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To beyond while jeans, podcasts for those are inspired to share the practical side science genetics, and we discussed the physical chemical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual well-being determinant of how your genes express how your life expresses these characteristics, so today is a very special opportunity for me. My guest today Dr John De Martini. He's a world renowned researcher writer healer in philosopher WHO's traveled the globe with science and wisdom in human consciousness. Today we are live, and we are at the breakthrough experience. His signature program and I'm thrilled to share his teachings with you today while I'm John. So John First thing. We usually start with with our audiences. Give them a little chance to get to know you start maybe with the why who you are and why you do what you do. I have been involved in. The study of the behavior. Anything that could help maximize human behavior human awareness potential. And the golf -ment of consciousness. Since nineteen, seventy two. When I was inspired by a one gentleman might one hour. With one message in a why I was in Hawaii Hawaii the time. and His name was Paul Brag? And inspired me to. Doing I'm doing today. And for the last forty four and a half years. I have been on a mission. To researching everything in anything, get hands on. It can help individuals to extraordinary things. That more magnet salons inspired lives. And To more with what they've got. And so I've been. It's led me to every imaginable field of endeavor. And a lot of mentors. I travel fulltime. Round the world today. I have researched out. Thirty thousand. And, I everything I can to to to that objective. And I do it every day. I speak well today, travel muster today. I reached for trump's teach. That's what I do every day. I have been a student of yours for over twenty years Virtually various seminar formats and more at experiences like this over the last twelve or thirteen years I can honestly say that the information that you share the tools that you teach or something that are practical. Just theory, although the theory in the science is strong and real and proven, but the actual application of that is what makes your work so much more life, changing and pivotal. one thing that I think is is illuminated a lot of times when when I heard you speak is in in human behavior Newman Dynamics. There's a lot of folk focus on being happy. And you know living a life of happy. You're going to be more successful if you're happy. You're going to be richer if you're richer. You'RE GONNA be more happy. It's just a wonderful cycle happiness and I think you perhaps have a different perspective to share on that I stay aristotle. Clement Student the classics. And I remember him mentioning that there were two forms of happiness. And probably a gradation train. On was hedonistic immediate, gratifying happiness which is translated. And is such a sticking. And the other is a long term meaningful. Wellness wellbeing seeking. which endured pleasures and pains the pursuit of it. And he was emphasizing this and parmenides and other philosophers of the Greeks. and. You'll platonic first. They all understood this stoic center. So what most people do. is they don't realize that there is layers in the brain. And the more primitive, the brain, more centralized older portions of the Brian you might say. Is more about avoiding pain him seeking pleasure. It's more avoiding predators seeking prey. Avoiding punishment seeking reward. And is very small timeframe or In emergencies you need to chase the food and you need to get rid of the on. The more outer layers, the brain or evolved. was having foresight planning. Inspired Vision Strategic Planning, executing plans self-governance towards longer term visions that had meaning and fulfillment were purposeful tilly logical. And he said people that pursue those. Have a wellness quotient have a longer life. They're more likely to have self worth and like have networks. So there's a wealth quotient. They're more likely to have a balanced Ryan tation with more objective thinking, instead of subjective bias at the AMIGA is responsible for. And so there's different types of happiness, so because most people precede happiness in terms of the immediate. Revocation abide by this consumerism, a quick fix cutting. I find that most people think of happens in terms of those terms. If you use the word happiness in terms of wellness, which he distinguished from the hedonism to Dimona. And this demonic state which is wellness coach. Was a longer term more fulfilling happiness so I don't lie to confuse the word happiness for that. I say there are people that are searching for meaning and fulfillment live in Turkish. There's people looking for me pleasure. People looking for pleasure attract paints. People that embrace meaning embrace both pain and pleasure pursuit of it. And they're more well rounded. They're more fulfilled and the have a longer life, so I'm not promoter of happiness as typically mass sold. I'm interested in in. Happiness isn't devoted counts of fulfillment of meeting. Viktor, Frankl talked about in search of meaning. Need, she