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This is the breakfast leadership podcast boundaries. Burn outed you make the choice. Here's your host like eleven Welcome back I've got my ahead on the line. Hey Mike how are you I am patio? That's how I am great. Thank you so much for being on the show your with loyalty brands in our loyalty. You know the president of loyalty networking. I should say and one of the things that we talked about briefly in the an appreciation notes. And we can talk about all kinds of different things whether it's marketing branding and everything else. But one of the topics that you are really good at is networking etiquette. And I think that's an area where a majority of people either stumble when they go about it or they just blatantly. Break every rule on right so to hear a little bit about your organization then specifically we can jump right in and the networking etiquette set thinks. Absolutely absolutely yes. As you mentioned I am the President of loyalty networking and we are a startup. Where a little over four months old business business networking organization on lots of differentiator but similar to be an IRA for a vestige and Loyalty networking is a subsidiary of loyalty brands. Which is founded by John Hewitt our founder This is his third company. He founded Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and liberty. Tax Service and with loyalty brands. Were going beyond taxes we are. We are really creating and partnering with Franchises that focus on small business services So we have five verticals. One is a business broker We have a barter company. We have a Hispanic tax Retail Business We're working on small business Accounting keep services and then loyalty networking and so You know we. We really are committed to helping business executives entrepreneurs and business professionals be. The best networker is that they can be and and with our model Hopefully be able to Become entrepreneurs in their own right when it comes to networking basically finding another way to bring in some tacit support. Their primary business in that's crucial. I think that's where a lot of people struggle is you know. They've launched their own business. Maybe they're still in a day job type of situation and they're trying to figure out. Okay how to I find the right clients and start organically growing my business to the point where it can be my primary Goal and focus in life and careers. And that's I think where everybody wants to get to if they're launching their own business unless it's just a hobby which most cases that's not the situation so what. What are some of the things that you see That you know some people are doing well and then we can definitely jump into you. Know all the missteps that people are doing which seems to be more prevalent. Because there's very few of us that you know right out of the gate and do this networking thing. Right right exactly. Yeah I think there's this perception that networking is a short term. One off you Kinda. Just pass it as many business cards as he can and see what sticks. See How many people come to you and not you know is really. I mean not the way to approach networking and so I think people that do it right. There's a couple of things that they do. First of all they make a commitment to do it all the time. It is consistency. They've really made it a marketing strategy for the long term and and to be truly successful and networking. You have to network for the long term. You have to create relationships that are not just going to be transactional but that could benefit you on operationally or With hiring new employees. Whatever Your Business Goals are You need to create a networking strategy. That supports that so I would say that's the first thing is commitment and consistency And and probably the biggest thing is being selfless I think you know so so one of the biggest mistakes as people can be very selfish and it can be very much. I'm telling you there find selling you this. You know here here. I am lake. Learn about my product in my service and and First of all that's overwhelming and secondly it's just the wrong way to approach network can't really should be about. What can I do for other people? How can I be of service to somebody else and an intern? I might get some business from that so to me. That's really key on. There's a there's a a level of sophistication there's a level of patience And understanding of business and how businesses unfold in order for that to happen and the third thing I would say is they follow up. They're very people that do networking right. They follow up. They might send a handwritten thank you card. They might pick up the phone and actually call. You WanNa talk to you on the phone and They they they create these sort of unique personalized ways to stay in touch with the people that they're networking with they go far away from the generic sort of spamming That you see not just online but when you're at a networking event as well So I think those are probably the things that you know. Successful net workers do do the best one of the things that I do and there's tools to be able to do the same. Yes it's work with the type of work. There's there's time enough for you have to put in. We can't autopilot everything right. Because then it comes off as generic no matter how custom your messaging is it still comes off as generic but the follow up component of it is crucial because I find majority people. Don't follow up right They may do one. Follow up call and And then you know kind of died on the vine personal story you know. I'm you know working with an organization on some things and you and I go back to the email chain and phone calls and things like that in this. This has been a conversation that's been going on consistently for several months. And but it's it's keeping you know front and center To move them along into the initiative that we're going to work together right I easily could have just sat back and not done anything with the way that They're working. They've got a lot of things going on in the organization and they probably would have forgotten about it too and it there would have been a great opportunity that went by the wayside because well no one bothered to follow up and I. It's it's crucial To be able to do that and again in we talked about the CNN the in the pre show where unlinked in for example. You know that's a that's one of the areas that I tend to spend some time and when I get a connection request the I'm able to sense it's like okay. This feels like a sales pitch those coming and sure enough Within your minute or so. I get this eighteen paragraphs