like stayed with me. I knew that this movie had killer coke machine in it not for maximum overdrive right. Yeah because it's so scary. You can do it twice. There's so many layers but this was the book that broke me. I was a Stephen King Fan until I picked up that book and then I didn't read anymore of his books for decades after Tommy knockers but I did read it for this. Viewing the Hell. I probably suffered through worse and I'm going to pick a controversial stance. I don't think it's his very worst book. No it's not his very worst book but it's a Mung them. I finally turned to the last page for this recording as well. I knew someday I'll have to do a books and Nachos on it so I locked down and I read that book and it's not as worst but it's really in the running for worst. I was surprised because I typically the Stephen King Newbie here. I have not read the book. I hadn't seen this but my wife had read the book like she. I think until Dr Sleep. I don't know how much king is put out since Dr Sleep. Oh like seven or eight nine. Yeah of course but that is the last one she ran like. She's like I think he's done but she had read this one when it came out like got through the whole thing. She did not remember much because she watched the TV movie with me. She was to shock where it was going. But Yeah I'm the new one here. Well it makes perfect sense to say this is when Stephen King hit rock bottom literally and personally this is when his addiction was at its zenith and he was passing out and having blackouts and he said he barely remembers writing. This book and much of the book can be seen as a metaphor for addiction. That's all the book is right. 'cause that's how I saw this movie. It's about five different books. I'll weigh in and say I actually like a few of them. Saves it from the bottom of the barrel? Is there's elements of it? I like there's so much going on but yeah of course it's gotTa have the alcoholic author as the central figure. I mean I wish it weren't that story. But after this is when he finally joined a and finally cleaned up for good and had writer's block his big fear the reason he told himself. You know. Alcoholics have a lot of stories they tell themselves but the reason he told himself he couldn't stop drinking and stop cocaine and stopped listerine because he not be able to write as well and it was after this book. I think he might realized. I'm not writing as well on the drugs either. He has said this is his least favourite novel and they changed quite a bit of it for the TV thing. He actually said that they improved his book in many ways. I've got an ask because this is a straight up scifi story. I guess it's maybe has the Ghost of aliens possessing people and maybe that's horror but what was interesting. Was this really struck. Me As a sci Fi story not a horror ghost goblins all that stuff. Stephen King is known for. Has He done straight Sifi. Not under the name Richard Bachman before. There were a couple of short stories in the night shift and skeleton crew anthologies that were straight sci-fi as well a psychological horror but not much and depending on what you wanted to take it as I mean fire starter could be seen as sci-fi given that they have a scientific reason for the telekinesis and all the scientific study of it and really not much horror until the end with a bunch of flaming bodies. You know I feel that Stephen King was at a point. Though after it which he said was going to be his ultimate monster story he has written horror after then but he started going into sci fi and mystery and drama and really stretching out so that his works didn't feel like every single one was going to be an evil mad libs again. The book is many different things at once and some of it is horror. I can recognize that he may have been reaching for something with having a ufo buried beneath it did feel like an invasion of the body snatchers story and the part. I like best about it was it was a noble parable. I mean that meltdown had just happened and so it was kind of interesting to think. About what would America do if on its soil? It was using a power that seemed to produce all these great results but also was causing people to have radiation sickness and lose their teeth died. I mean yeah you could see that as a metaphor for drugs or cocaine meth whatever the hell king was taking but I like the historical connection. Chernobyl is actually a subplot in the novel. He'll call it out directly not here though in this TV movie. There's so much you'd have to leave out of that book. It is five hundred fifty eight pages and probably fifty characters. I mean one of the hard things about adapting it is. There really isn't a central character like there are just so many little vignettes and side stories and characters just continually new people just popping into get killed or whatever that you can never get a fix on who the hero was supposed to be or what they're doing. I kind of disagree with that because so much time is spent in the beginning with Bobby. Ginn guard and then we get short bits with other people and Bobby Garter mentioned in passing but I knew that it would add to come back to them to me. It felt like he was kind of trying to replicate Salems lot by having a big town with a lot of characters. All of whom are going to be in some way touched. By the events that we're going on but not done is artfully assailants. Lot not done as well as Salems. Lots and yet here. We're going to get the stories in parallel. They're going to mix them all up. Edit them and show them chronologically and if it feels a little disjointed though Stewart a lot of that middle was just short stories. Yeah one for sure was published in rolling stone called the revelations of Becka Paulson was a short story. He wrote and if you've got one of the limited editions of Skeleton Crew only a thousand were printed. It was in there but other than that. It's never been in any Stephen King Collection. I got a copy of rolling stone through Ebay. Read it. Did he just straight up. Put that short story into the novel because I read about this like. He loved that. Short story so much she wanted to i. I don't know publish it again. Well he could have published it again in the regular skeleton crew if he loved it that much but in the short story. Becka Paulson finds a gun and accidentally shoots herself in the head and the bullet in her brain makes her telepathic and then she electric user husband. Stephen King rewrote it to update the TV shows. They watch because of the short story. It was Charlie's angels and the updated it to Miami vice in the that seems like just a matter of years and then they changed it from the gun. Shot to Tommy knockers. But I mean word for word. The same for large sections and Stephen King writes about characters having drawers of unpublished work. I gotTA think Stephen King had a drawer of unpublished work. He's like all right. I got electrical. Tommy knockers now dead at all right. This person got hit by a ghost. Tommy knockers now just inserted a whole bunch short stories and that wouldn't necessarily be a complaint. I do feel like yes. Salems loud is probably my favorite king novel and part of it is because it takes a look at small town New England and sees evil and rot there. I mean it's just a good theme. It's also the theme of it. Which is I'm guessing. They felt like this could work as some kind of sequel to it because that also had like a ufo that was buried beneath the town that they have officers from keep showing up. Isn't that the town from it? Dairy is also the town from stand by me. I always thought it was castlerock. Dairy and Castle Rock and haven our towns. That king will use again and again. But I wanted to as it because we're doing this in order of King Publication. But if you weren't a king reader and you were just liking the Stephen King Movies on television there had not been much Stephen King. There were salems lot back in the seventies and who really remembered it although it was out on VHS by the late eighties and nineties then in one thousand nine hundred ninety we got it nineteen ninety-one they did sometimes they come back for CBS. That's right and then here. In nineteen ninety. Three we got Tommy knockers. And why Tommy knockers. Part of it is rights again. When Stephen King was hot every short story every novel got optioned and as he was writing things would get optioned by studios before they were even published so a lot of it was well. This is what we can get the rights to. Wasn't it also I mean like X. Files and unsolved mysteries with all the UFO's. I was a big thing in the early nineties and I think that would be a hot topic to make a new movie and to be a thought. I agree the fact that there's aliens in here. Although I have to ask Jacob. Did you understand that there was a UFO? Like I'd not sure I would have understood that watching this movie until the very end. I got that it was a UFO. Not How everything was playing. I still don't understand how what they were doing by the end of this these aliens but yeah I get that. It's a photo and if you want to look at it like that. Tommy knockers was on the cusp because it aired about five months before X. files premiered okay. So that hasn't come out yet but there was a lot of those alien autopsy shows and things going on fire in. The Sky came out in the early nineties. Yeah I remember early nineties a big time for Aliens Whitley Strieber the real life alien connection with the grays you know he wrote about communion and and all of that stuff so yeah. It was very trendy. I think the other thing is that they got some actual. Stephen King vets to work on this the screenwriter of Brian Depalma's Carrie and the ad miniseries wrote this adaptation Lewis teague from Cujo and cats. I was going to direct. He actually started directing he was fired on day to. Yes I heard about that and makes me wonder what choices were you making that? They didn't like well. This was a terrible production doomed from the get go the ABC execs were like we want Stephen King. We want him this. May and the executive producers of it. We're trying to get more Stephen King made because they'd had a big success with it and they're like okay. We got the Tommy knockers. And they're like okay. Here's the budget. You have twelve million. You need to start shooting now. Because we're airing this. May and they're like it's October so because it has to take place. In the summer they fly everything and everybody