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The firearms radio. Network provides the bandwidth for this edition of the firearms, insider gun and gear podcast. In a world. dominated. Gun funnies and bad mation. Strives to bring you? What you need here. They don't care about your feelings. They don't really care what you think. Join these men on their quest. To, bring you the good the bad. And the ugly that the firearms. Industry has to offer. Welcome to the firearms. Insider Gary View podcast episode three, hundred thirty on this show showcase interviews, gear, and anything else again enthusiast, maybe looking for we strive to evaluate products from unbiased and honest perspective I'm your host Chad Wallace? And this is the QNA freedom episode with me. Tonight are Tony Rob and Zane We'll go through. What'd you guys do in firearms I will I will say I. Did absolutely nothing? Yeah, that's what I did. So you. Guys are up, nate. Go ahead, rob. I was GONNA say I did I didn't do anything gun wise I did something of immediately do for the last I don't know eight months since I took math class last year I went ahead and typed up the notes from that class and to legal pads, turned into thirty seven pages of typed up notes. Yeah, that does not surprise me. No, so yes, but the whole weekend type. It's not a very fast typist. I'm very slow typist. So. Dane I did a range maintenance. I mowed my gun. Range fixed and target stands that all that did shoot a little bit. Took some I mean I'm not GonNa go to range, not take in. Did a little bit of shooting, but I mean it's been between ninety eight and one hundred two degrees every day down here, so just don't want to go rain too hot, but yeah. Got Some cool stuff into that I'm not GonNa talk about the area. I got some fun toys. Nice Nice tone up at the Rangers are going to be packed this weekend. Yeah, probably are One thing I got I announced in made a video about the giveaway. We're going to have what high point hightower armory for Adrian's. That was cold. Some people joined up when they sought of. It's awesome. Join a Patriot I'm going to have a lot of other stuff to give away. The require Shell also got really cool book. Coming up are fifteen book signed by Larry. Vickers I gotTa Limited Edition, so get in on atrial. Be Given that away soon to and I had my first rains day. Dude, since cove it. Yeah Man Nick. Juan my cigar dealer. My Cigar Pusher, but he gave me some fairly cold cigars while there is out there, but he said up with New Jersey gun forums and we went out shooting Claes so of course I? Grab some clays. I grabbed two boxes because he said they might be short. And you know because people always want to Bang Bang, but they don't WanNa bring bring so I took out. Two boxes of Claes grabbed my home defense shotgun. Shotgun carried it according to New Jersey. State Law because I wanted to see how good I am with that the first couple shots. You know what I'm saying like coast colborn. Let's get out there. Pull Bang Melded Dude I to nailed the miss. One racket caught it before it hit, the ground emptied I had won miss out of five rounds I was like I. Co- and it wasn't the first one Nice Nice, very nice. Shot of Anneli. Friend of mine's Bonelli owed is so sweet. I was like could I enjoy my ninety nine dollars shotgun a little more before you give me. Two Thousand Dollars Shotgun, you jerk. was. I think it was eventually. I got super supervisor. Those are nice might have been I. Don't know which one it was I didn't really look because I was just having fun, and then I realized. It's hot as hell and. Then I shot his eight seventy I think it might have been a police or something like that. It was really cool. those are Nice, had rifle sights on it, which was hilarious because I was able to nail three, no three in a row. Miss twice because I started using the sites. Like son of a gun. Shot Gunning. I tell you. Don't work well on glazed. Norm you actually have to ignore the rifle sights and use a frigging top of the fire on, but I love to go him I. Tell You I've got a bit the Benelli Super Ninety, which is the shot Gandhi switch from some to pump, and I bought it just because I was stupid anyways. I took it to a classroom of Trenton range and they. You can't go shoot craft with that riot gun. Okay? Bang Bang Bang Bang can't shoot him. Now shot trap guns in. Yeah, for special piece of equipment is awesome, but if I'm not going to dedicate that much time to it, why would I do that? Because people that do that? Going spent five grand for an over under gun, and they do all this other stuff and it's like okay whatever? The thing is is if they enjoy it. It's just like going and shooting. Can't we can't call them? Elmer fudd anymore because homer no longer has a shotgun. He's GonNa site. But no, my whole thing is, it's cool. This is your sport, but I don't need that particular high end equipment to actually play the sport agile so. Fun doing it. It's like every time I went to an ID US PSA match. Your most people walk in there with two thousand dollar pistols, and all this gear and craft and I walk in there with especially the. Walk in here with just my regular carry. Holsters and I'm like I've got my I carry my magazine so carrying them cargo pants. I use that as a way to as a test bed. Yeah, exactly which it works, but anyways. We're getting way off topic. Okay well. We'll get into the announcements and then the good stuff. You can go to the gun and gear dot com pledge your support. There are one five fifteen twenty five dollar levels awesome for those people that are supporting us. Bandwidth sponsors Patriot Patrico on the patch of for July is the tree of liberty water with the blood of Patriots and tyrants best every hundred years. It's pretty cool that probably shipping. For this time I know I mean. It's like it's like those guys over there, not knowing what's going on. But so there is that if you're shopping Amazon of course, please use the fires radio DOT TV Slash Amazon affiliate link. We also have affiliate links for matador arms and a men, too, so those are on our website. If you want to click through them and use them, we would appreciate it and now the most important thing of the evening. We'll be getting into some legal questions and some. You know. Stop the get us into trouble here we got. US opinions expressed in this podcast or those of the Individual Co hosts and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Firearms Radio Network or their employers. This is not legal advice, nor should it be considered a such viewer discretion is advised. This is especially true on live shows in guys. We're not lawyers and we hate Holiday Inn Express so take for that exactly so onto the questions. Questions I th the first two or from cult members, so I threw him in here. Yeah, I mean hey might as well put him. I I mean they're pretty simple. will who I