Trump is getting on-the-job training about how divided government works


The daily two oh two was sponsored by T. Rowe price. Check out the confident wallet a personal finance podcast series by T. Rowe price and the Washington Post brain studio. Good morning. I'm James Holman from the Washington Post, and this is the daily to for Thursday, January thirty first. Today's news Howard Schultz, stumbles, a big economic development deal in Wisconsin fizzles and a jury gives rand Paul more than half a million bucks. The first the big idea the era of accommodation on Capitol Hill is over as President Trump faces an increasingly adversarial congress in both parties democratic committee chairs are threatening a round of subpoenas for top administration officials. Several cabinet secretaries have refused to voluntarily testify before committees uncontentious topics like the impact of the shutdown and Trump's policy of separating migrant families house homeland security committee, chairman Bennie Thompson, a democrat from Mississippi sent a blistering letter yesterday to homeland security secretary to Nielsen for not appearing to answer questions about border security before his group of members. He says she'll get a subpoena soon. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and health and Human Services Secretary, Alex as our have also declined invitations to appear before a Coequal. Branch of government in private Trump has told aides he wants to take as aggressive posture as possible toward oversight, including fighting any effort by congress to obtain his tax returns all the way to the supreme court. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans have asserted their independence from Trump on key fronts this week. Some Republican senators are urging the president publicly to keep his distance from committee tasked with coming up with a deal to avert another shutdown. Republicans on the bipartisan committee were slated to go to the White House later this week for discussions, but that meeting has been called off because they don't want Trump involved as Mike grounds. Republican of South Dakota put it yesterday. Let us do our work. Mr President several senior Republicans have also gone on the record warning Trump against declaring a national emergency to build his wall and yesterday some Senate GOP leaders forcefully rebutted Trump's latest criticisms of his own intelligence officials which the president. Issued in a tweet after they disagreed with his assessments on Russia, North Korea ISIS, Iran and the security threat at the southern border, and this one significant to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell who is carried as much water for Trump as anyone else on the hill has introduced an amendment to Middle East policy legislation formally rebuking Trump's decision to pull back troops from Syria and Afghantistan the amendment will come up on the Senate floor for a vote today if it passes, and we expect it will this would be the first clear repudiation of Trump's foreign policy from the GOP controlled Senate this year, and we're expecting more scrutiny in the coming weeks and months as the Senate takes up confirmations for key cabinet posts one particular nominee, who's likely to undergo rigorous questioning from Republicans is whoever Trump taps to replace former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the first president in American history to take office with no prior governing or military. Experience was blessed to have unified GOP control of government during his first two years in power. He didn't realize how lucky, but he will soon for now, though, Trump continues getting on the job training about how divided government works, and that's the big idea here. Three other headlines that should be on your radar number one. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz continues to come under growing fire from the left over his independent. Presidential bid yesterday. Shields tweeted out a link to an opinion column praising him and called it a quote thoughtful analysis yet when you click on the link the column called comma, Harris, a quote, shrill quasi socialist and referred to Elizabeth Warren as folk haunt Schultz deleted, the tweet went a Washington Post reporter inquired about why he thought that was thoughtful analysis shield said during a TV interview yesterday that he wants refused to give a campaign contribution to war. In because he thinks her policy ideas will drive the United States toward socialism. And he couldn't answer when asked by morning, Joe co host Mika Brzezinski how much a box of Cheerios costs when Brzezinski told him it costs four bucks Schultz replied, that's a lot many pointed out that that's about the cost of a 'Grande sized drink from Starbucks. Starbucks fearing a customer boycott his sent talking points to all of its employees, including baristas on how to defuse tense conversations with angry customers about their former chairman potentially throwing the twenty twenty election to Trump. It turns out also that Schulz has taken the time. They'll vote in just eleven of the past thirty eight elections in Washington state. He even stayed home during the midterms in twenty fourteen two thousand six and he's widely disliked in Seattle because he used to own the city's NBA team the SuperSonics, but he sold it to a group that moved the franchise to Oklahoma City number two the technol-. Gee, company Foxconn announced it is reconsidering plans to build a factory in Wisconsin significantly altering jobs deal that Trump has repeatedly taken credit for the Taiwanese technology juggernaut initially pledged twenty seventeen to construct a ten billion dollar display panel plant and create up to thirteen thousand jobs over the next fifteen years in a state that's critical to Trump's electoral prospects in exchange, then Wisconsin, Republican governor Scott Walker agreed to give FOX at least three billion dollars in tax payer funded credits and breaks Trump celebrated the deal in the eastern of the White House in two thousand seventeen and flew to Wisconsin last summer to attend a groundbreaking ceremony. Foxconn initially said it expected to employ fifty two hundred people by the time of the twenty twenty election. Now, the company says it will be less than one thousand. Number three, a Kentucky jury awarded Senator rand Paul more than five hundred eighty thousand dollars yesterday in a lawsuit against his next door. Neighbor who broke six of the Republicans rids two years ago over a long standing landscaping dispute Rene Buscher of bowling green pleaded guilty last March two assaulting Paul and their gated community the sixty year old tackled. The second term Senator because Paul was stacking brush near his yard. He admitted to the attack and told authorities at the time that he had quote had enough. He was found guilty of one count of assaulting a member of congress and was sentenced to thirty days in prison last summer, a mutual friend said the two minute argue over long care in the past and hadn't spoken in years. Paul was awarded three hundred seventy five thousand dollars in punitive damages and two hundred thousand dollars for pain and suffering plus eight thousand dollars to cover his medical bills. And that's the daily to for Thursday, January thirty first thanks for listening. I'm James Hillman. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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