The Ultimate DC Sports Star?


You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show now. Here's Kevin Ahrens here. I'm here That's the group today. We've got some things to get to. I just noticed something for the first time and Erin said that it's happened before I still get the Washington Post delivered to my house The actual paper I would probably guess that eighty percent of the time. I actually don't open up the newspaper because I've read what I've wanted to read on line by the time I get around to. You know the paper even though gets delivered. I'm pretty early and either the night before the day before. So many of these stories that appear in next day's paper have already been available to be consumed I do like it on the weekends. Typically you know when there's actually sports To read But I just noticed something than Erin. Set has happened a couple of times. I guess this will be the second time Saturday was the first day. Saturday was the first day because yesterday they had a normal sportscenter. Sunday will be very thin. Yes but they don't even have the sports section is a standalone section. This is in the back of the style section today. So you have in the post today your front page your Metro Section your style section and at the top of the style section. There's a headline that says Olympic officials concede. Tokyo Games may need to be postponed. Sports is on C. Ten through C. Twelfth Style section is section C of the paper Look there's nothing to write about I mean. Nfl Free Agency is a big deal and you get to the back of the style section and there is a one to three page sports section at the very back IFC concedes. Postponing Games is on the table. Which was a new story from yesterday? The Canadian Olympic team by the way the Canadians have backed out of the Olympics altogether. But that was based on a start time of this summer I don't know when they would postpone them to. I mean let's get real. Of course they're not going to happen as scheduled Because if they did there would be a lot of countries that wouldn't show up. You know similar to for different reasons. You know nineteen eighty in the Moscow. Games were the United States and other countries did not go because at that point The Russians had invaded Afghanistan and that was a big World issue that many countries had problems with Jimmy. Carter made the decision during those eighty Olympic Games which by the way was following the eighty lake placid games which produced the hockey the US hockey winner. The miracle on ice That particular summer there were no Olympic Games for the US in Moscow. But I mean the Tokyo Games aren't going to happen on time if they do postpone them. They're gonNA postpone them until the fall when we are definitely getting to the point where we are. GonNa have just about every single sport. Participating in some of their biggest games in most meaningful games all in the fall and winter. I was GONNA say September and October if passed this. If we're through this could be the greatest two months stretch in the history of sports. Well it's GonNa be really hard though to consume everything because everything's going to be on at the same time but it'll be still wonder if it'll be. It'll heal vk chaotic. But YOU'RE GONNA have to make choices unless you have four. Tv's in your in your room because you're GonNa have like for me as an example. Let's just say that September and October you have the beginning of the college football and NFL season. Which is always our favourite. Yes You also have you know. Two three of the Gulf majors pushed back into those months. 'cause they weren't played including the Masters. October and maybe the US Open September. You know that Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday opposite football you know. Especially if tigers in the mix right you're going to make some tough choices You can have the Olympics going on which I'm GonNa tell you right now for me would be back in the list. Even though I love the Summer Olympics I love track and field. I love the basket ball. You know. Obviously it's a great mid-day Midweek Women's gymnastics along with women's figure. Skating in the Winter Olympics are two of the most consumed sporting events every four years. And are they going to be going up Saturday night against Auburn Georgia? Good luck with that you know. Imagine the the arguments in in some households. No we're watching the gymnast or the Win. The US gym gymnastics teams. Going tonight Yet no we've got We've got Bama and LSU tonight that usually takes place in an no. I'm just. I'm pulling out the October Alabama schedule. Let's hear Alabama. I just saw a game against Georgia Alabama Georgia September nineteenth. Yeah okay that or a third round of the. Us Open third round of the NBA playoffs. Were in the conference semi-finals of the NBA playoffs. Oh by the way the. Nhl Playoffs have just advanced to the second round in the caps made it through their first round series with the penguins in six games. And you've got the Olympics going on. What am I missing tennis majors? Were were now rolling Wimbledon out in September with you. S- open to follow in In in October I mean you're GonNa have a lot of Oh and what if the NC Double A. Tournament? Just says you know what we're going to try to put together something for September. They won't have that won't happen Anyway The Post has a sports section in the back of the style section. Part reason for that is that they're sports writers have been assigned to do non-sports things that make sense to me. I didn't even know that But that makes a Lotta sense to me. All right There are a few things I want to get to today before I get to the main thing I want to get to today and that is something that my radio station is doing and actually I think is pretty cool right now and makes for a really good diversion The radio station the team nine eighty dot COM. I host seven to ten. Am in the mornings. Most of you know that you can listen on the team. Nine eighty dot com the team. Ninety APP I would also suggest that if you usually listen to my show in the car or any of our shows in the car and you're not in the car for the same reason to usually are in the car and you've got Alexa or Google home. Just you know tell Alexa to put on the team. Nine eighty And And you can listen to the shows at home that way. If you don't have a radio most people I don't think most people have a radio in their home anymore. That would be my guess radio when you're not a traditional rate yes. Sometimes I'll listen to whatever on the computer right not a stream things on your computer. Most people don't have most people under the age of forty. I would guess not have a radio in their home but anyway So we are doing We're doing the ultimate DC sports star bracket. Okay and I'll explain it more here coming up in a layout the bracket for you and tell you how you can participate. It's actually I think it'll be really interesting in and the group that put together the bracket which I had nothing to do with Those of us who are on the air essentially decided not to be a part of the selection committee. Chris Johnson our program director. Cj and a couple of others put the bracket together there is a lot of complaining about the bracket that's for sure So we will get to that Here shortly but I wanted to start with a couple of things That aren't as fun necessarily first of all. What are you people doing that? Were down looking at the cherry blossoms. Have you heard about Corona virus? Have you heard about social distancing? Have you heard about gatherings of more than ten? People look are cherry blossoms in this city are beautiful this time of year. They are beautiful to look at and I will tell you when the kids were younger. That was always a great. You know what are we going to do on Saturday morning? We gotTA GOTTA be active. We gotta be busy. Let's do something fun and we would drive down and we would walk walk around the tidal basin and it really is. It's beautiful it really is very very pretty We're going through something as a country here as a world that is requires all of us to participate in a hopeful pleasant outcome and the title Basin wisp packed with people after Muriel. Bowser are very capable mayor. I believe and by the way unlike our president. She's a terrific communicator It's the way I feel. I think she does a really good job in his done. A really good job during this crisis in communicating But basically she had implored people not to you know. Go down there. And now she's got to order the Metropolitan Police Department and the DC National Guard to enforce basically a restricted access zone around the tidal basin to prevent the spread of Kovic nineteen the corona virus. I mean did you see some of the videos and the pictures how crowded it was there. I couldn't believe it. I mean it's one thing last week to laugh at all the spring breakers down in Florida. They're all eighteen. Nineteen twenty twenty one years old and you know self absorbed to a certain degree in clueless to a certain degree in. Oh by the way not feeling very vulnerable. Which by the way. I'm sure I felt like at twenty twenty one twenty two years old as well. I would probably on spring break. All right So there but this was these were grown ass adults it you know by the hundreds and thousands at the title basin like it was a normal cherry blossom. Spring March Day My God I mean seriously how. `Bout to stay in your car and go down there and drive around him and stay in your car you can see him and look their neighborhoods. I'm not going to mention the neighborhoods because they are I'm sure not wanting a rush of of incremental you know visitors but there are a couple of neighborhoods in the city that have beautiful cherry blossoms as well where you can drive around and see him. You know You can watch him on Youtube. All right there's lots of blossom stuff on youtube but you can't gather you know a in hordes