would like to also say that for anybody that probably knows or doesn't had a him, and his wife just had a new baby, so in congratulations to them or not congratulations once they turn seventeen. It's girl. You'd better you'll be now. I can't remember, but he said as a quick question. It's his question is what is your favorite cartridge or load that means like if you reload or your favorite cartridge caliber kind of all of those things. About to go, we let shooting. Joe Leave it alone. You gotTA. Really be careful with us. It's Kinda. Say whatever I'm shooting at the moment, yeah! Normally my carry m nine millimeter just because. How round per capacity and it's got a decent amount of power, and it's got good rounds and Erga loads right? You're good defensive AMMO. You know just because commonality. Yeah I actually went a little farther I actually put it in just because I know I know wills a handler and does a lot of cartridge development. Oh No, no, no I wouldn't shoot anything. I'd hand. But I I put in here my favorite probably load that I have is for to forty three winchester. It's a seventy green ballistic dip and basically it gets. It's good for Lightbulb Buck in the wind it explosive on environments. And I think out of my Gannett's doing like thirty, three, hundred eighty per second. So you can imagine I think it's got. Forty inches of drop at like six hundred yards or something, but still it it's got a good ballistic coefficient for that bullet in yet annihilates varmints, so that's probably why it's my favorite. I'm not set up for hand, loading or reloading or any of that kind of stuff, but. Yeah other than that. I would go with common calibers to twenty nine millimeter three zero eight. Just because they're inexpensive I still do like the twenty two long rifles because they're cheap unlike Zane. Zane, do you have anything favorite or not? Here? beauts? Aim took a hike or something I. Don't Know Yeah I. Favor load reduced recall nine millimeter. A lot back remember. ANYTHING MINUS MINUS MINUS. Since probably doesn't know ease music and can't take it off or I have no idea what's going. Problems all right, go ahead and say mind. I'm almost I'm almost like rob whatever I'm shooting night Gig at the time, but I was really really put some thought in it. Like what do I enjoy shooting the most, and it really comes down to accuracy and my ability financially to replace what I'm shooting and I'm digging. Twenty. Two long rifle was one of the things I like only because it can be really accurate or depending on what you buy or could be a blinker load, and it also depends on what you shoot out of you. Know what you shoot it out, so my Moya accurate rifles I just love shooting tiny groups and relaxing doing the breathing exercises. And twenty two allows me to do all that without the distraction, because all I'm doing is trying to shoot precise groups, so I think my favorite overall is twenty two, but I did everything I got my own. Zane your back then back. Little Issue I wish I could remember the low data from my twelve gauge route. I used to load back when twelve gauge is. kind of hard to find, so I got into reloading, but it can't, but it was like an out. An ounce an eighth of number nine, and it was loaded really hot I had. Powder what I used. It was on a AA winchester, but I can't remember I. Haven't reloaded in ten years but my favorite. My favorite cartridge to shoot is. American Eagle Federal American Eagle hundred forty seven grain mill. It's just it's so close to my Carolina and it's fairly cheap. When? I blaze through cases. Yeah I couldn't find it. Last time I had to go with the Blazer which I like is not bad I just prefer shutting one forty-seven because that's my Yes, my carry Mo.. Stacey when novelist shooting red dots, you can be a lot more precise, yeah. And it helps. Yeah so I. Guess we'll go onto number here. this is from Nikko It's kind of for all US individually, but I said I'd like to know if you guys have a specific procedure for doing reviews and what goes into a typical review. And I will mention that you know we do have our kind of format that we use that for the reviews, but the general written part is pretty much up to the person reviewing the thing like for me. If it's a product that somebody has supplied to us, I usually say hey, give give me at least three months to you know. Get it to the range. Use it enough stuff like that. If it's a barrel, always throw in some sort of accuracy testing. I as you guys know, I like to run stuff in some sort of competition, if I can, because, everything always breaks on me their. Stuff like that, so you know stress testing it. Basically but you wouldn't. You could do the same thing at a range, but for some reason it's it does put more stress on it, and so that's what I like to do. Yeah, I'm similar. in to where I try to take between three and six months to do review. I don't like to just crank them out. Quick because you miss things when you do that right? I don't have a procedural things like if you watch the state's economics channel and you know he's going to do five and around burned-out. At shoulder height every five hundred. Brown's and he's going to be to a you know what's going to happen. I don't go to that extent because I'm reading so much different things, but if it's anything that has to do with ABC, I will incorporate into my everyday. Carry you hand to my personal practice and training, and I try to take a class with the stuff into by Cam, because like competition you will start to see your deficiencies in your year in classes, and your personal deficiencies yeah! Well? There's there's too many of those to talk about. Yeah, mentioned those yet. I think we're all pretty much about the same lake. Chad said I mean I. Do the same thing I get it for us. Open the box. Go when I get it in there. Yeah exactly and then go through everything. And I try to see if I can break it before I use it. I've done that, too. That the other thing, too is like Ro. Roberson I actually when I I get product I actually take a bunch of pictures of it before. It's even used so I could have decent pictures. Me I want to show you what it looks like. After I've had time the trash. Birth every review I've written for the channel I. Hate the way I write my reviews. Hey, you know, I hate mine, too, but it's not that we hate them. It's just a professional writers, so I feel like I'm missing something or Wish teacher from the ninth grade. Be like. Why did you use that language? That is not. That's not even English. I probably do less written reviews. Anybody here I definitely do less red interviews than anybody, but I do reviews on the second is for everyone podcast every show, almost but I like putting lots of rounds through stuff. I like using actually using my gear in telling you what I did. I really despise the people that call something to review when they