message offering everything that they do like. I barely know this individual and here they are in your face. Your Commission Salesperson type thing. And you're like and you're like well do I just disconnect- Georgia's and you know save it. Would I ever do business with this individual? No that's not the approach of the approach that I that I take on linked in and this is something that lot of people can do is figure out if they're synergies between right and actions and in in be intentional. Don't just collect Lincoln in connections like you're connecting souvenirs when you go on vacation it's like having meaningful potential An either a collaboration or something that you can do to help them or you know somebody that could help them vice versa. You you mentioned you know the networking groups like be an I in other organizations like that one of the things. I got somebody a good colleague of mine that runs a couple of them and one of the things that she amored home with me years ago. And I've taken to heart is if someone comes to me because I do coaching and whatnot. If someone comes to me and I can't help them for whatever reason whether it's a conflict maybe not in my wheelhouse things like that. I know other people that could and you hand that person off professional. I'm going to refer you to to this person because they're going to be able to help you better than I can. That's on this particular fashion. They remember that and they're like wow that's like literally put on the concierge chat and it's like no. Kamina grace hand you over. It's going to be a warm introduction either by phone or by email at minimum and do the introduction. You know of course reach out to the coach. Purse and CEO. Caveat got somebody. I can't help them but I think you can. Here's some background information. And there's like Yep let's have a conversation and then you hand them off and again they allow. I've been to young heroes yet. You didn't quote Unquote Help me you did by handing off to the right person fluently precedence with that right you you. You have shown this person that you are of integrity character and at the end of the day. You really really want to help them. know before I was The President of loyalty networking. I owned my own wedding business for almost fourteen years in a retail business. And you know I had hundreds of bounds in my store and you would think every woman can find a gallon store right but a lot of them couldn't they just they. We didn't have it. They were looking for and and I coached and train my staff to connect them to our friendly competitors. Who might have the dress of they're looking for or might have the actual design that they were looking for? I can't tell you how many referrals I would get from those brides. That ultimately did not by their wedding on from us we. We sent them to somebody else. Who could better serve them? And because of that we would get business over and over and over again from that same client and that's that really is true. Service that really is you know. I think true marksmanship in business and and and really needs to be carried over into networking. Now you take that and you do that in networking and the business will come to you. The referrals will come to you. Those are the you will you will spark something in somebody and they will say. I WANNA be connected to that person for as long as I can connected to. That person for it boils down to when you help somebody. It's our natural inclination to want to pay them back in some way and a referral is an amazing a way to do that. And you hit it right on the head where you refer somebody out came to you and you're like okay. I can't you know like the wedding dress I I'll be able to. Here's here's somebody else it'd be like the equivalent or I'm going into the GM dealer and the sales person says you know what Ford F one fifty would be a better truck for you. Go Give Tom McCall over it Local Ford dealership across the street. One likely unheard of in that particular sector but believe me if I went into GM dealership and they said you should go get the fun fifty. Instead I'm going to remember that absolute I'm GonNa tell my friends is like they actually referred me to competition. Mc So if you if you need a vehicle talk to the individual. Maybe they'll do that and right and it's just one of those things where our goal in coaching and consulting and things like that is to help people whether we're doing it or were helping others. I mean go out. Use that analogy on in healthcare for a moment because I used to be a Administration in the healthcare sector and was in a smaller community and our goal was to recruit physicians and bring more physicians into the area. Now we had a clinic but there were other clinics in the area too and we in our recruiting lost a couple physicians during the interview process to the other clinics the board of directors were beside themselves. Irritated there at Wieden. Why aren't they here and I reminded them a so. What's our what's our mission here to recruit physicians to our community. We've done that yes. They're not working here but they're writing in our community so you have to think about this in a much bigger picture just yourself and it was. It was a bit of a mind shift for them and I think most of them got it but there were a couple. I don't think that ever ever really bought into that. Which of course in a limit stability because if they're if they're admitting that energy and I I honestly feel. That's it is like if you're emitting this service. But there's a selfish tone to it. People pick up on that maybe not consciously consciously they will and when when that happens it automatically gives them that. I'm not alone this. Yeah that's exactly right. I totally agree with you. get back to what you were saying with. Jim Ford and is is that you know there's genuineness a real like I can trust this person because they're willing to give up my business to better serve me somewhere else. I mean that is like Homerun in terms of how to how to serve your community how to serve You know people that you do business with your colleagues associates members of networking group. That you're part of I mean not. Is it in a nutshell? It is about being genuine. Can't genuine. And you know it's a great segue into moving from a transactional type of networking to relational. So would love to hear your your take on that. And how you move it. From the traditional everybody thinks the networking. I'm going to go and meet some people and they're going to buy stuff for me and life's GonNa be good. I'm going to finally get that yacht and sailed the seas. Well you might but you know. There's