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Famous Fates: Princess Diana


We hope you enjoyed this episode from our series famous fates. It's about the impactful lives in shocking. Deaths of history's most influential people to hear even more episodes each week subscribed to famous fates exclusively on spotify. Please Pickup Cup. You had me terrified a believe you done that to yourself again. Dial Serbia Paranoia usual. Excuse me in here a phone a game. How long do you spend on your little? Kohl's these days I am. I'm Her Royal Highness. You know full well I can do with my eyes as I please interesting that your the royal a family gave you those hours Diana without our decree. You would not be here. Today it's threats like that Philip that pushed me to paranoia truthfully Lido di that Cole was going to be made to some reports of such. Wasn't it love a chance to tack Charles in the press to coat the crown in Walden dust from your busy duties as made to throw. Don't you see that this cycle begins with you with your distrust of me with these thoughts that I want to destroy our family. Why would I want to destroy something? That is my children's future because of just that do your children's Children's future not y'all's Joe Husband is the king and waiting his mother the queen. I am the Duke of Edinburgh. If you don't behave my not good with take a title away and you'll be no. My title is a lot older than yours Philip. Stop uh-huh Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Corduroy. Welcome welcome to famous fates a par cast original exclusive to spotify each week. We'll release five. Fresh episodes centered around a common theme such Chaz Hollywood icons influential women or music legends in each episode. We'll take a close look at the remarkable life of a different person with the to help a voice. Actress will dramatize their incredible lives reimagining. Their greatest and weakest moments then will examine their controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remains shrouded in mystery and some changed the world forever today. We're covering Diana. Aw Princess of Wales nicknamed the People's Princess. She used her public profile to serve charities and work as an activist throughout the nineteen nineties. indies bought her acrimonious divorce from Prince. Charles led many to believe her death was no accident. You can find episodes of famous fates and all other podcast originals for free on spotify to stream famous fates for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type famous fates in the search bar famous faces a spotify exclusive. So you can only find it on spotify at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to to do what we love will let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at park asked in twitter at podcast network now back to the life of Diana I Anna Spencer Diana Spencer Somewhat unassuming name for a woman would become the first post. Modern member of the British Royal L.. Family drew as the clean waiting. And the Princess of Wales Diana was subjected to the full brunt of contemporary media's power. Every move. She made was publicized. She was expected to be perfect after her royal wedding. Replicas of her dress flooded the bridal landscape for years to come every move she made was scrutinized and and not just by the Public Diana herself co-authored this image if not by choice then at least by necessity she understood what her role was supposed to be and sometimes she decided cited. It was time to break the mold. Her ideas and actions in the spotlight earned her criticism from the elite and praise from the lower class and global community. But her life's commission was a much more personal affair and when the details of that life broke free from her image. It left Diana stranded between fact and Fiction Reality and myth and disruption was at the heart of her life from the start. She was born in one thousand nine hundred. Sixty one to John and Francis Spencer. The viscount and viscount Althorp the Spencer Lineage had long been marked by close ties to the royal family so it held itself with extreme nobility in line with only one son so far to his name John Worried about the prospects of having another healthy air. His marriage began to fracture her as his anxiety grew. When it became clear no more heirs were on the Horizon John Spencer divorced Francis The viscount account proceeded to take full custody of children and move them to his family's home in north Hampton name spared from disgrace Spencer soon remarried and inherited the title? Title of Earl die became known as Lady Diana will. This lady didn't stick around her home very long and was soon off various boarding schools around the country. Starting at all girls riddles worth hall school. She soon accompanied her sisters to West Heath Girl School. The fractured state of her childhood sent Diana on a frantic search for self while at school she found achievement in many of the nobler sports in fashion at the time like diving ballet and tap dance. She also studied piano and was known throughout her later princess years to break out the old keyboard shops but after a stint at a finishing school in Switzerland a true calling still eluded Diana. Her academic scores were nothing special and she became discouraged about her future. Her mother butter a home in London but she filled her time by taking low paying work like babysitting