open the box and they start talking about it. That's not a review That's what we do in the second part about show, which is product spotlight exactly? Exactly so I don't dig that. Like. I did the S. K. S. review on the last show. Dude had to ask for years, and probably like three or four thousand rounds through but I gave your view I got to high point coming up. That's been through not only demand challenges me shooting it for the heck of it, and also diversity shoots so I have lots of people shoot guy so I I'd like actual people that put rounds down range, and it can actually give me good information. Sorry TV's actually resume saying some of your favorite youtube channels pretty much do a pay commercial end. They shoot on around I'm still trying to figure out how you can put at the end of the day after everything. And I'm smoking my father's cigars. Madore oh. Daloa something. I don't know can read this, but I took a picture of Al. I'll probably posted on. My social media tomorrow with the heck. Cigars are. Asking the chat if people want people who are listening. That's why that's why. I don't. Just lose my mind. I was on. We liked smoking and. We like shooting. Hey, we like shooting. We'd like smoking. We like anything you know. Kill you. All about the ATF, alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms just not the. Organization it's explosives now. Here's the great thing. Three verse three out of four from the south, and that's what we do a cookout anyway. Hey and Amy Cook Canto somebody rips a string of. M. Eighties. In the in the barbecue pit. Now okay, so next. Question's from Brian are now this one. I'm sure Zane will will give us get info, but all of us probably will says. Why do people say to only have factory magazines for Kerry serious duty? I liked it. I can buy to bag pull glock bags for the price of one factory. Glock, magazine, but nearly everyone advises against it I don't quite get it since the P MAG is used by the military and I. Don't think meg polling releases. Crappy products certainly don't write. Back Pool every. Third Party magazines made crap right well. Okay, so mag pool had issues with the original nine millimeter. They did he did the right? Amount was like Yo. We screwed up we're that's our bad like unlike a lot of companies and so respect for that now the gun comes with two or sometimes three so I typically use the OEM WANNA carry I will say I have think eight or ten Mag Pool A GLOCK PEMEX and I've only had one malfunction ever, and I've run them through all three today classes now at this point so I'm to the point where I would almost trust the the Glock mags. mags from MAG pool for Kerry, and the only issue. I had them pretty sure shooter in actually had the gun locked back when they were still rounds in and I. Honestly Think I. bumped the slide. Stop with my support CNN, I'm Kinda with you guys and I could care less about using factory magazines, but I'm going to run any magazine I have enough like you with the Mega Mega. I've been running. Meg Meg for Glock megs and hadn't hadn't had any problems now. Do have not yet. HAVE ATS MAGAZINE! I. Do have some problems with those, but I don't, but it's not i. don't carry those it's. It's make sure and run enough rounds through the magazine that you're sure that it's a reliable magazine. No matter about the brand sheep Korean magazines from my glock seventeen many years ago. How could not get one magazine? The cycle five Brown. Here's my shocked face. The Promo. That's ten bucks for magazine. Yeah. It's great. I'm just took it to the range testimony out before I actually carry them. Now for for P. for five, five six. I like Pemex better than than. I do too I. Can. Go back on the history. One Block mags from back because my hands are so big on the Glock nineteen, I have the pinky swinging. Most people have on twenty six magpie gives me that little bit of own. Give them a pinky on it. When I'm using my Glock nineteen, these are my carry. Maggs, yes, because I live in. Jersey and I'm stuck with ten rounds, so I got reload and that carry them just like I did in. In my classes which is pocket, I did the fifteen rounders because I took. My last dedicated is class would pinkus, and I was able to run my fifteen round MAG poll, Glock, Max, so I've never had a problem reason historically that that it kind of sucked because aftermarket bags used to be horrible, but now we have checkmate, and now we have Mac Dr, and they just make great stuff, and so of course I think. I believe. In my car I believe Bekker's in Oem for many manufacturers. Especially European. One thing I really like about the Pemex is that you know when they're no good anymore? Because the feed lips breaks. Then! It doesn't ship like nine hundred eleven mags, or you know or any steel mag, or like the aluminum, gi. Eggs win the feed lips. been you start getting functions you don't. Let me with the polymer mags. It's when it's no good anymore, and then you throw it away. But let me talk about also thing like this. If you have something that's already established Beretta's bread, ninety tunes CC's. There's enough information out there with some of the more mature designs. Nine hundred eleven that people know the mags you get you know you get the Wilson Combat. megs for and the chip McCormick Max for Nineteen Eleven the information is out there now that WHO's really dependable and who? You can actually go, okay. I'm not going to be putting five thousand rounds through this before I decide, it's my carry Mag, but you find people you can trust in you find multiple sources of regular dudes, and some of the more known people and find out what they use in us that. That is still only Gary. Oem Glock mags only because I have twelve, so why not just use them? Because I mean I was collecting those before magpie came out with their before mag full came out with. In, my opinion were no other. Know. So I was collecting thirty dollars Glock next. We're still substantially cheaper than. Their fees exactly. Yup. So I'm going to read these next questions. Guys and I'M GONNA bow out on this one. Because you guys would way more I I have I have a super simple answer, and then you guys can go to town this I combine them once from Colin s says where's the best place to find training classes? What is the most important thing to look for in training instructor class, and what are some things to avoid and then David Peas says where's the best place to find firearms training reviews? Is there a good place to see honest breakdown of classes around the country that have been reviewed and Mike Quick answers are we have some podcasts on the network. We have the after action project and also civilian carrier radio is really good. They have really good people on there. And that's but as otherwise I'll throw it to all you guys for answers just because you're more versed in that particular