down to New Zealand. Set it all up there. And then Lewis teague is directing and again he did cats I which we kinda liked and Cujo which Kinda liked and he was moving too slow because they had sixty days and not a day longer House Lewis. He moving if day to is what he gets feared. Yeah that's it sounds like. The exact just weren't happy period but the person that they end up getting greatest credit is Charles and Diana. Tv movie like they just found some Australian that was available and said you finish it. Yeah it's literally whoever was closest. Yeah and so. That does sound like trouble production. They didn't even have a script. I've pulled a Fangoria out as well from the time. It's the only thing I could find on it. I read this Fangoria article and somebody said to the reporter and asking anonymity but a cast member said it would be great if we could see the full script. We're halfway through filming and the second part of the script isn't done yet right what it sounds like an absolute mess that honestly. I watched this movie again and then I read about the production. I'm surprised it came together as well as it did wasn't a hit. I mean I assume. Abc got the ratings at needed in order to go forward with the stand and the shining and all the ones we've already covered because again this was their second effort with that. Abc Did it. And then it was this and I would have thought that would have ended like no more of this. We're done with Stephen King. It aired after home improvement and coach which were strong back then and it came in fourth for the week. I mean. That's not the super bowl but it's not bad at one its time slot and okay. Yeah that's all you can ask if it was the thing that people tune in the most and that done yeah I mean and the second night had a a big drop always. That's every to like again. I think I might have started this and then walked away then. Maybe the second I turned it on near the end to see what's going to happen and saw that coke skit and was like okay. I'm good I didn't even remember. There was a second vending machine attack in any of Stephen King's work but that's how much I was paying attention in one thousand nine hundred three the idea so great you just you keep reusing it and truthfully why would I ever watch this again. Why would I ever think about this again? The Tommy knockers. The book was never want to pick up after this. The Tommy knockers the movie. I mean I saw twenty seven years ago and I still feel like I'm really watching it too soon yet. I only had two memories coming back to this other than the experience of what I was doing while I wasn't watching part to might only memories. Were Jimmy Smits pulling his tooth out with a pair of pliers so that he could fit in with the Zombie types and glowing green just permeating everything like worse than in turtles. To secret of the lose everything turned animated green. Well you remember more than I did. So that means you get to do the plot. Ernie tell them what Tommy knockers is about and we can get through it. Jimmy Smits plays drunken poet. Jim Gardner or guard down on his luck after a drunken brawl at a poetry reading. I'm going to all the wrong poetry readings. He goes to Haven Maine to visit his sometime lover. Novelist Bobby Anderson played by Marge. Helga Burger but bobby is not her usual. Self she's Mannequin. Creating strange machines like a typewriter. That will type her thoughts. The strange behaviors brought on when bobby discovered a crashed spaceship in the woods. The weird effect also starts to overcome some residents of haven who have traveled in the woods and at the fourth of July celebration. The fireworks turned green and most of the town is overcome by this evil force. That controls their actions. Bobby being the first is the group's leader. Their skin turns Pale and starts to peel and their teeth fallout based on an old nursery rhyme. The town starts to refer to the aliens as the Tommy knockers. The group start killing. The few people not possessed by the alien hive. Mind except for guard. Bobby won't let the others kill her lover thinking he will become meaning taken over by the aliens in time but guard has a metal plate in his head that makes him immune to the alien telepathic attacks. Guard pulls out one of his teeth to convince. Bobby he's finally becoming and he takes bobby out alone to excavate the ship on board they find only dead aliens who appeared to Die Welt combat with each other they also find some of the missing townspeople hooked into pods. These humans are providing `electricity to the aliens. One alien comes back to life and attacks guard but he beheads the alien. This wakes bobby out of her mind control and her teeth or magically back to the town people start to descend upon the space craft. Bobby GOES OUT TO STALL THE REST. While Guard straps himself into the pilot's chair. The ship is controlled by telepathy. So guard flies the ship up into space. Then has it self destruct. Killing himself the residents of haven that we're still on earth all recover and presumably resume normal lives as credits roll. I didn't understand anything at the ask but I guess we could start at the beginning where I did understand some stuff. Yeah I think it's probably best. They've picked a main character. I think it is wise to make Jim Gardner you know Jimmy. Smits the biggest star in this miniseries the draw. He was on top ten show and a pretty good actor. Is that why? He's not a bedroom in Brad. I had Benjamin Bratt my mind. We just did that in drama to stray but Jimmy. Smith's like yeah. He played bail Oregano. I believe you call them in Star Wars Stewart but Jimmy. Smith's I is. He a draw because of law and order is that his claim to fame. This was right after he quit. La Law la law. Okay that's the law. Show us on. He quit in ninety two when he was at his hottest. You know and around this time he do some movies and this was his first real return to television since then so you could think people had a pent up desire for him. Real Jimmy Smits demand for the television crowd the only thing other than la law. I'd seen him in at. This point was Blake Edwards Comedy Switch. And he would go on to sub for the red head that dropped out of NYPD. Blue like he took over for David Caruso and he was very on that when Jimmy Smits died on NYPD blue. I do not mind saying I wept like a child. Good to know but did you. We seeing him struggle with alcohol addiction. They're really gonNA give him all the drama stuff like he's not in haven at the beginning of this. They skip around introduce everyone but just to get his story out of the way. He's the one with the most realistic problems. He has been sober for a year. I mean he's a poet. I don't know how realistic is are. He's having nightmares now. He's lost in big engine woods and imagining. His lover is turning green. Yeah very realistic problems. I have that on weird dreams right now but I gotta ask. Do you guys know that Tommy Knockers? A real thing while all right. They're not a real thing. But did you know that they have a mythos that lives far beyond this novel? I was wondering this I did look it up because of this movie. 'cause I'm like it really struck me as like they were gremlins and I'm not talking about those movie gremlins but if you hear the World War Two legends where like these gremlins would mess with the airplane pilots airplanes and cause them to crash and yet Tommy knockers. They would mess with the miners in England and Mike Steal their tools. Yeah I had no idea until researching this review. I mean. It's mentioned in the book that there are some nursery rhyme and then I googled and yeah there is a nursery rhyme. I assumed it was made up when they read that nursery rhyme in the movie and knocking on the door. They cause cave-ins like yeah. They are the thing that explains why mining in this Reason would be so dangerous. I don't think king was trying to say I'm telling the story of those creatures by having that title you might assume you might have taken away from aliens and you might think well if they live underground and causing problems for rule folk they are these kind of Gremlin characters. You might be surprised later when you find out it's a UFO full of dead aliens. Maybe he should've picked a nursery. Rhyme more Americans of the eighties were familiar with then. Oh yeah or some kind of exposition explaining this myth. Something like that and he's going to do something very similar in the language ears to just. Oh yeah legal ears. I remember my parents telling me those stories. Talking me into bed as young child Oh just I have no idea what league I'm shocked. That's based on something real if you're telling me that it's not based on something real but the way the book handles. It is similar to the way. This book handles Tommy. Knockers is what I'm saying but no to me Tommy. Knockers was Stephen King. Only Stephen King. I had no other association with it. Yeah this rhyme I mean. I know that as the thing you do to Shane classmates in Grade School. That are kiss. I no that's like I think they're going for a one. Two Freddy's coming for you but I think they've misappropriated. I don't believe this rhyme Israel. I don't believe it's used to this melody at all. I never learned it. Let me put it that way. Sydney in a tree. Kiss I g like that's what you do to this melody. It really doesn't matter about the melody because you're going to get some people reciting it here and there about Tommy knocker man. It's really disappointing. That it never comes of anything and the aliens. Don't think of themselves as Tommy knockers. The aliens weren't the ones knocking down mine. Shafts years ago upon which the legends were based but again have been helpful. If one of the character said it's those Tommy knockers again. That are causing these problems. Like the the old crazy coot. That could go back to the mining days like he so all night. I remember what the topic knockers took out a mine shaft. I barely escaped something like that. Yeah you mentioned Gremlins and there is one character who has a history fighting World War Two in the Germans and all that and they just briefly reference the mythology. I think it would be helpful to know. Like what these things that are really unexplained not unlike it it is a power source that morphs and seems to have no definitive and I think for a while for a long while. You're not to know what the root of that is in calling it. Tommy knockers gives it an