Thursday Red Pill Diaries-The CoronaCoup Cant Save Biden From Ukrainegate or #Killary


Now it may be that. Trump may determine that he'd rather run against the damaged creepy Joe Biden then Crooked Hillary for the second term. But it's looking more and more like likely like there's going to have to a coup of some sort inside the Democrat Party so that Hillary Hillary who's gassing up and waxing down and making all nice and evil her broomstick malefic sent one so that killary can ride into the rescue and all of a sudden. It's the thrilla in Manila to its trump versus killary. To the whole thing happens all over again. Now here's the kicker Taylor is damaged goods there's investigations going on Tom. Fitness Judicial Watch has to four request one of which has been granted. And there's a there's an actual court in in In more on the Potomac River. Here's a court that is actually subpoenaed in order to admit his Clinton killary to appear to give a deposition under oath on the email server the. She claims she never had that little thing. I use because I e mails between personal and I always just trying to divide the two. Yeah bridges in Arizona over oceans are for sale to now mid his killary. Clinton got out of this one temporarily because another judge issued an a stay or an injunction against they The deposition or the grand jury testimony. I'm not sure which it was an any any event that's been put on hold. That ain't going away either. We now know all sorts of stuff about Benghazi. And what did that? We did not know and two thousand and sixteen. We also now have any. We didn't have this in two thousand and sixteen the feds now also have Anthony Weiner Pewter people forget about all these things do never forgets about any of this to the Fed the federal rallies are in possession of the laptop of Anthony Weiner. Why does that matter? He was married. Abidine who is that calories? Chief of staff and rumored you know Over really what was on the laptop to well? According to the NYPD who broke their silence who sought and then we're summarily dismissed all sorts of email correspondence between killary and abidine and all sorts of world players. Disgusting Business at the State Department should not have been discussing and there were discussing it on unsecured servers meaning Yahu Google Cetera et Cetera. How do you recover for many of this year's which is why I was laughing? When Robert Murray Publishes spellbinding prediction on Tuesday at the American fake Conservative magazine site? That trump's toast he will lose in twenty twenty had no accomplishments ending into Mexico. City policy would be good enough for me to vote for election as long as that stands Getting this remains to be seen how this pans out. But what if the Supreme Court decisions come down or at the end of this month or early next month five four or six three majorities to uphold Alabama Georgia in Louisiana's reason pro-life acts with cavenaugh and Gorsuch for voting in the affirmative? Now if that happens and I suspect that it will Because I don't think that Roberts is GonNa Kabosh that he may. I haven't really preyed upon it and asks the question but I think that those laws are are ultimately upheld And if they do then you have the coalition of pro-lifers lining up behind the most pro-life president in the history of the United States as sends it became necessary to be pro-life masks. Don John a Manhattan. That's wise John. Donne Jonah Manhattan. So all of this is adding up here to be one hell L. controversy number one. So that's major now. Just imagine the major major political party candidate going into your convention being asked to withdraw and foreign governments threatening to put him on trial now the Ukrainians have already filed charges or something. That's most people don't know. Blyden is already been charged with corruption and interference and their political process with the which in in in Ukraine. That's a treasonous offence. Now he's under your grant citizens so they can't try him for treason but they do have other crimes against him so anyone who thinks that he'll just church play. These people have power. They walk away. No they're not going to just walk away that's Kinda versus number one You're going to need the crusade channel and you're not gonNA have it because the public service in Tuesday. Maybe it looks at dire will open it up for a couple of days crisis number two. That's coming up. This is an easy one. The five states that I mentioned all of a sudden late September early October what happens. There is a d'Orsay a a spike. There is a new epidemic of Corona covid nineteen cases appearing hippie CAIRN outside of Philadelphia. It takes time wolf all of eight seconds ago like Oh. Let's does this often change the dates. Let's see who we can with. Next same thing happens in Ohio. Same thing happens in Michigan or governor dimwit merced Antibi-. Oh by the by. But if it's not going to be Super Stacey Abrams as what a joke that is as vice president nominee and the Democrats are committed to a woman. Kamala Harris is out. There ain't gonNA happen. Which one might make the most sense and ain't Stacey Abrams Gretchen? Damn whitmer now. Here's a political question for you. Can as she's running for the veith. Cain Governor Dan. Whitmer dust off her executive orders when the Corona Hoax Sham Democ rears ugly head late September early. October and Michigan has seen thousands upon thousands of new cases and death is on the horizon. We have models where forty fifty thousand people may die. If lockdowns aren't renewed in Michigan condemn. Whitmer still do that while running for the bad thing for the vice presidency. It's a question michiganders are going to have to answer. I don't know the answer and I don't know who the Lieutenant Governor is Michigan. But it would seem to me that dimwit Moore's powers would probably fall into the hands of the Lieutenant Governor But if it's a demon grant leg her will then it would just be changed the name and the date on the previous orders and so be it okay. Mic Shirt show here on the crusade channel. Last live radio station. Standing always on air and always online crusade channel Dot com continuing on our headlines for today by the buying the last hour. Marianna bar told will be what us the present part of Fatima's signs and secrets. How the apparitions in the miracle of the Sun in one thousand nine hundred seventeen at Fatima Portugal. How do they relate to the corona hoax Coom CORONA CORONA coup. That we are now in the middle of Marianna will summarize all this and. We'll make some conclusions. I'm last hour. Meanwhile call in line telephone number eight four four five to seven eight seven two three speaking of those five states. Let's go to Pennsylvania for a moment. Show WE GOVERNOR. Wolf outlines plans to create Commonwealth civilian corona core does support fall covid nineteen recovery efforts. Now just finished telling you that. We already know that they're going to do this.

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