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Dr. Do one. Green green Fokin like hell now. Coming down. Don't do anything. Hey, welcome. Everyone to end the draft with Wilson. And was I'm Wilson here in kind of cold, rainy, southern California. Meanwhile, right across the NFL meter beautiful studio of the Kotas version two point zero Mr. Scotty is what's going on? There wasn't ship boys. Scotty wants draft show. Well, sub YouTube. It's your boy. What's up? What's up drafters voice? Scotty was here for another episode. I highly encourage everyone if you do enjoy the show smash that like button for me just smash like but chat subscribe button and get that. For the first. You could be pulled position with the first notification. Frickin youtube. We got we have to get on YouTube. We have to start doing something on YouTube. So we can tell people this mash the like button. Yes, we'll do the splashing go this year. We'll have to create up thing. And then we'll do things it's going to be great, by the way. It's also warmer in most parts of Alaska than it is here in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Yeah. Yeah. I gotta start doing some travelling, unfortunately for work the next three weeks. And and then they were talking about boss was talking about going to the middle of nowhere in Alaska. Not like Alaska like, you know, like Joe Asia. No Alaska, talking like, there's nothing, but like permafrost Alaska like, hey, you're in the middle of a national park in the government shutdown. You're on your own, right? Yeah. What happens with that? Holy crap. Because it is in the middle of Yukon national park. Fortunately, my coworker was all excited, and I wanna go I've I've only been to Alaska once is going to be great. I'm like, you have fun. Tell me how it was. And I realized Diomede the Diomede islands. It actually means in the in the native language of those Alaskan folk the other one these shoes they are the others from lost. Indeed. So yeah, the so little Diomede is the is the is the US one big Diomede is right off of that line. And that's the Russian really. So they can literally just like, you know, like toss supplies back and forth between Russia and the US. Now, do you think that the people on the Russian side can call the WalMart and have stuff dropped ship. That were airlifted to the Marquette only the US people, call the WalMart. It's only the US peop-. Yeah. Yeah. I would think to understand the people that call center anyways. I know. Yeah. Yeah. That's us. Not where they're sending the other guy who works with me, though, that great if they get though if they did I would almost volunteer to go just because I wanted to see it. But then once I got there. I would severely regret that decision. My God, man. All right. So we've got some NASCAR I guess talk about a little bit. And we should we should say programming note next week. We will be not doing. Yeah. And that I can I can tell everybody why about that. Because I have traveled for three weeks normally travelling doesn't really affect the show rarely does. But usually we find a way to get it done. But next week I'm going to the mothership to the home office. Right. And they've got the company they can't give me a raise has an apartment there where the where the home offices, and they're like, oh, well, you know, when you come over, you can stay at the apartment, you know, instead of having the by hotel, which is actually I guess kind of. Okay. But it's not just me. It's me and my boss and one of my co workers, and it's a three bedroom apartment. So essentially, it's going to be like the real world. That's fantastic. Yeah. And I was like the last thing I want to inject into the real world is us trying to talk about NASCAR. While they're outside out in the. Living room drinking and running in circles or something like that. And they'll go into confessional booth and be like that Wilson. He's always in there talking about as NASCAR. Maybe maybe we should do it. And I'll have him on the show fantastic. I would love it be more entertaining. What we normally do. I'm sure no doubt. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So let's get the horrible horrible news out of the way. I on JD Gibbs. It was announced this week. If you haven't heard passed away at forty nine years old this week as I'm sure longtime fans. No, he was one of the guys who really he really was the guy running the ship or drive steering the ship at at Joe Gibbs racing in the early days from nineteen Ninety-seven, although up to two thousand fifteen I mean, it was Joe Gibbs his team and coaches still involved. But really was it was JD's thing. And j b really kind of made sure that they had all the right parts that they needed to be able to be successful. And he brought in all the right people to and I don't think he gets enough credit for that. And and you know, could Joe gives have been successful without JD running. Yeah. Probably, but JD certainly made life a lot easier and everybody who came into contact with them said, you know, this is a stand up guy is a really great guy. And fortunately he had to resign in two thousand fifteen. Teen as president because they said that he that they were very unclear about it. But they said he was having a neurological issues. Well, it turns out he had a degenerative neurological condition that to this day. They're not one hundred percent. Sure. What the cause of it was. But he played football in college. He race cars, obviously before they started the team. And so it was probably from some sort of head impact or repeated head impacts that he ended up this way. And unfortunately, it took his life. So it's really sad thing. Yeah. You know, a great guy by all accounts. And yeah, I mean, I think people don't they see the Joe Gibbs name, but the catalyst kinda was JD in this whole. I mean, you look at the the people that he brought in. I mean, Denny Hammond was the guy was a big guy. He brought into this whole event to and you know, the fact that you know, he was like I see something in this kid and look at where Denny Hamlin is now like he is probably one of the cornerstones. Of the Joe Gibbs industry and forty nine years old definitely super super young now. And yeah, it sucks like it's a it's a crappy situation. But what he what little he had here on this earth? He did a lot with and he made the most of his time. Yeah. And I think, you know, the raising humidity, obviously, loved them as much as they could, you know, with, you know, outpouring of things, and there's also a a a nice little trust looks like legacy fund established in his honor as well. Yeah. They're doing school. Yeah. They're doing a charity that I think the money goes to young life. So there's information on NASCAR dot com. If you want I think, I think they have it up on this car dot com. Still if you want to find out more about it. But but yeah. In the coolest part about j J Gibbs that we don't see anymore. Although Joe's pretty good about it. But he can't make it ever but JD gives every single race. And I mean back in the day was rekindled. It was Jack roused me. Those guys were that was what you would do. But in more recent years, that's become less thing. You know, they're races where Hendrick motorsports wins. But you know, we're Kendrick there or Jack Rouse's and there when Hendrick motorsports because rushing everyone's you know, but Emmer children's same thing. Sometimes he's not there. But JD Gibbs was there every single weekend and helping to run that team. So yeah, it's it's definitely a big loss