identity towards folklore that supposedly we should all know little green men. I do. Think kings spoils it in the first part of the book by saying Aliens. But the thing is these. Aren't those Tommy knockers? These aren't causing cave-ins. These aliens on the ship never got off the ship. They all die on the ship. The gremlins weren't the ones causing the plane to fall in world. War Two either again. It's a name that gets appropriated from something. We do understand in popular culture to something that is unknowable again. I'm going to say Tommy. Knockers are not in popular culture maybe in England they are. Yeah I again. I don't think as English. I think it might be regional. I think that if you went to New England they probably again. I didn't grow up around minds so I didn't know minors but if I did I imagine they would know what Tommy knockers. The reason why I found out he was real by the way a few months ago. I was touring Herbert hoovers museum and had one like I was like. Oh my God this thing but like it was just kind of like a lawn gnome what it looked like. You would just put them out in Wikipedia. Describe them like leprechauns but with bigger heads long arms. They sound kind of creepy looking after this. I'd be embarrassed to tell people I had. Tommy knockers in garden. The main characters guard is. This is a change from the book. He is in a committed relationship. Living with Bobby. They are two writers living in harmony. Together this is probably good for television. Just make it cleaner. Don't make Fuck Buddy Situation. It's much more nebulous in the book. In fact that's not what it was. No guard had a wife and he shot her like. They took scrums from the beat. Poet William Burroughs has a famous. Yes William Tell Story Yeah. It felt like that was kind of what they were going for. When you talk about poet I think of him. As probably being sixties hippie radical that was into beat poetry and Wack this poetry this is very academia when he reads his poetry. And my go boy. No you don't have a career. This is awful. And that's kind of how he was written to in the book. As as an academic he was doing tours and was a lauded poets except for when he became a anti-nuclear radical. She sees that Mary's to me when I think about the beats. You know like that era were like it was part of the politics that you didn't believe in nuclear power like no to the bomb. We were worried about a dropping again with Vietnam they were afraid Nixon or somebody was going to use that new and so that was always war protests so this is a who you can call them a poet if you want but yeah he is still living the sixties dream here. You're talking about the book though. Because I'm not getting this vibe at all from Jimmy Smith. This is a total Yuppie. Yeah exactly Jimmy. Smits cannot play hippy. Especially coming right off. L. A. Law and wearing these suits you're describing guard from the Book Guard in this movie does feel like a college professor. They call him a poet other than at the very beginning. It's not like he reads poetry or writes poetry or discuss poetry and the poetry is just so that we can establish this mean woman that causes him to drink again. He's on poetry tour which I imagine probably really hard to make a living at and worried about reading his angry new stuff so he goes to this cinema no poem that he dedicated to his lover. Bobby one more mile and she's mad at him makes a snide comment and the next thing you know he's hitting gin and tonics and vodka straight up like he goes to leave and just walks out a window. That's like stories. I was kind of awesome. Actually must be really drunk if you thought that was the door to get out but I do feel like they don't feel very committed in this movie e either the fact that he just kind of shows up after the brawl at the poetry meeting. What do you mean? They're not committed as a couple didn't feel like she was expecting him. They live together. They may even be married. Yeah I didn't take them as married. I took it as he shows up whatever he wants. Whenever he doesn't have a poetry tour to go on and they hook up and I was shocked when she builds a machine later on to write stuff. I didn't even get the idea that she was a writer. She's always hanging out with that dog in the woods. Yeah she writes Westerns. And you would get that from this movie because they have one shot of her away on a typewriter looking at a picture of a cowboy. Because that's of course how you write a Western honestly. I think I wouldn't have gotten any of this on my first. Viewing this book is along book. I had to read a good portion of before watching this for this review and I wouldn't have gotten so much of this without reading that book. I think this beginning. What she does is incidental and inconsequential. What he does also incidental and inconsequential. It's kind of like those TV shows like friends where they all say they have jobs but they all are at the coffee shop the whole time but there are always at central perk. But we're introduce pretty quickly to other characters so the book is not the movie and we're here to discuss the movie. Yeah agreed and I think probably. I'm struggling like you Arnie. To part of why I even know what's going on is because the book will inform things that are underwritten here. You might just think that. Bobby is the housewife allowing her husband to go off and be the Ryder. She is going to be the one to walk the dog and get the plot moving. She is the reason why. Everything Kinda goes CA- F- Louis. She tripped over some metal in the forest and starts digging. How long has this? Ufo been underground thousands of years. Yeah it's not specific And it's right at the surface though it. Is it working? Its way up to try to get to people like I. I have so much trouble when they're excavating this thing because it should be way deeper than it is. I would have liked it if they'd had an earthquake or some development. You know maybe they were digging to put in a power plant or something to explain why they literally just stumble upon it. But what I keep thinking is Stephen King was stoned off his ass and liked John. Carpenter's the thing. Oh yeah definitely were my mind win and I do too. So that's fine. I mean Stephen King is usually someone to take. You know. It's not like he invented vampires or even scary clowns like takes what other people are afraid of and crafts. It makes his own version of it so if he wants to do the thing great. I'm on board. This actually starts to me feels more like invaders from Mars. You know the way that like when you go over the hill you come back changed. I feel like anybody that goes into this. Big Engine Woods is GonNa come back now under the possession of this alien force and there is a history of that in these woods. We'll find out later and again a lot of these towns that will eventually talk about. There's you know there's some kids and they're being told about these folklore stories about the woods so it seemed like this has been going on for a while but no one's found this ship. No one's trip over this chunk of metal before in the book. At least they make it that. Because Bobby uncovered it got in the air and blue towards the town here they say these people just what in the would you gotta figure if kids are playing in these woods and cheating lovers or having sex in these woods these woods are pretty well populated and people would be having a lot more instances again if this was literally an inch under the dirt. If you really WanNa know all of that Jacob there are I don't pagent reams and reams of the town's history starting from the early eighteen hundred. It's the worst part of the book. It is it is the worst. Most indulgent part of the book king himself had said. There's a good book in. Tommy knockers if it had been half as long and part of that half is history of haven that needed to go but again I think if if the whole idea is to expose that small town America has got some dark underside. I'm always up for that theme. I Love Blue Velvet. I could go with that if that has been done so much. You gotta bring a new twist. Well I think they are a green new twist. They'd starting with the dog. The dog gets zapped and all of the sudden cataracts over its is melting and it's howling and glowing green at night and when she takes it to the vet which got to say that poor vet is taking care of like souls and there's a Cobra in there you. Can You oughta Cobra could Gila Monster? And it's running free like I even in a cage. At least there should be a leash. Law for Sean. I want to do that but yeah anyway. The point is that yes. We know that bobby and her dog had been touched. And it will slowly be working. Its way anyone else. That's going to walk into these woods. They're gonNA come back not the same. So they've wisely chosen. I don't know if they're the best character from the novel. But the ones that are the most relatable so that we have a finite number of story lines to follow for a two night miniseries. But if you had done the book proper there are about fifty or sixty storylines about all the people that get influenced by these Tommy knocker voices this really does come down to four stories. The main one is bobby and guard. And then there's three couples or groups families in haven that we follow and that's it they really boiled the hell down out of. This was always wise to have kids. I do feel Stephen King's greatest fans I when I was my biggest Fan Stephen King. I was twelve thirteen years old. So the have the story line where the kids going to be the magician and make his younger brother disappear. That's a good one. I think he want to definitely keep the Brown family. I can see that and yet it reminded me so much of the Salems lot bit with the brother that turns into the vampire scratches at the window. The one brother gets the other brother in trouble and all the casting here the worst. I don't know there's so much bad casting in this movie but up there for the worst has to be Robert. Carradine lures from the NERDS. He hadn't the year before done the even worse than this movie. Revenge of the nerds the next generation made for TV movie that was supposed to launch. The revenge of the NERDS series. Valance pretty bad. Yeah he's rebounding off of that onto this. He is terrible in this. All I know is like if part of the horror is people's teeth are falling out like look out below like here comes the avalanche. That guy's got big chompers but yeah. He doesn't make a