walking around the title Basin for crying out loud at blew me away As did the president's press conference yesterday which was like I look a lot of. You don't want me talking about this stuff but I'm sorry it's my show. I'll talk about whatever I want. And and again it's no reflection of my political beliefs. Most of you. It's very funny when you tweet me. After some of these rants. You're like you know Jesus Christ. I had no idea you were such a hard line conservative. Jesus Christ I had no idea you were such a bleeding heart liberal. Well I mean I'm not either Sort of just a pragmatist centrist Fiscally probably more conservative and socially probably more progressive. That's probably what I am. I E I look at every issue and just come up with what I think. The answer should be regardless of political affiliation. It's the way I've always been but besides that our president is not a good communicator. And he's terrible in this crisis period. Great Front runner. I'm sure for a lot of you. You know no issues economy booming people employed you know he can continue with basically would have been campaign ongoing campaign press conferences over and over again you know and slapping himself on the back over and over again e we're in a crisis right now. I've mentioned this couple of times. I talked about it the other day. If you've ever read anything about leadership There's no worse combination of a crisis leader than narcissism and limited intellectually and the combination of both deadly. They're they're very very difficult so I think even his ardent supporters would certainly agree watching these last two. What they call briefings Aaron which have turned into ninety minute to two hour. You know Basically let me tell you how great I am Press conferences it. It's remarkable to me. I mean there are a lot of things about the last three years that I think I personally think have been very good and there are a lot of things that I have not agreed with. He is a terrible communicator and terrible as a leader in the crisis in a crisis the the lack of self awareness is startling to me and again I've got I've got friends that are ardent trump supporters. And by the way I respect their opinion very much I A- friends who are ardent anti trumpers and I respect and listen to their opinion but almost everybody agrees here during this crisis that this is not what you would refer to in the trade as great leadership Especially as a communicator. Now what we don't know is what's going on in these task force meetings. I watched this interview with Ouchi last night. He was on Mark Levin Fox and say whatever you want about Mark Levin. I'm not going to weigh in. Its you know. He's very very extreme right And to me the extremes on both sides our uncomfortable to watch but that that said It was a very interesting interview with FAO. She who you know you got to know a little bit personally and you got to know about him going through this crisis with the president and everybody else and the net of it is. Is this foul? She says these task force meetings have been first rate professional and that he's gotten no pushback from the president on any of the science. Now we've seen how the press conferences. Sorta roll out with him either. Conflicting or contradicting the science and the doctors or being hopeful and wishful. Against what is may be more probable all of that but FAO Chea- you know and again maybe. He has no incentive as of this thing to be overly critical but he sort of went out of his way to say these task force meetings have been incredibly productive and You know have have resulted in a lot of things that are helping. I think the bottom line is in and what I got from FAO. Ci Last Night Erin is that there's still so much unknown about this. There's just still so much unknown. What they are really hopeful about. Is that cutting off the border to China quickly. Cutting off the border. You know the entrance From Europe and all of this. Social distancing mitigation plan Can slow the spread a lower healthcare to gear up properly which it struggling in New York and California and Washington among. You know those those three states And that it off faster like it didn't South Korea it has basically in Russia. Man Look at the results in Russia. I don't know if anybody's been following that. They've had considering their population. They've had very few cases apparently and I was reading something late last night. Putin and the Russians had a real plan for a pandemic and a lot of that was closing off borders with China which is right next on closing up. Borders with other countries had problems immediately. Instituting things like social distancing and quarantining and self quarantining and self-isolation and as of now compared to you know a lot of countries that are that are nearby They are Having very few cases I think it's going to be interesting when all this said is said and done to sort of look at the you know some of certainly a communist country in China and you know The the political environment. Russia which is much different than than ours. Um to see what they did and how they plan for. And maybe there's going to be a lot to learn Hopefully the world will come together and be able to learn from each other and help each other. You know one of the things I heard last night. This is no time to for vengeance against countries like Iran who are struggling mightily. And I know that's a significant argument. Um beat people are having it on both sides personally I always err on the side of of being human When when places it's a cheap price to pay for A potential Help in other areas anyway. Some of you would probably disagree with that. But I'm not going to get into that. How `Bout Mirabal Zor though just basically saying all right I I asked you not to go down to the tidal basin. And you didn't pay attention so now we gotta have our police and National Guard there one dimension something else do before it got to this bracket An before we get to the Quinton Dunbar. Stuff from over the weekend The Did you see the Brady Story? Did you read the South Worker Sham story on? Espn DOT com of the weekend about Brady or not I don't think I read that specific story. It's a good read I think we're shamed as a really good job with his lengthy sort of investigative. Ccs's get more often than not the thing that came out of That I I'll spend a two minutes talking about is that Brady asked for one thing from the buccaneers after the deal was done. And that was the phone numbers of all the wide receivers that that was his first move to reach out to all the wide receivers but then came. Another part of the story and other stories is that he is not asked about Jersey Number. He did not make his signing in. Tampa Bay required a requirement that he get number twelve which is worn by very good wide receiver. Cris God yes. Who's been very productive And owns that Jersey number twelve now. Godwin basically told either sports illustrated or somebody else About the the Jersey number that Brady is certainly somebody that if if Brady asks I will certainly give him. His career has warranted the just handed over to or acid plus a prolly plug plus much less money. I'm sure he'll he'll make brady pay for charitable donations also said Brady. Isn't you know that interested in it? That he's won't go out of his way because he'd like to keep it as well you know. He's trying to create some leverage Here's the actual quote from Godwin This was on. Nfl DOT COM quote. My phone's been blowing up nonstop on all my social tax calls. Everybody wants to know the same thing When he was asked about you know Tom Brady. Twelve and number twelve. He says quote for me. I'm very passionate about the number. It's something I've been wearing since I was in high school. But at the end of the day if he doesn't want it then I'll keep it close quote. He's essentially saying that if he asks he'll consider it but he doesn't ask he's keeping it like he's not offering it up necessarily but he also says look if he does want it out of respect for everything. He's accomplished and everything that he's done. I kind of have to defer to him. He's the goat. Yeah you know. But he's GONNA WANNA get paid for that. Sure he's going to get paid or he's going to ask for a sizeable contribution to his charity or probably. Both of those things yes. Obviously he's not giving it up for free. But yeah I mean if Brady for whatever reason doesn't want it if he wants to leave that in New England which I don't see happening during the TB twelve brand. Then yeah no reason. Godwin would give it up I am. I have a feeling that Brady isn't gonNA make a big deal out of this. I'd the TB. Twelve thing is only thing that's his company. That's his stand that I I understand that I do. But that brand. I don't think is negatively impacted. If he's wearing number ten on Sundays I really don't. I mean everybody knows Tom Brady was twelve and not be twelve is and everybody understands that. And if he's wearing number ten which by the way would be his next choice. It's his college number. Which receiver named Scotty Miller who was a sixth round pick last year by the buccaneers and played a little bit this year? For the bucks. That's his number right now like if Brady says you know this dude. We don't even know if he's going to make the team. I'll take number ten Which was the again. His number two Michigan. I'M NOT GONNA be surprised if he doesn't push for this. You know I don't know if Brady superstitious or not. You know. He wore number ten at Michigan. He was a sixth round. Pick obviously in two thousand and HE WORE THE JERSEY. He was given when he got when he got to New England. He was just worried about making the team I don't know I mean I. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up wearing something other than If you wear something other than number twelve. It's just not him. I don't think too like you know. Pull rank over a really productive wide receiver. Who just said the numbers important to him. It's not pulling rank though it's about you know getting number and again it's not like he's GonNa say he's the new guy he's and he's always been in always positioned himself as I need to prove something. He's always in that mode of needing to prove something. It's it's something that's made him so great like it doesn't matter that he's won six superbowls bowls. He's got up. He always feels like he's got something to prove in. Those kinds of people are never satisfied with success and they never believe in themselves of being above everybody else. I'm telling you I think that's the way Brady is think it's part of what's made him so great. I'll make what kind of odds would you give me that? He that he wears number twelve doesn't wear number twelve. GimMe Gimme a number right now. Plus two hundred. I mean I would take that. I think that it's probably closer to plus three hundred. Yeah probably that's that's what I'm going to give you. Okay that's fair. I'll take you know what I'll take. Actually I want five to two one plus two fifty I couldn't care less personally. Remember the You know we were going through this radio this morning. It was pretty funny because I couldn't remember the name of the player than everybody tweeted. Texted me This could be This could be you know at this point age where I start to forget names but anyway I remembered the story of Clinton Portis when he got here in two thousand four when he was traded for and he wanted to wear number twenty six was the number he was wearing in Denver. And and twenty six was also tw- Twenty six was as a University of Miami Jersey number right. I believe. That's I think it was and I was trying to up with the name. And the Guy who was wearing number twenty six who Clinton paid off for it and everybody got it to me. Was IFFY ANY OLA. He was a safety for the team. If you recall Clinton you know has cut a deal to get number twenty six and the deal terms that I have that was reported on his portis was GONNA pay thirty eight thousand dollars in two installments to Allay Tei for Number Twenty. Six and he never paid that second second installment so they went to court. They went to court over the thing and it got ugly. You know I've never. I don't think I've ever asked Clinton about it. but You know and I forget if it got settled before went to court or it was going to go to court to be honest with you. I forget the details of that part but The next time we have Clinton on the show Remind me to ask him about what he paid If that's accurate in how white became a legal matter and if it with he really I think one of the reasons Clinton if I recall Clinton didn't pay the second half is ole wasn't on the team anymore you know he got cut or traded. I think he got cut. Which by the way. It shouldn't matter at all. I mean the payment was. I can't imagine it was contingent on Ola making the team. The course of the payments being made right but anyway I think Brady's GonNa wear a different number. I I would take the the the the plus two fifty if you'll give me plus two fifty. Okay I'll give you a plus two perfect done I wanted to get to something. We were working on at nine. Eighty Actually it's pretty cool in. Were looking for things to do here. I mean we're everybody's looking for things to do here and the station put together a bracket with playing games and everything and you can vote on all of these matchups round by round on the team team nine hundred on twitter account and go to the team nine hundred dot com as well but basically it is an all time. Dc SPORTS STAR BRACKET AND. It's not first of all no. Baltimore involved And There's no Baltimore involved. In its coaches players and team executives owners are not considered in this so in. It's also not you know. Just born in DC it's of DC. Meaning you you were either born here and you had a tremendous high-school impact Or Olympic impact or a professional career. That didn't involve you know Washington impact But you're really known for being from here and having significant success from here or You played here and you weren't from here so the bracket was selected by cj our program director. And I think he had a couple of other people working on it with him and all of the show host basically got access to the bracket this morning and Goldeneye alcohol. The I basically did a selection show this morning on laying out the entire bracket and there are a lot of the lot of arguments you know already on twitter afterwards which is part of the reason for putting this together is it creates interesting conversation but I would urge all of you especially you know you're looking for something else to to focus on other than the news every day A lot of people by the way I've noticed are putting out these brackets right now. I D one of the have you followed the the person that put out the office episode bracket of course. That was actually the office. Did that the official. I didn't realize that because to be honest with you. I don't know that it was really well done. I if I believe unless there's another one going around. I believe the first one was from the the office. Nbc Twitter Account. Okay because you showed this to me on Friday Aaron. I are huge fans. Tommy is two of the office the American version. I'm also a huge fan of the BBC. Version I think the BBC versions two seasons are the funniest two seasons of a Sitcom of all time. But we love the American version. We've referred to it many times on the show before And so you're saying that. Nbc Put out an all time office episode bracket they didn't see them though like there was no seeding now how many how many episodes were in here home. Two four six eight ten twelve looks like six thirty to thirty two episode. Bryce so what even sixty four or sixty eight but A wow they're already to the final four juicy this I haven't been keeping track of the now they're already to you and I both thought that the dinner party you thought this right. I think the dinner parties the single greatest seahawks episode. I think I've ever watched so. I was predicting that the dinner party into the. Oh you're right there to the finals I just. I just pulled up the update. Wow so they've had people voting to advance and the biggest crime for me was that The deposition was going to have to open up against Niagara. Which was JIM and PAM's wedding It was a two episode thing because the deposition to me might be my second favorite episode of all time. Which was the episode prior to the Dinner Party episode right? I'm pretty sure it was one. If it wasn't just prior. It was just after a party. Wait a second. This doesn't make sense to this. They have dinner party as season. Four episode nine and deposition as season four episode twelve. That can't be true that's not true. It's not true so they. They messed that up yet. Yes that that seems like. I thought the depositions one episode before one episode after. I don't know if it's right before right after but it's certainly sit here. Whatever they they've gotten the final four dinner party came at a one. It is your. It's so they they have both of them wrong. Season four episode though they do have the deficits right deposition season for episode. Twelve dinner party season for episode thirteen. Yeah I thought it was right before so dinner. Party is in the final four. They're up against the injury which is a great episode where of course The injury is when Dwight ends up crashing his car Into the poll in the parking lot and ends up being concussed But the injury really it takes starts with Michael basically putting his foot into a George Foreman Grill and burning it favorite. Things ever is the description of how it happened. It's just a matter of fact. I like breakfast in the morning. I Lay offs and Bacon before I go to bed and then I wake up quickly and I start the baking cooking and then I fall back asleep and I wake up to the smell of Bacon. Sumi says she and I thank you. Sumi you know it's a healthy start to the day whatever it was and so. That's the injuries up against the dinner party in one semi final and the Dundee's which is You know the first episode of Season Two Right yes Is Up against stress relief which I would have never would have made it to the FISA. Good episode are good double episode. It's trying to see what it had it. Be Diversity Day come. I had diversity day out of that region. I have you know what got here was a tough first-round match-up branch wars against the finale. I think branch wars is one of the funniest episodes of all tight like God branch. Words is hysterical from the time that they kidnap Jim when Dwight and Michael Kidnap Jim. And they're going to get revenge in UTICA where where you've got. Carry THAT SCENE WITH KAREN. The three of them dressed up like you know work. Mess is is really very funny I so the stress relief. That's a good episode. Don't get me wrong. Stress. Relief is a good episode is up against the Dundee's and stress. Relief is into the final against dinner party. So we were right with one final participant. I would have never guessed stress or stress. Relief at Casino. Night would have been better. The surplus would have been better. I'm looking at the diversity. How do you beat? Diversity shouldn't have beaten diversity. I had diversity coming out of that region. Scott's tots went head to head with diversity day in the in the I mean that's just like Scott's tots on watchable. Some of you are like when are you going to get to the thing you're going to? I'm going to in a minute. We get time and you can always you know fast forward head if you're not an office fan if you're not an office fan seriously do yourself a favor okay during these days where you're you know you got nothing to do. Just pull it up on Netflix. Start with the pilot and go right through get at least through season. Seven seasons eight nine after Steve. Carell leaves the show. Are you know