a better approach to it to get out on that yacht a little bit sooner than later. Yeah absolutely well I think you know. I think one of the things that is really important for for business people to do when they are going to start networking I mean. Some people are natural network is and other people are not they really have to work at it right and maybe they need to coach. Maybe they need somebody like you to help them. Feel comfortable in that setting. But there's a couple of things that I think really needs to happen before you even step into a networking environment. The first is you have to be really clear on who your customer is what. Your Business is about. What is the service and product that you're offering to to the community? Do you have a clear sense of your goals? Have you written a business plan? Do you have a vision? Do you have a mission statement right like if you don't have these components how can you really be a great networker? How can you know what you can offer somebody else and then know what you might need from somebody else and business? So that's the first thing and it's amazing to me You know I've I've been an entrepreneur for many years and I've I've coached other entrepreneurs consulted and is amazing to me. How many people don't even they don't even do the basics and so if you don't do the basic they come into jump right in with both feet you're really setting yourself up for failure. So that's the first the more you know intimately about who you are and where you want to be in business first of all the better you can communicate. It's other people. Write your elevator pitch or whatever it is. If you know exactly who you are where you want to be it's so much easier to crystallize the message when you're talking to people so that's key. The other part is do your research you know. There's there's so many different opportunities for networking and so many different types of networking. And if you are somebody that is looking for again. Those long term relationships. That's really not much about. Can I get this referral tomorrow? There are there are some groups groups in opportunity that are going to better serve you than those. That really are about passing the referral. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Okay I mean there's plenty of networking organization that it is about. I want what referral have. You brought me this week. I think it's a very specific professional that that type of networking organization supports. So again. The more you know about who you are and what you want and what you need are the better. You're going to be when sort of fielding how you're going to approach your your networking and then you have like. I said before you have to make the commitment. You have consistent. The reality is it's new are going to join a networking organization where you are hanging to be a member or maybe somebody has saved that spot for you again. Depending on the type of group you might be the only realtor you might be the only mortgage broker you gotta deliver. You have to you have to show up like everybody else is showing up And and and do the work. I mean the word work is in our hands. You have to be happy to put the work in and when you do that it automatically moves from transactional to to relationship relational. I really think that the mind shift. Union your mind shift because you're focused on your long-term gold you're focused on the vision for where you see yourself and when you do that you're not looking for that next transaction. You really looking at the big picture. so in in for me all of that is strategy. All of it is strategy. If you've gotta take the time to really figure out and again you said. You're a coach. If I was somebody new and networking I knew I needed networking to build my business. The first thing I do is hire coach especially if I wasn't comfortable with it I mean there's plenty of people who are introverts that that really needed network grow their business into maybe they're not comfortable going out there on their own. I is having somebody like you Would really I think help them? Create that foundation to be the best network that they can possibly be crucial. And I'm a huge fan of you. Having coaches I have coaches. I've had coaches for different aspects of of the work that I do Even the PODCAST. Head coaches to help me navigate how to do it in how to interview and of course you know listening to talk radio. I have my my favorite interviews That I listened to you from time to time and I totally steal from some they do it and then then but but most of it you know is just for myself and just doing it and I think what happens is when you go about it and the business case is a great example. He asked people. It's like okay. So Your Business Gates don't have one. I'm like wait a minute. He's like The near dealing with a hobby here. You don't have a business yet. Yes you may be incorporated you may have all the tax filings and all that good stuff. But you don't want what you want to do where what's goal. What's it's mission who you know. Who's your your Avatar hoosier on? Yes who is that client? Who's your ideal client doesn't mean that some came along that doesn't fit that he wouldn't work with them right. Who whose goal. Because it's literally if you if you're looking and so good any defined some class or like a networking event and this isn't a friend of mine. gave me a while ago when he attends those huge networking events where hundreds of people. He's like you're not gonNA talk to hundreds of people today. It's just not possible If you get access to who might be there pick a hand full of people want to connect with and spend thirty to forty five minutes with that individual analii instead of a five minute. Hey how are you? The coffee's bad okay. Yeah whether you know all the all the stuff that people small stuff right but if you spend thirty minutes with somebody. They're going to remember you. They won't have to make a note on the business card on the back. Fairly what you talked about going to remember because you just gave somebody a half hour of your time. And that's that has an impact even if you don't do anything they're going to remember you so when they have a conversation they're going to say. Oh Yeah what about? This happens to me all the time when I in talking with people about burn out and getting back in control of your life and whatnot in having conversations with people that wouldn't be a client in all likelihood but but I get referral notes and calls all the time from people. It's again Kim said I should give you a call lookout out great awesome. Let's check in what's going on. And