lot of sense. I also will say his character is poorly defined. He is running the town cafe and he's very disappointed that his kids believe in magic and aren't mature maybe they're not being responsible ever kind of nebulous while he's mad but he blames his wife's father for being a bad influence for buying his elder son. This magic kit for getting them interested in the woods yeah. I didn't understand this at all Y. Z. So mad over Magic I. I know there's people that don't like magic but they're still kids like like magic when you're a kid. Why is it so mad at his father in law? Well it's the father in law. I don't have to stretch far to understand that I mean it's a trope. Yes exactly but again. It seems design of this movie that we have a young kid. Who's trying to understand power again? This all is about alien power. He wants to learn to be Harry. Houdini and his grandfather is teaching him that he can learn how to make these magic tricks. That will make him popular at school if they don't blow up in his teachers face and then all of a sudden he's GonNa Start. Hearing voices that make actually a good magician through steam pump. Everything here is steam punk neon green. Everything's foot pedals and D batteries. And he took one of those old like foot panel sewing machines and turns it into the device will make anything disappear and reappear. Yeah I'd like steam punk so I cringe. I winced you saying that earning your I cringe a lot during this movie. Yeah but I understand your point. The fact is what gets unlocked for people is that they can take everyday household items and suddenly re-jigger them the style. Some kind of amalgam that beyond our capabilities. I mean that part is cool. The idea that our minds are being unlocked and we can do things we would normally be able to do. I like that as a concept except that has nothing to do with Tommy knocker myth like they were stealing minor shovels helmets. I feel like this is much more appropriate for the World War. Two Engineer Gremlins. That are taking airplanes apart. Like I don't understand why the sudden they're all building machines right and let's just jump to the end and the reason why they're all becoming smart is because they're actually becoming possessed by aliens whose bodies have died and who are trying to find new humanoid type bodies to inhabit or to bring them back or to fix their ship. I'm never quite show. Yeah how they're still alive and psychic of their bodies dead. I'm so confused by the end of it's really really tough. I agree but anyway. Just to focus on Haley here. I I'll just leave it on this major props for having a layer of the white worm poster up. That was an awesome movie. And that's pretty hip that he has that Ken Russell Bona's wall so kind of with that story line. I feel like all the storylines. It's probably the one that I am the most hanging onto it's funny as you went to layer the white worm. I was surprised he had thor on his wall. Thor was so uncool in ninety-three but again magic and I mean they're trying to tap into something there again. I don't think his uncle got him into that. But I did like this story of the brotherly guilt of I didn't know where people went when they disappear and he can't bring his brother back because literally the batteries died. He they were there for making the radio disappear but died before you can bring back the brother. Wait that's why he didn't come back as the batteries. I thought this was all a ruse to get that younger brother. Yeah we I I gotTa have a lot of question guys. Apparently I missed a lot. Yes I believe if citing a movie I really like poltergeist. The reason why they talk through the to caroll-ann is 'cause they're trying to lure caroline into their realm and be there light. Are The aliens in anyway attracted today the we have one scene of them in the closet. Kind of like wearing fluorescent talons in like a pawing at him or something I get the sense that the child is some kind of battery that will do something and so yes. They must have him. Everybody is some kind. Oh I know I'm trying to help this move. Everyone's a battery but maybe the youngest most innocent child is the strongest light is the way I'm trying to read it. Let's just call it what it is though the skis? Stephen King of CH- paycheck. They ripped off. Tommy knockers with the Matrix. Now Plays Yeah Okay. I mean were you not thinking the Matrix when you see pods with people? Used as batteries knows played three. I mean Yeah I get your point but yes because these are Sifi tropes that many people borrow I again. It's sifting through trash and recycled record stores. I mean like yeah. These are things that also five riders. Pick up and go well. Maybe I'll run with this idea like it's not fresh. I'll give you that. We're their human batteries before I don't have a giant encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction. But I'm sure yes absolutely. That sounds like something that would be a trashy fi story from. Nineteen forty three. Yes well my Go-to for was the matrix. And so that's what I figured what's going on here and the the reason. I'm pretty sure the batteries died is because the green light is shining bright when he steps that pedal and makes other things disappear and reappear and then when he tries to make his brother reappear the light flickers and then goes out like a radio would when it batteries die or anything when the batteries die so I thought it was literally just. If he'd replace those batteries his brother would be back. No I WEAR STEWART IS I. I'm thinking poltergeists that this is a way to get this. Movie's caroll-ann Yeah. We'll see at the end. They very clearly have him in a very special place where no one else is going. And thus again I think because he is the youngest character we meet and scared and you know he has the incident that introduces the Sheriff of the town who inexplicably giving a tour of her station also has a large collection of international dolls. An old schoolroom. Like she's just brought all dollars over people from all over GIVER DOLLS. Because they know she has this collection. I'm like Oh boy. These are coming to life later. Aren't they but that's so true as a star wars collector. How many times of people ben like I got you this rarity and it's like oh you found this in a junk shop. I told people. Don't buy me star wars stuff. I have it all so I could actually relate when she's like oh people elected so they all give it to me. I wish this had been plagued by Karen Black. Who had a very famous TV movie with? Oh yeah trilogy terror you need someone campy for this instead. We've got Joann Cassidy. Who is kind of the hot sexy Zora from blade? Is I think what people most associated her with to me. She's mostly Dolores Roger Rabbit and we also covered her in grudge to and she's given this kind of weak storyline where she's loved the state trooper from afar. John Ashton playing cop. He plays a cop a lot but I had to know I looked it up. I'm like is this the reason he didn't do Beverly Hills cop three. Because I have a fucking something stuck in my craw against this man for not doing Beverly Hills cop three when he was given a very good story line and you have to bring in Hector L. Zondo to do it. Was he too busy doing this? Piece of shit to not do that piece of. Shit you have some real. Beverly Hills cops three thoughts. I can't wait till we get series but no this is a full year before Beverly Hills Cop. Three would have even begun. He just stayed away from it for other reasons. But he's actually. I can get past my bias. Ron Ashton is perhaps one of the better players here. I actually believe his timid nece when he's around Joanna Cassidy. He's kind of shy because she was married to his partner. Who died in the way all the other cops are kind of given him golf? Because it's very obvious that he's into this woman who collects dolls. I kind of liked that. Best of all the storylines here of the minor characters but very different from the tone of the book. I would say that sweets is something you do on. Abc television but the was in short supply in the horrific. Everyone in this town was awful right. It's kind of a strange thing. I mean this woman ends up trying to blow up City Hall in the book. I agree this one is very different. And it feels really disconnected. Because John Ashton isn't even part of haven we you know this is all taking place in haven. He's in dairy the next town over. That's what I found. Weird is that he keeps having to travel over there. I'm like this. Oh he doesn't get infected. They have a reason for him not to get the alien method to assist. Yeah you got it. Yeah it's the idea is like because he's a state trooper. He drives all over Maine and so he can only drop in sometimes and there's a whole back story. They barely mentioned here but that he used to work with her husband. Who's been dead five years now? Barely mentioned I feel like they drive home too much like really hammered in. Its mentioned by the guys then. It's mentioned when he finally goes a Korten he's like I know I it's only been five years and your husband was my best friend and Yada Yada Yada but again I find it sweet from John Ashton side. I find it weird that. He's into this Dahl collecting spinster. I mean he's not a young man anymore. You gotta take. What's on the table? No yeah and it's not her age. It's the fact that the Dow collection and John Ashton never. That's just a warning sign to you like you pick up a girl for a date and she's got a huge doll collection like okay. We're we're at in this one early. Yeah pretty much. It could be a problem. I mean it might be good link wise if I were dating and women come to my house and saw the star wars stuff. She might turn around Armagh. But it's weird to me that John Ashton isn't killed by the dolls is what I'm saying is for a little bit. I was disconnected that Joanna Cassidy's character of Ruth had the dolls and was a cop and had the dolls at the police station. I think yeah. It was like the old school house to or something. She's given this tour to school kids at the beginning. Like let's go look at the classroom and yeah it's full of dolls yet. You also have Alice Beasley as a deputy. They're taking phone calls in the room next to the dolls well she did that for three seasons of. Moonlighting Mr Pesto. Yes of course that's all. I know her as Agnes Pesto and she's better there than here. I'll just say that but yet John Ashton's staff by Soda Machine is lame