and housecleaning in the eyes of our elders. This was a sad state of affairs and Diana bought into the insecurity. Doubling down. By the end of the seventies Diana was a lost soul adrift from the Spencers Typical Life Path toward nobility. Good thing she attended a friend of the family's picnic in the summer of nineteen eighty. She ran into an ex boyfriend of her sister. Mr Sarah's a lad named Charles. The men are looking fresh on their horses today died. Why don't we go? Greet them when the game is up. That's not why I came here this Sarah. So why on earth do you do anything. Diana will you be working as a servant your entire life coming coming from the woman trying to make me become a wife. Don't say it was such disdain. We're all only trying to help. Of course I know Sarah. Who is that over there sitting atop that bale of Hay what law Diana? It's him Charles. You met him three summers ago when when I brought him by Althorp dear I didn't even recognize him. I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply had had any design. I wouldn't worry about your designs on the Princess Di. He's out of the grasp of mortals. I'm afraid but die. Tuned out of usual decorum decided to approach the son of the Queen. Anyway Excuse me Oh. I'm sorry we've caught in a river. I should leave you be then I just wanted to say hi. We met a few years ago at. Although I'm the ells daughter Diana boy of course please sit. I couldn't I think you can. Then you've got me there. Prince Charles had just lost a close friend and mentor the Grandfather of Amanda Knatchbull. The girl he was was to marry but with her grandfather killed by the IRA. She had not wanted the attention. Being a member of the Royal Family would bring on that summer evening he found a commiserating MS rating ear inn. Diana according to accounts from Charles owned biographer within a few months of courtship Charles had made up his mind considering Diana some rumors point to his decision as a hasty one brought about by grief and the advice from elders not to keep a young girl on the hook too long some believe even Diana herself was shocked the quick progression of their relationship. But when you're drowning in self doubt in a lifeline is tossed your way royal lifeline. At that it is no surprise one finds themselves grabbing hold as Diana her self would later say about her overall time spent with the royal family. I had to sink or swim so I swam and what better place to begin swimming through a relationship than on the Royal Yacht Britannia after their fateful meeting on that Bale of Hay Charles moved full steam ahead in preparing Diana for the road. They would soon walk together. It's too much to believe Charles not for you not anymore. So what do you say AH I. I've been divided my entire life. I've felt like two mismatched pieces of a puzzle. I didn't belong anywhere and now you're telling me I belong in your arms I can guarantee it haven't even passed my own levels. I'm thick. Everyone will hate me. They will only need to look at your face to to know the role can only belong to you. This isn't a joke. Then marriage is a commitment. Charles I intend to commit would you. Of course that's why it's time for you to meet my family by November. Diana stood by Charles's side at the Royal Family's historic orrick bowel moral estate in Scotland. The boy worries me. He's still grieving whether he knows it or not. Charles can deal with his emotions missions Philip. He's not his gallivanting around with his blonde. And you photograph every day. He's they come now mother Phillip Phillip. I'm so happy for you to meet Lady Diana Spencer Daughter of Earl of my dear an absolute pleasure. Indeed I show you it's all mine your Royal Highness and with you as well my prince I have been desperate to put a real face to the name. I've been hearing on the phone every day. Charles Adores you now Dow Diana surely gets enough of that from me Oh not nearly enough dispenses are pristine lineage of loyal servants to the Crown Lady Diana it has been too long since our families with this his close though but I think we must ask Charles. What are your plans here? Well well I do tell us old talk. I think it's quite clear that Diana is not one to let go lightly but that's talk for an evening than this. I cannot wait to meet the Queen. Mother she will be pleased to find such a warm and caring woman seeking her attention. Excuse US bill. No confirmation ove- Philip. You old fool. None were needed. I could see to the is Charles is the lead was mighty uncomfortable. The Lady Diana's is Phillip. I haven't seen such a sparkle of that sort anywhere near the palace in the last fifteen years. She's a princess already idea. Mark my words will return to our story in just a moment podcast listeners. We have a special treat for you our entire back catalogue of historical figures episodes are available for you to listen to right now. It's forty seven classic episodes of historical figures. Ready for you to unwrap this holiday season from from the yard. Oh Da Vinci and Marie Curie to Marco Polo and John Adams you can access all forty-seven exceptional stories whenever you want. And here's the best part. You don't even have to do anything. These episodes are already in your feet. And don't forget you can hear new episodes of historical figures every other Wednesday checkout moorpark cash shows on spotify by searching for par cast in the spotify search bar or by going to spotify dot com slash. PODCAST now back to the story. Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana on on the sixth of February nineteen eighty-one but the news would not go public until the twenty fourth that gave Diana eighteen days to enjoy the last vestige of privacy. It would ever know. Diana was twenty years old when she officially became the Princess of Wales July. Twenty Ninth Nineteen eighty-one won Diana and Charles Married with in Saint Paul's Cathedral. Instead of the Usual Royal Nuptial venue of Westminster Abbey due to the increased public interest. Tryst six hundred thousand. People flooded the streets of London to catch sight of the prince and his new princess adorned possibly the most elaborate and infamous wedding dress of all all time a taste of their media. Saturated future lives. The ceremony was broadcast over seven. Hundred fifty million people worldwide British royalty. He had finally entered the twentieth century. Clinging on for dear life to the train of Diana's dress even more so than Prince. Charles Diana was an icon from the Start Your Royal Highness. The archbishop wish to confirm your wishes regarding the vows. Oh the vows again lying about obeying is it. Yes that you'll minus. It seems your bride will not depend on getting to send such a trend in her. Missile certainly caused a stir so you wish to leave attacked. If I had my choice I wouldn't be a prince the decision into leave out. Diana's promise to obey Charles did cause a stir at the time but it quickly took on a positive light in the public's mind Diana had indeed read the pulse also the people from the beginning. She made this marriage her story in. The media's is well some eventually decried Diana as manipulative I can only ask what what else could she have done right. Would it have been better for her. To Kowtow to the royal will she took the road never traveled and set precedence all those years of wondering whether she would ever make make it when it turned out to be royalty Diana decided she had better make the most of it. The couple moved to Kensington Palace by January. Diana who's twelve weeks pregnant. Also by January Diana had begun to react to the new stressors in life much to the annoyance of her new family. How is it all lad proceeding along father? You know tiny the full she took. She couldn't have known she was pregnant. Say That does this. She Philanthropists Right. Coal she did not goodness. They're both safe. They're discussing passing me. Diana talk like visit the table. I already feel awkward enough. They all think I'm cracking Sarah that I threw myself down the stairs to kill my unborn child. You knew this wasn't going to be easy. I thought the outside world would be hard everyone looking into my life. It turns out. It's the fear of those around you. That's much worse. Their expectations view dot now die peas Swiss era. I should have majored needed in his family's psychology. Well Diana's paranoia arose at the start. There were happy times. She welcomed the birth of for two children as blessings. Prince William was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty two and Prince Henry known to us today by Harry came two years later. Diana's set more precedence this with these royal kids. Although her life was full of travel and charity work and public appearances. Diana made sure blocks of time reserved to walk her children to and from school. Perhaps more impressively Diana would take your children wither on some of our more wide ranging travels. They became the first royal children exposed to the reality of life in developing -veloping nations. Even at home in London. She would bring them along with her when she visited boards for leprosy and AIDS the fact that Diana was even seeing touching people infected with the HIV and AIDS was seen as a radical step forward for the monarchy Nelson Mandela. Himself praised her comfort around those with the disease. It opened up a a whole new way to discuss paths towards the cure and toward removing the stigma such diagnosis bestowed in that era. When Diana couldn't be there for William and Henry she hired the best possible possible care for going the royal family's typical sitters for more personal trusted ones of Diana a former caretaker herself? Diana always knew the value of such services services. In fact caretaking seem to Diana's true calling after all she just never assumed it would be both for children and an entire nation but perhaps she focused too much much on projecting care outward leaving little for her own mental health posthumously. Some psychologists have claimed that in her private life Diana exhibited many signs of having borderline personality disorder coupled with her nonexistent sense of self and her intense insecurity about her place in the royal family. Diana's focus on abandonment. Mint seem to spring forth from her parents. Own fractious lives in later public interviews. Diana herself confirmed that between the years of nineteen eighty one and nineteen ninety-two to she would often fall back on obsessive thought patterns and self harm light cutting and persistent bulimia. History is often turned the charles-diana marriage into a war of who was in the right at first Charles took the brunt of the heat but soon the tide would turn on Dianna it really seems like Diana's inability to trust Charles. I did arrive from a place of reality within a few years