for them in in spirit. You know, but before jobs gives racing will be able to move on from here, and they'll continue to be one of top organizations in the sport. So they lose a brain trust. But at the same time, I mean, the fact that what he was able to lay down xactly advance a lot of guys careers, and you look at where the the whole J G R places. Now who knows what it could have been if JD wasn't. They're trying to do the business side of things after he retired from racing. I mean that a very. Unheralded guy when when you look at the the grand scheme of things and only now do we have to have the chance to appreciate him. So it it's gonna be interesting to see him without the track. It'll be interesting to see how how the team honours in the season. I'm sure they'll have to they're going to have something on all their cars for the year. And you know, I didn't even really think about it too much until this story came out. And I was like, you know, like Joe Gibbs racing is there last ones to really well. They're not the last ones. But the I mean, too when you think about what they started with him what they were able to do. I mean, the the major major teams in the sport Childress been around. Forever rash? Been around forever. You'll Hendrick been around forever. Chip Ganassi, maybe not NASCAR, but had been around forever and jobs came from another sport from an entirely, different sport. And he and J B Were able to build up this organization to where it. Is one of the best in in NASCAR? And the only other. I mean obviously furniture row, but that that's coming on reading. It was only one car operation. The only other one that kinda like that is Stuart off because gene Haas came in from eight kind of outside of the sport. I mean, he was still selling CNC equipment, and he was still in the manufacturing business. He was still in the mechanical business, but outside of gene Haas coming in and being able to make something Big Joe Gibbs was really the last person the the only person other gene Haas to come in from totally outside the sport and be able to build something that big and it's because he had the sports half like JD running the show. Yeah. I mean once you have the right people to run the business side. It's all you need now. All right. So let's move on and talk about Jimmy Johnson. They unveiled the paint scheme for the ally of financial car. And I didn't know they were going to do this. I was actually a little impressed by the whole thing. I mean. Yeah, it was all because ally paid. The money. Right. But they were on good Morning America. Like they unveiled the paint scheme on national TV and on non or non partner of NASCAR. That's true. Yes. Yes. Exactly. It was it wasn't on NBC. And it wasn't on FOX. What do they good Morning America's I think, they're ABC? Yeah. They're ABC. Yeah. But you know, it's weird because a couple couple of weeks back the other other show I do on is on motorcycle racing and a couple of weeks back one of the big stars. You know, this this big star has a team of his own at one of the lower levels. And they unveiled the paint scheme for the slower level team on the Italian version of the voice, or you know, whatever's got tallow one of those popular reality shows X-factor something like that. I was like man that's pretty big. I mean, that's a national TV show. That's how much those people, you know, love motorcycle racing. I mean, obviously, the sponsor was skysports. And so this is sponsored something to do with it. But still, you know, they said, okay. Right. And then a couple of weeks later, I'm like man Jimmy this pretty big Jimmy Johnson. They'll this paint scheme on national television. I guess in some small part, especially since it wasn't a network that shows NASCAR in some small part. Like there, there's at least a little bit of a belief on the part of you know, major media that NASCAR still has some sort of value. The people would be interested in that. Yeah. I mean, especially you go to a place like GM who has a big following viewers. So a lot of is on it. Weird. I know it's a wheel in a little we're a little unusual little wacky. Yeah. But cool I like the scheme. I liked the colors. I think purples underutilized the NASCAR. Fancy lowest looks like the huddle was looks like a nineteen seventies. Like like TV station like NBC, the peacock FIS in the one. I think it's slick looking car, but the funny part about this whole thing. Did you hear the story behind this? No. So apparently, this this scheme had been in the works forever. This scheme after it was announced was in. We saw it before. Apparently. We did. Yep. In recent Instagram post, Jimmy and the people that work with him in a social media hid elements of the car in Instagram post. I did see that. Yep. That's ins, that's next level stuff. And they didn't make any reference to it at all. You're absolutely ready. Did see that? No. And that's I'm like damn but slick like a picture of his kidnapping and in the back like coming poking out from behind the building there's nose of the car. Yeah. Yeah. No. That was that was pretty good Stewart burnouts, and there's the no even. More of a nose and they're driving in the infield. And there's even more of the car just like TAT's fantastic. I know it's you don't see like NASCAR teams or NASCAR in general being creative on social media or anywhere. Really? So no, no, I agree with you on that. And I do I saw a couple of people that were kind of knocking the paint scheme saying it was boring or weird or stupid. I dig it too. I think it's all right. I agree that it has kinda like that throwback quality to the way that they put the logo on the hood. But I like the colors the sponsors really clear and easy to see. No, they kept the car dark. So they could use the same forty eight that you know, that he became known for it Loews. Yeah. I think the car looks decent man. Yeah. The iconic yellow on the on the numbers on the door and on the hood, pretty nice. And also like we said the retro in the front, but it's got that weird like cool modern apple in the rear quarter panel to the apple with the a and the and the gradients on that. So it's kind of a more modern, look, I think it's it's a nice. It's a nice mixture. I think it's a nice change. And then the question becomes does. It change Jimmy Johnson. After what happened last season? You know, that is the big question that we don't know the answer to I would hope that, you know, having a new sponsor having a new crew chief injects a little bit of energy into the whole system because Jimmy knows now that you know, he's not invincible when it comes to those sponsors. And so to have somebody say, we're gonna sponsor you for the whole season that that's utera to confidence. And so I would think that he will be able to step up to the challenge. And it's not like Kevin Mundaring is coming from outside the organization. So the fact that he knows what the organization is all about. I think is going to help smooth over that transition. And I mean, they got to do something because you know, this one they got bailed out on with full year sponsor, but if he tanks again, and they're like sorry. You know, we we're gonna pay this kind of money we need wins. He might not have is easy of time. The next time around. No, absolutely. This is really hey now, we got plan. Now, we gotta work on a jumbo. We gotta get things done speaking sponsors. Yes. I know you're you're not fond of motorsports dot com. Yeah. No, motor sport, documentaries dot com. They then it's not like it's just that a they they