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Hey, I'm Brad milkey from ABC news. And if you like world news tonight, I wanna let you know about another podcast that I host called start here. Every morning in twenty minutes. We'll give you a whip around the biggest stories driving the day with context from the people who are covering them up close that includes David Muir, Tom yomas, the whole world news tonight team so start smart and subscribe to start here. Tonight. The urgent alert as we come on the air at this hour, the high risk tornado threat right now. Authorities warning of a particularly dangerous night ahead. They warned of toward NAT super cells that could likely bring long track tornadoes, the ground for miles, it could be life threatening digits, rob Marciano full there. Live tonight. They're standing by. Also tonight's the for Riddick seeing the police officer shot and killed era. Major American University officers responding to a call. You can hear one of them say I've been hit. I've lost my weapon, President Trump taking aim at Joe Biden tonight headed to work Biden's from Pennsylvania, and what Biden said that got a reaction and tonight, the Fox News, townhall with mayor, Pete, the bullet. He got a standing ovation. Thank you. Spending. Chilling kidnapping on the street. A mother screaming for help for eight year old daughter pulled into a car at the moment. Tonight officers burst into a hotel room to save the deadly house explosion, husband, and wife inside one of them, surviving debris, scattered homes damaged for blocks, ABC news exclusive climate change. At what these humpback whales can tell us our correspondent in Artika as signed his take a major step and you'll see it right here the scare at the Eiffel tower tonight and after the bowl full sightings off Cape Cod, and that deadly attack tonight. The great white Dow spotted off Long Island just outside New York City. This is ABC news tonight with David Muir. Good evening. It's great to have you with us to start another week here. And we do begin tonight. A very tense night ahead for millions. There have already been tornadoes on the ground this evening and thirties have issued their highest threat level in two years, predicting those long track tornadoes in the hours ahead that could be on the ground for miles. In fact already tonight. Look at this, the images coming in now this tornado in fact, just moments ago before we came up to the studio touching. The ground near Oklahoma City, we've been monitoring the live images all afternoon to tornadoes taking shape. They're in Oklahoma line of thick, black clouds. That's actually a super cell. You're looking at hovering over spinning wind turbines nearby. This new fear of an outbreak. Tonight comes after a terrifying weekend. For so many more than forty reported tornadoes, hammering eight states over the weekend this monster tornado right there. That's Minneola, Kansas. And an e f two shuttering homes and Geronimo Oklahoma winds of one hundred thirty miles an hour reports of new damage already coming in tonight. The threat is expected to last well into the evening dangerous one. Head ABC meteorologist rob Marciano leading us off in Oklahoma tonight. A rare high risk tornado outbreak now underway across the southern plains, we've got to tornadoes that are now developing there's a tornado. There's a tornado families bracing for potentially violent and deadly long track. Tornadoes, as nighttime approaches dangerous situation. We have debris flying. We can barely see down the road. Tonight's outbreak is the culmination of a weekend of powerful tornadoes, and severe weather. Storm chasers out in force. Semi over the road in front of us tractor trailers flipping south of dodge City, Kansas. Accuweather meteorologist reach Zimmer intercepting this twister. South of north Platte, Nebraska, you was taught outside is vehicle. I just had the point my back into the wind and hunker down. In Geronimo, Oklahoma. This home was ripped apart by one of over forty tornadoes that came through this area over the weekend. The couple that lives here, we're inside this house. When the twister hit the woman inside this room, these walls collapsing in honor. She was pinned to the ground by pile of bricks many Oklahoma schools closed today. And this is why. Six years ago today in complete darkness, briar wood elementary school teacher, Robin, deeds, capturing this video of her students writing out a violent tornado. Oh my God. Oh my God emerging defined total destruction. Everyone surviving at this school that he f- five twister wins above two hundred miles per hour, claiming twenty four lives. Let's get to rob Marciano right now. He's live in Oklahoma near the border with Texas and rob. I know you're monitoring a very active situation near you right now. That's right. David tornado warnings abound. We just had a cell come through our position about twenty minutes ago with three areas of spin, it is just a few miles behind me. Now, we have confirmation that, that cell has dropped a tornado on the ground. Everything that develops in this part of the state of Oklahoma will be heading east towards a highly populated area of I thirty five which includes Oklahoma City as nighttime falls, a very dangerous night ahead Marciano leading us off tonight. Rob. Thank you. Stay safe. And as you know, rob meteorologist ginger Zee is also in the storm zone cheese in Moore, Oklahoma tonight, ginger. It was six years ago, you and I were standing there in more after that devastating tornado will never forget that. And I know