department I mean I. Think the first thing you gotta determines. What do you want to training for? You WanNa get Defensive Training Handgun training. You WanNa get rifle training. You want to get shot training. You know, find what you want to get trained on, and then start, you can start. Looking I would start with just local friends because I'm GONNA. Let you want to travel halfway across the country. Take a glass. There is a e mail subscription thing. I'm trying to find it where you can days once a week. They send you emails. Classes are going to be in your area. I cannot I. had it written down on for that to bring with me It's fairly decent. Zany think. Yeah, we'll give you homework assignment because you didn't do your homework assignment. From last week, he had helmet. Yeah, we'll give you homework assignment. Get it and we can drop into. Show US before they go on Friday. I would say I would say primary and secondary on their website has a training schedule of associated instructors, most of which I I would think pretty vetted and What is that one PODCAST Now John! That's another good one and then of course like like Chad said civilian Kiro Radio Moroccan crew. They're great job and they have. Trainers on there. It's not like you could just go. You could go back and listen to them all, but it's GonNa. Take some time. Also primary and secondary on their board when you go to their after action report. Board which is also on the website, you can click on and go their quickly you can get a run down of a lot of it, but let me go ahead and tell you it doesn't have to be a special forces commando that out. It doesn't have to be Leo a law enforcement. That's out depending on what you WANNA know and I'm not saying you just don't do it. I'm saying for the best that joke incoming. Bang for the buck. You can go with a locally known instructor to get the basics. Find out what you dig is probably going to be less expensive than the celebrity instructor, and and you'll find out what you like what you don't like. You'll talk to guys in class and they'll show you gear, and they'll also tell you who they've been to and I think that helps a lot. The ask us all also say with that as that local cheaper instructor you're GONNA WANNA ask that guy some questions, though because they are not all could equal now, so let's talk about some things to some red flags. Things Avoid if an instructor only has like one type of training, if everything he's telling you is all law enforced whereas all military, or it's all NRA credentials NRA this. I'm an NRA this someone like okay Dr Phil Attack. Well But trough that, but how many classes have you done with people that are outside of around like you've trained with with what? And Fit? She took a class to right, but now took things did Kosta. We took the class. Yeah, so it's like you know. There's nothing wrong with dues military guy I mean. Me and tell you. There's nothing wrong. I hold a law enforcement director certification, but. The another thing you want. When was the last time your instructor took a class? Because the last time he took, a class was in two, thousand and three I'm GonNa say pass. I i. just have to laugh. Because of what you feel is a long time ago. it's two thousand. Years! Yes. In two thousand and three. Perspective, we know. Jane's one hundred percent right be careful, veteran guys, and and there's GonNa. Be some trial and error, but also when you go into a training class, and this is after you get there, and it turns into story time all day long instead of teaching you stuff, need just wasted your money, feel matches personal, and if in a first thing out of the gate, there is not a medical and safety brief I would say leave at lunch and don't come back well, that depends on. Is it a classroom classroom as an extra range of rain, absolutely I even in a classroom setting I, mean I think most instructors worth their salt. Are GonNa Still Give You I? Mean? Mean even if it's these would accents are the fire alarm goes off. We're going to go like there should be a medical safety brief before everything every find, plus in my opinion and also let me go ahead and throw that out there as an NRA certified instructor and pretty much rifle pistol shotgun safety That's one of the basics men telling people what happens if the wheels fall off. How did they help? What's the phone number? Put it in. You know where you located. What's the actual address? All that stuff is very important. If they're leaving that off questionable questionable about anything else they do because that's the first thing you do and I feel NRA class. Their instruction module is really geared. You should really try that and don't look at that as well. I have a hunting license. Noman coded at basic safety class to brush up on stuff. It's local. It shouldn't cost much money and that gives you the fundamentals. Well hopefully, that's helping these guys out. Good information there so next up. We Have Ryan Be. What is the best method you found to adapt a standard? A ARE MAG well for use with pistol. MAG, which MAG will adapter meg conversion. Do you think is best? And then, what is the best shootings for introduce newer shooters, competition, shooting and Tony I'm you know I'm not gonNA argue meg eggs for matador arms is one of the better ones, and they have tons of different options for which magazines. You would like Glock if you want. I don't know what else they have season. They have. Got Some others to the only other one well, the only other one I would recommend would be the stern defense one and that's if you're on the Glock Mags, and they're both good quality. They both work well. It's just kind of which one do you magazines? Do you want to run? And how do you want to check the magazine O. N. P. Three Twenty mags also. Data. Now one hundred percent they sent this to me. The reason I'm telling you about. It is because this is the only one I've done because this is the first one I've done, but it was really easy. Really quick. It takes the mags either messing with her, since I got it Guinness soon as the range opens up, I think the gun is right there. You can't say it anyway, It's it's ready to go dude. I can't wait to get out and try this thing out and I'll let you guys know right away, but it was just so fast to. And like like I've had I've used the endo. megs I sent one for review I. Don't know if you guys remember and you know it's. It's weird. Training things to use something like that. Because the bolt stop in the magazine and you have to the X.. The ejector is on the magazine so in order to eject around out of the bowl. You have to have the magazine in and then lock the bolt back and then drop MAG. It's a little odd, so I'm I prefer the Bagwell's from like Matador, arms or stern defense and I think those are kind of out there. Everybody using dedicated lower next question's. Always