wanna charge people for reading articles. You can get that stuff pretty much anywhere. They do have a couple of things that are unique MVP they love love love, click bait titles. They love the sensationalize non stories. That's that's the big five with them is. I hate it. When I see title. And I'm like is this oddest? It is. I'm like, oh, jeez. I'm sure they're just making up crap again, and like somebody they'll take some of the entirely out of context, and that'll be like this huge headline plastered all over the website. But go ahead. Sorry on the on the top sponsorship. They had a nice little story. Jim utter put out there about. Gusting gusting. I don't he is going to he drove by the past two season ARCHE is going to be in the gander outdoors NASCAR truck series this year. And he's got a new sponsor, and he's got a pretty big sponsor. L G will be on the truck next season for gusting Elchi. What's g g the Tron tropics? Wow. Okay. Yeah. Right. Also, L L G H fac will be on the car next year. Now, it's the first time LG will have sponsorship into NASCAR. And they have and uttered goes ahead. And dissect about how this deal came to be because remember while back L G was one of the ones that people were rumored about over. They're going to be title sponsor and be title sponsor. But they're on a truck of rookie that that's an interesting way to get into the sport. You would think a company with that kind of money, and that kind of size will want to be on with the major driver. The L G people including Kevin McNamara who is the senior VP in general managers of the LG brand of air conditioning technology said that they even though the pitched much he's a lot the personal the personal side of it, which is deans gusts father and Gus sitting down talking about their passion talking about this that and the other thing in a personal connection. They got made l g get on board with Lale, especially with the fact that it's a first venture with a new a new team. I think I don't think this team's run before new driver mall. This other things. And MacNamara said we could sponsor anything we want it to any sport a bit. It's about the people. It's business, of course. But if you're not associated with the right kind of folk then there's no point in doing it, then with NASCAR with as big as NASCAR is still very personal repeal relate to drivers people relate to teams, the good thing for us for LG to be a part, if it is a big of it is a big, plus, well, if they're into that kind of thing, then can I just point out just for the people that I'm sure listening that both the Woz man, and I have L L G L G phones yet you boy, you got the G seven got the seven, man. I've I I've got the three now I don't I don't use the three anymore, but I have it. And I still would prefer to be using it. If the batteries to work that would would still be using. 'cause I love the buttons on the back. Listen, I got the three I got the five. I got the seven year boys odd hit that light button for some odd. I know so maybe they want to sponsor us. Exactly. Let's make. Connection. But yes, nice little story about how just the personal relationship, and how, you know, a family sport. It can be also LG says they prosper off of this. Because of the fact that during the upcoming, and I didn't know this is the thing international air conditioning heating, refrigeration, exposition Lanta, the headquarters of LG will have the truck per pronouncedly, displayed prominently displayed. Yeah. There for the conference. I go to that conference every other year, right? Sure. I get because. Expensive. If you do it every year, and I mean, how much can heating cooling and refrigeration be extending and to one year time. Well, you know, I mean, they're gonna give it every other year. They're pushing the boundaries, man. I mean, they've got guess so good news super coolants. They've got like like fans that blow air on things. They habits on on refrigerators now s moving even use fire. It's very controlled fire. But these fire no explosions, though, only explosions, right? My biggest thing is is why do I need internet on my? On your refrigerator? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm with you on that. And TV put the TV's on the refrigerator to. Yeah. It's pretty weird. It's a weird situation. We got going on here. And you know, I know somebody who has an LG refrigerator that has a sparkling water that comes out of it. And you can't find him anymore, man. So awesome. That's boozy is. It's awesome. Oh, I didn't even know. I like sparkling water until I tried it from J M like a love this stuff in it's free. You just keep hitting the little button there. And it just keeps coming out like people hit that like button. Exactly not gonna let this go until we get a YouTube show. And then you get Niger because we're gonna need to say that. And then I'll get sick of it. And be like, oh, if we get can how many subscribes you need to get to get a plaque. I wanna get a plaque from YouTube one hundred thousand. How close are you to that? Oh god. Now where I think maybe that's a real good question. Actually, maybe wanna wait. Maybe we get in with L g than than they can help us push that and get to that hundred K's, we get the plaque. Don't worry. We'll order to versions of the plaque. So you can have one and I know each of the studios a c switch account hundred twelve subscribers to the faceoff Ocoee show at one hundred and twelve ahead of us. Yeah. Exactly. Oh, well, also, I don't know if we can be a head if there's no account. Well, I mean, we have zero. So, you know, you're one hundred twelve closer to get in that the plaque air it is. That's what it's going to be so plaque on the wall. Okay. So then we went from a terrible story to start. Then we went to pretty cool story, which Johnson the unveil and everything and then to the G thing. Let's bring it back down again. Because apparently NASCAR where what they're telling everybody outwardly. Oh, everything's great, man. There's no problems at all the sport. I'm more excited about the sport than ever. Well reports are that last week this past week NASCAR laid off anywhere from quote, dozens to up to fifty people NASCAR says that the number was quote, a little less than five percent of our total workforce. Now, I guess they were saying that try minimize it. But anytime anytime at all that you can quantify the number of people you laid off as a percentage of your company. It's a lot of people. I mean, that's out of this show. I mean, like if you leave me off that'd be fifty percent of the employees of the company nascar's few more than that. So even five percent of NASCAR. That's a lot five percent. And this car, man. The hell present a NASCAR. It's a hell of a thing. Honestly, don't care like what you're preparing for if any kind of merger. You need all hands on deck doing damn train. Like it is. I know it's crazy. And so they said that they were doing this imp- reparation for their proposed, but not actually done deal yet merger with ic-, which is barely going to cost NASCAR one point six billion dollars to buy out all the IC stock from all the other people that own it. So the fact that they are so certain that they're going to be able to get ISE or the stockholders, and I see the cell, and they're getting rid of people in what I'm sure are going to be redundant positions. Because they're so certain of it. I mean, they keep saying, oh, no we're committed all the France families committed. They are not committed man. This is what this is exactly what companies do when