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Just get what you can get what you can get where you can. They're all the same. Get what you can get what you can. Adam curry john devora twenty twenty twenty one winning nation media assassination episode. Thirteen forty one. This is no agenda. Taxable broadcasting live from opportunities on thirty three on the frontier of austin texas capital of the drove star. Stay i'm out of furry and for northern silicon valley where it's not raining. It's supposed to be raining. They say it would be raining. Everyone is going to be rain. But it's not raining the hopkin they predict global warming. I'm jesse dorothy. If you'd like me to shake the stick for california. I'm happy to do it if you want to make it rain we got rain. We know how to do. Rain can make it rain. Will we could use the rain because otherwise we're going to have is going to be bad enough fires because they do such a poor job of fire management nowadays. Hey was there an area blame that global warming you. We'll get to that. We'll get to the global warming realistic. Sure who doing the stick for california. All right what do we need. Is it a one shake. Two a half shake one one one have period one rotation. Gentlemen if you're new to the program these are official arranged six. They come from utah. they're handmade they. Are they real. They work. We are licensed professionals. Please do not try this at home. Pointing towards california. Ready three two one side. Good to the last draw. Let you do it. Hey i think there was an error and it was a weird one. Because i saw it. I didn't register. And then i check with my sister and then like oh my goodness did. We mistakenly put italy in in the newsletter instead of india regarding the covert outbreak. Now are you sure. I'm pretty sure. I go back and check. But i'm pretty sure i pulled this down from italy and then the stuff showed up on wires possible that original report was bad. Maybe i i screwed up. Let me say india's out of control. Let me just see what it says here. says italy in the newsletter. I knew was a mistake. Because i called willow unlike what the hell what's going on over there. Yeah no of course. I didn't understand it. I got to italy. reference from anyway did call willow. Who's in tusk. And she said no. It's exactly the opposite. Were were doing great here however She works for a company that has outsources in india and she said Lots of her colleagues have tested positive. some May or may not be sick but they are staying home. Their chief technology officer was briefly hospitalized. But i have two other reports from clips about indian from italy. But i will say this when i pulled down the italy thing and then went to look for photos. Loaded with photos from italy. There's dipoto in the newseum venice venice and look for all that and could not find it anyway so this is from From one of our we'll to those clips you just short notes. Part of my job requires working closely with our india teams another producer this week. One of the guys are work with us. Telling about how corona things are where he is. that's why he says very similar curfews in place places of worship schools closed. Nobody wants to go back to the office. Everyone's getting a pet because they're staying at home. I mean this could be any more like us. Everyone's getting pets but this report let's see updated my experience working with indian dudes named ben. Our company outsource some of programmers to feel free to share on the show. I manage a team of programmers and qa analysts work from india since the start of covert. I was waiting for something bad to happen with the guys working overseas since everything so close together over there and they take their religious festivals. Very seriously for some reason. None of the guys on my team got cobra throat. Any of twenty nineteen twenty twenty. They would tell me how they're stuck in their homes and had curfews and only allowed to go out on certain days to get groceries at the worst of the pandemic in the past three months. I've watched five our team members. Go down with covid. They would be out for at least two to three weeks and some just never came back. One of the guys who got quote covid miraculously ended up a new job after getting better. My point is simply that sing. Things seemed totally fine for a while but the last few months the virus was ripping through india. One of the guy said he was feeling sick. Got tested in the meantime he called the hospital spoke to manage told him if he had to be admitted they would have no beds for him or his family. The funny thing is this guy had a doctor living in his house who gave him some medicine and said his felt much better. He said it was the ready pack. It's the two cent ready. Pack that we've been talking about you bucks to bash. So what do we think. The way i see this It's very possible that this is a a strain people testing positive to me though. Just looking at the pictures looking at the store looking at the videos of people you know wailing away. I just feel so manhattan to me. You know with the with the video. I i feel very much the same and i want to mention something else before we go onto this forget i did. I do too little look at the tv. In the morning even assigned there's mostly just the Face the nation three by three. It was a very interesting report on on this stepping off the show. Some guy came wearing a detroit tigers. Had i don't know that was all well. Detroit is detroit is trying to get everyone to vaccinate. There's a lot of hesitancy there. So ooh yeah i feel. It seems it seems as if the current hesitancy which is broad based all across the country stuff and if they're actually beginning to document and it turns out because of the dates and every when it started once they they. They took the johnson and johnson vaccine off the market. That's when it began. What what. I think is that it. If you would there've been brainwashing the public at large thing all the vaccines are the same. Just get what. You can't get what you can get where you can get. We can get what you can. And so when they pull the johnson and johnson vaccine to this audience it said. Oh my god. This one's no good. They must all be good because of the connection between the three as yes. Can't get what you can. well did you hear. Did you hear the news report. That i think really turned everybody off of the vaccines. I mean. this was unbelievable. You when you when you do something like this on the news. I mean you should be fired and you should have to sit in the pfizer dungeon now. This is indirect sound so it takes a second to get accustomed to it officials. Vaccinations the only return to normalcy almost four months into the vaccination effort providers are beginning to run out of people who want be using you a small gaff from immunized youth and is what can i say that was good one anyway so back to the real point which was this johnson and johnson poll. I think triggered a real responsibility did not expect. I think pfizer's got to be kicking themselves. Yes this was just a you know an icing on the cake. Let's get rid of those guys while we're at it. And meanwhile it put the kibosh on the whole thing and and they're now all the reports locally which is but you always expect it from the get-go which is this shoulders huge operations in drive in theaters and all these lies and there on cars and they ended with the nurse comes on and she says You know if you just wanna come in and maybe you didn't like the idea of signing up. Come in don't worry. We're here. I come in there was a i mean yes. I heard scott gottlieb the former fda commissioner who is now on the board adviser. He was on cnbc several times since last time. We did the show and you could tell that he was like oh man no no. They'll bring it back and it's all good. He was he was kind of schilling. A little bit on the side of johnson and johnson just to get everyone's confidence back. I think you're right through pooch this report. That was stepping awful. This show is doing everything but begging people to take and they had all the stats and how many people had likelihood of getting hit by lightning. Blood clot was unbelievable. But it's too late you you screwed yourself. Think i think actually have a thirteen second clip of this about the reclassification of johnson johnson. I think what does this. I listened to hours of discussion among the advisory panel to the cdc and was blown away by the depth of discussion the seriousness of thought the degree of expertise. These are some of the smartest people on the planet. So don't worry when they when they say it's good to go. It's good to go. The smartest people on the planet smarter work for the government. Smart assess smarter than dr bill. Yeah baby yeah. Do you want to hear the detroit thing and you wanna go into india india clips. Andy eclipse was do those and 'cause this is i mean it's again to me sure variant. Yeah as possible People if this this is an npr report. So you're going to have to live with it okay. I'm ready for. And i assume that this is part of that. Whatever the knee supposed to be. Npr would have it. If you know what i mean. John was on point as usual what they were on their on. Something health experts have told us all along during the coronavirus pandemic that this is a global problem that a surge in infections in one country often accompanied by the emergence of new variants of the virus represents a threat to public health everywhere. India today confirmed nearly three hundred fifty thousand new daily coronavirus virus cases. That's a world. Records of the pandemic has broken record three days in a row. Now the result is that india's health system is collapsing hospitals are overloaded and experiencing widespread shortages of life-saving equipment and medicines. And here's lauren. Friar is in mumbai one of the worst hit cities. And she's with us now. Laura thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me michelle. What is the situation there today. While the number one biggest need across all of india right now is oxygen. Big hospital chains have been tweeting out these. sos messages. I saw one a few minutes ago saying they have less than two. Our supply left. There was one hospital in delhi where officials say an oxygen tanker arrived to resupply them six hours late and twenty. Five people died last night because of the delay. These are hundreds possibly thousands of patients dying like this every night and hospitals are trying to ration oxygen and the hold on a second hundreds possibly thousands dying every night. No it was twenty five last night twenty-five and then she just makes up some numbers jin tanker arrived to resupply them six hours. Late and twenty five people died last night because of the delay. These are hundreds possibly thousands of patients dying like this every night and hospitals are trying to ration oxygen and these are patients that actually beat the odds and manage to get a hospital bed which is a huge feat right now in india and then they die with doctors at their bedsides helpless. You can imagine how difficult this is for the medical staff as well and many of these deaths could have been prevented if india had better prepared for this. You know we are more than a year into this pandemic so skeptical i hate. I hate to say. I'm skeptical of these reports. Sure if people are sick we've got a mutant inter mutant warning sound. You know yeah people get sick and some will die t man. I don't know why now on your part this mention that she says twenty five died last night. Yeah then hundreds maybe thousands who knows dave she kind of Has a weasel weasel way out of this comment Because she will you'll hear it coming up at this whole thing is india should have been better prepared to this. Should be over wi prepared for what there wasn't article that may be related. Medical workers among themselves at corentin The us canada and uk among some of the high income countries actively blocking a patent waiver proposal designed to boost the global production of the covid nineteen vaccines and this is organized by. Believe it or not mainly india to what the article says. Is that these a whole rich. Western countries who developed vaccine don't want to waive the right on the patents in order for them to be made cheaply in their countries. Do you think it may be possible if we listen to the rest of these. Npr clips that perhaps this is partially a ploy to get a p wavered way the ip rights wave. So that they can jumping on the bonanza. Well it's interesting because it's a it's a twisted version of what you said that's coming up in this. The next clip was play part to you. Know to that and lauren. You know the reporting had been your reporting had been. The india seemed to be a success case with a number of new cases. Going down steadily. What happened. I mean why was india seemingly caught unprepared. Yeah and this just caught everyone. by surprise. i mean in late. January early february cases were at record lows. The government here declared an end game to the pandemic. You know in hindsight. We know it wasn't the end. Everybody went back to normal though. They stop social distancing. There weren't so diligent about masks and and scientists. That's not true. Just listen to what our producers just said. That's not true to say you know. The virus had not gone in fact new variants were lurking and they've spread it the speed that we've just not seen anywhere else in the world and i wanna say the numbers that were reporting are staggering of cases and deaths. But they are almost certainly an undercount because they're shortages of here. People are dying at home unable to get care. Crematoriums are working twenty. Four seven and prime minister narendra modi's facing public anger. Now that he himself in slow to act and he's only only days ago that he was presiding over huge political rallies with thousands of attendees. So what's the government doing now. We'll mody canceled one of his rallies yesterday to chair. An emergency meeting didn't another emergency meeting. Today he announced he's lifting customs duties on oxygen imports. He's also widening the eligibility for vaccinations. Starting may first but you know it's unclear how they will provide those doses because they've already run out. Okay interesting mody connection. There's a political aspect the thing that that really set me off a doubting this was an article from scientific american titled india's massive kovic surge puzzle scientists. He know what's in there. Lots of cases. Numbers cases Eight hundred fifty four thousand cases death numbers not in the article was just an online article Well yeah let me. Just see the date on it. Yeah scientific american and this this india thing just started. Recently i surprised a magazine is a monthly Normal publication cycle would have breaking news. But it seems like was exceed on is when i see magazine don't normally produce breaking news breaking news. It's just an artist. Breaking news is the new thing. We didn't talk about the last show which is a few days ago. Now they do have the kovacs vaccine there and india has done one hundred and twenty million doses on sorry. Oh that's interesting here. In this article they say mostly the indian produced version of the us oxford astrazeneca vaccine. But you know just when you put it all together when you when you when you have. I'm just gonna look china for a moment. Maybe possibly modi's a problem for them you know. They're they're cozied up to pakistan to now we get this mody element we get the same kind of cases cases cases for all we know that just jacked up the c. T count on the cases. I mean that's possible. People are dying in the hospital every single day in india. For sure you know when you're in there and you see the video and people of their mass down or off and they're crying the wailing and then let's show ten bodies burning at a cemetery. We're familiar with knuckle shit. So let's go to the three because i think this may include a little bit about the vaccines provide those doses. Because they've already run out. This was a point of pride. India's the world's biggest vaccine maker had been exporting vaccines and now it doesn't have enough for its own population. The biggest supplier here is pleading with the united states with president biden to lift in export ban on raw materials. Things like test tubes that they need to to ramp up production and so far the. Us has not obliged hasn't done that test tubes. Stop the clip. We make test tubes. I doubt it a but as possible we do. But what's it got to do it. The price of bread you. What do you need more test tubes. Seriously it's in. China makes a million test tubes at the drop of a hat anytime you want him. And i'm surprised. India which i'm sure has glass manufacturing could make damn test tubes but then the reason i stopped there wasn't actually double. There's a new reason. Which is the concept of this licensing. A problem that you mentioned earlier Which may have something to do with the way this report kinda off the off the demand here with the test tubes bitching and dimension that india does make most of the vaccines almost the most vaccines you get made in india which is something to think about This this is very very sketchy and not explained. Well and npr handles these stories. They got the correspondent right there and then they have the the the woman who's asking her questions white isn't a woman right now. Say what are. They need all these. What did any