well. That is you got some states where you can't get? Those are paying the, but because you got to go through all these hoops. Oh? I'm kidding. Experiences of the dedicated lower though. I forget spoiled. I'm living in Florida. So I can just give me a dedicated lower me. Did the other thing, he asked his best thing to introduce competition new shooters competition shooting. I I have to my personal opinion I have the. Room fire challenge because everybody likes to shoot a little faster, and then then steel challenge speed steal those type because you can use twenty twos, you can use handguns rifles, you know they have classes for all of those I now Zan's I i. will not his small-bore is. It's much slower methodical I so depending on the person. Yes small. I've never done it but I've heard great things about appleseed also. Competition. appleseed? Okay, but it's wonderful for getting your fundamentals down. I agree one hundred percent with steel challenge, because that's breaking out the twenty twos, and the reason I say because you get to manipulate it so if you have an ar that you're gonNA, run pickup either conversion kit for to pick up Smith. Wesson impe fifteen twenty to have all the controls where you need it, and you'll just confidently run it, but also local high DPA matches local va met Kerry Kerrigan and have some fun with it. Learning manipulated shoot at pickup tips from other people about. How does you faster more accurately? That's the place to go I. And US. PSA and I had more fun at a They call it the matches, which is basically you show up, run what you Brung. Rented how you bring it, so you'll see everybody carrying everything from twenty two to a three fifty seven forty four magnum inside the waistband outside the way span. You know it's however you wanNA shoot you know. He is the start slowly and not rush into like an action sport on because you, the fundamentals shooting fastest nothing more than fundamental quicker so if you're fundamentals aren't nailed down, which is why I say things like you know going apple or small bore. I mean the accent sports are been. Let me go ahead and throw that out there minimum challenges awesome and the reason we do it. It's based on. We want that to be. Sticking your toe in Bringing what you got, you know what I'm saying. bringing whatever you have, we do twenty twos. We do revolvers all that different dedicated times for that, and it's just guys or girls hanging out having fun very little pressure, but you do still have the pressure of time a timer and competition. Plugin for my My buddies over be eight developing group to. If you're looking at a way to dip win, it's kind of an online competition. He's got to submit a video submission of shooting drill of the month, and you can win patches and stuff so many ways out there. Oh, winchester marksmanship to through the NRA program. That's another male in kind of thing you can go at your own speed. It's still competition and again is dipping toe entered. There's no reason to jump in by hundreds of dollars, worth of gear and stuff like that and then try to participate in the competition. In, that's not necessary. Yeah, and I. Do know that depending on like Oh. What is it for H. If if it's a if it's a child so to speak our. Four H. has some really good teaching. Competition type stuff of course us. Old People can't do it, but. But yes there is that, too so the next question is a little bit different and I mean we kind of. Don't know all the things, but we'll throw it in there. It's from Jonathan V. it said. What would you not shoot through non-refundable Gun Muffler suppressor? Basically if you were to buy one, you know, they're not really refundable. home reload cast bullets, powder, coated bullets you know, and then he has other questions to. Let's. Part Right. I in in that case I would just shoot. I would I would if it's non serviceable, I would only shoe jacket bullets, but if it is serviceable meaning, you can take it apart, then she? She whatever you want through it. I mean. Shoot your own re loads. It's on you so I'd also make sure your barrel twist can sustain your bullet weight, so you don't get a keyhole on the muzzle. Yeah Yeah. You're using a wet suppressor. Don't use hall of points. because. They might get wet expand because they. Frozen? I can promise show it. Take a look at the whatever the manufacture sensor literature, because most manufacturers will not cover any kind of home loads Karan. and. They'll tell you what they'll cover. You know most of them a lot of them don't like cast bullets. They want you know jacket ammunition again. I would just just follow what the manufacturer says. 'CAUSE I run either full metal, jacket or Totem PM J. Through mine I have problems with them and just make sure and a lot of manufacturers will give you one free. oops, like silence her Co. we'll do that. Where if you blow up a suppressor back? I run in. Forty five through nine, and you tear it apart. They'll give you one free. Roam free repair, right. And you know even nowadays some of the ones that are serviceable they you can buy end cap, so if you like blast an end cap off or something, but you're baffles are still good. You can buy one, and it's not a wait time and another two hundred bucks. It's just because it's just an end cap, so there are look for stuff like that, too. If you're buying one now next one for a homemade suppressor. One and wait and wait and wait depending on the years aluminum or steel. He says it doesn't have machine gun and he doesn't. Sh- or shooting a thousand rounds plus a month. So why not aluminum well in my it? It kind of depends if it's for rifle I don't know if I would aluminum's GonNa, wear out. No matter what so I would go. Go with steeler, stainless, or some of the in canal, or you know something something with some more strengthen the aluminum if it's for rifle, if it's for a pistol, caliber aluminum all the way as my opinion, because you know. Hey, that's that's what I would do, and then also he says that if you were destroyed the one that you were the form one on It's registered and if a firearm, what are your options like to fix it well, my understanding is is you can't fix it yourself. Even though you're the manufacturer I don't know why it's something to do with four one, but of course we're not lawyers, so God, no, so I'm not going to. That's that was. That's my understanding, but then again. If you made a WHO knows, it's kind of like a because. A baffle is supposedly the suppressor. So that's I. Think why they want you to form, but I can't really tell you so I have no idea what I've learned from talking to other manufacturers as long as a serial number, sutton mucked up. They can rebuild it right, but if it's only one US at the manufacturer, why couldn't you rebuild it? For some reason I. my understanding is they. Won't you? Can't legally I? And I'M NOT