okay? They're not great But if you want to laugh and cringe and by the way just for whatever reason find a comfort. Sitcom the office is the Comfort Sitcom of all time Dinner Parties GonNa win. This was always going to that. That's the one flaw with this. We all know who's going to win beforehand. But I have a problem with stress relief getting to the final four the others. I mean I wouldn't have put the injury I would've had them into the elite eight and Dundee's and dinner party or where my picks for the final four well the Dundee's Did Go to head with casino night for the right to get to final forty love Casino night but this hilarious casino night. It's so good. Starting with Michael ending up having to dates you know and and then you know obviously the Jim and Pam ending. That was the end of season two which I was not watching the show while it was on. Tv light live. I was very. I was incredibly snobbish. When it came to the original office and BBC version and I I did not give the American version at the beginning. A chance I'll timidly gave it a chance on. I love it. I love in some of you. A real quickly Aaron. We've mentioned the Dinner Party episode before I've had people say to me. I had a friend. I remember him calling me. He said yeah he said. You told me to watch the dinner party that it was the greatest. Sitcom episode of all time he goes. I get it. It's cringe worthy of the whole thing and then I thought about it. I'm like you got to build up to the party. You got to know the characters right. Yeah you've got to understand the you've got to have contact one hundred percent for it but with context. I think the greatest what what is a Sitcom twenty two minutes Typically on average. Yes I think. The greatest twenty two minutes of Sitcom comedy of all time is the dinner party episode of the American version of the office I didn't vote on any of these did you were. You might have voted for some of the early ones if I saw it. But I hadn't really looked closely at sunset. They unveiled the bracket and right now with twenty two hours left dinner party versus stress relief in the final dinner. Parties got an eleven percentage point. Lead it's GonNa I'm surprised only light light. It's it's perfect. It's absolutely perfect is so good and nobody was better than John. In that in that episode she was. She was the underrated comedic star because it was so subtle of that show. I always felt that way Not to mention she was a smoke. Show I But by the way real quick about stress relief I had forgotten for material. That was when Dwight did these. Cpr dummy thing which might have that was funny. I was GONNA say that might have been the single funniest in the office. No doubt all right. Let's get to this other thing All right so this alternate DC. Sports Star bracket again It was coaches players team. Executives know owners. Okay JESS DC. And it was a situation where you know. It was their production here whether they were born here and had production as a high schooler or is a four former Later Olympian or if they came here and is a professional or as a college player all right had great success. There's a lot of controversy in this thing The it was a sixty eight person bracket with four actual first four games all right eight people involved in four first-round games to get into the main field in the voting for that's going on right now and I'll update you on that here momentarily. There were four regions. The PG county region. The Montgomery County region. The Fairfax County region and the Arlington County region. And they had nothing to do with where the people were from or played or anything else is just like the East regional in the basketball tournament can have west coast teams. There's no there's no connection there and then the final four is going to be played in d. c. The semifinals at RFK Stadium and the final the championship. Game as a nod to Poland for what he did for this city By building the arena down in Chinatown and really starting sort of a renaissance Of of DC is a city and we've seen all of the incredible downtown areas that we now have that just we didn't have twenty five years ago The championship games to be played a capital. When Reno? We're GONNA play this out by by the way over like a two week period. You know Ending concluding with the night of win the NC double a national championship game would have been all right here. Are here's the bracket you ready. The bracket goes like this the play in games or all sixteens versus sixteenths. So these are eight sixteen seats Howie. Kendrick makes it into the field as a sixteen seat. He's going to go head-to-head today with only Kohl's AG- again. You can vote on that. Kohl's of course the goaltender for the capitals during Their First Stanley Cup final appearance when got swept By the Red Wings in the late nineties Christie Oliver a national champion with the Maryland. Terrapins and a two-time Wnba champion with the mystics. Tala vers a sixteen seed and she goes head to head with already. Somebody who's become very controversial in this conversation Kevin Durant because you either say will durant was from here and had a great MBA career but his only portion of his career was here as a high school star and he's not considered the greatest high school player in history. The city Elgin Baylor is and he gets seated very high A. mentioned him in a moment. So it's tolliver against durant. The other sixteenth seed matchups hymie Marino. Who According to DC. United enthusiasts is the greatest player in DC United History. And he's going to go head to head with Alli Krieger. Who is from here? Okay Mia Hamm by the way is not from here. A Lotta people asked about that She has some connection to hear. I forget what it is I looked at earlier and I forget already but Allie. Krieger went to high school here She became obviously a World Cup Star for the Women's national team and then the last of the sixteen seed matchups boomer esiason arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of Maryland football and one of the greatest football players in Maryland. History Against Charley casserly. Who as general manager comes in his barely making the field as sixteen seat? Where's Bobby Beth? Third-seeded that'll be interesting. So then we get to the actual bracket okay. I guessed before I saw this bracket that the one seeds would come from the following list of people. Joe Gibbs Alex Ovechkin Walter Johnson. Sammy Baugh Darrell Green. And John. Regan's okay and I thought Sonny is an outside shot as a one seed. Those were really the people from my standpoint who were in the running for a one seed. I thought that Max Scherzer's career here wasn't enough yet to be a one. Thought he'd probably be two or three but that was my guests of the list of where the four seeds would come from. So the four seeds ended up being Joe Gibbs in one region Walter Johnson considered by many to be the greatest pitcher in the history of baseball Alex Ovechkin by the way also a World Series Win in nineteen twenty four Alex Ovechkin and then Darryl Green. Those were the four one seeds. So you know you could take exception with Sammy. Baugh not being in their rig or sunny you know potentially or James Arthur monk I mean but I think you can't really debate any one of those four. They're told Vegan meal sons. Yes So then we go into the two seats which I found interesting sugar ray. Leonard was a two seat okay. I'm glad sugar ray. Leonard was not only included in this in that nobody forgot about him but then he was very highly seated. Now to seed may be a bit too high But Sugar Ray. Leonard's one of the greatest boxers in the history of boxing and he grew up in Palmer Park Maryland was an Olympian and Olympic. Champion and really is a huge source of pride for this say he represents DC. There's no question about it. There are some people who go away and don't represent he's one of the guys who is DC. And I again. If you WANNA debate he ceded too high. That's fine he definitely is no worse in three or four seed. In this bracket Sammy Bauza to cede Max Sherzer was a two seat and Rigaud was the other one the three seeds. Ah Give you the top sixteen in. Then we'll go through the matchups the three seeds Were art monk Elgin Baylor and for those of you too young. Just understand this elgin. Baylor is the greatest high school basketball player and one of the greatest high school areas. Dc of all time you only have to ask the people who were there and watched him as a high school basketball player like John Thompson. Who is said to me? Many Times said said it many times on his own radio show when it comes to the greatest high school basketball players in the history of city of this city. It's Elgin Baylor One. And then you count five spots until you get to number two. It's that St- decisive. There is no doubt that Elgin Baylor is the greatest high school basketball point. If you WANNA argue is is school basketball player. He shouldn't be a three seat have at it. He should be up there though. Elvin Hayes is a three seat. I was very happy to see this and I was very actually pleased that he was at least seated ahead of wes unseld. Who's great and should be on the next line? Which will get in a moment But Elvin Hayes is one of the top three or four power forwards of all time and led the bullets to its only championship and went to NBA Finals in a six year period and the other three seat is Sonny Johnson. Now you can argue. That sunny should be a two seed. Maybe in front of Sugar Ray Leonard. You know maybe in front of Max Scherzer Max. Scherzer won a world series people. So we're Stephen Strasburg will get to that. In a moment sunny being seeded third was a little bit. I don't know questionable maybe the four seeds. Patrick Ewing okay. Certainly Patrick was going to be high up on this list. I don't think anybody's GonNa have a problem. Greatest player in Georgetown history and one of the Great College basketball players of all