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Up you're listening to the siping podcast of the i spy not associated with rafeh the fastest clothing in the world all to the home of cycling mcadoo right and watch with rathbone in twenty nine teen as they partner if education i kenyan strong statewide today we are in august yeah. It's been a lovely day here and well somebody else who will think it's been a lovely day mallika as rohan dennis though the one thing i would fear for denny. She's the man on his shoulder raised quit kofsky. Who of course he's good on little short sharp finishing so <hes> who knows it could <hes> that could be a bit of apple over the coming days for the leader's jersey doc look very promising movie had the wind behind him which was which was obviously hoping but in the end i couldn't hold off me how quick kofsky and alejandro valverde day coach give sky ended the day in the red jersey but it was valverde who won the stage. Its tenth welker stage win. Turn the water line <hes> so you're enjoying a nice tie there <hes> i was having about longer decision. Really we had the alhambra last night with very nice well. I'm they say we think i'm writing saying you'll have to chase with franz. We're moving out with some girl territory in all on this we have we're playing a great game and decathlon athlone versus osborne bold. We sell some challenging off carter spa as many as possible many of the capital to to buck put the decathlon are gonna increase number when we got northfields boom bulls are going to decrease number said decathlon. I think we're going to have a strong second off the world what about rudy mullahs in the red jerseys and team skies chased me when i put it to geoghegan heart friend of the podcast got students extraordinaire this <hes> butcher and metaphorical madrid because it's my last day on the welte going home tomorrow handing over madison enhancing star to the buffalo in fact if you here you can just about here the whose existence and that isn't the osborne balls from andalucia. It's the all right how by the way to the school also basing decathlon. Jenny is who opened the sprint. I and that was the right thing to do because it was incredibly narrow so i mean we were talking about the stages potentially a bunch sprint which is ludicrous but it would have been ludicrous. There'd be a bigger than that. They are as it was. It was pretty take on the incident beyond the finish line really was as a result of the narrowness. Just dog offers were there. There wasn't a lot space was mentioned. What would have happened appellate on come in for a bunch sprint now <hes> well. It doesn't bear thinking well on again. It was one of those days where the road <unk> said two thousand nine hundred and ten columbus and meters sorry aww farcical gain more like three and a half meters vertical game apparently and in the end it was the one you know one clinical attack by simon yates <hes> that won the stage and so he is back in the red jersey a of race leader. I really intriguing one because it was the equivalent the point of the junior d'italia that sign gates of course the race leader klopp so spectacular lost unearned fifteen minutes over today so really looking for everybody's looking for clues with such a <hes> a small lead over alejandro valverde catanha had a shelter he punctuated change bikes and valverde rana legs as well near the top so kentuckiana in valverde really struggled in while years increased his lead from twenty five cents to a healthy looking one thousand thirty eight and he stands john's on the edge of winning live walter meant that overall simon is the winner and mast second at one forty six megan lopez third to four. That's a reminder of last year's welte icebound yeah one by britain's simon yates ahead of mass miguel anger lopez neither yates no massa riding this year but lopez is is our six of the other riders. I just finished in last year's talk ten. Welcome to the cost of blanca. My name is lionel bernie and this is the first episode of our nightly coverage from the well to spend your and and <hes> well. It's slightly unusual this evening in that unlike the race which was a team time trial. This is very much a solo effort normal service will be resumed fumed tomorrow but there's no richard more today because he is attending a wedding. He'll be back tomorrow. Switch off just yet throughout the race. We'll also be hearing hearing regularly from daniel free and from all shinui and hopefully we'll catch up with friend race to now. I know some listeners disappointed that franco join us regularly this year but he's got a job working with the race organizers and so he's unavailable for selection on quite the same basis but throughout the race we'll be hearing from two writers those who are going to be keeping an audio diary force more about that a little bit later on so where am i well. I'm outside a busy bar on the kostadinova oeste banka. Is there any other kind in late august. It's just gone ten o'clock. Kariuki is turning up a notch that an indian restaurant just above my ahead here. We will probably end up having dinner a little bit later on i wear a short drive away from tovia where the team time was howard this evening and on the chalkboard behind me office steak pies cornish pasties and sausage rolls. There's no time for that now. There's a stage to digest. The fastest clothing in the welsh weld tool the home of cycling with character ride. 