of marriage Charles started seeing an ex lover. Camilla Parker Bowles a woman. His mother had long forbid him to pursue to Diana also accused of sleeping with one of their babysitters tiggy Legge Bourke. Their life together became a shell. They would continue going to public events together putting on their best possible faces but behind the scenes they were no longer even sleeping in the same room. Dan Found herself. Completely alienated. Did Charles could easily retreat into the care of his family but she was left out in the cold. She tried to find comfort in the arms of her riding instructor. And Former Cavalry Officer Chains Hewitt speaking about her actions later. Diana would say that her love with you it was real but in the end she broke it off already afraid of the mounting consequences because all parties knew that inevitably they would no longer be able to contain the secret truth within the bubble of the public lie a couple that had seemingly come together gather as if in a dream or a fairytale would soon be revealed to be all too human full of mental violence betrayal and emptiness by nineteen ninety. Two things had come to a head. A book called Diana. Her true story was published in ran a serialized column. In The Sunday Times is is life had literally become a soap opera and everyone was reading the book shattered the public of the Prince and princesses romance or at least created a new new juicier. One as the Princess of Wales went about her normal routine this morning attending a west London. Jim The Lord Mishcon called on the public to show their contempt for those who who seek to make money out of the unhappiness of the royals. The marriage was a farce. Not even the monarchy could entertain anymore. Still Dan Clung to her principles Diana so you will not speak to me then. It's been so long since we've spoken in private. I may have forgotten how to do it. Cordially we're in agreement on our coupling then agree with what Charles that you've betrayed our marriage. Don't be haughty so have you for heaven's sake. This isn't what it should be like. Mike I know his stick both must-carry. I do think we still make a good team in public. That's not a life. I Want Diana we must make do you. Isn't that right what your parents would say. It's time I stopped making my own decisions on these matters. I think separation would be best. I know what you're surely kidding. No we are in waiting. Charles you could be king and William after you. This destroys it all. It doesn't I can't do this to our children. They can't grow up with US apart your attachment to a title. I think it harms you more than it helps Diana William remains all son son. You will remain enough family but we must come clean with it. All it's Camilla then. This has nothing to do with her. Your mother refused to let you marry her. Yeah so you picked me yet now. It seems you've grown the courage to finally stand up to your mother have you. That's fair and it was you who taught taught me that I can dictate my own life. We all can. I am grateful for that Diana. You've lied to me many times but do you know which was the only only one that mattered when you told me you were in this to the end I barely knew but I trusted you meant it. I'm sorry you think you're sparing me from the public. You're feeding metoo them Charles. The amicable both separation goes live in December nineteen ninety-two over the next year. The rest of the sort of details fictionalized and not entered the public sphere. Both sides retreated into their own publicity camps Prince Charles Struggle to maintain the high ground admitting in a broadcast interview to his affair with Camilla Diana began to publicly accused him of wrongdoing dragging babysitter. Tiggy Legge Bork's name into the spotlight. Diana was always cannier Charles. When it came to the media in Nineteen ninety-five Five? She didn't interview on BBC where she told her side of the story entirely including her struggles with mental illness. After that interview Diana was all the British media seemed interested in. Princess Diana's candid interview has thrown Britain into a frenzy have frank admissions of postnatal depression boulimia and adultery horrendous sympathy in some quarters but her husband's allies have poured scorn on her claims of bad treatment by the royal family. Bushy lay low in Kensington Palace. The nation was gripped with speculation over her future. Offense challenge was carrying on his public duties with visit to Cornwall some of the tabloid reporters. Though such Nigel dempster had no problem with doing a bit of their own psychoanalysis. She can't possibly Chaka's and say I don't photograph me because this is a private matter because she's in the public eye. She's put herself. They're very firmly and she knows it and I think this is the one price is going to have to pay for this hour of. Shall we say burying her sold. She spun a deep web of contacts throughout the tabloid journalism. World often calling up reporters who had just dragged her name through the mud and the press and making nice finally Maggie. Sorry Royal Highness. I've told did you before dying is fine by it's chaos and the office today. That's why I'm calling. I'd like to help all of this sorted anyway. I can well. If we're really friends you tell me. James Hewitt actually is. Henry's father. Put Your tongue allowing you. This privilege. Remember that Maggie. I'm sorry it but