time Gary Williams is a four seed so as John Thompson so this committee was very very you know Diplomatic there now. You could say that. Thompson's impact on the college game was much more significant than Gary's but in terms of the production. They both won national championships at powerhouse programs in this area at the two powerhouse programs in this area the other four seat. Is Wes unseld? All right so that's your top sixteen seeds. You can go vote team nine eighty on twitter. The team nine eighty dot com and the first four matchups. You know the is an sixty through sixty eight this the last seeds into the field or vine to get into the main bracket and you're able to vote on those right now Here's the rest of the field. I'M GONNA run through it quickly. All right Gibbs IS GONNA play one of the plan You know Winners then Rod Langley. Great capital some will say the the second greatest cap in history is an eight seed. He goes against the nine seat. The ninth-seeded Ryan Zimmerman Zimmerman. You know certainly the face of the franchise now world champion Zimmerman and nine seat in the same region which by the way was the PG county region. Sorry Loudon County and Frederick County. You got left out of this and any other counties that I'm forgetting Len bias was a five seat. I think you could argue. That lend should have been Leonard. Should have been a higher than a five seed you know. I mean but Patrick Ewing won. A national championship led by student. He's going head to head with Chris Hamburger in a five twelve matchup. Alright the winner of that faces. Patrick Ewing against lefty dresell. Who's thirteen seed So that is you know lefty look left. He didn't get to a final four. He didn't win a national championship But left is one of the most impactful figures in the sport of basketball in the city's history college basketball meant nothing to everybody around here. It was all about high school basketball in the late sixties lefty arrived claimed that Maryland would become the UCLA east and turn Maryland into a powerhouse. They did not get to a final four. There were different rules back then. In terms of the number of teams it could make the tournament. He did get Maryland to two elite eights and had that team you know ranked very high throughout his career. He John Thomson's said it many times without lefty there would have been no John Thompson in no Georgetown. He made it possible for people to start taking college basketball seriously in that same region. Anthony Ren don't is a six seed against George Allen an eleven seed art monk a three seat against Peter Bondra a fourteen seed Russ Grimm Hall of Famer is a seven seed against randy white. I'm glad the Committee did not forget about the greatest player in Maryland. Football history. Randy White was not only a first team all American and outland trophy winner in the number one pick in the draft and future Super Bowl. Mvp Randy White was the best player in college. Football in nineteen seventy four. All right randy white again. Merrill Football Basketball School Randy White was the best player in college. Football in nineteen seventy four sugar. Ray Leonard. Too seed against Bobby Dandridge who made it in as the fifteen seat. I'm glad to see Bobby. D made it into the field. Dan Without Dandridge the bullets would not have won. The won title That they won so the one thing that jumps out to me about this region is the the nationals players Ryan Zimmerman at nine. Anthony Ran Donut. Six is really interesting. You'd have Zimmerman seated higher. I think I'd have them see a little higher at at worse I'd have them. You know a six and a seven something like that. I get it that if you want to say that the best season that anthony ran don't had was the was better than the best. See much better right. Here's the thing. He had two seasons where he could have. Been Ruben. Berman. In two thousand nine. Two thousand ten was excellent. If you WANNA go by war depending on what Site US Ryan Zimmerman. Two thousand nine season was actually better than any season. Anthony Don at largely because of how good he was in the field so at worse. I think it's close and I probably just because of the the longevity and what he meant to the city. I'd have Brian Sermon on top I'll get when when the brackets complete a remind me to go back to language for a second I hear what you're saying. I actually when I saw. It didn't really think about that. I just thought of Anthony Ron. John was a close to an MVP in a world series season and by the way came up with the biggest clutch hits as did want Soto. Yes and by the way Howie Kendrick. Who made the play in game? Now I'm going to be very interested in. I know what the outcome of this is. But I'm trying to build the suspense for you guys. I'm laying it out for the first time if one. Sotos in this field now. I don't I mean it's one season really or one and a half season so he might not be but Kendricks really just a postseason you know but had you know the the the homer that basically kept him alive against the dodgers. The Grand Slam An Extra X. All right so that's the first region which is dubbed the PG county region again. No relationship to the players that are in it. It's not like they played their their from there. It's just the name of the the the region. The next region is the Monaco region of the Montgomery County region. Walter Johnson's the one seed. He plays the plate one of the plane winners and I forget which play in winners get seated. Where but I'm going to assume that all of the number we're not gonNA have a sixteen over a one more likely than not Brayden Hopi than is an eight gets matched up against bryce harper a nine. Why bring up a Ymca bring up a remind me about Rod. Langley is Rod Langas a greater all-time capital than Brayden Hopi. He is Brayden. Hope he's not a hall of Famer Izzy. Now and Rod Lang. Way was correct. He is right. He's a hall of Famer. Yeah he's in the hall. Yeah so I I'm wondering if especially the die hard cap fans are going to say. Look I mean hold be was the goaltender on the Stanley Cup. Winning team rod language as one of the all time greatest at his position But anyway I continue with. That here was something that I found very interesting because when we set the it was like a week ago where. Cj was starting to put this together. And I wondered whether or not Bryce Harper would be in this field and if he were in this field where he'd be seated look at an MVP And he's a multi time postseason performer. Bryce Harper's the nine seed up against Brayden Holt. Being a first round match up with the right to take on more likely than not Walter Johnson in a second round contest harper is a nine I think that that sort of makes sense to me with Zimmerman being you know at at nine and Rondonia to six and a you have a problem with that Katie La- decades the five seed in this region. That's a fascinating one. Well I mean. She's one of the Great Olympic results. Or do you think he should be seated higher? I think that this is GonNa be one that she could go. The she could legitimately go the distance or should because she's a swimmer she could be out like the first two rounds so her first round opponent is the number twelve seed One of the greatest players in the history of baseball from the Negro Leagues. You Know Josh Gibson. Who played if he had played in major league? Baseball would have been One of the all time but he was a homestead grade. Dc All right And was you know one of the all time great baseball players from that era? He comes in as the twelve seed. They're up against Up Against Katie lucky. Then the four seed is Gary Williams. And he's up against the thirteen seed. John Wall John Wall like I was thinking about the bullets in the wizards. Okay the their history and here was my top five ones L. In by the way this is not no Baltimore here so no Earl Monroe. You know none of the other. Great Baltimore Bullets. This is all DC number one of all time for me. Is Elvin Hayes number two? Is Wes UNSELD number? Three is Bobby d right in all three of them. Marin but walls a higher seed than Dandridge I'm not gonNA make a big stink. Outta that number four. Is John Wall? Yeah John Wall in his career here in Washington. Is You know basically a top five. All Time bullet wizard and you know who number five was for me. Gilbert Arenas and there's GonNa be a lot of people to see what are you crazy with Phil. Chenier birds you know. But that's that was my top five. We'll see whether or not arenas in there but we've already had L. I mentioned Elvin Hayes is the three seed and wes unseld as a four seat. And you've already heard Bobby Dandridge in is a fifteen seat so walls. Now is a thirteen seed. We'll see if gill made the field Wall gets matched up against Gary Williams and a four thirteen matchup. Then the bottom of the Montgomery county bracket six each Sean Taylor and you know depending on the voter in this you know the age of the voter etcetera you know. I think by the way. He seated appropriately if he'd been seated lower. I wouldn't have had an issue with that. He he certainly in the field. Okay of sixty eight but you know it was a very short career In really was the last year of his career. Last two years of his career that were dominant. He was becoming great. He's matched up against number eleven John. Lucas who absolutely deserves to be in this list. I can tell you right now. John Lewis for me is the third greatest Maryland basketball player of all time behind number one len bias number two one Dixon. I'm assuming we're going to see one Dickson in this field Then you get the three seed. Montgomery County region. We've already mentioned elgin. Baylor against Alan Iverson. I'm sorry but Alan Iverson is a fourteen seat. He should be seated hire. I agree with that. He didn't win a championship. And Alan Iverson's one of the greatest players in the history of college basketball in this area by the way You know it's not that Virginia