mo- more test tubes for. How did they run out if they're if they're the number. One manufacturer vaccine is isn't it. A continuous process is not a batch process. It's got a big. They have to be coming off the lying disallow. I am am i wrong. There's got to be a line of these little bottles. Flying out of the place. Now just stopped what happened. What changed guess what i be asking. Yeah i think we'll get the answers. Once we start to see a world leader speak and call for things but once we get rid of load is probably would. Yeah that sounds like a like part of the mission right there. yeah he was trumper. That's right trumper problems. Next if i ask you. Lauren what about you are you. Are you say down in mumbai. What about you know other gatherings. What about moving about the city. Sue moody has ruled out a national lockdown countrywide. Because it's just so painful for india's poor last spring. India's economy shrank twenty four percent under lockdown we actually had cases of poor migrant workers literally starving to death on the roads so lockdowns or regional and i am in under lockdown now in mumbai. It's very strict. Police patrol the streets. You can't go out for a walk. And social media has turned into a lifeline for people people trying to arrange hospital beds for one another trading phone numbers for doctors. I spoke a couple of hours ago with a friend of mine who has covid and is at home and has been calling dozens of doctors. Dozens like imagine being sick. And no one answers when you call nine one one and that is the situation. Thousands and thousands of indians are going through right now alone but that's because india come on imagine. You can't call nine one one well. That's india is positioning definitely. Sounds like position something up. Yeah well let's look at it from the pfizer marketing perspective and get a little update on what they're doing because they're not sitting still in fact they have put together quite a nice deal with the country of candy navia. Now as you know. They already have a petri. They made a petri dish out of israel and pretty much. Everyone is vaccinated there but Or you get the freedom bracelet of shame. But this is what's going down and can the navia more and more canadians are getting vaccinated right now. It's also important to planet head for the future. We've reached an agreement with pfizer for thirty five million booster doses for next year million in the year after include options to add thirty million doses in both twenty twenty two and twenty twenty three an option for sixty million doses in one thousand nine. Twenty four has has been a solid for canada goose. It's a good deal man. He's got options for twenty twenty four cannon avia in twenty twenty four pfizer as been a solid partner for canada in this fight against covid nineteen. And we're happy to be one of the first countries to secure an agreement with them going forward. These boosters were dat dumb the latest version of the pfizer this is. This is new information here home about these boosters. The boosters are different. East boosters will be the latest version of the pfizer vaccine based on research upgrade and they will help us keep the virus under control. So you remember we were joking about. Hey you got your two shots and now you have to have something shot into your every year every six months otherwise you'll deteriorate too when they say oh these will. This is the new the new vaccine. The new booster Keep him alive thing. Well it's possible so we keep them alive boosting drop dead. If you don't get the we We know that we heard one of the Tiktok influencers mentioned that. She had received several offers for thousands of dollars to do. Take talk videos regarding you. Get a little more if you're going into your arm but yeah it. Seems like a pretty good programmed. Most influences would hop on. And since you just mentioned the mass vaccination sites that you drive up with your car which no one is going to. It only makes sense at this influencers. May that her arena guys. Because i literally just rented a car for the day so that i can get my first eligible starting monday. I look. there's one appointment but it's at a drive through area. Only and i don't have a car but i was willing to a car so that you can stick a needle in my arm to get vaccine excited. I'm so excited. Woman should be shot and she. She followed the talking points. Perfect so i can get that in my arm. She did everything beautifully. Very well done the you know i would assume could be wrong. You could if in one of those big vaccination lots could walk up to the walk up to the people there. There's nobody there you have to rent a car rental car. You have to rent a car. You got to rent a car if you're doing this. She's now she's getting paid to do it. That's why it's horrible. And she's not disclosing it which is an f. T. f. t. c. violation but okay that we remember the. We remember the spokes whole ftc. By the way this has been going on on tiktok incessantly for at least a month or what month. What am i saying. Why don't you call jim jordan. I'm sure he'll talk about it. In congress for hours jen. Psaki glenn greenwald of congress. Right point that's a bad one. Jen psaki Lifted a bit of the veil of the three billion dollars that the federal government is making available to promote vaccination for those who were vac who have high visibility Here's a reminder of what she said investing three billion dollars to states and community based organizations to strengthen vaccine confidence in the highest risk and hardest hit communities and often people Think of that as just black and brown communities and that is not as you've noted that is also conservative communities white evangelicals. it's a range of communities around the country We're also looking for we've run. Psa's on the deadliest catch we're engaged with nascar and country music tv okay. So let's go checkout nascar. You recall that that. Nbc got a lot of this money. Nbc has a big celebrity star studded gala. Either coming or we missed it. i don't know so what. What else would you expect for them to continue with their spend their ad by they bought off. Nascar a superstar dale jarrett. They put him on the track next to a nas car with a big nbc logo on it. Racetrax like this are mary special place especially for competitive. Ultra much though for the last year. We've seen these stands be empty at these racists. We gotta get back to something. That's a lot more of our normal situation to where we have thousands of thousands watching these racists from the grandstands there with your friends with your family enjoying this time. I don't we go about getting back to that situation. Getting the vaccine. I've done my part. I did the research. I talked with my family. It was some very tough conversations that i had with my family but i had done. I know this is the way to get back to a much more normal life enjoying it where we can have fans in the stands once again enjoying what these drivers do as they perform a show and try to win the race kid. Sure you can't hear it as a driver when you're inside of there but when you make that pass for the lead and you're trying to win the race you know what's going on the net grandstand and there's not a better feeling at the end of a long day to get out as the winner and have those fans cheering he's gonna wind won the daytona five hundred of my family and friends. There wasn't a better feeling in my life super job there. They'll tell you. I'm really proud of you. Just exactly what you have told your. I told me all along that. So do your part is safe is effective. And it's easy to get Do the work. But he whoever wrote dead made a mistake a mistake in their script by think and of course he's got this type. Thing is a very thick north carolina accent but he says this the greatest when he won the daytona five hundred greatest feeling in my life until i got the show. S that would. Why don't these people ever hire professionals beyond me. Why don't they hire pros. Like message has been going out as. Oh i feel so great because i got shot or got to shot so i feel like a million dollars. I just got the nuts. Made me feel better than getting the shot. There is a wide open. it was like his size. It was you know a ten lane highway wide open. That line in now dropped it. Yeah i know. I know it by the way. Is this the best they can do fail. Jerry hasn't raced for twenty five. You well who else guy was gonna take that money and go against pretty much every nascar fan. There is whether they get the vaccine or not nascar fans don't like that they gonna take that shit next to nbc car please. I'm sure they have the they have the rights to the race. But come on and it doesn't really matter people because you know when you're in the seats you know you're going to be muzzled and now there's a clear divide over who is is in vaccinated at dodger stadium this weekend fans with proof can sit in fully vaccinated section but they have to wear masks on game day and it's not just the east coast west coast a what i had. Somebody argues be well. I think they should have have to have a a a one of these passports to get on an airplane because i don't want unvaccinated people sitting in the airplane with me and the response to that is a vaccine is so great. What you give a shit who sits next to you. You're vaccinated. why do you care unbelieva. Nobody has an answer for that. Well they certainly don't have an answer at oracle park. Either oracle park is starting to welcome back even more fans. And there's a special perk for those who are fully vaccinated their own seating sections. Dr peter jinhong is a professor of medicine and infectious disease at ucsf. He says even though all the people in the section will be vaccinated. There's still a risk. People may feel a little bit more than simple which is not the case The more civil knows you bring together even though they are vaccinated. It's not the same as being in a small group of that. Listen que- also have Think we also have the los angeles and now there's a clear divide over who is in is in vaccinate dodge them. Sorry i just did that one. It's it's everywhere you everywhere you're going to be in a special section with your mask with the matter. Which is ludicrous. ludicrous. Pictures all vaccinated. But you're and your weight your biscuit. This read together vaccinated. You're even go. You're the fourteen days out your vaccinated. Fourteen days out. You feel invincible. You feel that you beat the world where mass mask up. It doesn't make any sense. Well the bigger problem of course is the vaccine hesitancy as we now see supply outstripping demand. Nbc nightly news spent some time on it. It's more attention now. Turns to vaccinating. Children tells us about something called parent. Hesitancy oh no or how about parent protection. No hesitancy thanks. nbc. It is likely a matter of time before. Children are eligible for the covid vaccine. Will their parents be ready to vaccinate them. Would you consider yourself an anti vaccine. Her no like. I said my children have been vaccinated against other diseases. But ashley poindexter. Tommy says girls won't be getting the covid vaccine not yet. I don't feel safe enough if this had been on the market for ten to fifteen years and i had more data than i would feel more comfortable. A recent study showed more than twenty five percent of parents do not intend to vaccinate their kids. And it's not an emergency in the pediatric population. Among them registered nurse jessica brandis herself vaccinated against cove it. I have guy when you're old and a two and a half year old. And i i. I'm very pro. Vaccine but dot covered by team is missing from this report. I just realized nowhere. I think that they mentioned that. The emergency use authorization for eighteen years and older and pfizer dern and johnson and johnson are all lobbying lobbying the fda to lower that age. I think they should at least disclaim that and say that you know this. There hasn't necessarily been additional testing or additional study. I mean these were big trials right the thirty days sixty days ninety days and they. I don't think they've done that with children. At least i haven't seen the reports but they're asking for this exception to go even lower as moved as you to move this project. Five children are much less at risk from house and break down the science shows. The kids are not spreading it or cheering but herd. Immunity may depend on their. Vaccinations do transmit so returned to normalcy. Especially for children would require that we vaccinate children as well and arguments. Doesn't throw in some douchebag with ashley who got the johnson and johnson vaccine. What was your reaction to the news. The johnson and johnson was put on home. I felt like i was right back at the beginning of the pandemic a lot. She has concerns should find comfort in the fact that vaccine development is proceeding cautiously and systematically and evaluation of these vaccines in children is very systematic following. The vaccine trials in children closely adult. I can make my own choices about how i feel. I can put myself in harm's way with your children your more protective for now. She says she will need more convincing. Stephanie gospel nbc news. We're gonna there you go. So trials steph damaged. Message out to stephanie. Gos- kind of make these reports that a little longer. Anyway we know what the real problem is. It's obvious come on. Comes as the fight against. The corona virus may have reached a crossroads. Long waits for shots are now giving way to empty vaccination sites as vaccine supplies expected to soon outpaced demand. Some messed explanation sites are now allowing walk ins and drive ups for anyone. We're about the point. Where any american who wants to get a vaccine. We'll lonzo them can get a vaccine. And that's what you need to get to that eighty percent threshold for when life can resume back to normal. This is an interesting now. You just heard that if from tunnel like a asian dr No you need the vaccine to get to hurt immunity. I just believe that to be not true. And he's this guy is also saying well you need the eighty percent we get as he's kind of saying you need to vaccinate eighty percent of the population but isn't it herd. Immunity is one eighty five. Eighty percent has antibodies. It doesn't have to be from vaccinations. Correct yeah yeah actually. You're right in fact. There's an interesting report. I think i clicked it to which i think is worth playing. I mean meanwhile let me look up the heard because you know. They changed the herd immunity definition. We know or at least dictionary dot com did. Let's see her immunity. Never click the first one curry. That's the ad. Here miriam webster. I'm sure they're woke reduction. In the risk of infection with a specific communicable disease that occurs when a significant proportion of the population has become immune to affection infection as because of previous exposure or vaccination. You go but this guy says about at the point where any american who wants to get a vaccine can get a vaccine and that's what you need to get to that eighty percent threshold for when life can resume back to normal more than thirty five million americans. Forty percent of the population have received at least one shot but vaccinations are lagging in the deep south and parts of the midwest nationwide and eleven percent week over week drop. Some areas are refusing. Vaccine shipments more than sixty of the one hundred five counties in kansas. Turn them down this week because it would go unused if you look at the lowest vaccination rates in the country right now. They're overwhelmingly red states. I live out of that is due to a vaccine hesitancy and refusal among among us all the poll say conservative. Republican orangemen bed. Of course of course the republicans are gonna kill the country. Kill ya bunch of murderers. Yeah good morning. America or america. This morning they even had a map and now another potential problem in the race. Vaccinate thousands of appointments going unfilled the us now averaging fewer than three million doses per jay the lowest number in weeks the areas of darker blue on this map. Show where americans were resisting vaccine. The most which was interesting. Because why would you do blue instead of red. I thought that was an odd choice of file up. Yeah someone made a mistake. He tells details details. I have a clip. I want you to play this. This is Jose gupta the guy on cnn. The actor no. It's not jose now. Now you've confused me. What the hell is jay. Sanjay gupta jose. Jose comes he will forever be jose gupta that i will now discuss the booster shot that we talked about a little while ago. Recently there was a news article that basically talked about the study that showed there is great protection from the modern adviser vaccines at six months. There's still ninety percent protection. Basically is what the study showed. I think some people took that to mean that. That's that was your protection. That's how long the vaccine lasts. No what that really meant was we have dated now up to six months and at that point we can sort of say. Here's how much protection you still have. Which was significant. It could be that a year six months from now a year from total You could still have significant protection. And frankly that is the likelihood but we just don't know yet the way to know how long something lasts in. This case is with the passage of time so as more days on and we collect more data. We're