he needed to be killed in the Valley of the dolls. Or maybe we eliminate all of this. I questioned the need to have a sweet story. I guess it just it would hook the murder. She wrote audience or something. Like you need to have something. Where the fifty year olds to keep them interested. You're thinking in terms of demographic this is going to be something that's enchanting a certain segment of the audience but for me it feels distracting. I WANNA see bad. Townspeople do bad things to each other. I don't need this. Yeah only have dolls that come alive. And that's the main premise of your movie. Don't have it as a subplot. Stephen King thing too is he'll have all the horrors. Come at you and that was it and that was this and that was needful things. Yeah I don't like that. Simplify in some ways. It works out in some ways. It's like whatever the worst horror is coming for you and it's personalized you know it's tailor made but it was a of kids and then a bunch of middle aged people but it didn't have anything for the grandma's out there it didn't court the murder. She wrote audience. I don't think that would be the reason you do this. Oh no I think anytime. We're you have casting this diverse. It's because you're trying to get every demographic and again let's talk about species league. This character is from that short story. You talk about. And she's a Jesus Freak that like the Jesus on her. Tv starts talking to her. And it's Jesus that makes her kill her husband like you want the darkness. You want that tales from the dark side kind of malevolent twists going on you. WanNa feel like this is a town of like creepy twin peaks goings-on not like this is some hallmark channel place. Yeah well you're not going to get on network television and maybe not even in most movie theaters evil. Jesus telling you kill your husband. I know it's going to be evil game show host like this movie. That's okay. I think that works as a choice. If you're right if that is too inflammatory for certain segment we don't want to see. Religion brought up in any way offensive shore the fact that she is lonely and attracted to a dating show and it is the host. That's breaking the fourth wall and even the contestants are like yeah. You should definitely kill your husband. Because of course he's fucking TRACI Lords. But why is TRACI Lawrence fucking him? Look I don't WanNa body shame anyone or anything like that. Maybe she's a sex addict. I don't know I just don't see these two. I don't even know I treat. The Lord's is working in a post office town. No never makes any sense. What's going on here? Totally different from the fifty year old character as it was written again. They were only in all of these characters. Were in maybe what five six pages? And then they were gone. They didn't have the story line to go through the whole series. You sure they didn't have a porn version of this because like they're always getting up on their counter. Wash your mail off people. If you're picking it up from this down it's covered sectors TRACI lords. Despite being out of porn she was a sex symbol. You know you look at her. Roger Corman film not of this her. She was a sexy nurse there. She's having sex here. I mean she still used sacks even if he wasn't doing porn. But why in this town like? Why is this character here? I get that yeah. That's the rule you put her in. But I don't understand how she works in this setting and why is she screwing the father from flight of the navigator? Click a young if she has a type because later she'll go for Robert Kennedy. I don't really know why she's into nerds but she really daddy issues. Yeah for sure and you know. Of course it's in the air because it's broadly drawn and we can understand. This is a bad person that we want to see die and is going to be doing extra evil things in the town but ultimately it feels like this movie is saying that the only the women are hearing these women and kids and dogs seem to be the ones picking up on the Tommy knocker voices and none of anybody else seems effected. Yeah besides the guy at the gas station makes the deadly vending machine. I think it's all women and kids making the machines here. Traci lords does make the best invention here that laser people up stick. Yeah which felt like it was not in not of this earth maybe repo man what she was an end but one of those. Those two movies feels the same to me and but before the fourth of July ceremony. I guess you're right after the fourth of July Kheireddine is in on it. It seems like everybody's in on it but at the beginning yeah TRACI Lords. The funniest thing is whoever's casting this in the book the Alice Beasley character of Becca is forty five and obese and Traci Lords characters like fifty. Here I'm like that is not what they cascade. That feels more realistic. I think they are thinking about demographics. They WanNa give something to the teenagers and the twentysomethings and so yeah like. I don't know if she's a big yet but yes to have something sexy here in haven is probably much needed and again. It's just so easy for them to equate of Vixen. With evil gives you someone group against really and to get killed. I mean literally. She's going to become the main batty at the end which is so weird. Keep in mind. She actually had a big moment with crybaby a couple years before. I remember the commercials for this heavily selling Traci Lords and Mika me tune in and I liked what she did and editor back then now I think she's doesn't really have much of a part especially early on. She is just there to spread her legs for this guy constantly like there's way too many sex scenes between them. No that's what I'm saying. I think they were like we gotta make our money somehow on this. We'll have a porn version due to put out and it's also going on with bobby and again. I think all the women are suddenly. You might look at this and be like Oh this is about women getting like karnal or something like that because guard comes home. Finally he hitchhiked back from the bender poetry reading and she's like claw 'em in the back and trying to take over. The Hill and invaders from Mars terminology. Is that a choice. Are we comfortable with that? I mean this movie so stupid. I could hardly be offended but it seems like you want to have more varied people talking you want you want an establish the rules. You understand why they can hear. Tommy knockers. And what the Tommy knockers are promising them. I mean they are gonNA stab which the rules Stewart. They're stupid rules. I mean they hear the voices because they don't have a metal plate in their head. No I know. But when he TRACI LORDS ONE IS I. Guess what I'm saying. No there's no motivations here yes. She wanted to be pretty and so. She took the local lipstick that just got invented and modified it and I think she invented some first class mail sorter as well. That's right she does. I don't feel like this is a Faustian deal where these people are getting something from the aliens. I took this far more snatchers. The aliens are taking them over. And it's a slow process and it starts with mechanical steam punk knowledge. But the way I saw this was all about drug addiction. So what's in it for these people? Why do they want to take that? I it and maybe it is because it makes their dreams come true bobbies able to create a typewriter. That just hyper novels out for her. And that's the initial addiction. But I think you gotTa have a reason why these people are building each of those machines like. That's the Faustian deal. That's why they're gonNA get addicted. Yeah the kid wanted to be a magician. Bobby wants to complete this novel that she's stuck on and so yeah. I definitely think that that is the promise. It's why you want to get obsessive about those. Tommy knocker voices. They're giving you something I mean. What is Alice Beasley wants? She doesn't even know her husband's cheating on her. She wants her husband home but she doesn't know he was cheating on her. Until the Tommy Knockers Giver Psychic Abilities. She wants to know what he's doing and so they tell him and then they tell her what she should do about it. It's not very integrated. Because again she drops out of this movie. No she ends up into this saint asylum. No one else goes crazy. We don't even see her arrest. I mean in the book. She burned down with the house again. I feel like there was just an impulse not to kill or like we're GONNA kill. It'll be just these few jerks like the few of these guys that deserve it but we're not going to have the body count at all. The book relishes in and again. I think you want a horror story and TV. Movie is where I'll go with that. You can't have a huge body count and I think that's part of the reason why. Abc liked this. One is it was more sci fi horror less gore. They didn't have to worry about. Not Giving the splatter because the book didn't have a ton right but that's taking away. What was working in the novel the things I did like about it. The monkey's paw kind of deals and how it would blow back on. These people was all of the fun of the middle of that book. Yeah and some stories worked better than others but here in this. I just view that they're being taken over and it comes to a head at of all things the fourth of July fireworks. I don't know why the fireworks spread the disease more. I'm just going to ask you. Why are the aliens in the fireworks? They're like getting enticing people. Yeah like you Arne. Why this Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza infects everyone with alien juice. I'll I know is that's the inning of night. One and night to it does feel like body snatchers at this point. Everyone in town is in some secret. Conspiracy and only guard is protected because he has a plate in his head. Yeah he's not Wolverine Though. He doesn't have adamantine him around his entire brain. I don't understand how a single metal plate is going to block every direction of psychic beans coming into you. Well eventually bobby is going to take. It isn't your plate. It's your strength your inner some maybe as poetry who knows. Maybe they just didn't want him. He ought valuable spills but it wasn't just him anyone who wasn't at the fourth of July so grandpa of hilly. He was in the hospital with hilly. Because hilly's been diagnosed as having a brain tumor. And maybe that's why he could do magic or maybe. The aliens gave him a tumor. So GRANDPA is still not overtaken because of that. Yeah and Robert. Dean's wife wasn't