'em watch with wrath <unk> in two thousand nine hundred nineteen as they partner e f education fast and canyons onions. Thank you very much to rafeh for sponsoring the cycling kasich grateful for their support because it enables us to be here covering the three grand tours as is with the chair. I ran the tour de france movie awarding are prestigious peddler ducharme t shirt to one writer each week and it's up to you listeners to nominate and vote for the riders you think most worthy so later in the week we'll be asking for nominations on twitter and facebook <hes> so if you see any really charming behaviour when watching the race on t._v. Make sure you let i just know if you'd like to buy anything from raffles peddler charm range we have jerseys and tee shirts with the slogan peddler and peddlers to sean plus cycling cycling podcast caps go to rafeh dot c._c. and search for peddler duchamp to find a whole range. I think that's a rough asylum at the moment so you may get a few pounds off so the 2019 vuelta kicked off with a thirteen point four kilometer team time trial from the salt flaps of selling esther taty via to tova evia itself the star was actually carved out of a mound of soap <hes> the stage began right down by a soap processing plant big factory factory lots of bags of salt stacked up outside not on the first glance the most beautiful place to start a grand tour but the actual lampoons themselves were really quite striking one of them the biggest of the two lakes where they draft in store. The soap is a not unattractive unattractive pink color although slightly disconcerting to see the water turned pink and apparently at pink because as a bacteria that flourishes in extremely salty warta so anyway that's where the race started the ride at went through little sought archway as down to the start rent and while the course itself was supposed to be fairly straightforward. It's become very common for the vuelta to start with a team time-trial since two thousand ten the race has had one on the day on every every occasion except last year and the winds in that time have been b._m._c. twice molly star twice h._t._c. columbia leopard trek astana and sky so what makes thanks good team time trial effort and separates successful ride from an unsuccessful ride well who better to aspen italy's former time-trial champion marco penalty masterminded several of b._m._c.'s team time trial victories including their world title in richmond in two thousand fifteen as well as victories in the tour de france and the vuelta as roma's to record penalty also excelled in the team time trials and late h._t._c. columbia over the line i at the twenty eleven zero to take the pink jersey these days he c._c._c.'s team time trial coach well that time trial couch actually and he's here working with a relatively inexperienced group including several grand tour debutante uh-huh nathan van hooydonk barter simon sash not yoenis empower banners now barter said after the race. This was only the second team time trial. Oh he'd written as a professional anyway his penalty on the art of team time trotting about team time trawling because every as everybody enjoy enjoy and it's not about individual this is the hippie dome of the of the team sport and then he's not the peak is he brings together the team and it's it's a very precisely and it's <hes> you know take a lot of preparation in holland. You can make up some time with preparation what you'd meet donald. I'm what makes a good team time trial. I'm walked to the mistakes that riders can make yeah you have to start with the beginning jean. If now too but the hindu having the big general can meet the big can bring to bigger mistakes because if he's not able to to manage strength and i'm not able to to use the strength to do the head of the team he can disrupt the team. The basic assembly was with <unk>. No it was the biggest thing jeep robin is ages but but <hes> was never part of a big <hes> team tom tryon as far as i amanda so in terms of this course today is what what kind of team time trial is it now. This is like a shortly doubt longley doubt so i think the the best team i was the one that are able to due to limit the amount the sprint indefinable only weeks that these other than i did so those type of writers is a very short but for for any team time trial. You're working with a a a younger group or less experienced group. What are the things you're trying to teach them. At this stage than morphine we do. It's practicing and i want to to boost into their limits. They do mistakes and they understand how to be not to repeat the mistakes and lastly when you're doing the planning how much detail goes there's into that do decide in advance auto the rider who go in yeah defined as more discerning again because they say that when you every and especially when you give it either an order a in ninety nine percent of the time he does it so sometimes rather they under perform where they don't have a clear role or a clearer when you give you have to be that from the of that most of the time they do it and lastly what would be a good result for c._c._c. today. Stop name would be able to soften the blow. I i see i wanna keep keep blah golddigger. You don't handle all jodi. Thank you go. Go released relentless. Keep heyneke plows south at all so let's recap what happened in the title. I of the tapa pretty stage in the end. We heard just then from occupancy. Who said he thought that a top ten position for c._c._c. would be a good result. They they were the first team to serious benchmark really and eventually finished in sixth position so that'd be pretty pleased with that. If education i with the team to knock them off the top the leaderboard a nice stadium from short while until some web went two seconds faster than it wasn't long before the all powerful astana team beat them and colombian maganga lopez led them over the line. He was third remember in both the jira. I'm the well to last year and he had a slightly disappointing jiro this season. He has to be one of the top favorites for overall victory in this welte quickstep pushing very close. They had a bit of a wobble round the loss corner. I'm finished a couple of seconds outside status time to kernan quickstep also had to dodge a you mbo visa mccain car which had stopped to sort out the aftermath of that crash yuma visa really had the worst day of all the teams because they fell on mass on the left hand bend midway through the race. They've got two of the strong favorites for the overall here. Primoz <unk> steven krause mike trans like of course was on the podium at the two franz last month at a very strong team here but it really wasn't that day they already lost koos in the first kilometer when he suffered a mechanical and all bar george bennett robot hazing and tony martin came down and it meant they finished eighteenth out of the twenty