talked about search power at Floyd in of pay a pleasure for. One that was meaningful. Viktor Frankl's the ones who survived the concentration camps because they had that longer term version out. So personal using that to describe happiness the great. If, not I think that there's a deeper more profound former fulfillment than a person can have. It is more empowering in her life and more service oriented than just immediate narcissistic of getting a quick fix pleasure, which we know, the second we buy something or did something. It's transient at best temporary. We have to get up. set up in the brain the second. Get a pleasure. The second time you do, get pleasure from. Most people can identify the first time. They kissed somebody. They were infatuated. And Man, that's a log kissed the second time. It's a little less law. And after about twenty times, it was a pretty short kissed. This is he gonNA kind of Tation. Automatically making sure that we don't get addicted to pleasure. and to try to find meaning in a long term, relationship will find meaning. And Bobby Addicted to the pleasure. So happiness. Has a great nation. And the most fulfilling happiness as well that is etched meaning. The distinction between the animal and human. Is the animal can find pleasure. But they won't five meaning. We distinguish ourselves from the lower species by affiliate of meaning. And the word meaning. Is finding the golden mean between the pot holes of opposites, our emotions live by. And what's the Buddha described as the Serb the search for that which is unavailable and the desire to avoid that which is unavoidable, is a source of suffering, so that hedonistic model is actually a source of our passionate suffering. On our our mission, not our passion aren't inspired. Mission for meaning is something that has lasting effect and expand their space and time horizons allows us to leave Lega season have more long term value in the world and leaves us feeling fulfilled. We made a a great life. We people. So I think a lot of people listening are are looking for. Concepts that they can use everyday in terms of of living longer life healthier life, a better life more filled life is probably really the target. That is the thing that they're seeking in that in some of the work that you do in keeping the emotional. Sways and polls and ups and downs, and sideways that tended. Take people that past film. It is really what you do here at the break through experience in your teachings in your writings in the articles that people will see in the videos that they see on line. So when we talk about balancing emotions, are we talking about being numb, or are we talking about being centered? It's a Christian I M. People who are? New to the work that I do. When I tell them that emotions are implicated awareness. So if you're infatuated with somebody. They occupy space and time in your mind, and they run you when you resentful to somebody, they occupy space and time in there. In your mind, they run you. When you have a balanced emotion. Iran you. And when you infatuated, you're assuming the pauses. You're blind the negatives. And you're attracted like an animal with an impulse. If resentful, you're assuming the negatives. You're blind. The upsides puzzles. And you're like an instinct running for Prey Predator. And so you're basically in that primitive part of the brain, so the more extreme the polarity, the emotions more permanent, the bright. More centralized or inner brain functions. For Survival. The outer layers, the brain are involved and foresight and thinking and reason acclaimed robots the seventies. And when you live in a way that subjective, and it's reasonable. You do not get caught in infatuation evidence. You have gratitude. Could you see the hidden ordering things, CASS? If love because love is the balance state, a poorest people confuse adulation without. Love is a the bracing of. The support and the challenge, the positive and the negative. The aspiration was the person you love you're GonNa like and dislike? It's GonNa Ashley. When you can integrate, appreciate both of you. You're going to be more. Used because you feel like you have, you can see things objectively have strategies to achieve things be more inspired because you're living by your highest value, your intrinsic. and which is continuously inspired to go and act. More present do not sitting with emotions passed a future. And, you're more. In the state of certainty, not wavering with these emotions. So gratitude and love and inspiration enthusiasm are synthesized feelings. Were the pairs of opposite to come together together at the same time. and. Emotions are polarized. So, you're not going to get rid of feelings. You're just going to transform polarized feelings into synthesize. and. I've been doing the to experience for twenty eight years taking over made people through. Sixty two countries. And every weekend I have people that come in polarize emotions there things are infatuated within resenting. It's running their lives. I helped to go through. A process called the Martini method. When they're done. They have synthesized feelings. They're grateful if you'll love for the person. Love themselves inspired by what