at the fourth of July. So she's not taken over and she sees her husband making weird contraptions and making out with Traci Lords because her first lover died and she gets that weird fun. It's a fun moment when she goes to visit the grave and she's like my period of mourning is over and literally off at overcoat and has the sexy readdress laugh. I mean it's pure sixty six cats at this point. I mean this is. She just needed the clause right like this. Is Julie Newmar all over the place? I wish it were kind of funny thing like it. Does it neither works as a campy fifties alien invasion movie nor is it horrific tales about awful people in small town main. It's just kind of this garish tacky. Stupid not very scary. At what point do you think anybody looked at each other and said okay? This is the part where we're going to make it scary. It seems like that wasn't even a thought here. No because they were going for Scifi. You still have. It's scary like I think. If you're saying hey tune into Stephen King. You want something scary. That's what I associate with the man absolutely and they did it. I mean again. People love that mini series and they love those moments and they try to do those moments with the doll attacking and all of that. It's just just pathetic. Did anyone really think that? Wow this is really gonna blow them away. They needed a Tim Curry. I guess they needed somebody that could sell what they couldn't show. Yeah there is nothing scary like when those dolls attack and they're just tying shoelaces together. They're gonNA throw a banana. Peel out there to try to get from Wiley Coyote. It did feel very puppet master. Yeah but not enough is what I would argue. It feels like Oh let's do and then the ABC execs. Look at it and go. Oh No we can't do that. That's cut away feel like anytime. Someone's about to have sex or BE KILLED COMMERCIAL. Break time watching it this time. I know I sat through night one not paying full attention and I turned on night two and pay no attention but watching it. This time I watched it on the DVD the commercial breaks are very obvious as it fades to black can come back and when night to ends. I got to choose another chapter the same opening credits like people who died in night one or in the opening credits of night too but what it made me realize after thirty to forty five minutes of night one. I'd turn this off. I really really would you last that long. Probably just to see I'd wait for the plot to get going and I'd be a little interested in where the brother disappeared to. And how skimpy will TRACI Lords outfits? I knew had something to do with traci Lords but there is nothing in the world other the now playing. That would get me to tune back in for night to of this and again I think part of the problem is like you need a unifying character. Somebody that you enjoy seeing even if the rest of this is not working God knows a lot about. The miniseries. Didn't work but people loved it. Whenever Tim Curry popped up of only Jimmy Smits. Had that kind of charisma here he needs to be the glue holding us together but I feel like his descent back into alcoholism and and him fighting off. Becoming is not invasion of the body snatchers. Yeah him going back into alcoholism. We'll see different characters a You gotta go over to the bar if you want this piece of information. And who is he going to drink like it but it never feels like it? Plays out to mean anything. This alcoholism and overcoming if again if this is a story about addiction I think I'm more likely to shoot up than stopped drinking or doing drugs after watching us and carotene is not going to be the one to get me to sit down and have a drink agree. He's leaving wanting to clear out the bar that our is pretty empty when he goes in. He may have done that already. I don't understand what Jimmy Smith's character wanted from Robert Carey Dean that he would have this drink like I would go with Moore if he thought he could pump carrying for information or something like he's going to have the drink but there's a reason he's not even all that upset when he drinks kerosene he's just like. I'm here and charity knows. I like vodka so I'll drink it. No but there's a lot of self referencing in this as you've mentioned they bring up. Gary someone says Oh. This dog is acting like Kujo. This scene is very clearly. Lloyd the bartender from the shining. I mean it's just let me probe into your problems Jack and we'll see if we can make you one of us and it Kinda works. I mean in the sense that he ends up seeing the town's plot. He stumbles drunk to Gazebo. Passes out and when he wakes up there all by the Church. And what are the aliens making them do? I think they're becoming like the board because they're all going to have a hive mind but then as soon as they're done with the ceremony to give them the hive mind. They start arguing amongst themselves. So I don't know what the fuck. Yeah it said that the ship may have crashed because the aliens were bickering and their warlike can't get along qualities might have been the reason why the ship ended up on earth to begin with when we get on board the ship. There is one really bad alien. Puppet with its hands around another fat alien puppets throat. Is that way. Everyone's a jerk tweet better. If these aliens just made everyone nice and you want to join them and you wouldn't question them but it's a drug metaphor so it makes you crazy but wow. I didn't realize these. Aliens are jerks. And that's why everyone's jerks and I assume it's a one to one relationship because we haven't gone down into the ship. They're saving that the climax. I don't even know if people are going to know that this is a ufo. I really don't know if they know that it doesn't look like one in the book. I like the king again. What made me think the thing is? He went with the classical flying saucer. Right was going to throw that when they're digging this thing up. It looks like some kind of stage. I don't know if they're digging it up there placing these props on the ground. Because they barely doug about six inches down and this thing's totally revealed they look like the boxes. The lights came in. I mean yeah. It looks like wreckage. Yeah it's so cubic. Yeah it's all these steps but when it finally see it I'm like I don't see that design in in this little glimpse that we're GonNa see it when it goes down your space. No it's like an outdoor Mall Rotunda not a spaceship and they have for some reason they in order to run this ship which is presumably. I guess what they're ultimately wanting to do is get in the ship and fly away again. Maybe I feel like that by digging it out. That's what they're leading towards they don't want to take over the world. It feels like they need humans to use his batter. He stood somehow keep living because I read the book. I know that it kept expanding and it kept bleeding over to other towns and there were forest fires nose bleeds and it did look like again like Chernobyl. So this is the chair. Noble stuff that it keeps spreading radiation. There was no budget and again. There's no desire to really terrify people in that way so all that we do know is that in order to power the ship. They need human batteries so we have a shed where we have to stick some of these characters. That's where the old man ends up getting put in a crystal. The dog get strung up in a crystal as well the Sheriff Dole's took her to be crystallized that looked so bad. That dog effect. Yeah again I feel like I like pod people. It is terrifying to see people. You love change into something alien and cold and you can play with that but there's just too many ideas going on like that. Some people are in crystals in a shed. One is in a crystal in the ship. We have aliens who have their own bodies in regenerating down below and yet they may also need the bodies of humans. Okay so I'm not the only one confused you're you guys. Read the book and none of this makes sense right. Yeah actually gets muddier in the book like they really roof at certain point. I was skimming because like I can't comprehend what you're talking about with wavelengths and I'm like wait a second. Humans are the ultimate clean. Energy is what I'm taking again. Green Energy where it was that some kind of joke was that some kind of fun. I don't really know what I know. Is that this movie is trying to get through all of that and make this story as we've already pointed out many times about an alcoholic having redemption. We've seen Jimmy Smits throw away his secret stash. Many times will drink. WoN'T HE DRINK? He ends up deciding he can be sober and fooled them. All if he takes him pliers and pulls out his tooth and convinces his wife to go into the show and I think in a marathon mankind away the gnarly thought of without anesthetic grabbing suppliers and pulling out a tooth. Is the only thing horrific or memorable about this to me is like Oh God why I don't eat man again. I've never extracted my own teeth. That seems super hard. Especially if you're going to be sober during it. Yeah that's actually the part where you need to be drunk. I feel like it's we won't judge you. How did he not wake bobby up just screening as he did this and I like the Traci Lords is the Weapons Smith? I mean Jacob. You mentioned the Lipstick Laser Green of course and then she gives Robert Carradine some big steam punk rifle. She feels dangerous with that lipstick in a cat woman. Way I mean Batman Sixty six very silly not at all scary kind of way. Well yes except one single twist of the lipstick and Jimmy. Smits is dead a again. Live firing lipstick at you. That's scary at no point. Could you get through meeting pitching that and people not laughing? I mean again so why. Not Lean into the comedy. It seems strange that they're not trying to maximum overdrive. This really Yuck it up. It's never strange that people don't say let's make it more like maximum overdrive and yet it is. It's begging for it. That's what I'm really saying. I mean it does have the the vending machine leading. She's got some teeth and a bites down on the sheriff's arm that I couldn't believe I mean. We had a conversation off air last week. Saying we're doing. Tommy knockers next and you guys mentioned vending machine. I'm like no. You're confused as maximum when the vending machine bites down. I'm like son of a bitch. Explodes flew in the book. I mean I guess. They didn't even have the budget for that. They really like. I feel like because it's Coca Cola