they're trying to. Cut the fat before they sell what they sell it for what they can get and I'm positive that. This is just one more sign that they're going to sell which is great in the long run sucks for those people that were laid off it's great in the long run. But I really wanna know who they're thinking of selling to now because there's no other reason for them to be doing this to be packaging everything up. I in NASCAR together trimming out all the extra money that they're spending because they're trying to make the books better and the package deal. Look awesome for someone to come in and take it. Yeah. I mean, the biggest thing right now is just is is we got to combine it but goddamn six billion, really. That's what that's what it said. In the in the article, I was reading I don't know. How accurate it is? But. Yeah. I don't know. Because you know, the France family owns still owns a majority share. It's not over fifty percent. I don't think, but they still own the largest share, and the, you know, everything they that's that's one point six or whatever billion without that largest share. So it's amazing to worth that much. Right. I mean, I don't understand what the hell's going on. I mean, I guess I guess the properties worth a whole lot because I'm sure they own all that property, and I guess so I mean, that's probably the I hope that's the reason. I hope so too. Yeah. Because it's not Jesus. So here's a great hose. Here's craziest thing about that. Is that I was planning when I saw that story. And I put it on the the rundown. I was planning on making a joke. What I thought when I read it the first thing I thought when I read the article was oh, wow. They laid off fifty people. I bet somebody's about to get promoted. And then sure enough literally two days later mass car promote some dude so J Abia because everytime that's car f something up. They feel like they can cover it up by promoting someone and that's what they've done J Fabian has been named NASCAR monster energy Cup series, managing director. I don't know if that means they fired the last one or if they just made up a position based on us cars history. They probably just made up that position. He was previously managing director of technical integration. Which means he was in charge of the inspection process. So there you go weird, and they sent out a press release about how excited they are. And how you know Jay Fabien is going to like, you know, make things. Awesome. Again. They didn't say he was gonna make things. Awesome. Hire those people back. No. But these things happen. So I it's like every other person that like every time like there'll be like five people in the stands, whom I got we got we saw five tickets promotes people. Get him out there doing this. And so that's what they've done here. They've they've done something terrible. And then they turned around and promoted somebody to congratulate them for it. All right. What else? Do we got? Front row front row. Yes. Bring up the mood a little bit. So front row motorsports named their crew. Chiefs for two thousand nineteen drew blackened surfer. Yeah. He used to be the criteria last year for Bubba Wallace in the forty three car. He's gonna come over. And he's going to take over the thirty four. So he's going from the forty three to the thirty four conspiracy. Hopefully reversal of fortune for him, right? Right. He'll be working with Michael McDowell. That's a I mean, that's pretty good poll. Wasn't he with Ralph before that? I can't even remember where he was before. I want to say he was with the with Carla where it's oh, that's right. Carl Edwards with rouse. Yeah. Yeah. Let's see where it was. I'm looking right now. Oh, while his nickname is black. I and the thing is he says is quoting the Kapadia. Who knows he says that people call him Blick because it's just a lot easier. I would call him drew. That's just me. I don't know. Let's see Rauch racing. He worked at Carl Edwards work Mark Martin as well and Kevin Kenza. So and that's kind of interesting that he was involved with rush. Because then the next guy they announced is that might Kelly is going to be working on the number thirty sixteen with Matt tift. He comes directly from rouse racing where he was working on their extended program on the number sixty car, of course, that ain't happening this year. And he also was the crew chief for Ricky Stenhouse junior when he won both of his ex series championships. So he comes with a pretty good pedigree as well and from Roche as well. Can can only go up right now. And then David Reagan number thirty car is going to work with south Barbara the same exact guy he worked with last year. And so there you go. No know moving on the fingers there. So I I think it's good that they brought in concert for they brought in Mike Kelly to broaden guys who have experienced at a big time teams have had success before both of them. Have you know, Matt tift, I love that move. I think that's ground over it's gonna work out as well as tift wants to. But I think from front rows perspective. That's a good move. The thing the part that I don't get is David Regan. Michael McDowell man. You can't get many other people. Do you know? I can't remember. There was somebody were talking about a little while back that that didn't have a gig or was looking for a gig. And I was like why don't why don't somebody like fro go with a young up and coming driver instead of you know, instead of going with these guys that it's not nothing against Reagan or Michael McDowell. It's just if you look at what they've done recently whole lot nothing. I mean, I get an Reagan's wanna race before. Whatever. Trevor bayne. What's he done? Yeah. You're not wrong. I don't know who could you get though. That's the problem would wanna ride like that that has increasingly gotten worse like it used to be a place that maybe like we always said was on the rise and consistently on the rise. And then just they often they need an this doesn't exist right now. But they need a down on their luck guy. That's had a lot of success. I mean, you know, I don't wanna say Kurt Busch again because he already ran that route wants and it worked though for furniture row. But somebody like that I mean, maybe not him. But some Jamie Murray Jimmy Murray would have been okay guy. Not great not not as good as me after all curt has won a championship. Right. But but Jamie, MAC would have been an okay guy. Now, I don't think Jamie would have done it. But that's the type of God that they need to go out and get and have that be the anchor not not Reagan Michael McDowell guys who've kinda toted around for a while. And they haven't really done a whole lot needs. Somebody who's done something to come in. And. Help make that program better. Who is it though? That's the pro. I don't know. I mean, I I don't think that he's to Ginny to get something done if they could get call Edwards out of retirement there, you can go, but I'd car when do that it's slim pickings to this. You have to you have to have somebody who is still has some some shelf life, but at the same time. You know is for some reason or another he's a little bit damaged goods. And and you know, they they don't have any other options, you know. And I just don't do that person's Cain though. He just can't physically do it. You know, they they need that Martin ex they need that Kurt Busch before they you know, before they showed up at a place like furniture row. And that's out on who that guy is really don't. I don't think there isn't. I think. I think we've