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Live from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman. President trump is tweeting that he'll sign an executive order today cutting off most immigration into the United States the suspension last for sixty days. Npr's Asia Roscoe reports trump is claiming. It will help American workers who are dealing with the pandemic president. Trump is arguing that this two month pause will help protect American workers. But it's not really clear. How much of an impact? This will have temporary. Workers will still be allowed in under this order in. There will be other exceptions. Trump says he will evaluate the economic conditions after sixty days and decide whether to extend it immigration advocates say. The president is looking for a scapegoat. The trump administration has already closed. Us borders shoot non essential. Travel stocks opened higher this morning after two consecutive down days. Npr's Scott Horsley reports. The Dow Jones industrials jumped more than four hundred points. In the first few minutes of trading investors are showing renewed interest in stocks as some states began the tentative process of relaxing stay at home order imposed in response to the corona virus other parts of the country are taking more cautious approach with few people driving or flying. Oil prices remained extremely low. The futures contract for May delivery expire Tuesday after briefly dipping into negative territory. The contract for June delivery is trading at just over thirteen dollars a barrel. The drop in demand for oil highlights the nation's economic slowdown but some companies are benefiting from the millions of people stuck at Home Netflix nearly sixteen million new customers worldwide during the first three months of the year. Scott horsely. Npr News Washington. Milwaukee officials have identified seven people who appear to have contracted the corona virus after voting in Wisconsin's primary on April seventh. One person is a poll worker from member station. W. W. M. by an silver reports more than eighteen thousand people cast ballots at five consolidated voting centers in Milwaukee coming into contact with hundreds of poll workers. The city's Health Commissioner Janette Kwalik says there's evidence that gathering resulted in some spread of the corona virus. We've identified seven individuals that contracted appears Kobe. Nineteen through election related activities state. Health officials have been monitoring suspected cases since the election asking people if they voted in person or worked at a polling place and if so where it generally takes two weeks for symptoms to appear. And that's now exactly how long it's been since the Wisconsin primary for NPR News Mayan Silver in Milwaukee. The Food and Drug Administration has approved an at home swab test kid for the corona virus. The Kit is from lab core would allow patients to swab their own noses and send the swabs in for testing on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials are up. Four hundred seven points or nearly two percent. The Nasdaq is up. One hundred sixty seven points this is. Npr President trump is tweeting that he has ordered the US Navy to fire on any Iranian gunboats if they harass U S ships at sea about a week ago some Iranian gunships sell dangerously close to US naval ships in the Persian Gulf. Also today Iran announced his launched a military satellite into space the US opposes these launches saying Iran is violating United Nations resolutions. Today's The fiftieth anniversary of the first Earth Day created in nineteen seventy climate change activists were planning big protests today but NPR's Jeff Brady reports with the pandemic. The campaign will now happen online. For five decades activists have used Earth Day to call for more environmental protections this year climate activists had hoped to make this Earth Day a turning point to encourage more action in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to cleaner forms of energy. Seventeen year old high school. Junior Nayna Agra while hardened says climate strikes around the world were planned. Now that's happening online. Well I think that it's inevitable that the movements not gonna get the same attention this Earth Day as we would have if we had been able to mobilize in person instead. There will be three days of online activism ending with a focus on encouraging young people to vote in November Jeffrey. Npr News new research suggests it will take a long time for the air travel industry to recover from the pandemic. The International Air Transport Association says forty percent of air travelers. Say they'll wait six months after restrictions are lifted before they'll fly this is NPR news.

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