happened in the not sitting there with stories their whose one act. And they have feelings, but it's not different. It's feelings are synthesized. Poised is a poise presence of a poison emotional state. Well and what I've experienced certainly clinically in working with people as a chiropractor in watching people come through your program is that these polarized emotions are the root of a great deal of of sickness, a disease of illness? So can you talk a little bit about that firm Listener, so they get a perception of how that works, yes? Of. We have. An automatic nervous system. Or assistant has two primary divisions. Sympathetic! Primarily for challenges caused a fight or flight response. That's the Predator coming after us. We initiate that so anything that challenges our highest values that we perceive that could challenges. We activate that part of our automatic. And we create a fight or flight response. We get norepinephrine after that for Cortisol Testosterone histamine reactions. And you get all the reaction research polices to make sure yet more blood it more oxygen. Everything is ready for fight or flight comes online. And you oxidized the body. And, you, tablet is the body, and you break down the body in preparation. And your legal. I call system. Just break things down ready for or flight and energy. When you see something to support your value and you feel more arresting digesting. It represents pretty. You want to eat it and rest and and consumer. This is Anna Bolic. This is reductive. This is the opposite pole. So any you proceeding imbalance between support and challenge of your values, you're going to either activate the pair simply or the sympathetic dominates. In anytime you have an inbound to the issue create Ellis. What's the autumn not makes do. Is They? Change Geology? Example. If you see something to challenge your body, and you're sympathetic, comes online. The blood supply comes out of the digestive orange. Comes out of the things that relate to the immune system. and go out into the muscles for fight or flight. And into the longest debris, and to make sure you have energy and to get Ellen. And, your dream in Cortisol, bloom your often. Run your ready to fight flight. A rundown insistent on down to digestive system runs down many other things. Cardiovascular diseases increased turbulence in the vascular system. Beta constriction at certain things you start creating symptoms. If you stay in that state for long, your symptoms start happening. And the symptoms are feedback mechanisms. Let you know that you have an imbalanced perspective and you're seeing a Predator without pray. You're seeing a drawback a lot of benefit. You're seeing a negative that apologizing stress. Distress. If you on the other side and you see more support. And you get more pairs sympathetic. You going to Anabel. ISM as I've said. And now what happens is all the blood goes out for the muscles, approximate muscles failures. And he goes in for Digestion to digest food. And you absorb nutrients, and you're ready for a sluggishness, and if you were to go to extreme that way. Your muscles would lose home. Would end up getting fat. You'd accumulate wait. Your cardiovascular system would get lipids. Everything would go you so any of those extremes either side too far too extreme. Too sympathetic or pairs of that crates symptoms at create illness. And those symptoms or feedback to let us know that we're seeing more support than challenge or more challenging support. See if you get a prey food. And you don't have a predator. And there's no Predator out there. All you have pray you. Overeat sluggish, you get. You can get fat and I've IBD's cardiovascular disease problems. You need a Predator to keep you on your toes. Just amount makes you can run. It keeps fit so what they is that maximum growth development occurs Puerto Support Challenge Max growth devote occurs the border of pair synthetic synthetic automatics, so these are reciprocal opposites, who each other trying to keep things in balance to have access our allstate's. epigenetics comes in on this slow. Windows transmitters religious, a neuro hormone released from the auto x eggos circulating through the bachelor systems in the lymphatic system, the cerebrospinal fluid system Pena system or the archer system. And they go down to the cell walls and they've tasked receptors. When they do, those receptors create a cowboy lender stimulus and opened up a gate. and cyclic amp from sympathetic or psychic G. P. for the Para sympathetic is activated so wall. If! It's likely amp it activates. A series of enzyme causes the cascade of kindness aren't to be activated eventually goes into the nuclear poorly goes into the jeans and methylated the. And inhibits the genes to protect genes from radiation, which is day because most of the time we're in the daytime when we take all challenges at night arrest. So it activates, it protects genes for my tonic divisions, because radiation can damage jeans, and it will histone protect the his domes and keep them and stop transcriptions and stop from. And use up your reserves and what will happen is you'll meth late to conditions and tag various gene, and cause you to reverse back