actually surpassed that time that time is over. Yeah. Yeah. Like on not Tony Stewart. Well, not the junior not Jeff Gordon because they wouldn't they wouldn't have done it. But they need somebody in need to find a Mark Martin guy. Right. Can you can you can you be though them well in never actually gotten there? And you know, one could argue that Scott had that opportunity with Clint Boyer. But that you know, flopped miserably, I think that front row if they've found that same type like if he'd gone there if because they're running boards if he'd on the front row instead of having on the Scott now, I don't know was running Fords at that point. But imagine if they were that could have worked that could that could have like produced something decent and by deuce top tens. Yeah. But now look at a no nothing. But that doesn't that opportunity doesn't exist for front row now. So they have to they have to wait until Joe Gibbs racing decides the fire someone else for no reason. The maybe they can pick up that. Yeah. Exactly. Like, hey, listen. Let's go ahead. And they do find themselves like Akabusi like when Kabul was originally Kabushiki like like sixteen year old driving. Yeah. You know, like somebody with all this raw talent. And they just keep shooting themselves in the foot. And then, you know, Joe Gibbs comes in swoops up ends up winning the championship with them. The that guy the Bragg Joey Logano. Yeah. Kinda do. I don't know like it's much easier said than done, I realize, absolutely. Because the problem is is that no one wants to invest in that. Yeah. Yeah. And and then any guy who has that kind of potential still, you know, I mean, you really have to be on everybody's bad side. Because otherwise, you probably would end up getting a better offer them front row, and you wouldn't elect for front row over say, you know, like Gibbs car, or, you know, you know, Richard petty motorsports. Could do that as well. Although with Bubba, I think that really their problem, isn't driver? I think the problem is they need to put more money into the damn program. Kind of you know, and they're nice the hook, right? Like where are you going to get this money? Yeah. Where's this money coming from? So I don't know if there is any kind of like. Quick fix. I don't think there is. I mean, they'd have to get super lucky is really what would have to happen. But the good thing is they do have that tiff now, and I think the tift has some potential, and so if they could get that going and get some sponsors interested, then that might be the vehicle with which they can attract other either young drivers or somebody who does have it a little bit of in a stab history who's willing to take risk. Yeah. But that's the thing is now we just have to get into an in a situation where? It has to be a new leaf. And this is where nascar's marketing team that doesn't exist comes into effect is that they now have to go ahead and figure out how we can work at these guys to come. We have to play the role of intermediary in order to do this. And I don't know if they can. If they have if they have the horses to do that seriously that if they had a bit probably let them go this week. Oh, absolutely. They're gone their way gone, but. I don't know. I think that NASCAR needs to play a bigger part in the in the whole thing. Oh, yeah. Totally. I mean, they should be in. This goes back to what we were talking about a couple of weeks ago or couple of shows ago where if NASCAR really slimmed down things in the Cup series and made a point of only having really good teams only having the best teams in the Cup series. And then if you don't do well, you gotta go down to axe then stuff like this will work itself out. Yeah. Because because if front row or fern fern front row was one of the organizations that made the twenty five or thirty or whatever, however many cars you wanna have in there. Then guys will wanna drive for them and sponsors will wanna be on the car because the guys want to drive for them. So all of that can be solved just by saying. All right. We have some things down. We don't need, you know, forty cars coming out each week when only twenty five or thirty have a chance to win or finish top ten right? All right. I wanna unwanted rehash that whole thing, but still. I think it was fabulous idea. And obviously NASCAR listening because they they're trimming on their side. And they're going to trim on the Cup side after that mojos hope so yeah, God, they'll do make enough money. They can hire those people back. Maybe maybe front row might wanna go get Mike Wallace. Why are we shocked by this to do what the story today? Just came out today that Mike Wallace is definitely running three races, Atlanta, California and Las Vegas in the number fifty two car for Rick ware racing. So that ten times fast, and they also are interested in having Wallace beyond in the car for the entire season. But Wallace has got to go out and find some sort of sponsorship to get this done. He only has a sponsorship for three races right now. Now, the whole thing here is that Rick ware racing has to charter, and they're planning on running two cars, and we are what twenty nine days are we twenty nine days away from the by the time this airs twenty one twenty nine days so days away from the Daytona five hundred and yet Rick ware racing. Doesn't know who's going to drive their charter. Cars. To be fair. I didn't think I don't think they think it would get this far really what they thought the Greg Olding would just show up. They thought that the average. To say we have two cars, we're not gonna get to. Oh, let's that they want to drive this car Ono. I think that's where the point is is they didn't think it would happen this fast. I'm going to I'm going to go to require racing dot com. Do go drivers. Whoa. Here's here's listed drivers everybody. Tim, TIMMY hill. Spencer Boyd Stanton Barrett. Chris Cockram Carlos can try us. He still around and Ricky contrarius, I'm assuming they're related. That's racist. Kevin O'Connell and Cody wear. Hey, now of those they do have truck team and an extended team so of those we know that what maybe to me hill Stanton Barrett. Cody wear have driven in the Cup series before spent has Spencer boy run race. Maybe. Yes, I don't know. Spencer Gallagher has Gallagher has. Yeah. So, you know, I don't understand when that's your driver roster. I don't think you need to the charters. You barely need at one. Charter. I know right. So I'm very confused by this whole situation, especially Mike Wallace. Yeah. And they have let's see. Oh here. Here's a here's an announcement about the second they've acquired a second charter. And we'll feel to Cup cars. They just got this charter announced in January six where they announced January six the fifty one fifty two was purchased from front row motor sports. They got cars from L afar. We talked about all this stuff. They had even though he's not on their list of drivers. The BJ McLeod had the most starts in the require racing car into eighteen. Holy crap. Rick ware racing fielded. Guess how many drivers in two thousand eighteen? Eleven in Cup sixteen different drivers. Wow. And I was thinking I was going on the low end sixteen different drivers. That's crazy. If you have one car, and you need sixteen different drivers just to fill that one car. You don't need a second. Yeah. No. They probably about probably what happened here is they probably bought it from front row, and they figured they could turn around and lease it out the somebody and just get some money for the