years later, they've already closed schools as rob pointed out ahead of this system. Everyone taking this seriously and you're in one of those storm shelters that saved so many people the last time. The last time and this, David is actually a brand new storm shelter that this family put in they've got their food their flashlights. Their radios ready to go because this is the type of shelter that will keep you alive in the type of storm that made its way through here, six years ago today and the type storm that's going to be on the ground in parts of Oklahoma and other areas in the plains tonight, look at this particularly dangerous situation from Midland, Texas up through Missouri. Parts of Arkansas tonight and much of the state of Oklahoma. It's not just the twenty two warnings. You see on the map, but the atmosphere that is violent right now and ready to erupt. So as that line congeals tonight you could see eighty plus mph winds. You could also see flash flooding. I don't wanna leave that out. So if you're in Tulsa, or if you're say to east of Oklahoma City, the high to eight inches of rain, that's how a lot of people ended up dying in these tornadoes situations. It's not the tornado itself. It's the water, then the storms move east tomorrow. Mostly Missouri, and Illinois, David, I have to tell you, I'm right across from that school where we met this dime, six years ago today. It is abnormally quiet, and I'm so glad to hear that because people are really respecting the weather and prepared the state home, or ginger, thanks to you. And to rob Marciano into our entire team in the storm zone. Of course. We'll stay on this throughout the night. In the meantime, we're also following that horrific scene. In Auburn Alabama tonight three police officers were shot when they arrived at your answering a call. One of the officers calling for help saying I've been hit. I've lost my weapon officer William beak, Nur, did not survive, leaving a wife in two children behind then, overnight and into the morning urging men on for this man armed with a semiautomatic weapon. ABC's Victor KENDALL in the moment, they got who've been victories in Auburn tonight, Alabama police responding to a domestic disturbance, call when kale's breaks out. The suspect hitting three officers. I'm going to have a journey kit. Forties on the scene. Sing the gunman was heavily armed. We're in a helmet. Officer William beak their shot and killed the gunman fleeing. A massive manhunt ensuing police capturing former military veteran, greedy Wayne, Wilkes in his mugshot, his face battered and bruised. He faces multiple charges including capital, murder officer, beaker a thirteen year veteran leaves behind a wife and two children filed the worst day of my time here and yeah, just, you know, words cannot express the, the loss for this family and our family. The other two officers expected to survive. The suspect had no previous interaction with police. The district attorney says they'll pursue the death penalty David victory Kenya tonight Victor, thank you. There is a breaking headline involving President Trump tonight. A judge has ruled that his longtime accounting firm must turn over those financial records this as the president heads to Pennsylvania tonight. We're Joe Biden is from the president, making it very clear that he believes Biden is his biggest threat. Here's ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega tonight. With his supporters lining up to see him tonight. President Trump heads to Pennsylvania, with one man in mind Democratic Front runner. Joe Biden, the president tweeting, he's in the White House because of Biden and the man who took him off the one percent trash heap president. Oh, President Trump won Pennsylvania, by just one point Biden just held his first rally there. She go, what the first and most important point climate proposal is. Throng. Some Democrats frustrated by Biden's momentum Senator Kamala Harris has faced questions about whether she'd be Biden's running mate. She says, he's the one who would make a great number two. I think that Joe Biden would be a great running mate, as vice president. He's proven that he knows how to do. The job also grabbing the president's attention, south bend mayor Pete Buddha. Judge President Trump mocking his age on Twitter Buddha, judge is thirty seven. How would you handle the insults on the attacks on the tweets and all of that? The twits are. I don't care. Judge brushing off the president's attacks in a Fox News, townhall later bringing the crowd to its feet. Marla standing. President Trump didn't like that tweeting hard to believe Fox News is wasting airtime on mayor Pete. Let's get the Suny Bay, she's alive at the White House tonight into seal you the president as he heads to Pennsylvania's likely aware that a federal judge has now ruled presidents longtime accounting firm, west handover those financial records, the Democrats in congress were asking for yet. David, this is being seen really as a test case for this White House, as they refuse to comply here with this growing list of congressional subpoenas. The judge today ordered this accounting firm to hand over ten years of President Trump's financial records for just the president and his businesses. The president just a few minutes ago. David Wade in here, right here at the White House. He called this, quote, totally the wrong decision by an Obama appointed judge. He's going to appeal now. David, what we have you one more question tonight? Former White House counsel Don Mcgann was also subpoenaed to testify before