it's just not true. Sometimes I wish James was his father. But they're both my little kings genetically speaking die love you. Everybody does but it's getting harder to sell that tiggy. Then you want some scandal. You May as well stop with her. Abortion of Charles. It's child hold on backup. Let me get a pen. I'd get a whole notebook too so that's pretty cold especially because any such abortion. Abortion never happened in the first place as Diana played the game she was trapped inside she got better at it but it reinforced her paranoid nature and rewarded her tendency he to stretch the truth. Some think it's time for the princess to move on. I believe many of her friends want her to move on move out of Kensington Palace by her prophecy. Make Life herself and finally divorced Prince Charles because the longest he stays inside Kensington Palace the longest she goes on hurting yourself move. I think she thought that she could maintain course and steer public opinion. She would emerge on the other side of this unscathed and perhaps with her position of influence maintained tained. But it wasn't meant to be. It's been too long. It does seem we exist in parallel dimensions now. Does it not not with only those gossip brags strung between us. It has been an unfortunate few years. Unfortunately so Charles tells me you will not listen to his latest proposal the opposite of proposal really. I suppose you did say you wouldn't obey him especially especially in moments like this. Surely you see what a mark that would leave on the throne on child's on William and Henry too. Don't forget yourself and yes myself myself. Charles made many mistakes with you Diana I should have seen this coming. I tried to control the boy for so many years. I feel responsible for this. I can make this work. That's how job in this family. I understand that the spencers in the windsors. Go back a long way don't we. He is copy. The first time either side has had to deal with something like this visa. On Modern Times Times I often do not comprehend in full. You have done great service in the name of my family and bringing us out into the light of the present day but in consideration of these these modern times. I think it's best if we end two things here divorce I don't know whether your child's mouthpiece Oh he's yours anymore anymore. We are People Diana trying to do the best we can with the situation. We've been handed. You take this too seriously. You don't take take my life seriously at all. This is business as usual for the royal family but not for me. This is all I have please. The divorce is only for Charles and your wellbeing. Well I can't argue with you can I but I will not go quietly if you think that's what I'm signing on for. I will fight to the end because I believe I have a role to fill and two children to bring up with me sometimes. A royal role is a sacrificial one. We'll return to our story in just a moment. Now the story continues. The divorce was finalized in August. August nineteen ninety-six. Diana received a lump sum of seventeen million pounds as well as a four hundred thousand pound a year allowance. The title Royal Highness was Strip from her name. Though Princess of Wales was conceded to her Diana remained in close orbit in the apartment. She had kept with Charles at Kensington. Instead Jennifer treating from the public sphere as she announced she would back in nineteen ninety-three during the separation. The divorce reawakened force inside Diana. She may not be Charles's princess but she was still a princess and she would utilize that role accordingly. Her charity work continued and her travels brought her to many more dangerous environments an infamous photograph reveals Diana wearing a ballistic helmet in protective jacket while visiting Angola with the Halo Trust a group dedicated to safely disarming weapons and land mines left behind after wars even from beyond the divorce. Such imagery of Diana struck fear An insecurity into the heart of the royals in her. Later Years Diana's paranoia refused to let up again. She did have a lot of evidence that the royals probably didn't like very much. But Diana at times believed that some people in the monarchy were actively plotting her demise such claims have of course never been substantiated. But just knowing what was going on. Diana's mind during this time makes these final years all the more tragic there was a final bright flash of hope though because for two years she fell in love with another a man she would call the one true love of her life. He was a British Pakistani surgeon named has nut con in the summer of Ninety six. She arranged a secret trip to Pakistan Augustan to meet his family. This means so much to US dying. It means the world to me has not the last year. It's as if all of my life before had just been Lena Dream in preparation for my waking to your eyes I lo- the stress must be offered keeping all of this derives. Its best for us both. Isn't it yes yes I do. Think so perhaps one day my love I will be able to host your family at Kensington. Perhaps Diana you leave Kensington in the past as well I want to make a toast for our bridges guest for a woman lives her life for others who raises her children. Written one day look over a nation for Diana Spencer. The only Princess I've ever kissed I'm sorry might be family is loud. No I absolutely adore. It has not a happy family is the most beautiful sound one