GONNA. Argue that I, don't know. Yeah exactly so I I would fare on the caution side, contact the ATF and ask him. I mean if you really I don't. Know the answer to exactly Do you have a dog? That's a better question because if you don't have a dog, then you probably okay asking. That's awesome. Yeah, but. Now I have my I have a form one suppressor that I've built on us for my submachine and I mean you know, is oil candles? No, no, it's an actual built cab made K. Baffles and crews together, and that was because it's on some gun and I. You know shoot twenty two hundred a lot. Screws and you clean. It grew back together since the press, but it looks like the one from no country for old man. Does not. It looks Nice. Yeah, there's too yeah, yeah, now made on lane and everything so if that does or does not answer question next up, Alex is the question, says the consumer getting into a are tens. Should you go through winchester? For now as ammo is cheaper and more available rather than the six five creed more, which is more expensive and less available, my biggest concern is Ammo, availability and pricing. Also. What do you think about? Budget Ar Tans uppers made by stone or Bear Creek Arsenal. To that that's the thing I think's donor is a midway USA brand, so I would trust it a little more I. think than the Bear Creek Arsenal. Walk Mayor Ten is a Barnes position from Apex North Carolina and I love it to death but as far as six five and more I'd be more client six five in a bolt action rifle. I would actually. Depends on what barrel linked you're trying to run on to do with the gun, but what I would do, I would go with the three zero eight, because in these times. I think you might fare better finding three eight. Even though and personally any upper you could find right now is probably the one you should get because there's like hardly anything out there. The problem with a are tens is there isn't. A! SPEC. Really there's there's like two standards right. There's too, but none of them are like like with with. Have No SPEC and then you have companies that go below that and you have companies that go above that. They are tens like two different standards and you've got. You have all in within those standards. You have some other I i. write I write very careful going budget with with anything, but especially with a our tents are now see I have a different opinion, the only reason I have a different opinion this going. If you're looking for budget, they are tens man. You might as well go with real. Real Eight. If you're going to do that because you're not going to get that accuracy that supposedly six five creed more give you and you'll learn some stuff while you're doing that and you went budget so more than likely. I mean. You see what the market is like. Now you could probably sell it and not lose a lot of money on that a are ten in this timeframe. Point, so yeah, you can do it that way if you really serious about your precision, and if you're going to be reaching out well past six hundred yards with that, yes, six five is, it has less. Than three, week but ammo availability and everything is going to be better for a long time with three away compared to six point six five creed more because now they even changing it to sixth grade. I mean that that has moved along. You know what I'm saying, so the precision guys aren't even using exclusively six five creed morning. And six P. R. C. In six five. They've moved on yet. So the classic is there. It still works especially. If you're doing, you know what I'm just pulling six yards out as a thing that's easily evil with three eight, seven six two buffet. He want Gotcha. Gotcha so so here's one that we kind of answered, but not really. This is from cracker to seven on from instagram. He said it into us They're like he's one of the guys that how what did they do? They do the two seven seven Wolverine. He's one of those guys It says what is your favorite nine millimeter round that might get me to think about changing from my forty five and forty cal love. and. I think he means just like defensive ammo. I know we all have our kind of Preferences I. Mean I'm actually. I actually like the Gold Dots, the one twenty, one, thirty, five thousand one forty-sevens, one thirty fives they make are for specifically for short barrels, handguns like three inch, two and a half inch. That's just me I kind of like them I. Mean they all seem to work fairly close to the same in those higher ones that you know about like the the Federal What are they in this? He's yeah so I did a lot of research on this awhile back, and I looked at testing from the FBI Alex testing from Dr, Gary Roberts and from Lucky Governor and from what I can tell from all the testing I saw. There's more variant in different rounds of the same caliber, and there isn't variants from the same round of different caliber, so you're shooting. A Hundred Fifteen Walmart branded you know hollow point versus hundred forty seven grain H. S. T. there is more. More variance in those years between hundred forty seven grain, T and two hundred and thirty grain H. T. in forty five right, so which is why I'm pretty much set on nine Mil. I'm I think the the the gold dots are great I. Know a lot of people like them I have no problem with them I. Just Prefer H. as tease because they do a little better through autoglass and I spend a lot of time in the front seat of a truck. So I like heavier caliber so I'm I. Shoot One hundred forty seven grain ages ts in three inch guns, four inch guns, five inch guns call the way across the board. That's my preferred, but I think as long as you go the gold dollar. Some people really like the critical duties from quantity. Huge Fan of them, but Tony going on I. Don't know she's being point. I did forty cal because everybody else doesn't there. There's a bunch of forty cal fans and I'm doing it just to be just being. Because it has never forty cal has stopped doing anything. Forty cal was designed to do. so I'm a contrarian when it comes to that. Also you have heavier rounds. You still have tease. You have all that. And all of that's been proven over and over multiple decades by law enforcement across the country, but if you WANNA step into nine, I have no problem with that either understand though that when top when things like what's happening right now or ammunition apocalypse where we had a few years ago. You're going to have a hard time finding nine. Forty caliber right now. You can definitely get forty. Call Right now, and you're not about that I mean so nine millimeter isn't round for round better than forty caliber ties dropping off his. Worse, and for you live in a tent, ten round state you know I it kind of makes sense to me is a bigger cat. Because for me, I want the around so I. Think it depends a lot, too. If you live in a restrictive state, you can only have ten rounds in the MAG and you