two teams losing forty seconds to astana wrocklage didn't look too bad finish pretty scuffed up or at least skin suit walls possibly uncomfortable night's sleep for him. They weren't the only foolish fernando gabeira of you. A member also came down and he had some really unpleasant pleasant road rash on his hip and he showed us so what looked like a relatively safe benign course on paper chilly turned out to be locked trickier. Let's hear from bloomberg business. Tony martin about that crash was a <hes> what part before roundabout was absurd. The unexpected <hes>. I don't know if somebody <hes> <hes> <hes> gem wasn't the econ- so it was completely unexpected. <hes> the first guy stepped away in the corner only ride to talk about unexpected patches of water on the course. What's which is a bit strange because it's been thirty degrees plus all day and it hasn't even cooled down now so <hes> quite where that water came from. No one is particularly sure you might have seen on the internet <hes> one of the team 'cause the team confirmed that we scotty boss country team overshooting a corner during doing that recon of course earlier on in the afternoon quite dramatic pictures but that wasn't where the crash took place so there's nothing to link those two incidents at all any visible forty seconds which gives rogue lich and crowds like a bit of ground to make up already and lopez is in the red jersey. It's the first it's time he's later grand tour and quite statement of intent from astana to put him in the lead. I were leone have to talk to daniel about that tomorrow to find out why they decided to do that because normally they would keep the mangy c. writer out of the spotlight so early on in the race and perhaps give one of the lesser less allies a chance to enjoy a day in the red jersey. The rhetorical question of the day is whether lopez can lead the welter from start to finish as freddy martin's date made in nineteen seventy seven. I'm being serious of course he's not going to lead from start to finish easy. What about movie star than well. They were shocked a few days before the race by the withdrew drew of richard capacity junior champion who is off to any us next year he wrote a criterium in the netherlands on sunday apparently without his team knowledge and he crashed in that rice injuring his showed ruling him out of the race it does simplify movie-star g situation a bit and makes naira kintana a former winner the welter of course that most obviously they had a reasonable day there was seven sixteen seconds behind the cycling podcast is supported quoted by science and sport science and sport fueled by science. Thank you very much to scientists sport for sponsoring answering the cycling podcast as ever you can get twenty five percent off all of that product by going to scientists dot com and when you reach the checkout entering the code s._i. Ask c. pay twenty-five had a few messages on twitter asking what's happened to the robot voice. I feel a bit conscious during the robot voice on my own but the robot but will return in in a future episode somebody also asked whether i would do the robot voice in our upcoming tour of theater takes in november and said that he would buy tickets for the bristol if i promised to do the robot arm movements which richard talks about now you'll see those in a podcast but i'm making all movement during the robot voice but yes i will do that on stage in bristol if you buy a couple of tickets kids anyway. Scientists are giving away a team any piniella dogma f twelve bike and you have a chance of winning. If you sign up on their website you enter the competition by going to scientists dot com the piniella dogma f twelve competition really prominent on the scientists websites it from page so you'll find it there <hes> sign up and enter will hear a fair bit over the course of about scientists sports new plant twin not vegan range as well but until then the code it as high as twenty five twenty five percent off before we hear from our two vuelta dar's you may not the another batch of stacey snider is incredibly popular mugs went on sale earlier today and and they sold out in minutes again the to good causes. We've chosen to support through the sale of the mugs. This time are the bike project which was nominated he by stephen dumpster now the bike project is a project collects old and i'm wanted bikes fixes them up and donate some to refugees and steven is a volunteer bike body with the the charity and he accompanies refugees after they receive a bike to help them build up a bit of confidence riding on the roads. When we told stephen sales of the monk would benefit. I think the point project he said it's a smallish charity so donations like this. We'll have a really big impact. I recall the recent columbus zero about a refugee who turned wpro in fact. This was in one of our jira episodes. It was an interview with our gebre medine an editor and writer who now lives in sweden and rides for the israel citing academy so this is not as far removed from the pro ranks as it might appear many of his countrymen up beneficiaries of the charity the second good causes andy's man in club nominated by garrett turley in memory of his friend and cycling buddy peter hanlin who took his own life after years of mental health issues garrett roach is a very removing latter about his friend and why he supports the work of andy's man club which is a national charity providing a network of free dropping aimed helping men to talk about the mental health and open up about what they might be going through when we garrett nomination would benefit from sales of stacy's monks replied to say i will match whatever stacy's u._c.'s hardware brings in and that's absolutely fantastic so too great 'cause he's been supported by the sale of stacey snyder's brilliant mugs and another batch of the vuelta edition marks will go on sale later on in the race now before the wealthy began. We asked a couple of riders from the peleton. Keep an audio. Oh darby for us and they recorded their first thought a few hours before the start the stage we'll be <hes> a second podcast listeners nick schmaltz and morada with