to regulatory DNA, this primitive species DNA that sitting stored in your DNA and create proteins and create things that are actually necessary for fight or flight, but not healthy for your on. On the other side if you get more relaxing in some air sympathetic. A you activate cyclic GNP unless transmitters you do foster tastes pathway you activate in the nuclear pore sealed CDL Asian from the history and the DNA and you unspeakable the DNA and causes pro transcription and causes release proteins to be released and rebuild the body. Your functional and enzymes everything else come online. So if we have too far one way or the other, we get to see later to methylated we illnesses, and this is the epigenetics methylation see the two primary genetic modulations of jeans and the history. Or the enzyme pathways 'cause it can go on any up. And each of those are correlated with illnesses including cancer. So, Kanter can be blasted for para, sympathetic or classic, sympathetic, and actually too much growth, or to erosion of of cells, and these are basically a result of US perceiving extremes of things at challenger buys or support, so if we infatuated, we get support, we resent we get challenge, so most illnesses are result of highly polarized emotions that accumulate in the subconscious line that never. Talk about. Emotions arise when people challenger support our values, our core values, and you know in these last couple of minutes at we have I know you have a specific tool on your website that perhaps you could tell people a little bit about maybe direct them to. Because I know, it's a great tree resource to just start this journey into values and understanding those roles that emotions can play in their health. The on my website on Dr de Martini Dot Com. At D. A. R. T. I dot Com Dr D. Martinez just Dr. We'll put it in the shown. Merchandise if they go on there on the menu on the left, you'll see determine your value. Each determination process it clicked. That up becomes another little thing. And this is a private thing, so this is only see this, so yes, you'll have to put your email and a you now have private access to process that you could determine what your values are. And what this does is it goes through thirteen questions that are very specific questions that what demonstrate what your life demonstrates important to you. So you look at how you fill your space how you spend your time. What energizes you what you spend your money on? What you where you're most organized where you're most disciplined. What do you think about visualizing the firm about how you want your life? That shows that it's coming true. What is it you converse with other people I want to talk about. What inspires you? What is the most consistent goals that are coming true in your life? And what is it you love learning about? And this is what your life demonstrates is able to of what your fantasies and social idealism attitude you come up with the you think are able to. Because when I ask people what what what are your values most of them? All kind of stuff. Not True. But your life demonstrates your so these are depictions of what your life demonstrates by going through their takes about thirty minutes of your time, and you want honesty interest you want to answer. It not is the way you hope it will be. You're not what you expect. People expect it to be or what it used to be. But what is your life chemistry the object? And if you do that, you'll get a really good indication of what you. Then, you want to start prioritizing your life according to what you value buskers anytime. You're living your life by your highest values. Yourself worth goes up your achievements. Go Up. Your objective reason goes up. And your executive brain comes online which moderates. The mcglynn emotional center. You become more reasonable, more objective, more balanced help. Show wellness quotient helps your immune system helps you achievement. She figured party actions. Anybody who didn't feel their day with I. Pray Actions Inspire them can expect low party distractions that won't. And it's low price. Distractions at create the emotion crate volatilities created self depreciation and create the illness, so if you're not taking command of your life as a master, you're going to be a victim of your history. So I. Tell People by going online doing that. It's at least the first step helping you prioritize your life. Take Command because I think anybody been to any form of prioritization knows that they do other day was very high. Part thanked. It's easy to say no to people that want their time. But they don't they vulnerable to outside distractions and nobody's going to dedicate your life to your fulfilment except you, so if you're not master planning your life at organizing your parties by your own values, you'll is guaranteed to be having lowest floor, wellness, quotient epigenetics, illnesses and While? We've pretty much used up our time here and I can't even imagine how valuable this is going to be for the listeners out there I. Know How Valuable Your Time is Dr John D.. Martinez I appreciate you taking the time to do this with me today. Is there any one thing that you would like to leave with our listeners