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Inspiration nation. Hello can pay enough. We can podcast as always with monetary. Good friends jose. Neue and roy bonnie face we get this week guides. Thank you eric. As and i'd say right now we are at every single week at eight. gmt in. I think that's something asked for in the afternoon if you're over in the states on eastern time lied on both twitch and instagram check us out every single day we appreciate anyone who joins us there and of course we're across all platforms and on youtube as well nearly fellow my words appreciate. When you'll hear each week confused ages hit not subscribe button and we will be with you automatically. And of course i to get follow joe over social media just per jose neue into any search engine and you'll get faithful joe and we on the show is well listen to our end. So what is the topic of the day. The topic of the day is the cursor ability to dykes is presumably. We're talking about about things atop how'd you push through someone Will give you a little in saw how we're not in the mood. I'm a morning person less jogi and out. I wanted to a how to be continued to push through into it. And the reason i do that is because i wanted to these videos for people here not as people wanna me Show up right now when approves show up and that pushes meets rates to actually do it right to see people here. Instagram actually within body. Welcome collect seaway. Thanks join again. You were regulars fantastic. Thank you joining pursue ability. We can do it. All use majority Just before lots. And lots of podcasts The majority link that now that people whiting now for is videos to come. Finale feel have responsibility to white guy and the video dot always wake up to They struggle and a wake-up of everybody else out. Tell it ally in bed on. Every morning i have the battles think look out. Everyone has abou- gap and as do two videos. Full stalling. what we will be jiji. We lucky Lobby daijo factor. Diet a message. Sahlins site All your lucky. You know jokes and so we all very lucky and effects of schooling and other people pointing towards come on the podcast cover listen and so hyphen symbol people on the right side. So it's just thrown out there really about you know making sure that we do so imagining the difficult side you want to cutting tomorrow Tomato happens. I mean may have everything set up like my father. Would he charged much. Idle is already there. So i could make sure our rights and everybody waiting material the adjoins from so i can sort of mega talk about that. Can spike might be in the morning. And that's helped push. That's not push ability. Let's put me the most consistent thing It's the only substituted. I'll be struggling with account. Showers likely took about three days ago. Maybe just a couple of days in back about five days before that had shutter full five days of struggle with it and do it so did do it. And then i just conversation someone as much. He said. I'll be doing the house. Nets honey to get outcomes. So i've been going back on the mccain says the doing suddenly Came off and a grady stuff done on mine life and he sold a reminder get back on because the things are working on oldest things are making do need to keep hold them because they're working and making me stronger remembering although they difficult. They're the things that keep you on the power that the things that help you pursue these difficult and only really counts. When he's hard when you find it hard is right. What is easy. But i think when you doing it while another hard. That's when you got double down on. It is easy when it's easy is much harder to do the right thing when it's not so easy. So that's we want to thrive your thoughts on any of that to die now that you sleep to the couch hours giant disease meaning the give up on any ambitions of having a couch our cause stallone and very happy. Now you got and bishop that means right so go challenge to do and this is a. It's not a big challenge so to speak it's a self-improvement challenge and it's can be transferred dropping so we spoke a couple of episodes ago. Joe sneakers he's already about one is resolution so we did it. Was it habits for the new year. Something that excites knife. I've everyone guy back. U2 caused all apes you can hear the episode and we went through ten different things and we picked out one. That was gonna be what we're gonna do for improvement thoughtful going forward for the new year. You then tracked me in a corner where i realized the only way to keep track of mine was to maybe duly opium journal and specifically what this thing is not going to buy myself a journal. I'm which are gonna go and is here can say it and you can see on the front. There are on the front of air. What is my resolution which to leave everyone you meet. Bexley found them and then sticking nickname bit from the largest toy of lean saw likely make people feel bigger naval smaller side. I'm going to start right in everyday. How i think done with that before. I go to bed is pushing into innovate journal. In now as she can say of wrote loads and loads and loads in these completely blank pages so far i this is it puts new into my routine. Actually it's going to force me to think back with my whole day. What i've done with it as well and say it's not like pushing for challenge. One pushing something nunes meru taking. I'm not started yet and as all baby will do it. And it's all no but did these