first year decide what they want to do in the second year, either sell it or maybe do something with it. And nobody wanted to lease it. The must be what happened. That only makes sense. And so they'll see if anything else they'll do run arrives for both of them. And the first one will probably be a very similar situation this year that it was as it was last year. Sixteen drivers are a bunch of driver's doesn't drivers or whatever. And with the second one. You're trying to get Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace's is he's been around while the he had heart surgery while back to. Hey did. Well, you got into that incident to his daughter in the show. Yeah. Yeah. So he's not a spring chicken anymore. But he said he wants to come back if they can get I hope they do get sponge should because I would much rather see a car with somebody and full time than just, you know, whoever shows up with a check in their hand and give week. Yeah. But at the same time check is nice. I guess check. Check in check in in the hand is pretty nice guess, I don't know. Wait a minute. I don't know. Well, checking the hands very nice. Yes. Yes. For us. It is. But I mean when it comes to competition in NASCAR, that's not. I mean, nobody's gonna by themselves of win from Rick ware racing. No, not even require not even require combine a win. You know, CISCO's right back to they would be a prime candidate already in the extend these areas, but they should be spending. All that time and effort and money making a really kick ass xfinity team, especially since have rows to worry about. They don't have a Guinness story about like the playing field is wide open there. It's just JR motorsports. You've got to compete with now. Yeah. So do that. I don't do this do that. Money. They spend on that damn charter. They can put together a kick ass like new program for their their extended team or their truck team or whatever. It just frustrates me. Ryan treks is going to try to qualify for the Daytona five hundred in two thousand fourteen he tried because that was was happy. K b que did he do became? I think the became racing for year in two thousand fourteen that's highly possible. And but he didn't qualify for Daytona. So he's that never actually raised the Daytona five hundred. So he's going to drive the seventy one for Tommy Baldwin. They're coming back part time. They do not have a charter anymore. Even though back in the day. They did. So they're coming back. Ryan trucks coming back. I mean, if you're talking about I don't get a sound kind of hypocritical here because it's just talking about Rick ware racing in them. Like what the hell man, if you're gonna have like an owner comeback and try and make Daytona and a driver trying to a form. I would that's combination. I like to see Tommy Baldwin Brian treks. Let's see what we can do. Yeah. And you just hope the Tommy Baldwin's genius hasn't driven by the wayside either. Yeah. So I mean, we seen that we've seen that many timers always back. He's doing great. Oh, what everything's past them by now, he he says he wants to ultimately go racing full-time again, if you can get something together to do that. He's gonna have to pair with somebody like Ryan treks or some sort of incomer, and then stick to it and get some sort of result. Somehow, you know. Yeah. That's the problem is is you're gonna have to stick to your guns and hope for the best and try to convince golden corral keep going. Yeah. Yeah. So, but if they can if they can get a good finish or to the maybe the parlay in the something who knows? Yeah. I'm speaking of buying rides Joey gays. Going to run time in xfinity the season fantastic idea, by the way, he's going to run a full xfinity. Schedule for 'em B M motor sports than number thirty five then they will also mbmers going to run the sixty six part time in the Cup series case will get some races there. So basically, it's like, hey, if you come in and bring some cash or sponsors or whatever will put you in X car for the full season. And as a reward will put you in the Cup car couple of times, I would much rather see young drivers do that. Instead of what Joey gays has been trying to do which is by crappy rides in the Cup series and finished thirty third. But what else do, you know? Right. Like, they see this trend going, and they're going to be the ones that jump with it as well. I mean, granted mpm not the best in general but him running full Lexi's in there. Probably could mean they're not even great in the series either. I know, but you know, maybe it's a good thing. But it that that's where Joey gays should be right now. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. That's that's that's. There's like these young kids the whole NASCAR said that the model's broken the model's broken for the sheer fact that guys like Joey gays and Greg Alden can come in like little experience in a stock car of this size and get a ride. Yeah. It's absurd though. I mean in all honesty, even ride trick should be in the xfinity series right now. Oh, yeah. No. There's no reason. Why right? Sure is another castaway of the Michael Waltrip racing era. But it's like it's like almost you have you should be you should have to complete X cheer. Ryan tricks is twenty six but at the same time, he should clean complete an X amount of lower levels. Now before you jump up to the Cup level. Yeah. That I pitched many year ago when it comes to you have to you can't get into it unless unless you pass X amount. And then they used to that where you couldn't drive a super speedway unless you had a had so many is under your belt in the lower level. They wouldn't give you a they wouldn't give you license for those unless you had done a couple in the lower series. I that was the only one that's the only type of track that they would have that requirement for though, which is wicked dumb. It is it should be across the board that way you should have to have like a half season or something, you know, minus road course, I think road courses when you give a pass to maybe. Yeah. Yeah. That's it. But yeah. So that's what Joe gifts. The last story that have gotten less you have anything else. Die cast list came out, which I was super happy to see. I believe wasn't there. A preliminary list that came out like a couple of months back that we talked about. I think there was probably mid year yelich amid sees one or something like that it seems like it was two days ago. But it was it was a while ago. But then they released the top ten die-cast for two thousand eighteen end of the year. All in and done. Big shocker was man. Five of the top ten spots. Went to Bush. No, no, no. No. No. Well, what did chase Elliott? Yeah. No this kid this kid's he's rocket strapped to them. This is the this is the guy. This is the guy you go with and that's our then beyond that. Okay. Beyond that. This is a top tem. Chase elliott. Chase Elliott now. He's different cars. Chase elliott. Chase Elliott William Byron. Chase elliott. Alex Bowman chase Elliott Jimmy Johnson. Chase Elliott collars and Kevin Harvick. Eight eight of the top ten. Hendrick motorsports. Drivers, they are making Bank off the merge man, dude. And especially surprising considering Byron didn't do too much. Did did a decent amount. I was surprised to see a both of those guys in the list and b both of those guys above Jimmy Johnson. And see both of those guys above some of the chase Elliott cars and Jimmy Johnson's scheme was kind of garbage last year. It was a little wasn't the best. There's nothing write home about. But