and for everyone listening? Make sure you check out the show notes. We will have all of the contact information for Dr Martini. As you go through life. You. Keep inside. Know what you're really feel you call to do. You want to make a difference. You WanNa do something starter. At the second you go through life, and you meet somebody and you compare yourself to them. And you put them on a pedestal because you think they're are more intelligent, or you think more successful, you feel. They have more wealthy until they have a better relationship. Or you think somehow they are more influential. We think they're more attractive or healthier, or you think other more spiritually aware. The moment you compare yourself to them. And you're too humble to admit what you see in them inside you. And you play small relative to that. That you even knowing it. You're going to inject some of their values in your life, which would cloud the clarity of your own highest value. which then dilute the possibility of you living by? What's most important to you? Then devalue yourself in the process. Think you're not capable of doing malar and you'll probably sit there and I. Don't know what I really want to dedicate alive to limited cloudiness. You'll end up a follower, not a leader. You'll end up. The nine nine percent is not the one percenters. So I just want to say the give yourself permission to be. A magnificent who you really are. You're again revolves around your highest value. Is greater than any fantasy they impose on yourself. Eject from people that you compare subject so instead of comparing yourself to the people compare your daily actions to your own highest valued to prioritization. And you will raise your self worth you'll accomplish more. You'll say thank you yourself. You look in the mirror and say I love you. So last statement is no matter what you've done or not done. You're worthy of love, so give yourself permission to do some extraordinary plan our. That's the real you anything less than that is some injected you. See true to yourself. Don't live by the author supposed who's got to half twos must of others live by the inspiration love to`sign gratitude that you have within, and if you do, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish because the real used quite baggage. Thank you Dr. John Martini thanks everyone for listening this week on beyond your wildest jeans podcast as always. If you know someone who would like to hear this message, please feel free to forward. We are online at beyond your while this jeans dot Com as well as free on I tunes. Thanks very much. We'll talk to you again next week. You WanNa. Do something extraordinary. But the second you go through life and you meet somebody and you compare yourself to them. And you put them on a pedestal because you think they're are more intelligent or you think they're more successful, you feel. They have more wealthy utility, but better relationship, or you think somehow they are more influential. We think more attractive or healthier, or you think other more spiritually aware. The moment you compare yourself to them. And to humble to admit what you see in them inside you. And you play small relative to their. Without you, even knowing it, you're going to inject some of their values in your life, which would cloud the clarity of your own highest value. which will then dilute the possibility of you living by what's most important to you? Then devalue yourself in the process. Think you're not capable of doing more, and you'll probably sit there and go. I don't know what I really wanted to educate alive to limited cloudiness. You'll end up a follower leader. You'll end up. The nine nine percent is not the one percenters. So I. Just want to say the give yourself permission to be heated. Magnificence of who you really are revolves around your highest value. Is greater than any fantasy they to impose on yourself. You'll inject from people that you compare subject so instead of comparing yourself to other people compare your daily actions to your own highest values to prioritization. And you will raise your self worth you'll accomplish more. You'll say thank you yourself. You look in the mirror and say I love you. So last statement. No matter what you've done or not done, you're worth, so give yourself permission to do some extraordinaire planner. That's the real you anything less than that is some injected you. The true to yourself. Don't live by the show's autism. Who's got seems half twos. Must others live by the inspirations and love to`sign gratitude you have within, and if you do, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish because the real US quite beggars. Thank you Dr John De Martini and thanks everyone for listening this week on beyond your wildest jeans podcast as always. If you know someone who would like to hear this message, please feel free to forward. We are online at beyond. Your wildest jeans dot Com as well as free on itunes. Thanks very much. We'll talk again next week. Our July supplemented. The month is be white w magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most common deficiencies in current. 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