want to carry a Glock nineteen gun. It's nothing wrong with forty or forty five. Exactly I mean I think nine dollars King? All Gun should be under. Fifty different calibers, whatever it's good to go if you WANNA switch over tonight switchover tonight, and you're gonNA. Have a lot of options You got a lot of US guns well not more, but use guns the market for nine. Because after this is over these guys who just bought a gun because they thought they were going to be a lot of problems doing cove and now. Now whatever you WANNA. Call what we're going through now when things get back to whatever the new normal is gonNA be a lot of people are going to put their guns on the market well and the other thing to think about the one of the biggest reasons to go with forty caliber over nine is. If you're trying to make power factor, and you want you competition. You WanNa do if you know I say, go nine one more thing. If you'RE GONNA go forty or if you have a forty, they sell nine millimeter conversions for many guns on, but you have to really run it and you have to look into it to find out what's good. What's good conversion barrel all that stuff? And then you can just do the conversion bow especially on things like black twenty three Glock Twenty twos, I, mean it. It's like that gets a little more difficult, but other guns, but what's up? I got what I three fifty seven six o'clock, that's been converted nine mill for about five years now and run sign change extractor out. Exactly and that's one of the cool things about, and I'm not being glock. Fan Boy he I'm just talking about options with Glock gender three, being the gun of the or the generation of nine block bills. There's lots of options out there to switch your block twenty three over to a glock, nineteen for three hundred and change for a barrel slide and everything else. You know what I'm saying so right now. It's still use forties out there on the market that people aren't snatching so I say. Contrary to common belief in a lot of what I've been Steve from, will pettis testing nine are doing better than forty and forty five through vehicle bodies. If that is a concern for you, which most people would think that would be the other way around, but it's not well because you know if you look at like ballistic fast. Yes, smaller faster goes through better like your standard like soft body armor won't stop like your little d seventeen are, but it'll, but it'll stop a nine millimeter. Yeah. Well, let's we got another question here and this one. We got a ton of questions, but we're not GONNA get to all of them from Chris J. Excuse me. I am starting to research into pistol. Optics is one of the biggest problems is compatibility between optics and pistols. Would you recommend matching an optic cut to meet pistol? Pistol or matching a pistol to fit optic cut or is there a footprint to look for? That would give the most options and I think I think Zayd Ir on the same page here. assuming you're GONNA. Shoot them up to match it right. By the optic and then you, even though we complain about nobody putting optic cuts on brand new handguns, but my my opinion is, you're getting a red dot for a handgun. Go with an arm, our footprint I think the quality. The more quality sites have red dots. Have that arm our footprint. There are some that might not be quality, but and from what I hear. If you actually send an optic and your slide off to get it cut, you will get the best possible as opposed to maybe being tiny bit loose. If you buy like a slide that's already cut and then an optic or depends on who's cutting it obviously right like? I will literally cut it exactly for the specific author putting on. I agree if you're going to be serious about it, I would say yet. Direct mills the way to go the exception would be if you want to be open to be future proof, there are some companies that do offer a decent Universal, if you will cut, agency offers our system which is. Far Superior System to like the Glaucoma West. Turn your molest into an AO S, and it doesn't suck. The MOS system does and coming from Glock Fan boy. It pains me to say that, but it does not does block him. Oh! Yeah or you could go with a plate from like CNN precision, which does and the other thing to think about. If you're some, some cops cannot send their gun off to get it mill so then there are some good options out there, but if I still think the most reliable way to get the most the deepest cut, so that sets the optic, the lowest in the slide, which makes it easier to pick up and the most robust system is still going to be direct. Can Guarantee. Every manufacturer is GonNa. Say as soon as I do that. Your warranties enough weight, but ZAN's right I would go with I I would go and get the pistol. You WanNa shoot first and then find an optic to match it. You get if you get an optic to find a pistol to match the optic in. You'll like shooting a pistol. Thousand Point that you know you better understand one thing. Some won't be able to take not big like Beretta, ninety, two's true just working on their someone working on that. I'm sure they are again plumbing. If you'd like bread and ninety. Two's and you want to buy bread ninety two, but you can't fit count. You just have to deal with that, you know what's the point of buying a gun? You're never gonNA shoot, you know. Okay gotTA. Go to the one about the gun company. That's actually Adriatic Second Amendment Friendly Yeah. I like that one you. I can't read it screen anybody okay. Which one is it? I mean we can skip around I'll just oh know whether you're going to bring the show tonight. I just WANNA get down. Here. Firearms I think that's the one yeah in the firearms. Industry is silly to think that we Americans have to find a company Prost Second Amendment, but here I. AM trying to make sure that the product I buy is one of my favorite brands of air. Fifteen is the radical firearms, but what other companies stand behind the constitution openly. What are your favorites I? Think being Tony on the same page with this one. Liberty! Sons a liberty gun works NPR F- I'm I'm I'm I'm going to go with. Radiant okay because they. Oregon they have last year, they they put up like they said they were going to sell I'm you know I'm GonNa? Throw them in there. They are US made. Like sixty, I know from me, nobody on the shows ever heard of him but I m before and several times barnes precision apex North, Carolina I've been Andy's factor is brought to as they come, and not only that, but he works deals to get his rifles in his hands. A lot of his rifles are over in Iraq. Afghanistan somehow I guess are ladder. Take him over there I. don't ask questions about it And and I WANNA. Get out there because some people want to Poop, I've hung out with these people I've talked. These flowers on an highpoint is a pro very pro to a company. That's why they're in their price point. That's