Beach and where he grew up is a big part of it. But Alan Iverson was a legend on on in the Summer League. Who's heading into Georgetown? Right at St Francis was I wonder if St Francis made this list The seven seeds Gary Clark Against Dominique Dawes Silver Spring based Dominique Dawes. Who was a gold medal? Gymnast you know in in the Olympics if this was you know the late nineties early two thousand she'd be seated away higher President how many how? Many gold medals she went. I mean look. She's a she was obviously a a major star in the Olympics in which she you know Atlanta Barcelona She won one gold Atlanta. She wanted she went one golden Atlanta. That was it she just wanted tools. You won bronze medals in ninety two and two thousand as well okay So Dominique Dawes comes it you but as you said she was a star Star And then the two seat. How about this is a juicy first round matchup committee got really had some fun with this two seater. John second-seeded John Regan's against the fifteen see Clinton portis the second. All time leading Redskins rusher makes the field. But as a fifteen seat. In one of the things you're gonNA notice about this. Is that some of the players in redskins recent history that didn't win anything or excluded. And you know what? I don't necessarily have a problem with that. Clinton portis should be in the field. I think it should be seated a little bit higher. It's almost like they knocked him down a couple of seeds so we could see. A Reagan's portis first round match up. Go ahead nitpick this particular region. I'm curious as to again. Part of it is because he went to Philadelphia if Anthony. Rendong is a six wise Bryce Harper. Now you can say the world series as part of it which is valid but Bryce Harper did get the MVP that jumps out to me. I think Alan Iverson is seeded to low me too. That's the one there I think Iverson. Ceo You low that that's the one thing that jumps out there to me. That Iverson you know could easily have been a top. You know eight seed somewhere and I think that and again just based on how this is doing. This is a voting. Is the public vote. I'm worried for Gary in the first round against John Wall. Yeah here's the other thing about Iverson so in order right. I'm not Georgetown Basketball Guy. But I Know College Basketball Patrick's number one. We've already seen him. Seated at number four Iverson. I think you can easily debate the second greatest player in Georgetown Basketball History. And he's a fourteen. So where's Matombo? We're sleepy floyd? Are they going to be on this list? I mean five or seeded fourteenth. Maybe not by the way. Would you be surprised to five or seven? Beats Baylor in the first round no in fact I would guess that he'd beat Elgin Baylor and I run because most you're going to have to knee you're going to need a very older person right. Understand young people are not gonNA look. I'M NOT SAYING THAT ELGIN. Baylor doesn't deserve to be seated there. He's the greatest high school basketball player role time in this area and by the way went on to have a dominant hall of fame. Nba Career But yeah wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me if that's a fourteen three upset picked. Taylor Iverson in the second round. Sean Taylor Against Allen Iverson in a second round matchup juicy but not juicier than Rigaud against Portis in the first rebel All right now we go to the other side of the bracket in the Fairfax County region. Ovechkin zero one seat. He plays the plane winner. Then it's Bobby Mitchell as an eight seed. Of course. He was going to be in this field against Morgan wootten. Who is a nine seed now? The late Morgan wootten Morgan wootten the most successful high school basketball coach in history nationally. Not In this area nationally Morgan wootten I have no problem with him. Being seated there. Stephen Strasburg is the five seed. We've already mentioned that. Shire's a two seed. Is there that much of a difference between? Strasbourg and Scher. I think yes. There is just stress works the best clutch performer in the in. This team's history now. But you're talking about Scherzer's CY youngs. You're talking about him. Being the most dominant pitcher of this decade really. I think that right now I think right now. Make sure there's a surefire hall of fame. He would go in as a national and Strauss. Getting very close to being surefire. If his career ended now he would not be a whole famer Doug Williams is the twelve seed now before you start complaining that Doug isn't seated high enough remember. Doug didn't have a lot of productive years here. Doug story is really more than anything you know. A Nineteen January of Nineteen eighty-eight playoff story with one of the Great Super Bowl performances of all time I think we all understand that but his years in Washington eighty six eighty seven eighty eight eighty nine. You know first of all just so everybody understands us about Doug Williams you know. He only started fourteen games in four redskin seasons okay. That's it came off the bench and a lot of games. I understand that he only started. Fourteen Games. His overall record in Washington on regular season Wise It looks like his overall record. The redskins had good. Teams was a losing overall record. Doug Williams started fourteen games in Washington and was five and nine as a starter now in the postseason Doug Williams with three. You know all right beat Chicago on. The road beat Minnesota in the championship game and beat Denver in the Super Bowl But I don't have a problem with Doug of I think Doug deserves to be in the field. Don't get me wrong but I don't have a problem with Doug being super high seated The career doesn't match come anywhere near the game The four seed in the Fairfax County regions. Wes unseld against Dave Martinez. So Dave Martinez has nearly fired last. May and he wins the world series and he comes in as a thirteen seat The bottom half of that bracket secede is Charlie Taylor. Look you could argue that. He should be seated higher. You Know Charlie Taylor in art monk or the two best receivers in Redskins history with probably Gary Clark third Right Bobby Mitchell. Third Charlie Taylor is was a first ballot hall of Famer and when he left the game was the all time leading. Nfl Wide Receiver so as art monk. A man I don't have the problem with art monk being slightly higher seeded but he's three seeds below muck Charlie. Taylor's is six against Brian Mitchell. And eleven seat. He Mich should be in the field. He's no doubt in the field he's going to be a fascinating lot. Yeah because of obviously and yeah still got presence he sure presence Sunny Johnson three seed. People probably think that sunny should have been at least a two seat. He goes head to head with Berry Trots the fourteenth seed the Stanley Cup champion coach. Dexter Manley a seven seat against the tenth seeded. Mike Gartner Comes in An all time cap great sammy balls. The two seed. And here we go Phil. Chenier comes in as a fifteen seed going to be very surprised. Gilbert Arenas isn't the fifteen we already know what the sixteens are 'cause Shimmy unless guilt. Well I guess you'll could still be higher seeded than fill in the next bracket so that bracket I would just say the thing that sticks out to me is. I think that Stephen Strasburg could have been saved a little bit higher and may be Charlie Taylor the same thing other than that. Yeah it's hard for me to. I'm not going to sit here and really debate. Mike Gartner that much Berry trots was very trots and Dave Martinez were championship coaches. In the same way Doug Williams was a championship quarterback you know Buried trots got him to the playoffs and having contention. I would've I probably would have put Dave Martinez and Berry trots on the same see. I would've made them both thirteenth but it is interesting because they both kind of thing. Where if they hadn't won the world series that are you know Stanley Cup? They might have been fired and obviously trust ended up leaving but obviously he was on his way out as well. Here's the final region Whitby Bianca. Go Heck I'm calling it now The the elite eight the the regional final there Alex veteran for speech Wouldn't surprise me if it's Alex. Ovechkin Dexter Manley. That's possible that ball man and it depends on sunny because you know Sonny's Sonny's going to win that match up with Berry Trots. Yes and then He. Then you're you're asking be Mitch to knock off sunny in the second round. I think he does. Okay last Region the Arlington County region. Okay Mizra going through this. It's a field of sixty eight. It's the all time DC. Sports STARS ALL RIGHT. It is coaches players and general managers. It is just DC And you're of here. It doesn't mean you had to be born here doesn't mean that you had to play your whole career here your of here. You're either you came here and you had a great career or you're from here and yeah had some of your career here but maybe because of the sport you went on to fame In the Olympics or in an individual sport which took you all over the world like sugar. Ray Leonard's as an example Who is to seed in the PG county region the four regions or Pg County Montgomery County Fairfax County? Now this last region which will lay out Arlington County region. They advanced to the final. Four DC region were the semi-final Games are played at RFK semifinal match ups and capital one arena in a nod to Poland for what he did to DC In in changing our city in so many ways the final will be a capital one. Arena all right here. We go final region. Darrell Green's the one. He'll play one of the plane One of the first four winners Joe. Thighs. Men is in eight seed against Juan Dixon. The nine seat Dixon deserves to be here. He shouldn't be as highly seated his bias. Who's a five seed And I don't have a problem really. I think it could have been a little bit higher. He's a champion. He's one of the one. The National Player of the year His senior year