mitchelson scott ominous trillion rata hanae came to the team from a spanish finished team colorado <hes> and this is my first year within the team <hes> here we are started the the vuelta and i've been brought onto tron on help the ambitions of the team with esteban chavez recently <hes> i build up is entitled being true of poland which was two weeks ago and before that hours at an altitude training camping former with about ten rod is from the tame and quite a few staff where we got putting a lot of good preparation hi everyone it's <hes> james knock speaking of two quick say <hes>. I'm going to be doing a guy right here at the during love welter. I hope for the next three weeks that i'm here for the whole three weeks here at the race. I'll be rooming with mikhail one of the more senior and less experienced experienced riders on our team. It's also nice as <hes> michaela spanish and we can <hes> have some spanish compensations which is which is not so human me uh-huh keep keep on my spanish coverall yeah just gonna field but not in about an hour watching some of the i team's rollout <hes> <hes> after doing a record as well as tricky circuit so was out goes up leeway. Stay nice and organized in the plug yeah. It won't be easy definitely going to law so we'll see tonight things kickoff with the <hes> the triple an event that makes martial artists in the pellets on pretty nervous. I would imagine it's something that is super technical super hod and <hes> just generally hall stress around. It's a very light stopped when often to twenty two eight <hes> so it makes the day really long. I haven't opted to to do any sort of a rod will spin this morning why philosophies or about the get stuck into three weeks of racing so all spend a little time on the subtle as possible this morning and just due to the economy of course when we get there around four o'clock this afternoon soon. We'll do a couple of laps in and have a look and get a feel for it and go through ao pre distinguished order and see how it feels as the courses quite technical in this next. Three weeks got jakobsen for the sprints and the team filling c._b. Preparing for wolves going to try and get killed there and some of the punchy finishes and for myself oh freely. I've been a free road <hes>. I'm gonna have a little bit of a double with d._c. Maybe to see how it goes to the rest day. No major stress <hes> i and then from that make a decision whether to start losing time and go for breakaways all to try and hung in for a possible dry. We'll see how it goes. It's all still need for me and and i'm still young so yeah. I'm going to try and learn as much as possible on the main on mission is actually just to finish it because i think managed to finish the zero and be great way to finish a good season with three weeks of racing here. We start at walmart probably about forty minutes before the the rice so that's what mondays house today and checking each day with a with a little update after the team team time trial both james and nick phoned in dispatches to let us know how they got on so that's one was a <hes> houghton foster family out there format teams perspective. We kept it together quite well and didn't lose too much taller than losses to the to the winning teams and had a reasonably smooth ride so it was <hes> good on that front okay so we're just driving back from the t t or i think we're all a little bit disappointed with how it finished. Even though the performance was good second-place by a few seconds on why was a mess with some war on coroners viz mccaw on uh exit of another corner because of the guys russia why it was popular maybe really with thinking guys clean behind so in the end it was a bit of a master the last few kilometers guys everywhere trying to close gaps and <hes> yeah even myself. Ed cohen is a bit too when i was on the throne wasn't the smallest book no. I think it was a good effort on a and please how strong everyone was just hot. Take when you second been in with a chance of winning grunter stage h. t. t. t. so taking everything into account. A good stuff disappointed some to come so close to the victory. After the after the stage instead of cooling down on the the home china we we just got on our roadblocks and road back to the hotel. It was think eighteen nineteen kilometers and on just the role the legs iva as tomorrow is quite a difficult start. We've got twenty k. uphill from the get-go so could be could be quite brutal. <hes> this evening's plans often basically now just <hes> have shalah gonna have some food and actually skip massage and saudi quite light million on thirty and we'll be looking to stay and maximize our ask sleeping cover before tomorrow so hopefully it's a <hes>. It's a good one and then just walked diving so quite a few of the guys from lots of his marin. Similar teams crushes well so everyone's okay yeah. It was a must have no one's injured well. We'll be hearing more from james knox nick show as they send in their audio diaries during the welter. We've done right at diaries from racist before often editing them into hold episodes but this is the first time we've asked anyone to keep a diary owner sort of ongoing basis so we'll see how it turns out and a bit later on in the race. We'll be asking you the listen if any questions. You'd like us to put to james nick. We'll give you the opportunity to awesome some questions. Well that is about it for this episode the opening episode of our well to coverage you welcome ten. Pm now need to get something to eat. It's been a long day for me. I was on the six forty five flight this morning from london luton to alicante with a little holiday makers. I'll get in quickened before richard dozens. I didn't bring my bucket and spade but i have brought some hat and some shorts very warm weather. The here in spain as always is for the welter and well. Let's hope the racing is hot over this next week. I'll be back tomorrow. We'll be hearing from richard mall. We'll be hearing from our two shoot darvish and hopefully will also catch up with down your free until then thank you very much for listening awesome.

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