why they stay in their lane, so they can get firearms in the hands of people that can't afford something more expensive. That's why they do what they do, and that's coming directly from the President I point multiple times so yeah. They are companies out there. That definitely pro to a all gun. Companies are not pro to a many gun, companies or just businesses. And being strong pro to a feel might cost them customers or cost them politically, and they won't even dance. They won't even swimming pool and I. think that's some cowardly crap. I mean yeah and one thing that spikes. Fairly portray sorry. Yeah, that's one thing. I'm a huge fan of with when it comes to sons of liberty. Gun works like Mike over there is very outspoken about being not just pro pro all as the whole constitution and he like he rerouted is is shot show trip, so he can make it to the rally in Virginia. The day before and then flew all the way back to get a shot show. He dimples all his receivers. Right were that third hole needs to go. If you decide that you want to, you know. Do you want do modification? You know because you have a class. Seven sat exactly because that's why you have a class. Seven Zach class to. Class seven. But, yeah, he I've heard plenty of interviews that guy and at the next rifle advised from sons of liberty now the reason I didn't say PSA is because PSA will not send a completed lower to a state like New Jersey. They will not do it so now. You're not pro to a if if you're falling for that crap, because my Affeldt can actually modify my right for the Jersey legal. That's you mail it. That's not your problem. Is Gun Company? It's up to me as N. receiver to make sure my gun is legal in my state, and they will not send it no matter what, even if it's the NFL talking to them, personally, they will not send it Multiple I have multiple strep lower. PSA, but I find that oh crowd. The I think that that that crap about we say a cheap price point because we're trying to I, don't I? Don't buy into it by the. Marketing Yup well I think that's about it for today for questions but will I'll try to the rest of them I'll probably stick in in as we go throughout the next. Episode we'll stick one or two in. Just because we got quite a few there were a lot of people. that. Ask about TJ. I. And I. Still just wanted to say Tj has an open invitation. We'd never fired him so. But. Lost, he's just busy doing other stuff, so that is that and now we appreciate everybody who said in questions I will get d winners of prizes and such names, etc in order, so it may take a while but I do have the first one that with and that. I don't have a last name but I got an email address, and that is Steve, so he gets first choice of the prizes I'm you know so? If you're listening all, you'll probably get an email from me and we'll go down the list at some weird order that I did on random dot org. So that is that now Tony can go on to the second is for everyone stuff second for everyone. Diversity shoots still questionable. WHAT TALK! Talk to Anthony haven't talked apnea listen. Anthony had to say over a gun for hire range where we usually hosts and they're still trying to figure out how they're going to host what their hosts. Because the governor of New Jersey came up with some old crap bed. They can only operate at twenty five percent capacity, so we have forty people come to our prevent when you're limited to thirty five people in entire building. That's flaming horsecrap but mean so. We're trying to figure out what we're. GonNa do. I'm in talks with someone in Pennsylvania, and I have another couple ranges in Jersey. They WanNa do something, but again they have to figure out how they're going to do. The same post. Cove is a muff miles right now, but as soon as they figure something out. We'll have something in Jersey. minimum challenge yet. Still on the soon as again we can find out how. How we can do this legally because the governor, of New Jersey's a petty, bitch and he really wants to shut ranges down. I mean he really does, and this is Houston do so but we have some really cool giveaways going on our patriots page so to four podcast on Patriot dot com. We have to cool giveaways right now. The next big move is to give away this high coin with a high high hightower armory. Chassis of your choice. That's going on, and you get to pick between two point to nine millimeter ten millimeter and get into night. It's the last night the thirtieth of June and We got some pretty cool stuff coming up including a limited edition book by Larry Vickers signed by him. Also and I have a bunch of Laura's. I'm going to give away and I'm talking to different companies about getting lower parts kits and. They can afford to give away, so please go to shoot dot. COM! Follow Instagram at instagram assignment, says train, and on facebook at the second for everyone. We Really WanNA get cold stuffing your hands. We got some patches to give away and everything else. And I really liked to think all eve is donated to us and help us every month whether it's a dollar whether it's twenty. Twenty bucks whatever you can afford. It helps us out because I have no idea what's coming I. Just know it ain't going to be free. Thank God you guys helped me out, and I appreciate it, and I will be speaking in Washington DC at the national. Second Rally Dan. I will be going to the Gun Rights Policy Conference Down in Florida this year, and I will be speaking. I'll be speaking in DC and hopefully a might be speaking of Florida also awesome. Thank you, Tony I would like to thank all our sponsors for this show gave us prizes since Tony's thanking people a mandatory arms, says fifty dollars, gift certificate, or they have it. They just have to give a name. Facts incentives, those nine millimeter barrel muzzle brake combos bolt carrier groups Odin works in their t shirts and combat flops, and there's flipflops Anisimov sentencing. So those are all the prizes. These people that sent questions get to choose from when the Antonio. So you could go towards one of those if you would like. And that's that so send questions comments feedback to gear review at Your support at Gannon Gear Colt Dot Com. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us an it. Review I saw there were a couple on there, but for this show I'll just start going through like normal again. Check out all the other great shows on the five Radio Network at Firearms Radio. TV Don't forget to go to the fires insider for reviews. Check us out on facebook and Instagram at farms insider, and of course as always thanks for listening to the largest pound for pound podcast on the network and we are out. Guys, thank you very. Much? If you've enjoyed this edition of the firearms, insider gun and gear podcasts then go to firearms radio TV to hear more firearm related shows.

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