major thing in my head. It's going to be able to do it and in each day or done it. Since the turned up to think lhasa added i choose they now of made it bigger and bigger and bigger in my head. And i actually said to myself and this shoehorned into the conversation. But they're aren't gonna do tonight after we recorded this. I'm gonna make on going to cover up. The fact of the bank pie despite diabetes taiwan to stop pushing myself to change beats about the way i think you bill mentorship really thinking it could be that you could just stall once a week and then gradually build up. You could not every the cost and then gradually who signed up to you. Got to think about how you can cause that'd be a definite you'd have to it because you're doing something leaks to s easy for yourself clean. How you're gonna make it easy for yourself to do that. We'll we'll see this thing you can do to make it happen what you're gonna do it again. What i wanna to do. Not now because it's here and i wouldn't say i've just it downstairs to show you on the podcast but it's not been sitting in the of my son from the other side of the room since it turned up is put it next month. Eight with pain. It's there is easy to get to so hopefully just becomes routine. My thought was that. I can think about it. And it's going in my hate and hopefully that will be wearing a macbrayne long sleep in and start to really that whole being conscious about h-how elite people often tractions who sleeps more and more into my into my brain because any kind of fermentable night a real interesting things to talk about so it will solve questions about your view. The done nothing set questions that everyday maybe three you should also the match consistent questions. Might be too yeah. I'll have to think about that if you run up next week. How that's looking in gallini and hike. Vip package with roy in on today. That's good today. Nina only scratches said hijab difficult thrives curb. That's what made us. It is difficult in very trade. I mean we're gain free one hell of a curve ball right now on we for the last year now near enough said she's definitely friday in and create a lot of challenge. I mean we. Shall we talk about that. And it's create numerous challenges and now he's when he's tuffey's when you don't expect it and you have to lump the challenges on top of what you already doing as well anyway there. What your force. Mr bonnie face personally actually funny. We got this topic because this past week off Something the. I've not really lloyd doing and i even all sleigh for advice on wednesday morning of last week. You've probably forgotten. He's a busy man. of course i've not Decided stop trying to enjoy a coffee or two in the morning. i'm finally joining the ranks of an adult male. The enjoys hot beverages. Because i hate them normally and i'm enjoying the taste of them on a scale of one to ted. I would say four to five. Am i seeing any differences slash benefits. Yes fidgety It takes me a couple of seconds to focus on something bit more. But once i focus on it i'm in on it by Lies getting done which is actually quite not quite weird. Because i used to try and drink coffee. When i was like fifteen sixteen when i was doing my and stuff and i found. It didn't really do much for me. The maybe now of hit the ripe old age of twenty puberty. that's it that's it. Maybe maybe i'm finding the caffeine boost. It gives me is doing more because of a lot of adults call function without a hit of caffeine in the morning. And it's a bit of a personal. Social experiment is to do. I need it. Do i need it. Kind of i could enjoy a healthy for the sake of. I guarantee if someone's house when we're announced do that again in you said it. Sounds like have a water. Maybe like drinking water water all want a cup of tea or whatever you know it can be a bit more civilized in that manner. That's essentially my thought process behind it. Did i need it before. I think i was pretty pretty pretty motivated person. Who to do something. I'd get it done. Generally in a work day today type environment. But now i feel as though i'm fly in the last couple of days i've just been hitting stride. That had been carrying since it must be or or. It's just a heavy coincidence. And i don't really believe in coincidences. So but yeah. I mean that's just a bit of a topic but it's the same. Kinda thing is pushing through. It's not just relying on like an ability or enjoyment of stomach is finding another way through it. But i think in the grand scheme of the top topic of like pushing ability and and kind of get through that barrier things. Hold you back. I think it's just the want to do something Determination of you to achieve it. Though i think gets you there. It isn't just Sean think of a comparable. Cristiano renaldo was really good football. But he didn't what wouldn't successful as he was if he didn't try and every day it wouldn't have as good as he was if he didn't put in more hours than what else he wouldn't be wary is so i think it's just relying on raw talent or relying on being in the right place at the right time bit. Those two things are massive contributing factors to success. It's it's all of the things together to give yourself the best possible chance to get their. How much do you think as well on this and pushing through and you say. Joey's you know these these. There's a push improve achieve things. And it's a pushing fruit you get in through adversity and difficult times