gonna have a better idea. Some good news potentially though went back and looked at some of the sars data from the coronavirus from two thousand three and they found that even seventeen years later there was significant protection if people had been naturally infected people who got infected in two thousand and three even in two thousand twenty they still have had evidence of significant protection so potentially good news. There you know again. We'll see how long these vaccines last. We'll see the impact of the variants on all of this because there's a variant that occurs that is makes the virus is so different that your current antibodies aren't as protective that could accelerate the need for a booster or third shot. But we're not at that point yet. But that's that's obviously were a lot of people are focusing their attention. No not not you buddy up there in canada. He's he's idea. yeah now. I want to mention something. That's again not discussed the corona viruses mark by these spike proteins. Damn are in a vaccine is designed to create. have your own body create these spike proteins. Which is seems sketchy. Belkis where supposed to work great the spike proteins and then you develop antibodies against the spike proteins. What kind of variant covid or a corona virus have to get to so despite proteins don't exist because the whole method of gerona virus the whole mechanism of a grown of is no matter how it's very whether it's got you know an aids lincoln there. Whatever whatever it is. It's still going to have the spike protein. Yeah just like the common cold. If this vaccine works at all it should not all of them out. No matter what the variants shouldn't make a difference at all. Would nobody even mentioned this. You doctor now. You've got to exactly right right eight. Well if we were on any type of Platform that was run by silicon valley. This would be over. the show would be over. We'd be done with it because we fact checked out of existence and it turns out that it turns out that fact check dot org which is used by. I think In conjunction of the fact check network. It's a part of that Which is what. Facebook uses twitter uses. I think twitter uses them as well. Richard e besser who is the He's the ceo of the robert. Johnson would foundation and they happily donated a about fifty thousand dollars and Interestingly enough Some nice johnson and johnson stock and he was the former director of cdc and that's now funding factcheck dot org site check covid nineteen vaccination fact check division. So we've got. The pharmaceutical people have no real problem with former. Cdc director being involved in that but taking money taking money from pharmaceutical donors isn't that what do you call that conflict of interest will. Here's where i if. I'm on that side of the fence. I'd say start a conflict of interest at all trying to provide the public with good information and we would be the ones who know yes and as a conflict of interest through. You're getting paid. You're getting paid. Maybe they don't want to say something bad about them all. Don't be silly okay. I know. I'm a conspiracy theorist on Can i tell you. There's no way that's ever going to happen. Let's go back to abc this morning. Turning to the pandemic demand for the co vaccine is dropping across the country. A new city claim the us is now reaching a tipping point. I will exceed demand. Doctors say it could make achieving immunity more difficult. The biden administration is now offering tax credits to companies so that they can give their employees paid time off to get the vaccine the harder stages of vaccination here for the most part people who are very excited about getting the vaccine have gotten it and so we've got left people who either have a little bit of hesitancy or who are willing to get the vaccine but have logistical barriers to doing so interventions like the one the biden administration put into place can be helpful because there are a lot of people who want to get. The vaccine. can't take a day off of work the vaccine itself for the possible side effects. I mean they're going to have to do something about the messaging because it's leaking out. Although facing door. facebook did just delete one hundred and twenty thousand member group where people were posting stories of adverse reactions to the vaccine. But no that had to go. Jimmy door tweeted this poor jimmy for jimmy. I had my second. Madonna shot last saturday. I am still experiencing flu. like symptoms. Body aches mild headaches and waves of exhaustion. That come out of nowhere. Should i be concerned that this is lasting for a week. You should see the the reply as the replies to that. That tweet are hilarious. It's probably equal people are saying I just have to read some of these. Because it's too funny. You got people telling him you know like totally freaking out here. I don't think you need to be concerned. But i do think you should be thankful you never caught the virus because your immune system may not have been up to the task. Yeah hey wait. That's a genius response. That's like a far far big pharma response. It's a that that's great response. We'll see who. Oh well that's a steve cox independent candidate for congress. California district thirty nine. Hey jamie after my second moderna shot. I had the same thing. Plus low s p o two levels shortness of breath and fatigued yesterday exactly three weeks to the day of my second shot. I've now been diagnosed with bell palsy and among the cocktail good. Yeah oh yeah people posting that. What's going on with them. This outrageous is out of control and the fact that facebook would take. These people aren't being dishonest. Nobody's gonna say have bell's palsy out of the blue they don't have it no gosh man away from people out there wanna know bell's palsy which is a frightening thing to get your use you wake up with. It's something a nerve goes out or something happens on on one side of your face and the whole side is just numb and can't move and so you're unless you can this problem. Quick which grant glenn greenwald. Yeah he can stick Ill it can't stick. And so you so what you have is one side your face just sags like about a half inch and you see people that have had it and the one side of their faces sagging and it's really a and they don't. There's no real cure say. What do you exercise ways do next. Yeah what do you do to fix like. They're put electrical stimulation to keep the muscles. Go and there's all kinds of things but there's no real cure. It's just you have to be. I don't know how the adam and john overton adam john. My sister's friend works as an mri technician earlier this year. Mri technicians were seeing. What looked like a lot of positive breast cancer results so painful biopsies were ordered and they kept coming back negative after a while. They realized that people who had had the vaccine. We're getting false. Positives from the technicians. Essentially the vaccine made it look like they had breast cancer. My understanding is that the mri technicians. Now know what to look for two. They don't order so many unnecessary painful breast cancer. Biopsies out worst and this one. This is another good response if you're thinking of two from a friend of mine so take that for what it's worth from this producer. If you're thinking of taking the pfizer vaccine. I have close close secondhand information from someone who has seen two people go into psychotic episodes three days after the second dose. Both patients are elderly. Neither had a history psychosis. This is third hand info for me so take it was worth only passing it on I think everyone who takes the vaccine has some form of psychosis for sure whether you think you're invincible. Or whether you're thinking you're crazy. I mean either way psychosis there there is. I don't have the clippers new story last night in the bay area and i think it may be similar to what you just discussed Some guy older guy and they don't talk about the vaccine or anything else but this guy shot up aged in his house by himself. Is he wife and kids. But he's older seventies. I think and he shot up the house. He start shooting every gun. He had in the house all every round of ammunition. He was there for an hour. The cops couldn't get in there just kept shooting at at the wall. Dad's going outside and nobody else got hurt or anything but the house is just shot. This shit in the guy claims they'd locked him up in nuthouse. The guy claims you saw us a smiley face that was on the wall coming. I was threatening him. Wow and so he just just emptied every load head. Have pictures of this. Just a wreck has house. The maybe i mean it sounds like some sounds like israeli that same league so it was two weeks ago. That was crying that we need more vaccines in the government. Wouldn't give her more vaccines. No no we're not gonna play favorites with states even though you're democrat. We're not gonna do that. Just lock everybody down again. Two weeks later the vaccine now easier to get than ever before no appointments and needed it many locations in detroit a look. Fortunately people are not showing up a huge concern for the health department. Tweet decision whether they want to get back stated or win it. They will vaccine only for themselves for their family for their community today. During our time at one person just one came into vaccinated encouraged me to come down song coming down. The line. says he's here for a simple reason not only to protect himself but his loved ones like myself and other stuff hanging around my family starting today between nine and five these are the different locations you can go to in the city of detroit to get your back. See no appointment needed. The mayor's team will be taking a close look at these numbers during the next few weeks and as you can see they are already thinking ahead. There's the possibility that there could be more work to bring the vaccine directly to people with the neighborhoods vaccine squad here. Open up your door. that's still it's the way to go open up a you. Did you get your vaccine No yeah one of our one of our producers Came into came in to What airport jfk from people from amsterdam. Yesterday i flew from skip all the j. f. k. after border control and collected my luggage and employees of new york state handed me in new york state travel or health form. She said that. I needed to fill it out and give it back to them. I have flown several transatlantic trips during the pandemic and familiar with that form and the procedure. However yesterday i noticed two new questions. The first asked about travelers vaccination status as in an looking at the form here when we vaccinated two shots from identifies or one shot from johnson and johnson. What's the date and the second details of a covid nineteen diagnosis. These questions made me so angry. That i told the new york state employees. I refuse to answer these questions. My medical records private. None of your business and i received zero pushback about that. That's what she needs to do. I have a copy of that form actually used around the country because as will here shortly Sir honest of dog patch. Kindly sent me a comedy. I will post it in the next newsletter. And i will may be posted on the no agenda mastodon very nice network to cider and it does have a lot of questions about kobe. Let me just a short clip. I'm not quite sure what this was about. Many people are still eager to get the side even in the most unlikely places in chicago. This funeral home giving out doses. I get it. You don't have to go very far this come on. Why don't you come straight here. Also how how can you do. That aren't a funeral homes overwhelmed with dead bodies in this trucks outside and makeshift morgues in everything. Good point nano. Just come on down everybody to fred's funeral home and by the way corden the cdc. You don't need no mass. Nomo also tonight. The director says her agency is looking into changing its guidance on masks especially outdoors and among people who have been vaccinated as more scientists. Say the risk of transmitting. The virus outside is minimal. Oh no idea of the funeral. Home is a one stop shop. Say kovacs one stop shop and you can fill out a will on the way in there you go. That's how we'd run that show we feel out the for Kovic funeral services that we need some work so the candidate is is is really quite startling. And we actually. We had dinner with the former new banker's wife last night. And you know there were. They were surprised. You know the the kids actually in spain one of them and as it seems pretty lax down in the south of spain said he had no idea what's going on in the rest of the year. People are still curfews lockdown. Like bugs and said. Have you even looked at canada. I don't think they really pay too much attention to it is out of control. It is we have a email here from one of our producers. Who's working with the red cross on. He's under the phone bank For the canadian corentin hotels He says people are not being told that if they cannot afford to book a three day stay at a hotel when entering the country they will be sent to a quote quarantine facility which is just another hotel but instead it's assisted by the red cross. Here they will wait for three days for the test results and another three days sometimes more to receive a call from the quarantine officer who works for public health. This is if they have tested negative negative year. Negative six days lockdown negative. They do not have a direct line to reach this person and either to we the food. They're getting comes from a catering company. We do not know what is being served. I get many complaints today. That people have received a cold meal or no meal at all up until the other day they weren't they weren't even any red cross staff at one of the hotels to communicate with only public health. This is not a humanitarian effort by the red cross. This is an arbitrary detention. Red cross has been hired by the government to soften any blowback. They may receive from understandable angry people whose freedom of movement is being infringed. I will be handling in handing in my two weeks notice very shortly as things are only getting worse. I cannot sit idly by. This goes on while the money was nice. No amount of money's worth being part of this insanity side note. The vast majority of the people coming back to candidate at the moment from india. Why do not know but they are flooding into toronto and winnipeg. Now we know it's to infect you ask why so we can point to them exactly mody let them go. We have our weekly oregon hospital rona report from the four hundred fifty bed. Regional hospital By the way they've stopped a reporting staph infection numbers so that's A positive this hospital is in high risk rona zone because of all the supposed ronan cases rights are stooge oregon as four risk levels. Low medium and extreme. We only recently came down from extreme. It will be a long time before we come down again at our surge also note. The mass were not required at the hospital during early ronan thanks to shortages of add up the whole graph here. So here's the latest stats. Icu ninety nine percent full which is target capacity hospital overall ninety three percent which is a little below target capacity for regular hospital business Andy says not. Above numbers reflect our real capacity none of our overflow or surge areas are even open currently total number of covid nineteen admitted one thousand three hundred forty seven. Total discharged recovered eleven hundred and eighty total number of kobe. Deaths one hundred twenty seven the first number that total number of covid nineteen cases admitted one Thirteen forty seven and eleven eighty discharged recovered. Well sounds reasonable. Sounds very reasonable. It sounds like the flu. Hate to say it. I hate to sound like a republican. Or there's no flu cases anymore while there's that to let's just. Let's just stick on calgary florida canada for second. Do you remember the easter The easter servers are being held in the church and the cops came by basically shut him down and the preacher just yelled at him called him. Nazis until the clip. So they came back. They came back during service again. This is a shorter clip in the first time but they came back the same lady the same cops with guns with new fully uniformed Two of them with the with swat helmets on and here is the good preacher other registered can. This is sweet. You so you haven't wrong. You gotta do homework first before you come okay. You have a wrong to by looking like i just wanted to be out today. And then at least explain the order seventy order and then we can start at the back. No no you can contact my lawyer. Okay my lawyer takes care of this. It'd be interesting to listen to any word you have to say. I do not cooperate with gestapo. I do not like us. He's like sides. That's what you are brown shirts of or nazi gestapo communist fascist. I do not call up to my lawyer. You're not allowed here. You're not welcome here off. And i'm not going to cooperate with apple like y- okay. So he's not enough for. You talked a little bit about the order. I'm not interested in at least have a conversation. I'm not interested in talking. Stop was doing you coming to you coming to the placement. He's about to lose it to intimidate harass. I can make an appointment lady. Listen to me. We can make i day. I four days daily. Not days not doing the jags states. Peci backs off walking backwards. Electron on have a good day walking backwards you