specifically cocaine Coca Cola. King was trying to do something. They are with the drug references. Except this is Cola Cola or something. They didn't get the Coca Cola. Licensor logo and I can't imagine why not I wouldn't go want to be a part of this production. I'll never know agnes peste. Is Eating snacks crackers? But it looks like the Ritz box. You know how does that the fruity circles instead of fruit loops. Here's the funny thing. No matter how bad a movie like this is there's always a part of us that wants to know okay but what's the thing at the center. I still want get into the ship. I still want to know. What's the big reveal? What does it look like? What's it going to do? They're still a reason to hang around for night to and ride that elevator down and see what? This is all about really. You still have hope. No hope is not the right word. Curiosity Yeah you WanNa see it until you get into this traveling carnival funhouse of a spaceship like these bad rubber props. Yeah you always WanNa see what? You've been teased this whole time. And yeah they're not really I. It's not worth it. I'll go ahead and say certainly no one felt rewarded for all the time spent here. It's longer than I thought it would be a good twenty minutes of them running around in this space ship with crystal axes and aliens on gyro spheres. The thing I found funniest about that old Fangoria magazine is every photo is an alien or Jimmy. Smits fighting an alien if you just saw that article. You'd think this entire thing was alien fights stearns today. Light those photographs better so it actually engaging because again this is bad. It's bad but in a way that you would expect any TV movie about aliens to be in ninety three. I think this actually is below my expectations. It's worse than the IT spider I don't know why I mean. At least I took some craft had some stop motion artists behind it. These are rubber alien puppets I feel it is just as under in fact. I feel like it's the same climax at not surprising that this was written by the same person to a lot about it feels identical in that you okay. We're finally here. We're GONNA see what it really is and you go. Oh this is not very good but I do like the fact that the poets GonNa Strap Down and you scanner power to like blow 'em up or whatever like I just wish. He was reciting couplets when he did. It could get a killer. Poetry readings thou fun again. Camp IT UP. Make me laugh. Does the steel plate not matter anymore because I talk about how? This ship is driven by a psychic alien. And he's GonNa use his psychic powers or his brainwaves. I guess to move this thing and they talk about that steel plates so much. I thought that was going. Be a big deal but no he's just able to fly at the end. Explain to me. What happens with bobby because bobby is there? And he's convinced Bobby I'm becoming and the reason the two of them go to the ship is he's like you found the ship. I they're going to take it from you. Let's go dig up the ship and Bobby is like all into it. They have grow sex with her peeling skin and her toothless smile and they go out there and they dig and they get on the ship now. Then bobby realizes she's been tricked. And then does bobby start to transform into an alien. I think that she has a psychic link with a particular alien. I think what they're trying to tell us. It's a one for one relationship every time someone else. Here's a Tommy knocker. It's a different one of them and so luckily for them. There's the exact number that they need in the town that has possessed and so when he is able to beats this one poor stunt person would he cuts the head off of that alien when she turns normal that turns her normal because that was her specifically. I think I think you're right because I got in the fan gory article. It says something. I did not get that alien. Was supposed to look like an alien March Elkin Burger. Did you guys think that looks like Alien Mark? I'm not sure what could make that like that. Unless they actually like put her like face like no. I know it didn't look like any of the people that's what they were saying is in the fan. Gory article talked about her transforming into an alien. And I'm like I didn't see that I but then they're like this is supposed to look like her. I'm like I didn't see that either. But then he beheads this alien and yes I put it in the plaza because it bugs me so much. Her teeth are back. I mean you can come out of the spell I get your teeth or fucking gone bad. You need some dentures. No don't you know as soon as you stop doing math. Your teeth comeback out really works I. Yeah that would be nice if it were true. Okay maybe they'll invent a machine that can do that will be steam. Pumpkin glow green but Yeah she gets away with Davy We. He's the light powering the whole ship. I don't know how the ship then has powered to fly in explode but there witnessed to Jimmy. Smith's final sacrifice. I think it's rechargeable. Okay sure plus they got people in the shed right like they still have some battery power they are tracing lords gets choked out by the old man. Well the yeah because there's is at the kid that's a battery inside the ship. And then the the GRANDPA that's battery outside the ship. They consolidate people. Yeah I don't know why. The dog isn't enough but A whatever I liked the book ending better though because when the alien power is left all of the Human Tommy knockers just die. Everybody's dead nihilistic ending it does feel like someone hitting rock bottom and it sounds like that's what king was hitting as he was hitting the end in to the word processor. I mean I do feel like yeah. This is a statement about just totally annihilating your entire world. Everyone that lives in your town. Everyone that you know and yourself. You're the character that represents you is. He makes it to space. It seems like he flies away and then falls dead in a pool of his own blood but where he's going he's not going. Where Richard Dreyfuss goes and close encounters? They can tell you that. No that ship blows up. He's dead yeah in the TV movie definitely. Did I in the book? I didn't get that impression. So all these humans live except Traci Lords GRANDPA kills Traci Lords. He reaches out and choke. Sir. I guess with this last grasp life I mean somebody needed to. She was again all the loathsome characters meet an end. We had joe the mailman. He's GonNa get fried by the TV set. We have Robert Carradine. He's GonNa shoot that fancy shotgun at the metal and it ricochets melts him. Oh the special effects were so amazing in that scene but again you want to see those characters die. That's that's what the ABC will allow like. Well allow the most loathsome deaths. But WE WON'T WATCH INNOCENT PEOPLE DIE and most of these people are going to snap out of it. Get their teeth and be ready for a sequel. No please no. Don't tell me there's a sequel to this. L. There's more Tommy knockers. And there's more Tommy knockers to come but before we get to that Jacob Stuart would you tune in for Tommy Knockers Jacob? You know I think of the great works cinema that tackle the follies of drug addiction and the dangers. And the perils of that you know I I I think maybe number one requiem for a dream the during our NAS key movie so so troubling I. It's hard to watch it more than once and then I'd say right after. That rather Tommy knockers. If you do drugs you conceive this kind of Shit. This stuff. That makes no sense. This is a warning sign kids. I think that's what this book that sounds like and definitely. Tv movie is a warning. Don't do drugs because this is the stuff you'll produce. This is awful like we've talked about insomnia casts and that could work what the insolvable is air. It just feels like a bunch of people thrown out there and they're going to sniff some green coat and go crazy and then alien show up and that's the end like I don't understand anything here. Maybe I'm in the midst of a cocaine addiction and that's why I didn't get it. Maybe the problems I don't know but this movie makes no sense. There's no interesting characters that would have. You're saying thirty minutes you would have lasted Arnie. No I commercial break. I'm I'm going back to cheers home. Improvement whatever I don't WANNA watch us. Even coach is going to be better with watching this. Tommy knockers yeah wings definitely. Look I thought about that shining. Tv movie. I'd watch that eating. At least I laugh every time they say kissing kissing. I know what I've been missing like. That's going to bring joy to me every time. This movie brought me no joy I was holding out like I'm on the the second night I'm like. Oh please please end. This has got to almost be over. I'm looking at the time and usually a modern movie like ten minutes accredit. Especially if it's a marvel movie you got like twenty minutes of credit so. I'm always like okay. I could take this much time off. I'm almost there. You'll get like ninety seconds credits in this. I have watched all the way to the end. Here I it was a real struggle. There's no joy in this. Tommy knockers strong. Strong strong not recommend Stewart. Yeah let's get the obvious out of the way I mean. I think we're already been saying it. All podcast long. It's a bunch of half. Learn ideas strung together by cocaine fiend before he cracked at all convincing vision of an artist hitting rock bottom. It is not a well-crafted novel. And then you take it to primetime television in nineteen ninety-three they don't even WanNa make core. They don't want to make audiences recoil. They want to create content that facilitates selling consumer goods. More Co commercials less killer coke machine. So that's why they never made a good Stephen King Adaptation. All of their many series are inferior. They just they don't want to do what Stephen King wants to do. And so given its this book on that network the compliment that can give it is. This was probably as good as it was ever going to be. I mean there was never going to be a flash of green in this arrow. Not Recommend I think the other compliment I can give is to me. This is no more offensive. Than the Kerry TV reboot the shining. Tv reboot it's what what these. Abc Primetime mini series of King. Look like they're just. These tacky really sanitized UN frightening. Take out everything that would have been compelling about the novel and give us this Husk years. Hold out I still think there is a green Arrow here like I still reading that book. I would like