the House Judiciary committee that was supposed to be tomorrow. But tonight, the White House tell him again the defy that subpoena. Exactly the White House says that they're doing this for what they're calling constitution. Precedent. They say this is to protect future administrations. But Democrats this have a lot. They wanna talk Don Mcgann about. Remember he was mentioned more than any other witness in the Mola report as for what Mcgann does. Next, David, he had previously indicated that he would follow the White House's instructions. Biggest starting another week at the White House for cecillia. Thank you next year to the abortion battle in this country. Now withing tonight at appears the evening, Louisiana is the next battleground new law, restricting abortion is in the works, ten states, the ones in red on the map there and acting strict abortion limits into law. Alabama essentially outlawing abortion last week while three more states and blue there have new restrictive legislation now pending and tonight, both vice president Pence and President Trump are weighing in with very different messages. Here's Mary Bruce. As the abortion debate takes center stage. Tonight in Louisiana. The democratic governor stands ready to buck his party and sign a Bill that would make abortions illegal once a heartbeat is detected before many women. No, they're pregnant. If it passes, the only exception will be if the mother's health is at risk, like the law recently signed, an Alabama. And Bill passed in Missouri. There are no exceptions for rape, and incest, Missouri's governor giving his seal of approval will sign it. And I've always supported the pro-life movement here in this state. Challenges are already in the works. But vice President Mike Pence says he's thrilled to see that many states around the country are embracing life. Proud to stand with us president proud to be a part of the pro-life administration. Mary Bruce with us live tonight from Washington, and Mary, we heard there from the vice president, but the president himself now, indicating that some of these abortion restrictions he believes have gone too far. Well, David the president is distancing himself from some of these strictest new bands tweeting over the weekend. I am strongly pro-life with the three exceptions rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother. So while the president is taking issue with parts of these new laws. David, he has also promised to make sure the Roe v. Wade is overturned David Bruce live in Washington. Mary, thank you. We are also monitoring tensions between the US and Iran tonight that carry a group now in the Arabian Sea after the US said there were do threats from Iran. President Trump tweeting if Iran wants to fight that will be the official end of Iran. The Iranian Foreign Minister tweeting back that genocidal taunts won't end. Ron and tonight, President Trump now denying reports the US is looking to negotiate with Iran, but adding, quote, Iran will call us if in when they are ever ready. Backyard home tonight into that kidnapping or playing out at Fort Worth Texas mother walking her eight-year-old daughter when a man in a car grabbed the girl, and then drove off a doorbell camera actually capturing the mother being knocked down there. She then runs for help ABC's. Marcus more on the moment police burst into a hotel room to save. The girl Salem Sabotka was missing for eight hours tip from good Samaritans sin officers, bursting into this Fort Worth hotel. That hotel just ten miles from the quiet street were thority say, a stranger fifty one year old Michael Webb, took the eight year old from her mother in broad daylight. The community responding to an urgent call to find that car. The word spread to Jeff Keane, who spotted the sedan at the hotel when my friend texted me that his daughter being kidnapped. I was like, well, let's, let's go. Let's do something. Do police chief praising king, and all of those who helped search for Salem bay become heroes here in the city of Fort Worth, and we're damned proud of it. David Leath afternoon. The police chief, we met earlier was relieved of his position. The city manager saying his firing is unrelated to this case, but everyone is just thankful that Salem is back safe with her family, David Marcus floor with us tonight, Marcus. Thank you. We're going to turn next to seeming to an ABC news exclusive our journey to the bottom of the earth. Tonight. We're scientists are convinced that humpback whales. Can tell us a lot about climate change and its widespread effects? ABC's James Longman is in and Arctic as scientists take a major step tonight. A journey to the ends of the earth. Speeding across the frozen wilderness of Antarctica which trucking groups of humpback whales. American scientists in the World Wildlife Fund. Hey, using specially designed drones leading the search slaving Wales up there. Slaving Wales coming time, we approach these awesome giants and get a view from above gathering. Vital information to better understand the impact of climate change food is the whole point of this mission to get as close as possible to these whales and tag them with these GPS systems that can tell us so much more about that baby across the on toxic peninsula. Eighty seven percent of the glaciers hair all receding creating more open water, which is actually helped grow the humpback population, but warming waters a threatening a small crustacean called krill. The main food supply, full humpbacks and the bedrock of Antarctica's entire food chain. They represent the health