sick. That's what you rightly so you change uniforms to black because you're exactly acting like the gestapo all. Yes yes yes yes. Uniforms to black. I love that guy. Patty get definitely has the point of view. One of our producers did a big commercial for for the forthcoming Vegas reopening of a hotel there and our producer gave me little. Rundown of the bonanza when it comes to covid in entertainment and production till this. You'll like this because men again were missing out on an exit strategy. Here's an example of how much money is being made in the covert. Bonanza commercially did had a three million dollar budget so in order to do this not only. Is there testing every two days. We have a covert compliance officer. Covert coordinator a. P. p. e. kits for every crew member which are twenty dollars per kit. Which is a face mask gloves and small sanitizer of thirty dollars. Mandatory pcr tests. They won't accept any other kind of testing has to be pcr. And there's a hall monitor. Who walks around set tells you to put your mask on. And he's not six feet apart long story short three million dollar budget. Three hundred thousand dollars spent on cova testing and personnel. No one got sick. Ten percent of the budget. Manza to waste money. Bonanza nuts and while in central london saturday have thousands of course once again took to the streets protesting the lockdown in northern ireland. They tightened it up a little bit and Have added some additional issues. No dancing or live. Music will be allowed when pubs reopen outdoor areas dancing. like footloose. can't dance because the rona road. We know singing either. By the way when you dance the rona jumps off the onto other people. Oh jeez the troll says it was almost a million nocturnal run. A program says it was almost a million people in london. Yeah you know. It's not like that was reported anywhere. Just a couple of youtube videos. Were twitter style. This stuff gets reported. It's really pathetic it is it is G and i think that's about all that i've got for the rona today. They have one leftover. We have vaccine hesitancy that we know and It's the republicans fault so that's why the logical conclusion is when you know we're going to start seeing people die as they do and it'll be blamed on republicans and they'll be calls for the governor's to say stuff and it's just going to continue with this Idiocy they have no shame. Yeah you have to j. and j. as back national public radio report on the return of the vaccine. If it's anything that we haven't discussed go shortlist taking a look. It's race started distribution of the johnson and johnson vaccine federal health authorities gave it the green light julie chang for member station k. q. e. d. has more from san francisco on friday the fda the-they lifted the recommended pause on the use of the j. vaccine but bay area counties have yet to restart distribution of the single dose shot. Meanwhile down south los angeles county told vaccine providers they may resume administering j. and j. doses if they provide updated factsheet to recipients julie chang from member station k. q. e. d. What do you think is going to happen now. Is now that the vaccine hesitancy spell has been broken and people do not want to get it anymore. There worry screwed up they screwed up this yes. So what are they going to panic. Been in what are they going to do. Besides tell us they're going to do some sort of a reset a great a great reset and not the great one but the sort of a reset debt means a vaccine. They gotta get somebody it. Take this stuff I think the report. I saw this morning that clip because it was too late but the one. I saw this morning where they're starting to soft pedal. Everything always a mistake. You're going to start to backpedal on. Well we shouldn't have taken on the market off. The market was just too cautious. That's the way this'll be the messaging ideas or employ us you employees I would say we screwed up. When we took the johnson and johnson vaccine off the market. It turns out to be the safest of the group we. It was an abundance. They have to use this term and they've already used it abundance of caution. That's how much we care about the public and and these vaccines if there's one little thing we'll take it off the market but now it turns out that we should have taken that one off. We should've taken it can't ticket. They're unbelievably safe. These things. it was a screw up. And they're going to have to go with that and it just pound at home for a couple of days and get people back on track already too late. I mean isn't isn't the typical way to shame people into it. Isn't that what they're much better at. And to say you know. First of all. I think that it would be best to shame the red states. Jeff shame it doesn't matter. What the numbers are you already you pay. You've already played the clip showing that. That's what they're doing already right. So but wouldn't they just continue with that. I mean i don't think they can go back and say we all. We were too cautious. Nah i think something because this this this bad message that went out there is poisoned. Well well the pump the water out and put some new water in if i know these These folks and they are old school and they are behind the times on marketing. I think they'll try some some shit at the oscars tonight. Maybe they'll vaccinate. Robert deniro on stage or something i mean. That's that's where i'd be looking for it. No that would be dynamite. We'll see we'll do what we're going to watch the oscars we can stomach. I wanna watch to see who wins as the best director warsi. If that chinese woman gets this is hollywood. This is a turning point. Wait a malley. Wait a minute what What chinese woman. What movie nomad land. Don't anyone watch that i've watched. Dynamite is an excellent movie. it's on i think is on. I'm sure lou was going to say. I'm sure i'm sure it's not from a traditional studio which will piss everybody off. No it's like it's searchlight. slouch studio okay. But but it's you know it's a and one of the lowest spinoff things that they get to render physician themselves as independent spirit award movie. I'm guaranteeing a point eight rating in the demo. All the rating. Forget it and you won't be an asterisk. i dunno. i think. I'll do a point. Eight in the probably do. I'm going to give them five. Point five million viewers total. Just write it down. Write that down. That's put me down for five point six. what is this is. let's go back to this woman. This woman zhang bursar last name and she she wind. She's won everything. Nomad has been sweeping. What's her name chang. I donald trump. You can look it up or something to chat room annot She is they won. Best movie for the golden globes. They won independent spirit. They won the bafta. All they're just everything and but did we played the clip. We played the clip about her about a month ago when she after she won in the chinese. Such is the greatest thing since sliced bread than dug up an old. You remember this Dug up an old things she said in two thousand thirteen were. She's the chinese government lies right. I do remember that khloe. Here's a name chloe chloe. 'cause y'all y'all jacques-louis she. We played at old clip. But it's not important to just reiterate associate the chinese once. They got a hold old tweet. They decided that the she's now she's been erased from all. Oh so she can. She can't win she. She cannot win if she's anti. Then that's that won't do. So here's the issue She's been winning everything. But now we got the oscars and we also know that. Hollywood in the chinese are in bed together because of all the money they have in the you know the hollywood just about the money. What's going to happen if she doesn't win. But meanwhile is the old school of people that are in the academy. These old farts a lot of them. They don't like china necessarily don't like the way things are going. Are they going to get enough votes to get her the award. This is a big data. Minute wait a minute. You telling me that that the academy awards done by fair vote and actually held him as being rigged in this bullcrap but did they have to make a decision. Are they going to give it to her or the one that one out they have is the chicago seven movie which by i haven't seen it but by all accounts it's not very good but it's you know but it's black lives matter. Could there you go. that'll do it. You could give them the award and they don't feel so bad about not giving it to the movie that should get the award which is nomad land. And it's it's no-man's-lands a good movie. I've only seen a couple of movies. Recently no madeleine. That i saw a paradox. Zillah felt he sees moving history. Ccp's china's communist party's top propaganda body or state media outlets to downplay upcoming oscar ceremony according to the epic time. So that means that they're worried that she's gonna win it all in. Yeah well. this'll be a very interesting. I hadn't. I'm glad you're on hollywood's china problem in ongoing khloe. Zhao contra controversy. Ooh this'll be fun. This will be fun to watch. Who's hosting this. Do they even have a host or were they doing not gonna just say who knows whether i bet you. It'd be great if she comes on and she gets the award she goes. China is great. But that i'd like to thank you for your kurds. The morning to you with the man who put the scene chloe's yo ladies gentlemen john divorce To mr adam curry in the morning shifts and see boots on the near substance troll room. Hey trolls how you doing over there and let me stick your hands up. Let me see me count. Y'all two thousand forty two good to have you here on this sunday morning. That is no agenda. Stream dot com where. We have tons of trolls. Trolling along having a good time. Yelling at us also handing off. Good one liners some funding information. It but generally trolling and you can join in for free. No jetstream dot com you log into the chat you can listen to. The livestream is twenty four seven tons of Great podcasts on their m. i'm going to deputise some people here. Darren oh probably. 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It works elegantly beautifully. Because no one's trying to get you to stick around and yellow someone else because the al gore keeps pushing something in your face now the arguments scroll down and by the next day you've forgotten all about it's beautiful now to thank the artist for episode thirteen forty that was titled the poke it is the one and only darren. O.'neil who came in with the perfect piece of art with the windmill surrounding the entire continental united states which is a glimpse of the future depending on how things go with the green new deal. We had no other choice. i don't think did we. We just went straight. For in fact. I went to the bathroom and went to p. old man stuff and i came back and said well there's really only one. I think i agree with you. There was only one. That was the problem. was possible but no i appreciated. The love is lit was pretty There's a lot of earth day stuff which was way too busy is too busy now. It will not even that many submissions. 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Alert Tasty yes Honest came in with fourteen hundred forty four dollars. That's your that's your number four one. Four four four. Yeah and again. I hope everyone of the rights note. He's got a long bright season notes. I hope everyone of the of the book had a great passover and easter ramadan karim to all the producers. Thank you to all producers for their gifts that make this long-running experiment value for value so successful. Yes thanking you. All are supporting this show. That's right keck. Art music clips letters. Remarkable searchable media database and financial supporter. Just a few things that. Make this program outstanding. We cannot overlook the courage foresight and persistence by john and adam to strive for independent analysis and delivering outstanding product. A show after show and year after year offering my feet in the air report after three months overseas and tens of thousands of air miles countless pcr tests before boarding flights or upon arrival from select untrustworthy countries. I must report. That might travel. Experience was generally normal no quarantines in any country below canada no quarantines in any country in some travel between countries within gcc a gulf coast countries. Yes was without pcr requirements. In other words. You could go around middle east no problem. Flights were generally crowded thing was open. Although one city did introduce a lockdown as i was leaving All testing required for flights was professional organizers and in several locations the medical staff came to your home and texted certificate within twenty four hours. A home. home home home yet with. It's not just a test you know. Those swabs contain maxine tests. Were around a hundred bucks. And i had no side effects for many to odds up my nose. Vaccines were available including chinese vaccines. But only the wealthy were taking them. I saw no outcry if you uncovered your nose and most mass served as much as a mouth or chin. Cover up to upscale locations where everyone was co. Hello austin do you hear that the rest of the world is laughing at you. All the well known treatments were available otc in pharmacies. You found that to be the case in mexico. Mexico's right to be clear. I was not in the eu. Yes you are in the middle east. We reiterate adam. I did see i q s i i cost. That's the philip morris Vape they tried to the they're trying to bring in to kill other vapes cost displays around at uae. The united arab emirates they use glass and white lacquered displays in upscale grocery stores and malls in dubai in the dubai mall. Which is i've been. There is a huge dynamite. The quad store is next to the apple store. And it was hard to differentiate differentiate by and both enders in both design and clientele. When i returned to the us Recently was an affidavit indicating i did not have symptoms or had recovered from covid. Bogle entry worked fine and bit by the paperwork at. He sent me a account which put into newsletter good global entry worked fine long trip. Short letter will return to broader traveling as countries reduced restrictions for typhoid honest flyers like me jingles dog. Patch things much and stay safe. Harvey cody's next on the list from houston texas with thousand note from a heart. Because i couldn't find anything from harvey either which is odd because of a weight his his instructions. Okay good good. Good good for john. Baroness south london and london. Uk a seven hundred dollars and he writes after my last note where i was upgraded to bear in of south london and requested massive karma. I am happy to report that it worked. That was offered to jobs recently. Started working again after a long search just wanted to say thing. Don't thank us. This is how it works do. is there's karmic jingles. Karmic nature of the producers. Please could you give karma to the entire no agenda family. As i'm sure there are a lot of producers out there who are down on their luck and it could use the karma. Hopefully this will go some way in helping them out. You bet very nice gesture. Ajar karma Francis has six six six from ivy land pennsylvania. Again i don't have a note from him now but now i have to. We have to check this out. I got a note from jonathan harris from show steady where he but this from thirteen thirty seven. That's old and this is in. He's in deutschland. This is a different pests. More likely hasn't deutschland landed here. But the problem with this note is it says support for show. Thirteen thirty seven knight hood. And i don't know that he was or a birthday call out for his smoking hot sonia who needs a birthday shout for thirty six th birthday on april thirteenth. We're going to look into this. But i think if nothing else we should at least give hot. Sonya says he's named sonia. She's hot on the put her onto birthday lists for for now okay. So we'll say hot. Sonia pot. Sonia thirty six sonia april thirteenth thirty six on april thirteenth. Alright well at least we've we've we've we've made an effort and I'm sure he may end up being if he hasn't been knighted which is possible he has but the problem is that it was not opened because i has a different color. And he never put donation in the subject lines of support for show that likelihood of my finding that out of the bluest. Neil about you have to imagine about five hundred emails a day and so i have to code. You have to put coated subject lines. Or otherwise i mean i will open email but not everything were adam for example i actually you just delete them. Don't you just like. I'd just li added delete actually for adams would i do. Is i do a search for adam curry once days a week. That douchebag said on word with and you want to read you got the note not you might wanna read this. Sarah domenico domenico in pacific california which is right over here i do on the water four hundred twenty four dollars and twenty one cents. Yes and Let me see. This is a handwritten card. Nice car thank her. Thank you it says on the car. Their dear fearless leaders Making any history as the first jumbotron style marriage proposal on the best podcast heaters july twenty twenty episode twelve sixty one my savage night and i have finally picked the date. Yes we recall. This proposal was one of those productions that we kind of pulled off. The date will be four twenty four twenty one what that would be yesterday. for that we want to say thanks