you almost have to wonder if the William Byron Alex Bowman are just not nostalgia picks as well. Yeah. Oh, I'm sure I'm sure. Yeah. I think that that's a big thing there too. Yeah. Yeah. Surprise surprise. No Cal Bush. I am too actually. Because remember he was like second in the most popular driver voting. Yeah. So I mean, I'm surprised that people aren't buying his car. Price. Kevin harvick's doesn't have a couple in their. He's only got the one all the way down the Bush, beer one. I'm and only one of these skin through list right now. Only one of those cars was a in the top ten was a Darlington car. Chase Elliott in the hooters interesting. Yep. Yep. By the way. Speaking of Darlington cars, I saw one sixty four the method no car with the Jeff Burton Plum. Pretty slick made those may one of those. I saw it's fantastic. Oh, yeah. No, no Miller lite car. No, wreckage Laskey, no, joy Lugano's. But but I think the Luganda I I don't have a hard time buying that. Joel ex Nomar tricks exactly very popular driver. And yet people weren't buying his stuff. The only thing that because break Laskey neither here nor there when it comes to like say popular driver voting. But that's that's scheme is so iconic that that usually that would be enough to sell cars. I would think but you had the biggest biggest prize from me is William Byron third on that list. But I think you've paid it. I think people were buying the twenty four because that it was the exalted scheme. And so it looks exactly like the Jeff Gordon car. So yeah. And you just get it that way and and hope for the best. So I mean, interesting still picks. Yeah. I mean, it it shows where people put their money and all three of those five chase Elliott our win card. Yeah. So there's special schemes that way as well. Most of them are normal schemes Napa scheme for chase Elliott executive for William Byron nationwide for Alex Bowman lows for Jimmy Johnson credit one four color Bush beer for Kevin. But like you said three of them are the chase Elliott win cars. And then one is the chase Elliott Darlington car. I know right. They have. Okay. So if you're NASCAR, I mean, this this means something, you know, because this is more than just people's voting online because you know, if you're a rabid chase the fan of there's a chase Elliott fan club. They could go and stuff the ballot vote every day. Right. But this is people putting their money where their mouth is. And I mean, if your NASCAR don't you? I I mean, I guess they've been pushing him, but don't you up the ante on that a little bit? Don't you piss off Kabul's more by making it even more about chase Elliott now to these got wins. And you know, people are spending money on his stuff. Yeah. It's interesting. I mean, it goes to show. I would love to see. That's what it was was merchandising sales was the other one. So that would be hats shirts, everything else. Like, oh, that's that's right. That's what we were talking about before. Uh-huh. Lost my train of thought what the hell you're talking about whether or not NASCAR should should upped the ante on marketing, which aren't getting well, I mean, you can only do so much marketing to like I mean, especially now that it's back on their own. And I think you also have to think the third parties are into this because fanatic should have done their part a little better. Lionel racing can only do so much with die-cast like in terms of advertising. That's that's I think that's kind of stalwart thing. Now NASCAR really has to push. I mean, remember back in the day. We had everyone all the special schemes like had a big unveiling had a big thing behind him. And and now, I don't get the same vibe for these special schemes like their unveiled on you know, just nowhere. They're just they just pop up. There's no pomp and circumstance. Yeah. Yeah. Because I mean, they do that for the Darlington race. But that's it. That's it. Yeah. Like, what was it? The Richmond race was always like the for two years. It was the looney tunes race. And they had an announcement at Richmond unveiled all the cars, and it had been made a big to do about it. Now, it's just hey, this is this is a sponsor of the race. And hey this race teams running or these race teams are running a spa special one. Here's what it looks like on paper. Yeah. I think the last time because they had the teenage mutant ninja turtles ones last year. Whatever and that one they didn't do such a big thing for the last one that I remember them like making really big deal about was the was the superman Batman one. Right. Even then that they mean. Okay. The about that. But not like, I'm even like, I said the teenage mutant ninja turtle ones this year. They didn't make that big of a deal about because those cars were for crappy crappy drivers there in crappy teams those paints, and that's just because they didn't have any loyalty to their brand. Right. And again as good as having a sponsorship in it is it kind of handcuffs you if they don't want a special sponsor because they have the thing that they like on the car right now. And I think that that's that's a big to do as well. I mean when you look at look back at the Dale Dale Earnhardt days, he didn't have many specials team. So and it was a big deal any had a special. Absolutely, definitely. So I mean, it's it's I don't know. It's a situation where I think NASCAR does need to do more. But I think marketing across the board needs to be done more. Yeah. You know, there was a there was a story. In fact, they put up on NASCAR dot com, which is new by the way shirts sills crappy is ever though. But but they put up a picture of Ryan Blaney on the set of banged PI. And I'm sure it's going to be terrible. But but that's the need do that kind of stuff with chase Elliott. I think don't you. He doesn't have that personality though. I guess not. That's the problem is is that he's like his dad is dead. Had a little bit of personality is a very stoic, man. Very very few on words, the Hollywood him up a little bit. Yeah. I mean, but yeah, I don't think you can smell of it was funny. I was watching like something YouTube recommended me smash like button bell. Is that Bill Elliott came out in the number eleven Budweiser car during speaks or something they had to do all they could to get out of him. Like, hey, what's this receding here? Like, he just he drove the car into the makeshift studio. Got out got a round of applause. Darrell Waltrip was there. It was amazing. And then they just kind of had a force them that say what's happening. And then the I think the same personality is with his kid, even though he's younger, you know. On a different trajectory. But I don't think he has a personality. Ryan Blaney has a personality. Bubba wall has a personality to an extent. Mark treks has a personality. He's those guys more either have had just luck room with those guys for a little bit. I don't think you can do that. That's the problem. But he's also he could be one of those guys where he's hilarious like with his buddies. But when he gets on stage, he's just garbage. Yeah. Man. He could. I mean, he's got the potential there. You really does have the potential to to to take that they'll junior role and be known outside the sport that Jeff Gordon role be known outside the sport. Even Jimmy Johnson is known outside the sport. Maybe not as much as you know, as Jeff Gordon or as dealer in her junior. But but yeah, you know, if chase can't do it. Then the next best thing is Ryan blaming needs to start freaking win and stuff. Yeah. And I'm surprised Nazi