somebody to pair it down and find the noble meets invaders from Mars movie that I would love in it. I know it's there and J. Horror has taught me horror movies. Don't have to make sense in order to be good. Like if they just tap into something medically and shock you but this movie is not shocking it is very dull and that's why it's a strong red arrow. There's a lot of green on the screen and that's where it's going to stay. It will not be on our website next to this movie. But I got to disagree with you that this is the same as the other. Stephen King adaptations. I still stand by that. The first two nights of the stand are some of the best Stephen King ever adapted ever for TV or for movie and TV movie and TV okay. I don't think that any of them are good including it. Which I think is better than the stand. Maybe toughs call. But I didn't cite them. I cited the two thousand to carry and the nineteen ninety-seven shining. It's as good as those used. A broad stroke. When you said all this Stephen King on TV all of it is bad. That's what that is the broad stroke. It is never good. They never do a good job with it. I would say the stand was especially. The first two nights was a good job. I did recommend the stand overall. Even though I know the seconds unites fell a little bit behind blow chunks there that it's good moments usually involving Matt for her but I would even say that the shining miniseries is more interesting to watch than this one because the shining miniseries is terrible and in the shadow of Kubrick's film. It's a joke but at least you can watch it and analyze it and think about. Why did they make these? Different horrible choices. The time knockers doesn't even have that go on this to me is the worst. Stephen King TV adaptation. We have covered so far and I really didn't like that for sale of lots but we haven't covered language years yet. I mean don't don't be hasty and I think it's going to be a tie almost feel like I'm going to have to rewatch. Tommy knockers to flip that going. I mean I mentioned not of this earth. Traci lords was better in run out of this than she was in this movie. Actually the entire Roger Cormon not of this Earth was better than this movie that movies but did you know this is an Emmy Award winning miniseries. What just like that. Awful and drama to strain two thousand eight. This one student emmys our garbage at this point in my opinion if these kind of things are winning What did it win? Best sound mix which I think is bullshit is out. I could barely understand some of the words over the score. They played that score so that score is so out. I had that in my notes like there's Times right couldn't even year what they were saying. It just blended in with that school and then one for sound mix well. I mean they didn't win for best mini series or acting trophies. Or is I mean again? I think people knew what they were watching. No but they can legitimately put on the front of a fucking DVD. Cover the Emmy Award winning. Stephen King Miniseries well. It is a shame. And it's not the end Stewart. I think you said tales from the dark side as some of these stories. Well how about the outer limits? The revelations of Becka Paulson was made in Nineteen ninety-seven as an episode of the outer limits. So you've got the Agnes. Pesto subplot from this movie stretched into a one hour episode of the outer limits. Do they at least use a Jesus put picture? No they use Steven Weber as Jesus Steven Weber directed the episode and starred as the voice telling her to do bad things and she was obsessed with soaps so I really thought it would make sense if he played like a soap opera actor talking to her from the television but they stuck with the photo on top of the television. That was in the book and what it was. She bought a frame and never put a photo in the frame and so the generic model in the photo frame is Steven Weber. And he's talking to her saying your husband's cheating on you with that Hussy. Let's build a device that will electrocute him in the television and all of this and you think that there's many series as bad imagine that little subplot stretched out poor Catherine O'Hara she's better than Agnes to Pesto but she kathrina hero shows up to do that. Yeah she is Becka Paulson in that and own. My God it was it was as torturous as Tommy Knockers. Even though it was only forty five minutes by at least it's only fifteen twenty minutes. Tommy knockers just stretching. It out for forty. Five minutes was really painful. That does sound unnecessary. But speaking of unnecessary television did return to Haven Maine again in two thousand but I think sci-fi channel had haven a whole show dedicated to this town they couldn't use the characters nope completely unrelated to this book. It is a different haven. Well there's two haven names remembered the dark tower. Remember there's alternate realities. There are other worlds than these. There are two havens. The Haven Maine of the Tommy. Knockers is an inland city. The Haven Maine of the Colorado kid is a coastal city. The Colorado kid is a trilogy of books starting with the first one called the Colorado kid that was adapted to a television series called haven. Okay that makes sense because I did watch the first two episodes just to be like what the hell there are no alien there are no Tommy knockers. But it's kind of like a twin peaks seeping there's this F. B. I. Agent. Who Rolls into town and she has a mysterious. She doesn't know what who are. Parents are and yeah she may be this Colorado kid or whatever that yeah. They tried to build some kind of mystery around that but okay so not in the same town not the same events. No because I was. I was equally confused and I went into my Stephen King groups just validate and it is a totally different haven. Totally different reality if you will. I mean most of the people said there's no connection and then you always get that one guy. Do not read the tower. It's all connected. There are other worlds of these. Okay okay I don't even remember that about. I didn't read Dork Tower. I don't remember that ninety minute movie making big point of that but whatever the point is that show is really bland and it's got all that bad Canadian. Cgi that like all those sci Fi shows have that you just don't want to watch which is worse Canadian Cgiar Canadian Bacon. I I mean I like tail folks. Yeah it's good but it's not as good as American Bacon but there may actually be a legit version of this novel coming at some point. Yeah Bad news folks. It's not over yet. They're talking about making a big screen. Rebe I want it. I actually think that. Like why would we WANNA fifth crack at Carey or another shining sequel? The Fun of taking like a really troubled book. Is that your as a sculptor. You're just trying to cut away all that doesn't work and find a thing that does find the root of what could work. I think there is like King said. There probably is a good novel. A good story to me made out of all that crap. I'm James Wan. Insidious and in conjuring was known for creating traps. Movies are nothing more than a series of little jump scare. Moma and saw. Let's not forget saw. Yeah so I feel like Tommy knockers definitely had that quality if they just create a small town where voices. Make all of this bad happen. That can be fun. That could be if it's done in the right campy creepy kind of way be onboard Stewart. Reject Your thesis you say the fun and adapting a bad book. Don't adapt bad book. There's enough good books out there that you could adapt no jaw. Jaws is a terrible book. Many people will argue. You're better off making a mediocre potboiler than you are a classic because the classics disappoint. But when you take something that people have underestimated and then you find something good in it. I wouldn't be surprised if they made a great. Tommy knockers movie I would. It's a bad book. It's a worst TV show. No I don't want them to. Tommy knock on my door anymore. But let's move onto some more Stephen King next week. We're going to do another one. I read this book when it was a new release. I haven't read it since I remember loving it. The dark half never heard of it. I came to this one because when we were covering living dead and I was reevaluating. Jorge Romero I said let me go through his entire Canon and so I did watch it all this Ramiro fill. It's a Jorge Romero Phil. Okay now I have a little bit of hope. I know that's probably folly on my part but I don't remember it being one of his better film but it isn't George Romero's film and yeah we can discuss it next week. But meanwhile this Friday. How about nother crazy robotic gadgets? I was thinking. Are there human batteries? Aix for some reason. Think there are. I mean I think there's batteries in human beings and yeah there might be aliens there Saifi. How about that? If you want more Sifi craziness why don't you become may patron and you can hear us talk about the Stanley Kubrick. Collaboration that one of the you pick a artificial intelligence almost twenty years old. We return to that very strange film and directed by Spielberg written by Kubrick or written by Spielberg. According to the Greenwich. There's a lot to discuss. There was a pick by one of our patrons. I haven't seen this since theaters kind of looking forward to going back. So thank you for listening. Jacob Stuart thank you for going to haven with me and till next time shoot pickle Where if I might ask you to poet place for a win. You have to go there. They have to take thank you for listening to this episode of now blank. 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Like how many names do you need for your they out? Arne they drop out in the middle of that no they do but let me. Let me say the name again. 'cause I was getting confused with my mother's digestive disease which is called bird to me. She's mostly Dolores from Roger Rabbit to Roger Rabbit equal. I got two things confused. And she's like claw 'em in the back and trying to take him over the hill and invaders from Mars terminology okay. I thought that was a sex act. I'm like I don't know the over the hill mount. Yeah so again I. What does Alice Beasley get? I mean she she basically he played Nintendo right now. Sorry that's my. I need to take a medicine alarm that Marjorie set for me. Shoot a pickle every the fuck that Robert Carradine's idea of sitting at a bar with him. Yeah let's let's shoot a pickle.

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