The Secrets of the Self: Choiceless Awareness 12/29


They come back to daly. Md we're still under six secret which is about what i like to call the choice less life. Choice less awareness. Let's do a simple exercise practicing what we've discussed. Sit down for a few minutes and reassess some of the important choices you've made over the take a piece of paper and make two columns one call them says good choices and the other column says bad choices now under each call them listed least five choices relating to those moments. You consider the most memorable and decisive in your life so far both public and private. The choices are recollection of the choices. Could be well. let's go over. A few examples failed relationships loss job. Opportunities cottage in walking away from fight overcoming deep fear walking away from an opportunity that the world was good. But didn't feel right to on and on so once you've made your list. Think of at least one good thing that came out of the bad choices and one bad thing that came out of the good choices. So you know. I have an example myself. I walked out of my fellowship. One day in a fit of anger because my boss was abusing me in front of a lot of people and in that moment lost the opportunity to be at a very prestigious fellowship. I was working with one of the most important professors. In my field of endocrinology rumors he would get the nobel prize. I was a prized fellow. And i just walked out. Because i was feeling not joyful in my body with what i was doing dissecting rats and many other things which looking back i didn't enjoy whatsoever as just doing it for the prestige so at that moment. That choice means seemed very bad. When i walked out. I no money. My wife is pregnant. I found a job at an emergency room. Moonlighting at four dollars an hour. Life was totally miserable. But had i not walked out of the job wouldn't have written the books written. That wouldn't be doing this. Podcast right now. Bad choice leading at that moment leading to a magnificent outcome of course when i look back even that even the struggle of medical school the struggle of residency the addictive tendencies that game with residency and fellowship smoking etc. Those were bad choices but had not made those bad choices. Even the addictive choices. I wouldn't be telling you how to overcome addiction at this moment. Aw aw you decided to upgrade your outdoor deck. So you ordered the essentials. A power washer a set of patio chairs and a shiny new grill. And you used your bank of america. Cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping or up to five point two five percent as a preferred rewards member which you put towards the cost of your most essential deck addition a bird feeder apply for yours at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright twenty twenty bank of america corporation. This is an exercise in breaking down. Labour's getting more in touch with ho flexible reality really is as i like to say reality or so called. Reality is subject to revision.

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