Ryan Blaney on that list. Cars were kind of garbage too because he had new number. That's the thing. They just not very good paint. Schemes that's down to him. Yeah. That's pretty much it. I think is just the fact that he's go back to the wood brothers and just goes back to twenty one start winning some stuff next thing. You know, he's gonna be big star. That'd be great. If he did then then it'll be a magnum PI every week. Sure, he'd be he'd be magnum. Yeah. He has he has the mustache should be magnum. He's got that. Like, oh, guess what depends? He doesn't like facial hair. So mustache me. Nothing's bad. He would have to shave it off though. No, MR Penske, doesn't Mr. Penske's not not a facial hair. Man. That's a bummer and is when he wins races will be able to make that call on his own. Hey will. Okay. He's going to be a bounty hunter. We also ready dog. It's going to be a bounty hunter on magnum p I on the episode actually playing a role. But but yeah, I don't know how that how that's gonna go down. I guess I guess it's better than him playing Ryan because that's the worst. It really is the worse when they're like, oh, this NASCAR personality is going to be on a show. And you're like, oh, God, this is going to be terrible. And then they play like themselves, and then because of that it is terrible. So I'm hoping that because he's not playing himself. It's not terrible. Well, nobody CBS news. So I think that's true. That's true. Yeah. Another network. You mentioned that when it happens. Exactly. Yeah. Between the Jimmy Johnson ABC, and then the magnum P on CBS, man. Yeah. It's great. All right. That's it. We've done it. We've we've wrapped. Oh, no, no. We haven't wrapped it up. Again. Here's one more thing. We gotta talk about Kayla talk about because the Woz man Email me this week. I'm gonna do and he has his own fan council certificate. That's right. Did you put it on the wall? I haven't printed out yet. But but yeah, no. They the fan councils like, hey, thanks for great twenty eighteen here's to certificate. Board for being on the band council now me and a hundred thousand of my closest friends I wouldn't award for being on the fan council. Well, all you have to do sign up, and they'll give you one at the end of the year. No, I need to do it. Right after the show 'em it. Yeah. You keep saying that. I know keep saying that they had to cancel. They had a council thing today. They did about candor outdoors. Oh god. Did you see who that is? Well, though because they're the new the truck team series, which is just Camping World just different division. Yeah. It's just called ganders. It's it's it's a male goose this, you're right. So they just asked about, you know, is do you think it's a brand that belongs or do you? Do you agree or disagree? Brand. It belongs in NASCAR. Brand this good fit. Sponsorship. Will give me a good impression. I would be more more relatable brand because it's Bonsor or would I would rather likely shop more stops. But it's like. God guys stop being so needy. I know they really are. They're they're probably trying to take that. And then turn around and give it to gander mountain. And then what you should have said is I didn't realize that there was a mountain full of male ducks. Geese geese male geese. Sorry Metis goose. So there it is. Now, we've now we've done it. So now next week like we talked about beginning the show, there's gonna be no program. Sorry about that. It's my fault. And the fact that I'm doing real world with my own boss. Think about that from us everybody out there both of you and Jimmy Johnson. Think about having to spend a week in an apartment with your boss. And for Jimmy. That's really weird because that means he's rooming with Rick Hendrick for a week. It's weird, man. I'm trying I'm trying to think of now my boss cool. I look my boss too. But still. It'd be weird 'cause she's a female. W weird. Yeah. And then have to go to HR xactly exactly detox things like that. Sure. Yeah. So that that's that's next week. And because of that it's my fault wearing and be able to show sorry about that. But. The week after that we are back on. I will be in lovely lovely warm Boston for that one. But we'll do the show. We'll talk about stuff and at that point. It'll be like a couple of weeks out from the Daytona five hundred man, we'll be close will be one week closer. Yeah. Yeah. It'd be like twenty one days or twenty days or nineteen days on you. I can't even do that. Can we do the math for? Yeah. We'll be we'll be there speaks becoming up closer than you think. Yeah. So we don't want you to MRs show. And since you don't know when the next one's going to be because we don't either then you should subscribe. You can do that on. Weeks. I tunes you can mash that button on I tunes spreaker Stitcher played out Google play music pob being iheart radio. Spotify something I've never heard of before just go to any what any website doesn't even matter. If it's podcasting would go to any website and search for in the draft show. You should be able to find a way to subscribe. There should be a big button that you can smash there. And then you're subscribed all automatically. But if you don't like smashing things than Scott, he'll tell you where you can go and not have to smash them thing. You can't smash it though, if you want smash that enter button to in draft show dot com. Go there. Hey, spach that like button on the Facebook at Facebook dot com craft show should definitely do that you hip thrust. The like the follow button on the Twitter dot com slash draft. And you politely question your sanity as you're like, why haven't they posted anything on the Instagram Instagram dot com? I gotta get the potato up there. I got to get the potato on there. We we said this for best. We gotta get potatoes. Did you eat the potato last week? Two weeks ago to. Yes, you. Yeah. Two weeks ago because it was Jennifer Bertha right on. So that's it. That's all four Wilson. I'm was take yourself. And so most this has been in the draft Wilson was all right? Little history list on this day in two thousand to the Sierra Leone. Civil war was declared over nice, nineteen Eighty-three the IOC restored. Jim Thorpe's Olympic medals to his family. Oh, I didn't know that. They were going me either nineteen Fifty-eight William Ray became the first black player to play in the NHL. Very nice good for William three and four seventy four seven year old Leo the second succeeds maternal, grandfather, Leo the first and has Byzantine emperor. He dies ten months later. Oh, he didn't even have not chance to get on the hockey team. Not so great on sixteen. Seventy Henry Morgan captured Panama and then made a rum. Yeah. You did. Yeah. You did. And then finally the most epic thing happened ever in nineteen ninety wherever you Wilson in nineteen ninety David peel commes garage interesting when Marion berry was drug possession FBI sting emperor of the these see. Who then won reelection decade? He was spoken creek. And they re elected. He went to prison for him. He with the prison and they still reelected. David Alan Grier play. Marion berry on living color was probably the greatest thing ever seen in my life mayor for life there for life man God in heaven. Yeah. He was. Get real. And you went to went to jail and think reelected in ninety five like how does that? Does that even? Like how? Oh my Lord in heaven. All right. We'll talk to you guys in two weeks. Take care Bye-bye. Thanks for listening to in the drop with Wilson laws.

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