for being the testimony and the glue that held us together through the years sam started listening in two thousand ten and i hit him and the mouth hit him in the mouth in twenty thirteen. Hit me in the mouth and thousand thirteen. I'm sorry i he hit me yet We were knighted and deemed in two thousand seventeen episode nine fifty two because we all know couples that no agenda together get married. sam's eleven eleven months description has boosted him well above the baronet status. I love hearing that. Does he would like to be renamed from surf. Finkel tron to bear bear nets or savage. Yes we'll do that also if possible. I'd like to change my name. Name from dame sarah specific of to dame savage as we no longer live in pacifica california so glad to be out of the bay area now in so cal for that. We are now in socal in the inland empire. Homeschooling are three and six year. Olds human resources for you. I would love to start no agenda. Homeschool a no agenda homeschool. Meet up down here. that's a good idea. This is something. I like it very good. I organized one so far but no one came. Well we'll have to promote it harder or maybe get out of the fire so maybe anyone interested can email me moon action at cloud dot com or be on the lookout for another soon last year about to take a forty day forty. Rv trip across back calling it. A red state massless hot pocket tour. You better be sending in reports from the road. This'll be fun. This donation of four hundred twenty four dollars and twenty one cents commemorates our wedding day and seeks marriage and travel karma for the beginning of our newest and next chapter. We couldn't thank you. And adam. You john adam enough. Even if we tried you truly are the best jingles. No karma love and light from sir and dame savage. And i would also say. I think that's great for your kids. What a great american adventure to take them across the country and back and please report in from the road from time to time you ask for you want it but i'm gonna handle karma congratulations. You've got karma. I would like to see photos of unusual sites like screwball restaurants as your dinosaurs. All's of string yes especially if you're now in the inland empire that going to be taken probably route sixty six. That's the one that goes up. Cer- carries barron of greater boston in drake. It massachusetts four hundred twenty dollars and sixty nine. Cents item gents. Thank you for your courage and what you do Some relationship it'd be much appreciated. Cerberus or carries baron of the greater boston. You've got karma dramatic in Odenton maryland if three forty two twenty one. Greetings john and alan mac. Wishing this awesome keeper dame lauren a happy birthday and she should now be barren neck. Lauren data on that upgrade. Yes think she is double check. I'm quite sure that i saw the name earlier this morning. Bearing No i think this is a good catch john. Let's make sure we get on there. So she run there now read dame lauren becomes baroness lauren. Okay got it Sir mr bob. Dobalina brisk must've bob dobalina. Bob alina bob bamboo. I emailed john might note tanks. Did he know you didn't wasn't with the headline donation. How brother to actually read the next magazine. Finders find a note. Okay this is. Johnny b three thirty three from bridgeport new york sir. Johnny be here. I could use a fat dose of jobs and moving karma. New york's government blows. And i need some help moving on. I had an interview for a job north carolina. i totally choked. Hate it when that happens the last time. I got jobs carlos ten years ago and i'm still here. That was when you still read notes on two hundred dollars so hoping the next interview goes better. I'm a dude named ben named john top. Five states are indiana tennessee. Florida south dakota and new hampshire but really any place has to be more free than new york. Thanks for all you do sir. Johnny b Recommendation go on no agenda social dot com registrations are signing up and And let everybody know you're looking for we have producers in every single one of those states and i'm gonna give you the jobs karma to mega happens jobs jobs jobs and jobs. That's harm anything. Daba lena anywhere in the email box or bobbling for that matter means they look that up. Yeah so i'm sorry. Missed bob Put to note to on the paypal thing in -nificant ascend note end. Put the word donation in the subject. Line sir johnny b. Because you know your cowboy jima. I dunno to no no. You're brewer where i just did that one rhonda when i'm i'm sorry. Look yeah i remember you doing it. Mike bra brewer broiler in wattle park. A australia south australia's three fourteen four jingles. Please heavenly farts balmy. My diet fao cheese a man and a women. it am crackpot busca. I dunno many thanks for the vintage. Karma sent my way in january. This has been a really outstanding vintage despite southern australia. Missing out on summer. I've sent you through an anzac day. Donation for twenty five dollar ruse show. Thirteen forty one will fall on four twenty five. This podcast makes it all the harder for the providence in five empty call another call us zealous another stupid to sell us other sell us sorry sellers and others to conflict. Please request some health. Con- for my father is been crook. Is ben crookham. I reading this rock. Yeah now it's been crook for the last couple of months is that must be australian slang use line and his doctors and specialists can't work out. What is wrong with him. Love is lit and much respect before we let you might they woman. You've got karma veto real seven eighty v for vj gentlemen. Please upgrade me from sir. Veto mountain rob to serve veto. Baron net errant r. two d. two health karma for all those who need it you've got on the abridge anonymous The thumb of something. Six seven the thumb of michigan. It's some of michigan is in the upper peninsula please. no deducing. douching actually wouldn't be. They'd be in michigan the thumb the upper peninsula be the fingers. I don't know how they how they please not do shing. Please keep my name anonymous and announce it from the thumb of michigan avenue. Only jobs coming from my smoking hot wife who is looking for a job closer to our home and a baby making karma lsu dear. Wow i gotta do it again and baby making karma for my sister who's going through the in vitro process for a second time you would like to share on the show. I have a theory that the soda brand tab is responsible for my sister knitting able to get pregnant naturally the only three women. I know who drink tab cola or all childless not sure. It's a coincidence. Causation or lack of trying in other news. My covert story to keep it short. My wife and i did contract the covid virus from non symptomatic friend. Over new year's this was from a good friend than at least not admitting to have any symptoms until a few days after new year's day also my smoking hot wife's boss who was around the ripe age of thirty six is sick with corona virus after being vaccinated eight. that's something and make a pledge to make another donation of the same amount if my wife is able to land a career job closer to home or if my sister is with child all right john we know we we can at least solve half of those problems. Let's make it happen. Go for it make it happen. Thanks for the great show. He says yes well. Of course we're gonna q. Jobs jobs jobs and jobs back insemination group on the scene commentary notes a small sample size a tab. Aspartame i think is the main ingredient in during probably its aspartame with water. I think yeah and a crayon forever of the watt in linwood michigan two three four five six happy birthday shot to my bride kathleen giving me forty one years of being blissfully wrong. Yeah we hear you. We hear you dave Back i think swan bek mckenry illinois. Tha two three three dot three three schwab afghan a mchenry illinois. Gentlemen thank you for the great show. I needed douching to spend -duced on that state. I'd like to call up my father. Dave senior tony as douche bags my family as a piping and welding company in chicago And a shoutout to twin piping company fifty plus years strong. Okay that's the business. I would think a whole load in noodle gun. Jingle twenty twenty two twenty twenty one has been great but the stainless steel process. Piping business ho. That's interesting jobs karma for years to come twin piping dot com. stay safe. Maybe that's because of all the you know the home stuff building those white would is out and all that you you know what you can't even build a house in texas right now you know why can't get workers no workers all there's no workers we need more. This happened in california a couple years ago mayor de paradise valley. The paradise town burned to the ground and didn't have any at all the the carpenters. Everybody was went up to the napa sonoma counties to fix all these areas. And there's you can get anyone in the bay. That's why you had eric to come down and do your steps. He's one of the reasons yet. I'm gonna give you the whole load. Did you locked and loaded yob jobs. Jobs and jobs. For maxine waters gravel in louisville kentucky to to to maxine waters gravel see email titles kovic. Survivor came well. That's something i don't do routinely. And i just read this now for the first time. Which is when i do this brand sheet. We do it. You know we live. You live though. I don't have that email and found. I mean i don't have it either. I don't have the email another email mishap donation in the subject line and it will get picked up because i look at. I do a search at midnight. And send everyone of those two eric. Tony night of south jersey in ville szekler ville szekler ville jersey at hotspot. Sick reveal new jersey. You'll want to seven Looking for jobs karma taking over my father's construction business. And i want to do him proud. Thanks john and anna for the twice weekly sanity. Jobs and jobs jobs jersey. Strong jeff l. elsia in bethlehem pennsylvania. Two hundred dollars and thirty three cents. jeff bethlen. My european multinational employer just handed out bonuses day. They do not subscribe to the valley for via value concept however we we met our sustainability goals and are saving the planet. I'm yea some of that wealth with the best podcast in the universe. Can i have a kellyanne conway. Money shot and some are too karma. Thanks bye beth. A of money shop. Jesus a money shot conway. God harm ryan early littleton colorado two hundred dollars and thirty three cents each it rights sup guys sups up last year. I donate three three three three three from third birthday so i wouldn't be a douchebag from thirty thirty year. I also subscribed to monthly donations. And you here. We are a year later. I have crossed the one thousand dollar amount. I've been listening to this show. Since around obama when he was elected the first time it has kept me beyond sane since then back then i also had no idea what me was but now thanks to the dimensions of it in his show allen of me ear law eleven years listening to the best podcast the universe and all he learned was mead. Oh boy i will be bringing a flag of to the roundtable show. Okay let me story. Oh good so in. Davis bynum winery. I started which was in albany california years ago under the nineteen sixty six minutes. Each of his cabernet sauvignon. He had this winemaker. And he's to be a writer for the san francisco chronicle bynum and he had his winemaker. Who would make good. Credible whining made really good product. But he was an unbelievable mead maker and he would make this need. And i don't even know if they sold it. They may have but his mutinied. I've never had meat is good. It is it was delicious. He just had a knack fort to make a good mead. I'll give you kudos. Because i have had made sense. These this era in the seventies. And i would say that. I've never had made that. I like i don't like it because of i've been spoiled by good meat. I had meet once. I think mike and mike And his and his wife lives in austin laws and we're talking ten ten eleven years ago and he made meat in and it was like a champagne kind of taste or was was he. Put me off you. What he thinks of and call it needs to see what he says. Let me finish the note with a says any hoosier. I like to be known as Soothsayer as they joined the roundtable. It could get up hot pockets time sick and a goat karma as they used this year to prep for my next phase in life which i hope to make amazing despite will make it a made me maker Despite the insanity around us all thank you for your courage in audience. Mojos you've got karma because honey itself fairies to such an outrageous extreme In terms of his flavors tasted profiles. It did it could have more to do with the quote the out the final product of me than anything else. And maybe this guy that i had the meat from ad disraeli. Great honeydew work with sorry tyler sink in benton illinois two hundred dollars and one cent item fellows Thanks for all you do. Not know karma tyler. Thank you very much. Kaitlyn hawkins in wilmington delaware. Doing hundred dollars set us up with corporation begging for the hours of entertainment insight and deconstruction is to keep things short and sweet. All i asked for as we got you spend t do and if you and second on soot and a healthy dose of karma for all keep up the great work and thanks again for all you do sincerely caitlyn oops sorry about that regard sucking insert back. You've got michael calgary two hundred bucks. This is me getting close to barron. But the purpose of the donation is house. Selling karma shouldn't be required in this hot market but selling our particular house in calgary is proving to be a challenge which makes a reverend al respect me much and a. p. p. jobs jingles as. Well we got it. Espn jobs jobs. You've got karma and last listen andrea andrea andrea cody dollars donated. Donors name andrew cody. I'm volunteering to be part of the control group for the cova. Nineteen vaccine trial by not getting the vaccine. I still like that the mess. No i'm part of the neutral. I can't part of the control group part of the coun- group can't i just can't for the control group. Well that's control executive associate executive producer. Shut their team forty one. Yes we appreciate you just putting it right there where it means the most to you. That's what these announcer about. That's what the numerology is about. Really you helping produce a podcast. Not just a podcast. The best podcast in the universe fourteen years and our fourteenth year now and as sir dog patch lois lebow via said the experiment continues to grand one. And we love the we can do this. We love coming to work all the way upstairs. I love coming to work to do the show because really is put together by the producers of no agenda nation We will do it again on thursday so if you feel like it you head on over to this great website dot org slash and thank you very much for your time your treasure to episode thirteen forty one formula is this. We go out people in the mouth put. I wanted to mention remember the french professor. We were wondering about him Who really early on Said that this was all right the day after the The genetic information was released. Yes sean bernard food leon. He's in jail no. I don't think that's the same guy. Tony don't know. I thought that was the guy. Well this guy is in jail. Whoever he is in jail this guy is a skeptic. That is not the same guy okay. Well what's the other guy's name. We don't know what the other guy's name have to look it up but this this got us in jails not a nobel prize. Winning any wasn't a doctor who was a nobel prize in medicine. He's a recent. Let's see what we got. Well we have a lot of ice. Only here's some ice. Oh okay. I got some isos for usually that after the second segment but okay but i'm gonna tell you something i got. I finally got theo to give us some isos. Wait a minute. Theodore has cracked the ice. Oh market yeah a little bit. I couldn't get him to say shut up slave because he can't seem to say the word sleigh are we have what we you got an atm. Oh i love him. Oh my goodness Let me say that again. Super sweet to. That's pretty good. Then i get shows over. Sorry i accidentally hit the wrong one. There deny shows over here. We go show our okay you now. You're coaching them to do stuff. And schaub over okay. Of course i am. What do you think is just gonna stay say and stuff. But i was gonna say should have been more like shows over. I'm just saying tried directing a two year old. Here we go. I got shows over two more to your liking shown dummy that's what i'm talking about. Well done grandpop have hold on. I'm reveling in this. Reveling are dummy. Have his parents are now of course being babysit over. You'll never have to babysit again. Here's the last one in the group. Douchebag we go back i think shows over dummy is very funny. I liked that one. Well i do have some myself to compete. Now we have very very sweet sweet little Theodore able and then we have this one. Are you trying to have me. We can do. That was that alex jones. i heard. That's old thanks for your courage on that. And this one actually go over woah will. That's a real thing from chris hayes. That was chris hayes. Yeah i would have bet. Money was bernie. I know because it sounds like a war will will will windows find bernie. Whoa on will sanders. We go well. We'll go we'll go. Whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa man is a lot of. Whoa whoa woes. We've got the archive but but it comes from this. It comes from segments very short