stuff that in both instances and we talked about it. It's quite a few times is how much does necessity pipo actually took badly. So that's that's what kind of seats behind everything. And there's a you said roy flipping analogy which i completely understand because it's a small. And what goes on. There'd be a part of it. He worked hard but he probably loved it. Which made it easy as well but again. It might be a time when it's tough. He doesn't apply doesn't want to try more so by because it's necessary for his astronomical contract to do it. Then he has to do any puts a different spin on it and i know myself even just pekingese. You wanna work thing. I've got if i've got a deadline looming in three days. So you would. I choose to issue on friday and i was going to do the extra tonight. I felt the toy. It's a not do it in the toilet and racing disorder can do it all right if it was first a evening and it was june the friday morning. Nfl toilets. i would push through till eleven o'clock annoy getting it done for need to because an insensitive that goal kicks in do phones that we're not whatever drives it when that necessity element kick. I definitely have a different mindset or i find it easier. It's not easy. It's motivate myself are find less. I found myself less inclined to demotivate myself. We love to joe the paradox. Great recommend to everyone have a look at it. And the way that talks about your chink in your head and your timpson and his power of you and that's the thing that tells you would've things you don't really or no. That's the thing tells you to do two things. Aren't that good fear and one of them is that you don't need states that worry pretty. Why go watching tv. It'll be waiting and the more necessary. A goal is the quieted action. Pay us the good wife meter. Explain that so. I think that sometimes part of pushing through as well joe is is the urgency and the personal importance of way from trying to chafe all right from china to come because again trying to become things. Sometimes you do just give it and sometimes you to power fru. I think again. That whole personal importance comes into play guys. Yeah made to make a confession off stream on twitch hasn't had sound for the first fourteen minutes and that's my bad so i'm sorry back on i think which face it now issued. Well technical difficulties live on air traffic. No more of a oser site okay. Well my views there have been sticking with us for been keeping tabs we appreciate. You're sticking with the quiet nation which now school just spices. That i look at what it is. That would be the one drive out being along. Don't forget to check us out on youtube inspiration nation. Oh yes oh just going to say about that point that you sign about pushing for necessity. Absolute start people advice about people. Earning the boats about people know when they have to find a job jokes in the half. The final think the thing around taught and skyline so in coaching. When we're sitting action you have to have timelines because otherwise timelines all the exactly that that what you said. They will say that while you just what. Tv take the time you know. You have to timeline. In which case we don't do it. Why didn't you do it. Hits you got time nine so late you'll journal and i'll just say okay. So is that gonna start right. I know you're gonna say that. Tonight tonight joe tonight tonight yes or no message. You always on the group chat when it's don that's my counts ability. So now last time timely. Tom makes you do it. That's just so for that. All of it lucky. I think even before the book us. We've lost joe neue back. He's back we ask for secondary other jaw. And you might need to just repeat yourself continental assign racial inspirational mentors. Think inspiration why everyone that was. Probably the most inspirational thing we've ever said but you could just imagine what it would have been and noted that will carry the exactly exactly so. I just talk toddlers just making sure we get that in but yeah i saw. I took that burning positive is to go back and comment but actually hope this morning. So let's talk about windy. Landed it scientific invasion of scouts or something or something deny anybody but the bugs is not like back by the gonna today or win a win one of the other. I think that's all that solve energy in something we need that. I'm not really a burden post person but when it comes to eight when you've got do something Then you just have to do it. So i actually had a physician. I didn't have a left at novelty. Go luck latest. Come up with you. You'd have to make something happen of. It was different clients in price but luckily will turned out talking about that when it happened and it was like why called the fantastic conference when i talk about the fear if your comfort zone in the job. He talked about motivation to get another one absolutely ought and so. There's a whole piece around us. That friends episode labone shah jogging meets. Get it when you least. I think he's been out a while. Now you have. What's that one with that citizens about expat fears about making the hawk unique. That security safety. You need that. We're going to now to get even local utility. You're going to try and secure you try and do anything. Even john uniting people cool does she. She looks to position the weekend. So it had to happen. What you had to happen She said even starting hacker should go some sort of job anyway to get money what she said and awful. That's