Thighs men against Dixon. Then you get frank. Howard is the five seed really other than Walter Johnson. And until this year Frank Howard the all-time senator you know he was Mr Senator went. When they were here in the sixties and the early seventies before they moved to Texas he goes head to head with Bobby Beth. `Red WHO's a twelve seed? Bobby Beth heard is under seated. We had casserly as a sixteen seed. Bettered `red should be seated higher and then John Thompson junior big John four-seat against mark rippin. Who really had a better career than Doug Williams here? Statistically more years more game started at Cetera a more playoff games played in a mark rippin also a super bowl. Mvp But he is seated below. Doug Williams who obviously had You know in the same way that John Thompson in Josh Gibson and Bobby Mitchell you know had significant Impact Being the first African American quarterback to start and win the Super Bowl start in the super bowl and then he wanted to rip into the thirteen. C bottom. Half of that bracket Niklas backstrom is succeed. So basically that means based on. I think my math here. That backstrom is considered the second best capital of all time behind. Ovechkin ahead of Lang Way He faces Mike. Rizzo the eleven seed all right. The architect of the first world series winner Since nineteen twenty four in this town Elvin Hayes is the third seed. You'RE NOT GONNA get an argument for me. I don't think many of you understand. How great historically Elvin Hayes is careers viewed as? He is an all time top three top four power forward in the history of the NBA can Houston as the fourteenth seed. They're I think Ken Houston. Who's considered one of the greatest safeties of all time now? He had a lot of his career. Houston and a little bit more than half of it here. I think he could have been seated. Higher Joe Jacobi is the seven seed against Elaine Adela. Don Who's the ten seed all right? Max Scherzer the two seed and I was wondering where we would see Brenda freeze. She comes in as the fifteen seed so there are people missing. Go ahead and give me your feelings on the last region and then we can get into. Who's missing and perhaps a little bit more about some of the seedings Nothing too crazy disappointing as a Maryland. Fantasy Dixon run up against Eisman in the first round. He's not getting out of the first round there. I do think you can make a good case that Brenda free should be higher but again understanding. It is women's basketball. Like I I understand that Elena Delle Donne. Maybe a little bit high. But she's a worthy inclusion For sure but other overall I think this was a pretty. Sr as the seedings go. As far as WHO's look pretty good for this region? I think actually overall this is a hard thing to do and I know I know when. Cj and the few that helped him sat down to try to figure this out that at first he was like. I don't think we're GONNA be able to come up with sixty eight and I'm like no you're going to be able to come up with sixty eight There are there's one glaring omission and it's a big mistake and I mentioned this on Radio Ritchie. Pettibone should have been in the field to sixty eight Richard pettibone one of the all-time great defensive coordinators was the architect of the redskins defense. I three Super Bowl wins. There are a lot of people that played for the Gibbs teams in the pettibone teams. It will tell you. Ritchie was just as responsible for the three lombardi trophies. The redskins have that is a massive massive with not having Ritchie pettibone in the field of sixty eight. In fact I would've had him not only in the field of sixty eight. I would've had him probably as a top ten seed in region. Okay then you get to what? What about Joe Bugle? I don't feel the same way about bugle that I do about pettibone. Pettibone had one responsibility. The defensing gibbs gave him autonomy total autonomy over running. That Defense Joe. Bugle could have been considered for the field. I'm not knocking that. I also think the Gilbert Arenas should have been in this field. It's I'd say it's almost a joke. That he's not the biggest. I think you can make the case. Who's the biggest sports star in this city for for a couple of years for that decade for the two thousand decade? I think that's the case. Woo for the two thousand for the arts was yet Gilbert. Arenas the biggest sports star in this down while you didn't have somebody from the nationals. Okay 'cause you only baseball for five years A veterinarian was started. Eight yeah right. Yeah For the redskins go. You know you had the last vestiges of Darrell Green's career which wouldn't count because those are the last few years it. Sean Taylor Sean Taylor may have been the biggest star of that of that because it was. The the Redskins were still so much more popular than than the wizards. But Yeah I think Gilbert Arenas is a massive omission. I also think that Dick Motta should be in this field. He was the coach of the only NBA championship team. The city's ever hat the nineteen seventy eight Washington bullets and not only that. They went back to the championship in nearly defended it. In nineteen seventy nine. Not only that when Dick. Motta was here not to look at his record. Okay I mean he was one of the best coaches in the NBA For All of his ears here. I mean they were always a contender. You know four. The Championship thought to be a championship. Contender he came here. In the seventy six seventy seven season. They went forty eight and thirty four and they lost in the conference semifinals. Okay seventy seven seventy eight. They won the title. Seventy eight seventy nine. They lost in the finals. One Eastern Conference Championship lost in the finals and then in its final year here as they were an aging team and were an injured team. That was his only losing season. So I didn't really. I actually thought he was here for more years. He replaced Casey Jones as the coach. Dick Motta was here for four short years. That would be the argument against but in those four short years they were an NBA champion and NBA. Championship runner-up on an NBA. Contender got to the conference. Semifinals and a non playoff team. I personally think Dick. Motta should have been considered for this. What's what is You know I think interesting based on its absence and maybe I'm forgetting somebody here but in looking through the list the redskins on this list are basically all championship or just pre-championship good teams under George Allen Redskins. Sean Taylor is the one exception in Sean. Taylor and Clinton portis are the exceptions. I don't think I'm missing is I'm going through the field. So that means that a lot of guys that you know some younger people in particular. Whether it's London Fletcher Chris. Cooley Santana Moss. Chris Samuels. They're gonNA wonder why those guys didn't make the list I don't have. I don't really have a problem at of all. Those guys Clinton Portis is probably the one that deserves to make it. Lets you think it's London Fletcher Arena should be on here to me. It's Richard Pettibone an arena for the two big misses. I think Dick MoD is a big miss to Bob Malloy. If you're going to have Morgan wootten on this listen. Morgan deserves to be on the list. Before Bob Malloy Bob Malloy is the second winningest high school football coach in history and he coached every single year in this area. You know good counsel Sherwood Spring Brook. Whitman Okay Bob. Molloy's one of the greatest high school football coaches of all time. And here's a question. I don't know if it's been answered yet by the committee. Chairman Chris Johnson but David Robinson if he's considered if Navy's considered DC. David Robinson should have been on this list. I think it's outside. Dc Okay If it's not David Robinson should have been on the list clearly for Sir Lot of you you know some of you might say. Maury wills he's from DC all-time Great Baseball player. Danny ferry you know. I had a lot of pe- people tweet me about Danny Ferry and the one name I haven't mentioned. But he only holds seven franchise passing records would be one kirk. Cousins didn't make the field of sixty eight and I don't have a problem with that That's tongue placed firmly in cheek on that. He does not rise to the level of these other players Even though he does hold most of the franchise passing records. But you can chalk that up to era et Cetera et CETERA Overall I think I actually think it's a pretty cool thing and it'll be interesting. You can vote on these things right. Now you can vote. On the first four matchups Kendrick against only Colesberg Christie tolliver against Kevin Durant hymie Marino against alley. Krieger and boomers size. And I'm glad on this list. Boomer was a really good college quarterback really good college quarterback against Charley casserly in the other sixteen versus sixteen games. And you just go to the team nineties twitter account and you'll be able to vote on that you'll be able to see the whole bracket at the team ninety dot com or on twitter. There's a link to the entire bracket as well. I actually think this is going to provide a nice little diversion for the next couple of weeks. You know so we'll We'll update you on the results as we go through this and go ahead and vote as well Anything else on this now unless you WanNa get predict your final four. Oh we didn't do that did we? predicting my final four Gibbs. I think is a lock to make the final four. I can't see anybody in his region. Because here's the thing about gibbs no matter how old you are no matter who your favorite teams are you recognize. He is on the Mount. Rushmore of DC. Sports FIGURES WITHOUT QUESTION. Gibbs makes it to the final four in that other Region the Montgomery County region. Were Walter. Johnson's a one in Rigaud is a two and Elgin Baylor's a three and Gary Williams a Foreign Katie Latakia five bryce Harper's in their in their Alan Iverson's in there. I'M GONNA say riggins makes to the final