segment You know right now There's movement going on again about january six About the election in fact I have a clip an a minute. About what the audit that's going on in arizona But for january six january six commission. I think president president trump former president trump said that He felt that antifa should also be looked at as As possible bad actors in january six event and This is how that went down on the chris. Hey show he wanted to include antifa and the fact woah woah woah. He wants he wants. He wants to january. Six commission to include black lives. Matter is it's a double whammy this one. What an idiot. He's literally combining antiques. I am black. Lives matter without even knowing it at. I was taken aback by that this to him. Black lives matter and antiques the same thing. Yes yes wow and the fact that gets paid. This guy gets pay well over a million dollars a year. Maybe maybe more maybe even more. And but not as much as rachel motto. Who had this to say about the ongoing audit of the ballots is in maricopa county. But maybe all of arizona Which believe it or not. There's word now that actual watermarks may come into play which would be pretty funny. If true certainly months after after the proclamation and lack of thousands of sealed indictments so rachel motto was very very upset about this very upset that anyone's counting ballots. I'll tell you this arizona's like i said. I did not expect to be seeing to be covering again tonight after we covered it last night. It is obviously strange it's laughable in lots of ways but The president former president trump put out a statement today. Lauding this and talking about how this was going to reveal the truth of the twenty twenty election and citing a whole bunch of other states that are also going to now. Do this reveal the truth of the twenty twenty election and he's still maintaining this fantasy that he somehow one that joe biden isn't really the president anymore he's not legitimate president what the republicans are doing here. This process by which they are bastardising the actual secure election from november twenty twenty and they're going to produce some results that says that it was some other fraudulent thing will be used by the trump part of the republican party and the trump right to cast doubt on the two thousand twenty election among their most fervent supporters in a way that none of their failed lawsuits in the past have been able to. They got the actual ballots and they handed them to conspiracy theorists who say that on the mastermind or whatever. It is really. What is your clip of that That stopped they need to use. This up gets better gets better. Hold on it gets better the actual balanced. I can tell you a great. Can you start to clip over there. A little thing. She said there are very beginning. That i wanted to. Just you got your. I get it right all right. I'll tell you this. Arizona started like i said i did not expect to be seeing to be covering tonight after we covered it last night. It is obviously strangest laughable in lots of ways but The president former president trump put out a statement today. Lauding this talking about how this was going to reveal the truth of the twenty twenty election and citing a whole bunch of other states that are also going to now do this to reveal the truth of the two thousand twenty election and he's still maintaining this fantasy that he somehow one that joe biden isn't really the president anymore. he's not the legitimate president. What the raiders. Owner republicans are doing this process by which they are is now. I think we should be calling. Joe by the illegitimate joe biden. Illegitimate president joe biden. She say that listen again this fantasy that he somehow one and that joe biden isn't really the president anymore. He's not the legitimate president. Republicans are doing here this process by which they are bastardising the actual secure election from november twenty twenty and they're going to produce some results that says that it was some other fraudulent thing will be used by the trump part of the railway and the trump rate. Oh wait for listed on the twenty twenty election among their most fervent supporters. In a way that none of their failed lawsuits in the past have been able to do. They got the actual ballots and they handed them to conspiracy theorists. Who say that you know he went on is the mastermind or whatever it is that stopped. The they need to use to stop the steel. And i mean the craziest parts of the pro-trump conspiracy theory world have the actual ballots are going to declare that something. Different happened in election in the election and arizona. Then what really happened and that will become a lie that they try to live on and build on for a long time to come watch. This is ridiculous story. That will become very dangerous. Dangerous in the long run it will become words. Would when she what does she mean when she says. They took the ballots and gave them to customers spiracy theorists. Well i guess that's just who they name names. I want to know who these were. They get the ballots in were these conspiracy. Theorists that somehow received the balance. I wanna know well she rambles about jack. Shit this woman and there's a lot of things bubbling e kind of around this. I mean this weird stuff happening so you know. It's almost like a little rewind pulling the string back a couple of months and all of a sudden we get this new developments in the criminal case against maxwell she's charged with aiding and conspiring with deceased sex offender. Jeffrey seen in the alleged sexual abuse of four underage girls between nineteen ninety. Four two thousand four maxwell was arraigned today in a new york. Federal court on a new eight. Count indictment and this happens. I think the same day. Or a day. After the daily mail in the uk publishers pictures of delay maxwell and jeffrey epstein in the clinton white house hanging out these had not been seen before but just to make it. Crazier lynnwood was. Add some conference which i didn't know about but i've seen a couple of different people now on a on video speaking there. We are fear unmasked. I think was this. And there was a stage. And a lot of people there a lot of seemingly quite normal looking people and lynnwood comes out and lays this down which dr rachel maddow up all. I'm not afraid to talk about it. Dave accused me of being a non conspiracy theorists. Why because they're telling you that i'm a bad messenger. They're trying to attack me because they can't attack q. Q. is the truth. This is god's sake sin this videotape. Send it to hollywood. Hey clay send it to the house of windsor senate. Bill gates turned damn a luma naughty. Let them hear the truth. And whatever they do i do fear them at. Oh cindy to the vatican send it to the politicians that clinton's the obamas the biden. The bushes sings those people because they are involved. The trout sex trafficking time to go live. Adm it was big. And i actually cut down some of the applause. It was so long just like normal people now and then look nutty but he was when he was saying and hans nutty he do. This like sword gesture like do a q. Like zorro only a very interesting. I got to watch that whole thing. I've got to see what's going on. Just send me a link. You never know could. hey yeah. Crazier things have happened. Crazier things have happened either. Put the two of a rachel maddow on that guy in a cage match. Go have joe rogan. Do the color that will be fun. Wouldn't it right all right. Let's talk we do have to get a couple of these clips out of the way i do have the i will because i have a question to ask you This is the bush. The biden clips the Legitimate biden clips of afghanistan. How yes yes. Yes yes dr as you care from lascaux but let's play biden. afdc one. When i came to office. I inherited a diplomatic agreement duly negotiated between the government and the united states and the totally bon all. Us forces would be out of afghanistan by may one twenty twenty one just three months after my inauguration. That's where we inherited that commitment is perhaps not what i would have negotiated myself. But it wasn't agreement made by the united states government and that means something keeping without agreement with our national interest. United states began our final withdrawal begin. Began it on may one this year. That's when we'll begin. Yes oh yes. But that's a lot different than a couple of weeks ago and he says i'm not gonna do this because trump agreed to it. We're going out on september eleventh. That's what he said mistaken. No but he's still may start on may and then be done by a lot different than i'm not doing anything on may so what changed guy. What changed what changed but changes some legal eagle in a to look. We agreed to this. English signed off as a us government. We have to do. And i may i. I did get code. There was a code about this event. The came through on the media. Type code three. Sorry and we go. Selection of thirty. Three relics from ancient afghanistan are being returned to the country after being seized from a new york dealer. Authorities say was one of the most prolific smugglers of antiquities sculptures and other items from the second and third centuries aren route to kabul where. They're expected to go on display at the national museum. The thing museum where many artifacts destroyed by the taliban in two thousand one the afghan ambassador to the us as these items are returning to people who cherish their past and she doesn't expect the taliban if returned to power they would dare to destroy them. How about this so first of all you throw a thirty three in there. Were paying attention. So we're paying attention. They send the thirty three artifacts back. They start the withdrawal on the fifth. The taliban comes in smashes them up boom. We lock it down again. Sending ten thousand more troops that would be easy d- italian for one thing you. There's a there's a couple of things in there as to what she says. The afghan afghans like these things that are taliban wouldn't do. The taliban are afghanis. They've start with that premise. Right to they're the ones that are tearing the place up and so they're obviously don't have that much respect for these artifacts. Okay maybe there's something up you're right thirty three. Yeah but let's go to with biden not conduct a hasty rush to the exit. We'll do it we'll do it responsibly. Deliberately and safely and we will do it. In full coordination with our allies and partners who now have more forces in afghanistan than we do. And it's all yvonne should know they attack us as we draw down. We'll defend ourselves and our partners with all the tools at our disposal. Our allies and partners have stood beside his shoulder to shoulder afghantistan for almost twenty years. And we're deeply grateful for the contributions they have made to our shared mission for the sacrifices they've born. The plan has long been in together out together. Us troops as well as forces deployed by our nato allies and operational partners will be out of ghanistan before we mark the twentieth anniversary of that heinous attack on september. Eleven while he's kinda back to kind of back to september eleventh there. Yeah so we starts in may and then we'll be done. You know the other thing is i. I i i have to say during the entire. I don't care if a hated trump but there was no terrorism from the middle east. We didn't talk about september eleventh constantly. Like bush did and we just is just was a different world and then you know in our back to normal this is the new normal the normal old normal the all normal. And it's just it's like a head shays disappointing disappointing. And it's it's very distant repetitive. It's boring it's boring part. Three the main argument for staying longer as what each of my three predecessors have grappled with no one wants to say that we should be in afghanistan forever but then insists now is not the right moment to leave in two thousand fourteen. Nato issued a declaration affirming that afghan security forces would from that point on have full responsibility for this country's security by the end of that year was seven years ago so when will be the right moment to leave one more year two more years ten more years. Ten twenty thirty billion dollars more. A truly. We've already spent not now. That's how we got here in this moment. There's downside risks the same beyond may i without a clear timetable for departure. Did he say thirty three years and say did he no. I don't think so again by ten more years. Ten twenty thirty billion dollars more. Surely we've already spent thirty now. How we got here. And this thing is in this little spiel. He goes on about his predecessors and not had the guts to get out except for him. Trump made the may first deadline. It was trump to said. We're getting out on. May i did. He gets no credit for leaving. Biden's gonna take you know. We got. I got i got us out. There's begin downside. Risk to same. Beyond may i without a clear timetable for departure if we instead pursue the approach were america. Us exit is tied to conditions on the ground. We have to have clear answers to the following quenches. Just what conditions require to be required to allow us to depart by what means and how long would it take to achieve them if they could be cheese at all and what additional cost in lives and treasure. I'm not hurting any good answers these questions. Why is the president asking the american public these questions. Give us answers joe. We don't want to. I don't know why. I don't know what the answer is. That's why you were elected. Give us some answers to take some action so talking us so annoying now. He did do something very interesting. Which trump did not do. But i think this may have been an error on his part biden said he recognizes the the armenian genocide. Yes now this is a big deal. And and i concur that that was genocide trump if you recall never said genocide but he did say very specifically that the ottoman empire killed over a million and a half people The armenians but he he would not call it genocide. And i think that's probably because of what's happening now is air to one and turkey are pissed off. Don't know if do we knew this was going to happen. That's why nobody had the guts to do it. I think joe just be thinking just think it was a mistake. Well it's not. He's not gonna do much. That's a that's this level of mistake. He had the be told to do this or somebody or he always wanted to do it ever since he was a little kid. I don't know but he definitely did it. And so now okay turkey. Now we're gonna see what happens because turkey does not like this. This accusation te. Now what do you think they'll do about it. I mean where are we vulnerable right now. Who were they in bed with in bed with russia. So maybe it's trying to poke the russian bear. I it's weird man. Yeah i thought it was all year. it's weird. i have another clip biden clip. If you want to move on okay do you have any anymore. Biden's i have one but it's an old from one thousand nine hundred or so well. Let's play that it's always fun. This is. I've been waiting for the right moment to play but here it is. This is biden around nineteen ninety talking about packing. The court's president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate in the united states congress a proposal to pack the court. It was totally within his right to do that. Tv violated no law. He was legalistically absolutely correct. But it was a bonehead idea. Yeah twenty actually could talk with the fluidity. I guess there was a couple of things going on. There was the global climate leadership conference which was hilarious as the put a picture. I don't know if you saw the picture. He has a newsletter course. The world leader with a mask on the yes. Everyone does all these world leaders in this in this zoom meeting. Whatever it was and one of them is wearing a mask. And that is you know who also Everybody had their flag in the background. We didn't there was no. Us flag behind blow johnson. Yes somebody else spent. Wizard is hours very annoying. So i'm not sure if this was before or after but i happen to know that this is a lie and i don't think anyone clued in the president or maybe even the white house doesn't even know what's going on in new york. I mean there's a of traveler. I've traveled eight hundred thousand miles distance being vice president not traveling millions of miles around the world of almost to every country in the world if i blindfolded someone and took them at two o'clock in the morning into the airport in hong kong. And said where do you think you are. This must be america's a modern airport. If i took him blindfolded you took to the laguardia airport in new york. You must think. I must be in some third world country. I'm john joking. Apologies for the one channel Laguardia airport just got a multibillion dollar upgrade if you look at the pictures of the new terminal is beautiful. Yeah it's beautiful on the we talked about this on this show from. I think good lesbian or somebody in new york was telling us that they're they're putting pushing the repairs and fixing and the modernisation of laguardia during the right because they don't have to worry about union strikes or anything like a some sort of a scanner. Some connection because what was it the school union or some top five months ago. He that clip. But i looked it up. Go look at the at the pictures of the new terminal laguardia airport. It's beautiful. i