pretty impressive. I saw my using about these people that we interview. Okay very similar traits. That when nine hundred seventy happened. I happy happens and that's a real also mindset success so that pushing to a billy where you have to do it you know that's what set yourself About guys winded happening. Because that's the best time in when we tell people haven't pushed atomic the haven't mix. It is a great question. How committed now maybe do want enough like ryan said this thing. They wanted so. Then you can say okay. What was the wanted that and then you could examine something else. They could try something different. But that's the whole point of it. I was just gonna ask boy. Actually why does he want to try. Try coffee on to. What was the reason for. It was the push for that just to now. I feel like it's an adult stereotype. The something that i may be. Maybe it's wrong or something as an adult you should do because as i say. It may be a bit of a personal. Social experiment is do. I need to rely on it. Because i have a lot of people do or can i function without it and then from there is it is a case of i just want to enjoy be able to enjoy a drink and it's just an acquired taste and i'm just gonna have to battle through it to make it work which is more than likely what i think what i think it will be Is this the real roy. Not because why should we should conform j. I think it's a case of in after conform. I think it's more Do i want to its case of conformance. Such is more. it's it's just easier. It's hard to explain. I feel like it's being able to accept a hot drink and not have to worry about it or whatever the the embarrassment that it is a little bit when your when your when we were in the office for example if somebody wants to drink now one every time because i drink offerings. That just isn't really bright. I guess i think it's just. Yeah yeah of course. It's hard to teaching toll jokes because he's not the same. The roy is hard. It's hard to put my finger on it. But i think it's the case that i want to enjoy them is not a case of i just i want to talk to whether or not sta other constand them. I answered the would like to be able to enjoy a coffee in the morning to to see how to see how it tastes. And if i may be going late night i'm a bit croaky. That might help me off. Whatever raw with and being like option. And i want it just isn't i would like to have the option of their to me if i can turn. That acquired taste the Quite like the minute into something. That yeah i can deal with is okay but just because he's lot thing when you're growing up when you get to trial i really like when you put push i'm gonna be on. That was my key of advice to roy in utah. You're going to be honest. i'm comparing. I'm comparing it in the same way. I hate it when i give it a couple of months. Just take and how it was nothing. He said he's like four tena. Let's say cheese powell through and you start to like author while at once a day. I always like today was the first i had to one today and My sister's fifteen home schooling or whatever and while i was like my first one And then then she was join another coffee. I'm not backing down. I'm not saying. No so. I took the second one down. I am i am now. You'll see pound injured the show in my inspiration nation mulcair. Quick mucho guys to the camera and to inspiration nation to all uk. You can get yourself. Remark hoodies t shirts etc etc. Face masks as well stateside join these times and spread some inspiration or integration agent to uk. I'm actually ryan. Because i've got i do enjoy the taste of it but like joe. I now can't take caffeine too late in the dates of reach that stage in my life. I used to mock him all a cafe. Get the taste. So you'll get there. You keep power in free my friends and we'd site for wall so that one's gonna call now so that was disgusting a now where is the thing is not thinking she could change. You get five. Thought that if that's you and just be really. I think it's a case of conforming to anything to be. Honest i i say will come in from but it is an maybe i feel like it's islamic. The i should like. And it's something that i won't they say your own saying listen to joe and do your own thing you just do you. Don't do it because everyone else because if you wanna drink i never thought this the same. It's the same. It's the same as the biz. like i've read. Wanted a really wanted to like being an eighteen year old. By didn't i push through the ability of not like embiid and i like is that things now. I think for me like when us knows domino's bill and a felony to drink but really if you got the self awareness. We should just be doing it because we wanted to number trying to some sort of social and we should be okay decided that wanna be based hauled roxie still build is gonna have a drink or whatever should be recited. No i look. I am not twelve lucky to explore that everyone about. Why you'd you think you have to offer a bit but i just want to point out coming from or is coming from. Its case that i i feel like i happen to be to be honest if we were in the office and i was having strike the office every day. Probably wouldn't care. It might be that because we're hiring knockdowns. The thing that stimulates my brain to try something new the minute like this these last couple of weeks of the low to things that six months ago roy would have been like on every day that is just just just is what it is employing things ally kick no