can hear. Diana found a home in Lahore with the Khan family but would never return just a year later. Diana would take has not for walk through Hyde Park and put their relationship to rest though. Of course neither party ever stepped forward to explain what really happened that night in the park. It's easy to see the reason Diana would let even in her true love. Slip away the former wife of the prince of Great Britain especially one with a global presence of Diana would never be able to bring another lover into her life life without their life and the lives of their own family being compromised. Perhaps it was a decision out of fear out of old insecurity. But just maybe it. Really was Diana's acceptance of her sacrificial role in the national narrative are the way she kept moving by summer's end. She had begun a new relationship with Dodi Fed. The Donovan Egyptian billionaire this courtship was definitely more of a fling for Diana and as the summer grew to a close. She decided to take William Henry to join Dodi's family in the south of France Dodi's father Mohamed spent nearly ten million pounds on a yacht on which to entertain them like a circle. Diana found her royal life winding down again on ostentatious yacht. Not Bad for a girl who never passed her o levels but extravagant vacations cannot be anyone's entire life. Not even for Princess us. The summer ended and the group returned to Paris to see Diana and the boys back off England. But on the thirty first of August nineteen ninety-seven Diana got into a car with dody driven by Muhammed's Parisian Hotel Security Manager on re Paul. Diana wouldn't have known it but Paul was himself a victim of obsessive tendencies. ABC's an alcoholic. As Paul drove his precious cargo through the streets of Paris. He tried to keep hidden his drunken state. Why go backdate that Princess be mine? Oh now stop that nonsense. If I wasn't who I was you'd want nothing to do with me so you don't need to do that. Do what. Pretend you're less than you are. I'm afraid to say it. But you barely know me Dodie. I'd love to continue to change that fact Diana Princess of Wales all right. Doty your Shama but I really must get back home. The boys have school. You know where in Heaven's name is your your drive taking US school school. A waste of time for such brilliant. But I could see anri thirty. S So Diana's driving like I said no such thing only but perhaps we should cut through the pond element tumble of course. Of course. Now where were we might princess saying. Goodbye my friend. With the Goodbyes Diana you'll such a heartbreaker very good. Tell that to the royal family as on repulsed pulled into the road tunnel called Pont de la Alabama. We forever lost clear sight of Diana CICI. TV footage was pulled the eventual trial. But the only 'cause ever determined was on re Paul's drunken driving having Diana returned to Great Britain and a casket. Her funeral was broadcast. Of course it was and more than thirty. Two million people watched in the United Kingdom alone alone or once. The death of a member of the British Royal Family was truly a global affair conspiracy. Theories emerged as they will. The most prevalent spearheaded headed by Dodi's father Mohamed. Mohamed believed that Diana and Dodi were killed because she was going to have his child and British royalty would simply not allow a non on Christian child in the royal family his theory and others revolved around. 'em I six planting a strobe light to blind the driver in the tunnel. A former M I six agent named Richard Richard Thomasson step forward to back up such claims telling Muhammad that Anri Paul was also in the employment of the secret services. And that the strobe light assassination a nation technique was a legitimate one formerly developed by M. I six to kill the EX president of Serbia. Though the accusations were hurled for years and the British government opened up multiple task forces to investigate the out of this world claims. No one be at the Duke of Edinburgh or AM I. Six could be rightfully fully accused of arranging Diana's death. It seems such theories. Were only an outgrowth of Diana's own paranoia again it goes to show how close Diana was to republic. They inherited her personal life in felt the need to fully defend her through the end. If there's one thing Diana Spencer proved in her life it was that she needed no defender but herself off her role and life story. Remain forever ingrained in the United Kingdom's history. Diana never knew who she was or just how much influence she had yet in the end. It's very clear she was much more than just the mother of a future king. She was a caretaker and watchdog for the monarchy as a whole in simpler terms. She was a leader. Thanks for listening you can find more episodes of famous fates and all other park has originals for free on spotify famous fates is a spotify exclusive. Not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like famous fates for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream famous fates on spotify just open the APP and type famous fates in the search bar remember. It's a spotify exclusive so you can only find the show right here and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast at work. We'll see you next time if you want to hear more episode not like this subscribed to famous fates available exclusively on spotify.

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