mean it's not a third world country. no but that clip. that's not a debt clip. Sounds like older. A joe biden from two or three. That's what i thought so. That's what i thought too but it was. It was listed in the stories as as what he said on wednesday. Sound like if you heard these clips. Greg's ohi agree and what i'm thinking. Is this the double because there are different energy levels with the president very different energy level. How do you think there's a double that has a different energy level. They got a guy. Okay anybody listening out there. Couple of shots and morphine into the double. Yeah knock him back a little bit. Slower loam down a bit williams. He's a little or any can barely walk walk of a guy looks like he's going to fall over. You need to do some work on that So let's go to the climate Conference the the world leaders. Why they're called leaders. I don't know but luton. We elect leaders. I guess instead of representatives they'll call them rulers dwelled barely barely. Don't bow joe was up. It's vital for all of us to show that this is not all about some expensive politically correct. Green act of Of of bunny. Hugging put it with bunny hugging driving at friends and colleagues and this is about growth and jobs and i think the president was absolutely right to stress that i want to leave you with the thought that we can go back from this pandemic by building back. Green up your free Bunny hugging what. The hell is ghani hugging. I'm not familiar with this term. I like it. I think as i tree hugging major greedy. The wall street journal reported on on the big climate conference and man. We are from the future only a little bit. We call it on the last show around. People also talked about bringing back cash for clunkers so thousand eight two thousand nine. We had this cash for clunkers program and basically what it is is that it's an incentive to take some of these older inefficient cars off the road jam and we can do that one again. I mean did that ever. Hey yeah all we have to do is go back to two thousand eight can listen old shows from two thousand eight. That's where all this stuff came from him. You know saved or created all that crap And just reiterating it and it's going to pop up after we have we have reverted not just a twenty sixteen. We've reverted all away. Two thousand eight. Yes set reset the two thousand we have. And here's proof will go back to What is this. This is the year. Well this is twenty seventeen but in mind as well into thousand seven. Al gore people are noticing the largest downpour in the history of the uk was just a year ago Last fall and there've been wave after wave of these downpours the sea level predictions and low lying coastal areas. Not least on. The banks of the thames people are now taking into account. I was in amsterdam earlier this week and believe me. They're looking very carefully at this in making this movie i. I went to miami beach. I saw fish from the ocean swimming in the streets of miami beach during the highest of the high tides. That's on a regular basis as john dirty as the fish. Flopping slopping on the streets in miami supposed to believe that the rare moments where there's some some fish on the roads which has happened once every couple of years some making correct me if it happens more often that he happened to be there bullcrap. Well this is now being cranked up in twenty twenty one. Cbs evening news. Every spring the cherry trees surrounding washington's tidal basin erupt in billowing blossoms of pink and white even their monumental neighbors can't compete yes beautiful shonekan neely who has worked this park for twenty four years. Says there's a creeping concern. I've definitely notice the water. A little higher every year due to climate change water levels near the nation's capital are rising faster than almost anywhere else on the east coast title vase in his hit hard because the land here is also sinking every day twice a day the tidal basin now floods at high tide and this walkway alongside the water disappears underneath it as the water starts to roll in where the sidewalk ends becomes. Its own tourists distraction. What's been the impact on the cherry trees themselves so in some areas. We've lost cherry trees. They've been flooded out if nothing is done. Floodwaters could also inundate the memorials to jefferson and martin luther king junior memorial could end up submerged in nine feet of water by the end of this line. Only going to get worse. Catherine malone france is with the national trust for historic preservation. Hit named the title based in one of america's most endangered historic places and recently asked several landscape architecture firms to reimagine the area. Some ideas call for long elevated. Walkways others would relocate entire monuments and let nature take its status. Quo is not acceptable here for a place this beloved and this significant place devoted history facing an uncertain future now in that report they give it away washington. Dc being built on a swamp. They say the ground is sinking. Yeah that's not the same as water rising the groundless sinking yes. There's a couple of things in that report that bother me one. Is this notion that we've heard this before. And they've re i heard it. We did it. You did a whole bunch of clips on this where parts of the world. We have global warming but parts of the world are the temperatures are rising faster year than play sells the tampa the temperature rising faster here. Why is anyone. Spot have these anomalies rising faster and the other one. We've started to notice now. The now we have this report were the sea waters rising faster in the washington. Dc area then. They mentioned they're sinking. But it's rising fash wife. Would it be rising faster. The oceans the ocean. It's it doesn't have spot where it's rising faster and we have the same thing in the earlier report on the same show where all of a sudden now in india they're having all these cases that nobody else is having this is. He's localized bullshit. Is an unbelievable. Here's an example from twenty nineteen about canada and climate watch. Canada is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world. We had a whole bunch of those. Yeah we yes. A lot of were in the in the special put together But it's that this is not the way this big believers in sciences. What scientific about these ideas. Oh candidates doubling the and there's other places tripling the going up going crazy in these things that should be dead like the mystery spot in. Santa cruz is very weird to go there. As a pet peeve thing. no you're right. The watermelon head was out doing pr and stuff. It's his job and he's going to be the one shepherding at all. And he's he's the money he's the bag man. By the way. John kerry the bag man. Careful he's think he's just oh that's an interesting idea. Oh he's the bag man. Yeah cash sure. So he did a zoom call. Because you know we hate him from such a great quickstart. You said twice gang the net zero. That'd be hard really hard. And i just remind everybody that that will depend on whether or not we have some breakthrough technologies and make for innovations of one. But even if we can't the net zero we still have to get out of the atmosphere. Closest is a science on science. Hey trees screw ya. Science all the plants in the world. What he's an idiot that's climate czar. Of course he's an idiot. Gotta get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Get it out. Get it out because it's deadly. Oh my oh. Okay clipper today. How well. I wasn't even expecting that but you should. I should have been on the ready for that one. I appreciate it. I'll take two more to wrap up my bitter. The climate change This is just a throwback thursday of course it was earth day on this earth day president biden at a climate summit pledged to slash america's greenhouse gas emissions in half within just nine years. Yeah to save us from the apocalypse that aoc warned us about who started me to that. Isn't that weird. I mean he. Just that's just like to retz man just throwing that stuff out there The the nine years half and half no problem get carbon dioxide of the air meant they truly want to kill people to take the carbon dioxide atmosphere human right. Now we need to bring this to the attention of the children and the children have to be further indoctrinated. We have a new wave of children. These children longer in school. Then there's still on zoom classes and learning nothing so we might as well go attack them where they are most vulnerable which is on television. So let's go to nickelodeon and let's Let's do a little bit of a little bit of mind controlling here on the young children. Let's combined a couple things here so much fun to do. And let's teach him a new term blacks. Snow that pollutes hokey florida. There's cancer alley which is an area along the mississippi nickelodeon that talk about cancer alley. Which by itself was just. Whoa what are you doing black snow. The that pollutes hokey florida. There's cancer alley which is an area along. The mississippi river louisiana that's lined with oil refineries and air so toxic new york south bronx. That twenty percent of children have asthma. What do these cities have in common. They're all examples of environmental racism. Systemic racism were minority and low income communities are surrounded by health hazards because they live near sewage mines. Landfills power stations major roads in philadelphia. It's hazardous waste in san carlos arizona. It's a mining project that would dishonor and apache sacred site. That's right teach those kids. Environmental racism doesn't get much better now. I think he had the show title right there. Oh i should write that one down. I mean geez it's thick. It's nick news as you'll odeon pathetic viacom isn't it Stop near redstone. Stones daughter willa daughter. Now daughter. I know beautiful. Okay take your dad. Put him on. The list goes on the freedom list. Nickelodeon yes nickelodeon on the list. Put freedom list dot. Io wait a minute. You're supposed to be managing that. Give me the full list of stuff. Every i get stuck with this idea. I'm sorry baby me. Well let's just a couple of other things you want to get out of the way. I like the deny fight in columbus. Ohio where the cop shot one girls get about the stabbing another girl. Who shot one of them. Yes and so. It was a became a big. The big stink was made about that in giving Everyone getting in on the action including everybody on james. And you're your your next so accountability. But there's other stuff that is There's a couple of other people that joined in on this. And i thought this was district columbus ohio knife fight report comes from the epoch. Times guy in that footage. A police officer approaches a driveway. Where a group of people are standing very soon afterwards. A young woman who can be seen holding a knife appears to try to either hit or stab. Another girl who falls to the ground this knife-wielding girl then turns around and appears to try to another girl. That girl right there. The one in the pink. At which point the police officer fires gun and the knife wielding girl unfortunately falls to the ground later now by the way that girl has been identified now by her family members a sixteen year old mci of bryant and according to the columbus police chief investigators will now be working to determine whether this killing complies with the ohio state law which says that deadly force can be used to protect yourself or for the protection of third person. Furthermore the head of the department told reporters this. We have never been able to release video this fast but we thought it was important to share with the community to be transparent about this incident to let them have some answers that we can provide tonight. We know we can't provide every answer but it's important that we can answer some questions tonight now as of right now there have not been any new developments in the case and as you just read. The investigation is ongoing. But there's one thing. I would like to reiterate. The current political climate in this country has people giving you can say very interesting takes on this tragedy for instance a filmmaker over on twitter who has a verified. Blue checkmark road this heartache. Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene and using a weapon against one of the teenagers. Y'all need help. I mean that seriously. Furthermore valerie jarrett who was a senior advisor to president barack obama shiro. This on twitter a black teenage girl. Kaya bryant was killed. A police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight. Demand accountability fight for justice accountability. There it is again kind abilities. Her keyword to knife-fights. If you you start watching the morning shows and all this discussion while they had a social worker they would shot the girl and the social work with a broken up the fight some holiday see the video at all to the even watch it i i did and i said it looks like a bunch of people out of control in this one girl the knife he's gonna stab this other woman. She was mid swing man and another guy was kicking. The girl that went in the head in head also called nine one one and literally said get someone here now. There's these other people who are here. They're trying to stab us and kill my grandmother all so you know there's a nightly valerie jarrett in a bunch of these other people coming out and say well knife-fights that's normal. This is they're they're they're speaking for the black community. This is is the image that they're trying to portrayed at improve the situation. What's that knife fight at. Everyone does these. What's interesting is that is you know knives are completely outlawed in the uk for this very reason because young children young people were killing each other with knives knives. Our big problems still in the uk but not in america s. Just kid play just just because it's normal. It's normal on stabby. Well let's do a little bit of black lives matter stuff than while we're at it just quickly. A couple articles Tokyo olympics According to this is interesting according to the o the international olympic committee taking the need for black lives matter will not be permitted which i thought was the stop them. Well you don't wanna mess with the ioc. The us they are. This is their show. He you don't do that okay. You know what you're right. we'll see. it'll be very much. Probably like the a a callback to the was it the ninety seventy four olympics. When did we have the the black power fist raise. But though is sixty eight olympics dayton's awhile ago the longtime ago Patrisse cullors colors. Cu l. o. Ourse who is one of the founders of black lives matter who moved onto a new Truly a sponsored by chinese communist party to documents not bashful about. She has a new nonprofit. She's moved on from black lives matter which she also was was good and timely as we found out she owned several homes Some in the multi million dollars at least more than a million dollars by very uncomfortable. Of course if if she is one of your heroes and now things are starting to pop up. It turns out that twitter. Co jack dorsey. Facebook found a co founder. Dustin moskovitz patricia and quinn wife of netflix's billionaire ceo all gave generously to her political action committee and associated charities and in return. It appears that she is now coming out and supporting net neutrality as a quid pro quo for these donations. And i think that we can await the next logical step Lack of net neutrality. Is racism exactly because it hurts young black people somehow so that will be next. Can't wait to see the details and fromer twist on that by the way you're against net neutrality white supremacy liu who yeah goodwin then we can write this in our sleep in the morning adam jonah limited got too much material we just. It just flows out of us in the morning. Adam and john live in metro detroit. Area got an email from my daughter's school drifts to take a survey on the district's equity and inclusion this seems to be a cookie cutter survey conducted by hanover research for the whole district. But i did have the but did have some school specific questions now. This producer is the father of a first grader. So let's look at some of these questions that were sent via email for parents to answer regarding their first grader in the past. How often did your child spend time in class discussing diversity implicit biases race related topics social justice social action. Systemic discrimination or institutional racism. So that's for your first grader. The second question in the past week. How often did your child spend time during lessons. Talking with students from different backgrounds learning about people from different backgrounds or working on projects with students from different backgrounds can see where this is going. How much do you agree. With the following statement quote. I want my child to collaborate with students from different backgrounds. Multiple choice while the next one. How well do you think the staff is. Accepting of the following gender identities or expressions i e g man transgenders greater Sexual orientation disability status greater cultures races ethnicities skin color. Socio economic backgrounds etcetera even religions. And how much do you agree that. Your child's teacher does the following empower students to fight. For social justice engage students in meaning greater engage students in meaningful conversations about