idea. I'm not doing their thing. Is i think it should be spontaneity more than anything. I liked things trying to things like donald discarded alike and you said six months ago you would done it like east peace. The trying things the yeah. Look i that because we shouldn't be trying things and dongola terminology you into and we need is just hit on twitter on twitter instagram now. Everyone's trying to give up all the stimulant you'll just ahead of the curve getting back on your future trading sex said. I'll do my best nights nine. So joe back to the star game just around us off before we wrap up so you said you were struggling with a cold shower. Mornings is tougher this time of year. Anyway beginning knowns and stuff because it's cold however you power in for this moment. We've you'll keeping your routine in really halls like out of whites always have that in the mon in honestly said it begin to look elsewhere. Yeah everyone. I still don't want to get out videos diplomatic Today job local and typical dies videos. Live off you look at responsibility to is. It was supposed to take people now. A lightening like to to have that for me. Actually is good for me because it corrects discipline. And it's probably racial uncle embracing it. And i'll do all things. Let god heartaches regarding the typical things some proven my mind says is trying to improve every day and everyone else don wanted to a lot of times like sometimes i love it. I want to do but once in a while. Some of 'em coffee ryan. The machine had a couple of video wash machine but yeah i love it once. Any forty prouty cell phones. You've done it. That's why i lucked out pushing through having things you know what lee said what we simple. Make easy for yourself Journal everyday seventy seven. I seventy seven nine one today. So call record a dog when i want to. I want to break that look as consistency rank because right now well the consecutive days. I feel that pressure so that fresh out of luck. Doing an uproar can retain so. I think there's always good things. Really changed is always good thing about consistency. And if you can recall the an ex or something you're doing largely from tonight be everyday thing like an everyday thing and it's john cleese says if you miss a die. Strike back on skype done with showers. But i've learned. But i still go back on. It was harder to get back with it because of Two or three days. It gets hard to the mall you leave. It's a don't leave. Missile gets dragged back on it. And that's how it leaving a. That's how i put responsibilities. I want to have a strong mindset recognized. Tons of not gonna. Wanna do i must persevere so leave you hold onto one of now. How joining him. A press apps that we saw push me food to just keep something of that routine to keep going emus just a little bit not. Just leave it at that really So if you could hold on to your routine don't never give you give something up. Get back on it because you cut your routine really important thing. That receives imbedded We just try not to mention it. Maybe not swamp could still get up and caused that retain. 'cause you're in the groove like echo that groove now salting network acting social channels just want to on ask and he said. He's pushing his goods for all of us. There is a real life examples. What we're talking about near nina was suggested some words when he got stock joe and she's taking them off. Which i think you hit two of the three words he suggested in your in your yours up which is really good momentum so it was like it was it was like joe bingo watching words and seeing if he hit them off. We should do that. Should be a fake nina. Thank you for that. I that i get back on. Just quick quickly get back after a couple of weeks often because i still now i'm up and online at work by. Am every day which is something. Six months ago we were really pushing hall it to kinda get me doing but at the weekend the weekends before nine am most. I'm trying to get earlier with that. But i'm a more flexible with my time. And then as soon as the monday comes round monday could be a little bit later than the rest of the week of michael fifty minutes later but by cheese on it by tuesday. So that's good advice kids. Yeah i don't trust myself to take any of them at least to reduce the amount we still the exact same seven o'clock ten pass twenty dollars off. He wants two to three thirty four and thirty five nicely done. We encourage everyone to push through to start this great advice. Show here. we'd love to hear what you do to push. What your take advice or have you seen through this show. We very interactive. You can guess lloyd. Each and every day apostate gmt hall three in the afternoon eastern time. We are on instagram. And twitch we absolutely love to hear from you coordinate all social media. Joe is jose neue inspiration across all platforms. We on the show are at least two. I since the m comment on some of the stuff however you wanted to interact with us eight us. We appreciate own. What so. i think that's about us for this week with all week. Dose of inspiration for everyone again lost streaming services or podcast platforms apples. Are you go all the good ones. Probably some the rubbish ones as well hit subscribing name. Your new hit subscribe as well. We appreciate everybody out there so i was trying to read. Something that's left is for me to count down three two one inspiration exhibition.

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