four. The Taylor factor. I think is going to be interesting in that. One might be a little God. What a sweet sixteen matchup that would be Sean Taylor and Rigaud So who you picking you got gibbs right out of that one Absolutely I'm trying to do it. No one can really compare to him in that one In this one boy. I think I'm GonNa say Taylor is GonNa make it out of there all right. I'll say Rigaud by the way it's all based on voting rights and that's what I'm Then we go over to the other side of the bracket were ovechkin. Is the one Baas to Juergens the three unsettles the four Strasberg's the five I think Alex Ovechkin Lovie. Yeah I think Alex Ovechkin will be in the final four. And then that bottom Arlington County region Regional Darryl Green was GONNA play the thighs. Mun Dixon winner in the Second Round John Thompson against ripping and then potentially a bobby bettered matchup. You've got Elvin Hayes can use some old timers in this with Max Scherzer at the bottom who I actually see a Max Scherzer Darryl Green regional final a one versus a to Is it possible that is mantra trips up green though no okay? I? I don't think so I was kind of going through thing where green could possibly get tripped up here and that's the one that possibly jumps out to me but yeah I th. I think it's one of the two probably green just because of the redskins popularity over the nationals. I think it's GonNa be Darryl Green as well. So that would be green against Ovechkin Gibbs against Rigaud for me gibbs against Sean Taylor for you and I'll go a gibbs ovechkin final. Yeah I'm with you there and you know what? Look Walter Johnson. Sammy ball or from a time where we can't really relate look if it was up to me like it was just my votes. I would be voting Walter Johnson through. I think like I. I think I've said it on this podcast before I think the two best athletes in DC sports history or Walter Johnson Allah and Alex Ovechkin. But yeah it gives us the greatest coach. Yes in this. Town's history beating Gibbs and I have gibbs beating lovie but that'd be a hell of a final All right what else do we have for today? Anything that's happened so Yeah I didn't get to Quinton Dunbar. I meant to get to quit number so pro football talk Broke the story. Mike Florio for whatever it's worth a Florio that Quinton Dunbar is on the trade market. The redskins have made him available for trade so here a couple of thoughts number one Ron Rivera. Basically wants to see people who aren't going to be a part of the culture change Gone now personally. I don't think he should give these people away. But it's very clear that Ron Rivera Has made it clear to everybody. I'm involved not only in a coaching change in a system change. And you know figuring out what my roster looks like change. I'm in the midst of a Culture. Turn around and it's a big job a huge job. You know to turn this culture around and the bottom line is I think. Quinton Dunbar is a good player. I think he's a number one corner a few teams. Not Most. I think he's basically a number two corner. That's what Cooley thanks to He mentioned that on our podcast. A while back he likes. Quinton Dunbar But you know Quinton. Dunbar is not a number one corner and most teams. He probably thinks he is. I Love Quinton Dunbar. Game though you know he's big he's long. He anticipates well he closes. Well I really really like Clinton Dunbar's a player. I'm very disappointed in the way he's handled this because he's due to make three point two five million dollars in the last year of his deal which is under paid. I WOULD. I would totally agree with that. The way for this to be handled should have been him in his agent going to the redskins privately and saying look. You got a lot to to get done here. You Know Ron. You know Kyle Smith everybody Ron Rivera in particular. You got a lot Rob Rogers. You get a lot to accomplish here. You got a lot of priorities here. I'm sure I'm not at the top of the priority list. I understand that. But when when it's time we would like to talk to you about a contract extension because we want to be here And three point. Two five million is you know. Based on the way He's played here recently is probably low so we'd like to potentially commit for a longer period of time so we don't get two free agency next year which benefits you redskins and we'd like to make more here in twenty twenty I think if they had approached it that way and who knows maybe they did But I don't think they did. I think what we've seen is we've seen Quinton. Dunbar very image surely take to twitter and take social media to say initially I WANNA be traded or released and then he said he called up doc and said No. I don't really want that. And then he said not WanNa be traded or released and when the news came out from Pro Football. Talk over the weekend. I'm Quinton Dunbar responded with Thankful for New Beginnings. This was minutes after the a report from Mike. Florio that Quinton Dunbar was being. A mate was being made available of for Was being made available via trade deal. I can see why Ron Rivera doesn't want to deal with this. This was not the way for Quinton Dunbar to handle this you know. He's probably not what he thinks. He is in terms of his value at the same time. He is a good player. Who could have been a part of something new with by the way a much better? Coaching Staff So personally I think that this was the wrong way for Dunbar to handle it. I wish that he'd handled it differently because I would have preferred for him to be on this team. Next year. They have a need at the position But if Ron Rivera wants to trade him because he doesn't WanNa be here. I don't have any problem with that. It's a culture move at this point now. You can't give them away. What's he worth He's worth a third you know. I think he's worth somewhere around a third. I would not give away Quinton Dunbar for a fourth starting corner in this league but it's interesting to see the last two big corner trades. Were last year. You know the dairy slave trade was the most recent here in the NFL Over the weekend or might might have happened on Friday. I forget the day that it happened. but Daria Sleigh was traded last week to Philadelphia from Detroit for a third rounder and a fifth rounder reitzle's. A good corner is a good corner. He's starting corner. You could potentially say he's a number one corner you know who pro football focus is number two corner last last year was Quinton Dunbar. All right by the way. Richard Sherman was one now. I'm not a big believer in all that stuff but Dairy sleigh I think is a better corner than Quinton Dunbar. He brought back a third in the fifth I I would I would settle for third. I wouldn't give them away. A third rounder for Quinton. Dunbar would be something that I take and then move on from all right but still you got it. Now you've got another hold Phil because right now you get Fabien Moreau. You've got Kendall Fuller You've got strom in you've got Jimmy Moorland you know. I'm just off the top of my head thinking about the corners Aaron Colin's a free agent So you know you've got a need here. Catches be given people away see. There's also a big difference between giving Between precedent setting with Trent Williams versus precedent setting with Quinton Dunbar. Let me explain. I argue last year. That trading Trent Williams upon his demand to be traded would not be a precedent that you would be setting that. There were very few players on the roster. If any that were Trent Williams at Bryan Carrigan had come to the team. Because Trent Williams got what he asked for and said trade me the REDSKINS DEEDS. Trent Williams is different. Sorry Ryan same thing with Quinton Dunbar. You're not Trent Williams. You're not trump williams. You're we're not GonNa let you set a precedent with Trent Williams. It can be explained away. That's Trent Williams. Okay we could get a lot back for him in return if they had actually acted at the appropriate time to trade him but they didn't. We know we know that. Of course we know the mistake they made by not trading when they traded him Quinton. Dunbar gotta be careful you know Quinton Dunbar demanding on social media to be traded or released and then all the sudden you trade. You know you do have to be a little bit careful. Do not give him away. If there's not a good market for Quinton Dunbar. You tell him look you should approaches differently. We probably would have extended you. You want to hold out go ahead. See What see how free agency treats you next year after you hold out for a whole year. How about you come in and you play your guts out as coach Joe would say you play really well and can become a free agent next year or potentially we can sit down like you know mature people here not via social media and workout in extension time may pass on that one with Rivera but to me you gotta be careful because now you get into. You know who's going to have a year left on his deal after this year Jon Allen. Theron PAIN COMING UP MATT. Itis sign that deal you got you got players that you're GONNA have to be concerned about that are gonNA look at a guy like Quinton Dunbar. And say he asked out. He's not even as good as I am. If you're Jon Allen. And he got his way. Trent Williams was a different category No problem with them trading him. I don't want him to give him away. I wish that Quinton Dunbar had handled this in his agent had handled it more mature early and that they would have worked out a deal. B.'S THE REDSKINS would have. I think it would have been in the redskins best interest to work out a longer term deal with Quinton Dunbar. He's good enough to start for you at corner. You know regardless of the number of games. He's missing. He's missed a lot of games. He blamed that he blames that on. Larry Hess by the way in the training staff. Anyway there. It is on Quinton Dunbar. All right Have a great day back tomorrow with Tommy.

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