of an ocean, ecosystem to be able to you have enough food to support a way, a let alone a population of Wales all of these things have to combine together to promote life into promote food being there of two days of attempts to tag away all the scientists zero in this camera attached to the trucking device. Successfully planted on the humpback. This work is also uncovering of a dangerous research, has finding plastics, heavy metals even flame retardants in the systems being pioneered is some of the most important for this viral of our planet, this place is stunning. But more than that, it can tell us so much about the risks. We face David are James lawmen, our, thanks to you. And our team and James will have much more on those contaminants that discover inside the whale's plastics. Those heavy metals James mentioned. That's later tonight on Nightline on the journey to the edge right here in the meantime, they're still much more ahead on world news. Tonight this Monday, the surprising discovery in the waters, just outside New York City, a great white shark has now been spotted. And of course, it comes after multiple sightings off Cape Cod, and that deadly attack. What we're now learning tonight, also news coming in about the measles and it's not good. The alarming new numbers out tonight. We'll have them for you and major scare playing out at the Eiffel tower that thirties rushing to the. Seen today. And we have news on that front as well. Lot more news ahead on a Monday night. Stay two. Get cashback for shopping, you were already going to do racket in is a free member base. Loyalty program that lets you earn cashback on shopping. It over twenty five hundred stores like Macy's best, buy, Nike, and more shop online internet percentage of every purchase you make up to forty percent cashback every three months members are paid the pay pal or another method. Sign up today at in dot com. That's our A, K, U, T E, N dot com. Capital. One is building a better Bank, when that feels an accident that thing like a typical Bank, it's why the reimagining banking and building something completely different Capital, One cafe they offer accounts with no fees, minimums, they also offer one of the best savings rates in America, and you can open a Capital, One account from anywhere in five minutes, Capital, One, this is banking. Reimagined open an account today. Inexperienced banking reimagined for yourself Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital, One NA member? FDIC. Very rare sight of great white has been tracked off Long Island, not far from New York City, and it comes of course, amid heightened concern all ready off Cape Cod. Here's ABC's Linsey Davis. Tonight. An ominous alert has residents near the Long Island Sound rattled tonight. As a great white shark is believed to be lurking. Just off the coast of Greenwich. Connecticut shark tracking organization Oeser says this is the first time the organization has ever gotten a ping from great white in the Long Island Sound, the researchers tagged the male shark off Nova Scotia last year with a digital monitor which they're able to use to track its whereabouts. Shark has been on the move in recent months from Florida to Delaware. The organization announced the new location of the nine foot eight five hundred thirty three pound shark named cabinet with a tweet using the sharks handle. Hello greenwich. How are you today? New England states are concerned about shark activity going into the summer months after last summer's deadly shark attack on Cape Cod. Unknown shirts by mail party first fatality there in more than eighty years shark attacks in the Long Island Sound are extremely rare the last time a person was attacked here was more than half a century ago in one thousand nine hundred sixty one David Lindsay. Thank you for that to the index and a deadly home explosion in Jeffersonville, Indiana, a husband was killed his wife in critical condition tonight that it doesn't homes were damaged. No word on the cause get to that scene. Unfolding at the Eiffel tower today. Shut down because of a man climbing up the side about twenty five hundred tourists were evacuated. Some were forced to remain at the top thirties have taken him into custody tonight, and the CDC is now reporting this evening. Eight hundred eighty confirmed cases of measles in twenty four states. Forty one new cases, the largest number in twenty five years funding tonight, here, America strong but graduates and the surprise gift here. Steve Olson saw for the class of two thousand nineteen at Morehouse college. This is the best. Graduation gift of all. All in a lesson in paying it forward. Everyone went into tears into hugging into crying together billionaire Robert F Smith surprised every students, their parents and clearly this man, my offering to pay off school loans of every student about to cross this stage, this morning, over one hundred thousand dollars in student Llamas and. Now, I'm debt free. We're going to put a little fuel in your bus. My family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. He's committing up to forty million dollars. Smith is quietly, one of the richest men in America, a venture capitalist and captain of industry worth more than five billion dollars. This incredible gesture sent students dancing to get their diplomas and has them ready for the war. Stevenson, Saami, ABC news. Atlanta. Wow. What a gift from Smith paying it forward. I'm David Muir. I oversee right back here tomorrow night until then good night.

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