diversity. Encourage students to speak out against discrimination and racism and used book stories or less than materials from many different perspectives. And how often does your child do. The following spend time at school events. Interacting with students from different backgrounds example sports events music performances spend time out of class interacting with students from different backgrounds at lunch recess or study hall and how much of a priority are the following. The district staff reflect the diversity of the student body the district prioritizes funding for programs and resources that support historically disadvantaged. students subgroups. All questions you need to know for your first grader. How 'bout casper the friendly ghost oops sorry racist. It's crazy it's crazy. You're you're raising children to hate their own. Country will not end well. We'll i had a series of what was replan the last year. I don't have my clip bliss from the last show. I can pop it up if you need. It passed a budget of five partner. I think it was on Just c-span you did c. span five partners which meant on the last show. I thought it was another one while. I have it right here. You had a lot of c- spanners you had A vaccine misinformed. That was a five parter. Yeah vaccine missing folk. Yeah so somebody pointed out that in clip one. Yeah we missed zinger. Oh well don't tell us don't tell well. Listen is twenty eight seconds tomorrow. Facebook twitter and google will testify again before congress the subject rampant disinformation on their platforms ranging from lies about the two thousand twenty election to the covid nineteen rollout out new. Pr out today. Shows that what to do. I miss that. I produced a clip fantastic. Who caught that. Who caught that one of our producers. I don't have is known as and gentlemen we were couple of stooges for missing this thing. Wide open gotta hear it again ranging from lies about the twenty twenty election to the copa nineteen. Roll out a great rollout. Everybody good roll alica and roll out everybody. Congratulations you've done a good job. Don't worry event two. Oh two is coming up this fall. Donate to know agenda. Imagine all the people who do that. that'd be jazz. We do if you think for show and forty one starting with dame tiffy. The tennessee warrior in milwaukee wisconsin Was you need some jobs. Karma put at the end for her happily. Yeah david schneider in crested. She gave me one thirty three thirty three by the way david schneider in crested butte colorado. One hundred dollars dave Bradley berry berry. One hundred in bliss field michigan lisa manning one hundred dollars simon. Oh what do you think the palawan al awada policy palo water in west hartford connecticut. Sixty nine sixty nine debbie. I for rich. 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Actually if my big draw would be. My big draw would be to boca chica. That kind of decision is a ways out though. We play gave no agenda blockbuster trivia game and went home as it was getting cold outside. Good time had by all best regards. Thank you for your courage and here is a meter report. That was sent in from home on the second. Make sure i have the right one here. I'm sorry Yes this is greg the stranger than fiction i should cargo no agenda meet up in the morning at my second meet up and this one is what's happened is brian. I can folks left and right steve. I'm just a douche bag. Every beer meet up ten ten eric's skagal meet up by renewable energy. Is that renewable jimmy in the morning guys. Thanks for all you do gentlemen in the morning. Matt mccoy vader and native edgewater. Itn this eli the coffee. Saying what's up. Y'all hi john and i'm a new guy. Nice to meet you sir. Tony in chicago checking in joe's joke writers. Want you guys to know. I really approach about america. Obama era zona here in chicago visiting with the whole group of people. This is mary lou. And i don't have anything to say. This is Not syria but zander listeners. Since four sixty in the morning. John and adam is money well done hate chicago man. You think they just be all a bunch of nut jobs there but it sounds yeah cool. People sounded pretty young. Most of them. That's very nice. Let's see how things were in denver. This is gin and this is tacos. I just found out today that i'm getting three hundred and thirty three dollars on my colorado tax return. Hey this is the proprietor jennifer. They call me the wine slinger shit up early. Future night watch out. This is andrew jones. This is jim from denver. Hail caesar salad is a wild west pimp style and that's another one in the books The keeper and i had dinner Friday night with marty bent and his beautiful wife rachel Who will be moving to the austin area. The mardi does tales from the crypt really big bitcoin. Podcast and so they're both twenty eight twenty nine. The exactly the age of the millennials. So i hope will save the planet and and he made very clear he said you and john have no idea how important you are to our generation like after all after all those years of us beijing said. Yeah yeah i have to say. it was heartwarming. I really enjoyed that. Franklin north carolina. It m adam and john. This is robert bringing you. The no agenda meet up in the smokies from franklin north carolina where we all have respect john and And embarrassed to admit that. I am still adduced bag in the morning. This is bob from annapolis. And i'm living. The mac and cheese live here in franklin north carolina. this greg from new orleans louisiana. i'm hearing security burry Came up for the no agenda. Franklin north carolina media in the morning. Let's go to Hannah thank you for their wonderful podcast. Thank you from these semi-free state of north carolina beautiful and producers. When you do send something in watch your levels please. Pretty who franklin is very cool little towns near dame jennifer lives. I thought she lives in. Franklin dame jennifer's in south jersey south carolina who's in who's in franklin. Anyway let's take anyways. Here's what's happening for today. Myrtle beach sanitary salt airmeet up. Which is underway as we speak Three thirty three. Pm that'd be a grandstand brewing company rusty jones. We wanna look out for santa fe do-gooders at four thirty mountain time. Jeff towing sir. Jeff will be at santa fe brewing Coming soon may i do. We have The beer barbecue axe throwing freedom a meet up in swat minnesota kentucky derby day meet up winston salem north carolina spring. Boston red thirty three hundred thirty. Three mayday mayday. Mayday meet up Also dissenters afford fout. She in toronto ontario and coming up in this month may six denver colorado charleston south carolina on the seventh county michigan. The eighth san francisco the fifteenth durham north carolina. The sixteenth of twenty two chicago and long beach. Santa inez. On the twenty eighth rhode island the twenty ninth. Amarillo texas on the twenty ninth brisbane australia on the thirtieth and looking ahead towards june fourth peterborough ontario. These are the no agenda meetups. It's where you get together with other slaves from gitmo nation. You bitch ammonia drink. You have a good time. there's no triggering and you laugh a lot in fact it's just like a party. No agenda meet. Ups dot com is means. Everybody franklin way west. A really it's obviously up land where they put the Look the little tomatoes something or other in their barbecue sauce which is vinegar based We both have clip. That works together a play mine. I know california and a high profile entry into the potential recall race for governor there. Caitlyn jenner says. She's throwing her hat into the ring. As a republican candidate to oppose democratic governor gavin newsom. Who's facing a recall. Effort from some residents that are pretty unhappy with his running of the state during the pandemic. This is such a truly great american story. That's great. I mean it's just so many minds get warped and twisted and don't know what to say and don't mind a more warped and twisted mind to get twisted and bill maher's report on this same topic about this for news. Caitlyn jenner is running for governor. That's exactly what it's like with. I'm just gonna say democrats and liberals someone started clapping. Found out he or she was the only one people laughing the person wilted away about this for news. Caitlyn jenner is running for governor. Anyone not clapping is clearly a transphobic. Finish my home monologue on. Take that one back. I know you think of her as a reality show star but come on people change. She is trans rested and ready. I mean she's got. She's got a great slogan. Take the sack out of sacramento. Because this is only happening because our governor. There's a recall which is stupid but we're probably going to do it california. We'd do stupid things like wow nothing stupid about a reno. That's why he's a california. I think maybe from back east but is one of the few states that allows this because there's plenty of people that need to be recalled now and again and it's a great mechanism to have at your disposal to get rid of people and he's thinking it's stupid. What is wrong with this guy a lot but what's wrong with ignacio back. Do more transphobic jokes. Paul jojo laugh riot. It's really interesting. Big liberal some liberal. I dunno get a personally. It's a brain freeze for them. Because here you you can't you can't even even look wrong at a trans man or woman without being excoriated. But it's okay if that trans man or woman is a republican hockey officer republican. They're fair game. I mean doesn't that just show. How sad and pathetic it really is. That's the part that i just need to highlight man's cheese kitchen. Get your story straight. The neuro donal. What's on her mind now to what could be a seismic shift in how the pentagon handles sexual assault and harassment complaints within. Its ranks just his salt sexual assault. Sexual say hustle. She says sexual assault soul the soul out of what could be a seismic shift in how the pentagon handles sexual assault and harassment complaints within its ranks. Who just plowed right through. It didn't stop ellen. De gem didn't stop at all. Now this'll be my last kind of important clip. I did want to get it in here. As we have a lot of amps joining the show as our asia millennial producers. We love you amps. We got him in the chicago area for sure You have a home here. No agenda nation. You always have of course except now we have to identify you as such. Because that's what that's what the left of america wants and of course we have anti asian hate which is the term. You can't just say asian hate. You can't say racism. It has to be anti asian. Hate which to me is even inc is grammatically correct because if you hate anti asian hate then just sounds confused. What you're saying is anti asian hate people who are anti-asian. Yes that's me. that's the way chromatic. I think that's what it means. But there's a couple things in this report. Number one is pay attention to where this anti asian hate is taking place. And then obviously you'll find out who was the catalyst and why this is happening a us. Think tank says about one. Third of asian americans worry could become victims of hate crimes. This follows a series of violent and discriminatory incidents mainly in new york and california. Where many people of asian descent live in new york on friday a sixty one year old man of chinese descent was pulled to the ground and his face was repeatedly trampled. His attacker had approached him from behind. The victim was severely injured. The pew research center carried out the survey of three hundred and fifty two asian americans aged twenty one or older eighty one percent of the respondents feel. Violence against asians has increased since the pandemic began. Thirty two percents say. They're afraid of being intimidated or physically attacked. The think tank cited several respondents. Saying the discrimination violence was fuelled by former president. Donald trump off the pandemic. So it's happening in new york and california but it's trump's fault okay why come on pew pew pew trump hugh pugh you can do better than that pew pew trump one last clip. But i don't think we can push this off and we have to push off one more thing. I have to remind us everybody out. There is listening. You're hoping for the best we have to push off the second half of the show and the dead cow is and all the rest of the alien stuff that we supposed to be talking about. We're gonna we're putting it on thursday show worst sure right after the first block of donations were promises promises problem with an ot g segment that we didn't get to that damn ronan has taken up all of our good time mail. It was a good run a segment. well yes especially. Since we learned nothing about india otherwise it was a great segment. Who the hell this is. I guess this is where we need to call. We need our Our indian producers. And we know there's two of you at least and we need you to step up. We we need the help. Nacer solid reporting. All right. let me just get the end of show. Eyeso- which we had decided was help me now into show is. The editor showed dummies with a call. That is on here. It is live as i haven't show as sos over to. Yes i got that one Okay let me see what we have coming up on. No agenda stream dot com grumpy old ben's episode one fifty four for that and we have. I think it's pretty pretty cool show mixes Professor jj who also wrote a fantastic constitutional argument against The statement that the united states has racism built into its constitution. That is in the show notes. Well were taking a look at Then we have chat frederick. You like what he threw together. We got fletcher. John fletcher and we got jesse koi nelson. I mean does it. Get any better than that. I think not. I think not coming to you. From opportunities own thirty-three here the frontier of austin texas capital the drone star state female region number six the mental maps in the morning everybody. I'm adam curry from northern silicon valley. Where it is raining now are tied. It was very sprinkly. John c davar active. And that's the power of the rain. Stick remember us divorce dot org slash as we return with you on thursday. Please join us then. Until then mo foes such Virus is spreading rapidly. Expected concerns second. Wave of affection of global pandemic stays has returned highest in a civil day news. Channel cities were in chaos. America was at a crossroads. There's another prices. Attached to this pandemic facing one of the most in raeford until elections in history of twenty twentieth. Twenty man could emerge victorious and save his country and the world from a deadly. Virus is not my expertise and win the parliamentary rules of how to get there with his majority party behind him. How could we fail. We put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics. Find out and the delaware despot will raise taxes for anybody making over four hundred thousand dollar. Starring joe biden. Punish anybody to nancy pelosi sunday morning. Sandy cortes jen. Psaki making circle back. I'll circle back with dr jill and introducing. The hunter mean thirteen days without sleeping smoking. Crack drinking vodka exclusively his special appearance by hillary clinton off inside the beltway. Dysfunction is back and it's bigger than ever look. I guess i should be flattered committee. Because i'm the nice guy. Don't miss the delaware deal we're going to dictate or mask and coming soon to theaters and streaming services oppressor. This film has not yet been rated twenty one year old. You bring up a point that twenty one year old. that's twenty one year old. that's twenty one year. Old is not yet a convicted felon into place by governor walk around and whatever way you know training no wonder standing wild west to penstock you bring up a great one and then with their stable and mr wolf stable of girls in my disentis manner. She got a call. The police against what's going on in here because you all that a classy is nothing. And i don't want that that's not yet wild west data twenty one year old. It is no penalty to these people. Walk into businesses toughest intentional knowingly. Recklessly the fact that we are saying about you bring up a great point wild west. Stop speaking tony one. That twenty one year ten twenty one year old last this summer experience horror like you've never experienced before home. What happened to jim. He's dead mutants are here. Let's talk about the dead. Cows is this isn't really scientific. But are we doing it fast. Enough gosh can you see that. Jews do it with your family or with people that are in your household turn. Cows are here alone dead. Cows mutants are here. Bovine flatulence animals. That can eat. Grass have stomachs that have these bacteria that are mattanen channing in there and so they leak for gas both out front them. Nobody knows how to get rid of. Trump far exactly is seen as like a cheap crappy mir find out lots of sweets. Steam room splits the morning. I should mention. Somebody sent me a papp's new ribbon. Are you wearing it. The right now is the course backwards. Like hip hop note to the side by thirty degrees. We should be getting cases cases bit more times view ribbons splits open again. The show you your problem to orange. it's okay okay. we're friends. here is a nice birthday waters. Tasty talks yourself. salt yourself was unaware of. You're intimating but now i can do this. Audio's mojo do laura dot org slash shown me.

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