you ask them probing questions and and and see where they're at in asked him where where you know the think you know. They took a turn that headed down this particular impact there on if they know they may not like what we can figure out later. But it you just you know. Again making a relational you know conversation instead of well. I have a product that right. Yeah so you hear that and you and you get it in. All the sales pitches to you and your friend hit the nail on the head. It's You know I have this. Twenty surefire tips to to for network to have network for you and one of the things that I always talk about his research in preparation right And when you're going to those huge networking events that are going to have one hundred hundred hundred people I always recommend. Who can you find out who is going to be there right in this group of people? Can you find out who who's? Who's going to be there on and pick some that. You want to target and spent some time with because it is you can still establish rapport and candor and the potential for a long term relationship in a room of two hundred people. But you have to approach it right. That's the key right. You can't just go in and just ad hoc Andy like we'll see what happens and that again. That's the difference which means somebody who's successful networking and somebody who networking doesn't work. It doesn't work for me well. Have you really stepped back and figured out what you might be able to do differently to get it to work for you and you might need some help in some assistance in that you know again? Not Everybody can do it on their own. They they might need their employees. Their team members consultant. Tumba can step in and help them with that You know and another piece of advice that I give to to small business owners. You know I do meet people that are like I. Just don't have the personality or the patients or this or that but I know I need to be out there. Okay well do you have a rock star employees? Do you have a manager? Do you have a leader on your team that would talk to a brick wall and can and can't assed actively convey the messaging about who you are the business like send them on their way in devise them pay them extra. I don't know but to just not do it is lazy to me. It means that you're not taking your business seriously. And you're not really wanted to grow because you can find a tribe or even a person within your organization willing to go out there and represent your company and represented well totally agree and you know the connor the days of I launched my business and here I am and everyone's GonNa pound down the door. Won't they don't know about you? They're not going to and beloved. Even now I mean even with social media and all the noise I mean yeah you can take out. You know facebook ads and all that other stuff but if you're not targeting the right people and getting in front of them. In the right. Way in a relational type of aspect. You're really limiting the growth of your organization You gotta you gotTa get out there. You GotTa do the work. Do you can't assume that everybody knows you. Okay so I share this story all the time when I'm talking to people about networking and why it's so crucial. So I bought an existing business when I bought my wedding business. The company I bought had been in this market for thirty five years and then when I left the business that same building that same bricks and mortar store had now been there for forty six or forty seven years and I networked for a living. I go out I shake hands all day long and so when people ask me well what did you do before? You're the president was saying. Oh you know I own my guitar. It used to be tiffany's bridal this year forever and they'd be like what and I'm like you. You never heard of my business. And they're like no and I'm and I spent a lot of time networking when I had my repub business. That was my networking was my number one marketing strategy for for many reasons part of it with my name on the building so I was the face of the company but I mean people that have lived in this market all of their lives. I will still to this day. Had No idea that there were the bridal shop on military highway for forty six years and it that just totally encompasses the reason why you always have to be networking. You cannot assume that people know you if they don't need your product or your service at that moment I can assure you they don't know you not. Everybody needs a wedding gown right. Everybody means a Tuxedo for Prom. So you know I I for me. It was like my client with constantly. Changing this Connolly's. Huntley turning over so you have to commit to doing it all. It's nine because when you don't you're missing you're missing clients. I mean you're missing potential business every day it absolutely and you never know who would be looking when inside you got. You got to be in the game and stay in the game because if you're on the sidelines you're not in the game and that's exactly right grow for sure. Yeah I have loved our conversation today. Where can people find out more about you? The awesome work. You're doing sure absolutely so Our website is loyalty networking dot com. Or you can email me. It's Maya at loyalty brands. Dot Com. I'm also on lengthen. It's my whole ahead on lengthen. I'd love to connect people on But that's the best later. We can be awesome. I'll have that in the show notes and please don't spend with sales pitches messages. Because that means you just you just fast forward it to the end of this episode. Just contact information. So go back and rewind from the beginning and you hear what? We talked about so lovely conversations. I'm the thanks so much for for your tablet. Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure like hey it's Michael again. Thank you for listening to the PODCAST. I really appreciate it. Surely many people you're dealing with some significant stress and possibly approaching burn out. I know how you feel in two thousand nine. My burn out led to a year for his case scenarios. I do not want that to happen to you if you go to breakfast. Leadership DOT com. You can register for a Free. Webinar burnout prevention as well as good as a free checklist to have successful mornings. Start off each day the right way again. That's breakfast leadership dot com also since you are a loyal podcast listener. I'm asking you like rate and review my podcast on itunes. I look at all the reviews and appreciate your comments in. It helps other potential listeners. Discover the content. I have on the show. I appreciate you and thanks again for listening.

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